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    -oon Jong Shin, Seoul Performs Successfully ...
    -'Shin Chi-rim' Hareem, Cho Jung Chi on stage ... '출국', '이방인' etc.
    -Yoon Yoon Shin "Even if you leave, 〈Monthly YoonJongShin〉 will continue to ... come to ripe music"

    "Even if you leave 〈Monthly YoonJongShin〉 continue. I'll tell you stories that emerge from a strange place."

    Yoon Jong Shin said that he started 〈Monthly YoonJongShin〉 in 2010 to survive. Ten years later, in 2020, he begins another survival project in an unfamiliar place.

    "I was leaving last June and I haven't been leaving for four months. (Laughter) I didn't want to leave suddenly, so I wanted to talk about the background."

    Yoon Jong Shin opened the 2019 concert '이방인' on the 28th and told them his story. The heartfelt voice came from Yoon Jong Shin's voice, which eliminated a number of hits and filled the setlist with songs he wanted to tell the audience before leaving.

    Yoon Jong Shin opened the opening of '사랑의 역사', starting with '지친 하루', 'Lucy', '떠나', etc., '탈진', '늦바람', '슬로우 스타터', '오르막길', '버드맨' The song continued to represent his heart. Yoon Jong Shin's farewell ballads, such as '못나고 못난', '좋니'.

    Yoon Jong Shin's strong musical comrades Hareem and Cho Jung Chi were on the concert. The three people who released the album under the group 'Shin Chi-rim' sympathized with the audience by singing '출국', '이방인', '여기보다 어딘가에'.

    Yoon Jong Shin said, "I want to hit then, and I wrote songs with the intention of earning money, but when we sing it now, it is our stories as if we were predicting the future."

    Yoon Jong Shin's '늦바람', in his 50s, became a model for many. He told the audience today that he had something to tell the audience about the 'Slow Starter'.

    "Don't try to stop / Even if it's a little late for me to fly / What's in the folds of my eyes / I'm not wondering, I'm putting off the answer"

    Yoon Jong Shin's concert '이방인', which finished in Seoul, will be finished with the concert in Busan KBS Hall next month.

    Yoon Jong Shin said, "October rehearsal for a while and leave on November 1," he said. "I wish I could grow old with a fun 50. I'll find you with mature music."

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    -Woo Do Hwan, 2019 drama-movie lively activities!
    -Woo Do Hwan, '사자' → '나의 나라' → '신의 한 수: 귀수편' → '더킹 : 영원의 군주'

    Woo Do Hwan is emerging as a popular actor across dramas and movies.
    Woo Do Hwan starred in both drama and screen. Following the first screening movie '사자', which was released in July, JTBC's new drama '나의 나라', which will be aired on October 4, and the film '신의 한 수: 귀수편', which is scheduled to be released in November, Uploaded.
    In a “나의 나라” set in a cataclysmic era, Woo Do Hwan plays Nam Sun Ho in the midst of power, dreaming of a country where everyone can be equally happy regardless of birth. Woo Do Hwan is his first historical drama since his debut, and he is expecting intense action performances. In addition, Woo Do Hwan, who has maximized the charm of the characters through his impressive performances in the dramas '구해줘', '매드독', etc. .
    '신의 한 수: 귀수편' is a spin-off crime action film from an original crew that talks about a 15-year-old story of '신의 한 수', which mobilized 3.35 million viewers in 2014. Woo Do Hwan's role was played by a master of Go, a monarch who took the lives of people rather than winning or losing. It will show off the thrilling and tense act of chasing the main character Kim Gwi-soo (Kwon Sang-woo) in the world of grim betting checkerboard.
    Likewise, in 2019, Woo Do Hwan was cast in SBS ``더 킹 : 영원의 군주'' which will be broadcast in 2020. It is a new work by the hit maker Kim Eun Sook, which has been explosive since its work became known.
    Woo Do Hwan, who became a `` monster rookie '' through the 2016 drama ``마스터'' and made a snow-painting and 2017 drama ``구해줘'' and ``매드독'' Regardless of dramas, movies, and genres, they are recognized as attractive actors.
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    -28 days fan meeting '크리스마스의 선물, 세 번째' completed ... 2 hours full of fans love
    -Emotional Ballad + Super Star K Medley + Rap! Various stages exclusively for fan meeting
    -"I will pour out the end of the year concert" ... fan meeting and continue to the end of the year concert

    Singer Parc Jae Jung successfully completed her 5th anniversary fan meeting.

