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    ITunes Comprehensive Album Chart # 1 in 26 locations! 1st place in the middle shamis music chart!

    EXO (SM) 2017 winter special album 'Universe' is getting hot response as soon as it opens.

    The EXO 2017 winter special album "Universe" released on the 26th was the first in the daily charts of various record charts such as Hantar chart, Shinnara record, YES24, Kyobo Book, and Hottax, and confirmed the power of EXO .

    In addition, the album, which was released on the 26th at 6 pm on the music site, was released in the first place on the main music charts such as Melon, Ginny, Ole Music, and Bucks as well as the title song "Universe" I gathered topics.

    In addition, this album is available on the iTunes Comprehensive album charts in Finland, Sweden, Turkey, Colombia, Hungary, Romania, Armenia, Ecuador, Peru, Nigeria, Guatemala, Brazil, Argentina, India, Russia, Mexico, Chile, Thailand, , Philippines, Macao, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Brunei, and ranked first in the Chinese music charts of China's Shamisen Music.

    EXO's 2017 winter special album includes seven songs of various genres including the title song "Universe" of the rock ballad genre, which shows the lyrics of the love that has become the whole world, You can enjoy the deep and deep winter feeling of EXO which is loved by high winter song.

    On the other hand, EXO is scheduled to appear on the '2017 KBS Song Festival Festival' on the 29th.

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    Sound recording + music video release!

    SUPER JUNIOR DONGHAE carries out the year-end collation with the famous brand 'CADILLAC'.

    CADILLAC is a premium car brand that has been harmonized with innovative technology and styling since its establishment in 1902. It works with DONGHAE and the first CADILLAC music 'Perfect' in Korea in order to give back to customers who have supported CADILLAC this year. We are expecting a lot of attention because we are going to release the collaboration 'Perfect' soundtrack and music video on SNS channels such as official website and Facebook and Instagram.

    The perfect medium tempo song with sweet piano melody, string and rhythmic percussion sound is impressive. It seems that DONGHAE will get better response by singing music, composing, singing and music video.

    In particular, 'Perfect' music video is directed by Baek Jong-il, director of many popular CF films such as Beauty Inside, Shinsegae SSG and SK Innovation, which show sensible color and beauty. And other real stories of couples who have different stories, will be filled with excitement.

    In addition, DONGHAE was able to work more fun because it was my first challenge as a musician "LEEDONGHAE" for collaborating with CADILLAC. We will support the significant challenge CADILLAC will make in 2018. "

    On the other hand, CADILLAC advertisement by SUPER JUNIOR DONGHAE can be seen on TV.

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    - <LISTEN>, <Monthly YOONJONGSHIN>, etc.
    - Parcjaejung, Eddy Kim, Jangjane and other genre musicians play a big role

