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    Eyes of frightened eyeglasses in round glasses, the presence of CHANYEOL utilizing characters!

    'Memories of the Alhambra' EXO CHANYEOL (EXO, SM) is finally back.

    CHANYEOL is acting as a genius programmer Jung Se Joo in the TVN drama 'Memories of the Alhambra'.

    In the 14th episode broadcast on the 13th, Se Joo, who disappeared without a trace with the sound of a pistol in a train to Granada a year ago, disappeared in front of his family when he was missing.

    Especially, in the situation where Jin Woo (Hyun-Bin) who finished the last quest is mysterious, Se Joo appeared, and the question of how he came back and where he was for a year is questioned one week before the end.

    In this work, CHANYEOL has played a key role in unpredictable development in which the character screams and exudes a sense of presence and curiosity by asking fearful eyes, stuttering speech, acting expression in horror, etc. have.

    Meanwhile, 'Memories of the Alhambra' recorded 10.0%, up 11.1% (paid platform nationwide / provided by Nielsen Korea).

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    - 'Memories of the Alhambra' Han Bo Reum, perjury
    - Han Bo Reum, a poisonous piece of music! 'Memories of the Alhambra' Unrivaled performance!

    'Memories of the Alhambra' Han Bo Reum confirmed her presence as a hot-tempered fan.

    In the TVN drama 'Memories of the Alhambra', Han Bo Reum, who plays the role of Jin Woo (Hyun-Bin) 's second wife Ko Yoo Ra, is imprinting his presence on every scene audience appearance as a gesture.

    In the 14th episode of 'Memories of the Alhambra' broadcast on the 13th, Yoo Ra made plans to put Jin Woo in the corner, Yoo Ra was scheduled to attend the Jin Woo police investigation as a reference, but was informed that he did not need to be investigated. In addition, Jin Woo and Cha professor knew that he met without his knowledge, and thought that there would be dealings of some kind, and was caught in extreme anger. So Yoo Ra came to the police voluntarily and gave false testimony. Jin Woo kills Hyung Suk (Park Hoon) and confesses it to Yoo Ra. Not only that, but also that Jung Hoon (Min Jin Woong) 's death is strange, adding that the police suspect Jin Woo.

    In addition, Yoo Ra, who came to Jin Woo and cha professor as a poet, was not intimidated by the cha professor. The cha professor forced perjury and told me everything I tried to take the property of Sujin (Lee Si Won), my daughter-in-law.

    Han Bo Reum has immersed himself in the psychological state of Yoo Ra, who is under police investigation. Yoo Ra drunken worried about the police to say his courage for justice is a courageous expression of the testimony to emphasize the truth that the perfect way to digest the viewer who caused the rage of reality.

    As such, Han Bo Reum is doing his best to digest the two-faced Ko Yoo Ra characters with unpredictable behavior and an attitude of nonsense. In the next two, Yoo Ra's vengeance is raising the question.

    On the other hand, the TVN drama 'Memories of the Alhambra' starring Han Bo Reum appears on Saturdays and Sundays at 9 pm with Hyun-Bin, Park Shin-hye, Park Hoon, Kim Eui Sung and CHANYEOL do.

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    - 'The strongest baritone' Park Sang Don, concert 11 ~ 12 concert '人事' successful
    - From Gagok to Dance Song Medley ...
    - 12th release new song 'Your All' stage debut ... Deep emotion

    Park Sang Don, singer and vocalist, successfully completed the concert '人事' in 2019.

    Park Sang Don met with the audience on the 11th and 12th of the second solo concert '人事'.

    Park Sang Don, the strongest baritone loved by the soft bass in the JTBC 'Phantom Singer' season 1, gave fans a new year 's first performance at this concert, from his main genre of song to ballad to dance song Medley.

    Park Sang Don, who made his opening debut with "The Place in My Heart," released in June last year, is a member of the movie 'Notting Hill' OST 'She', 'La Boum' OST 'Reality' by Sung Si-kyung, ', Lee Moon Se's' Girl' and so on.

    He has enthusiastically attracted audiences with enthusiasm for 'Non t`amo piu', 'Meeresleuchten', musical 'Man of La Mancha' OST 'Dulcinea' and 'The Impossible Dream'.

    In addition, it added pleasure to listening to famous songs such as' Man In The Mirror 'by Michael Jackson,' Just The Two Of Us' by Bill Withers, and added the pleasure of listening to Sung Si-kyung's' Smiling angel ', Shin Seung Hoon '엄마야' and Nam Jin '둥지'.

    At the end of the performance, Park Hyo-shin's "1991年, 찬바람이 불던 밤....", Yoon Jong Shin, Kwak Jin-eon, Kim Pil's '지친 하루', John Park's '이게 아닌데' of the audience.

    Lastly, it was the first time that you released your new song "Your All", which was released on the 12th, and it was very hot.
    On the first day, Kwak Dong Hyun and JungIn as concert guests and DUETTO on the second day presented a meaningful stage.

