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    Meaningful time that brings memories and emotions
    “'순정만화' is a good work with only happy memories”

    Lee Yeon Hee (SM) warmed up the 'Jecheon International Music & Film Festival'.

    Lee Yeon Hee held a special meeting with Yoo Ji Tae as a film '순정만화' in memory of director Ryu Jang Ha at the 15th Jecheon International Music & Film Festival. Had time to share.

    Lee Yeon Hee received a lot of attention by acting as a Han Soo Young starring in the 2008 movie '순정만화', which is an attractive way to capture the character of a high school girl.

    Lee Yeon Hee said in a conversation with the audience, “Ryu Jang Ha was a person who comforted many audiences with a delicate direction, and he was always caring and caring in the field.” I was honored to be able to do this and I was really happy while we were together. ”

    In addition, the story behind the movie, which could not be heard anywhere, was released to give memories and excitement to the audience who visited the scene.

    Lee Yeon Hee, meanwhile, decided to appear in the MBC drama “더 게임:0시를 향하여” as a detective and predicted another acting transformation.

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    -MINSEO interviews Literor, a literary magazine, captivating visual attention
    -MINSEO "My book is 'My Sweet Orange Tree' I read when I was in high school"
    -MINSEO "Next album plans to collaborate with several artists"

    Singer MINSEO told a story of a candid book in the literary magazine 'Littor'.

    This year, MINSEO released the mini album 'The Diary of youth' and appeared in the web drama '좀 예민해도 괜찮아' and '어쨌든 기념일'.

    She told Littor how he liked books and released his own taste in reading. MINSEO in the pictorial attracted attention with a soft and eloquent atmosphere.

    MINSEO read 'My Lime Orange Tree' and began to add fun to the book. “I read“ My Lime Orange Tree, ”which I saw as a child, when I was in high school. Since then, I read a little bit of the novel. "

    “Novel prefers long films to short stories. I also spend a lot of time at the bookstore because I like to read and buy books that feel good. ”

    "It's good to be melancholy white," she said of his book tastes.

    MINSEO hinted at the next album, "I'm trying to collaborate with several artists. It's still in its infancy, but it's going to be a fun project."

    MINSEO's full interview and pictorial is available in Littor 19.

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    The strongest teenager, NCT DREAM (SM), ranked first on the weekly record chart with the new mini album 'We Boom'.

    NCT DREAM's third mini album, `` We Boom '', released on July 29, was ranked first in the weekly charts such as Hanteo and GAON's retail album charts, which were released on the 12th.

    NCT DREAM also gained global popularity with this album, ranking first in the iTunes Top Album Chart worldwide in 26 regions and China QQ Music Korea Music Chart Weekly.

    Meanwhile, NCT DREAM will be appearing on MBC's standard FM '아이돌라디오' on 12th and SBS PowerFM '최화정의 파워타임' on 13th.

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    'SUPERSHOW 7' and 'SUPERSHOW 7S' have been recognized! TF Boyz “Expects more cooperation in the future”

    SUPER JUNIOR EUNHYUK was the director of the Chinese idol TFBOYS (加 Fight 少年, The Fighting Boys, TFBOYS Wang JunKai, Wang Yuan, Yi Yang QianXi).

    EUNHYUK was in charge of directing "TFBOYS 「告白THE FEVER」 六周年演唱会"held at Shenzhen Security Gymnasium in Shenzhen, China on August 10 at 7:00 p.m. local time. Participated in the whole process and gave the perfect performance to over 30,000 spectators.

    Since its debut in 2013, TFBOYS is a three-member boy group that has been explosive in the Chinese-speaking world, with more than 73 million followers of individual official account Weibo followers each. Above all, this concert of TFBOYS, which is called the “national brother of China” group, was held in commemoration of the 6th anniversary of TFBOYS's debut.

    TFBOYS announced through Weibo's official account that “EUNHYUK was the director of the TFBOYS 6th Anniversary Concert and made a beautiful performance for us. I look forward to working with you more in the future. ”

    On the other hand, EUNHYUK has directed the stages of SUPER JUNIOR's exclusive concert brands 'SUPERSHOW 7' and 'SUPERSHOW 7S', which has captivated fans with textured cue sheets and ideas.

