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    'Listening' Jun Hyun Moo, but not 'Speaking' Jun Hyun Moo gave a joy
    Fun with a guest appearance
    The presence of the strongest mouthmaster
    #Dirty and sexy #voice imitation

    Jun Hyun Moo appeared as a guest and showed his presence.

    MBC 'Radio Star', which was broadcast on the 17th, was featured as 'The Love of the Men' and guest stars Jun Hyun Moo, Lee Pil Mo, Ha Suk Jin and JK Kim Dong Wook.

    In particular, on this day, Jun Hyun Moo appeared on the air as a non-MC guest for a long time, took out his own story, and offered different kinds of fun to viewers.

    Jun Hyun Moo was a guest who told me that it was awkward to talk to him about himself for a long time, but he was able to stand up to the radio star MCs who were famous for throwing unanswered questions.

    In addition, it has added the fun of creating unique artistic chemistry with MC as well as guest with unique punching. In particular, Kim Gura was referred to as a 'prolific mate', and Kim Gura was enthusiastic when he saw him.

    In addition, Jun Hyun Moo speaks honestly about his programs, boldly reveals his charming point of 'Dirty and sexy', and performs a parade of sermons from Yoon Min Soo to Han Suk Kyu, And so on.

    Jun Hyun Moo, who was in the position of the usual host and who was in the position of the listener, appeared as a guest for a long time and unfolds his story and talent. He gives a sense of presence such as conveying his pleasure to the entertainment industry " I watered.

    I am looking forward to seeing how Jun Hyun Moo, an MC who is an all-around entertainer who is also a guest, will show a big smile to viewers in the future.

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    - Kim Dong Wook, ending in extreme pain!
    - 'the guest' Kim Dong Wook, another tragedy! Yoon Hwa Pyung's tears of loneliness

    Kim Dong Wook played Yoon Hwa Pyung, a screaming pain in extreme pain, and blinded the viewer's eyes.

    Kim Dong Wook plays the role of Yoon Hwa Pyung in the OCN drama 'the guest' and has a wonderful performance every time and attracts viewers.

    Yoon Hwa Pyung's tragedy was different from the extreme at the 11th 'the guest' broadcast on the 17th. Yoon Hwa Pyung was in danger of being killed by Yoo Seung Mok and was suspected of being an innkeeper. In addition, Jeon Moo Song, who is the only foster who raised her own self, questioned Park Il Dora and gave a high level of tension to her grandfather who came to Hwa Pyung's house.

    After that, Yoon Hwa Pyung went out with his father Choi Yoon (Kim Jae Wook) and Kang Gil Young (Jung Eun Chae) to find a father who was abused by the evil spirit, but his father had already stabbed his grandfather with a knife in his home. Eventually, the controversy arising from the suspicion of Grandfather Park Il Do was the last conversation between Yoon Hwa Pyung and his grandfather.

    Kim Dong Wook drew a screaming scare at his confused thoughts about his fear of himself, his self-deprecation about his grandfather, his sorryness for his grandfather, and his fear of losing his grandfather, who was the only one who kept his own side, by grabbing his grandfather. In addition, Kim Dong Wook once again fascinated the audience with his remarkable expression of Yoon Hwa Pyung 's inner self in a struggle to save his grandfather while suppressing the tears coming out.

    Until the end, Kim Dong Wook 's tearful smoke made the viewers' hearts bounce. When his father saw his mother's ring, he finally got the same final touch as the others. Yoon Hwa Pyung's desperate appearance increased his sadness, for example, he struggled to keep his father's death dead.

    Kim Dong Wook's pantomime, which embraced such extreme sadness and suffering, stimulated the audience's tears by decorating the endings. Kim Dong Wook said that Yoon Hwa Pyung, who is saddened to see even the viewers, painted the reality of dense hot rolling. Kim Dong Wook filled the drama richly with the 11th 60th birthday.

    On the other hand, the OCN drama 'the guest' will be broadcasted at 11:12 pm on the 18th.

