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    -From '들었다 놨다' to 'ROMANTIC', 1st Band Live, B tv and YouTube Cakepop released on 15th
    -'Daybreak Fan' Kim Eana, "We'll Love Daybreak?" Self-Friendly Reaction
    -Kim Hee Chul's dazzling band playing and sweet voice!

    The band Daybreak brings viewers to a selection of songs and live stages that are full of love.

    Daybreak, the third guest of '스튜디오 음악당' broadcasted on B tv on the 15th, reveals the love experiences of members on the theme of 'Love Technology' and also sets the live stage with a selection of love.

    Daybreak's sweet stage such as the representative song '들었다 놨다' and '꽃길만 걷게 해줄게' and the new song 'ROMANTIC' are expected to be released.

    In addition, a witty song interpretation based on the experiences of all married members is released, while vocal Lee Won Suk said, “We have a unique love stick among members,” and we are going to expose members who have a secret of 100% love odds. Is being added.

    On the other hand, MC Kim Eana, already well known as a daybreak fan, was so devoted to taking care of all the introductions, as well as "I'm so excited about it today" at the end of the live stage. "Exhibited affection.

    The 스튜디오 음악당, previously starred by EXO CHEN and Yoon Jong Shin as a guest, is a high-quality music talk show created by MYSTIC STORY and SK Telecom's FLO. You can watch live performances of gorgeous guests every week at home.

    '스튜디오 음악당' is broadcasted daily on channels B tv 800 (13:00, 21:00) and 50 (14:00, 22:00) and then uploaded to YouTube 'CAKE POP' and the official SNS channel.

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    -From Son Dam Bi, Oh Jung Se to Kim Ji Suk… "Meercat" you won't miss once you bite
    -Son Dam Bi, Hyang Mi itself! Popular with mysterious acting

    '동백꽃 필 무렵' the fact bomber Son Dam Bi was named `` the threat terminator. ''

    Son Dam Bi, who played the role of Hyang Mi in the KBS 2TV drama '동백꽃 필 무렵' is fully immersing in the drama by digesting the characters with two faces.

    Hyang Mi, depicting Jong Ryul (Kim Ji Suk) and Kyu Tae (Oh Jung Se), was squeezed on the 9th and 10th broadcast of Camellia. Hyang Mi, who wanted to go to Copenhagen with 100 million won, was no longer blind.

    Ja-young (Yum Hye-ran), who saw Kyu Tae's card details, appeared at the motel and saw himself, but he did not doubt Hyang Mi. “I lived here. I didn't have a house and my boyfriend cut it off. ” Nevertheless, Ja-young didn't notice at all, “I think I'm out of it. I want to be more crooked, ”he said.

    Hyang Mi, who received the ticket price from Kyu Tae, confessed that he met Ja-young, and made Kyu Tae stunned again, giving a grin. I asked Jong Ryul for a phone number that had a picture to send, but it was ignored. How hungry, ”revealed his intense ambition to Copenhagen, raising questions about Hyang Mi's obsession with Copenhagen.

    Son Dam Bi is perfect in his role as Hyang Mi, who captures the secret of the opponent with extraordinary observation and feeling and uses it to his advantage. In particular, Son Dam Bi's acting is characterized by subtle facial expressions and emotional changes that inject a mysterious atmosphere into a persistent character that is never missed once asked.

    Son Dam Bi is changing from new stealer to key player. The viewers are interested in how Son Dam Bi will change the flow of the play while the opponent has been playing the game.

    Meanwhile, KBS 2TV '동백꽃 필 무렵', which keeps its highest audience rating every day and firmly secures the top spot in the same time zone, is broadcast every Wednesday and Thursday at 10:00 pm, including Son Dam Bi, Gong Hyo Jin, Gang Ha Neul , Kim Ji Suk and others.

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    -Yoon Jong-shin "Citypop written 2 years ago, Miyu recommended to record this year ... sing well"
    -'내 타입', postponed due to deterioration of Korea-Japan relationship ... Yoon, "Miyu dream support"

    Takeuchi Miyu was the most protagonist of the October issue of 〈Monthly YoonJongShin〉 music project.

    Takeuchi Miyu appeared in Mnet 'Produce 48' last year and entered the final, and was loved by domestic fans.

    YoonJongShin said, "This song was made two years ago when I wrote Citipop a lot. I actually recorded it so hard to practice our words, and above all, he sang well. ”

    The October issue '내 타입' is a confession featuring a female speaker, working with the sensibilities of songs such as Kang Soo-ji's 'purple fragrance' in mind. Careful for it.

    '내 타입' was originally scheduled to be released in July, but was temporarily delayed due to fears that the song might not be evaluated as the song itself, as the relationship between Japan and Japan deteriorated at that time.

    YoonJongShin said, “If you look back, I thought I was too cautious, but at the time of the release, the atmosphere wasn't like that.” I want to cheer on that dream. ”

    `` 내 타입 '', which is called by Takeuchi Miyu, will be released on each music site at 6 pm on the 16th.

