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    NCT 127 USA ABC 'Good Morning America', 'Strahan and Sara' appeared!
    - "The fans waited all night in front of the studio to watch NCT 127"
    - Introduced as "K-pop super group sweeping charts and America"!
    New song 'Superhuman' stage debut! American audience cheers with overwhelming performance!

    NCT 127 (SM) starred in ABC's popular morning show "Good Morning America" ​​and famous talk show "Strahan and Sara".

    NCT 127 first appeared on Good Morning America, the first US audience rating program to be broadcast live on the morning of the 18th (local time), and the stage for the new album title "Superhuman" .

    NCT 127 has a 'Good Morning America' ending, '' K-Pop Sensation 'NCT 127 came. The fans were waiting for NCT 127 all night in front of the studio and are now with them on the spot. "Following the introduction of the host," Cherry Bomb "and" Superhuman " "I am very excited to be releasing a new song for the first time."

    In front of the New York Times Square studio where the program was broadcast, despite the early morning hours, lots of local fans flocked to see the NCT 127, swinging placards and renewing their members' names. did.

    NCT 127 also debuted on ABC's famous talk show 'Strahan and Sara' on the same afternoon (local time) as a Korean male singer. It has various stories including world tour episode, new song introduction, 'Cherry Bomb', 'Superhuman' , And the MCs "NC-127 super-group that sweeps the charts and the United States soon," and introduced the NCT 127, "impressed me with a great performance," he was impressed.

    In addition, NCT 127 will be appearing on FOX 5's famous Morning Show 'Good Day New York' on April 23rd (local time). Since it has a 30-year history since 1988, .

    On the other hand, NCT 127, which has a world tour, will hold its first North American tour in 12 cities in 11 US cities and Canada, beginning with the New Jersey PRUDENTIAL CENTER performance on April 24 (local time).

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    April 25, at 6 pm Korean, Chinese and Japanese versions will be released simultaneously! Expectation UP!

    EXO CHANYEOL (SM) 'SSFW' that I want to hear all year round offers a different charm.

    SM 'STATION' CHANYEOL's first solo song "SSFW" will be released on April 25 at 6 pm on various music sites and will be available in three versions including Korean, Chinese and Japanese versions, It is expected to attract the attention of global music fans.

    In particular, the new song 'SSFW' is a medium pop genre with warm electric guitar sound and groovy drum sound. In the lyrics, it expresses the familiarity and irritability of repeated seasons expressing love for lovers.

    In addition, CHANYEOL doubles up the warm atmosphere of the song with emotional vocals and melodic rap. Andrew, who has worked with EXO's 'Lucky One', 'Winter Heat' and 'Baby Do not Cry' Choi and other talented composers such as minGtion and DAWN participate in the song work and raise their expectations.

    On the other hand, Season 3 of the SM digital sound source channel 'STATION' is receiving favorable reception on Thursday, every other week, by announcing the sound recordings produced by collaboration with various artists, producers and composers.

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    China's largest music site music charts # 1! 'Hot popularity'

    SUPER JUNIOR-D&E is getting hot love in China.

    On June 15, SUPER JUNIOR-D&E's new song 'Danger' was released on the 15th, and was ranked # 1 on QQ Music Korea Music Weekly music charts, the largest music site in China.

    In particular, QQ music source charts include five songs from the new album 'DANGER' from 'Danger', the title song of DONGHAE member, 'Gloomy', 'Watch Out', 'Dreamer', 'Sunrise' It is in the top 10, proving Chinese fans' interest in SUPER JUNIOR-D&E.

    In addition, the third mini album 'DANGER' has gained global popularity in all of iTunes' eight albums worldwide, including El Salvador, Guatemala, Hong Kong, Macao, Malta, Oman, Saudi Arabia and Trinidad and Tobago.

    On the other hand, the new song 'Danger', which is an impressive choreographer, can be seen in music programs such as KBS2TV 'Music Bank' on April 19, MBC 'Show Music Core' on 20th and SBS 'Inkigayo' on 21st.

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    Rising star 'Park You Na' and lover acting!

    Kim Hee Chul acting with Park You Na, a rising star.

    Kim Hee Chul is going to release a new song 'Old Movie' music video teaser video on April 19th at 12:00 pm via YouTube SMTOWN channel and NAVER TV SMTOWN channel.

    Park You Na, who is emerging as a next-generation star in the music video, is ahead of Park You Na in her role as Cha Se Ri in JTBC 'SKY Castle' and Yoo Eun in 'My ID is Gangnam Beauty' . In this music video, we are attracted to two different chemistries that have responded to each other as lovers.