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    The title song 'NAMANANA', the fantastic music world of LAY!

    EXO LAY(SM) US debut album 'NAMANANA' will be released all over the world on October 19th.

    LAY's third solo album 'NAMANANA' will be released on October 19th at 4pm (Korean time) through various music sites such as Melon, Genie, iTunes, Sporty Pie, Apple Music and QQ Music. In Chinese and English versions, totaling 22 tracks, it is enough to meet the rich music color of LAY.
    In particular, the title song 'NAMANANA' is a dance pop genre with an addictive flute sound and heavy brass sound and Mumbaton rhythm. LAMAN 'NAMANANA' expresses the unforgettable rainforest, 'NAMANANA' I enjoy the present with this music and find a real message in my lyrics.

    In addition, LAY will release a music video teaser video of the title song 'NAMANANA' on YouTube and Naver TV SMTOWN channel on October 18th at 4 pm (Korean time) prior to the release of the album. It is forecast.

    In addition, this album opened the reservation page of digital sound source from QQ Music, the largest music site in China at 10:19 am on October 16th (China time) on Oct. 16, and received a hot response by exceeding 370,000 copies in 11 minutes I once again realized the popularity of LAY.

    Meanwhile, LAY's third solo album 'NAMANANA' will be released on October 19th in the US.

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    Sympathy + frankness + meaningful message-filled song of colorful genres! Singer Song Lighter Proof Reality!

    'Asian representative musician' BoA (SM) will contain her 4 self-written songs through the regular 9th album 'WOMAN'.

    BoA will be releasing nine regular albums of 10 genres including various genres including 'Woman' on various music sites such as Melon, Genie, iTunes, Sporty Pie, Apple Music, and Xiami Music on October 24, BoA's four songs are included in this album, and BoA's unique music experience can be seen.

    In particular, 'Irreversible' is a PB R & B featuring a hearty yet dreamy feeling. The lyrics that realistically solved the story of a lover who breaks up due to the emotions of the moment evoke sympathy. 'Little More' is a piano, brass string sound The combination of vocals and chorus reminds me of 'Jamming', where performers enjoy improvisation, as well as the lyrics that express my love for the other person in conversation.

    In addition, 'If' is a combination of electric guitar and vocals, and if you want to understand the mistake of the lover, you can honestly understand the lyrics. BoA's singing ability adds to the charm of the vocalist BoA. 'No Limit' tells everyone who lives in a daily life like a wheelbarrow to send a meaningful message that 'Let' s spend time for ourselves'.

    In addition, BoA will engage in lyrics of the song "Woman" and the song "Encounter," which will attract people who express their senses in a dangerous love that can not be predicted.

    In addition, on October 17 at 0 o'clock on the official website, a new teaser image to meet BoA's unique charisma has been opened, raising expectations for the new album.

    On the other hand, BoA's regular 9th album 'WOMAN' will be released on October 25th.

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    Only with facial expressions! Nostalgic expressing sadness, substitute non-acting!
    Viewership + Topicality + Content Influence Factor Index All in 1st place, TVN Drama History New!

    ‘백일의 낭군님’ DOH KYUNG SOO (EXO D.O., SM) crying at the house in silent tears.

    DOH KYUNG SOO is playing the role of 'Lee Yul', the prince who lost his memory and lost to Won Deuk in the TVN drama ‘백일의 낭군님’.

    On the 16th, on 12th episode, Lee Yul missed Hong Shim (Nam Ji Hyun), who had forcibly returned to the palace with the memory unheeded.

    In particular, Lee Yul recalled the days with Hong Shim, met Hong Shim in a fantasy, talked about it, and eventually he tearfully silenced tears and expressed nostalgia.

    In addition, now that I have forgotten Hong Shim and heard Jung Je Yoon (Kim Sun-Ho) that I can not be friends with him, Lee Yul, who is deeply saddened, Expectations for the next meeting were even higher.

    In this process, DOH KYUNG SOO showed Lee Yul 's delicacy and brilliant acting ability as well as the emptiness of the prince who could not have a woman and the emotional performance of Hong Shim.