    Park Sang Don is a member of the popular phenomenon team, who has won the JTBC 'Phantom Singer' season 1, and has since released his singles 'The Place in My Heart' and 'Your All' I am communicating with my fans.

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  • 2019-01-11 Press Release

    SM Entertainment-SK telecom

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    AI-based sound source separation technology.
    Signed MOU to promote artificial intelligence sound source separation and extraction technology project at 'CES 2019'

    SM Entertainment will jointly promote the next-generation media business that combines SK telecom and sound source separation technology with ICT technology.

    SM will meet with SM Kim Young Min, General Manager of SK Telecom Park Jin Hyo ICT Technology Center in Las Vegas, USA, where the world's largest IT and consumer electronics exhibition 'CES 2019' will be held on Jan. 9 (local time) (MOU).

    The company plans to develop and promote new businesses by combining IC contents with SM contents and SKT's artificial intelligence-based sound source separation technology *, and plans to launch a joint consultation to formulate new businesses.

    * A technology that separates components such as vocals and accompaniment from a sound source by combining audio signal analysis technology and deep learning technology

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    'K-POP King' EXO’s 5th album repackage ‘LOVE SHOT’ topped various Korea’s December album charts.

    EXO 5th album repackage 'LOVE SHOT' which was released on December 13 was the top of the album album chart on various charts including Gaon album chart, Hanteo Chart, Synnara Record, HOTTRACKS etc. .

    In addition to domestic music charts, this album is ranked number one in the world in 62 areas of the iTunes total album chart, No. 1 on the Billboard Korea Digital Songs chart for 3 consecutive weeks, No. 1 on the Billboard Korea K-POP 100 chart, And KKBOX in Taiwan, and Korea's top single in the charts.

    In addition, the EXO is a regular 5th album 'DON’T MESS UP MY TEMPO' released in November, and received Million certification for the album which sold more than 1 million copies in the Gaon certified album division announced on January 11, I have once again realized the down side of 'quintuple million seller' that set a record of breaking 1 million records continuously.

    On the other hand, EXO will attend 'SMTOWN SPECIAL STAGE in SANTIAGO' held in Santiago, Chile on January 18-19.

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    'EXO PLANET # 4 - The EℓyXiOn [dot] -' Photo Album & Live Album Released on January 30!
    Book sales start today!

    EXO (SM) ‘EXO PLANET #4 - The EℓyXiOn [dot] -’ will be released on January 30th.

    ‘EXO PLANET #4 - The EℓyXiOn [dot] -’ composed of live performance album and live album, contains the vivid scene of EXO's fourth concert ex Angkor performance on July 13th ~ 15th last year, The reaction is expected to get.

    In the picture book of the performance, there are colorful photos of EXO's colorful stage, waiting room, backstage scenery, as well as various photos of members of the performing arts, as well as "EXO Ask EXO" Members and staff can meet with each other in a genuine interview, raising expectations.

    The live album also contains 35 live songs recorded at the Encore concert, covering 2CDs. It is enough to feel the enthusiasm and enthusiasm of the scene again.

    On the other hand, this photo album and live album can be purchased through various online and offline stores from January 11th.

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    - Releasing albums in 1 year ... Last year 'Monthly YoonJongShin' 13 songs + 11 live performances
    - City Pop, YoonJongShin's Ballad .. Singer YoonJongShin's presence added 2018 'Monthly YoonJongShin'
    - Live live performances that have never been called on any stage ... A special gift for fans
    - <行步 2018 YoonJongShin> Released on 6th of November 11th, album reservation, sale on 17th.

    Singer YoonJongShin's <行步 2018 YoonJongShin> will be released on the 11th.

    <行步 2018 YoonJongShin> was released in 'Monthly YoonJongShin 2018', which was released through 'Monthly YoonJongShin' in 2018, and 'YoonJongShin Curated 13 - No Song Song', which was performed in October last year. The song 'LIVE 2018', which is a bundle of songs, consists of a total of two CDs.

    The year 2018 was the year when "singer YoonJongShin" became more active than ever.

    He added 12 songs out of the 13 songs released last year through 'Monthly YoonJongShin', adding to his presence as a singer, digesting various songs without being trapped in a specific genre or material.

    'Frame', 'My Queen', 'Summer Man', 'Leave', 'Night Drive' etc. The city popped out with a full-fledged city pop, 'Slow Starter', 'Goodbye Talk', 'Lean on You', 'Cramming' and so on, 'YoonJongShin's ballad' which can detect the sign of YoonJongShin.

    The concert "YoonJongShin Curated 13", which was performed on October 13th and 14th last year, was a special stage filled with songs that YoonJongShin has never singed on any stage.

    For those fans who have long loved YoonJongShin for being a set list for those who do not listen carefully to all the tracks on the album, it was a great gift to see their fans.

