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    Model and broadcaster Kim Jin Kyung will appear on KBS 2TV new drama 'Perfume'.

    'Perfume' is a drama about the miraculous 'Fantasy Romance' of two men and women, and Kim Jin Kyung was cast as Kim Jin Kyung.

    Kim Jin Kyung is a daughter of Min Jae Hee who never missed the first prize in the drama. However, she is suddenly troubled by her model proposal and unfolds her new life. Actually, she is actively working as a model, and she is looking forward to attracting viewers.

    Kim Jin Kyung, model and broadcaster, announced his name through ‘Korea's Next Top model Guys&Girls 3’ program in 2012. Since then, he has been expanding his activities by appearing in the arts and beauty programs such as '정글의 법칙' and '우리 결혼했어요'. Recently, he has been attracting actors through web drama.

    Meanwhile, the drama 'Perfume' starring Kim Jin Kyung is scheduled to air in June.

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    'Great Escape 2', 'Baby Castle', 'Good People'
    Activities not afraid to challenge
    Perfectly digest any role

    Kang Ho Dong shows the power of 'National MC'.

    Kang Ho Dong has been busy running in the first half of 2019. TVN 'Escape 2', E Channel 'Baby Castle', Channel A 'Good People' and a variety of new formats are showing programs.

    Kang Ho Dong is not just about many programs. In TVN Entertainment, 'Escape 2', which is escaping from a huge lock chamber, it not only shows the work ahead of hard work but also finds clues with sharp and sensitive sense unique to athletes.

    On the night of the 11th night at 9:00 pm, the parental entertainment program E Channel 'Baby Castle' has released 10 years of know-how. Kang Ho Dong made the program more abundant by asking questions about his parents' empathy and what he was really looking for as a father.

    On channel A 'Good People,' which watches the internship life of preliminary lawyers who were first broadcasted at 11 pm on the 13th, they will participate as 'Good People Cheerleaders' who will judge the selection of law firms. Kang Ho Dong watches intern lawyers and plays a role in assisting viewers with a unique energy-filled reaction.

    It is difficult to pursue newness without resting on familiarity. In particular, Kang Ho Dong said, "In the big escape, In 'Baby Castle', it brought out the realistic sympathy of the child daddy, In 'Good People', we give passion energy to energize intern lawyers. The program attracts a variety of charms to suit the direction of the program.

    Kang Ho Dong's 'National MC', which adds newness and friendliness, attracts attention.

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    The first solo song 'SSFW' will be released on April 25 at 6 pm!

    EXO CHANYEOL (SM) will be presenting his first official solo song through SM 'STATION' season 3.

    CHANYEOL's solo song 'SSFW' will be released on various music sites such as Melon, FLO, Genie, iTunes, Apple Music, Sporty Pie, QQ Music, KUGOU Music and KUWO Music on April 25 at 6 pm do.

    In particular, the new song 'SSFW' is the first solo song that CHANYEOL announced annually, and it will come in three versions, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese.

    In addition, CHANYEOL has a lot of love with the attractive voice and visual through the EXO activity, he has also been recognized for his musical talents by participating in EXO albums such as 'Love Shot', 'Ko Ko Bop', 'Gravity', 'With You', SEHUN and duet 'We Young' 'Stay With Me', 'Punch' OST with 'Punch', 'Let Me Love You' with Junggigo, Far East Movement 'Freal Luv' etc. As a result of various collaborations proving the power and versatility of the show, the new look to show through this solo song is more hopeful.

    On the other hand, Season 3 of the SM digital sound source channel 'STATION' is receiving favorable reception on Thursday, every other week, by announcing the sound recordings produced by collaboration with various artists, producers and composers.

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    Comic action, melo, extinguished with colorful expressions!
    Dynamic character! 'Choi Si Won can do it'

    ‘국민 여러분!’ Choi Si Won (SUPER JUNIOR SIWON, SM) captivates viewers.

    Choi Si Won was the veteran cheerleader "Yang Jung Kook" who married the police at KBS 2TV drama ‘국민 여러분!’

    Yang Jung Kook is working to send Park Hu Ja (Kim Min Jung) and Kim Joo-myung (Kim Eui-sung) to jail, but Kim Mi-young -young) to give up everything at Park Hu Ja's exposition to reveal that he is a fraudster, and a press conference was held to announce the official run of the National Assembly members.

    Yang Jung Kook chases Park Hu Ja, And of course, you've got a knockout action he showed a colorful view to his wife, and he concentrated his viewers.

    In addition, Kim Mi-young discovered Yang Jung Kook, who walked into the capital office through CCTV, and the confidential face that Yang Jung Kook did not want to be heard until Yang Jung Kook announced his candidacy to the National Assembly soon after the close- I was curious about the next broadcast.

    Choi Si Won is enjoying the response of completing characters with dynamic feelings, sometimes expressing them with passion, expressing them in a lively manner, and completing a dynamic character.

