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    December 6, Day 12 ‘I’m not over you’+’Drunk in the morning’ MV teaser video release! "Sensitivity explosion"

    RYEOWOOK, who returned to his new album 'Drunk on love' in three years, will show off his emotional ballad in two music videos.

    RYEOWOOK is a music video teaser video that compiles the second mini-album title song "I'm not over you" and "Drunk in the morning" on the YouTube SMTOWN channel and Naver TV SMTOWN channel on December 6th, Is expected to release a hot response from music fans.

    The title song 'I'm not over you', which is full of emotional piano melodies and RYEOWOOK's clever voice, reminds me of a movie about lyrics written after a lot of thoughts coming in after separation, including 'Drunk in the morning The song 'Drunk on love' was completed by combining the lyrics of the two songs with the music video content.

    In addition, the new album features the authentic R & B POP 'One and Only', which features a delicate acoustic guitar line, including the title song 'I'm not over you' and the accompanying 'Drunk in the morning' , 'Something Good', 'Sugar', 'The 2nd Story' created by fans in the army, and 'RYEOWOOK' It is enough to meet.

    On the other hand, the second mini-album title song 'I'm not over you' and the music video 'Drunk in the morning' are unveiled on December 11 and 13 respectively.

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    All six performances sold out! Powerful energy and delightful charm to the audience Holik!
    NCT DREAM (SM) 's music variety show' NCT DREAM SHOW 'has just ended.
    'NCT DREAM SHOW # 2' was held at SMTOWN THEATER from December 1st to the 5th, December.
    NCT DREAM will show sophisticated music and powerful performances including 'My First and Last', 'Dunk Shot', 'GO', 'We Go Up', 'Dear DREAM', 'Trigger the Fever', 'JOY' The audience was enthusiastic because they presented various concert scenes.
    In addition, Justin Bieber's 'Purpose', MARK and JENO's newly created rap performances 'Baton Touch', JENO, JAEMIN, CHENLE, RENJUN and JISUNG's powerful dance skills shine with the sweet piano performance of CHENLE and HAECAN's clean vocals. Justin Bieber X Nicki Minaj's 'Beauty and a Beat' and 'NCT DREAM SHOW'.
    In addition, this performance was a concept of the year-end party held at NCT DREAM's azit, so I shared my memories before my debut, I went back to this year's events and talked about various activities, such as a large Zenga game, roulette, I have enjoyed the fun with various corners including members' missions.
    In addition, fans cheered enthusiastic cheers for each performance, singing together, and impressed members with placard events.
    Meanwhile, NCT DREAM's DreamWorks Animation 'Trolls' OST will be released on music sites such as Melon, Genie, iTunes, Apple Music and Sporty Pie at 7 pm on the 13th of SM 'STATION' season 3.
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    - <Phantom Singer> Runner-up Park Sang Don, second solo concert ... First greetings with fans!
    - January 11 to 12 held ... Tickets open at 10 pm on 8 pm!

    <Phantom Singer> Park Sang Don will hold a solo concert in January 2019.

    Park Sang Don opens his solo concert '人事' and shares his first greetings with audiences.

    Park Sang Don, who showed impressive resonance in his first solo concert "冬話" in December 2017, plans to upgrade the stage at the second concert.

    Park Sang Don's songs, with their beautiful and sophisticated sound that is played together with the music of the past, present and future, and the live band, and the soft but heavy voice, will give the audience a special gift for the new year.

    Park Sang Don's solo concert '人事' ticket reservation will be held at Inter Park Ticket from 8 pm on October 10.

    Park Sang Don was greatly loved as "the strongest baritone" in JTBC <Phantom Singer> season 1, and continues his team and solo activities through concerts and festivals. In June, he released his single album through the MYSTIC Entertainment music platform LISTEN.

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    Makgeolli variety performing on channel A In the ‘지붕 위의 막걸리’, LeeHaeYoung expressed his infinite affection for Makgeolli by tasting Makgeolli which was changed in a day.

    Makgeolli was created on the 5th episode of ‘지붕 위의 막걸리’ broadcast on December 5th, but when the dinner was ruined by a different taste than expected, all the cast members including LeeHaeYoung "can not eat" and "a little bit" And each one fell. The next day, the taste changed with the viewer's curiosity.