    Singer and songwriter Eddy Kim finished the solo concert with great success.
    This year MYSTIC Entertainment released a song diligently.
    It minimizes the unnecessary time and expense to enter into non-musical elements, and aims for "listening music" that concentrates on the music itself. When the good song is prepared, it continues to lightly show it, and by making the listener's word- Etc. In 2017 MYSTIC music received great love.
    At the center is the LISTEN project. LISTEN started in December last year with the aim of presenting high quality music from time to time, with the aim of minimizing marketing and replacing it with music, literally 'Just Audio', without any fixed cycle.
    Up to now, LISTEN has participated in a total of 19 songs for one year, including YOONJONGSHIN, Chojungchi, Postino, JeA, Eddy Kim, Puer Kim, Jangjane, Cho hyung-woo, Giant Pink, PERC% NT, Yooyongmin, Lee Hyeon kyeong and Jangsubin Announced. As well as the already proven finished musicians, we have been listening to the music and voices of talented newcomers, and have received favorable responses from listeners.
    Especially, LISTEN's tenth song 'Like it' is a ballad that led the flow of the music industry. It is a representative song that shows the power of listening music. This song, which was released in June, was only a word-of-mouth and released in just two months. The female version of 'YES' also attracted a popular sympathy to 'Like it', and received music in the second half of this year.
    MINSEO, who has been singing 'YES', has taken a picture book with his music chart and two music broadcasts before his debut, and he is gathering much anticipation for his upcoming debut album.
    YONJONGSHIN's monthly music project <Monthly YOONJONGSHIN>, which has been going on since 2010, has tried many genres this year and gave satisfaction to many musicians and high quality music every month.
    This year's performances of musicians of various genres are also noticeable.
    Parcjaejung clearly showed his presence as a next generation ballad with three ballads from 'Passport (<Monthly YOONJONGSHIN> May issue)' to 'Focus' and 'The Villain'.
    Eddy Kim presents a wide musical spectrum, ranging from soulful and funky songs such as 'Heart pound' and 'Bet on me' to a sweet R & B ballad 'POOM' without me ', as well as a pleasant carol' An Ordinary Christmas'.
    Jangjane once again imprinted its own musical color with charming tone and lyrics in his French sensibility 'CARMIN', his own 'velvet'.
    Jeong jinwoon is proud of his rocky sensibilities with Maxi single 'Love is True', and Cheondung is steadily growing his singer-songwriter as single 'Ringxiety'.
    In the hip hop genre, rapper MIRYO added a single 'DREAMS' and Bray X DUCKBAE Hip-Hop duo Skooby Doo added the fun of listening to their first mini album [DOO!].
    The new singer Youngchul Kim was also very active. He made his hot debut with a trot 'Ring Ring' collaborated with Hongjinyoung in April, and in December with JeA, he announced carol 'An Ordinary Christmas' and continued the singer.
    Uhm Jung Hwa finished his 10th album in 8 years as a singer by announcing a ballad in the middle of December this year, part 2 and finally at the end of the year after his 10th album part in December last year. Uhm Jung Hwa Uhm Jung Hwa, who had always been expecting a concept and music that could be digested, showed off his talents as a result of collaborating with the best members.
    The music of MYSTIC which caused the sympathy of the public with steady and diligent good music continues also next year.

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    JANGYOONJU, who returned to singer-songwriter, concluded the concert '2017 JANGYOONJU X Yoon Ha Ju Alone Together' with great success.

    '2017 JANGYOONJUXYoon Ha Ju Alone Together' is a joint concert with JANGYOONJU and Yoon Ha Ju held on 'Platform - EL' in Nonhyun - dong, on the 23rd and 24th. The soft and sweet voice of Yoon Ha Ju and the mellow and clear melody of JANGYOONJU made great synergy and got a great response from audiences.

    JANGYOONJU showcased the songs of the albums that have been released in the past including 'Fly away', 'Letter to Paris', 'Autumn Wind' as well as recently released 'LISA' and 'Dream of eternity'. In addition, Yoon Ha Ju and 'Winter Blessing', 'Winter Wonderland' and other duets to commemorate the Christmas season attracted the audience with a colorful stage.

    JANGYOONJU, who showed spectacular gestures through regular broadcasts, showed more delicate gestures, and the audience laughed. Then, when he was singing the song, he opened his eyes with a different seriousness, and all the audience had fallen into his charm.

    Especially for this' 2017 JANGYOONJUXYoon Ha Ju Alone Together ', JANGYOONJU' s husband designed everything from tickets to small details related to the performance.

    JANGYOONJU said through his SNS, "We've been playing music for the first time and now it's been nine years. In the meantime, I was mature as much as the weight of time in my place. As we met yesterday in a long time, our sensibilities and taste are so common. Because I love you even if you understand my music. My heart is full of love like a cloud. That time we shared. I'll remember you for a long time. Thank you. And now we meet more often. "

    On the other hand, expectation comes to action of all-round entertainer JANGYOONJU active in various fields.

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    - Eddy Kim, singer-songwriter, completes the performance in a romantic + joyful atmosphere with a 'charming comprehensive set'
    - "A friend who walked the same way" ... Late JONGHYUN mourning his own 'harmony'

    Singer and songwriter Eddy Kim finished the solo concert with great success.

    Eddy Kim successfully completed the solo concert '[The AGIT] CNL' which was held on 23rd and 24th in Seoul, COEX, Seoul.

    'CNL' is' Christmas! Night! It 's short for "Live!" And the show is packed with stages that are filled with Christmas atmosphere.

    Eddy Kim, who performed with the hip-hop duo Skooby Doo with 'Paldang Dam' and 'Good Food', started to breathe with the audience with his excellent stage manners,

    Eddy Kim was cheered by audiences with its comical but cute charm in the excellent live. In 'Slow Jam style' 'Shower Girl' stage, she wore a shower gown and had fun in stage production. In 'Three Minute', she challenged comic performances and gave a different look.

