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    - Kim Si Eun, 'BONIHANI' public audition final candidate talent!
    - Kim Si Eun, reserve star!

    Kim Si Eun signed exclusive contract with entertainment content group KEYEAST.

    Kim Si Eun, who was born in 1999, has won four finalists in a public audition for 2016 EBS 1TV 'BONIHANI' 12 'HANI' auditions. At the time, HANI Lee Su Min was the successor to the 11th generation. Kim Si Eun won first place in the cast and crew polls after continuing to show steady progress with the fresh charm and ingenuity in the final game.

    Kim Si Eun, who has been recognized for his passionate public audition, has been appearing fixedly on EBS 2TV's first live broadcast program since February this year. It is a part-time job of a convenience store selling everything, and it appears as an aspiring idol for 10 years, and it becomes a powerhouse by natural charm as well as charm of splashing. In addition, Kim Si Eun has a strong sense of smile as well as smoother progress, despite the fact that it is live broadcasting.

    He also showed his potential as an actress through the recently released KBS W drama 'At The Moment'. I am able to express my sister 's sad feelings with my eyes and facial expressions. In particular, Kim Si Eun played a role as a short yet powerful new stirrer, spreading hot-tempered feelings through sign language and gestures without ambassadors.

    Kim Si Eun, who is proud of his progress and acting performance, is expected to meet with KEYEAST and become a next generation rookie in various fields.

    KEYEAST is the exclusive contract with Kim Si Eun. It is a member of KEEEAST. It is a member of KEEEAST. It is a comprehensive contents media company with top artists.

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    - <Monthly YoonJongShin> Main song '몰린' (September 2012) sequel, LeeKyoHo Lyrics - Composition
    - LeeKyoHo "몰린 2, a song like a letter from my longing in my heart"

    Singer YoonJongShin's Monthly Music Project <Monthly YoonJongShin> The last issue (December issue) of this year is '몰린 2'.

    '몰린 2' is a sequel to Moleyn, which was released in the month of September, <Monthly YoonJongShin>. LeeKyoHo once again wrote, composed and produced YoonJongShin.

    This song is one of the representative songs of <Monthly YoonJongShin>, which is still loved continuously for a long time.

    LeeKyoHo searched for music at the beginning of this year and unfortunately found a melody of the first words similar to '몰린', and arranged the whole atmosphere of the song to be '몰린' and continuity.

    He said, "The first words are the same as the first, but the contents are a little bit different," he said. "It was a song released in December, so I tried to solve the lyrics with a winter story about nostalgia."

    '몰린' is a special song for producer LeeKyoHo. This is because it was a song that gave light to his creative activities, which had been lulled for a while. YoonJongShin, who thinks about his identity as a singer, also finds out that he has another color in himself.
    LeeKyoHo commented, "I am happy to work with singer YoonJongShin because he is worried about how to release the song with some emotion and sound," said LeeKyoHo. "This is a series of processes in which singer Yoon JongShin looks at his inner self, '몰린 2' is like a letter that comes from a nostalgia in my heart, and I hope that it becomes such a letter, "he said.

    <Monthly YoonJongShin> December issue '몰린 2' will be released on each music source site at 6:00 pm on the 14th.

    On the other hand, YoonJongShin is going on the 2018 national tour concert "계절은 너에게 배웠어" from last month. The area scheduled for this month is Incheon on the 16th, Seoul on 24-25th and Daegu on the 29th.

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    Includes title track 'Love Shot' with 'Trauma', 'Wait' added!
    SUHO, D.O. Teaser image revealed! Focus your attention!

    EXO (SM) comeback to The 5th Repackage Album 'LOVE SHOT'.

    EXO The 5th Repackage Album 'LOVE SHOT' will be released on December 13 at 6 pm on various music sites. Four songs including 'Love Shot' Korean and Chinese version, 'Traum' and 'Wait' It is expected that global fans will get a hot response.

    This title song 'Love Shot' is an impressive pop dance song, with members CHEN and CHANYEOL participating in the song lyrics, which is a reminder of the true meaning of love that is becoming more and more forgotten in the world.