    Parc Jae Jung held a fan meeting '크리스마스의 선물, 세 번째' at 5 pm on the 28th and spent 120 minutes filled with fan love.
    On that day, Parc Jae Jung began '시력' filled the stage with sweet ballads that fans wanted to hear, such as '가사', '고요' and 'Serenade', and impressed them with their mature voices.

    In particular, Parc Jae Jung reconstructed songs from Mnet 'Super Star K' to 'Super Star K Medley', Lee Mun Se's '소녀', Sung Si-kyung's '차마', and Yoon Jong Shin's '내일 할 일' He sang six songs including 'I' and gave a special stage exclusively for fan meetings.

    In addition to the live stage, 'Parc Jae Jung's TMI', which shares daily life, 'Doppelganger Quiz', which is a corner with fans, and 'Guess the Parc Jae Jung', entertained the fans with various events.
    In addition, at the corner of 'Jae Jung's PICK', which chooses his favorite, Parc Jae Jung immediately produced the rap part of his debut song '얼음땡' and gave the fans a laugh with a different charm.
    Parc Jae Jung, who has gathered all the letters from the fans, said, "I often take out the letters. I am very thankful when the letters I received are very helpful to me." Now, I try to give my fans good energy. I will live with it. "

    "I'll pour everything at the year-end concert, so please look forward to it."
    Parc Jae Jung released the mini album '노랫말' last July and has been active in various fields such as music and entertainment.
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    The model Jin A Reum showed off the beauty that he could not control through the pictorial after a long time.

    Beauty & Fashion Digital Magazine '0/1 Creative Book' unveiled a pictorial containing the beauty of Jin A Reum and her unique charm. Jin A Reum in the pictorial released reveals an overwhelming body silhouette with intense eyes. In addition, it boasts a healthy skin in close-up cut and focused attention.

    Jin A Reum appeared on JTBC's “아는형님” on Saturday 28th, revealing his presence through the show. Jin A Reum, who recently signed an exclusive contract with ESteem Entertainment, will serve as an all-round entertainer and meet viewers through various programs.

    Meanwhile, Jin A Reum's pictorial can be checked through the official SNS account (@zeronemagazine) of '0/1'.

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  • 2019-09-29 Press Release

    "Why SuperM is called 'K-Pop Avengers'"

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    US Billboard launches SuperM Spotlight!
    # K-Pop Godfather SOOMANLEE Producing
    # K-Pop's most impressive blockbuster lineup

    Billboard, an American music media, called SuperM (SM) a "blockbuster lineup" and showed high interest.

    Billboard was titled 'Why SuperM Is Being Touted as K-Pop's Avengers' on its official homepage on September 27 (local time). “SuperM is a boy with seven members of the most successful and still active group in SM. As a band, it's the most impressive lineup on K-pop recently. "

    "We've nodded by the name of SM Entertainment, a member of SuperM and founded by SOOMANLEE Producer in 1995. SM has expanded its K-Pop from Asia to the United States since its inception," said Captain CEO Steve Barnett. Said SuperM was part of the legacy of the future and called SOOMANLEE producer the 'K-Pop Godfather.' In addition to the introduction of the K-Pop idol in 1996, HOT has been producing in the US. " He also explained in detail the SOOMANLEE general producer's history of producing SuperM.

    In addition, SM said, "SM is the first K-Pop 'Billboard 200' chart in 2009, Girls' Generation performed at the David Letterman show in 2012, and this year's' NCT # 127 WE ARE SUPERHUMAN 'album. "We've had success before with the NCT 127, which came in 11th on the chart, but SuperM is a blockbuster lineup, SM's attempt to lead the K-Pop mainstream in the US market."

    SuperM is an alliance team of seven outstanding artists including SHINee TAEMIN, EXO BAEKHYUN and KAI, NCT 127 TAEYONG and MARK, and Chinese group WayV LUCAS and TEN. Confirmed the hot attention.

    Meanwhile, SuperM will unveil its first mini album 'SuperM' worldwide on October 4.

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    Berlin TAEYEON Holic too! Vocal queen
    TAEYEON's reinterpretation from the busking version of "Four Seasons" to WAX "화장을 고치고"

    TAEYEON (Girls' Generation TAEYEON, SM) attracted Berliners.

