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    Festive night filled with shouts!
    USA & Canada 11 cities 12 times performance Great prosperity! The country of passion Mexico scramble!

    'World Wide Group' NCT 127 (SM) successfully completed its first North American tour after the Vancouver performance.

    NCT 127 The First North American Tour 'NEO CITY - The Origin' is a showcase of 12 exciting venues in 11 US and Canada cities including New Jersey, Atlanta, Miami, Dallas, Phoenix, Houston, Chicago, San Jose, Los Angeles, Toronto, And the performances of 11 cities in North America are the record of the largest number of Korean male idol groups ever recorded, thus confirming the global status of NCT 127 again.

    The Vancouver tournament in Canada, featuring the finale of the North American tour, was held at the PACIFIC COLISEUM on June 19 and the NCT 127 is a fantastic performance featuring sensational music and overwhelming performance during a three-hour running time. .

    As NCT 127 released the 'Cherry Bomb' English version, the audience cheered and cheered hotly. 'Fire Truck', 'Limitless', 'TOUCH', 'Regular', 'Simon Says' From the hit song, "Fly Away With Me", "Come Back", "Chain", "Replay", including the regular 1st album, "Superhuman" and "Jet Lag" , And he captured the attention of local fans perfectly.

    In addition, NCT 127 concludes the concert with "I came to Vancouver, the hometown of member MARK, and it is very meaningful because I can perform wonderful performances in the cheers of fans", "I am grateful to the fans who welcome us anytime and anywhere. "," NCT 127 will always be working hard so that you can give back your support and love. I hope to have a new album released on May 24th. "

    On the other hand, NCT 127 will continue its world tour in Mexico on May 21 (local time) and will comeback as new mini album 'NCT # 127 WE ARE SUPERHUMAN' on May 24th.

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    Digital single 'Time with you' also Chinese music site QQ music weekly chart normal!
    KYUHYUN's new single album is getting a good response.
    The single, "The day we meet again," released on May 20th at 12:00 GMT, is the number one spot in Asia, including Vietnam and Thailand, in the iTunes single chart.
    The album title track 'Aewol-ri' which is the title song of this album and KYUHYUN is impressive with the lyric lyrics that try to hide the love feelings that are distant from the one with the unrequited love and the lyrical atmosphere flowing in the whole song and the sweet voice of KYUHYUN It was well received.
    In addition, the songwriter digital single "Time with you" released at 6 pm on the 14th of the month was also ranked first in QQ Music Korea Music Week chart (May 9 ~ 15) I realized my interest.
    On the other hand, KYUHYUN will present a variety of hit songs on May 25th at 'Seoul Jazz Festival 2019'.

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    More intense and exciting!
    Unpredictable development! Choi Si Won, the last scam I chose for wife! 'great success'

    '국민 여러분!' Choi Si Won (SUPER JUNIOR SIWON, SM) 's folks and members of Congress are acting on this topic.

    Choi Si Won plays a role as a veteran cheater 'Yang Jung Kook' who was elected as a member of the National Assembly in KBS 2TV drama '국민 여러분!'.

    In the 29th and 30th episodes broadcast on the last 20 days, Yang Jung Kook decided to hit 'the last fraud' for his wife Kim Mi-young (Lee Yoo-young), manipulating charges of bribery, Park Hu Ja (Kim Min-jung) The story of success succeeded in catching.

    In addition, Yang Jung Kook, who has begun to feel doubts as he investigates about the abolition of the lien and restrictions, said Park Hu Ja, "I will now be a useful politician without seeing anybody else." He showed his dream-like appearance and amplified his expectations for his future.

    Choi Si Won, who showed her charming appeal, is getting a good reaction from the viewers because she expresses perfectly the expression of the veteran cheater who turns the brain and the parliamentarian who thinks first of the people and expresses more powerful excitement.

    On the other hand, Choi Si Won 's '국민 여러분!' Is broadcast on KBS 2TV on Tuesday night at 10 pm every Monday.

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    - Kim Dong Wook, "'특별근로감독관 Cho Jang Pung' Fight to the end!"
    - Kim Dong Wook, turned into a food supervisor at the labor inspector! Hot affection!

    Kim Dong Wook presented a 160-person buffet on the '특별근로감독관 Cho Jang Pung' film spot.

    Kim Dong Wook, who plays the role of Cho Jin-gap in MBC drama '특별근로감독관 Cho Jang Pung', presented meals for the crew and fellow actors who suffered.

    Cho Jang Pung, who is on the 28th, is empowered to embody the tyranny of employers in our society, based on the work supervisor. Cho Jin-gap, who plays a prized revenge in the frame of law, is receiving the support of viewers as well as the audience rating and the first place in drama viewership.

