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    On the 13th at noon, all music sources in the domestic music site pre-order!

    SUPER JUNIOR YESUNG will release their first full-length album in Japan on February 20th.

    The first Japanese regular album 'STORY' which can meet with the music of YESUNG by the music, is the sweet pop jazz style title song 'Because I Love You〜大切な絆〜' and the total 11 Tracks will be recorded so that music fans' attention is high.

    Among them, the title song 'Because I Love You' is an impressive song with a simple melody line and a brass combination. It expresses the love that only one person will love the song, and the romantic music video and lyrics We make a harmony and gather eyes.

    In addition, this album includes 'もしかしたら僕の物語' in the retro R & B genre that reminds me of the' 90s, 'いま会いにゆきます' which expresses the thrill of love just started, and 'For Dream' with SUPER JUNIOR member DONGHAE and EUNHYUK You can enjoy YESUNG's deeply musical sensitivity by including high quality songs.

    On the other hand, 'STORY', a new album and its first regular album released in Japan in a year and a half, is available on Korean music sites such as Melon, FLO, Genie, Bugs and Apple Music at noon on February 13th.

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    - Choi Kwon expects action to be 'criminal act + sharp eyes'
    - 'Item' Choi Kwon, Profiler Jin Se-yeon VS Team Leader Kim Do Hyun Anxious about confrontation!

    Choi Kwon appeared as a detective in 'Item' and predicted his future activities.

    Choi Kwon was the detective of Kim Dae-heung in MBC drama 'Item'. He is a loyal figure to Choi Ho Joon (Kim Do Hyun), who has strong emotions.

    In 'Item,' which was broadcasted on the 11th and 12th of this month, a murder case of Nam Chul Soon and Kim Jae Joon, who have a high social reputation as well as a high reputation, were drawn.

    Choi Ho Joon and Professor Shin So-young (Jin Se-yeon) conflicted with the disappearance of Nam Chul Soon, who claimed that they were runaway and killed respectively. Kim Dae-heung actively followed Choi Ho Joon's command and attracted the attention of the audience.

    Kim Dae-heung was able to rescue Choi Ho Joon, who was uncomfortable due to Shin So-young, while Shin So-young claimed that Shin So-young was murdered even though Nam Chul Soon was murdered. Kim Dae-heung looked at Choi Ho Joon's thoughts when Shin So-young raised the possibility of serial murder based on the similarity marks of Nam Chul Soon and Kim Jae Joon.

    Choi Kwon portrayed Kim Dae-heung as a three-dimensional figure and made him expect his future presence. He was nauseous to solve his boss' s feelings, but he tried to make the whole atmosphere of the team cheerful and showed sharp eyes and attitude when he did the investigation.

    Choi Kwon played a role in digesting criminal characters and alleviating the tension between the characters. As the confrontation between Jin Se-yeon and Kim Do Hyun will continue in the play, Choi Kwon is attracting interest as well as the full-scale development.

    On the other hand, MBC drama 'Item', starring Choi Kwon, is broadcasted every Monday and Tuesday night at 10 pm, with Ju Ji Hoon, Jin Se-yeon, Kim Kang Woo, Kim Yu-ri and Park Won Sang.

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    - Ju Ji Hoon, 'Item' Symbol of absolute power Confrontation with Kim Kang Woo! Tension!
    - 'Item' Ju Ji Hoon, 'eye + charisma + consciousness' character testimonial set of 3-piece set of justice!

    'Item' Ju Ji Hoon transformed into a just public prosecutor who opposed absolute power and received support from viewers.

    Ju Ji Hoon took the role of Kang Gon, who denied the order of the prosecution organization in the MBC drama 'Item' and accused internal corruption. In particular, Ju Ji Hoon played a role in opposing Kim Kang Woo's role as Jo Se-Hwang.