    On the 27th, JTBC's music entertainment program, Begin Again3, depicted the last story of TAEYEON's musical tour in Berlin with Lee Juck, Paul Kim, Kim Hyun Woo, and Juk Jae.

    On this day, TAEYEON arrived at Mauer Park for daytime busking and selected the hit song 'Four Seasons' which occupied the first place on various music sites as soon as it was released with 'bad guy' of Billie Eilish, whose sophisticated sound was impressive for the free atmosphere. I added the heat of the sun.

    TAEYEON said, “Thank you very much. I have the thought and responsibility to work hard. It's really amazing and good stimulation. ”

    In the Urban Art Space, where the last busking performance in Berlin followed, TAEYEON sang John Legend's 'All of me' in a duet with Paul Kim to create a beautiful harmony. Reborn as a charm.

    In addition, TAEYEON harmoniously blended DICKPUNKS's 'VIVA Youth' and Lee Juck's 'left-handed' with the members and showed the 'TAEYEON' aspect with excellent song digestibility.

    TAEYEON's unique musicality and sincere attitude have made it possible for Berlin's listeners to be once and fortified as the vocal queen.

    Meanwhile, 'Begin Again3' is a music entertainment program that shows the best musicians in Korea to challenge busking in a strange city abroad.

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    Reversal of shock of Embassy employee “Ho Sik”
    Choose poison capsules to keep wife and daughter
    SUZY x Lee Seung Gi warns “They're scary people”
    'Strong Pursuit Scene → Last Tears'
    Broad smoke spectrum

    Yoon Na Moo caught up with Lee Seung Gi and SUZY.

    In the SBS drama 'VAGABOND' broadcasted on the 27th, the spies of terrorists who dug their information in the nearest place as 'Ho Sik' (Yoon Na Moo), the assistants of Dal Gun (Lee Seung Gi) and Hae Ri (SUZY). It was revealed to give shock and reversal.

    Ho Sik was taken to the hospital with a sudden shooting while driving with Dal Gun, and at the same time Hae Ri learned that Ho Sik was the person who instructed him to break into his quarters and threaten his life.

    When Hae Ri informed Dal Gun that Ho Sik was a spy, Ho Sik was injured and desperately ran out of the hospital. Ho Sik, who had no place to go after a breathtaking pursuit, said, “Don't come. Do you know what this is? If you chew it, I'm in immediate death. ”

    Hae Ri said he shouldn't die like this, but Ho Sik stared at the sniper rifle across the roof and said, "There is no other way to protect my wife and daughter." . Falling Ho Sik said to Hae Ri, “Do nothing. They are scary people. ”

    On this day, Yoon Na Moo caught viewers by realizing the breathtaking pursuit scene after realizing the spy hidden behind the embassy staff. Also, in the last moment before death, she conveyed her presence by flexibly digesting the wide emotional lines of the character, such as tearing her eyes, worrying about her wife and daughter.

    Yoon Na Moo, on the other hand, appeared in TVN '날 녹여주오' as 'Nam Tae' after SBS 'VAGABOND'.

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    -Woo Do Hwan, Attraction + Action + Chemistry Notice in JTBC '나의 나라'
    -'나의 나라' Woo Do Hwan, an unrelated character who fights fiercely to defend his faith!

    Woo Do Hwan returns to the historical drama.
    Woo Do Hwan, who starred the screen as the movie '사자', is about to meet with viewers on JTBC's new drama '나의 나라,' which will be aired on October 4th.
    Woo Do Hwan took the modifier of "Sexy Billen" in "T사자," taking on the characters that spread evil to the world and seizing the screen with fascinating acting. In this "나의 나라", he played the role of Nam Sun Ho, who dreams of power beyond class.
    '나의 나라' is a work that explodes the desire for power and protection by aiming the knife at each other for '나의 나라' which each belief says. Nam Sun Ho, split by Woo Do Hwan, is an outstanding talent, but has a pain in birth that her mother did not make her genealogy because she was from Nobi. A person who wants to be at the center of power, dreaming of “나의 나라” where everyone can be equally happy.
    Woo Do Hwan will paint Nam Sun Ho who fought fiercely to defend his convictions in a cataclysmic era.
    It is also expected to show off charisma by performing various action acts not shown before as the first historical drama. It is the first action using a bow and sword, but from the previous work to special make-up to digest intense action, this time, it is expected to create a scene that catches the viewer's eyes with an unrelenting action that matches the unrelated character.
    In addition, Yang Se-jong (Seohui), Kim Sul-Hyun (Han Hee-Jae), as well as youth stars, as well as Kim Young-chul (Lee Sung-gye), Ahn Nae-sang (Namjeon) and Jang Hyuk (Lee Bang-won) Synergies with veteran actors, etc., raise expectations.
    Meanwhile, JTBC's new drama "나의 나라" will be broadcast for the first time at 10:50 pm on Friday, October 4, following "멜로가 체질."