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    New mini album ‘‘The ReVe Festival’ Day 2’ will be released on August 20!

    Red Velvet (SM) comes back with a new mini album ‘‘The ReVe Festival’ Day 2’, to take over this summer once again.

    Red Velvet's new mini album ‘‘The ReVe Festival’ Day 2’ will be released on August 20 at 6 pm on various music sites including Melon, Flo, Genie, iTunes, Apple Music, Sportify, QQ Music, Kugou Music and Kowo Music. It is expected to be of high interest among global music fans.

    In particular, Red Velvet announced a variety of music activities under the name 'The ReVe Festival' this year, and 'Zimzalabim' announced in June is the iTunes Top Album Chart No. 1 in 28 regions worldwide, No. 1 in the weekly record chart, and music broadcasting. As the festival opened its doors to the 1st place, the summer song with a refreshing charm is also expected.

    Meanwhile, Red Velvet's new mini album ‘‘The ReVe Festival’ Day 2’ will be released on August 20th and will start pre-sale at various on- and off-line recording stores on 12th.

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    Perfect record sold out 20,000 seats! Proven Global Ticket Power!

    ‘K-POP KING’ EXO (SM) has successfully wrapped up their Hong Kong concert.

    ‘EXO PLANET #5 - EXplOration - in HONG KONG’, held at the Asia World Expo on August 11-11, is a Hong Kong concert held by EXO in about a year and two months. The record once again proved EXO's global ticket power and high local popularity.

    In this performance, EXO will be included in their 5th album and repackage album including 'Tempo', 'Love Shot', 'Gravity' and 'Damage', as well as 'Power', 'Monster', 'CALL ME BABY' and '중독' In addition, hit songs such as '으르렁', 'Falling For You', '불공평해', '발자국', etc., performed 23 stages for about 2 hours and 30 minutes to attract the audience.

    In addition, the unit SEHUN & CHANYEOL captivated the audience with 'What a life' with a fantastic chemistry and '부르면 돼' stage. The solo performances of each member, including 'Lights Out', where you can meet your singing powers, and '지나갈 테니', which combines the fascinating performances of SUHO, also received acclaim.

    In addition, the audience filled the audience with passionate performances such as shaking fanlights, cheering, and singing throughout the performance, and slogan event with the Korean phrase 'EXO를 만나는 것이♥ 평생에 사랑이 시작되는 순간이다'. Impressed the members.

    Meanwhile, EXO will host ‘EXO PLANET #5 - EXplOration - in MANILA’ on August 23-24 at the Manila Mall of Asia Arena in the Philippines.

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    Nearly 6 million viewers imminent! NEW Established as a boxer!
    It's salty but funny! LIM YOONA's sympathetic acting “popular”!

    LIM YOONA (Girls' Generation YOONA, SM) heats up the theater with the movie “EXIT”.

    LIM YOONA played the main character 'Uiju' in the movie 'EXIT', which was released on July 31st.

    LIM YOONA's movie 'EXIT' surpassed 1 million in 3 days, 3 million in 6 days, 5 million in 11 days, and received an explosive response. It has recorded 4,978 people and continues its success.

    In particular, LIM YOONA, which was released in January 2017, will continue to lead the audience in every film that appears after the movie “Jointing,” which has mobilized more than 780 million viewers and will become a new successful actor.

    In addition, LIM YOONA's excellent acting transformation, which successfully performed comic acting in this work, is also well received, and LIM YOONA is showing a hot response every day as it perfectly shows the high level action acting.

    In addition, LIM YOONA made a topic in every entertainment program that showed its appeal through cover dance, chase and extraordinary talk, and played a role in promoting the film.

    On the other hand, the movie 'EXIT' is a disaster escape action film that depicts the extraordinary courage and base of Yongnam (Jo Jeong-seok) and Uiju (LIM YOONA) who escape the city covered with toxic gas. Screening

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    From serenade to cooking and games for fans! 'Perfect Date' of 'Perfect Man'!

    CHOI SIWON has successfully wrapped up a solo fan meeting in Jakarta, Indonesia.

