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    2017 winter special album 'Universe' is open on December 21 at 6:00 pm!
    This album is for fans who have been sending fans for a year! High expectations!

    EXO (SM), the 'King of K-POP Ends', unveils winter special album again this year.

    EXO's 2017 winter special album 'Universe' will be released on various music sites including melon, genie and Naver music at 6 pm on the 21st of the 21st and will consist of 7 songs of various genres including the title song 'Universe' of rock ballad genre , EXO's warm winter sensation can enjoy the music fans seems to get a good response.

    In particular, EXO announces a winter song every winter from 2013 to reward fans' enthusiasm, starting with 2013 'Miracles in December', 2014 'The Winter's Tale', 2015 'Sing For You' 2016 'For Life' as well as showing the high-quality songs, 'Trust and listen to the Winter Song' earned a reputation for this album will also be loved by many.

    In addition, EXO is a regular 4th album released in July this year, surpassing 1 million copies of 4 regular albums sold as "Quadruple Million Sellers", as well as 1,600,000 cumulative 4th album sales The album was awarded the Mnet Asian Music Awards, the Melon Music Awards, the Asia Artist Awards, and the SORIBADA BEST K-MUSIC AWARDS awards. It has proven once again that it is a 'unique one-stop' aspect by establishing a brilliant record of winning the award and winning the Grand Prize for the fifth consecutive year.

    Meanwhile, EXO's 2017 winter special album 'Universe' will be released on December 21st.

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    - Singer songwriter Eddy Kim, 'Sweet and tender' song announcement ... The warmest present this winter
    - Eddy Kim, ending the year with a concert 'CNL (Christmas Night Live)' on September 23 ~ 24

    Eddy Kim, a singer-songwriter who loves sweet songs such as 'The Manual', 'My Lips ... Warm Like Coffee' and 'You are so beautiful'

    Eddy Kim will unveil his new song  '품'  on the 17th of MYSTIC Entertainment 'LISTEN'.

     '품'  is a R & B ballad written and edited by Eddy Kim. It is expected to be the warmest sound of the guitar and piano and the sweet voice of Eddy Kim.

    Eddy Kim showed fresh charm with soulful and funky songs such as his own song 'Heart pound' and 'Bet on me' this year. The song is a soft and moody song released by Eddy Kim in a long time.

    On the other hand, Eddy Kim will hold a solo concert '[THE AGIT] CNL (Christmas! Night! Live!)' At the COEX ARTUM in Seoul at 6 pm and 5 pm on March 23, I plan to offer memories.

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    "Do not panic ~", "Please be careful about safety ~"
    The reality was the most embarrassing,
    Pleasant laughter in the mind of the leader who wants to keep the members
    Good charm of Kanghodong revealed without filtration
    I really want to be happy with food.

    tvN Kanghodong's charm through 'Kang's kitchen' is endless.

    Kanghodong, who had only eaten for a lifetime, had many twists and turns in cooking for the first time in 'Kang's kitchen', but he is more passionate and stronger than ever.

    On the second day of 'Kang's kitchen' on the 12th, the second day of sales, the customers became more busy with more and more customers. Kanghodong tries to reassure people with words such as "Do not panic", "Stay calm" and so on, constantly tearing up members in emergency situations. But most of all, you are the most embarrassed and foolish people who follow you.

    Also, Kanghodong wanted to work LeeSugeun well, but he tried to work, but LeeSugeun was nagging at him, or LeeSugeun was taken by him whenever he made a mistake.

    Kanghodong, who tells the guests not only to give food but also happiness, tells the cheerful smile as much as possible every time the members cheat, "Do not fight ~ We are happy kitchen." Though the subtitles were laid out to the point of "laughing and fighting" afterwards, they were delivered to the audience for fresh fun given by real arts and played a central role in laughter.

    This innocent and sincere Kanghodong 's generosity makes Kang' s kitchen 's new fun to guide viewers to a laughing way and is reacting hot every week. Kang's kitchen, which started with a high audience rating of 5.3%, is expected to continue its upward trend with a lot of attention and support in the future, with its audience rating also rising to 5.4% this week.

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    Doing dishes, taking care of children, developing new menus, shopping, etc.
    Between kitchen and hall, butcher shop, and mart
    12049 core members in charge of business affairs!
    Laughter induction, entertainment
    All-round handyman!

    LeeSugeun played tvN 'Kang's kitchen' on Lee.

    On the 12th, 'Kang's kitchen' on the second day, the business scenery was drawn. LeeSugeun is the biggest one of them, because the members start to drive in the morning commute and go to the kitchen and hall, and there is no place to go to the mart and butcher shop.

    First, LeeSugeun's main task was kitchen assistant. It is supposed to be an assistant but it does most of the work except for the main dish, and I have also experienced a dishwashing hell. LeeSugeun, who gave idea for Kanghodong who worried about new menu after the first business, developed 'LeeSugeunkatsu' and got good response on the second day sales. LeeSugeun was in charge of breakfast for the hungry staff after work. We made a side dish with the ingredients in an instant and packed our staffs and showed off the versatile handyman.