    LeeHaeYoung is showing her positive energy expression as well as humanity in her ‘지붕 위의 막걸리’ as a program sister, and her attention is focused on the audience with her unique sense of entertainment and intimacy. In last week's broadcast, I applied the makkolli to complete a work on canvas and sublimated it to art, which made me more aware of my sensitivity as an artist.

    Lee HyeYoung, entertainers Son Tae Young, Kim Jo Han, Lee Jong Hyuk and Girls' Generation YURI gathered in the nature to make their own Makgeolli. Living purity 100% brewing entertainment program, the beautiful nature and a different five senses to stimulate the 'healing program' is being reborn as a new.

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    Prove global attention!

    NCT 127 (SM) came to first, in US Billboard's Emerging Artists Chart
    NCT 127 was first in the Billboard Emerging Artists Chart, which was released on the 4th.

    In particular, Emerging Artists Chart is a collection of weekly charts featuring Billboard 'Hot 100', 'Billboard 200', 'Social 50' and other charts as well as new artists based on music consumption such as album and song sales, radio transmission frequency, NCT was first in the list of the K-Pop singers in May, and this time NCT 127 became the number one player in the world.

    In addition, NCT 127 ranked No. 2 on Billboard's "Social 50" chart, which selected the most popular artists based on data in social media, and ranked 56th on the main chart "Artist 100" And proved to be very popular abroad.
    In addition, NCT 127 is receiving favorable comments from local media such as Billboard and MTV in the US with NCT # 127 Regulate, which is the regular 1st album repackage album released in November. NCT # 127 Regular-Irregular 'And' Billboard 200 'on the Billboard Main Album chart, which has made good progress.

    On the other hand, NCT 127 is actively performing as a new song 'Simon Says'.

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    Including the title song 'Blue', 7 songs of lyrical charm are released at 6:00 pm!
    Acoustic ballad 'Illusion' + 'Shine On You' ONEW song participation! Expectation UP!

    SHINee ONEW (SM) 's first solo album' VOICE 'takes off the veil on December 5th.

    ONEW's first mini-album 'VOICE' will be released on December 5th at 6 pm on various music sites such as Melon, Genie, iTunes, Apple Music, Sporty Pie and Xiami Music. It is expected to be highly interested because it is scheduled to open simultaneously through ONEW official website, YouTube, and Naver TV SMTOWN channel.

    In addition to producing the talented indie duo Rocoberry, who has collaborated with ONEW and SM 'STATION, this album will include producer Kenzie, popular composition team ZigZag Note, famous production groups MonoTree's Hwang Hyun and Won Tae Yeon Poets and others will work together to fascinate music fans with their lyrical appeal.

    In particular, the title song 'Blue' is an R & B song featuring the tension of an old pop jazz with a tension on the piano. The lyrics such as musical monogamy express lonely feelings against the blue sea, attracting eye catching, ONEW will be able to meet two songs that have participated in the song, including 'Illusion' with ballad, 'Shine On You' with guitar and vocals only, and quiet youth to feel autumn youth.

    In addition, the song "Your Scent," a pop sensation with a blend of vocals and strings, "Under The Starlight," a ballad track with ONEW's calm, focused voice, a medium pop song " A total of seven songs from the ballad 'Timepiece' expressing the heart that wants to turn back the time with the loved ones are recorded, and it is enough to enjoy ONEW's warm music sensibility.

    Meanwhile, ONEW's first mini-album 'VOICE' will be released on the 5th of December.

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    December 11 fan showcase is also held! The title song 'I'm not over you' will be released for the first time!

    RYEOWOOK's second mini-album, 'Drunk on love', both teaser images and previews were released.

    RYEOWOOK has opened the preview of all songs including the teaser image and title song 'I'm not over you' of this album in order from the 3rd of the last month, and also the Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, And other super junior official SNS through the new teaser image and song 'Something Good', special track 'The 2nd Story' preview of the new album is raising expectations for the new album.

    Something Good is a soul pop genre with an acoustic guitar and piano and Rhodes electric piano on top of a hip-hop / R & B style rhythm. The special track 'The 2nd Story' RYEOWOOK writes and writes directly on the day when I meet with my fans again.

    In addition, on November 11th, 'RYEOWOOK 2nd Mini Album Showcase' Drunk on love 'will be held and it will be a good time to communicate with fans as well as to release the title song "I'm not over you" for the first time.

    On the other hand, RYEOWOOK's second mini-album 'Drunk on love', which returned to solo in about three years, will be officially released on December 11th.

