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    -'Justice' Kim Hee Chan, “Focus on the depth of setting and character”
    -Kim Hee Chan, 'Justice' Watching Points

    Kim Hee Chan left a video with a special affection for the drama “Justice”.

    Kim Hee Chan's agency KEYEAST released the interview video of Kim Hee Chan, who played Song Dae Jin in KBS 2TV drama `` Justice. ''

    Kim Hee Chan took on the role of Song Dae Jin, the only son of Song Woo Yong (Son Hyun Joo). Song Dae Jin, who was beaten by his friends after being beaten and crippled, is not frustrated.

    In a public video, Kim Hee Chan said, “I was a good friend who had a trauma as a victim of school violence when I was young and was a good friend. "I focused on the settings and the depth of the character." The part requested by the writer who writes 'Justice' is also called 'The Depth of the Song Dae Jin Character', saying that he wants to feel more responsible and acting.

    He also revealed behind the story of Song Dae Jin's reminiscent of the past, which has hurt the hearts of viewers in 'Justice' 9th and 10th episodes. “It was more fun and enjoyable because I did not think of it because I played with the actors on the scene, and I thought it was more fun.” In addition, as the father of the play together, the scene with the son Hyun Joo asked a lot of breaths without hesitation saying "too good" and showed a happy expression that can not be hidden.

    Kim Hee Chan also tells the spectator's point of affection that “It will be a very interesting drama if you focus on the actors' acting, the tension of the drama and how the stories will be released”.

    ‘Justice’ is a work that Kim Hee Chan came back to drama in two years after ‘School 2017’ and ‘Whatever 18’. If you acted as a villain with a complex and caused a bad behavior, this is a painful role in watching the father doing bad things. Viewers are looking forward to seeing whether Kim Hee Chan will be able to stop his father's misdeeds.

    On the other hand, Kim Hee Chan, who is inquiring about every appearance, can meet on KBS 2TV 'Justice' at 10 pm every Wednesday and Thursday.

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    -"Music-football, something like giving joy and happiness to the audience"
    -"I wanted to show my heart through the new album <노랫말>, lyrics."
    -Parc Jae Jung ‘If I can be born again’, a sad ballad

    A pictorial interview featuring a true music story by singer Parc Jae Jung was released.

    Parc Jae Jung delivered the new album '노랫말', which was recently released in the August issue of fashion magazine 'allure'. In the pic, Parc Jae Jung caught the eye with her favorite soccer jersey and suit.

    Parc Jae Jung said, "It's like playing soccer and music on the player's side. Strategies for how to draw today's performance on stage, and how to pull today's play on the pitch. Perhaps that's why I "I think I like it," he said. "It's really important to give joy and happiness to the audience and make the moment worth it."

    Parc Jae Jung released a new mini-album <노랫말> within five years last month, and has been active in music broadcasting, radio and entertainment with the title song 'If I Can Be Born Again'.

    "I've often thought that I wanted to make a record quickly. Anyone doesn't want to boast about me," he said. "Then I tried to keep calm. I thought about it and made it seriously."

    "Until that time, if you were coached by Yoon Jong Shin, this album was called from your childhood by calling your favorite creator directly or by sending an Instagram DM. Explained.

    As for the album name <노랫말> "When I look at my favorite songs, the lyrics are excellent," he said. "The first album name I thought was" serious. " I expressed my sincerity enough, and I hope you see it. "

    Parc Jae Jung said, “I felt at first embarrassed and dissatisfied with the funny image in entertainment.” "In fact, it's a tremendous life routine. I think I want to follow the road these days."

    The pictorial and interviews of Parc Jae Jung can be found in the August issue of allure.

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    Immersion height ‘Sympathetic fairy’
    Strong impression + laughter “the veteran's skillfulness”
    # Eyebrows # Silence # Freshness
    Opened up new entertainments

    Kang Ho Dong conveyed the touch of the eye firmly.

    Channel A, “Eye Contact,” first aired on May 5, is a silent entertainment show where people with special stories tell their true heart through their first experience of eye contact. In this broadcast, three pairs of performers with different stories chatted in the room of silence.

    Kang Ho Dong co-hosted Lee Sang-min and Shin Dong in “Eye Contact,” and has played a pivotal role in the program as he is the owner of the unique rich sensitivity and excellent empathy.

    In particular, when a dad confronted her daughter a week before her marriage, her father's heart was expressed at once by Kang Ho Dong, saying, "I think I have tears that can not be covered." In the story of the couple reconciled, "No matter how hard, the knot should be unwrapped and unwrapped by hand," he expressed his sincere desire to overcome the difficult situation.

    As such, Kang Ho Dong saw the story of the performers and sometimes shared with the father, sometimes the wrestler, and sometimes the husband's heart, and shared their sympathy. This increased the immersion of 'Eye Contact', the impression of eye contact, and gave a healthy smile.

    Kang Ho Dong also enriched my program by creating laugh points at the right timing in an atmosphere that can only be heavy. With eye and eye contact, it is hoped that interest and exciting stories will be presented by Kang Ho Dong.

    Meanwhile, Channel A ‘Eye Contact’, starring Kang Ho Dong, is broadcast at 9:30 every Monday night.

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    Meet by members! Expectation UP!

    NCT DREAM (SM), the strongest teenager team, unveiled a choreography exercise video of the new mini-album title song 'BOOM'.

