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    "How many times are you going against a man?"
    DOH KYUNG SOO gets all the attention to audience rating

    DOH KYUNG SOO (EXO D.O., SM) captivated the audience with a strong ending.

    Kim Cha-eon (Cho Sung Ha) appeared in front of Won Deuk (DOH KYUNG SOO), a TVN drama ‘백일의 낭군님’ broadcasted on October 15, It looks like it will be, "crown prince.

    Especially, the appearance of Kim Cha-eon was confirmed when Won Deuk and Hong Shim (Nam Ji Hyun) checked each other's heart and waited for Mu Yeon (Kim Jae Young), Hong Shim's brother-in-law, It was enough to amplify the curiosity of the next session to the maximum.

    DOH KYUNG SOO has been acclaimed for his sweet and sometimes romantic Won Deuk romance, and he has been acclaimed for his role in the romantic comedy King. In addition, Won Deuk And the Crown Prince Lee Yul, and is leading a warm response.

    In addition, Won Deuk told Hong Shim that "I laugh because you are pretty", "It seems more regretting to leave your side", etc., and the audience is thrilled with the ambassadors, and AeWol (Han Ji Eun) Hoon, I'm the body with the owner. "Like Won Deuk's ambassador," DO YOU HAVE TO KNOW ONE BUSINESS ", all the viewers have fallen in love with DOH KYUNG SOO.

    On the other hand, DOH KYUNG SOO ranked No. 1 in the casting section of the TV episode in the TV episode drama category announced by GOOD DATA CORPORATION, followed by an average of 10.1% 12.1% (paid platforms nationwide, provided by Nielsen Korea), and confirmed its popularity again by keeping the top spot for all channel drama including terrestrial channels.

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    15일부터 서울디자인재단이 주최하는 2019 S/S 헤라서울패션위크가 열린다. 국내 최정상 디자이너와 모델들이 참여하는 패션 행사인 만큼 모든 패션 피플들의 이목을 집중 시키고 있는 가운데, 에스팀 소속 모델 현우석, 김은서, 김진곤, 김다영, 선혜영이 이번 시즌 기대주로 떠올랐다.

    지난해 ‘에스팀 X 쎄씨 캐스팅 라이브’ 우승을 통해 모델로 데뷔한 김은서는 동양적 외모와 도화지 같은 얼굴로 다수의 매거진과 패션쇼에 올라 핫 루키로 주목 받고 있다. 이번 시즌은 두 번째 무대임에도 불구하고 주요 쇼 다수에 캐스팅되며 앞으로의 성장세를 예고했다.

    모델 현우석은 훈훈한 외모와 비주얼로 브랜드 룩북, 매거진 등 수많은 매체에서 러브콜을 받고 있는 신인모델이다. 아직은 앳된 얼굴이지만 런웨이에서는 카리스마 있는 반전 모습으로 강렬한 존재감을 드러내고 있다. 이번 시즌에는 더 성장한 남성다운 모습을 드러낼 예정이라고.

    MBC ‘나 혼자 산다’를 통해 개성 있는 페이스로 주목을 이끈 모델 김다영은 지난 달 진행된 박승건 디자이너의 ‘푸시버튼’ 런던 컬렉션을 통해 글로벌 모델로 첫 발을 내딛었다. 글로벌 모델로서 역량을 입증한 만큼 이번 서울패션위크에서는 어떤 강렬한 모습을 보일지 많은 관심을 모으고 있다.

    김진곤 역시 ‘나 혼자 산다’를 통해 짧지만 굵은 존재감으로 많은 대중들에게 얼굴을 알렸다. 이번 서울패션위크가 런웨이 첫 데뷔 무대이지만, 박나래의 픽을 받은 만큼 서울패션위크 속에서도 당찬 모습을 보여줄 예정. 또한 벌써부터 팬들의 응원이 쇄도하고 있다고.

