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    f (x) AMBER and LUNA (SM) again give a fantastic breath through SM 'STATION' season 2.

    AMBER and LUNA will be releasing their new song 'Lower' through various music sites such as Melon, Genie and Naver Music at 6 pm on the 5th of this year as the 39th person of 'STATION' We are expecting high interest from them.

    This new song 'Lower' is a progressive house genre song in a dreamy atmosphere with a combination of AMBER and LUNA's fascinating vocals and catchy synth sound, and the lyrics reveal the story of finding a free space beyond the door.

    This is the third time that AMBER and LUNA participated in 'STATION'. This is the third time that 'Wave' and DJ Fahren Corsten worked together with famous DJ R3hab and 'Heartbeat', which was collaborated with Kago Pengchi, As we have gotten a good response with perfect breathing, the new look we are going to show through this new song brings more expectation.

    On the other hand, 'STATION' Season 2 is loved every week by showing works of various artists, producers and composers with high quality sound and contents.

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  • 2018-01-01 Press Release

    Junhyunmoo, will not stop in 2018.

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    2017 MBC Entertainment Target audience,
    SBS Entertainment Grand Prix Best MC Award
    Junhyunmoo has done a good job
    The neat progress is basic!
    Pleasant & witty & sensible option!
    Various programs for both sexes
    This year, the mainstream continues to be active!

    To Junhyunmoo, 2017 will be remembered as the years that have been rewarded for their hard work and effort.

    Last year, a variety of terrestrial, full-length, and cable-like "wedfoodtalk", "Phantomsinger2", "Fantastic Duo 2", "Master Key", "free19", "hotbrain", "nonsummit", "happytogether3" Through the program, Junhyunmoo has maintained his position silently, continuing his steady and sincere activities.

    Especially, Junhyunmoo has been the best entertainer in all genres such as observation shows, contest programs, etc, and it has been installed as an option with pleasantness, wit, and sense.

    So Junhyunmoo, who attended 2 Grand Entertainment Grand Prix at the end of the year last year and made a festive special stage and brightened up the festival of the entertainers, won the "Grand Prize" at the MBC Entertainment Grand Prix and the "Best MC Prize" at the SBS Entertainment Grand Prix I have earned a valuable achievement about having done my job well.

    This proved once again that Junhyunmoo is a genuine entertainer recognized by many, and will continue to play steadily in 2018, attracting the attention of viewers.

    Meanwhile, Junhyunmoo, which is regarded as a good example of freelancers, has been doing so well and has achieved remarkable performance last year, so I hope that this year will be more pleasant but I will work hard and do my job well and continue my energy. Are gathering.

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    Movies - Drama - Performing Arts in various fields
    Active activity unfolds
    Expected to play a variety of roles in 2018!

    Actor Kangyewon ended his career in 2017 with more active activities than anyone else.

    Kangyewon has been active all year round with the screen and the cathode ray tube. In February, she appeared in KBS2 entertainment 'Sister's Slam Dunk-season 2' and showed her growing up over her trauma through Girl Group project. In particular, Kangyewon and all the members of the truth, the true chemi is passed through the tube, laughing and touching both rabbits.

    The movie "PART-TIME SPY" was released in March, preparing for civil servants in the drama, and participating in various kinds of part-time work. The National Security Agency commented on the irregular worker. . In order to fully express the character's tendency as well as the visuals, he shows his own passion for costume and props, and he boasts a breathtaking Han-sae and a perfect chemi to boast the new warmans.

    Also, Kangyewon, who made a comeback in MBC drama 'Man Who Dies to Live' for a long time, announced his successful return to the Braun tube by fully digesting 'Lee Ji Young A' character who lives with the dream of a writer but is hit by housework and childcare. Kangyewon created 'Lee Ji Young A' in a realistic way, making viewers cry and laugh.

    As such, Kangyewon spent a full year in film, drama, and entertainment from start to finish in 2017. In addition, it will announce the return of the TV drama "dramastage-Fighter Choi Kyang Soon", which is scheduled to be broadcasted in January next year, and will be active again in 2018.

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  • 2017-12-29 Press Release

    Ho-dong's 2017! "Very praise ~"

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    Laughter + Impression Theater
    In 2018, we will open our laughter!

