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    IRENE teaser image released! Look out!

    Red Velvet (SM) continues its popularity as a new album 'RBB'.

    Red Velvet will release its fifth mini-album 'RBB', which consists of 6 tracks in various colors, through various music sites such as Melon, Genie, iTunes, Sporty Pie, Apple Music and Xiami Music on November 30th at 6 pm It is expected to get explosive response after the activity.

    In particular, the title song 'RBB (Really Bad Boy)' is an addictive R & B pop dance genre. It includes both Korean and English versions. The hit songs 'Red Flavor', 'Peek-A-Boo' Up ', Kenzie once again breathed new life, and expectations for the new song are on the rise.

    "Butterflies" is a cute punk pop song, and the lyrics are like impressions of a butterfly like a dancing emotion of a moment of love. So Good is a melodic piano and rhythmical It is an R & B-based Futuristic bass track with a drum sound. It has a fun listening sensual lyrics expressing the emotions of love, which is just the smell and silhouette of the other party.

    In addition, the Urban Pop dance song 'Sassy Me' captures the various vocals of the Red Velvet from the low-pitched singing to the treble, and the old school sensibility pop dance song 'Taste' begins with WENDY's own narration, Do not be noticed among the choices, but it keeps a eye on you because it contains a message to let you choose your mind.

    On November 23rd at 0:00 on Red Velvet 's official homepage, member IRENE' s teaser image was opened, and it was able to meet the overwhelming visuals that can feel the elegant and mysterious charm, so that the fans of the world were sweeping their eyes.

    Meanwhile, Red Velvet's fifth mini album 'RBB' will be released on November 30th.

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    SOYOU, VINXEN and participate in colorful! Boosted expectation of the first regular album!

    SHINee KEY (SM) presents her various charms through her first regular album 'FACE'.

    KEY's first full-length album 'FACE', released on November 26th, includes ten songs of various genres including title song 'One of Those Nights'. KEY participates in the lyrics of four songs, Crush, vocalist SOYOU, Daeshe rapper VINXEN, and more.

    In particular, the title song 'One of Those Nights' is a house rhythm-based R & B genre song featuring KEY's sentimental sensibility. In the lyrics, he expresses his self-acknowledged soft feelings after separating from his lover. And Crush, a musician, participates as a featured artist, so music fans will get a good response as they add to the appeal of the song.

    In addition, this album includes the R & B ballad 'I Will Fight', a song written by KEY, VINXEN performing rap making and feature, and 'Forever Yours', a solo debut song of KEY featuring SOYOU. It's eye-catching.

    On the other hand, KEY's first full-length album 'FACE' will be released on November 26th at various music sites such as Melon, Genie, iTunes, Sporty Pie, Apple Music and Xiami Music.

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    'Simon Says' comeback stage, heart attacking intense hip-hop performance prehistoric!

    NCT 127 (SM) 1st repackaged album ‘NCT #127 Regulate’will be released on November 23rd.

    NCT 127's regular 1st album repackage album will be released on November 23 at 6.00 pm on various music sites such as Melon, Genie, iTunes, Sporty Pie, Apple Music and Xiami Music. The title track 'Simon Says' To My Playground ', and the debut album title' Chain 'Korean version, it is enough to meet the abundant music color of NCT 127.

    NCT 127 will appear on KBS2TV 'Music Bank' on November 23, and it is expected to catch the attention of music fans by unveiling the comeback stage of the title song 'Simon Says' for the first time.

    The performance of 'Simon Says' is performed by famous choreographer Scott Forsyth, who worked on SUPER JUNIOR-D&E ''Bout you' and EXO 'Ko Ko Bop'. And NCT 127's intense charisma and hip-hop swag.

    On the other hand, NCT 127's regular 1st album repackage album 'NCT #127 Regulate' will be released on November 27th.

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    WENDY Special MC appearance, announcing a fantastic breath!

    DJ HYO (Hyoyeon, SM) is SM Live multi-live broadcasting channel '!t Live' representative program 'Music Gift Box' to send a colorful charm.

    HYO will be appearing on the 'Music Gift Box' which will be broadcast live from 4 pm on November 24th. The broadcast will be broadcast live around the world through '!t Live' official YouTube channel and NAVER V LIVE SMTOWN channel. It seems to get a hot response.

    On this day, HYO will focus on the second digital single 'Punk Right Now', as well as introducing recommended themes, responding to fans' questions, to be.

