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    Established 'MCPA', a global music video content distribution company

    The Korean version * VEVO, a specialized company that integrates distribution and management of K-POP music video contents on a global platform, will be established.

    Music and Creative Partners Asia Ltd. ("MYSTIC Entertainment, Big Hit Entertainment, STAREMPIRE, SM Entertainment, FNC Entertainment, YG Entertainment and JYP Entertainment) We made signing ceremony for establishment.

    MCPA will serve as a representative window for determining and negotiating music video distribution and related policies for YouTube and other global digital service platforms, and will also provide new platform services for distributing music video contents. In addition, it plans to discuss various business expansion plans including not only music video but also a broadcasting platform for the production and supply of new contents using related IP.

    In particular, MCPA Co., Ltd. is an integrated distribution channel for K-POP music videos and related videos, which are becoming a key trend in the global music industry. In addition to creating new business models and enhancing Korean music content and artists' global competitiveness It is planned to grow as a representative company of Asaa in the future.

    Meanwhile, the signing ceremony of MCPA Co., Ltd. was attended by Cho Young-Chul, CEO of MYSTIC, Yoon Suk Joon CBO of Big Hit, Lee Seung Joo CEO of STAREMPIRE, Han Se Min CEO of SM, Kim Yoo Sik, Managing Director of FNC, Choi Sung Joon, Vice President, and Byun Sang Bong, JYP 's Vice President.

    * VEVO is a Joint Venture founded in 2009 by US major music labels and Google's holding company Alphabet, including Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, Warner Music Group and EMI's parent company, Abu Dhabi Media.
    VEVO is providing profitable music videos on Universal Music, Sony Music and Warner Music on YouTube, broadcasting real-time live music of famous musicians, holding sponsorship contracts and holding concerts, etc. VEVO Content is only available on YouTube.
    In the United States, VEVO is influential and highly valued as a strong competitor to MTV, a leading music video cable channel, and the YouTube VEVO-Branded channel's ad revenue is seven to eight times higher than normal ad revenue .

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    We have everything from ticket power to skill.
    SM SUHO, a big success in musicals!

    SUHO (EXO, SM) successfully completed the first performance of the musical 'The Man Who Laughs'.

    In the musical 'The Man Who Laughs', SUHO, who plays Gwynplaine as the hero of the tragic destiny of his mouth, was warmly received by his lyrical yet intense eyes in the pain of Gwynplaine at his first performance on July 18.

    SUHO, known to have been cast in the 'The Man Who Laughs' by capturing overseas performances at once, auditioned for a variety of numbers with unique tone and rich sensitivity from the first performance to faithful to the audience Conveying, standing up applause led to more expectations for future performances.

    SUHO is a member of the EXO group of the K-POP end group Wang, and has been active in broadening his field through drama and film as well as singer activity. He has also been playing the role of Prince Rudolf in 'The Last Kiss' It is expected that it will be able to become a 'musical divinity' through this work.

    The musical "The Man Who Laughs," starring SUHO, faces the horrible monster in the 17th century Britain, where the discrimination was intense, but in the depths of human dignity and equality, following the journey of the pure person Gwynplaine And will be performed at the Bluesqare InterparkHall from September 5th to October 28th at the Opera House of the Arts until August 26th.

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    The role of horse + Reaction + Sense full program role!

    Girls' Generation's SUNNY (SM) crosses the MC and the guest and plays a big part in the entertainment program.

    SUNNY has joined MBC every1 'Video Star' MC since May 2018, and has been receiving a good response from viewers because it is naturally melted in the program by a sensible progress that leads to a sensible talent, a youthful reaction and a guest story.

    July 17 broadcast "video star - heart chaebol special feature! SUNNY introduces guests' stories, finds laughing points, adds fun, as well as rumors that they drink well, saying that the MC and the guests are attacked well, I was able to confirm the artistic sense that brought the pleasant atmosphere such as receiving it by skillfulness.

    In addition, SUNNY appeared as a guest in the Olive entertainment program broadcasted on July 18, and has a bright personality and a sense of skillfulness, and is comfortable with the cast. Lee Yeon Bok, chef of the Chinese restaurant, Expressing the taste, and inducing the joyful Nanta performance in the calm rhythm, I have energized as atmosphere maker.

    In addition, Lee Yeon Bok cooked according to the chef's recipe, challenging cooking to be the king of the day, but the mistake of burning food, while completing the dish without panicking, I got it.

    As such, SUNNY has appeared in a variety of entertainment programs, and is approaching viewers with a pleasant and friendly appearance.