    배우 김고은과 닮은 꼴로 화제 된 바 있는 모델 선혜영은 선배 모델들과 견주어도 손색없는 카리스마로 이번 시즌 디자이너들의 마음을 사로잡았다. 이번 시즌 서울패션위크도 시크하면서도 강렬한 눈빛 카리스마로 관객들을 압도할 예정이다.

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    KBS coolFM 'Kim Seung Woo, Jang Hang Joon's Mr. Radio' appeared as a special guest!
    From 'Comedian Park Sung Kwang' to 'Actor Park Sung Kwang'
    It was a colorful story.

    Park Sung Kwang appeared as a radio guest. The audio alone gave me a sense of joy.

    Park Sung Kwang who appeared as guest on KBS coolFM 'Kim Seung Woo Jang Hang Joon' s Mr. Radio on the 13th broadcasted a story about his own modifier from 'comedian' to 'movie'.

    On this day, Park Sung Kwang came up with a distinctive vivid voice, shouting his trademark "Happy Smile." Then, at the request of the host, Park Sung Kwang brought up the atmosphere with his own buzzword medley. did.

    Since then, Park Sung Kwang has passed the first prize in the KBS comedian debts test. He has passed away from the standing gag stage to present his daily life challenging entertainments, I got it.

    Especially, from the story that started the film production which was a vague dream for the time, when we talked about the movie which we made, Kim Seung Woo commented that "Park Sung Kwang's eyes changed, I could feel the extraordinary enthusiasm.

    Park Sung Kwang has filled up a lot of his time as a guest, conveying his colorful interests to the story of 'comedian' that many people know and 'filmmaker' who came up with different charm. Park Sung Kwang, who has been working hard all along, is expecting and interested in what kind of program he will enjoy in the future.

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    'Businessman with great contribution to the country's economic development' 6th place, 'Best CEO that university students think' 10th place!
    "LEESOOMAN, the pioneer of K-POP industrialization, has made SM the top entertainment agency in Korea."
    "All idol groups were influenced by LEESOOMAN president"

    SM Entertainment's LEESOOMAN executive producer made it to the 4th place in '2018 Businessman with great leadership'.

    LEESOOMAN executive producer, Insight Korea, recently launched its 21st anniversary in a survey of 500 college students in the '2018 Businessman with great leadership' 4th place, 'Businessman with great contribution to the country's economic development' Lee Jae-yong, vice chairman of Samsung Electronics, Koo Kwang Mo, chairman of LG, chairman of Hyundai Motor Group. Jung Mong Koo, etc.

    Insight Korea refers to the results of the survey, "LEESOOMAN president is called 'culture president'. He was a singer, but with great business minds and driving force, he led the Korean wave craze all over the world. "He confirmed once again the status of LEESOOMAN general producer.

    In addition, "LEESOOMAN is regarded as a person who changed music into music that hears domestic music market. There is CT (Culture Technology) in SM. CT has become a company that produces cultural products and exports its culture by executing cultural factor export - local cooperation - world collaboration, which is the third stage of CT strategy as its management strategy. SM has exceeded the market cap of KRW 1 trillion since it was listed in July 2012. "He has highly appreciated the achievements of LEESOOMAN general producer.

    LEESOOMAN, the pioneer of K-POP industrialization, was ranked 10th. LEESOOMAN, the leading producer of K-POP, Since the 1990s, he has made H.O.T., S.E.S., Shinhwa, and BoA one hit in a row, making SM the top entertainment agency in Korea. It is safe to say that all of the following idol groups have been directly or indirectly influenced by LEESOOMAN. "

    Meanwhile, LEESOOMAN SM executive producer is the 'Best Management Award' of 2018 Hanchon Management, co-hosted by the Korea Marketing Association and China's representative media company. 2017 The most influential business leader of the world, 'Variety' ', And the' 2016 Asia Game Changer Awards' awarded by the 'Asia Society' in the US in 2016.

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    Chinese music charts also ranked # 1! Extreme power proven!