    On the other hand, the ‘백일의 낭군님’ ranked No. 1 in TV drama drama, No. 1 in content influence index (CPI), and No. 1 in DOE KYUNG SOO TV starring topic category. The top 12.7% (paid platform nationwide / provided by Nielsen Korea), has topped its own highest audience rating, and has been ranked # 1 in TVN drama TV ratings ever since.

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  • 2018-10-17 Press Release

    Lee Su Geun, a seasoned entertainer!

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    'New Journey to the West-Cart show-My Daughter's Men'
    It is a series of seasonal programs with a humorous act.
    He plays as an 'entertainer Chetki'
    Utilizing the highest level of entertainment in luxury!

    Lee Su Geun has solidified his position as a major player of the season.

    Lee Su Geun, who is known as 'the artistic Chetki' for his talent and extraordinary talent, is meeting with viewers in a series of seasons program such as 'New Journey to the West', 'Cart show' and 'My Daughter's Men'.

    First, Lee Su Geun is an original member of the 'New Journey to the West' series. Especially in this season 5, it is based on the subtitle "with God" and wearing a Chucky attire and getting his laugh point is basic, and it is making the programs richer and cheerful by filling the members among them.

    Next, the 'Cart show' is a fun way to communicate with the neat progress. Lee Su Geun, who starred in Season 1 and Season 2, is making a unique combination of entertainment with guests each time with his unique affinity. In addition, he watches shopping items together and shows his past episodes. He plays various games and plays an ace.

    Lastly, Lee Su Geun appeared as a host from season 1 to season 4 on 'My Daughter's Men', which was broadcast on the 14th. He did his part in the program, not only playing the role of an intermediary between father and daughter watching the VCR, but also bringing laughter of the cast with a sensible reaction and mentality.

    Like this, Lee Su Geun plays an active role in various entertainment programs, including seasonal performances, series performances, and lavishly conveying his delightful presence. Lee Su Geun, "the highest level of entertainments" that convey a laugh as soon as they appear, is looking forward to seeing more and more enjoyment in the future.

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    - Eddy Kim Announces 'Miles Apart' on Mini 11
    - Show me more mature emotion through production of the first farewell theme album, general production
    - Eddy Kim "I feel different as I make new albums ... I want to do everything well"

    Singer-songwriter Eddy Kim released a pictorial interview about the deep autumn sensibility.

    Eddy Kim reported on his new album "Miles Apart," which was recently released on 'BIG ISSUE' 189, published on the 15th.

    Eddy Kim, who has been writing a lot of songs for the first time in his life, made music on the theme of his first farewell debut on this album and showed a deep and mature feeling.

    Eddy Kim commented on the reason why it took 3 years and 9 months for the new album to be released. "It took me as much time as I did not like it. I checked the middle of the album while I was working on the song, ? ' "I often get tired of myself as a paranoid person when I'm playing music, so I think it's been taking a while longer."

    Eddy Kim has produced an entire album of this album by producing the entire album as well as compositions and compositions.

    He said, "My previous album was mostly with YoonJongShin, ChoJungChi, but I could not get along because of this reason." "I was very worried that the familiar and familiar elements would disappear." In conclusion, I knew what responsibility to take. "

    "I was involved not only in music but also in album jackets and music videos." "In the past, I did not think about visual parts at all, but now I imagine visuals with lyrics and songs, "He added.

    Eddy Kim said, "I knew what I wanted to do, but I did not know how to do it. There was definitely something I could not do any music," said Eddy Kim. "But working on this album, I feel like I can work freely in the future, and I want to do all of these things really well, "he said.

    "I am going to be a musician who can solve stories that only I can do," he said. "I am sorry to fans who have waited so long and I want to express my thanks."

    On the other hand, Eddy Kim has released a new album and continues to be active with his title track 'Trace'.

