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    March 1 at 6 pm, "Dream Day" dreamy teaser video veil off!

    SUPER JUNIOR SUNGMIN 's new song "Day Dream" was released.

    Sungmin's 'Day Dream' still cut was uploaded to Sungmin's 'STATION' season 2's 47th star, INSTADGRAM, Facebook, and Wei Bo in SM 'STATION' SUNGMIN took a gesture of looking at something while staring at the air and holding a young child 's hand with a smile, and amplified music fan' s curiosity about solo song for a long time.

    In particular, this new song, 'Day Dream', is an acoustic ballad that creates a rich sound by adding minimalist musical instruments. It combines SUNGMIN's unique beauty with sweet vocals and warm EP sound. In the lyrics, It is expected to get a good response because it will be expressed as.

    In addition, the 'Day Dream' music video, scheduled to be released on March 2, will draw a sensual visual impression that the man dreaming for hope and the boy dreaming will encounter each other and encourage each other and gain true hope. do.

    The 'Day Dream' teaser video of the 'STATION' season 2, a beautiful color and dreamy atmosphere, is unveiled through the Naver V SMTOWN channel and Naver TV SMTOWN channel at 6 pm on March 1st.

    On the other hand, 'STATION' season 2 is getting hot response by introducing high quality sound source and contents created through collaboration with various artists, producers and composers every week.

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    - The debut song 'The Grand Dreams' Lee Min Soo - Kim In ...
    - Producer ChoYoungchul made 'IU, GAIN', producing MINSEO debut album ... Female solo lineage
    - MINSEO, March 6, 'The Grand Dreams' starting with 4 consecutive diaries (songs) in consensus revealed a sequential release!

    In 2018, MINSEO, the music industry's greatest star, turned into a lovely spring girl.

    MYSTIC Entertainment announced its two debut concept photos of MINSEO through Official SNS on 28th, and announced the official debut countdown on March 6th.

    MINSEO in the picture is a lovely girl with a warm spring sunshine. It shows the curiosity of the eyes and the pale innocence of the toilet.

    'The Grand Dreams' is a song about the first time a woman learns about romance. She has a personalized song that brings up the charm of the artist such as 'Good Day' / 'YOU & I' (IU) and 'Bloom' (GAIN) Lee Min-soo, the composer who created it, and Kim Jin-na made it together.

    'The Grand Dreams' is a medium tempo song with a bright atmosphere opposite to the sad emotion of the ballad 'YES', which was loved last year and marked the two letters of MINSEO.

    MINSEO's debut album was produced by ChoYoungchul producer who has presented trends of female artists like IU, Brown Eyed Girls, GAIN and UhmJunghwa.

    ChoYoungchul's producer plans to show a variety of images and colorful voices across MINSEO's boys and girls boundaries in this debut album.

    MINSEO will show four songs in sequence starting from 'The Grand Dreams' on March 6th. The theme that goes through these four songs is' Youth' and the debut album ' Diary of Youth '.

    MINSEO, who represents youth in his twenties, plans to solve the various worries and feelings of youth of his age through four diaries (songs).

    MINSEO is a female solo newly introduced by MYSTIC in five years, and it is expected to receive the big attention of the public by sweeping first place in music chart and music broadcast before the official debut with 'YES' last year.

    MINSEO's debut project news will be released on the official SNS of MYSTIC and MINSEO.

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    Japan's regular 5th album 'FIVE', the 32nd Japan Gold Disc Grand Prize 'Best 3 Album' is the best!
    SHINee (SM) finished the Japanese dome concert with great success.
    'SHINee WORLD THE BEST 2018 ~ FROM NOW ON ~' was held at Osaka Kyocera Dome on February 17 ~ 18 and Tokyo Dome on March 26 ~ 27. This concert was the best concert of SHINee ' As it was a series of dome performances, it attracted more than 180,000 audiences in total for 4 performances, confirming once again the power of SHINee.
    In this concert, SHINee presents a total of 24 colorful performances including 'Juliette', 'Everybody', 'To Your Heart', 'Downtown Baby', 'Your Sensei' The audience was able to get an explosive response with excellent vocal performance, spectacular performances, and performances to meet limited stage manners.
    In addition, two new songs such as 'From Now On' and 'Every Time' recorded by 5 members were also featured. In addition to the images of JONGHYUN, 'Love', 'You can meet JONGHYUN's vocals' World ',' Diamond Sky 'and so on.
    SHINee also proved to be very popular in the country with its' 5th album 'FIVE' released in February last year on the 32nd Japan Gold Disc Grand Prize announced on the homepage.
    On the other hand, SHINee will release Japan's best album 'SHINee THE BEST FROM NOW ON' on April 18th.

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    Prove that the next generation of fashionista!

    NCT U (SM), which showed intense appeal with the new song 'BOSS', caught the eye with the visual boss down through the March issue of VOGUE KOREA.

    NCT U. TAEYONG, JAEHYUN, WINWIN, MARK, DOYOUNG, JUNGWOO, and LUCAS, which is a new song 'BOSS' recorded in 'NCT 2018' album to be released in March, is a concept of 'Super Youth' in a picture with famous fashion magazine VOGUE KOREA And has been presenting unique visuals and various personalities of seven members.