    In addition, the new song 'Old Movie' is an authentic rock ballad with a melancholy melody. Kim Hee Chul writes directly and SUPER JUNIOR member DONGHAE participates in the composition.

    On the other hand, Kim Hee Chul will release his first solo digital single "Old Movie" music video and music video at 6 pm on the 24th, and will hold the '우주대스타 김희철 토크쇼 HEETalk' on May 4 ~ 5.

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    Fresh charm + MC playing a clean progress!
    Red Velvet JOY continues to play

    Red Velvet JOY (SM) is working as a beauty program MC.

    JOY is joining the MC of "Get it Beauty 2019" which is a popular program of OnStyle, and has got a hot reaction by getting a nickname of "human vitamin" with refreshing beauty and witty speech.

    Especially, JOY not only shows the study of product ingredients and new products, but also conveyed the use of beauty products through colorful analogies, leading the sympathy of viewers. .

    As a member of 'Red Velvet', JOY has been loved in various fields such as drama, entertainment, as well as active singer activity, and it is emerging as a new goddess of the beauty industry as 'Get it Beauty 2019'

    Meanwhile, 'Get it Beauty 2019', which will be broadcasted at 8:50 pm on the 19th, is going to select the strongest person among the 30 'cushion facts' by filtering the ingredients and verifying the product quality. It is hoped that you will be introduced to tips for creating.

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    First broadcast on the 19th

    Korea's top stylist and broadcaster Han Hye Yeon will be the first MC to be featured on the 19th.

    OnStyle 'NeXT Beauty Creators' is an entertainment program in which they are challenged to beauty content races by the lineup consisting of idol, model, SNS hot seleb and various influences with their potential and personality in their fields. Participating contestants begin to create their own YouTube channel and plan, produce and release one content each week. The content will be evaluated as viewers and subscribers only, and the person who has won the top position in the competition will be born as NeXT Beauty Creator.

    Recently, Han Hye Yeon has been attracting a lot of attention through her broadcasting activities as well as being a stylist. She is also expected to be active in 'NeXT Beauty Creators'.

    'NeXT Beauty Creators' will debut on 'OnStyleD' YouTube at 5 pm on the 19th and will be broadcasted at OnStyle at 10:10 pm. Following the broadcast, 'NeXT Beauty Creators: Playlist', which can meet up to seven people at once, seeks viewers.

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    New song 'Superhuman' will be announced on May 24th World Wide comeback!
    ABC representative Morning Show 'Good Morning America' appeared in USA! North American tour performance started!

    NCT 127 (SM) will make a comeback with a new album in May.

    NCT 127's fourth mini album 'NCT # 127 WE ARE SUPERHUMAN' will be released on May 24 at 6 pm on various music sites such as Melon, FLO, Genie, iTunes, Apple Music, Sporty Pie, QQ Music, KUGOU Music and KUWO Music 6 tracks including 'Superhuman', 'Highway to Heaven', 'FOOL', 'Jet Lag', 'Paper Plane' and 'OUTRO: WE ARE 127' A good response is expected.

    In particular, NCT 127 is the first regular album and repackage album of October last year, and it is the top Billboard 200 album, the Billboard 'World Digital Song Sales Chart' and 'Emerging Artist' The charts have achieved global success with 22 charts, and since January, we are meeting with fans around the world through the world tour 'NEO CITY - The Origin'. .

    NCT 127 also debuted its new song "Superhuman" on ABC's "Good Morning America," the largest American broadcaster broadcast live from 7 am on April 18 (Eastern time) Strahan and Sara, the famous talk show broadcasted at 1:00 pm (Eastern time in the US), will be the first Korean male singer to appear in various charms and will capture viewers across the United States.

    In addition, NCT 127 will perform its first North American tour 12 times in 11 US and Canada cities including Atlanta, Miami, Dallas, Phoenix, Houston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Vancouver and Toronto starting April 24 in New Jersey PREDENTIAL CENTER It will unfold, attracting local fans with a well-made performance that combines sophisticated music and unparalleled performance.

    On the other hand, the NCT 127's fourth mini album 'NCT # 127 WE ARE SUPERHUMAN' will be released on May 27th, and will be available for sale on April 22nd from various domestic music sites and US music sites including Amazon.

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    Japanese new song 'Paper Cuts' debut!