    In 2017, Kang Ho-dong was active in various programs and showed his charms.
    Kang Ho-dong, who announced the start of 2017 with tvN 'New Journey to the West 3' in January, boasts the best teamwork with existing members Lee Soo-geun, Eunjiwon and Ahn Jae Hyeon and newly joined KyuHyun and SONGMINO He made a remarkable performance and led him to a previous season. In addition, following the season 3, 'New Journey to the West 4' has crossed the rating of 5% (based on Nielsen Korea paid furniture) and set up 'New Journey to the West' as a tvn entertainment standard program.
    Kang Ho-dong in 'New Journey to the West' has played a central role among the members and showed what 'Kang Ho-dong Table Leadership' is. Kang Ho-dong, who said in the director's edition of "New Journey to the West 3" that it was open to the public as the last inaugural event, "It is not flexible to be able to get up in the entertainment," Kang Ho-dong tells his sisters that they want to be friends like colleagues , He felt that he had been trying to look after his younger siblings wherever he was seen and where he could not see, and that everyone could shine.
    In addition, Kim Chang-heon and JungYongHwa will be appearing on the island trio, a real variety program that shows the lives of the islanders living on the island. Responsible for healing arts.
    In addition, JTBC '아는형님' who is receiving the love of the viewers still boasts of members and chemi, and he was also loved for making buzz words such as 'Praise' and 'Saffoppeng' this year, and was loved by JTBC '1rice' Recently, I am familiar with living alone, I met people I do not know, I have a warm meal of rice, I have a special story about a small family but I have two laughing rabbits. Especially, every time we passed the streets, we met with various people from young children to elders and communicated with a unique affinity and got the qualification of 'King of communication'.
    Kang Ho-dong, who met with viewers through a variety of programs in 2017, is now in the middle of finishing the year with tvN 'kangskitchen'. Kang Ho-dong has been playing his new role as a main chef of kangskitchen and a strong leader for his new genres.
    As such, Kang Ho-dong has sometimes filled with fun, sometimes impressive, theater for the entire year. He is also expected to show off his talks with TVN Olive 'talkmon' next year. He is expected to be active in 2018. 

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    Kang Ho-dong's strong and strong leadership added Lee Soo-geun's ingenuity and wit!
    The perfect combination, the future continues to rise!
    2017 full-filled entertainment combination

    Kang Ho-dong and Lee Soo-geun are proud of their exceptional performance.

    Kang Ho-dong and Lee Soo-geun, who are battling together in TVN'New Journey to the West 'and JTBC'아는형님', have recently filled the year 2017 with a homerun to Kang's Kitchen. 'Kang's Kitchen' has enjoyed an impressive audience rating of 8.2% this week, renewing its highest audience rating in a row.

    First, Kang Ho-dong showed a true example of his leadership as an elder brother. Kang Ho-dong is a unique character in the entertainment industry, and the audience has a big smile.

    In addition, Lee Soo-geun offers ample fun with witty sensibility and wit. Sometimes I play the role of a comedian as I spread the situation drama or fill up the fun all over the program with witty everyday humor.

    Through this 'Kang's Kitchen', Kang Ho-dong and Lee Soo-geun literally boasted a perfect combination of honey. Kang Ho-dong called Lee Soo-geun a few times a day, proving that he had been together for ten years, and Lee Soo-geun completed his chemistry with his right arm.

    The combination of the studio and outdoor performances will create a smile without boredom. They will steadily push and pull each other, and it will be a fun and entertaining combination.

    On the other hand, TVN 'New Journey to the West' is broadcasted at 10:50 on Tuesday night, which is enjoyed by viewers every week.

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    "New song 'Universe', a powerful ballad that stands out from the group's strengths"

    Billboard of the United States famous media, EXO (SM) 2017 winter special album 'Universe' is a hot topic.

    Billboard published an article entitled 'EXO Delivers Up Winter Album' Universe 'on its website (local time) on June 26 and confirmed the global interest in EXO by introducing EXO's new music and music videos in detail.

    In particular, the title song "Universe" about the "sweet piano melody and dramatic electronic string music played with a soft pop rock genre," and introduced the "EXO members through the emotional and emotional vocals, Ballad "and attracted attention.

    The EXO 2017 Winter Special was released on the 26th, and it has won the top spot on various record charts such as Hanna Chart, Shinnara Records, YES24, Kyobo Bookstore, and Hottrac, as well as the top domestic music charts and the iTunes total album charts And the first place in the Chinese music charts, such as the Chinese shamisuke music, 'Winter Song King' has proved once again the power of EXO.

    On the other hand, EXO is scheduled to appear on the '2017 KBS Song Festival Festival' on the 29th.

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    Music and music video will be released simultaneously at 6 pm on 29th!

    SM digital sound source channel 'STATION' Season 2 finishes 2017 with beautiful harmony.

    'STATION' Season 2's 38th song is 'Dear My Family' by SM artists. It will be released on various music sites such as Melon, Genie and Naver Music at 6 pm on the 29th, And Naver TV SMTOWN channel.

    'Dear My Family' is an R & B ballad song on the 3rd album by Yoo Young-jin, SM representative producer released in 2001. In 'SMTOWN LIVE TOUR V IN JAPAN' stage in Japan Tokyo Dome last August, KANGTA, BoA, TRAX, SUPER JUNIOR , DIL MY FAMILY (SM) artists such as GILRS 'GENERATION, SHINee, f (x), EXO, Red Velvet and NCT will be included in the music and music videos to give a warm atmosphere to the end of the year.

    Especially, this music video contains the pictures of the artists who have behind-the-scenes performances as well as the meaning of the memorial because they can meet the voice and performances of SHINee JONGHYUN, and the proceeds of this music will be donated to the UNICEF to be.

