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    'Daniel Sanchez, Lee Su Geun vs Cho Myung Woo, Yoo Nam Suk'
    Showdown of the century
    Lee Su Geun, a team with a team of four billiard balls to play the game!
    Lee Su Geun Channel, a YouTube channel that has solidified the base of enthusiasts with its billiard content, is collecting stories from a collaboration with Daniel Sanchez of Spain, who is now known as one of the world's top billiards.

    The netizens who watched the video of Sanchez's billiard classroom and Sanchez's art gallery, which were previously released, did not hesitate to admire Daniel Sanchez, who is well-versed in Lee Su Geun Channel's remarkable outreach and Korean billiard terminology.
    As an answer to these explosive responses, it is finally raising expectations that the film that confronts Daniel Sanchez on 'Lee Su Geun Channel' will be released on March 3rd.

    Lee Su Geun and Daniel Sanchez teamed up with one another and their opponent was also a tough team. Unofficially, Cho Myung Woo of South Korea, who was called Billiards Shin Dong, Billiards Genius, and Yoo Nam Suk of Lee Su Geun Channel, played a game with a remarkable skill of 32 points.

    The official said, "Lee Su Ge Geun Channel was the most dynamic and sweaty game ever," he said.

    On the other hand, Lee Su Geun 's big event, which has the most recent subscriber count of 10 million under the full support of billiards. 'Daniel Sanchez, Lee Su Geun vs Cho Myung Woo, Yoo Nam Suk' will be released on YouTube on 'Lee Su Geun Channel' and cable channel Dana TV at 9:30 pm on the 3rd.

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    - Kim Dong Wook, 'the guest' The Acting in the eyes of the house theater captures!
    - Kim Dong Wook, 'the guest' Nervous and funny acting!
    Kim Dong Wook 's charm is felt' the guest 'steel was released.
    Kim Dong Wook plays the role of Yoon Hwa Pyung in the OCN drama 'the guest', who lives and works in the past with the intense nature of his past, but turns to the evil spirit.
    Kim Dong Wook presents my intense immersion with the complex feelings of anger, resentment, vengeance, loneliness and bitterness felt by evil spirits who use horrible things with dark minded people. Especially, Kim Dong Wook's colorful eyes are another point of watching 'the guest'.
    Kim Dong Wook in the open photo stares at his opponent with his burning eyes and boasts an intense charisma. On the other hand, it shows the essence of the glare that the sharpness and the warmth coexist, such as the feeling of warmth in the gaze that gazes at someone in a tender and delicate manner.
    Much of the popularity of Kim Dong Wook 's character in the guest' Kim Dong Wook has a clear picture of the difference between Yoon Hwa Pyung and Yoon Hwa Pyung, who are sensitive to evil spirits in solid acting, and they give viewers a lot of fun.
    In addition, Kim Dong Wook's outstanding performances, which control Yook Guang (Lee Won Jong) and funny points, and cooperate with Choi Yoon (Kim Jae-wook) Attracted the house theater.
    In the past, the average audience rating of the target audiences was 25.149, 3.1%, 3.5% (nationwide, based on Nielsen Korea).
    On the other hand, OCN drama 'the guest' which is showing the full cooperation of Kim Dong Wook, Kim Jae Wook and Jung Eun Chae is broadcast at 11 o'clock 7 pm on the 3rd night.
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    It is the first Asian singer to be selected as the most prominent global star "UP NEXT" selected by Apple Music.
    'Jimmy Kimmel Live!', 'Mickey's 90th Spectacular' starring world wide walk!

    NCT 127 (SM) will hit the spot with the appearance of US famous talk shows 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' And 'Mickey's 90th Spectacular', followed by attending '2018 American Music Awards' red carpet.

    NCT 127 will be invited as an emerging K-POP star by the US Big Music Awards '2018 AMA' and will be featured at the '2018 AMA' Red on October 9 at 3:00 pm (US West Coast) at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, It is expected to catch the attention of global music fans due to attend the carpet event.