    It was a performance that was planned as a part of the small theater program, so I quickly sold out all seasons.

    The album will be released at 6:00 pm on November 11 at each music source site, and album reservation is ongoing at each online music sales site. Starting on the 17th, you can also meet in the offline store.

    'Monthly YoonJongShin' will continue in 2019.

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    'Perfect combination' presented

    ESteem's model Seo Yu Jin and NOMA are featured on the CODE KUNST new song 'XI (feat. LEE HI)' music video.

    CODE KUNST 's title song' XI 'music video, which will be released at 6 pm on November 11, will be dynamically centered on women who cope with separation. Seo Yu Jin, the role of the female heroine, has completely extinguished the atmosphere of the alluring and sensational music video, and NOMA, the role of the male protagonist, showed off the tempered emotion of men who separated from the sophisticated yet decadent atmosphere.

    In particular, the two models performed well despite showing a small experience in acting, showing off the sensation of men and women who were orphaned perfectly.

    Seo Yu Jin, who has been working as a female character in the music video, is a rising model that is expected to come forward with a love call from leading media in a unique dreamy yet mysterious atmosphere. NOMA is a top model with a history that has entered the world's model ranking site 'ModelS.com - HotList' as the only Korean male model, and has been actively active not only in overseas but also in the domestic market with its unique personality.

    On the other hand, CODE KUNST's new single album 'XI', which is popular as a big beat maker, has been popular with many music fans at the same time as it was released on the 8th because of its melodious melody and LEE HI's unique emotional voice. The full version of CODE KUNST's title song 'XI' music video will be uploaded simultaneously on the AOMG YouTube channel and 1theK YouTube channel, which will be unveiled at 6 pm on November 11th.

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    SM Entertainment LeeSooMan Producer attended CES 2019, the world's largest IT & consumer electronics exhibition, and visited global companies' exhibitions on September 9 (local time).
    LeeSooMan Producer visited Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, NAVER and other venues to discuss the future entertainment that 5G, AI, and robot will bring.

    SM LeeSooMan Producer visited Samsung Electronics exhibition hall 'CES 2019' held at Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) and talked with Lee Young-Hee, Executive Vice President of Global Marketing Center.
    SM LeeSooMan Producer visited 'LG Electronics' exhibition hall 'CES 2019' held at Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) in USA on September 9 and met Son Jin Ho, Managing Director of Robotics Research Institute and talked about collaboration between celebrity and robot.
    SM LeeSooMan Producer visited 'CES 2019' NAVER booth at Las Vegas convention center (LVCC) in USA on September 9, and visited various exhibitions with Seok Sang Ok NAVER Labs head to talk about robots.

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    - MUN KA-YOUNG, 'Eulachacha Waikiki Season 2', Juliet of three men! First love she! 'Han Soo Yeon role'
    - MUN KA-YOUNG, expecting the first love icon with a cheerful Lovely image and solid performance.

    MUN KA-YOUNG was cast as the hero in 'Eulachacha Waikiki Season 2'.

    MUN KA-YOUNG will appear in JTBC's new drama 'Eulachacha Waikiki Season 2'. With this, MUN KA-YOUNG has returned to the MBC drama 'Tempted' for over a year.

    MUN KA-YOUNG took the role of Han Soo Yeon in 'Eulachacha Waikiki Season 2'. Han Soo Yeon is a high school alumnus of three people and her first love at Cha Woo-sik (Kim Sun-ho), Lee Joon Gi (Lee E Kyung) and Guk Ki Bong (Shin Hyun-soo). He is also the only daughter of a wealthy family who owns a businessman 's father.

    MUN KA-YOUNG, who made his debut in 2006 with the '스승의 은혜', has been showing a strong acting performance, regardless of the genre, such as '마녀보감', '질투의 화신', ‘명불허전’ In particular, Choi Soo-ji, who has all the talents, talents, and beauty of 'Tempted' but has a love for jealousy, sends out his presence and is awarded '2018 MBC Acting Grand Prize' .

    MUN KA-YOUNG, who has proved his true worth in each of these works, plans another transformation through 'Eulachacha Waikiki Season 2'. The image is pure and lovely reminiscent of the first love, as well as delicate acting ability MUN KA-YOUNG because it is the 'first love icon' will attract attention.

    JTBC's new drama 'Eulachacha Waikiki Season 2' is the second season of 'Eulachacha Waikiki' which lasted in April. In the past season, it was not only confirming the likelihood of youth stars, but also having high support for teenagers from their 30s to 30s. Lee Chang Min and Kim Ki Ho will once again cooperate with Season 2.

    Meanwhile, 'Eulachacha Waikiki Season 2' starring MUN KA-YOUNG starring Kim Sun-Ho, Lee E Kyung, Shin Hyun-soo, Ahn So Hee and Kim Ye Won, It will be broadcasted at JTBC in the year.

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