    In addition, Red Velvet WENDY's special MC will be added to the program and the program will be added to the fun.

    On the other hand, HYO will be appearing at the musical talk concert 'THE STATION' in November at SMTOWN THEATER on November 25th.

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    Choi Sung Pil, the squad leader led by the school lieutenant! Expect another bright presence!

    Choi Min Ho (SHINee MINHO, SM) confirmed the appearance of the movie '장사리 9.15'.

    Choi Min Ho plays the role of Choi Sung Pil, a leading figure in the movie '장사리 9.15', which depicts the true story of 'Landing Operation' hidden behind the 'Incheon Landing Operation'.

    Choi Sung Pil, Choi Min Ho's volunteer volunteer as a sidekick, is in charge of the war. He seems to lead the play as a squad leader character who is full of determination and strong leadership in the crisis.

    Choi Min Ho has consistently established himself as a performer by appearing in various drama and movies as well as singers. Especially since he has demonstrated his unique presence on the screen through films such as 'Derailed' and 'ILLANG' It is also attracting attention.

    In addition, Choi Min Ho has not only cut his hair short, but also he has been actively trained.

    The film '장사리 9.15' is a war-torn blockbuster that depicts an average age of 17, two weeks of training, and 772 students who were hidden in the history of landing operations in Incheon. Kim Myung Min and Megan Fox The casting of the subject is attracting.

    The film is in full swing on October 13th and will be released in 2019.

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    It's cute! Kwon Yuri's charm continues!

    Kwon Yuri (Girls' Generation Yuri, SM) Cooking was caught.

    Kwon Yuri plays the role of new salesman Bok Seung Ah in the MBC drama '대장금이 보고 있다' and is playing the comic acting.

    On the November 22 broadcast, Han Jung Sik (Kim Hyun-jun) proposed to be his pupil, and he could see Han Shin Hae (Shin Dong Wook) The story of Bok Seung Ah accepting was drawn.

    Bok Seung Ah met Lee Hye Jung, the mother of the first time to visit their house to get a formal cooking lesson, to learn how to dip Kimchi from the first class and experience the taste of the new world. I caught sight of the viewers.

    In particular, Kwon Yuri lovingly portrayed himself as a struggle to make a mistake in his cooking, and acted in an unfamiliar manner with Han Sang Hae.

    On the other hand, Kwon Yuri 's charm is '대장금이 보고 있다', which is the only dish to eat, and the Romance of the Samnam - jae who lives to eat and the drama that stimulates appetite can be seen every Thursday at 11:10 pm.

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    What is CEO SULLI's taste? From planning to operation, 'curiosity amplification'

    SULLI (SM) opens a pop-up store to meet fans.

    SULLI's reality reality program '진리상점' pop-up store will be held on November 24th from 2:00 pm to 8:00 pm in the Sultang Palace Berthum Showroom in Gangnam-gu.

    As a representative of '진리상점', SULLI is going to operate directly from sales to sales throughout the opening hours of the pop-up store.

    Especially, this pop-up store will be able to meet 12 kinds of colorful colored mules that SULLI has planned and selected, and it will be a time to get a glimpse of her taste and lifestyle.

    On the other hand, '진리상점' is a program that tells the growing story of SULLI by challenging the CEO and opening up a pop-up store reflecting his ideas, from planning to opening, operation and finishing. Every Tuesday and Thursday NAVER TV and V live channels are open to the public.

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    - 'Power of Balader' ... ParcJaejung, December 23 ~ 25 Year-end concert 'Sold-out'
    - 'Sensual Balada' ParcJaejung presents the most special 'anniversary' to the audience this year!

    Singer Parc Jaejung's solo concert in December was sold out within 30 seconds of opening the ticket.

    The agency MYSTIC Entertainment announced on 23th that "ParcJaejung's year-end concert" anniversary "ticket, which is held for three days from December 23 to 25, was sold all 30 days before the opening of Melon ticket at 2 pm on the 23rd He said.

    Previously, ParcJaejung proved to be very popular with the concert "Mood in December", which was the first solo concert last December, and sold out quickly at the fan meeting in July this year.

    ParcJaejung plans to make an impressive stage with songs and stories filled with sincerity in the sense that this concert will present an unforgettable special "anniversary" to the audience.

    He is determined to use Balada's singer as a rich set list to show his sweet voice and deep sensitivity.