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    First place in music charts! ITunes Comprehensive Album Chart # 1 in 21 locations!

    Red Velvet (SM) 'RBB (Really Bad Boy)' music video behind-the-scenes will be released.

    Red Velvet released the making film 'Hidden Film' which includes the scene of the fifth mini album 'RBB (Really Bad Boy)' music video scene on NAVER TV SMTOWN and V LIVE Red Velvet at 4 pm on December 5 It is expected to catch the attention of fans with videos that show the colorful charm of the members.

    In addition, this new song 'RBB (Really Bad Boy)' is one of the most popular music charts in Xiami Music, Trinidad and Tobago was added to the top 21 of the world's 21 regions and once again confirmed the enthusiasm of global music fans.

    On the other hand, Red Velvet presents a new song 'RBB (Really Bad Boy)' on the music program including KBS2TV 'Music Bank' on December 7, MBC 'Show Music Core' on 8th and SBS 'Inkigayo' on 9th do.

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    Siwon VS 'Healthy Mania' RyeoWook VS 'Gourmet Ace' ShinDong, Gourmet Tour!

    SUPER JUNIOR 'SJ returns 2: ELF's Table' is the sole web entertainment of Nagoya.

    On Dec. 3, there will be SUPER JUNIOR-D & E, which prepares for the "sign ball" event in the waiting room ahead of the Nagoya tour, and ShinDong, who has been penalized for failing to select DongHae and EunHyuk on the Tokyo side. RyeoWook was drawn to captivate the audience.

    On the 5th of December, SiWon was delayed due to the Pusan ​​schedule, and ShinDong and RyeoWook, who opened the tour of Nagoya Gourmet Tour, announced the full-scale episodes of eating. Especially, 'RyeoWook will enjoy a new world of carbohydrates through various sandwiches and toasts, and will be laughing in unexpected scenes such as' Storm Carbohydrate Eating Broadcast'.

    In addition, the full version of SiWon 's movie trips like Busan is also expected to be released with' SJ returns 2 'clip.

    SUPER JUNIOR's' SJ returns 2: ELF's Table 'Nagoya show introduces restaurants near the venue to SUPER JUNIOR-D & E, which is busy with tour schedule in Japan, and fans who have found concert at 11 AM NAVER TV and V LIVE' SJ returns 2 'channel.

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    - Jo Woo-ri, black and white Another concept is perfect digestion! Completion picture complete!
    - Jo Woo-ri, 'My ID is Gangnam beauty' Transformed HyunSooA! Chameleon Charm

    Jo Woo-ri painted a fashion picture with Chameleon charm.

    Jo Woo-ri, who starred in the 20th starring actor in JTBC 'My ID is Gangnam beauty' last September, unveiled his interview with 'ANA DRONE' in December.

    This picture was carried out with two concepts: 'Chaos of Chaos' and 'Kuroshio in me'. Each keyword such as pure, elegance, desire and tragedy was expressed in Jo Woo-ri's mood and sensitivity and put into the camera. In particular, Jo Woo-ri created a complete picture with perfect contrasting concepts of 'Swan' and 'Black Dragon'.

    Jo Woo-ri, an open-air pictorial, expresses the elegance and purity of a swan in a pure white dress that matches clear, transparent skin. Also, there is a lot of lipstick that spreads, and the eyes that feel uneasy and feel the vigilance give a mysterious atmosphere. In her intense eyes with black sleeveless dresses and dark make-up, she captured the eye-catching look of Jo Woo-ri's alluring colors.

    Jo Woo-ri, who has started to show off his face as KBS2 'Descendants of the Sun' in 2016, has shown his talent in a variety of works such as 'Witch at Court', 'Two Ccaps' and 'Queen of Mystery2' come. Especially, 'My ID is Gangnam beauty', which is the first star, earned a reputation as a next-generation prospect by fully digesting HyunSooA characters with double sides. He won the 11th Korea Drama Awards 'Star of the Year Award' and became an actor with acting power and star castle.

    As such, Jo Woo-ri is growing to become a performer who shows a love of the appearance and the performance of the sync rate 100% in every work to enhance the immersion of the drama. Especially, she has presented various charms from her innocent and pure figure to the deep and deep atmosphere through this picture. As a result of this new work, hopes of Jo Woo-ri will show for the future.

    Meanwhile, the interview with Jo Woo-ri's picture can be found in the December issue of 'ANA DRONE', a monthly drones magazine.

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