    This year's 46th annual 'AMA' is one of the three biggest music awards in the US, along with the Billboard Music Awards and Grammy Awards. It is a festival enjoyed by music fans from all over the world, and this year Mariah Carey, Ciara, Post Malone, Halsey , Dua Lipa, and other top pop stars are making their debut as performers, and they are attracting attention.

    In addition, NCT 127 was selected as the first Asian singer on "UP NEXT" released by Apple Music on Oct. 1 (local time), capturing the attention of Apple Music and iTunes main page all over the world.

    'UP NEXT' is a corner where Apple Music editors announce the global stars who are expected to perform best for artists around the world. Billboard Music Awards newcomer prize winner Khalid, and talented singer-songwriter Bazzi who is famous for 'Mine' And a documentary film that illuminates NCT 127 for October, and an interview with Beats 1 on the Apple Music radio channel.

    In addition, this month, the artist named 'UP NEXT' will perform a new collaborative project to appear on ABC's 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!', The ABC's popular talk show. As far as we can see, local attention is expected to be concentrated.

    On the other hand, NCT 127 is the first regular album with 11 tracks including Korean and English versions of the title song 'Regular' on various music sites including Melon, Genie, iTunes, Sporty Pie, Apple Music and Xiami Music on October 12 'NCT # 127 Regular-Irregular' is released.

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    Pop Dance, Ballad, Urban Pop, Bossa Nova, including a total of six colorful colors!
    October 2, 6 pm Highlight Medley video release!

    Girls' Generation YURI (SM) presents her first solo album, 'The First Scene'.

    YURI's first mini album, "The First Scene," released on various music sites such as Melon, Genie, iTunes, Sporty Pie, Apple Music, and Xiami Music on October 4th will feature pop dance, ballad, And a total of six songs of various genres are included. It is enough to enjoy YURI's rich music sensitivity.

    The title song 'Into You' is a pop dance song featuring a light rhythm with traditional oriental elements and a catchy hook melody. In lyrics, 'Love' expresses a desire to fall in love with a loved one. It is an uber pop song with powerful yet mature charm. It is a combination of heavy bass and yuri's lively vocals.

    'C'est La Vie (That's LIFE!)' With its passionate sound of retro, has a message to unleash all the worries and stresses, courageously to dream for the future, and a medium tempo Bossa Nova's song 'Butterfly' attracts attention to the lyrics that express the beautiful feelings that a beloved person has to the 'butterfly' in a lyrical way.

    In addition, the romantic acoustic piano ballad song 'Chapter 2' with a positive message that draws a hopeful message about the future and a dream, 'Ending Credit (To be continued '), and it seems that music fans will get a lot of attention.

    Also, before the release of the album, highlights medley video will be released on October 2 at 6 pm YURI official homepage, Youtube and Naver TV SMTOWN channel to meet some of the first solo album 'The First Scene' Expectations for the new album are expected to rise further.

    Meanwhile, YURI's first mini album 'The First Scene' will be released on October 4th.

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    Up to the martial arts, to the powerful romance! All-around character that can not be done!
    DOH KYUNG SOO, action acting! It's like this with action!

    DOH KYUNG SOO (EXO D.O., SM) completely digested to the action acting and pulled the audience rating.

    DOH KYUNG SOO is playing the role of 'Lee Yul' who lost his memories in the TVN drama ‘백일의 낭군님’ by Won Deuk and became Won Deuk.

    In the 7th episode broadcast on October 1st, Won Deuk found out that he was not only able to save Hong Shim (Nam Ji Hyun) who had been held captive by his perfect martial arts, , A suspicious story was drawn to Hong Shim.

    When Kim Jae Young finds Won Deuk and finds out that he is staying in SongJooHyun without dying, the moment of shooting the arrow to assassinate Hong Shim appears in front of him. I raised my curiosity.

    In this process, DOH KYUNG SOO expresses the confused feelings delicately because of the memories of past memories, releasing romantic feelings about Hong Shim and making the viewers flinch. .

    On the other hand, Won Deuk and Hong Shim's 100-day romance, which can be used to meet the various charms of DOH KYUNG SOO, is an average 8.0% and up to 9.4% Platform nationwide / Nielsen Korea provided), recording its highest rating once again, continues to be popular.