    On the other hand, Parc Jaejung has been active in various fields such as music and entertainment this year. He released his first feature debut including 'Words' and '4 years'. He showed the capacity of a growing musician. He continued his musical activities through OST and concertation songs.

    In addition, it has been loved greatly by the reverse charm that is opposite to that of music through various art programs such as TVN '짠내투어,' '놀라운 토요일' and MBC '독수공방'. The TVN '탐나는 크루즈' starring Parc Jaejung will be broadcasted at 6 pm on the 24th.

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    'Winner' Kang Ho Dong Authentic Face Scrub Collector
    The victory won at the end of the anti-war 'Extreme fun'
    It was fun to see from 'high psychological war' to 'pleasant chemi'
    Dress setting & angle adjustment light
    Creator instinct was outstanding

    Kang Ho Dong has personally proved Winning Habit that he has been saying.

    In the SBS 'We Will Channel You!' Broadcast on the 22nd, Kang Ho Dong was shown to Kim Dong-hyun for 'Kang Ho Dong's trivial confrontation'. Kang Ho Dong won 2 consecutive victories It was a remarkable achievement to become a 'face rubbing collector'.

    On this day, Kang Ho Dong was still opening his self-cams awkwardly, but he showed up as a starter creator, but before he went to meet his opponent, he decided to give a gift of a poppy tree with the word "trivial thing" From early on, the talent of the winner was revealed.

    Then Kang Ho Dong met Kim Dong-hyun, a confrontation player, and played a highly psychological warfare. Kim Dong-hyun, fighting pose confrontation, appearance confrontation, and continue to create the entertainment chemi gave a joy to those who create.

    In addition, Kang Ho Dong made various attempts to remove the power of Kim Dong-hyun before the game, but he wanted to take away the flow of Kim Dong-hyun's unstable counterattack and easily overturned a dumbbell weighing 24kg I also made fun of the super strong.

    Kim Dong-hyun was disqualified after a disappointing game because of a back spin on Kang Ho Dong's cup in the 'Cup-throwing game' due to centrifugal force, the final game of 'Kang Ho Dong's trivial confrontation' Kang Ho Dong has won two consecutive wins.

    Kang Ho Dong, who has played a series of reversed and reversed counterattacks in the opposite direction, is going to take a break from the creators' 'no-reason setting' and turn into Leon, or take camera angles, find out the funny things themselves, It also encourages participation and reveals the creator's instincts, making him more excited about his future career.

    On the other hand, SBS 'We Will Channel You!' Starring Kang Ho Dong will be broadcast every Thursday at 11:10 pm.

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    - In Gyo Jin, authentic acting shines! Father's protective instinct + sacrifice
    - In Gyo Jin, 'At The Moment' proves a different existence with charismatic + affectionate love!

    In Gyo Jin 's "At The Moment" was warmed by his sadness.

    In Gyo Jin is playing a fresh role in the KBS W drama 'At The Moment' by playing Myung Woon, the lion of the gods. In the meantime, I have erased the comic image I was familiar with, and I am showing a different presence with a lonely atmosphere and a charismatic acting.

    In the 10th broadcast on the 22nd, he attracted attention as a sister. Myung Woon, who was sacrificed to defend his young son Inseop, reveals the past, reveals the memories of Myung Woon, who lost his memories, and Inseop, an adult.

    Myung Woon was a space-shifter capable of defying his powers before he became a messenger of God. Inseop, who inherited this ability, was taken to the twist of his uncle, Sung Hoon, who could save his sick mother. When my son Inseop fell out of school and did not come home, Myung Woon used his abilities to find Inseop and was caught by Jun Woo, the god of death.

    In the conversation between God and Hwa Sook, Myung Woon finds out why he does not have a memory of his past, and asks him to let his god remember his memory. And I went to Inseop and got hot tears to make them rejoice.

    In Gyo Jin has impressed me with his delicate acting skills in his mother's instincts and sacrifices to protect his child. When Myung Woon finds memory, he looks confused as he looks at Inseop, who calls himself a father, but instinctively observes Inseop.

    Also, with deep eye, I am filled with feelings of sorryness, gratitude and praise for my son. In Gyo Jin, who made a different impression with his authentic subdued acting. We look forward to expanding our activities in the future.

    Meanwhile, In Gyo Jin, KBS W 'At The Moment' starring Kim Hyun-joong and Ahn Ji Hyun will be shown at 11 pm on Wednesday and Thursday.

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