    In the 'Item' 3 and 4 episodes broadcast on the 12th, Kang Gon and Jo Se-Hwang played the last years. Three years ago, Jo Se-Hwang, vice chairman of the chaebol group, came to the prosecutors' office to investigate, but all of the members of the prosecution were crooked, but Kang Gon was different. Jo is a public prosecutor with a strong sense of humor toward Se-Hwang. Once upon a time, Kang Gon had not changed.

    Kang Gon was kicked out of Jo Se-Hwang's detention and returned, but he was still keen on Jo Se-Hwang. Not only did Jo Se-Hwang give a quick response to the warning, but also to the ridicule of Jo Se-Hwang.

    Ju Ji Hoon maximized the charm of the character by drawing a grim look, charisma, and a tongue-in-cheek style of a more positive public prosecutor as the firmness of Kang Gon not to be injured and to be pressed to comply with absolute power. It also gave a strong sense of enthusiasm through unabated dialogue. The weaker the weaker, the stronger the stronger the behavior of viewers led to the appeal and support.

    Moreover, Ju Ji Hoon and Kim Kang Woo confronted the viewers in the last broadcast. They began to notice the beginning of the good and evil confrontation structure and caused tension. Ju Ji Hoon declared war on Kim Kang Woo with his eyes sharply changing for a moment and made everyone to breathe.

    This full-fledged story development is anticipated, and Ju Ji Hoon's hottest stories add to the curiosity of viewers.

    On the other hand, Ju Ji Hoon's MBC drama 'Item' is broadcast every Monday and Tuesday at 10:00 pm.

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  • 2019-02-12 Press Release

    KBS Joy '무엇이든 물어보살'

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    Lee Su Geun, a laughing baby girl
    Lee Su Geun x Seo Jang Hoon Believe and see
    As a strange solution I have never seen before
    Opened a new chapter in the problem-solving program!

    Lee Su Geun played a role in laughing.

    KBS Joy '무엇이든 물어보살' on 11th, Lee Su Geun, who turned into a baby boy, showed his ability to shoot. Here, Seo Jang Hoon and his friends as a real friend laughed and laid the foundations for the start of the week.

    Lee Su Geun attracted attention with his newborn eyes for a long time with his great ability of shooting, such as meeting his birthday, grasping his troubles even before the guest speaks, adjusting the personality of his boyfriend.

    During the worrying consultation time, I used the 'petal dot' when I decided to break up with my boyfriend, and gave advice with the phrase out of random books, which led me to the program with unique and novel solutions I had never seen before.

    Seo Jang Hoon and the contingent '보살극장' made Lee Su Geun's long term stand out. Lee Su Geun and Seo Jang Hoon, who has a taste for dramatic drama, and gave a pleasant smile to the audience.

    Lee Su Geun 's fascination with laughter and authenticity shines in the program. Lee Su Geun came to a somewhat embarrassing greeting and singing with a troubled comedian junior, but he seemed to be embarrassed for a while, but he soon got into the atmosphere with a reaction that would stir up the excitement. His long tolerance of life and his inclusiveness of understanding his behavior was impressive.

    Lee Su Geun has not missed laughter in his unique way of solving problems that he has never seen before, and when he needs real advice, he transforms himself seriously. Lee Su Geun, a baby boy, has been gathering interest and expectations for what he will do through '무엇이든 물어보살'.

    On the other hand, KBS Joy '무엇이든 물어보살' by Lee Su Geun is broadcasted every Monday at 9:30 pm.

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    "'WANT' is a solo singer TAEMIN 's exclusive brand expanded song"
    Global chart hits killing temptation Song, deadly 'WANT sick' continues!

    'ACE' SHINee TAEMIN (SM) received the attention of US famous media billboard as second mini album 'WANT'.

    Billboard, on February 11 (local time) on the official website, "TAEMIN has returned to the unique, artistic styling and dramatic synth pop track" WANT " .

    In addition, about this title song 'WANT', "Groovy melody with rhythmical bass beat and synth sound is a soft platform that TAEMIN's sensual vocals convey his desire and help listeners to desire him more." .