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    Resilient Laughter Synergy
    'New Journey to the West' more brilliant 'artistic combination'
    Deliver pleasure to the house theater

    Kang Ho Dong and Lee Su Geun are working together as an 'artistic combo' through tvN 'New Journey to the West 5'.

    Kang Ho Dong and Lee Su Geun, who have been playing a strong smile in the center of the 'New Journey to the West' series, are enjoying a Sunday night with a talented combination of talent in season 5.

    In 'New Journey to the West 5' which was broadcast last week, two people made a group of quizzes, and even when they were playing a team game, they made a natural laugh point.

    Especially, they made a team in the tournament, the first place quiz, and so on, but they laughed out the chemistry as they watched each other despite the same team. On the contrary, when I went to Hong Kong sightseeing with a good appearance, I went to a restaurant and showed off the storms and showed off my best chemistry.

    In addition, Lee Su Geun, along with his younger siblings, drove him to the corner when Kang Ho Dong followed the parade of mischievous people in a parlor restaurant quiz, Lee Su Geun I was embarrassed to ask him if he was 'grumbling'.

    Kang Ho Dong, who had been for a long time, on the other hand, Lee Su Geun knows the song but he does not know the singer's name and he does not know the name of the singer. So, let's not miss the time, I have eaten.

    As a result, the two act as a player who has listened to 'New Journey to the West', and they show a greater laughter synergy when they are together in an eternal artistic combination. In this week 's broadcast, the two people are expecting more and more interest that they will show their joy with their extraordinary appearance.

    On the other hand, tvN 'New Journey to the West 5', starring Kang Ho Dong and Lee Su Geun, is broadcast every Sunday at 10:40 pm.

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    The title song 'Woman' written by BoA directly is the strongest girl Crush!

    'No.1 Musician' BoA (SM) will return to their regular 9th album 'WOMAN'.

    BoA will release its 9th album "WOMAN", which contains 10 songs of various genres, through various music sites such as Melon, Genie, iTunes, Sporty Pie, Apple Music and Xiami Music. It is expected to get a hot response from music fans.

    In particular, this title song 'Woman' is a pop dance song with a rhythmical bass line, light synth sound and rhythm that perfectly blends with BoA's cool vocals. You can also meet BoA performance, which has a unique aura, and it is enough to enjoy the strongest crush charm.

    In addition, BoA has attracted attention with its colorful 'NEGA DOLA' in February, 'ONE SHOT and TWO SHOT' in February, and has attracted attention with a variety of styles ranging from hip hop swag to charming charm and friendly charm. BoA's work, which will make the year a spectacular performance, is expected to attract even more excitement.

    On the other hand, BoA's regular 9th album 'WOMAN' will be released on October 25th.

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    Music Video + Song To Be Released at 6PM on the 19th!

    World-class artist John Legend and prominent girl group Red Velvet member Wendy (SM Entertainment) teased an upcoming collaboration through duet song ‘Written In the Stars.’

    John Legend and Wendy’s ‘Written In the Stars’ will be the fifth song released through SM STATION X 0, and will be released at 6PM on the 19th through various music portals. A music video will also be released simultaneously that will be posted on the SMTOWN and STATION YouTube channel and NAVER TV’s SMTOWN channel. It is expected to gather much interest from music fans worldwide.

    The news is especially gathering more interest as not only will John Legend and Wendy be collaborating on the song, ‘Written In The Stars,’ but the two will also feature in the music video. The expectation of being able to see a fresh new side of each artist is further raising expectations.

    Furthermore, this music video’s creative director, Sing J. Lee, was also the director of American hip hop group Migos’ ‘Stir Fry’ and pop star Halsey’s ‘Sorry.’ The music video catered to the emotional vibes of the song as the storyline speaks of the two meeting by chance daily on their way home, and the video portrays the emotions felt by the two extremely well. Thus, it is expected to be received with overwhelming praise.

    ‘STATION X 0’ is a collaboration between SM’s digital music platform, ‘STATION,’ and SKT’s culture brand ‘0’ (YOUNG). The various collaborations between different artists that have been released through the collaboration have garnered a positive response with each release.

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