    In 'Cho Jang Pung' shooting place, Kim Dong Wook was able to cheer up the 'Cho Jang Pung' team with a warm one. Kim Dong Wook is pointing to the banner with a bright smile in front of the well - dressed food. On the banner, "‘특별근로감독관 Cho Jang Pung’ 팀에게 맛있는 밥 한 끼 대접하고 싶었습니다. 맛있게 드시고 끝까지 파이팅 해요~!" Kim Dong Wook's affection and the teamwork of 'Cho Jang Pung' team. Also, "오대리 우린 촬영 가자!"

    Kim Dong Wook is the title role of the drama, and it is diverse from delicate emotional acting to high-pitched action acting. In addition, outside of the work, I gathered my fellow actors and added warmth to the film. In particular, Kim Dong Wook, who has prepared a buffet in accordance with the set shooting schedule, is very proud to support actors and crews who are suffering in busy schedules.

    Kim Dong Wook's heart and actions are synergizing with the exciting and exciting development and acting of actors.

    On the other hand, while Cho Jin-gap and National Assemblyman Yang In-tae (Jeon Kook-hwan) are expected to face the final battle, MBC drama '특별근로감독관 Cho Jang Pung' is broadcast tonight at 10:27 and 28th.

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    'Infinite repeat music + spectacle performance' Fantastic stage notice!
    Members DOYOUNG, JAEHYUN, TAEIL Unit teaser video release!

    The comeback stage of NCT 127 (SM), which comeback with a new song 'Superhuman' on May 24th, will be broadcasted on 'Music Bank' on May 24th.

    NCT 127 will appear on KBS2TV's 'Music Bank' on May 24th, and will feature the fourth mini-album title 'Superhuman'. It will attract viewers with its addictive music and overwhelming performance.

    In particular, the new song 'Superhuman' is a song that contains the message that 'anyone can realize being a super human' if they want to realize their individual potential and achieve their dreams with positive power. Therefore, the performances are also intense and impact music and explosive It is made up of a dynamic action that maximizes energy, and it can meet the point choreography that can easily and funly follow the motion of the hero transforming motion in the movie 'Superman', and it seems to gather topics.

    NCT 127 will also release 'Unit Teaser # 1', a new concept to meet new concepts through 127 channels and SMTOWN channels on the 20th, 12th, 12th, and 12th of the week before the comeback, and the unique visuals of DOYOUNG, JAEHYUN and TAEIL The atmosphere is mixed with sensual images, and it is getting hot response from global fans.

    NCT 127's fourth mini album 'NCT # 127 WE ARE SUPERHUMAN' will be released on various music sites such as Melon, FLO, Genie, iTunes, Sporty Pie, QQ Music, KUGOU Music and KUWO Music on May 24 at 6 pm The song 'Superhuman' and a total of 6 tracks of various genres are included, it is enough to meet the new music of NCT 127.

    On the other hand, NCT 127's fourth mini album 'NCT # 127 WE ARE SUPERHUMAN' will be released on the 27th of May.

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    Aewol-ri 'MV' released on May 20 at 12 o'clock.

    KYUHYUN's solo fan meeting '다시 만나는 오늘' has been completed successfully.

    This event was held at the same venue where KYUHYUN held the last fan meeting, filling the audience and realizing the hot love of fans who waited for KYUHYUN for the past two years.

    On this day, KYUHYUN is applying for a song that I want to listen to in advance, "Talk to DJ Kyu" to listen to it live, "Photo Talk" to share photos of memories together, "My playlist" to share favorite song list I communicated more closely with the audience through various corners.

    Especially during the performance, SUPER JUNIOR-D & E appeared in a surprise and congratulated KYUHYUN's comeback, and member RyeoWook boasted a strong friendship.

    In addition, KYUHYUN had an explosive response with the release of their new single album title track 'Aewol-ri' and 'The day we meet again', which was scheduled to be released on May 20 at 12:00 pm. It was a single album that was released before the entrance, and the title song 'Goodbye for now' was released to the audience.

    KYUHYUN also said, "I am really grateful to all of you who have waited in the void. In the future, I will visit solo, group album, entertainment program, and musical. I wanted to see you work hard and we will walk together for a long time. "The fans also responded with a placard event," I will be with you all the way "and" I waited and meet again today. "

    On the other hand, KYUHYUN's new single 'The day we meet again' will have music sites such as Melon, FLO, Genie, iTunes, Apple Music, Sporty Pie, QQ Music, KUGOU Music and KUWO Music. And the same visual title song 'Aewol-ri' music video can be found on the YouTube SMTOWN channel and the NAVER TV SMTOWN channel.

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    - TAEYEON's '춘천가는 기차' ... unique idiocy + reborn with city pop arrangement
    - YoonJongShin "TAEYEON is a series of surprises ... My voice is ideal"

    TAEYEON participated in the 2019 <Monthly YoonJongShin> monthly supplementary book '춘천가는 기차' will be unveiled at 6 pm on May 21.

    TAEYEON was born in 1989 under the production of YoonJongShin, and the musicians, who were born in 1989, came out as the third singers in the 'Now Thirty' project to reinterpret the songs released in 1989.