    In addition, Mystique Entertainment's music platform LISTEN announced its 17th live performance on the 17th, and it attracted audiences with its warm feeling.

    She made her own style and melted with her keyboard, and made her feel different from her original song. She made her own style with her keyboard, playing "Lara Land" OST "City of Stars", Ed Sheeran "Shape of You" and Yoon Jong Shin's "Annie". In addition, 'The Christmas Song', 'All I Want For Christmas Is You', etc.

    The album also featured reminiscence songs like 'My Lips Warm Coffee', '2 years apart' and 'How To Use', which were loved by the public.

    Especially on this day, Eddy Kim made a memorial to the late JONGHYUN, saying "I call for a friend who walked the same road as me" before singing "harmony" as the last song. Eddy Kim has canceled the Naver V live 'Music Box Live' schedule, which was scheduled for 19th, leaving a message of mourning through his SNS to his friends and colleagues JONGHYUN in B-boy.

    Meanwhile, Eddy Kim, who debuted in 2014, has been holding a solo concert every year and meeting audiences.

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  • 2017-12-26 Press Release

    Actor Moonkayoung's Special 2017!

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    The first performing art after debut - theater
    New Genre Challenge!
    Prove the weight of a 20-year-old heroine
    Expected to play a variety of roles in 2018!
    Actor Moonkayoung spent a more special year than ever.
    Moonkayoung, who made his debut in 2005 with a steady stream of drama and film, has made the year 2017 more special and captivating to viewers.
    Moonkayoung, who had never been exposed except for drama and movie, made his debut in tvN 'Brain Sexy vs. Problematic Man' last September, and appeared in his first performance. Moonkayoung, who usually enjoys reading books, boasted as much reading knowledge as she was introduced as "reading queen of charm with pale hue." She was born in Karlsruhe, Germany and stayed until she was 10 years old. She studied English and German. She mixed Tyler with English and German I focused on my eyes.
    In addition to this, I was attracted to the charm that I enjoyed active exercise such as horseback riding and climbing in a pure appearance, and I became friends with the 'problematic man' members with the friendliness and loveliness in the studio, I also got the nickname.
    Moonkayoung, who performed his first performance well, challenged a new genre once again. It was cast as Juliet of Romeo and Juliet, which opened on November 25th, and presented his acting in front of the audience.
    Moonkayoung, who used to smoke in the screen and on the screen, was able to communicate with audiences directly, acro-batik and dance in the form of a physical drama, which was a mixture of romance and juliet. will be.
    In addition, Moonkayoung proved the possibilities and weight as a twenties actress through KBS drama special 'alone waltz'.
    Moonkayoung is a long-standing martial arts drama, a drama for 20's job hunting and realistic romance. Moonkayoung plays the role of 'Kim Min-sun', who has been dating for 8 years, He was a steward and he completely digested the image of his office worker.
    In particular, Moonkayoung's emotional emotions, which portray reality and conflict in front of love and work, are filled with the minds of the 'private people' who would have suffered from mental difficulties, making the anime theater brutal. Moonkayoung 's colorful emotional performance and stable acting power have led to the appreciation of the drama.
    As such, Moonkayoung has successfully proved his weight as a twenty-something actress who stood up to his presence in the works with his strong acting ability and self-confidence that he has accumulated and has successfully succeeded in challenging new genres such as performing arts and theater.
    Moonkayoung, who has shown his activities in various fields, is expecting more action in 2018.
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    All songs and title song 'Universe' M / V release!

    Winter Special Song 'EXO (SM)' s 2017 winter special album 'Universe' unveils.

    EXO will release all of the 2017 winter special music albums on various music sites such as Melon, Ginny and Naver Music at 6 pm on the 26th, and will be opening the 'Universe' music video simultaneously on the official website and YouTube SMTOWN channel. Is expected.

    This title song 'Universe' is a song of the rock ballad genre that shows the love of the world, even if it goes to the end of the universe. It will be able to meet Korean and Chinese versions. It is forecast.

    In addition, member CHEN wrote a pop ballad song 'Lights Out' that finished the warm hearted lyrics that comforts the tired mind, and a strong piano melody, a rocky drum, a guitar sound 'popped' 'Been Through' "Stay" of the pop soul genre with a heartwarming heart that wants to stay by the side of a loved one who can not do it attracts attention.

