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    The world-renowned “Well Made” concert brand “SUPER SHOW 8” will be held from the 12th.

    SUPER JUNIOR will hold a solo concert 'SUPER JUNIOR WORLD TOUR-SUPER SHOW 8: INFINITE TIME' at KSPODOME on October 12-13, and it is expected to get high response from music fans.

    In particular, the concert is raising the expectations of many new songs, including the title song “SUPER Clap” of 9th album “Time_Slip,” which is scheduled to be released on the 14th.

    'SUPER SHOW 8' is an extension of the new album 'Time_Slip'. Under the subtitle 'INFINITE TIME', various genres of music from the 1990s to the present are available in SUPER JUNIOR's own colors. In addition, following 'SUPER SHOW 7' and 'SUPER SHOW 7S', EunHyuk will direct the stage and ShinDong will direct the video to make the members' personality unique.

    Since its debut in Seoul in February 2008, 'SUPER SHOW' has been held more than 140 times in 30 cities around the world including Bangkok, Manila, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, London, Paris, Mexico City, Santiago and Saudi Arabia. It has achieved a breakthrough of 2 million cumulative audiences.

    Meanwhile, SUPER JUNIOR's ninth studio album, Time_Slip, is available on October 14 at 6 pm on various music sites.

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    -Hong Ji Yoon, Plump Splashing Charm → Tears filled with emotional tears
    -Hong Ji Yoon, Cheating 'Chemistry'

    Hong Ji Yoon, “나의 나라,” expressed his presence for Kim Sul Hyun.

    Hong Ji Yoon took on the role of Hwawol, a brilliant visual parasite and a friend of Hee Jae (Kim Sul Hyun) in the JTBC drama 나의 나라. Hwawol is the only person who understands Hee Jae, who deplores the reality and constantly makes a voice.

    On the 3rd episode of “나의 나라,” which aired on the 11th, Hwawol was depicted as he noticed and felt sorry while Hee Jae was preparing to leave. Hee Jae wrestled for months without guilt as Seo Hwi (Yang Se-jong) was dragged over by his struggle.

    Hee Jae got ready to leave, and Hwawol, who watched, said, “Is it necessary to leave? What about your mother? ” But Hee Jae eventually went to the door. Hwawol expressed his sympathy for Hee Jae, who was worried about the food and was sold as a child to her family.

    Hong Ji Yoon became a good friend and left a long aftertaste. Because I watched the friend's choices and pains at the crossroads of destiny, I really depicted his feelings. Although he seemed blunt to the idea that he could not be close to his only friend anymore, the tears that he couldn't stand ended up eating.

    Hong Ji Yoon has been attracted by tvN's “김비서가 왜 그럴까” and Netflix's original series, “첫사랑은 처음이라서.” In '나의 나라', the acting spectrum is being expanded by capturing feelings that are becoming more and more painful depending on the situation.

    Meanwhile, JTBC drama '나의 나라' starred by Hong Ji Yoon will be starred by Yang Se-jong, Woo Do Hwan, Kim Sul Hyun, Kim Young-chul, Ahn Nae-sang, and Jang Hyuk. Four times of 50 minutes are broadcasted.

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    -Woo Do Hwan, Kim Young-chul X Ahn Nae-sang's provocative eyes! Increasing interest with confrontation
    -Woo Do Hwan, Stimulate female viewers with sincere love confession!

    '나의 나라' Woo Do Hwan is increasing his interest by going straight to faith and love.

    Woo Do Hwan took on the role of Nam Sun Ho, a friend of mine in JTBC's drama 나의 나라, who was left behind to keep his beliefs.

    In the third episode, which aired on the 11th, Nam Sun Ho, who was under the direction of Lee Sung-gye (Kim Young-chul), visited Han Hee-jae (Kim Sul-hyun) ahead of the war. Then he handed the drink to Han Hee-jae and said, “The last cup follows wherever I go. It's my last cup. ” Han Hee-jae rejected Seo Hwi (Yang Se-jong) with heart, but Nam Sun Ho said, “I know. But that's no reason to fold my glass. ”

    The veteran Nam Sun Ho is a deputy, but he did not notice the protester Hwang Sung-rok (Kim Dong-won) and spoke to Lee Sung-gye. Nam Jeon (Ahn Nae-sang) was expected to weigh on him, but Nam Sun Ho became a fan of Lee Sung-gye by provoking Lee Sung-gye. He was reunited with Seo Hwi at the start of the troops who were ordered to handle the troops.