    In particular, NCT U was able to perfect the natural costumes in their own style during the filming, as well as bringing the scene from the intense look to the natural pose, making it a next-generation fashionist.

    In addition, this picture has attracted a lot of attention because it can meet with an interview with members' truthful story including introduction of NCT U, current affairs, aspiration as well as attractive visual of 'BOSS' seven members.

    The NCT U 'BOSS' music video, which was broadcasted on the 19th, is getting hot response, such as exceeding 10 million views of the current YouTube view. NCT U will be broadcasting 'MBC MUSIC' and 'MBC MUSIC' World Festa Prime Concert ', Mnet' M Countdown 'on March 1, KBS2TV' Music Bank 'on the 2nd, and' BOSS ', where charisma of seven members stand out.

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    'Should We Kiss First' KI DO HUN, JungDabin's first meeting with you!
    KI DO HUN, short but intense appearance! 'Warming presence'

    The presence of KI DO HUN (SM) was intense.

    In the 6th SBS drama 'Should We Kiss First' which was broadcast on the 26th, there was a scene where the first meeting with the handicapped (JungDabin) of Barista, KI DO HUN, was intense.

    While he was preparing to participate in the World Barista Championship, he suddenly ran into the coffee tea, broke the roasting machine and grinders by pouring coffee beans into it, I reported.

    KI DO HUN, which expresses naturally the character of 'Ye Hin', which sounds when he / she listens to the voice of the other person while losing their hearing in this process, has been intensified, and the KI DO Viewers' curiosity about HUN has increased.

    KI DO HUN made his first debut as an assistant musical director in the MBC drama 'The King Loves' last year, and he was highly acclaimed for digging the baseball player Jung Hee Min in KBS drama special 'SLOW'.

    In the future SBS drama 'Should We Kiss First', KI DO HUN is expected to make a special love line with JungDabin and enrich the drama.

    SBS drama 'Should We Kiss First', which is expected to be an active part of KI DO HUN, is a real melody drawn by mature people 'unexpectedly'. It is impossible to imagine the people who have lived a long time. And is ranked # 1 in audience ratings.

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    Addictive music and sexy performance focused attention! 'NCT 2018' Expectations UP!

    NCT U (SM) TAEYONG X TEN duet "Baby Do not Stop" music video is open to the public.

    NCT U has released the "Baby Do not Stop" music video of TAEYONG X TEN on NCT 2018, which will be released in March through YouTube and Naver TV SMTOWN channels. .

    'Baby Do not Stop' is a synth-pop genre that features a minimalistic sound structure, such as addictive drum and bass reef. The music video is full of addictive music, TAEYONG X TEN's outstanding visuals, and the fantastic duet of two people. Sexy hip-hop performance in a nice blend of 'NCT 2018' has raised the expectations for the further.

    In addition, NCT U TAEYONG X TEN will unveil its new song 'Baby Do not' Stop 'at the' K-POP World Pesta Prime Concert 'simultaneously broadcasted on MBC MUSIC and MBC every1 on March 28, M countdown 'and' KBS2TV '' Music Bank '' on the 2nd.

    Meanwhile, 'NCT 2018' is an extraordinary project that can meet all the colorful composition and appeal of NCT such as NCT U, NCT 127 and NCT DREAM in one album. It is focusing on the music industry by unveiling the previous class promotions.

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    March 2, 6 pm New song "Day Dream" soundtrack, music video release!
    'Day Dream', a fairytale atmosphere + emotional SUNGMIN table acoustic ballad!

    SUPER JUNIOR SUNGMIN has been looking for fans for a long time.

    SUNGMIN, the 47th episode of 'STATION' season 2, will show off the music of the new song "Day Dream" through various music sites such as Melon, Jeannie, Bucks, Naver Music at 6 pm on March 2. .

    'Day Dream' is a song of acoustic ballad genre that creates a rich sound with minimalist musical instruments added to the mix of sweet vocals unique to SUNGMIN and warm EP sound. I plan to concentrate my attention.

    In addition, the new song 'Day Dream' is the first 'STATION' song of SUNGMIN, and the solo piece for about 6 years since the announcement of OST 'OH WA' of daily sitcom 'I NEED A FAIRY' It is expected to gather more topics.

    In addition, SUNGMIN received the favorable response of last year's role as 'Rui Hanazawa' which is the main axis of F4 in the popular musical 'Boys Over Flower The Musical' which shows the love and friendship of young people last year. A good response is expected.

    On the other hand, 'STATION' Season 2 is loved every week by introducing high quality music and contents that were born through collaboration with various artists, producers and composers every week.

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    - 'Retirement type' MV pre-release ... YOONJONGSHIN's music companion Hareem, ChoJungchi Past video '
    - YOONJONGSHIN "Funeral = retirement, do not want to retire until you die"

    Monthly YOONJONGSHIN Monthly Music Project <Monthly YOONJONGSHIN> February retirement ceremony will be held at 6 pm on the 27th.