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    “The fans waited all night to see SuperM!”
    Overwhelming performance “Jopping” stage, attracting local attention with pleasant talk !!

    SuperM (SM) made a successful broadcast debut on the NBC talk show 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show'.

    SuperM appeared on the popular program “The Ellen Show,” which aired last afternoon (local time) and captivated viewers across the country with an overwhelming performance on the first mini album title song “Jopping”.

    Ellen DeGeneres, a famous comedian and actor who hosts The Ellen Show, said, “A super group of Korean pop stars, called 'K-Pop Avengers'.” But I know they are already very successful. The fans waited all night to see the SuperM. ”

    When the ‘Jopping’ stage began, the audience enjoyed with tremendous cheers, and SuperM provided an intense stage with an overwhelming performance that made the scene even hotter.

    In the talks that followed the stage, SuperM introduced a meaning of the title song 'Jopping' through action and taught Ellen, leading a delightful atmosphere with Ellen's action to protect gorillas and endangered wildlife. Also donated to the non-profit The Ellen Fund.

    In addition, SuperM not only showed 'Jopping', which was released on the day, but also 'I Can't Stand The Rain' stage, which attracted the audience's attention. Was released through.

    In addition, as 'The Ellen Show' is SuperM's first broadcasting stage, SOOMANLEE general producer also visited the recording site to encourage members, watch the rehearsals, and give detailed advice on the stage.

    Meanwhile, SuperM will be hosting 'We Are The Future Live' performances in November to introduce fans through major North American cities such as Texas, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Seattle and Vancouver, Canada.

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    Single, OST, and 2019 perfect hit activity notice!

    ‘Guaranteed vocalist’ Girls' Generation TAEYEON (SM) makes a comeback with her 2nd full-length album ‘Purpose’.

    TAEYEON's 2nd album 'Purpose' will be released on October 22 at 6 pm through various music sites such as Melon, Flo, Genie, iTunes, Apple Music, Sportify, QQ Music, Kugou Music and Kowo Music. High interest from music fans is expected.

    In particular, this album name 'Purpose' means that music is one of the most important life directions and goals for TAEYEON, and it consists of 12 new songs, 12 singles, 'Four Seasons' and 'Blue'. It is enough to meet TAEYEON's rich musical sensibility and rich vocal appeal.

    In addition, TAEYEON is gaining global popularity through Girls' Generation activities, and as a solo singer, won the top domestic and international music charts for every song released such as ‘I’, ‘Rain’, ‘Why’, ’Fine’. As much love has been received, the attention will be focused on this comeback.

    In addition, TAEYEON proved the Queen's status as a single hit in March this year with single 'Four Seasons' and July 'Hotel DeLuna' OST '그대라는 시', and recently appeared in the JTBC music entertainment program 'Begin Again3'. In Edo again, she shows her face as a versatile vocalist who perfectly digests music of various genres, and the music to be heard through the new album is more exciting.

    Meanwhile, TAEYEON's 2nd album 'Purpose' will be released on October 23rd and will begin pre-sale at various online recording stores on 10th.

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    EXO CHEN (SM) has topped the Gaon album chart.

    CHEN's second mini album `` Dear my dear, '' released on the 1st, rose to the top of the Gaon Album Comprehensive Chart (September 29-October 5) released on the 10th and realized CHEN's solo power.

    In addition, the album is ranked weekly in the domestic music charts such as Hanteo Chart, Synnara Record, Kyobo Book Center, and HOTTRACKS, as well as the iTunes Top Album Chart. It ranks first and is highly popular.

    This album includes six titles of the retro pop genre, 'Shall we?', 'My dear', 'Amaranth', 'Hold you tight', 'You never know' and 'Good night'. It's enough to meet your mature musical sensibility.

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    The choreography video of SUPER JUNIOR's 9th regular title song “SUPER Clap” is gathering a lot of attention.

    “SUPER JUNIOR 'SUPER Clap' Motion Graphics Dance Video #Spoiler” video uploaded on YouTube SMTOWN channel and SUPER JUNIOR's official SNS on June 9th, focused on global fans with choreography video unpublished new song 'SUPER Clap'. This video adds the fun to the graphics with the impactful choreography of the point like the song title.

    The new album title song 'SUPER Clap' is a bright and exciting pop dance song with uptempo rhythm. The sound of the clap and brass is added to the beat quickly, so you can feel the cheerful atmosphere of SUPER JUNIOR.

    In addition, SUPER JUNIOR will also open a second teaser video of SUPER Clap on YouTube SMTOWN channel and NAVER TV SMTOWN channel at 6 pm on the 10th.

    On the other hand, SUPER JUNIOR releases their 9th album 'Time_Slip' on October 14th and finds their fans by NAVER V LIVE live at 10 pm on the comeback day.