    Woo Do Hwan maximized Nam Sun Ho's direct appeal with his unshakable eyes, facial expressions and decisive tone. When he made his first and last confession of love, he expressed his sincerity, and on the battlefield, he captured the hearts of viewers by showing a cold and unrelenting appearance.

    In particular, Woo Do Hwan's hard acting was remarkable when Nam Sun Ho spoke to Lee Sung-gye. The first meeting with Lee Sung-gye clearly showed the change of Nam Sun Ho, which is 180 degrees apart. Kim Young-chul, Ahn Nae-sang, and veteran actors faced provocative acts that sparked interest.

    Nam Sun Ho and Seo Hwi reunite, but JTBC '나의 나라', which amplified their curiosity about the 4th episode with an ending facing mixed fate, is broadcasted at 10:50 on the 12th.

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    “SuperM debuts in the heart of Hollywood and is doing well”
    Synergy of All-Star lineup SuperM leads K-Pop's next step

    SuperM (SM) is spotlighted by the media every day.

    The US famous digital media Refinery29 published an interview focusing on SuperM on the 10th (local time) under the title of `` SuperM is conquering the US market with Korean colors. ''

    In an interview with Refinery29, member MARK said, “SuperM's debut song 'Jopping' is one of the best of our best performances, raps, songs, and choreography.” BAEK HYUN said, “We wanted to emphasize the harmony between Eastern and Western music. . K-Pop has always changed and there is no limit, and “Jopping” is an example. ”TAEMIN said,“ K-Pop includes various elements including fashion and music. K-Pop is not just a genre of music, but a cultural phenomenon. ”

    In addition, LUCAS said, “I always learn from other members. I am learning how to spread culture, ideas and happiness through music. ”TEN says,“ SOOMANLEE producers should always be humble and learn from others. "If you humbly learn, I advise you that you'll be on top before you know it," he said. "It's all the teaching of SOOMANLEE producer, SM founder and K-Pop pioneer."

    In response, Refinery29 said, “SuperM has advanced into North America with its own identity, which is more challenging than ever.” “We hope that SuperM will promote cross-cultural understanding and Korean culture will spread more widely.” I was excited about this activity.

    In addition, American music media RollingStone also debuted, "SuperM debuted in the enthusiastic cheers of more than 5,000 fans in the center of Hollywood, and is doing well." "SuperM debut album hit the US music store last week, and the title song" Jopping 'is also gaining great popularity. The albums and songs continue to be a huge hit, and we will start our North American tour in November. ”

    In addition, US economic magazine Forbes also introduced SuperM as a 'huge and passionate fandom supergroup' through the article 'Synergy of the all-star lineup SuperM leads the next stage of K-Pop'. By highlighting the synergies that will be presented, we have once again realized the global interest in SuperM.

    Meanwhile, SuperM will be hosting the We Are The Future Live show in November, introducing its first mini album in major cities in North America, including Texas, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, and Vancouver, Canada.

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    'TVXQ! CONCERT -CIRCLE- #with 'Performance photo album Released on October 31st!
    Pre-sale starts today!

    “K-POP Top Class” TVXQ! (SM) Seoul Encore Concert 'TVXQ! CONCERT -CIRCLE- #with 'performance photo album will be released on October 31st.

    This photobook was unveiled at KSPO DOME on March 9-10. Encore Concert 'TVXQ! CONCERT -CIRCLE- The scene of #with 'is vivid, enough to feel the heat and excitement of the performance.

    In particular, the TVXQ! 'S passionate appearance on stage, as well as the waiting room, backstage scenery, etc. can be seen.

    In addition, the photo album will be available for purchase through online stores starting November 11.

    Meanwhile, TVXQ! Is scheduled to begin on November in Japan's five largest dome tours `` 東方 神 起 LIVE TOUR 2019 ~ XV ~ ''.

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    '멜로가 체질' Noh Seung-hyo take off autumn sensibility
    Broad spectrum with visual + acting power
    I've left a dark finish with smoke and tears!

    Actor Lee Hak Joo appeared in the music video of singer Feel Kim's digital single, "사랑 둘."

    The “사랑 둘” music video released on the afternoon of the 10th is gathering a lot of topics with the perfect harmony of piano melody, Feel Kim's charming sound, and calm and eye-catching images.

    Lee Hak Joo in the music video portrays a wide range of emotional changes of the male hero who is going through farewell, starting with a fresh and lovely lover. This, together with the calm Feel Kim's song, amplifies the unique dim feeling.