    In particular, Billboard said, "TAEMIN has been exploring his own artistic brand as a solo singer with his activities in Korea and Japan, and" WANT "is an extension of TAEMIN's unique brand to prove his sexuality, I have grown TAEMIN to the most mature level, "and I was pleased to confirm the aspect of TAEMIN.

    In addition, TAEMIN's second mini album 'WANT' released on the 11th was ranked first on various music charts such as Hanteo Chart, Synnara Record, YES 24 and HOTTRACKS as soon as it was released, It is proving the power of TAEMIN such as the first place in the region and the top of the main music charts.

    Meanwhile, TAEMIN will appear in the Idol Room, a JTBC entertainment program broadcasted at 6:30 pm on February 12th.

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  • 2019-02-12 Press Release

    ACE! TAEMIN 'WANT' Global popularity!

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    ITunes Comprehensive Album Chart # 29 in the World! Domestic sound recordings, music charts also ranked # 1!
    The more you see, the more you miss out on 'WANT sick', it's already started!

    SHINee TAEMIN (SM) proved its power with the second mini album 'WANT'.

    TAEMIN's second mini album, "WANT," released on February 11th, is a comprehensive album from the iTunes Comprehensive album featuring songs from Sweden, Finland, Austria, Russia, Lebanon, Lithuania, Brazil, Argentina, El Salvador, Peru, Chile, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Slovakia Denmark, Mexico, New Zealand, Greece, the Philippines, Macao, Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong, and the United States, as well as Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Kazakhstan, Qatar, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Turkey, and ranked 5th in 5 regions, such as 'ACE' again confirmed the global popularity of TAEMIN.

    In addition to this, the album is ranked number one in daily record charts such as Hanteo Chart, Synnara Record, YES 24 and HOTTRACKS, and the title song 'WANT' is also ranked as Mnet Music, NAVER Music 1st, Bugs 2nd place ) And the top record in the main sound recording charts, such as TAEMIN music fans had a strong interest.

    TAEMIN's second mini-album, "WANT," consists of a total of seven tracks, including a lethal killing temptation song "WANT", which is enough to meet TAEMIN's unique music world.

    Meanwhile, TAEMIN will appear in the Idol Room, a JTBC entertainment program broadcasted at 6:30 pm on February 12th.

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    - 'Item' Ju Ji Hoon, Icon of consciousness 'Kang Gon' VS nephew fool 'Kang Gon' The attraction of reversal!
    - 'Item' Ju Ji Hoon, immersed in the digestive power of the character UP!

    'Item' Ju Ji Hoon announced the successful return to the drama with the attraction of the pole and pole reversal.

    Ju Ji Hoon made an impressive impression on MBC drama 'Item' as Kang Gon, who does not kneel before any power.

    In 'Item,' which was first broadcast on the 11th, Kang Gon, a just and unconvincing aspect of the prosecution, has been portrayed, for example, by defying his own consciousness and hurting a blow. Kang Gon's attitude and persistence showed that Go Dea Soo (Lee Jung-hyun), who threatened with a tremendous power bracelet, did not back down and fought to the end.

    On the other hand, Kang Da-in (Shin Lin-ah) has a soft and tender uncle, Kang Gon. It made my head smile for those of only nephew.

    Kang Gon's unique nephew love of this kind also had heartbreaking stories. Lee Kang Joon (Lee Seung-jun) was left in the car accident of injustice and took on his nephew on behalf of his brother. Ju Ji Hoon broke down before his brother's death with a tearful tear.

    As such, Ju Ji Hoon captivated his eyes with his sharp and cool eye exam Kang Gon and his sweetly uncle Kang Gon. Ju Ji Hoon, who stopped the train from bloody appearance from the first time, and the image of justice and his unhappy uncle. The exciting development of 'Item' to be unfolded in the future and the excitement of Ju Ji Hoon's activity are heightened.