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    SOOMANLEE Executive Producer Director of Asian Performances to be held in September 2020
    Held five continents simultaneously and announced performance headliners such as EXO, Coldplay, and Pharrell Williams

    SM Entertianment & SOOMANLEE will launch the massive global campaign 'Global Citizen' concert in Asia to solve problems such as extreme poverty

    'Global Citizen' is an organization that improves social awareness of poverty.The Global Poverty Project is a global leader in 193 UN member nations, governments, philanthropists, and private organizations around the world. It was a long-term campaign that gathered together and helped, and raised about 10 trillion won for 6 years from 2011 to 2017, helped 650 million people, and in 2018 alone, each nation and company It is a global campaign to express donations.

    In 2020, SM and SOOMANLEE producers will show 'Global Citizen' the largest charitable performance '2020 Global Goal Live: The Possible Dream' to Asia, which will be simultaneously held on five continents including North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Africa. Attracting and directing the performance director, SOOMANLEE Executive Producer will showcase meaningful performances all over the world.

    The already announced host cities in New York, Lagos, Nigeria, and Asia, Europe, and Latin America will be unveiled at a later date. The show combines music and campaign movements to address the global challenges of poverty, climate change and human inequality. As it is held to form a consensus between the public and major stakeholders and to promote awareness change, it will be broadcast live throughout the world through a large global broadcasting channel for a total of 10 hours, making it a global festival.

    In addition, EXO, Coldplay, Metallica, Muse, Usher, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Alicia Keys, Billie Eilish, Pharrell Williams, as headliner for the '2020 Global Goal Live: The Possible Dream' performance, were announced. The lineup will be released later.

    In addition, SOOMANLEE Executive Producer attended the '2020 Global Goal Live: The Possible Dream' launch event in Brooklyn, New York, USA on the 26th (local time), which included Coldplay, Hugh Jackman, Alicia Keys and Usher Participants in the celebrity, music, and entertainment industry participated in the campaign, revealing the reason and meaning of the campaign.

    “We are proud to partner with Global Citizen on behalf of the Asian continent to solve the world's poverty and climate change,” said SOOMANLEE, the general producer.

    “When I started SM Entertainment 25 years ago, my goal was to create a K-Pop artist to inspire and integrate young people around the world. And now K-Pop is delivering inspiration and deep inspiration all over the world, and I and SM are trying to inspire young people in the wider world. I believe that we have a special platform to represent SM artists and Asia, which will help us move the world for Global Citizen's goals. ”

    In addition, SM will join Global Citizen in various ways, starting with the participation of SM group NCT 127 at the Global Citizen Festival, a charity festival that will take place on the 28th. I want to bring Asia together and actively join in to make the world a safer and more livable place. ”

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    "Become the best beyond the beginning" 15 years of SUPER JUNIOR by lyrics!

    SUPER JUNIOR released the song from the 9th album "Time_Slip."

    SUPER JUNIOR 'The Crown' Lyric Video, uploaded to YouTube SMTOWN and NAVER TV SMTOWN on 27th, will include the song 'The Crown', along with SUPER JUNIOR's new album jacket and recording studio sketch.

    The new song “The Crown” stands out with its grandeur based on its powerful bass and synth sound. Among them, “I'll show you the meaning of the name we've shouted so many times today,” and “The five letters that I've kept on this tough road are now the best beyond the first time.” You can see the real image of SUPER JUNIOR.

    In addition, the song 'The Crown', which is receiving a good response from fans, can be checked through the regular 9th album 'Time_Slip', which is released on various music sites on October 14 at 6 pm.

    On the other hand, SUPER JUNIOR will hold a solo concert 'SUPER JUNIOR WORLD TOUR – SUPER SHOW 8' at KSPODOME on October 12-13.

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