    On the other hand, Choi Si Won's ‘국민 여러분!’ Is a story about the story of a woman who is married to a police officer who is caught up in an incident she does not want and is running for a lawmaker. It is broadcasted on KBS 2TV every Monday and Tuesday night .

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    - Mun Ka Young, "'와이키키2' Works that you can laugh at while watching comfortably"
    - Mun Ka Young, warm and lovely eyes, the next generation first love icon!

    Mun Ka Young who is working as a first love character in '으라차차 와이키키2' boasts a neat beauty and resilience.

    On the 16th, Keyeast, the agency of Mun Ka Young, unveiled Mun Ka Young, who is shooting the picture. On this day, Mun Ka Young digested a pure, neat mood, a gullish, romantic seek concept. Mun Ka Young is a backward man who captivated the hearts of those who see the delicate expressiveness he has accumulated through his various works.

    Mun Ka Young is wearing a silky sky blue slip dress and is showing off his pure beauty. Transparent makeup and a natural wave hairstyle bring out the beauty of nature. Mun Ka Young is glaring eyes.

    Mun Ka Young wearing an oversized check jacket gives a chic yet lovely charm. Even though his eyes were cold, he glanced at the camera lens and made a warm smile.

    Moon Ka Young said in an interview with the photo shoot that the attraction of the JTBC drama "으라차차 와이키키2" starring as Han Soo Yeon is "a work that can be laughed at while watching comfortably".

    And I chose three times as a shooting episode that I remembered. Mun Ka Young fell on a part-time job wearing a huge bear doll, misunderstood as a real bear, and shot down with an anesthetic gun. Mun Ka Young 's cute acting and natu - rtous comedic performances shine and gave a big smile to viewers.

    The JTBC drama '으라차차 와이키키2' will be broadcasted at 9:30 pm on the 16th, starring Kim Sun Ho, Lee Yi Kyung, Shin Hyun Soo, Ahn So Hee and Kim Ye Won.

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    - Kim Dong Wook, 'Cho Jin-gap' There is no giving up in the dictionary! He worked hard to achieve it!
    - Kim Dong Wook, Comics as well as feelings open! 'Acting genius! Kim Dong Wook '

    'Cho Jang Pung' Kim Dong Wook led an audience with an exciting story.

    Kim Dong Wook is an athletic teacher who is called legend Cho Jang Pung in the MBC drama '특별근로관리감독관 Cho Jang Pung', but he plays Cho Jin-gap role as supervisor of labor and gives an impressive performance. It is increasing.

    In Cho Jang Pung, broadcast on the 15th, Cho Jin-gap and Cheon Deok-gu (Kim Kyung-nam) helped each other and the process of revealing Koo Dae-gil (Oh Dae-hwan) as the real president was drawn. Cho Jin-gap was assaulted by Koo Dae-gil, but was released with the help of Ha Ji Man (Lee Won-jong), which led to the suspension of the SangDo company, .

    Kim Dong Wook disguised himself as a homeless person and searched for evidence to investigate the corruption and illegality of the SangDo company and Koo Dae-gil. Kim Dong Wook has focused on action acting, comic acting, and labor supervisor Cho Jin-gap.

    In the scene where Ju Mi Ran (Park Se-young) and divorce are revealed to be due to the justice of Cho Jin-gap, it made people see that they were not divorced because of two people's problems. In Kim Dong Wook's eyes and tone, "Cho Jang Pung" Cho Jin-gap reveals pain and loneliness.

    Kim Dong Wook's success continues to enrich the story with a thrill of excitement and excitement while showing a dark reality.

    In particular, Kim Dong Wook's acting stood out in the scene of finding illegal items by searching for workplaces. Kim Dong Wook's precise dialogue and facial expression stimulated the viewer's catharsis. Viewers raised the voice of cheering.

    On the other hand, MBC drama '특별근로감독관 Cho Jang Pung' 7, 8 times of MBC drama which recorded the ratings increase from 4.3-5.2% in last 3 times to 4.3-5.3% in 5 times -6 times 4.3-5.3% will be broadcast at 10:00 pm on the 16th .

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    - April 'Shuffling', Retro Sound + Straight Lyrics by YoonJongShin
    - 〈Monthly YoonJongShin〉 April ~ June announced new songs + 2 remake songs! April remake is Jang Beom June!

    Singer Yoon JongShin's monthly music project 〈Monthly YoonJongShin〉 April "Shuffling" will be released on the 16th.

    'Shuffling' is a genuinely add-on song of life on a retro sound, written by YoonJongShin and composed by ONEO. When we were next, we did not know what was important, but after all was over, we realized our mistakes and regret our hearts.

    YoonJongShin said, "I regret some choices of the past because I am old enough to look back over the past years. It will be like this, I will do that kind of thing, I do not think it is a negative feeling at all. The fact that I feel sorry for the past means that I look into myself now and look forward to the future. "

    "Maybe" regret "is the emotion connected with the attachment to life and the emotions that prove the process of growth. If you do not regret it will not grow," he said. "Perhaps we will regret the moment of death, It will mean growing until you die. "

    YoonJongShin, who was deeply impressed with the demo songs of ONEO in 2013, worked with him in this April issue. The soft melody of 'ONEO', which is soft but never light or unconventional, will be released at 6 pm on each music source site at 6 pm on April 4, with the lyrics of YoonJongShin added to the mood of sadness.