    The hall also took care of the kids for their meals, arranged their shoes, and even prepared a firewood out of the yard. Lee Sugeun's part is to take a car and go out to the city. And I made the viewers shout.

    Of these LeeSugeun's many works, the most prominent work was the arts. The message of going to the hall and throwing a word to the guests made the guests pleasant, and one guest praised his words as funny. In the kitchen, conversations with Kanghodong also gave their viewers a lot of fun by clearly communicating their characters. Especially when I went to a butcher shop or a mart, I was attracted by the conversation with the bosses and LeeSugeun '

    LeeSugeun, who was able to flexibly cope with all the necessary roles in the middle and fulfilled his role, was literally an all-around handyman. LeeSugeun's work, which can not be done in any place, is getting full weekly.

    Baek Jong-won is also appearing in Kang's kitchen, where more guests are coming from, and Lee Seoungun is looking forward to seeing Lee Sugeun play another role.

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    'MAMALAND' Lee Hyunyi, 'Coffee cheering' for staff ... 'Warm to heart'

    Lee Hyunyi presented the warmth with a coffee tea at the shooting spot.

    On the 12th, Esteem Entertainment is on the official SNS and Lee Hyunyi comes to the performers & staffs who are suffering from "Cold Winter 'MAMALAND" film! Save your coffee in my stomach! Every Thursday night at 9:00 pm Fashion 'MAMALAND' I would like a lot of viewing, "and posted a picture with the article.

    Lee Hyunyi stares at the camera with a bright smile. Especially, his bright smile and beautiful beauty are highlighted and eye catches.

    In addition, Lee Hyunyi poses with Kimnayoung and KimSungEun who appear together in 'MAMALAND'. A pleasant scene is conveyed by three people who show off their best chemi and a smile is made.

    Lee Hyunyi is showing a variety of mom and veteran model life in 'MAMALAND' and getting sympathy of viewers. In the morning, she turns into a top model in the afternoon, giving her an impression and fun as the daily life of Wannabe Walking Mom.

    On the other hand, FashionN 'MAMALAND' starring Lee Hyunyi who is active in various fields is broadcast every Thursday night at 9 o'clock.

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    - UhmJunghwa "When I'm frustrated that I will not be able to release the album again with a neck injury" ... Impression + Tears Story
    - Title song 'Ending Credits' MV premiere ... 'After a beautiful moment passes'
    - UhmJunghwa 10th Part 2 Today at 6 pm on the public! Participated in Leehyolee, Primary, Kimeana

    Singer Uhm Jungghwa's second dream opens on the 13th.

    UhmJunghwa's 10th album 'The Cloud Dream of the Nine' part 2 (second dream) will be released at 6pm on the 13th.

    UhmJunghwa 10 is a regular album released by UhmJunghwa as a singer in eight years. It will show four new songs in Part 1 (first dream) last year and four new songs in this part 2 (second dream). A total of 9 albums, including a single ballad from UhmJunghwa at the end of this month, will be released.

    UhmJunghwa 10 is an album of UhmJunghwa's love songs. It is more authentic and impressive than any other albums and gives a long longevity.

    UhmJunghwa said on his 12th day before his comeback, "I am frustrated that I will not be able to make an album again due to my neck injury." "I'm overcome and I'm overcoming. Thank you for staying with me." .

    UhmJunghwa said, "When I talk about the album in 'UhmJunghwa's happiness' on Naver V live on 12th," I think it will be tears ", and in a letter to fans," Thank you for being there for a long time. "I always love my sister and my sister so that I can always get together.

    UhmJunghwa, whose title song 'Ending Credit' music video was rewound the day before his comeback, and turned into 'Retro Queen' with thick wave head, gorgeous costume and makeup, caught the attention with a performance like a musical.

    'Ending Credit' is a retro, synthpop genre composed by Primary, Suran and written by hangzoo and primary. The lonely, beautiful moments of life (or love) pass, and the loneliness of the speaker recalling the time, This is the point of the song, which is in line with the ending credit that goes up on the album.

    Moreover, UhmJunghwa calls this song with a peculiar peculiar voice.

    The music video was directed by Yoon Jong Shin's 'Monthly Yoon Jong Shin' series, and directed by Kim Hyung-min, who directed various genres of music videos including Eddy Kim, Jangjane, and Parcjaejung.

    'Second Dream' features Leehyolee, a duet song 'Delusion', a funky and exciting R & B dance song 'So What', and a colorful sounding electronic genre 'Photographer' I have added pleasure to listening to a variety of music.

    UhmJunghwa commented on Leehyolee: "As soon as I heard a song with two ears in a mirror, I did not come out to Leehyolee." "I wanted to talk to the bold, beautiful and beautiful Leehyolee on stage. "He said.