    NCT 127 (SM) climbed to No. 1 on weekly charts with his first regular album 'NCT # 127 Regular-Irregular'.
    NCT # 127 Regular-Irregular, released on October 12th, is the first weekly album on the chart charts such as Hanteo Chart, Synnara Record, HOTTRACKS and Kyobo Book Center. I once again confirmed the hot interest.
    In addition, not only the title song 'Regular' in the Korean music chart of the famous music site of China, but also the song of 'City 127' and 'Replay' (PM 01:27) I realized the power of the NCT 127, which has become very popular in China.
    This album is composed of 11 tracks of various genres including the addictive 'Latin Trap' title track 'Regular', and has proved its global popularity by ranking 1st in 22 countries in the total album chart of iTunes .
    Meanwhile, NCT 127 will be on SBS MTV 'THE SHOW' on October 16 and MBC MUSIC 'SHOW on October 17! CHAMPION 'and other music programs to show off his new song' Regular '.

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    Jung Soo Jung, the acting pot! I've done everything from hilarious charm to tidy emotions.
    Viewers are very popular with cool and cool characters even if they just watch!

    Jung Soo Jung (f (x) KRYSTAR, SM) was born as the youngest of the real Player team.

    Jung Soo Jung is playing the role of the best driver Cha Ah Ryung in the OCN drama 'Player', which depicts the story of the criminal profit-returning team who picks up only the bad guys.

    In the episode which was broadcast on October 14, we went to save Byun Young Ji (Park Eun Woo) caught by the hostage. Cha Ah Ryung was in crisis, and Kang Ha Ri (Song Seung Heon), Lim Byung Min (Lee Si Eon) Do Jin Woong (Tae Won Suk) sought and the process of 'Player' 4 people becoming truly one team was drawn.

    In addition, Cha Ah Ryung succeeded in catching Baek Sun (Park Sun Woo), who was imprisoned with his brilliant and persistent driving skills at full speed on the slope of the mountain, giving viewers excitement.

    Jung Soo Jung of Cha Ah Ryung's role is not only a caricature, a tacky action, but also expresses the delicate feelings that are grateful to the team members who have always reached out to her, .

    'Player' is a money steal action drama which is broadcasted every Saturday and Sunday at 10:20 pm. It is a money steal action drama that attracts the best experts in each field illegally collected money.

    - Google translation.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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    Girls' Generation-Oh!GG's Trip to South France SELFIE BOOK Released on October 31!

    Girls' Generation-Oh!GG (SM) reality program 'Girl Forest' unveils a happy picnic day this week.

    Girls' Generation-Oh!GG's Healing Trip 'Girl Forest' is broadcasted every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 11:00 am on Naver TV and on TV every Saturday night at 11:00 pm on JTBC 2 It captures the attention of viewers.
    In 'Girl Forest' which is broadcasted from 15th to 19th October, Episode of Girls' Generation-Oh!GG, a picnic picnic near Antibes in Southern France, will be held and meet the healing time of members enjoying beautiful scenery and relaxed atmosphere at Mougins I can count on it.

    In the second course, the members who went to Nice sightseeing tour take a memorial picture in front of the formative scenery which is a SNS certified shot, and take a leisure time such as strolling on the beach, and make an affordable tour for 100 Euros under the guidance of YOONA In the limited amount of money, it is more likely than ever to find a way to shop for shopping.

    Girls' Generation-Oh!GG is also expected to be released on October 31th, so fans are expecting a good response as the mini photo book 'SELFIE BOOK: Girls' Generation-Oh! .

    In this SELFIE BOOK, you will be able to make reservation purchases through various online and offline purchase places.

    - Google translation.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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    Passionless, endless challenge
    Different master classes
    'Kim Byoung Man = Challenge' showed the challenge itself.
    A master of 'master'

    Kim Byoung Man received the attention of the anbang theater as a 'real master'.

    Kim Byoung Man, who owns numerous credits and has won numerous titles in the jungle life for many years, started as a master in SBS 'Master in the House', starting with the masterpiece of KBS 'Gag Concert' He showed blood, sweat, effort without any hesitation and showed class challenging life.