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    SM limited expressive visuals intense black and white picture!
    Looking forward to existence in 'ILLANG'

    CHOI MINHO (SHINee MINHO, SM) is an attractive picture of the public.
    CHOI MINHO, who has broadened her career as a performer as well as active singer activity as SHINee, showed a new charm in the filming of the August issue of 'Esquire', a male magazine, ahead of the release of her latest film 'ILLANG'.
    CHOI MINHO in this sensational black-and-white tone pictured his intense charm with his deep eye, without any big motions and pose changes, and captivated his eyes with a unique atmosphere.
    Especially, CHOI MINHO has a relaxed appearance on the filming stage, but when the filming starts, it shows remarkable concentration, and it brings out the elasticity of the staff by showing a nice visual for each cut.
    In addition, CHOI MINHO said, "I was really fortunate to be able to film with Kim Ji Woon," said the film's "ILLANG" And a lot of truthful stories.
    On the other hand, CHOI MINHO is expecting to meet with the audience by revealing his presence as a new body appearance in the movie "ILLANG" which is scheduled to open on July 25, 2018,

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    1 victory from the first showdown with viewers
    We spread the smile to YouTube with delicate sense!
    Youtube Optimization I got the viewers to the end!
    # Serious # Serious # Serious
    Perfect for real-time communication!
    Lee Soo-geun is expected to perform well

    Lee Soo-geun has transformed himself into a 'Yu Tuber' by catching two rabbits of victory and skill through YouTube 'Lee Soo-geun Channel'.

    Lee Soo-geun became a team with Yoo Nam Suk for the first showdown with viewers, while BJ Doa and Han Joo Hee joined in the second live broadcast of YouTube 'Lee Soo-geun Channel' .

    The opponent was Lee Woo Jin and his acquaintance, a cartoonist who wrote the comic "Gomusin", and a billiard game was held with the rule that the first team to reach 25 points wins. Unlike Lee Soo-geun, when he was a host, Lee Soo-geun was as tough, hard and serious as he was at playing billiards, winning a valuable victory in a showdown with viewers.

    Lee Soo-geun proved his true value with his extraordinary performance. Lee Soo-geun showed his sense from the beginning by wearing his own rubber shoes to introduce the contestant Lee Woo Jin's cartoon "Gomusin", and gave contestants the usual questions and natural drinking supplements before the game. Pleasant PPL I caught my eye.

    And, "Today, all the gods came out," and after giving the title to the cast members '4 balls goddess, 3 balls goddess, Gomusin', they call themselves 'single god' and laugh. He also played a role as an atmosphere maker.

    Lee Soo-geun, who boasts of his perfect billiards skills with a big smile on YouTube viewers through 'Lee Soo-geun Channel'. In addition to broadcasting live broadcasts with about 3,600 viewers at the time of live broadcasting, the broadcasting clip held yesterday is also nearing the record of 50,000 views the day after today (19th) Soo-geun's work is expected more.

    Meanwhile, the next episode of YouTube 'Lee Soo-geun Channel' will be broadcast live at 7 pm on Wednesday, August 1.

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  • 2018-07-19 Press Release

    SBS''Your Honor'Yoon Na Moo,

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    Perfect transformation into 'Lee Ho Sung'!
    Complete character detail from realistic to delicate gestures
    Yoon Na Moo who showed a new character for each work!
    Based on a solid acting, a distinctive presence will emanate!
    Yoon Na Moo to make up 'Lee Ho Sung' look forward to the character UP

    Actor Yoon Na Moo transformed through SBS '' Your Honor ''.

    SBS drama '' Your Hono '' is a drama depicting the growth period of a judge who is not a law based on "law of practice." It is a meeting between a master actor and a talented production team.

    Yoon Na Moo will play Lee Ha Sung, the 4th generation chaebol. On the 19th, SM C & C is capturing the attention of Yoon Na Moo, who has completely melted into his character so that he can not tell whether he is actually acting or not.

    In the photo, Yoon Na Moo is being judged in court by a chaebol suit like a chaebol IV. He touched his eyeglass frame, gathered his hands together with a firmly tongued mouth, and strongly expressed his opinion toward somewhere, and he wondered what kind of case he was brought to court.

    In particular, Yoon Na Moo 's realistic expression and delicate gesture fill the character' s detail, and only a few photographs give him a distinctive presence, expecting the emergence of Lee Ho Sung, a four - year - old chaebol.

    Yoon Na Moo has been taking impressive performances with SBS 'oh the my sterious', KBS 'Ssam, My Way', SBS 'Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim' Through his drama '' Your Honor '' he is getting more and more interested in what he will show up.

    Meanwhile, SBS drama '' Your Honor '' will be broadcasted at 10 pm on Wednesday, 25th.

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    - MINSEO, a surprise single 'ZERO' announced 23 days, this time 'Fantasy Girl'
    - Each time with different concept and music, spread spectrum.
    - From cool pure charm to neutral charm ... Cloth face MINSEO

    MINSEO, which has been making public debut at the beginning of this year and receiving public attention with its various concepts and music, is making a new transformation.

    My company MYSTIC Entertainment announced MINSEO's new song "ZERO" still cut on 19th, and predicted an unusual atmosphere that I had never seen before.

    MINSEO in the picture captivates the eye with styling full of fantasy elements, and MINSEO stands in a dreamy atmosphere as if it is in a virtual world.