    In particular, Lee Hak Joo's tears, which were pursued after finding her ex-lover, but missed her, were enough to leave a lasting impression on those who maximized the emotions in the short video called MTV.

    Lee Hak Joo recently appeared in JTBC's 멜로가 체질 and KBS 'Justice', working as a gagman and an avid detective.

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    Various content notices, high expectations for comeback!

    ‘Guaranteed vocalist’ Girls 'Generation TAEYEON (SM)' s 2nd regular ‘Purpose’ schedule poster has been released.

    On November 11, TAEYEON's official website and various SNS Girls' Generation accounts announced schedule posters for various contents such as teaser images, highlight clips, and music video teasers, raising expectations for TAEYEON to come back with a new album. .

    TAEYEON's 2nd album, 'Purpose' contains 10 new songs of various genres, and 'Four Seasons' and 'Blue', which are released as singles, are also added to the record only, and you can meet the rich charm of 12 songs. The response is expected.

    In addition, the album will be released on various music sites on October 22 at 6 pm and will be released on the 23rd.

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    Vivid emotional acting + Strong singing power! LINA proved worth!
    Notice the transformation in the next film “SWEENEY TOOD”!

    LINA (SM) is nearing the final performance of BEN-HUR.

    The musical “BEN-HUR,” featuring LINA's performance, concludes about three months of activity after the concert on October 13.

    LINA has recreated 'Esther', which desires freedom in the musical 'BEN-HUR' as the best character through vivid emotional acting and solid singing power, and received a good response that the performance was immersed with overwhelming presence.

    LINA said, “For me, 'BEN-HUR' was a pleasant relationship. I was happy to learn, feel and be loved by playing 'Esther'. It was thankful and thankful times. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the actors, staff and audiences who made BEN-HUR together. ”

    In addition, I participated in a work called “SWEENEY TOOD”. I will do my best to show good results following ‘BEN-HUR’. Please support us in the future. ”

    On the other hand, the musical "SWEENEY TOOD", which was confirmed as the next work by LINA, depicts the revenge of a man who has been guilty in the 19th century in the UK.

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    -Woo Do Hwan, 'Autumn Man God' Elegant and luxurious atmosphere in autumn colors!
    -Woo Do Hwan, perfect from long coat to classic jacket! 'A fall fashion'

    Woo Do Hwan exudes the 'Cold City Man' charm.

    Woo Do Hwan's agency, KEYEAST, unveiled the fashion magazine 'W' behind the scenes in October. Woo Do Hwan in the photo captures various styles of long coats and double-breasted button jackets.

    Woo Do Hwan creates an elegant and luxurious atmosphere by wearing clothes that match colors from ivory to beige and burgundy. It also adds sexy eyes and charisma to the heart of the viewer. I focused on the pictorial concept and smiled at the camera.

    Woo Do Hwan, who showed off his urban appeal through fashion pictorials, is currently attracting attention in the JTBC drama “나의 나라”.

    First, Woo Do Hwan's historical drama is attracting attention. Woo Do Hwan responded that long hair and hanbok didn't go well together. In particular, Nam Sun Ho, who is divided by Woo Do Hwan, is the son of a prestigious family.

    Woo Do Hwan also made a strong impression by convincingly depicting Nam Sun Ho's desire for success against his father. Viewers are looking forward to the full story with the change of Nam Sun Ho.

    Meanwhile, Woo Do Hwan's JTBC drama '나의 나라' is starred by Yang Se-jong, Kim Sul Hyun, Kim Young Chul, Ahn Nea-sang, and Jang Hyuk. Is broadcast.

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    Group Brown Eyed Girls (JeA, Narsha, MIRYO, Gain, Brown Eyed Girls) confirmed their comeback on the 28th.

    Brown Eyed Girls announced on September 9 that their new album will be released at 6 pm on October 28.

    Brown Eyed Girls' new album release is about 4 years after the 6th album 'BASIC' in 2015, raising expectations for Brown Eyed Girls who will show their unique girl crush charm with new concept and performance every time.

    Brown Eyed Girls told NAVER V Live on August 8, "This album has 10 songs including four solo songs."

    "There are songs that fans of the past who have liked Brown Eyed Girls music will love."

    Brown Eyed Girls debuted in 2006 and has been loved by many hit songs such as '다가와서', 'Love', 'Abracadabra', 'Sign', 'Sixth Sense' and 'Kill Bill'. The scene of the past stage is re-examined with the hot topic of the stage that reinterprets 'Six Sense' in 'Queendom' and it is getting hot reaction.

    Brown Eyed Girls will deliver their albums sequentially via official SNS.

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