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    EXO BAEKHYUN (SM) ‘낭만닥터 김사부2’ OST ‘너를 사랑하고 있어’ tops two sections of Gaon Charts.

    The SBS drama ‘낭만닥터 김사부2’ released on the 7th OST Part.1 ‘너를 사랑하고 있어’ was downloaded on the Gaon Weekly Chart (January 5-11), released on 16th, and ranked first in the BGM category. The power of King of music 'BAEKHYUN was once again confirmed.

    The new song ‘너를 사랑하고 있어’ is a sensitive ballad song that expresses the heartfelt feelings to lovers, with the sweet vocals of BAEKHYUN. It has been loved by the top spots in various music charts.

    In addition, BAEKHYUN has gained global popularity through his outstanding singing performance and powerful performance through his solo activities, including the EXO and EXO-CBX unit activities, as well as the 'half million seller'.

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    Stay tuned for her fateful encounter and amazing chemistry!

    LINA (SM) brings special pleasure to the viewers of the drama ‘Chocolate’.

    LINA is looking forward to her special appearance at the final episode of the JTBC drama "Chocolate," which will be broadcast on the 18th, as a special chemistry with Jang Seung Jo.

    In particular, LINA will show strong presence by suggesting that he will be the opponent of new destiny of Lee Joon (Jang Seung Jo) in the role of Song Yeo Jin.

    LINA is also known as the best-selling work of 2019. While acting as Lovett, he emerged as a Musical Queen and was busy accepting call calls from the producers of Chocolate.

    On the other hand, JTBC drama 'Chocolate', which is attracting attention by LINA's appearance, depicts a human mellow that two men and women who reunited at the hospice ward healed each other's wounds through cooking. do.

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    2nd repackage album 'Purpose' and the title song 'Dear Me' MV will be unveiled today at 6PM SKT!
    TAEYEON heralded warm consolation with her deep emotional ballad song!

    Girls' Generation TAEYEON (SM) 2nd repackage album 'Purpose' will be unveiled on the 15th.

    TAEYEON's 2nd repackage album 'Purpose' will be released at 6 pm today at all music sites including Melon, Flo, Genie, iTunes, Apple Music, Sportify, QQ music, KuGou music, Kuwo music, and the title song ' The Dear Me 'music video is also scheduled to open simultaneously on YouTube and NAVER TV SMTOWN channels, raising expectations.

    In particular, the title song 'Dear Me' is a ballad song that warmly comforts with a positive message of trusting and loving yourself. TAEYEON's appealing voice is added to the harmony of acoustic guitar and string melody, which will attract music fans' ears. to be.

    The album also features fairy tales of 'My Tragedy' of the trippop genre, which combines the painful heart of broken love with lunar eclipses and the sound of depth and distress leading to orchestral arrangements, and the delicate performance of acoustic guitars and flutes. It also includes new songs such as 'Drawing Our Moments', a ballad song that makes TAEYEON's emotional vocals more wet.

    In addition, a total of 15 tracks, including 12 songs including the title song ‘Spark’ of the 2nd album ‘Purpose’ released in October 2019, are enough to meet the deep emotion of TAEYEON.

    On the other hand, TAEYEON hosts “TAEYEON CONCERT – THE UNSEEN” on January 17-19 and meets fans.

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    SUPER JUNIOR has released a picture of a personal teaser with opposite ambience.

    SUPER JUNIOR published 9 Shadow Teaser images on the 14th at 9 am on SNS, and 9 Bright Teaser images on the 15th. This is the personal teaser picture of SUPER JUNIOR's 9th regular repackage album 'TIMELESS', which is scheduled to be released on January 28th, and it adds the fun of contrasting the black and white version of 'Shadow' version with the bright 'Bright' version.

    This album 'TIMELESS' is the final edition of the 'TIME' series trilogy, connecting the 9th album 'Time_Slip' released on October 14 last year and the 9th special version 'TIMELINE' released on November 6th. It is available in two types, 'Shadow' and 'Bright', and is available for pre-purchase at online and offline music retailers.

    The new album title song “2YA2YAO!” Music video and all songs will be released at 6 pm on the 28th.