    'Retirement ceremony' is a song written by YOONJONGSHIN, who is 50 years old, imagining his funeral. In the title, he expressed his desire to make a song until his death, meaning that his funeral would soon be a retirement ceremony.

    When I released the song, I was worried about what was going on around me, and I could not make a love song or a farewell song if I had to make love or parting right now. I do not know if I can make it.

    YOONJONGSHIN said, "If you are sick or dead, you probably would not have written such a song." "Retirement ceremony" is the most active, healthy, and active activity now, so there are many people who support and watch around. I think it can be a song, "he explained.

    "Those who listened to my songs with interest will notice that this song is filled with the will of life rather than any song I wrote." "Please read my sincere heart that I do not want to retire until I die" "He said.

    "At my funeral, I would like people to drink as much as they can, and remember to remember me," said Lee. "I would like to recall what I had to say about me, what I felt sorry for, what impressed me, what I liked and laughed."

    On the other hand, on the 26th of the music release, music videos of YOONJONGSHIN and his musical companions Hareem and ChoJungchi leaped together to make music, make music, laugh,

    In the last letter, Hareem gave a laugh with a playful saying, "It is finally liberation! (Freedom ...?)" And ChoJungchi gave a short but affectionate letter with a letter saying "It was so fun!"
    YOONJONGSHIN 's "Monthly YOONJONGSHIN" retirement ceremony, which is composed by ChoJungchi, arranges guitar and Hareem' s harmonica, will be released at 6pm on each day.

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    British Guardian, ABC, NYT, Forbes, Billboard, etc.
    "EXO, Winter Olympics Closing Ceremony"
    "The Olympics Closing Ceremony Committee chose the EXO as a representative of K-pop"
    "The biggest star of the closing night is EXO,

    2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics EXO (SM), which decorates the closing ceremony with brilliant lighting, is famous for its foreign lighting.

    The Guardian posted an article entitled "EXO: K-pop boy band thrills Winter Olympics closing ceremony" on the 24th (local time) and reported EXO's performance at the closing ceremony. I felt it again.

    "The eyes of the whole world were focused on the closing ceremony of Winter Olympics held in Pyeongchang on Sunday," said The Guardian. And EXO, which caused a sensation as a Korean boy band, was introduced. "In addition to introducing the closing stage," EXO's influence expanded beyond Korea. EXO has released more than eight albums and has won more than 100 awards for music awards, opening up new horizons in Korean music history. "

    In addition, ABC, the US public broadcaster, said, "The Organizing Committee dissolves Korea's original taste through the stage of KPOP STAR EXO in order for the closing ceremony to become a musical spectacle." Forbes of the US economic magazine also said, "The Olympics Closing Committee, EXO was selected. EXO, which has been playing in numerous countries and selling albums in three languages ​​(Korean, Chinese and Japanese), is one of the best-selling best-selling boy band in Asia with large-scale fandom. " EXO has proven the face.

    "The biggest star of the closing night, which many audiences watched, was EXO, representing KPOP, For the past five years, the most famous K-pop star, EXO, has set up a stage for 2013 hit 'Growl' and last year's hit 'Power' with dancers wearing white suits and shining hand gears. It confirmed the phase of the popular EXO.

    In addition, the New York Times, a well-known American daily newspaper, also titled "More K-Pop as Exo Takes Over". The large group was on stage with a smooth dance that attracted teenagers around the world, including Russian-born figure skating silver medalist Evgeny Amehvedeva, who declared himself an EXO fan. " .

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    - The appearance of a new plant, curiosity eyes ... Attractive visual 'attention focused'
    - MINSEO debut project veil off ... March 6, 'The Grand Dreams' starting with 4 consecutive diaries (Song) sequential disclosure of youth consensus!
    - The debut song 'The Grand Dreams', 20s MINSEO's catchy song ... 'Hot Debut'

    In 2018, MINSEO's debut project in the music industry's best-anticipated debut was unveiled.

    MYSTIC Entertainment announced its debut concept photo for MINSEO for the first time through the official SNS on 26th, and announced its hot debut on March 6th.

    The MINSEO in the picture made it seem as if you were gazing into the eyes that evoke a new-looking expression and curiosity. Here, the innocent pure visual and styling of the girl's sensibility added more charming charm.

    MINSEO will be debuting with 'The Grand Dreams' on March 6th, which was loved by 'YES' version of YOONJONGSHIN's hit song 'Like it' last November.

    'The Grand Dreams' is a song that captures the love that a woman who has learned romance can feel for the first time. It will be a debut song that can feel the pure tone and sensitivity of MINSEO.

    MINSEO will release four songs in succession starting with 'The Grand Dreams'. The theme is 'Youth' and the debut album 'The Diary of Youth' All.

    MINSEO, who represents youth in his twenties, plans to solve the various worries and feelings of youth of his age through four diaries (songs).

    MINSEO is a female solo newly introduced by MYSTIC in five years. It won the public's attention by sweeping first place on music charts and music broadcasts before the formal debut with 'YES' last year.

    It is considered as one of the greatest performers of this year's music industry as a newcomer with a compelling visual and appealing voice and a mature expressive ability.

    MINSEO's debut project news will be released on MYSTIC official SNS.

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