    In addition, the new song "Trauma" is a pop dance genre song of catch up tempo groove. The song expresses the intention to overcome the hurt of the heart and make a better tomorrow by mirroring it. The acoustic guitar melody and vocals of EXO members You can also meet the R & B ballad 'Wait' in harmony, and you will be attracted to the fans with the colorful music sensitivity of EXO.

    On December 10th at 0:00, she showed the teaser image of SUHO and DO, which is a mixture of sensual atmosphere and soft charismatic through the EXO official website and various SNS EXO accounts. I opened up all aspects of the power and it amplified the curiosity about the title song 'Love Shot' more.

    On the other hand, EXO special live broadcast on EXO channel of NAVER V LIVE at 10 pm on December 12, and comeback gets hot.

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    'RAP BATTLE' Round 2! ShinDong VS SiWon VS RyeoWook

    SiWon joined the 'SJ returns 2: ELF's Table' on the BUSAN schedule, and SiWon-ShinDong-RyeoWook Nagoya Gourmet Tour lineup was completed.

    The second restaurant in Nagoya, where SiWon was introduced directly at the same time as joining, is a Japanese-style restaurant specializing in fresh seafood that is operated by an artisan for 35 years. Fresh sushi, salads with whole plate, and fresh seafood such as large- It seems to focus attention of viewers.

    Next, the third restaurant recommended by RyeoWook adds to the fun of being located in the alley where the Nagoya specialty foods are gathered. RyeoWook recommends an eel rice specialist shop to enjoy a variety of eel dishes including fried eel bone fries. Nagoya is the number one restaurant in the world. "

    During the move, the second round of the Tokyo game 'Lime Game', where LeeTeuk, HeeChul, and ShinDong appeared, ShinDong started a sharp attack on the lime game leader. SiWon showed global rap with sweaty English sentences , RyeoWook is a back door that made the scene into a laughing sea with a long wrap that never ends.

    Super Junior's exclusive web art show 'SJ returns 2: ELF's Table' Nagoya will be broadcast on Wednesdays at 11 AM NAVER TV and V LIVE 'SJ returns 2' channel.

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    Jealousy with affection
    "Yoo Jin Woo does not like that person"
    I pictured the reality in real life.

    Lee Hak Joo revealed jealousy towards Hyun-Bin.

    Kim Sang Bum (Lee Hak Joo) expressed his frankness to Jin Woo (Hyun-Bin), who will keep up with Hee Ju (Park Shin-hye) in the episode of TVN 'Memories of the Alhambra' .

    Sang Bum, who was in front of the other studio with a scooter, saw Hee Ju and Jin Woo together, and when they were gone by taxi, they made a disgruntled look toward Jin Woo.

    In addition, Sang Bum made a telephone conversation with Hee Ju, expressing his emotions directly and listening to Hee Ju, saying that it was a complaint to help Jin Woo's work.

    So, Sang Bum expressed his intuition for Yoo Jin Wo, and he did not hide his discomfort about Jin Woo hanging around Hee Ju.

    On this day, Lee Hak Joo portrayed his affectionate feelings about Jin Woo and revealed his affectionate jealousy and filled with the familiar charm of reality. In the future, Lee Hak Joo is looking forward to seeing another attraction among the drama and capturing viewers.

    Meanwhile, tvN 'Memories of the Alhambra' is broadcast every Saturday at 9:00 pm.

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  • 2018-12-10 Press Release

    Eddy Kim, 180-minute singles concert

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    - Eddy Kim, successful concert 'Eddy's Studio' concert on August 8
    - More than 25 songs including fork, ballad, punk, soul + 3 hour performance
    - Eddy Kim "I'm going to do my best in the future"

    "The merit of my concert is that the genre of music is diverse. When I make music of my favorite genre, the setlist seems to be filled with various music."

    Eddy Kim's solo concert 'Eddy's Studio,' which was held on the 8th, was a feast of variety as Eddy Kim said. From Eddy Kim's peculiar folk to pop, R & B, punk, and soul, I have crossed the genre. The audience is shaking their shoulders after listening calmly. That was Eddy Kim's music and Eddy Kim's concert.