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    Kim Kwan Soo, ‘Ban Hea Young’ Role Casting
    ‘Chic vs naughty’
    Reverse character will be featured
    Steady growth of “web drama actress”

    Kim Kwan Soo was cast in the web drama “연남동 키스신”.

    '연남동 키스신', a web drama produced by Lifetime Channel, is a romantic comedy mystery about the love story of youths.

    Kim Kwan Soo played Ban Hea Young as the main character of the play, and he is expected to give off his charm as a reversal character with a handsome appearance and chic and cold appearance, but without any mischief.

    Kim Kwan Soo took on the role of new employee 'No Ji Won' in KBS '회사 가기 싫어' and was noted for his stable acting ability and clean and compliant appearance.

    In addition, Kim Kwan Soo, who has increased her awareness by appearing in various web dramas such as '오지는 녀석들', '소소한 오후의 도시', '시작은 키스', and '옐로우 시즌1', is also known as '연남동 키스신'. As he anticipates one performance, his expectations and interests remain different.

    Meanwhile, the web drama ‘연남동 키스신’ will be released through digital channels such as YouTube in mid-November.

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    Stephanie, how did you get a marriage confession from a man?

    Stephanie, “Age difference doesn't matter.”
    Already speaking with a 5 year old?
    So You, “I think two guys like me”
    Doctors and Lawyers “My Heart Only So You!” Why?

    KBS 2TV '썸바이벌 1+1 – 취향대로 산다' will be broadcasted on September 9, featuring representatives from the entertainment industry, solo girls Stephanie, Park So Young, Kisum and So You.

    Stephanie, who appeared on the day, was shy and stuttering in front of the men, unlike her usual appearance. But for the moment, she was applauded by men for her graceful ballet barefoot.
    Stephanie said, “If a man doesn't appeal first, it doesn't go easy.” But Stephanie's behavior was different in front of the man she liked. She began to express her mind.

    Two people with similar tastes got deeper and even the man said, “I'll be cooking with my apron. Should I have coffee? ”He suddenly confessed. Kim Hee Chul, who was watching this, said, “They are already talking.” Lee Soo Geun said, “Are you not too polite?” And laughed.

    On that day, So You showed confidence. The man who was a doctor expressed his heart to So You. When Kim Hee Chul asked if anyone was interested in So You, he said, “If a doctor loves surfing, he might be connected later.” said.
    So You's confidence was based on the fact that a lawyer's man showed interest in So You. Lee Soo Geun said, “So You want to date is surfing. Let's go together (if not) ~ "and told the man," If the woman is good, learn everything. " Lee Soo Geun suddenly turned to the camera and said, “Listen to Korean men and women. This is the right answer. ”

    Lee Soo Geun's tip, “I wanted to be a couple with So You,” said more and more. But So You said, “I'm worried about two men,” and the man said, “Then choose me.”

    The results of the two men's fierce nerve wars surrounding So You can be confirmed on KBS 2TV ‘썸바이벌 1+1’ on Wednesday night at 11:10 pm.

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    -Shin Yun Seob starts acting with '연애미수i'! Expectation of birth
    -Shin Yun Seob, ‘연애 미수’ Lee Si Eon's role-casting!

    Shin Yun Seob from KEYEAST debuts with 연애미수.

    Shin Yun Seob's debut ‘연애미수’ is the first web drama to surpass 100 million views, and is a spin-off version of `` All-time Love Crush. '' This film portrays the unrequited love story of youths who have committed love a lot but have always tried.

    Lee Si Eon, who is in charge of Shin Yun Seob, is a rich son who has everything in appearance, physical and clever hair. Lee Si Eon becomes more nasty when his friend Gang Pa Rang (Shin Sang-yeon) confesses to Lee Si-won (Yang Hye-ji). Yet Lee Si Eon takes care of Gang Pa Rang behind him and shows the reverse side. Shin Yun Seob will naturally penetrate these Lee Si Eon characters and capture the hearts of female viewers.

    Shin Yun Seob is a rookie with a handsome face and big keys. While preparing for his debut after signing an exclusive contract with KEYEAST, he is a male protagonist of '연애미수'.

    KEYEAST will introduce “Shin Yun Seob is a rookie with a handsome face and various charms” and will greet viewers with a passion for image and acting that matches the character. I look forward to seeing and supporting Shin Yun Seob with great potential. ”

    On the other hand, the web drama '연애미수', which is expected to co-produce with WHYNOT MEDIA and MBC, will be released on NAVER Vlive and NAVER TV with Shin Yun Seob, Son Sang Yeon, Yang Hye Ji and Cho Ki Sung. . MBC broadcasts '연애미수' every Friday from November 1 through 12:50 on the Studio D slot. ‘콬 TV’ Channel Youtube and Facebook will release ``연애미수'' every Friday and Saturday at 6pm starting November 8th.

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