    Regarding Jung Ryeo-won, who participated in the feature filming of 'Photographer', he said, "It was essential to have an intelligent and fluent English ability and acting ability because of the setting (rap part)." Jung Ryeo-won, I wrote my essay on UhmJunghwa and made an impression. "

    UhmJunghwa's 10th album production was produced by Cho Young-chul, producer who showed outstanding ability in album planning such as IU, GAIN and Brown Eyed Girls.

    UhmJunghwa The second dream will be open at 6 pm on the 13th, and UhmJunghwa will show up for a long time in entertainment programs such as MBC every1 'weekidol' and JTBC '1rice'.

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    Quail music for the first time! TAEYEON vote authentic ballad!

    TAEYEON (SM), a vocal queen who believes and listens, is on top of various music charts with this winter title song 'This Christmas'.

    TAEYEON, who released all the songs of winter albums through various music sites on December 12, enjoyed the joy of winning first place in major music charts such as melon, genie, ole music, and buks with the title song 'This Christmas' I confirmed the power again.

    This title song 'This Christmas' is an authentic ballad song with a magnificent orchestral sound and TAEYEON's delicate and explosive singing voice. With the heart to pray for the unforgettable Christmas memories come back to the lyrics, The season is getting a hot response to the song.

    The music video of 'This Christmas', a title song released through the TAEYEON official homepage and YouTube SMTOWN channel, also captures the emotional expressions of her daughter's sad feelings toward her father who was close to her childhood but gradually moved away. have.

    On the other hand, TAEYEON's winter album "This Christmas - Winter is Coming," consisting of 8 tracks of colorful genres filled with Christmas atmosphere, will be released on the 13th.

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    EXO (SM) 's regular 4th album' Ko Ko Bop 'music video has exceeded YouTube view 100 million.

    EXO 'Ko Ko Bop' music video surpassed 100 million on the 12th of yesterday, and EXO recorded the 6th 100 million after 'Overdose', 'Growl', 'CALL ME BABY', 'Monster', 'Wolf' I once again confirmed the popularity.

    In addition, KO Ko Bop, the title track of EXO's regular 4th album released in July, topped 1st place in 4th week of Goncom Chart Digital Composite Division, topped the list with 1 million downloads, It has been an explosive response, including being ranked # 1 on tweets.

    In addition, the EXO's 4th album 'THE WAR' surpasses 4 consecutive 1000000s in the regular album, and it has become a quadruple million-seller, as well as cumulative sales volume 1,592,792 (as of Nov. 30) The album has been top of the charts, and the global music market, including the iTunes total album charts, ranked first in 42 regions worldwide, the US Billboard World album charts second consecutive week, Japan tower record '2017 best sellers' I got results.

    In particular, EXO won the Grand Prize at the Mnet Asian Music Awards, Melon Music Awards, Asia Artist Awards, and SORIBADA BEST K-MUSIC AWARDS, and won the grand prize for the fifth consecutive year. King EXO made me realize the performance of.

    On the other hand, EXO will hold 'EXO PLANET # 4 - The Elliy Xionn in Japan' at Marinemesse Fukuoka in Japan from 22nd to 24th.

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    All songs and title song 'This Christmas' music video release!

    The untitled vocalist TAEYEON (SM) 's winter album finally unveils her 12th day.

    TAEYEON will release all songs of winter album 'This Christmas - Winter is Coming' from melon, genie, Naver music, etc., and simultaneously release the song 'This Christmas' music video on official website and YouTube SMTOWN channel. It is expected to attract the attention of global music fans.

    This title song 'This Christmas' is an authentic ballad song with a magnificent orchestra sound and TAEYEON's delicate and explosive singing voice. It is a heart to pray that the memories of Christmas will come back unforgettably. The version is also included, which doubles the fun of listening.

    "The Magic of Christmas Time" is a pop ballad song reminiscent of winter animation that depicts the tranquil scenery where the world is sleeping on Christmas night. TAEYEON's sweet vocals add to the feeling of warmth and Let It Snow The brilliant guitar playing, brass and string sound are the songs of the swing genre that brings bright energy, so you can feel the excitement of Christmas.

    In addition, "Candy Cane" is a retro pop R & B song with bells, wind instruments and abundant harmonies, and "Shhhh" is a poem by WONTAEYEON poet who plays a song and finds a girl looking for a gift hidden by Santa Claus. The lyrics express the eye.

    In addition to this album, this album features a sensual pop ballad song "Christmas without You" featuring a hearty heart that overlooks the happy scenery of Christmas and a heartfelt desire to loose a lover, 'I'm all ears' to enjoy the winter atmosphere in a variety of genres in total 8 tracks are recorded, seems to get a good response.

    Meanwhile, the TAEYEON winter album 'This Christmas - Winter is Coming' will be released on the 13th.

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