    Eddy Kim's concert is a concept that invites audiences to his studio to give a closer and more intimate music experience, so he wanted to create a natural feeling when Eddy Kim actually played with band performers.

    Eddy Kim, who appeared with his guitar along with the announcement of "Thank you for coming to my studio", opened the song with the song 'Last', which was recorded in the 3rd album 'Miles Apart' released last October. He then showed off his sweet voice by singing '2 Years Apart', 'Shape of the Love', 'The Manual' and 'POOM'.

    Eddy Kim, who released his third album in three years and nine months, played live songs on the album including the title track 'Trace' on this day.

    He talks about his recent film 'A STAR IS BORN' and says, "Bradley Cooper says, 'No one is talented, I have a story to tell you, I am going to listen to my story in the future, and I will go to music with hard work and believe in you. "

    All the songs of the concert were played live on the day of the band, and the full sound caught the audience. The band performers who have been with Eddy Kim since the beginning of their debut have perfected the performance and perfected the performance.

    Eddy Kim also made memories with his fans, such as singing and playing together with the fans on the spot when he was in the stage of 'You are so beautiful' and 'Push & Pull'.

    In addition, I will sing the hidden masterpieces of the 1st and 2nd houses such as 'Slow Dance', 'Sober Up', 'Artificial Flower' and 'Apologize' 'Paldangdam' and so on.

    Eddy Kim said, "I was really happy today, and I was able to do more than the appointed time. I will do it tonight if you can help me. "" Darling "," Whoa Whoa "," Empty Space "followed by" My Love "," Miles Apart "," My Lips ... Warm Like Coffee " 'And received a request for the audience, followed by the opening.
    After nearly three hours of digestion, Eddy Kim, who is well ahead of the scheduled show time, has successfully completed concerts with colorful music like a boring comprehensive gift set.

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    "Warm & delicate" reactions
    Birth of family entertainment! The 'AMORFATI'

    Kang Ho Dong has continued with his parents and children.

    TVN 'AMORFATI', broadcasted on the 9th, is a program where parents who have brought up their stars together traveled together. It was a program where twilight singles gathered together to regain their youth and brought tears and laughter together.

    Kang Ho Dong made the first greetings to viewers on the program and welcomed "Welcome to AMORFATI," Single Twilight Finding Youth, in a loud voice. I welcome you very much. "

    In addition, Kang Ho Dong gave a warm and delicate reaction to the actions of parents by watching the videos and sending greetings by sending congratulatory wreaths directly to the scene prior to the full-scale cruise trip, capturing my attention as an MC of 'AMORFATI' .

    In addition, when the cast members of the studio watched their parents who were unaware of it, when they were amazed, they asked about their timing and asked their impression. When the bereaved story of their parents was static in the studio, the word "what is the genre?" As a veteran of the atmosphere and led the appearance as a host.

    In 'AMORFATI', which recorded an average 2.2% (Nielsen Korea) ratings from the first broadcast and announced the birth of a new family entertainment program, Kang Ho Dong counts the hearts of parents and children based on their unique friendliness and warmth, Since they have played a very important role in connecting them, the future of 'AMORFATI' is expected to attract more attention and attention.

    Meanwhile, tvN 'AMORFATI' starring Kang Ho Dong is broadcast every Sunday at 10:40 pm.

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    Chic charisma is a compelling pictorial Moment!

    EXO (SM) announces the teaser image of members XIUMIN and CHEN, raising the comeback heat.

    The 5th Repackage Album 'LOVE SHOT' EXO will come back to you on December 9 at 0:00 on the official website and various SNS EXO accounts to reveal the teaser images of XIUMIN and CHEN, and to meet unique charm from chic to mysterious charisma There are gathering topics.

    This album will be released through various music sites such as Melon, Genie, iTunes, Apple Music and Sporty Pie on the 13th of this coming day. The album features Korean and Chinese versions of Love Shot, Trauma, Wait 'And 4 additional songs are included, you can feel the colorful charm of EXO.