    CHOI SIWON received a sensational response by hosting SIWON 1ST FAN MEETING IN JAKARTA “PERFECT DATE” at Balai Sarbini Hall, Jakarta, on the 10th at 4:30 pm local time.

    As it was the first solo fan meeting, CHOI SIWON was able to communicate more closely with the audience according to the title of 'PERFECT DATE', 'Perfect chemistry', which makes Indonesian traditional food, 'Perfect Dish', and the sweet voice. 'Song Song' attracted attention with colorful corners.

    First, 'Perfect Chemistry' is a 'speak in the body' game that describes and fits the words without words, and adds the fun by explaining the words with the rich expressions and gestures unique to CHOI SIWON. In addition, CHOI SIWON has made 'Luzac', a traditional Indonesian fruit salad through the 'Perfect Dish' corner, and increased familiarity with fans.In the 'Perfect Song' section, John Mayer's 'Gravity' and Howie Day's 'Collide' are opened. The year attracted the attention of the audience.

    In addition, this fan meeting was filled with various corners such as SUPER JUNIOR LEETEUK, KYUHYUN, and the time to uncover the secrets of CHOI SIWON that only members know, and Q & A to answer questions asked by CHOI SIWON in advance. .

    Fans responded with a surprise placard event called “THANK YOU FOR THIS PERFECT DATE”.

    On the other hand, CHOI SIWON is loved by viewers as a veteran con artist "양정국" in the KBS2 drama "국민 여러분!"

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    Supporting Socially Alienated Adolescents Through Animal-mediated Healing
    “I wanted to make a meaningful gift.”
    Park Seong Kwang's conceptual activity celebrates his birthday

    Gagman Park Seong Kwang makes a relay donation of 1000000WON per month.

    Park Seong Kwang made a special donation to celebrate August 15, his birthday and the birthday of his companion dog, Kwang Bok. Since Park Seong Kwang and Kwang Bok's birthday is a nationally meaningful day on Liberation Day, it is a donation with good faith.

    Park Seong Kwang donates 1000000WON per month to the ‘둥글개 봉사단’ for a year, along with Pet Sterilization Total Career Avek, a pet household appliance that he is working as a model. The Round Dog Volunteer Corps is an animal mediation volunteer service group that rescues and educates abandoned animals, and heals each other through sympathy with human beings. It will be used to fund animal-mediated care services.

    Park Seong Kwang said, “Thanks to Kwang Bok for his family, I wanted to give a meaningful gift for many seniors.” You can feel it, and I hope that through this animal-mediated healing, the elderly will be able to receive positive energy and find a lively look again. ”

    Lee Woong Jong, general manager of the ‘둥글개 봉사단’, thanked Park Seong Kwang for his support. "Through the donation, we will cherish long-term care for elderly people, disabled friends, and volunteers for the treatment of animal-mediated treatment so that they can grow into healthy members of society."

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    The model Song Hae Na showed her charm in the entertainment program Player.

    In the TVN entertainment “Player,” which aired on the 11th, stationary members Lee Soo Geun, Kim Dong-hyun, Hwang Je Sung, Lee Jin Ho, Lee Yong Jin, and Lee Yi Kyung, including entertainment dream tree model Jung Hyuk, left MT. Jung Hyuk became a character in the pure cartoon unplugged boy and stimulated the viewer's analog sensibility.

    Together, the members headed for the pension, while Song Hae Na, a model and broadcaster who was about to eat with dance and students, appeared as a dance student. When Song Hae Na, Hong Yoon Hwa, Kim So Hye, and SolBin laugh based on the rules of the existing 'Player', the partner next to them will receive water baptism. Hwang Je Sung stopped to laugh at Song Hae Na in a series of laughter of Song Hae Na.

    Song Hae Na's team selected ‘Chef's Specialties’ in a restaurant cooked by Chef Lee Won Il. The bibimbap, the most common item, was tasted, but the sudden dribbling of insert bibimbap ingredients flew into viewers.

    Meanwhile, ‘Player’ is broadcasted simultaneously on XtvN and tvN every Sunday at 6:15 pm.

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