    On the other hand, 'STATION' Season 2 has been loved every week by collaborating with various artists, producers and composers, and showing the complete sound source and contents.

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    - The trials and tribulations of creation 'Cold' is likened to 'Winter sensibility ballad'
    - BaeDoona-Jinsunkyu-Yim Pil-sung co-directed 'Cold' MV ... 'Looks like a movie.'
    - 'MYSTIC first walk' JUNGIN participated in the ... Opening of the sound source site at 6 pm on the 28th

    Singer YOONJONGSHIN's monthly music project <Monthly YOONJONGSHIN> December issue 'Cold' will be released on the 28th.

    'Cold' is the ballad of YOONJONGSHIN and YOONJONGSHIN, Kang Sung Kang's winter sensibility. JUNGIN who joined MYSTIC Entertainment last month participated in the singing.

    'Cold' is a follow-up story of 'Ascension' and a story of the creators. The trials and tribulations that have to be inevitably encountered in the creation have been vividly illustrated with the coldness of the winter, creating the anxieties and complaints of the creators.

    YOONJONGSHIN said, "Whatever the genre is, people who create it will agree with this lyrics, because we have to wander between stubbornness and compromise." "If I repeat what I would like others to do better than I do well, If you follow other people's taste, not your taste, your self will disappear completely. "

    In particular, actors BaeDoona and Jinsunkyu appeared and directed by Yim Pil-sung. The "cold" music video, which brought together the topics, brought the ambience of the music to the fullest with the visual beauty of watching a movie and JUNGIN's appealing voice.

    In the meantime, <Monthly YOONJONGSHIN> in 2017 participated artists of various genres such as ZICO, Forte di Quattro, Parcjaejung, Jangjane and MINSEO for a year and got a great response from listeners by showing a special synergy with YOONJONGSHIN.

    2017 <Monthly YOONJONGSHIN> December issue 'Cold' will be released on each music source site at 6:00 pm on the 28th.

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    - Monthly YOONJONGSHIN December issue 'cold', creator 's affection ...' uphill 'successor
    - BaeDoona, Jinsunkyu, and Yim Pil-sung co-directed 'The Past Team' teaser video!
    - JUNGIN, 'uphill' and 'cold' to catch the listener ...
    Monthly YOONJONGSHIN's monthly music project "Monthly YOONJONGSHIN" December's "Cold" teaser video was released.
    Three teasers, which were released through MYSTIC Entertainment's official channel, attracted attention as they showed BaeDoona, Jinsunkyu and Yim Pil-sung's delicate directing.
    BaeDoona and Jinsunkyu in the public image focused their attention on the impacted emotional smoke, and they are filled with a picture of a book that has turned into fire and ashes.
    Also, after the uphill track, JUNGIN, who plays the song of Monthly YOONJONGSHIN once again, has a strong appeal.
    "Cold" is the story of the ups and downs of the Ascension. If 'uphill' was a universal story that could be interpreted and interpreted by everyone, YOONJONGSHIN and YOONJONGSHIN were the lecturers who could reflect on their present through the lives of specially created people. I composed this together.
    YOONJONGSHIN likened the trials and tribulations that must inevitably face as a creator to the "cold" of winter, and wanted to vividly depict the anxieties and feelings of the creators.
    On the other hand, <Monthly YOONJONGSHIN> December issue 'cold' will be released on each sound source site at 6:00 pm on the 28th.

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    - From a sad ballad to a 'Despacito'
    - Explosive singing power X Gorgeous guitar playing 'Fantastic breath' showed!

    Brown Eyed Girls JeA and gypsy guitarist Park ju-won were concluded.

    JeA successfully concluded the duet with 'side by side,' held together with Park ju-won at Hyundai Card under stage in Yongsan-gu, Seoul on the 22nd and 23rd.

    This concert was filled with impressive Jea vocals and Park Ju-won's outstanding guitar performances.

    JeA boasted an explosive singing voice with the song 'Only Without Me', 'Island Of Tears', 'Winter, It's You', as well as Mistress Entertainment's music platform LISTEN 17th album released in October. Afterwards, she released 'This is Love' of SONG CHANG SIK and 'Love of B' of IU with JeA's sincere sensitivity.

    Luis Fonsi's 'Despacito' stage, which was featured in a cover story released in September, attracted audiences with a flamenco style atmosphere.

    In addition, Ariana Grande's "Santa Baby" and "Feliz Navidad" and the music of the venues warmed the venue and felt the holiday Christmas atmosphere. The two people who presented the rich stage to the audience with a fantastic breath finished the performance with the audience applause of the audience.

    Since last year, JeA has been working on a duet performance of 'collaborating side by side' with artists of various genres. In May, in November last year to start the producer and singer-songwriter joker There are introducing a performance by R & B singer-songwriter Chen sludge, a guitarist Park 3 different colors to ju-won anniversary with this concert.

    The JeA announces the coming year, a remake song 'You're Different', LISTEN seventeenth song 'Only without me', the comedian sang along with the winter season Youngchul Kim Song 'An Ordinary Christmas' and played music activities from a variety of genres.

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