    In addition, this album contains seven songs including 'R & B Pop', 'Good Night', a soft piano melody and a retro sensibility drummer. It is enough to enjoy EXO's warm winter feeling.

    Meanwhile, EXO 2017 winter special album 'Universe' will be released on the 26th of December.

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    - UhmJunghwa X SUNMI, 'Poison' fatal collision with ... 'More than I imagined'
    - 'Unlimited Diva' UhmJunghwa, 'Ending Credit' stage first release
    - Released eight years of regular 10 albums ... 26 days Sound recording & 27 days offline music release

    UhmJunghwa created another legend.

    UhmJunghwa first unveiled the 'Poison' Collabo stage and 'Ending Credit' stage with SUNMI at SBS 'Gayo Daejeon' which was broadcast on the 25th.

    Uhm Junghwa, who appeared in the cheering crowd of audiences, filled the stage with his presence and announced the comeback of 'Queen's Return'.

    The 'Ending Credit' stage, which was originally released through 'Gayo Daejeon', attracted attention with its performance like watching a movie. UhmJunghwa only attracted the viewer at a glance with the stage composition and sucking power that only you can do.

    Finally, the joint stage with SUNMI, which attracted a lot of interest from before the broadcast, finally took off. UhmJunghwa 'Poison', which was arranged in a completely different atmosphere from the original, showed the different fatal charms of the two, making it impossible to keep an eye on one hour. UhmJunghwa has completed the 'previous-generation Collabo' with its unique stage control and fantastic breathing with SUNMI.

    UhmJunghwa, who filled the stage with a presence that can not be replaced, has once again proved to be an "unlimited diva" with an evolution beyond expectations.

    On the other hand, UhmJunghwa presented 4 songs from last year's Part 1 (first dream) and 4 songs from December 2 (second dream) this year on the theme of 'Dream Cloud of the Nine'. The song "UhmJunghwa" was added to UhmJunghwa's own ballad song "UhmJunghwa". Uhm Junghwa's 10th album 'The Cloud Dream of the Nine' will be released on the 26th at 6 pm on each music source site, and the album will be available at the offline music store starting on the 27th.

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  • 2017-12-25 Press Release

    TAEYEON Christmas concert great success!

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    Fantastic live performances such as Christmas presents attracted the audience!

    Unique vocalist TAEYEON (SM) finished the Christmas concert with great success.

    TAEYEON SPECIAL LIVE "The Magic of Christmas Time" was held at the Hall of Peace of Seoul, Kyung Hee University from 22 to 24 on the occasion of the audience's explosion.

    In this concert, TAEYEON will unveil the all-new stage of the recently announced winter album, as well as the newly arranged hit songs '11: 11 ',' Rain 'and' Why ',' Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas' 'My Grown Up Christmas List', 'Holly Jolly Christmas', and other performances with live singers and vocals.

    In addition, TAEYEON has attracted attention with a special performance that can enjoy the Christmas atmosphere by adding various attractions such as 'Musical performance', 'Magic Performance', 'Magic Performance', and a gift event for fans.

    In addition, SEOHYUN appeared as a guest on the 23rd and 24th performances, and with TAEYEON, he added 2 songs to the stage, including 'GIRLS' GENERATION-TTS 'Winter You Like' and 'Merry Christmas'.

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    Unveiled 'Cafe Universe' as a barista!

    EXO (SM) entered the 2017 winter special album 'Universe' release countdown.

    EXO will release the 'Cafe Universe' For You ', a group version of' For You ', which can meet the charm of the members transformed into baristas through the official homepage and YouTube SMTOWN channel on December 25, It is likely that the focus will be concentrated.

    Especially, this title song 'Universe' is a song of rock ballad genre with a combination of emotional piano melody and dynamic electric guitar playing, and the lyrics are expected to bring back the love that has become the whole world even if it goes to the end of the universe .

    Also, EXO 2017 winter special album 'Universe' will be released on all music sites through various music sites at 6 pm on the 26th, and it will get a hot response because it can enjoy EXO's warm winter feeling.

    Meanwhile, EXO's 2017 winter special album 'Universe' will be released on the 26th of December.

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