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    New song 'To You' Introduces first stage + sexy, powerful dance performance Domestic fan enthusiasm!
    I made a hand strap I present to the audience! YOONA's warm touching fan meeting!

    YOONA (SM) finished the first performance of fan meeting tour successfully.

    YOONA held "YOONA FANMEETING TOUR, So Wonderful Day # Story_1" on May 20, attracting the audience with its colorful charm.

    This fan meeting was a 'school' concept, and YOONA and the audience both made eye contact with the dress codes in 'school look'. YOONA was able to answer the various questions of the fans, We also proceeded with a direct consultation process, adding more meaning with a time to be more genuine and intimate with each other.

    In addition, YOONA has released a new song 'To You' which has been collaborating with LeeSangSoon as well as 'When The Wind Blows' and 'Deoksugung Stonewall Walkway' released through SM 'STATION' 'Stage was also unveiled for the first time, and the dance performance that boasts a powerful and sexy charm specially prepared for the fan meeting was also presented and the explosion response of the fans was gained.

    In addition, YOONA appreciated the fans who participated in this fan meeting, and made a photo card as well as a strap made with direct rubbing to all the audience to impress the fans more.

    In addition, YOONA is expected to demonstrate once again its hot popularity as it will be more familiar with global fans through fan meeting tours in major Asian cities such as Bangkok, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Osaka starting from Seoul this time.

    On the other hand, YOONA is casting in the disaster action movie 'EXIT', which depicts the emergency situation where you have to escape from the city, covered with poisonous gas, to UiJoo station.

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    U-Know, ready for kids' dinosaur song!
    MAX, the adaptation that amazed chefs!

    TVXQ!'s The 72-Hour'real varieties of TVXQ! (SM) unveils two members who complete the day of the day, which was a series of tensions with a car kindergarten teacher and chef on this day. .

    'TVXQ!'s The 72-Hour' The 10th ~ 12th shows the passion-filled preparation site of Vitamin teacher U-Know for the first day's work. After the work, I can see the children playing the 'dinosaur song' that they wanted so much to make up for the 'shark song' they received. This time, they wonder whether they can catch the hearts of the children.

    In addition, MAX's cheerleader MAX is in full swing for dinner time, disassembling yolk, lobster shine, etc. It is a good sense to clean the materials that need high delicacy. It is a sensible way to go around busy kitchens and receive praise from fellow chefs. When you have a chance to taste the stardom menu, everyone will be amazed and you will be able to meet MAX's different kind of adaptation to the kitchen.

    TVXQ!'s The 72-Hour is available every Monday through Wednesday at 11 am V LIVE and Naver TV 'TVXQ!'s The 72-Hour - my SMTelevision' It is broadcast via XtvN.

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    'EXO's Travel the World through a Ladder of Fortune - CBX in Japan' First broadcast on May 21!
    What is CBX's journey determined by the ladder of destiny in Tottori prefecture?

    EXO-CBX (SM) 's first real variety' EXO's Travel the World through a Ladder of Fortune - CBX in Japan 'finally unveiled.

    'EXO's Travel the World through a Ladder of Fortune' is a real variety program where EXO travels all over the world and decides its destiny as a ladder game. EXO-CBX is the first runner to travel to Tottori prefecture It is expected to catch up with viewers because it is going to show unforeseen situations that are going to happen.

    In particular, on May 21, the EXO-CBX will meet with the production team for the first time before the trip, and it will be open to the public for planning meetings. The program will include program ideas such as the Himalayas and the uninhabited island, I was surprised to see the production crew, and arrived at Tottori prefecture where the ladder trip that was born by gathering the opinions of the members would be held.

    In addition, from 2 ~ 5 times on the 22 ~ 25th, it is a thrilling first ladder game where lunch is held at one of five famous restaurants of Tottori prefecture, Scene and smiley ladder results will be released, so it's enough to meet EXO-CBX's personality traveler.

    On the other hand, "EXO's Travel the World through a Ladder of Fortune - CBX in Japan" will be released at 10:00 am every week from Monday to Friday at the first video service oxusu.

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    'So Wonderful Day' to Seoul, Bangkok, Hong Kong to Tokyo, Osaka!
    We meet global fans in major Asian cities!

    YOONA (SM) 's Asian fan meeting tour two cities have been confirmed.

    YOONA will be holding a 'YOONA FANMEETING TOUR, So Wonderful Day # Story_1', followed by a fan meeting tour in Bangkok and Hong Kong starting from Seoul, followed by a performance on July 13 in Tokyo and July 15 in Osaka. The fans of domestic and foreign countries are getting warm reaction.