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    SUNGMIN will sing the lead song ‘지금 그대로 (feat.SUNGMIN)’ of composer 임하은’s very first album

    임하은 will release the new album '지금 그대로' through the various music sites such as Melon, Flo, Genie, iTunes, Apple Music, etc. on the 15th, and the title song ‘지금 그대로 (feat. SUNGMIN)’. The lyrics express the desire to preserve the mood of a pretty and lovely lover and a happy day. Not only did SUNGMIN participate in writing and composing directly, but also as a singer, you can enjoy SUNGMIN's sweet vocals.

    임하은 and SUNGMIN released the song from SUNGMIN's solo mini album “Orgel” released last November. ”Wrote together. In addition, 임하은's first digital single album includes three title songs, including the title song ’지금 그대로 (feat. 성민)’, ‘준비 (feat. 지민욱)’, ‘Close to me (feat. 이현규&서자영)’ is recorded

    Meanwhile, SUNGMIN released their first solo mini album 'Orgel' on November 22, It has proved high interest among global music fans by being ranked No. 1 on the iTunes Top Album Chart in 11 regions of the world including El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Bahrain, Peru, Chile, and Saudi Arabia.

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    -'검사내전' Jung Ryeo Won, Detail Artisan Non-replaceable character that adds to the play
    -Jung Ryeo Won proves the strength of actors who believe and see in '검사내전'… ‘Add Life Characters’ with Drama Tailored Acting

    Jung Ryeo Won confirmed the title of 'Actress Believing' with '검사내전'.

    Jung Ryeo Won is an active protagonist, 'Cha Myung Joo', a protagonist who has a strong sense of responsibility and intense passion in the JTBC drama '검사내전' Jung Ryeo Won raises the drama's immersion by performing styling according to the character's character and situation, as well as performing eloquence and sad emotions. In addition, the breath produced by the combination with the actors attracts viewers' response. In response to this, I reviewed Jung Ryeo Won's “Believing and Seeing” point in the '검사내전'.

    ■ Fun to see UP! Immersion UP! ‘Cha Myung Joo Fashion’
    Cha Myung Joo styling is simple compared to the fashion that Jung Ryeo Won called fashionista has shown in dramas. This is Jung Ryeo Won's choice that thoroughly analyzes the character's character. Before the drama started, Cha Myung Joo's solid character is expressed using an achromatic shirt and an overfit jacket, as described before, “I am wearing it as neatly and not as bounced as possible to express the character of Myung Joo well”. It's a styling that can be monotonous, but it has been transformed into a jacket with a variety of colors, and by slightly releasing the shirt button, it increases the activity and maximizes the enthusiasm of the inspection. In addition, when painting the student Cha Myung Joo, he wore a white hood, and in an episode transformed into a gambling house, he completed the styling with colorful ruffled costumes and hair fastened with large ribbons. Jung Ryeo Won's situation-specific styling increases the fun and immersion of the drama at the same time.

    ■ Cheongcheong → Acting spectrum coming and going freely
    Jung Ryeo Won's broad sentiment is also a point of believing. The cold, expressionless face was a trademark of Cha Myung Joo, a strict character for both himself and others, in order not to be biased. However, the appearance of the first victory at the gambling site that was used for the sneaky investigation and the gradual expression of joy and gambling at the winning streak gave the anti-war charm behind the cold face. On the other hand, he portrayed the emotionally turning off the suspect as a result of the past and a complex act of emotion toward his mother found in a decade. Jung Ryeo Won, who completely digested everything from vocal comical acts that burst viewers' laughter to emotional acts that provoked tears, has earned a reputation for creating new life characters with a broad spectrum of acting.

    ■ combination with actors
    The combination of Jung Ryeo Won and actors is also essential. Particularly, the breathing with Lee Sun-kyun is the viewing point of the play. The childish combination of the two creates a laugh and adds energy to the calm play. In addition to this, each day they meet with disagreements, but the combination that wraps each other like a family is also a fun point. Jung Ryeo Won's efforts are hidden behind the breathing team of the prosecutor's team. Jung Ryeo Won is a serious figure, but even after shooting, he is showing off the scene with his unique sensation and smile without any wrinkles.

    Jung Ryeo Won is already acknowledged as an actor who believes and believes. There is still a lot of hope for Jung Ryeo Won's “Cha Myung Joo,” which will look like another one in the '검사내전' that entered the second half.

    Meanwhile, the JTBC drama “'검사내전',” featuring Jung Ryeo Won, Lee Sun-kyun, Lee Sung Jae, Kim Kwang Kyu, Lee Sang Hee, and Jeon Sung Woo, will air every Monday and Tuesday at 9:30 pm.