    In last week's "Master in the House," Kim Byoung Man revealed that his last dream was to "travel the world with a direct flight," revealing that he was preparing flight pilots. I have been studying for the past year to pick up the related qualifications, and I feel his sweat and effort in the book and book collection.

    He then appeared on the airfield with the members and had a preliminary briefing on the day before the exercise, wearing a pilot uniform. His full-vocabulary, somewhat nervous form showed how sincere he was dreaming of the pilot, and the Master in the House members were amazed that they were just amazing.

    Kim Byoung Man, who climbed on the airplane, took a serious look at the passenger safety explanation. He slowly touched the devices one by one to steer the airplane and showed off the wonderful 'Master Kim Byoung Man'.

    After a successful flight, Kim Byoung Man said, "I am nervous about finding a dream, but it is fun and exciting every day. Even clouds in the sky remind me of an airplane. That's why I live. "I was overwhelmed with the testimony, and it seemed to be more valuable because it was preceded by countless repetitions and reviews.

    Kim Byoung Man's masterless mastery of the Master in the House, which was revealed through 'Master in the House', was a big challenge for the viewers and the record for top ratings was Kim Byoung Man The significance of the challenge we have shown has once again shone.

    - Google translation.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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    - YoonJongShin Lyrics -YoonJongShin, SongSungKyung Composition, 80s-specific narration and sensation
    - YoonJongShin, BUSAN starts on the 10th of the month, and the national tour concert "계절은 너에게 배웠어"

    Singer Yoon JongShin's monthly music project 'Night Drive' will be released on the sound source site at noon on the 15th.

    October's 'Night Drive' is YoonJongShin's drive music, featuring the excitement and excitement of a man leaving his drive with a favorite person. It was written by YoonJongShin and composed by YoonJongShin and SongSungKyung.

    'Night Drive' paints the song of the 80's distinctive narration and sense all in pink. YoonJongShin wanted to restore the 80s through this song, the romance that the era created.

    I was so proud of my driving skills to my beloved, and the fact that he believed me and followed me and that he was touched by a man's heart and touched the heart of youth, drive, love and travel, .

    YoonJongShin said, "I still do not know if this romanization is still valid. I think that it is not so important for younger friends to buy a car and drive a person who likes it as before. "However, for the middle-aged and elderly people who have passed through similar times, they become adults, have a car, I will remember that the process of running with my favorite person was a romantic manifestation of those days. "

    "You'll find out what I wanted to express even if I thought I was the last song of this song." "Night" is in the title, but when I drive, I hope you will. "

    On the other hand, YoonJongShin will hold a nationwide tour concert "계절은 너에게 배웠어" at SEONGNAM, GIMHAE, INCHEON, SEOUL, DAEGU, ULSAN etc.

    - Google translation.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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    Asian singers only rank! Prove to be a global teen champion!
    Billboard "K-pop system is causing waves", "power is getting stronger" Attention!

    Global teen champion NCT DREAM (SM) has been selected as "21 Under 21 2018: Music's Next Generation" by US Billboard.

    NCT DREAM was the only Asian singer to be named "21 Under 21 2018: Music's Next Generation," which Billboard published on its website on Oct. 12 (local time).

    This year's '21 Under 21 2018: Music's Next Generation 'is a program for Billboard writers and reporters who will be using 218 or younger artists around the world for their 21st- NCT DREAM is a list of top 21 teams that have compiled all the scores for the last 12 months, including indicators, industrial references, and career stability. NCT DREAM is a well-known overseas pop star such as Shawn Mendes, Khalid, And confirmed again as a next-generation K-POP leader.

    Especially, Billboard commented on NCT DREAM: "This boy band, which debuted in 2016, caused a stir in the K-POP system with retro hip-hop and punk-style dance pop music. They debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard World Digital Songs chart with the first of the songs released to date, Chewing Gum, and the power is getting stronger. "

    Meanwhile, NCT DREAM received a hot response to the top two music charts in Korea and abroad with its second mini album 'We Go Up' released in September. The NCT DREAM show, including the music variety show 'NCT DREAM SHOW' The team is down.

    - Google translation.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​