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    Pianist Moon Jung Jae's recital 'SOUND TRACK: MoveMent' will be held at 8 pm Seoul Arts Center IBK Chamber Hall on October 6th.

    This is the first classical performance by SM Entertainment. Moon Jung Jae graduated with the best bachelor, master and doctorate degrees from Hanover National University of Music in Germany as well as winning piano competitions from Bologna, Duchi and Schubert international competitions. Piano Quintet No.1 - 1st Mov. I am a talented pianist. I have played 'Regrets and Resolutions',' Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas', 'My Hero' and 'Piano Quintet No.1 - 1st Mov. Allegro 'and so on.

    In addition, this recital is composed of world-class composer Schubert and jazz pianist Claude Bolling. It can meet the special performances of Moon Jung Jae, which crosses the border between classical and jazz. Han Ji Hee (flute), Wayne Lin (violin) Artists such as Soo Min (viola), Jang Woo Ri (cello), Lee Si Hyun (double bass) and Yoon Jae Hyun (drums) will participate to make a richer stage.

    In addition, one of the songs presented at this recital will be released as a sound source through the 'STATION' season 3 in the future.
    On the other hand, pianist Moon Jung Jae's 'SOUND TRACK: MoveMent' ticket reservation is available at Interpark Ticket and Seoul Arts Center website.

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    Bruno Mars, Ariana Grande, Shakira MV The best staff members have joined together! Completion UP!

    SUPER JUNIOR releases the first teaser image.

    SUPER JUNIOR plans to open a special mini-album title song 'One More Time (Otra Vez) (Feat. REIK)' teaser video through the official homepage, YouTube SMTOWN channel and Naver TV SMTOWN channel on the 2nd, The fans are expected to react hot.

    In particular, this music video features music videos including "Finesse (Remix) (Feat. Cardi B)" by world-famous pop star Bruno Mars, "I Do not Think About You" by Kelly Clarkson, "Break Free (Feat. Zedd)" by Ariana Grande, Jeremy Sullivan and Justin Timberlake's 'Take Back The Night', Shakira's 'Empire', Kesha's 'Die Young' and Rihanna's 'What Now' music, including more than 500 works including Bieber's 'Boyfriend' As director Darren Craig, who made the video, has made up his mind, he is raising his expectation.

    One more time (Otra Vez) (Feat. REIK), a new top song from Mexico's top band REIK, is an addictive reggae latin rhythm and an exciting groove that makes you want to miss the moment before your eyes. It is characterized by unstinting lyrics.

    On the other hand, SUPER JUNIOR will hold a comeback showcase at the MGM COTAI, Macau's largest luxury hotel on October 8 at 6 pm (local time).

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    - Jung Hae Na, Fashionable pictorial image that stands out dreamy feeling! 'Alluring + chic'
    - Jung Hae Na, '사생결단 로맨스' to play in the second half of 2018 expected!

    Jung Hae Na showed a charming eye and dreamy sensibility through fashion picture.

    Jung Hae Na, who played the Thai physician Puyang in the MBC drama "사생결단 로맨스" on the 17th, unveiled the interview with the picture through the first month 'ANA DRONE' in Korea.

    This picture was based on the concept of 'Vestige Instant Eternity'. Jung Hae Na, who puts the keywords of each trace, moment, and eternity into a frame, completed the painting with a complete picture by expressing the emotion of the moment as if it was a cut cut posture.

    Jung Hae Na, in the public picture, expressed her mature beauty in a dreamy atmosphere while gazing at her reflection in the mirror with her big eyes. He also showed chic autumn fashion with basic items of black knit and wide slacks. Jung Hae Na, who gazes at camera angles with her fascinating eyes, mixes with her cat and brings her mysterious sensibilities. Beside the various tattoo exhibits, Jung Hae Na led the audience with a sleeveless dress and naturally curled hairstyle, creating a seductive atmosphere.

    Jung Hae Na, who made his debut as KBS2 '발칙하게 고고' in 2015, played the role of Yoon Bo Ram, a hot-blooded social reporter in TVN '피리부는 사나이' in 2016, and made a strong impression on viewers with an unruly performance. Jung Hee Jin's younger brother, Jung Hae Soo, appeared in the MBC '당신은 너무합니다', and he showed off his youthful charm.