    On the other hand, the MBC drama 'Item' starring Ju Ji Hoon is Kang Gon and Professor Shin So-young (Jin Se-yeon) who have a hidden conspiracy in the desire of human beings to take a special ' It is a fantasy blockbuster that explores secrets and is broadcast on MBC every Tuesday, 10 at night on Monday.

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  • 2019-02-12 Press Release

    Jung Jay - turns into a hair designer

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    '박씨네 미장원' first broadcast on 12th

    The '박씨네 미장원' will be broadcasted on February 12 at the UMAX channel, featuring an episode in which 5 Korean residents who have gone to Hoi An with an ambitious dream to spread K-beauty widely spread their local beauty shop.

    Jung Jay, who has recently made a contract with ESteem Entertainment, has a variety of activities. She is transformed into # a passionate # fashionable hair designer with her passion for beauty at the '박씨네 미장원'. She plays a beauty assistant role in Vietnam. It will be demonstrated. Especially, he is fluent in all the casts and has a strong sense of presence in the program, welcoming foreign visitors.

    The '박씨네 미장원' will be on display on the 12th of each month, starting every Tuesday at 8 pm Real 4K UHD Super High Definition Channel UMAX, and will be introduced to DIA TV, YouTube beauty study introduction and various portal sites.

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    6 pm 'WANT' sound recording + MV release! 8:00 pm Comeback showcase Naver V live streaming!
    TAEMIN's killing temptation song 'WANT', the more you watch, the more you want 'WANT sick' notice!

    SHINee TAEMIN (SM)'s second mini album 'WANT' takes off the veil on February 11th.

    TAEMIN's second mini album 'WANT' will be released on various music sites including Melon, FLO, Genie, iTunes, Apple Music, Sporty Pie, QQ Music, KUGOU Music and KUWO Music on February 11 at 6 pm There are seven tracks of various charm including 'WANT', and it is enough to feel the thick music color of solo singer TAEMIN.

    In addition, the title song "WANT", which is simultaneously released with the sound recording, can be seen through TAEMIN official homepage, YouTube, Naver TV SMTOWN channel, and TAEMIN's homme fatal charm and intense performance combined with the deadly atmosphere of the song. .

    In addition, TAEMIN will hold a comeback showcase 'TAEMIN SHOWCASE-WANT' on February 11, and will be showing various stories including album title, current talk, as well as the title track 'WANT' and 'Artistic Groove' A welcome response is expected.

    In addition, this showcase will be broadcast live through the SMTOWN channel of Naver V LIVE, and the global fans who have waited for the comeback of TAEMIN are expected to focus attention.

    On the other hand, TAEMIN's second mini album 'WANT' will be released on February 11th.

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    Macau, the hot reaction of Bangkok fans! It opened properly!

    Girls' Generation YURI (Kwon YURI, SM)' s first solo Asian fan meeting tour began.

    YURI held a concert on February 9th at 8:00 pm local time in Macau and at 5:00 pm local time in Bangkok on October 10th, opening the door to “YURI 1st Fanmeeting Tour ‘INTO YURI’”.

    This fan meeting is composed of various programs to enjoy the charm of YURI such as talk, game, song, dance by concept of "travel" I was more intimate with my fans and got a hot reaction.

    In particular, YURI released the first solo album 'The First Scene' in October and released 'Into You' along with the songs 'Illusion' and 'Butterfly' as well as Girls' Generation hit song Medley. I attracted local audience.

    In addition, recently, YURI told the stories of the photography sit-downs of the web sitcom "마음의 소리 리부트 1, 2" and the entertainment drama "대장금이 보고 있다", which received good responses with stable performance. I added a disposable camera with a photo to my fans and added an impression.

    YURI's Asian fan meeting tour will be held in Macau and Bangkok in March and in Taipei and Tokyo, hoping to meet more global fans.

    On the other hand, YURI will play the role of 'Constance', a college student who wanders in search of dreams in ‘앙리할아버지와 나’ opening on March 15. Lee Soon Jae, Shin Gu, and Chae Soo Bin We are getting much attention because we are going to breathe together with others.

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