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    Mysterious + neat visual look in the teaser image!

    Girls 'Generation TAEYEON (SM)' s MV teaser of 'Dear Me' is gathering much attention.

    The teaser video of the title song 'Dear Me' of the 2nd regular package album 'Purpose' released on TAEYEON's official homepage, YouTube, NAVER TV SMTOWN channel, etc. Boosted expectations for the new album.

    The ballad lead song 'Dear Me' with the message of trust and to love myself more, which will be released on various music sites on the 15th at 15 pm, will have TAEYEON's appealing voice added to the harmony of acoustic guitar and string melody. I will fascinate you.
    In particular, TAEYEON will hold the TAEYEON CONCERT – THE UNSEEN on 17-19 and show the first stage of the Dear Me stage.

    The teaser images that catch the viewer's eyes with TAEYEON's mysterious and innocent visuals.

    Meanwhile, TAEYEON's 2nd repackage album, ‘Purpose’, will be released on various music sites on January 15th at 6 pm and will be released on the same day.

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    Preparing for TAEYEON solo concert
    ‘Petionista Taengoo’ delivers a welcome dog and ZERO!
    Vacation look of TAEYEON to preview!
    OOTD boast the unrivaled pool in LA

    In 'Petionista Taengoo', TAEYEON will be taking care of his companion dog ZERO despite his busy schedule.

    TAEYEON, who is busy preparing for a solo concert at ‘Petionista Taengoo’, which is released on the 14th, revealed the recent situation with his dog ZERO.

    TAEYEON was proud of the dog's hair. TAEYEON went out for the beauty of ZERO. After the beauty, TAEYEON saw ZERO showing off the doll's visual.

    TAEYEON and ZERO's LA travel story continues. TAEYEON said he wanted to swim with ZERO even before he traveled. On the last day of my trip, I visited the Los Angeles mansion with ZERO.

    Arriving at a poolside mansion, TAEYEON transformed into a vacation fashion for ZERO and water. It also featured hairstyles that matched the vacation look.

    ZERO took a one-day swimming lesson from a professional dog trainer in Los Angeles. ZERO completely remembered the swimming he had learned once and enjoyed the swimming pool with his level of swimming skills. As much as TAEYEON, ZERO also found another thing in common: doing well with your hands. In LA, TAEYEON and ZERO once again proved their siblings.

    TAEYEON's Vacation OOTD to shoot the first half of 2020 and ‘Petionista Taengoo’, where you can watch the genius of your dog ZERO, are available on January 14th and 16th at 12:00 noon.NAVER TV and V LIVE 'Petionista Taengoo-SM CCC LAB 'Can meet on the channel.

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    Girls' Generation TAEYEON (SM) premiering new song stage of her solo concert

    TAEYEON will hold “TAEYEON CONCERT – THE UNSEEN” for three days from January 17-19, and will attract the audience once again with new stage including new song and high-quality production.

    In particular, TAEYEON will be the first to release the title song 'Dear Me' of the 2nd repackage album 'Purpose', which will be released on the 15th at this concert.

    In addition, the show will feature the title song 'Spark' of the 2nd album 'Purpose' released in October 2019, as well as stages such as 'Find Me', 'Wine', and 'Gravity'. Can be.

    In addition, prior to the release of the repackage album, TAEYEON's richly emotional vocals are included, as well as a variety of contents such as teaser images and Mood Sampler videos that can preview the new song's mood in advance.

    Meanwhile, TAEYEON's 2nd repackage album ‘Purpose’ will be released on various music sites on January 15th at 6 pm and will be released on the same day.

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    The first teaser image of SUPER JUNIOR's 9th Album Repackage ‘TIMELESS’ was released.

    SUPER JUNIOR uploaded the first group teaser picture of the new album, which will be released on January 28 at 10 am on the official homepage and SNS. SUPER JUNIOR in the released image is getting hot reaction among global fans by showing refined and mature style on the background of neat background. The members are staring at the camera lens while transforming into a soft dandy man with a gentle smile.

    SUPER JUNIOR plans to raise the expectation for the comeback by opening the personal teaser image and promotional contents sequentially through the official SNS starting from the group teaser photos.

    Meanwhile, the 9th Album Repackage 'TIMELESS' track and the title song '2YA2YAO!' Music video of the hip hop genre will be available on various music sites on January 28 at 6 pm.

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