    In addition to Girls 'Generation activities, YOONA has been loved by many people for their charming tone and musical sensitivity as solo songs such as' Deoksugung Stonewall Walkway 'and' When The Wind Blows '. Recently, LeeSangSoon collaborated with' Has been ranked # 1 in the world's top seven iTunes charts and # 1 in the iTunes K-Pop single charts.

    In addition, YOONA proved to be an actress in numerous films such as 'Confidential Assignment', drama 'THE K2', 'The King in Love' and Chinese drama '武神赵子龙' As a result, interest in Asian fan meetings is expected to increase.

    Especially, the Seoul fan meeting will be held on May 20th and will be decorated with the stage and talk of YOONA's various charms. YOONA will announce the dress code 'school look' through the SNS directly and have a special time with the fans. .

    On the other hand, YOONA is casting on the heroine UiJoo station in the disaster action movie 'EXIT', which depicts an emergency situation where you have to escape from the city, covered with poisonous gas.

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    'Good Evening', 'I Want You', 'Our Page'
    Special homepage with 10 years memories and new album hints open!

    SHINee (SM), a global K-POP leader who announced his comeback as a regular 6th album 'The Story of Light', announced his triple title track hit.

    SHINee 6th album will be released on May 28th, 'The Story of Light' EP.1, on June 11th EP.2, and on June 25th EP.3. It is expected to get a hot response from global music fans because it will be relaying to the title track of 'Good Evening', 'I Want You' and 'Our Page'.

    In addition, SHINee has opened a special website in interactive form that users can participate on May 18 prior to the release of the regular 6th album, and it has attracted attention with a special tinging promotion that has various hints about the songs and new albums over the past 10 years .

    This special homepage is designed so that SHINee has been loved by unique music color and novel attempts, and it is designed to meet new album in advance in commemoration of 10th anniversary with various contents, user can directly match SHINee hit song and color 'SHINee's PICK' which shows SHINee's COLOR CHIP, 'SHINee's PICK' which shows SHINee's songs and color-matching playlists, 'TODAY'S PICK' which recommends SHINee songs that are suitable for me, and so on. It is forecast.

    On the other hand, SHINee 's first album' The Story of Light 'EP.1 will be released through various music sites such as Melon, Genie and Naver Music at 6 pm on May 28.

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    This year's music video was awarded to the regular 8-title title song 'Black Suit'.
    The only Korean singer who won the 'MYX Music Awards' this year! The 'Korean Wave King'
    SUPER JUNIOR won the award at the biggest music awards in the Philippines.

    On May 15 (local time), 'SUPER JUNIOR' was released on November 6, 2017 at the 'MYX Music Awards 2018' held in Cuba's O Araneta Coliseum in the Philippines. The title song 'Black Suit' Won the International Video of the Year award this year, and the explosive popularity of the Asian region.

    The MYX Music Awards, which celebrated its thirteenth anniversary this year, is a prestigious awards ceremony hosted by MYX, the largest music channel in the Philippines. It is a combination of 60% of fans' Internet voting and 40% of local Filipino artists. SUPER JUNIOR is the only Korean singer to receive the prestigious award among the 17 categories of award ceremony.

    SUPER JUNIOR's 'Black Suit' will be released on November 6th, 2017, and at the same time, the iTunes Pop album chart will show 26 regions around the world including Japan, Taiwan, Thailand and Singapore as well as Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru and Turkey It has proven itself in the top of the charts, and it has proven itself to be the top of the 'Global Hallyu King'.

    In addition, SUPER JUNIOR continues to make remarkable progress with the release of the regular 8th Repackage album 'REPLAY' on April 12 and the first song of the Korean singer with the title track 'Lo Siento (Feat. Leslie Grace)' , And has recently been active in concluding successful concert brand 'SUPERSHOW 7' to Argentina, Buenos Aires, Peru Lima, Chile Santiago, Mexico Mexico City, South America, and Macau.

    On the other hand, SUPER JUNIOR will be on the stage of "KCON 2018 NY" at the Prudential Center in New York, USA on June 23-24, and plan to communicate with global music fans more closely.

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    If it progresses, progress, body gag, body gag!
    All-around MC that does everything!

    Lee Soo-geun is doing his main MC role at MBN entertainment 'CART SHOW2' and is catching eye.

    The MBN entertainment 'CART SHOW2', which was broadcast on the 17th, was featured by a housewife's nine-story special feature. Broadcaster Choi Eun-kyung and actor YooHaNa appeared to show shopping tips and limited-edition recipes. Lee Soo-geun focused his attention on the smooth progress that smoothes the guests' actions and actions with his own unique sense.

    Especially on this day, Lee Soo-geun is a shopping guide for YooHaNa, so YooHaNa asks him to get the story out naturally, and Lee Soo-geun adds Lepsi to YooHaNa when he chooses his husband's favorite dish I was proud of my sense of progress.