    In addition, EXO will broadcast a special live broadcast on EXO channel of NAVER V LIVE on December 12th at 10 pm, and will tell a colorful story including a new song spoiler, a behind-the-wall episode related to album production, and a recent talk.

    Meanwhile, EXO The 5th Repackage Album 'LOVE SHOT' is released on the same day.

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    - So E Hyun, 'Chinjeongseokseong + harsh eyes' character digestion power
    - So E Hyun, Joo Sang Wook-Lee Min-jeong-Lee A tense brawl with Lee Ki-woo! An expert in this area

    'Fates and Furies' So E Hyun announced his successful return to the drama as a starring role.

    So E Hyun played Cha Soo Hyun in SBS drama 'Fates and Furies' with desire to become a true royal family. So E Hyun, who has been intense since his first appearance such as his confident eyes, unstinting words and words, is filling up a gap of two years.

    On June 8, Cha Soo Hyun's harsh reality was revealed. Cha Soo Hyun, who found out that his fiancee, Tae In Joon (Joo Sang Wook), had been scouted by Gu Hae Ra (Lee Min-jeong). And mocked Gu Hae Ra just like the last.

    Tae In Joon wrote to Cha Soo Hyun not to interfere. Cha Soo Hyun visited Ko In Bum, Chairman of Tae Pil Woon. It was the art director position of Gold Shoha as the reason for my tune. When Tae In Joon got angry, Cha Soo Hyun showed that he was on a number, saying "Do not touch me".

    The past of Cha Soo Hyun and Jin Tae Oh (Lee Ki-Woo) has been revealed. Cha Soo Hyun decided to leave because she could not marry Jin Tae Oh who had no baby. Jin Tae When Oh came out to talk about the child, Cha Soo Hyun went out of his way as if he was turning away from reality.

    So E Hyun wants to get the idea of ​​a fox from the side of the wealth and power to blind and abandoned child to the appearance of the mother Cha Soo Hyun 's endless desire to digest the power of luxury. They filled up the drama with rich expressions of anger, such as exploding boiling anger or putting cold anger on smiling faces.

    In particular, the scene in which So E Hyun argued with each person acted as a 'fun point'. So E Hyun, with its excellent metabolic calendar and delicate breathing control, puts the energetic ambassadors down like a staccato, creating a tense tension. Cha Soo Hyun and the fun of seeing the conflict between different characters is doubling.

    SBS drama "Fates and Furies," which So E Hyun is playing, is broadcast four times every Saturday night at 9:05.

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    Asian singers only selected! Global power proven!

    NCT DREAM (SM) has been named as "TIME's 25 Most Influential Teens of 2018" by TIME magazine.

    NCT DREAM was selected as the only Asian singer in TIME's 25 Most Influential Teens of 2018, which was announced on TIME on the 7th (local time) on the 7th (local time).

    "TIME's 25 Most Influential Teens of 2018" is a list of 25 youths who have worked extensively with TIME writers considering various awards in this year, global influence through social media, news productivity, NCT DREAM has made a name for itself with global top 10 names such as football star Killian Mbaffer, who has been attracting attention in the 2018 Russia World Cup, and the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics snowboard gold medalist Chloe Kim.

    Especially, TIME said, "NCT DREAM, which is composed of members under the age of 20, collected the top 5 of Billboard World album charts and the iTunes total album charts in the top 15 of the world with its mini album 'We Go Up' announced this year. Their biggest attraction is that they are well connected with teens because they are teenagers. The title songs contain the narratives of adolescence that turn into pureness, rebellion, and growth. "

    In addition, NCT DREAM was selected as the only Asian singer in '21 Under 21 2018: Music's Next Generation 'released by Billboard last October, and its future activity is more hopeful.

    On the other hand, NCT DREAM has recently received a second response to the music performance show 'NCT DREAM SHOW' and sold out all six performances. On the 13th, members RENJUN, JENO, JAEMIN, HAECHAN, CHENLE, JISUNG The DreamWorks Animation 'Trolls' OST will be released on various music sites through Season 3 of SM 'STATION'.

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