    EXO-CBX (SM) successfully concluded Saitama concert in Japan.

    EXO-CBX held the ‘EXO-CBX “MAGICAL CIRCUS” 2019 -Special Edition-’ at the Super Arena in Saitama, Japan from April 16th to 17th, with a total of 36,000 spectacular performances with rich music and powerful performances. I got the explosive cheers of.

    Especially, this concert is a special edition version of ‘EXO-CBX “MAGICAL CIRCUS” TOUR 2018’, which was performed in 8 cities in 4 cities in Japan last year with a total audience of 80,000. Thanks to the enthusiastic requests of local fans As it was held again, EXO-CBX realizes high popularity.

    In this concert, EXO-CBX will feature songs from Japan including 'Hey Mama!', 'Ka-CHING!', 'Horololo', and 'Cry' as well as songs from Korean albums such as ‘Blooming Day’, ‘Playdate’ and ‘Cherish’ The venue became hot with various stages.

    Also on April 10th, the new song "Paper Cuts", which was released on the first album of Japan's iTunes total singles, was also released for the first time, attracting audiences with an impressive stage where beautiful vocal harmonies of three members stand out.

    On the other hand, EXO-CBX will hold "EXO-CBX “MAGICAL CIRCUS” 2019 -Special Edition-" at Kobe World Memorial Hall from April 27th to 29th.

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    KYUHYUN is finally back.

    KYUHYUN will hold a fan meeting '다시 만나는 오늘' on May 19, and expect explosive response from global fans who have been waiting for KYUHYUN.

    KYUHYUN plans to communicate with the audience through various hits, stage, and various corners, and to share the truthful story as it is the place to meet with the fans.

    The fan meeting '다시 만나는 오늘' ticket reservation is carried out in YES 24 of the Internet reservation site, Fan-club Pre-sale is opened at 8 pm on April 22 and public sale is opened at 8 pm on 24 th day. It is expected.

    SUPER JUNIOR official fan club E.L.F. can join through the interest-based community application Lysn, and Lysn can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

    Previously, KYUHYUN participated in SUPER JUNIOR group activity, SUPER JUNIOR-K.R.Y. In addition to his unit activities, he has established himself as a solo artist who has released many hit songs such as' At Gwanghwamun ',' Still ',' Blah Blah ', and also in various entertainment programs such as MBC' Radio Star 'and tvN ‘신서유기’ Since it has received a lot of love, more attention is focused on the future.

    Meanwhile, KYUHYUN, after joining the army on May 25, 2017, May 7th will be discharged from army.

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  • 2019-04-18 Press Release

    Lee Hak Joo, KBS 2TV 'Justice'

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    Detective 'Ma Dong Hyuk' role casting
    Nana's expedition helped to resolve the case as an emergency aid!
    'Screen ↔ TV' works
    Choi Jin Hyuk X Son Hyun Joo X Nana X Park Sung Hoon Acting with actors

    Actor Lee Hak Joo was cast on KBS 2TV new drama 'Justice'.

    KBS 2TV 'Justice' is the story of a man who has been a villain for his family, Lee Tae Kyung (Choi Jin Hyuk), who deals with demons for revenge, and Song Woo Yong (Son Hyun Joo) It is a drama.

    In 2017, Jang Ho's web novel is the original, KBS '추적 60분' and 10 years as a current program writer active in the drama, and Jung Chan Mi writer who wrote such as "학교 2017" KBS Drama '한여름의 꿈', took part in a mini-series, Cho Woong PD of '우리가 만난 기적. "

    Lee Hak Joo is expected to play Ma Dong Hyuk. Ma Dong Hyuk won the World Judo Championship and was appointed to the Homicide as a martial artist with the experience of Incheon Asian Games gold medalist. It is a detective in an awkward style, but a person who combines a charm of pure inversion with his mind. Seo Yeon Ah (Nana), who investigates the murder and disappearance of a female actor serial murder, a suspicious question, is expected to play an active role.

    In the meantime, Lee Hak Joo has been working on various independent films as well as numerous works such as films '뺑반', '협상', '나를 기억해', drama '알함브라 궁전의 추억', '38 사기동대', ‘오 나의 귀신님’ etc He has been active in many works

    Recently, the movie 'Watching' has become the star of the first commercial movie, and has proved its acting power, so it is anticipated how much different characters will be displayed to viewers through 'Justice'.

    Meanwhile, KBS 2TV 'Justice', starring Lee Hak Joo, is scheduled to air in the coming July.

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