    Not only did he win the game, he also showed Choi Eun-kyung's "shopping PICK system," an exercise band, and then he showed off his body gags and made the audience shout.

    Lee Soo-geun shows that every time the various guests appear in 'CART SHOW2', Lee Soo-geun not only shows his sensible progress but also proves that he is the all-around MC who is responsible for the laughter of viewers with body gags. Has attracted favorable reviews. Lee Soo-geun will be presenting some guests and some chemies at 'CART SHOW2' in the future.

    Meanwhile, MBN entertainment 'CART SHOW2' is broadcast every Thursday at 8:30 pm.

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    A cool and sophisticated electronic pop song, Members KEY, MINHO Participate in rap making!
    'Good Evening' stage debut on May 27th 10th anniversary fan meeting!

    SHINee (SM), a global K-POP leader who has announced triple title relay activities, opens the regular 6th activity with his first title song 'Good Evening'.

    SHINee released its first album, 'The Story of Light' EP.1, of the 6th album, including 5 songs, including title song 'Good Evening', on various music sites on May 28th at 6pm. Music fans will get a hot response.

    This title song 'Good Evening' is an electronic pop song with a refined source of classic R & B sensibility and a refreshing sense of '90s. It features an addictive chorus, a unique composition and a drop in the sensation of catharsis. The Fliptones, In arrangement, members KEY and MINHO participated in rap making and increased the completeness, so it seems to focus attention on SHINee's colorful music color and charm.

    In addition, SHINee is expected to release a new album 'Good Evening' on May 27th at 'SHINee Debut 10th Anniversary ☆ SHINee DAY', a debut 10th anniversary fan meeting on May 27th.

    On the other hand, SHINee's 6th album 'The Story of Light' consists of 3 albums, EP1 on May 28, EP.2 on June 11, and EP.3 on June 25 will be released in sequence.

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    Awarded 'KAZZ Awards 2018' Best Asian Concert Award in Thailand
    TAEYEON (SM) 's solo concert was voted' Asia's top concert 'in Thailand.
    "TAEYEON solo concert" PERSONA "in BANGKOK" won the "Best Asian Concert Award 2018" at the KAZZ Awards 2018, Thailand's famous awards ceremony held on May 16 (local time) gave.
    The 'KAZZ Awards', the 12th year of this year, is the annual entertainment award ceremony held every year since 2007, sponsored by the popular magazine 'KAZZ' in Thailand. The 'Best Asian Concert Award', awarded by TAEYEON, As the final winner was decided through the vote, I realized that I was interested in TAEYEON.
    TAEYEON solo concert "PERSONA" in BANGKOK, which was held in Thunder Dome, Bangkok, Thailand in May last year, was the first concert solo soloist in Korea. It recorded all seats in only 2 minutes of ticket reservation and TAEYEON's unique It was a fantastic performance for enjoying the tone and singing ability, and the local fans got an explosive response.

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    'Richman' KIM JUNMYEON, CEO of Young & Rich CEO!

    'Richman' KIM JUNMYEON (EXO SUHO, SM) is captivating girls with this charm.

    In the 'Richman' episode on May 16, Lee Yoo Chan (KIM JUNMYEON) and Kim BoRa (HaYeonSoo) teamed up in earnest, drawing attention to the story of trying to pass the project through government business.

    Lee Yoo Chan disguised Kim BoRa, a job-seeker who likes JungChaKwan (Choi JiNa), as a security team leader, and participated in the company's vital projects. However, JungChaKwan, who went to the university lecture and came across Kim BoRa, was soon overtaken and JungChaKwan, who had fallen victorious, dropped NeXT IN from the government business.

    Lee Yoo Chan, who did not hesitate to give up and ignore the process, made Kim BoRa worried and bought Kim BoRa 's shoes, which he had forsaken himself as cheap shoes, to buy the same thing and give it away.

    Especially, when Kim BoRa heard that he would go to the government office every day to apologize to JungChaKwan, Lee Yoo Chan's ending scene saying "I am responsible" raised the expectation for the next broadcast.

    Also, KIM JUNMYEON, who plays Lee Yoo Chan, has been acclaimed for making the play more abundant by expressing the visuals as well as expressing the emotional lines of the character who goes through buck and meticulousness.

    KIM JUNMYEON 's "Richman" is a remake of popular Japanese drama "Richman poorwoman" that was aired on Fuji TV in 2012. It shows the romance of genius businessmen Lee Yoo Chan and Kim BoRa. Every Wednesday, It is broadcast simultaneously on Thursday night at MBN and Dramax.

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