    '춘천가는 기차' is a famous song by Kim Hyun-Chul, who has been loved for a long time. YoonJongShin is a backyard that he was fascinated by TAEYEON's voice throughout the recording and later thought he might have been born to do a 'City Pop'.

    YoonJongShin said, "TAEYEON was a series of surprises. I am so very good at singing. "I can assure you that it is the voice that best suits my emotions among all the female singers I have ever worked on. I do not want to praise him. "

    TAEYEON, like any other artist with a certain personality, digested the original song completely and added a distinctive softness and finesse without losing the nostalgia felt in the original.

    YoonJongShin said, "When I actually worked, I had the most ideal voice, reason, and sensitivity that I think of as a producer." Especially TAEYEON's voice has a "loveliness." I can not make it through practice, "he said.

    "I thought that I would like to make ballads together someday." "I will try to propose that I can make TAEYEON's heart move by making a good song." (Laughter) "I added my work with TAEYEON.

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    From chemistry to romance, "Chemistry"
    Choi Si Won's horsepower

    ‘국민 여러분!’ Choi Si Won (SUPER JUNIOR SIWON, SM) is presenting the best Chemistry.

    Choi Si Won, who plays the veteran cheater 'Yang Jung Kook' in the KBS 2TV drama '국민 여러분!', Is enjoying a good reaction to add the fun of the drama, boasting the best compatibility regardless of his opponent. I looked at Choi Si Won's "Chemistry BEST4" that captured the viewers.

    # Sweet Romance Romance Chemistry
    Yang Jung Kook and Kim Mi-young (Lee Yoo-young) hid their professions and show their sweet, bloody appearance with a unique combination of marriage, marriage, cheats and police with fiery love. It shows a mature adult romance and a colorful charm.

    # Tom and Jerry Chemistry
    Yang Jung Kook, who was elected to the National Assembly by the intimidation of Park Hu Ja (Kim Min-jung), seems to be a fellow with Park Hu Ja, but even when the events are over, he creates a confrontational structure, Pull it.

    # Comic Chemistry
    I see a scene of laughter popping up every time I meet Kim (aka Kim Ki-nam), an assistant who joins with Charles (Yang Dong Geun) and Hwang Seung Yi (Lee Joo-myung) And completes the special comic of 'Fellow Koreans!'

    # Teacher and disciple Chemistry
    Yang Jung Kook accepts advice on "real politics" and does not give in to Kim Kuo-myung (Kim Eui-sung) 's' gukbang' I draw a different broome.

    Choi Si Won, who is showing his greatest synergy, is a story about the story of a woman who is married to a police officer who is married to a police officer and is running for a lawmaker. do.

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    New song 'Aewol-ri' MV teaser video is released on May 17 at 6 pm!

    KYUHYUN releases a new music video 'Aewol-ri' music video teaser image.

    KYUHYUN is scheduled to open its new single "Awol-ri" music video teaser video titled 'The day we meet again' through the SMTOWN channel on YouTube on May 17th and the SMTOWN channel on Naver TV. We are expecting high interest from fans.

    Especially, the new song 'Aewol-ri' seems to be better than the actual designee located in JEJU-SI, and the music video will have a better response with the beautiful scenery of JEJU.

    In addition, KYUHYUN's 'Aewol-ri', a new single album title song, expresses the lamentable story of trying to hide the emotions of love by fearing that it will be far from the one who has an uncomfortable love, adding a lament to the vintage piano melody Feature.

    On the other hand, KYUHYUN's new single album 'The day we meet again' and the music video 'Aewol-ri' will be released on May 20 at 12:00.

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    Members JOHNNY, TAEYONG, YUTA Teaser topic! Visual sensation! Image disclosure complete!
    'FOOL ',' Paper Plane ', cool and cheerful charm!

    NCT 127 (SM), a member of JOHNNY, TAEYONG and YUTA, released a teaser image of a new song 'Superhuman'.

    NCT 127 released a teaser image of JOHNNY, TAEYONG and YUTA, which soft-charisma overwhelms the eyes through official accounts of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social networks on May 17th. I opened up all of the members 'members' songs, and it amplified my curiosity about the title song 'Superhuman'.

    NCT 127's fourth mini album 'NCT # 127 WE ARE SUPERHUMAN' will be released on May 24 at 6 pm Melon, FLO, Genie, iTunes, Apple Music, Sporty Pie, QQ Music, KUGOU Music and KUWO Music. The title track 'Superhuman' and a total of six tracks are recorded, so that global music fans are expected to pay high attention.

    In addition, the new song "FOOL" recorded in this album is a pop dance song with a cute and candid heart of a man who fell in love at first sight. It adds fun to the narration of the members who express the change of various emotions wisely, I can meet the paper plane, an electronic pop song with a hopeful atmosphere to make a dream that I have kept like a plane, and the pleasant and cool sensibility of NCT 127 will get a good response.

    On the other hand, NCT 127's fourth mini album 'NCT # 127 WE ARE SUPERHUMAN' will be released on the 27th of May.

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