    On the other hand, YoonJongShin announces two songs each month through 〈Monthly YoonJongShin〉 in April ~ June. Jang Beom June, TAEYEON, and URBAN ZAKAPA are participating in the 〈Monthly YoonJongShin〉 X Beanpole music project "이제 서른" remake songs in order.

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    A special time to meet fans!
    April 17, 3 pm Fan-club Pre-sales, 5 pm Public sales open!

    EXO XIUMIN (SM) has a special time with his fans as a solo fan meeting.

    XIUMIN's will be holding a solo fan meeting 'Xiuweet Time' on May 4 at 6:00 pm, so fans are expected to receive a warm welcome.

    Particularly, this fan meeting is expected to attract high interest because it can meet XIUMIN's first ever solo fan meeting and XIUMIN's new sides with charming appearance.

    Ticket booking for this fan meeting will be conducted through YES 24 on the Internet reservation site. Fan-club Pre-sales will be open at 3 pm on April 17 and public sales will open at 5 pm.

    On the other hand, 'Heart 4 U' XIUMIN which can meet various daily scenes of XIUMIN every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 7 pm NAVER TV and V LIVE (V App) 'Heart 4 U - mySMTelevision' channel has been released and is getting a good response.

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    The new mini album 'DANGER' is also hot! ITunes is ranked number one in six regions worldwide!

    SUPER JUNIOR-D&E's first solo concert in Korea was completed successfully.

    "SUPER JUNIOR-D&E CONCERT ‘THE D&E’" from April 13th to April 14th attracted a total of 7,000 spectators by recording a spectacular stage performance, sensational performances, and dazzling performances of DONGHAE and EUNHYUK. .

    On this day, SUPER JUNIOR-D&E will showcase charismatic choreography with the title song 'DANGER' of the third mini album 'Danger', and 'Watch out', 'Gloomy', 'Jungle', 'Sunrise', ‘If You’ The stage was also open for the first time and the venue was hot.

    In addition, SUPER JUNIOR-D&E appeared in the audience with a water gun at the exciting summer song "Dancing Out" of SUPER JUNIOR's original song, and was closely connected with the fans. In MOTORCYCLE, the title song of Fast Bit's first full-length album in Japan, And the upgraded EUNHYUK 's stage production.

    In addition, the first mini album 'Growing Pains' and songs 'Sweater & Jeans', '1 + 1 = LOVE', the second mini album ''Bout you' and 'I love it', 'Evanesce II', ‘Victory‘ SUPER JUNIOR-D&E's colorful solo songs such as 'Here We Are', 'Hot Babe', 'Take It Slow', DONGHAE solo song 'Lost', EUNHYUK solo song 'Illusion (Obsessed)' It attracted a total of 24 songs to meet the charm and cheered.

    SUPER JUNIOR-D&E, filled with 180 minutes in various shapes, "It was the first solo concert in Korea. You were so good that you were able to stand on stage. I really appreciate it and will continue to work hard in the future." The fans are "내가 찾던 사람 바로 너희야", "몇 번의 내일이 와도 변함없이 사랑할게" responded to the placard event and produced a warm-hearted scene.

    In addition, the new album 'DANGER', released on April 14 at 6 pm, will be available at six o'clock locations around the world, including Hong Kong, Macao, Malta, Oman, Saudi Arabia and Trinidad and Tobago, It has once again confirmed the high interest of global music fans.

    On the other hand, the third mini album 'DANGER' which can meet the deeper music world of SUPER JUNIOR-D&E is currently available on various online and offline music sites.

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    On June 5, Japan's first mini-album 'VOICE' was released! Focus on the first release of the new song stage!

    Girls' Generation TAEYEON successfully kicked off her first Japanese solo tour.

    'TAEYEON JAPAN TOUR 2019 ~ Signal ~' was TAEYEON's first solo concert tour in Japan, and it attracted the attention of local fans. The 6 performances were all sold out and the 4 performances , And the performance of TAEYEON is performed again with 7 performances in total.

    The Fukuoka performance was held in Fukuoka Sun Palace on the 13th and attracted audiences with a variety of stages to meet TAEYEON's fantastic live performances and performances.

    In this performance TAEYEON recently released the charts for the first time in Japan, including 'Four Seasons', 'Something New', 'Rain', 'Stay', 'I'm The Greatest' 21 songs, explosive cheers with rich music and charm gained.

    Japan's first mini-album 'VOICE', scheduled for release on June 5, from title song 'VOICE' to 'HORIZON', 'SIGNAL' etc. TAEYEON 's fascinating voices can enjoy the first six new songs have been enthusiastic audience.

    On the other hand, TAEYEON will hold 'TAEYEON JAPAN TOUR 2019 ~ Signal ~' in Osaka from April 22 to 23.

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