    In recent years, the MBC drama '사생결단 로맨스' as a Thai doctor Fuyang, Han Seung Joo role Ji Hyun Woo actively show favorable appeal over the border attracted the hearts of viewers. Especially, he speaks fluent Korean with a Thai character, but he also brought out the curiosity that he is not a real Thai actress by properly accenting and accentuating the unique Korean language used by foreigners. As such, Jung Hae Na, who shows a postponement beyond expectations, draws attention.

    On the other hand, Jung Hae Na's interview with the picture can be found in the October issue of 'ANA DRONE', a monthly drones magazine.

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    From JTBC '아는 형님' to tvN 'New Journey to the West 5'
    Weekend evening theater, laughter charge!
    Kang Ho Dong's unique delightful energy
    Kang Ho Dong's weekend is a laugh!

    Kang Ho Dong plays an active role as a unique weekend entertainment.

    Kang Ho Dong, who is meeting with viewers on Saturdays and Sunday nights through JTBC '아는 형님' and tvN 'New Journey to the West 5', radiates delightful energy and emits a distinctive presence among fierce weekend entertainment programs.

    First, Kang Ho Dong has been working hard for a long time, starring in "아는 형님", which has become a representative performing arts on Saturday. He is given priority as an opponent of various confrontations, and he jokes with members and guests without hesitation, and at times he receives a lot of grudges at the same time. His appearance is fresh and friendly, giving a comfortable laugh to those who see him.

    In addition, Kang Ho Dong attracts attention by taking the top of laughter with 'New Journey to the West 5' which started broadcasting last week. Only one episode has been broadcasted, and the unflagging executives of Kang Ho Dong and its distinctive B-class humor codes have been released and offer a new level of excitement to those who have been waiting for the 'New Journey to the West' series.

    Especially, Kang Ho Dong and Kang Ho Dong, who are not hesitating about new challenges, as well as strong chemistry with their members, are expecting to become a new point of view, so the members of 'New Journey to the West' There is more interest in the itinerary.

    As such, Kang Ho Dong has an extraordinary presence on Saturdays and Sundays through his performing arts program, charging viewers with energy. There is much hope and interest in how Kang Ho Dong will deliver laughter and vitality.

    On the other hand, JTBC '아는 형님' starring Kang Ho Dong will be broadcast every Saturday at 9 pm and tvN 'New Journey to the West 5' at 10:40 pm every Sunday.

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    - Eddy Kim's 3 years and 9 months new album, back to maturity and ripped music + visual
    - Eddy Kim's favorite sniping music that came with the cold wind in autumn ... Released on October 11!
    - The musicality + popular popularity 1 [The Manual], Vol. 2 [Sing Sing SIng]

    Eddy Kim's emotional music comes along with the fall of the cold wind.

    MYSTIC Entertainment announced on its 11th comeback that it will release Eddy Kim's new album 'Miles Apart' concept photo on February 2.

    In the picture, Eddy Kim has grown more mature and rich in visual sensation of autumn man. He showed a lonely and lonely figure of a man who had a heartbreaking look that seemed to temper his emotions,

    The new album 'Miles Apart' is about love that has gone away. Eddy Kim, who has been writing a lot of songs like 'The Manual' and 'Push & Pull' for the first time, made an album with the theme of farewell.

    Eddy Kim is known for bringing out his true stories and showing more authentic music in this album released in the end of his twenties.

    Eddy Kim made his official debut in the music industry with his first album 'The Manual' in 2014. 'Manual' as well as 'Push & Pull' and '2 Years Apart' are all popular songs, and they made a strong impression from their debut album.

    In the second mini-album 'SIng Sing SIng' in 2015, he broadened his musical spectrum with various genres such as Bluegrass and Slow Jam. After that, he made his musical spectrum with Paldangdam, My Lips Like Warm Coffee, Heart pound, are so beautiful 'and' While You Were Sleeping ', and they are making a solid position as a singer-songwriter who combines popularity and musicality.

    Eddy Kim's new album 'Miles Apart' will be released at 6 pm on each album.

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