    MINSEO's new single "ZERO" will be released on the 23rd. It is a fantasy world view based on a grand sound. It is composed by Lee MinSoo and KimEaNa.

    It is a story about a new world to look for the original state of ZERO, but to look at something in the beginning and leave.

    Previously, ZERO was introduced at the game company Media Day.

    MINSEO, which has taken the public 's snowboard with the ballad' YES 'last November, continues to expand its musical spectrum by crossing various genres such as dance, folk etc.

    In addition, visuals are out of the stereotyped frame and show various characters of MINSEO through various attempts and are developing their competence as a next generation solo artist.

    MINSEO's 'Zero' will be released on each music source site at 6 pm on the 23rd.

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    ESteem models have expanded into overseas markets, and have secured the runway as well as the global campaign.

    The top model Sunghee Kim was chosen as the first Giorgio Armani Beauty global campaign model of the Korean model and has shown the Orientalism in the commercial image. Sunghee Kim, along with global top models such as Grace Ming, Kristine Froseth and Nora Arnezeder, attended the 'Giorgio Armani Beauty Star' event held in Seongsu-dong on March 13, With Barbara Palvin and Nicole Warne, I also showed my affectionate authentication shots.

    Soo Joo has appeared in the 18F / W Moschino campaign with well-known global models including Kaia Jordan Gerber and Gigi Hadid. Blonde hair on the blue skin, and wearing a pink color look impressed with a strong impression. Soo Joo has always been on the Moskino collection and has expressed love for the brand as well known as Moskino's creative director Jeremy Scott, and Jeremy Scott has posted a "MY LOVE" comment on his campaign behind-the- I have also added.

    Taeeun appeared in the 18-19FW Emporio Armani campaign. As the only Asian model, Taeunun is a superior mask, and it is said to be outstanding among the top models. Taeeun swept major shows such as Giorgio Armani, Tom Brown, Dolce & Gabbana, and Legend in the 19SS men's collection.

    Meanwhile, ESteem will play an active role in the forthcoming overseas collections and will be positioned as a global model.

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    Performed 26 times in 14 cities! The heat is hot too!

    SHINee TAEMIN (SM) is on his first solo tour in Japan.

    TAEMIN will be held on September 21, 2018 in Kanagawa with 26 performances in 16 venues in 14 cities including Ishikawa, Shizuoka, Chiba, Nagoya, Saitama, Nagano, Gunma, Oita, Fukuoka, Osaka, Okayama, Hiroshima and Hokkaido. It will be the first solo tour in Japan.

    In particular, TAEMIN will be the first solo artist to perform a national tour of Japan. TAEMIN will present 'TAEMIN THE 1st STAGE' at Tokyo Budokan in July 2017 and 'TAEMIN' OFF-SICK (on track) at Yokohama Arena in November, JAPAN 'solo concert, and recorded all-out sold out.

    In addition, TAEMIN is recognized for outstanding singing ability and outstanding performances through SHINee and solo activities. In Japan, solo albums such as 'Sayonara Hitori' and 'Flame of Love' are released, and the main character of the Amazon Prime drama 'Final Life' -On ', and so many local fans are attracting much attention.

    On the other hand, SHINee will hold 'SHINee WORLD J presents ~ SHINee SPECIAL FAN EVENT ~' at TokyoDome on July 26 and will release the 15th Japanese single 'Sunny Side' on August 1st.

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    'Gomusin' cartoonist Lee Woo Jin and Lee Soo-geun challenge the challenge!
    Lee Soo-geun VS cartoonist Lee Woo Jin
    Sparkling billiards spread out confrontation!
    Live billiard game

    Lee Soo-geun will start the billiards showdown on YouTube 'Lee Soo-geun Channel' in earnest.

    Lee Soo-geun, who is also known as "YouTube Dream Tree" by opening his own channel on YouTube, plans to play billiards with the actual viewers from the second broadcast.

    On the 'Lee Soo-geun Channel', which will be broadcast live on the afternoon of the 18th, the applicant for the first showdown finally appears. Lee Woo Jin, a cartoonist who painted the comic "Gomusin", and his 30-year-old male worker, challenged Lee Seo-geun to challenge Lee Seo-geun.

    Lee Woo Jin, a cartoonist, said, "I happened to watch Lee Soo-geun after I watched YouTube unintentionally, and I became interested." Lee Soo-geun's billiard has been enjoying it from the past. I would like to enjoy it once if I have a chance. "

    Lee Woo Jin, a cartoonist, and a 30-year-old male worker will be showing a serious and cheerful appearance with Lee Soo-geun and Yoo Nam Suk in a two-man showdown.

    The Lee Soo-geun channel, which launched explosive response from the first live broadcast and announced its successful opening, has 15,000 subscribers in just two weeks. The first video clips have attracted more than 480,000 views, have.

    Meanwhile, YouTube 'Lee Soo-geun Channel' will be broadcast live at 7 pm on the 18th.

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