    NCT DREAM released 'BOOM' choreography exercises on YouTube channel NCT DANCE at 10 pm on the 5th of last night, capturing the attention with the video that can see the powerful and sensual performance of 'BOOM' at a glance.

    In particular, the choreography practice video of 'BOOM' was produced in three versions so that you can enjoy the performance of NCT DREAM in a variety of ways. Gather expectations.

    The new song ‘BOOM’ is an urban pop genre song that expresses the message to move toward a dream with NCT DREAM in a confident attitude, and the performance is also well received because it can meet the gentle charisma of NCT DREAM.

    In addition, NCT DREAM's third mini album 'We Boom' contains six songs of various genres, including the title song 'BOOM'. Respectively.

    On the other hand, NCT DREAM presents two songs including 'BOOM' and 'STRONGER' which appeared on SBS MTV 'THE SHOW' today.

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    Participate in featured rapper Leellamarz!

    Giant PINK will release a new song ‘Forever Young’ on the 6th.

    GIANT PINK's new single ‘Forever Young’ will be released at 6 pm on August 6 at various music sites such as Melon, Flo, Genie, iTunes, Apple Music, Sportify, QQ Music, Kugou Music, Kowo Music, etc. As it is the third single of GIANT PINK's 2019 release following '월요일 보다는 화요일', high interest from music fans is expected.

    The new song 'Forever Young' is a refreshing hip-hop genre that includes the lyrics of `` GIANT PINK '' written in the lyrics, which allows us to relax and live youthfully even in busy daily life. Added.

    In addition, ‘Forever Young’ music video is also available at 6 pm on YouTube SMTOWN and AIKM and NAVER TV SMTOWN at the same time, and GIANT PINK and Leellamarz appeared together.

    Meanwhile, Giant PINK will be appearing in '2019 K-WORLD FESTA' on August 15.

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    MBC new entertainment '언니네 쌀롱', fashion and beauty specialist Han Hye Yeon, ChaHong, RISABAE showcase the strongest lineup!

    Han Hye Yeon, a stylist, will appear in MBC's new entertainment program '언니네 쌀롱'.

    Hanni Yeonglong, starring hair designer ChaHong and beauty creator RISABAE with Han Hye Yeon, is a new concept make-over talk show where the best South Korean experts, commissioned by stars, gather in a private salon and transform the hair from head to toe. In particular, Han Ye Seul, the first performing arts MC, and Korea's top fashion and beauty specialists will share the fun and excitement of reversing.

    Han Hye Yeon, who is a celebrity of top stars such as Kim Tae Hee, So Ji-sub, Gong Hyo Jin and Han Ji-min, has been doing a lot of broadcasting activities. . I will do my best to do styling, "he said.

    Jo Se Ho and Hong Hyun Hee are also joining the '언니네 쌀롱', which guarantees the lascivious gossip. Jo Se Ho, who boasts a unique sense of fashion, and Hong Hyun Hee, owner of beauty tips, gather expectations with experts.

    On the other hand, MBC's '언니네 쌀롱' will be broadcasted on September 5th and 12th at 10:05 pm, which will be filled with laughter and information with ingenuity and professionalism.

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    - Hong Ji Yoon, Jisoo-Jung Chae Yeon-Jin Young plays in romance!
    - Hong Ji Yoon, honest, stately youth character in front of love!

    Hong Ji Yoon played 'Girl Crush' charm in 'Season 2' '첫사랑은 처음이라서'.

    Netflix original series '첫사랑은 처음이라서' is the story of 'The second part is the story of the main characters' journey to realize real love first love through confused love feeling. This season, which was released on July 26 following Season 1, which showed the beginning of romance of youth, depicted the stories of youth who became adults with first love.

    Hong Ji Yoon was Ryu Se Hyun, an ace member of the art group. A person who has the charm of being honest and expressive in his feelings.

    Hong Ji Yoon showed his presence in the romance of Tae Oh (Jisoo) -Song Yi (Jung Chae Yeon) -Do-Hyeon (Jin Young). As Tae Oh 's girlfriend, she showed her charm in front of love and gave her advice to three people who are confused between love and friendship.

    In addition, Hong Ji Yoon's beautiful beauty, which has a clear appearance, attracted attention. Hot pink jumper, fur jacket, red coat, etc., Reveal the aspect of next generation fashion icon.

    Hong Ji Yoon, who showed impressive performance in 'Season 2' '첫사랑은 처음이라서' like this, was confirmed as JTBC drama '나의 나라' to be broadcasted in the second half of this year. I am looking forward to what role Hwawal will be as a beauty source.

    On the other hand, Netflix original series '첫사랑은 처음이라서' Hong Ji Yoon, Jisoo, Jung Chae Yeon, Jin Young, Choi Ri, and Kang Tae Oh are the first series.

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    Actor Kim Hyeon Ju of ESteem Entertainment will appear in MBC's new drama '웰컴2라이프'.

    웰컴2라이프, a follow-up to MBC's "검법남녀 시즌2," is a romantic comedy ritual that is reborn as a test that the evil lawyer who sucked his own gain sucked into the parallel world by accident. Especially, this work was gathered by casting news of actor Jung Ji Hoon.

    Actor Kim Hyeon Ju, who plays the role of Park Na Eun in the drama 'SNL Korea 9' which was broadcasted in 2017, was watched with the act of Park So Dam, actress in the movie '검은 사제들' . Also, Lee Ji Yeon acted as KBS2 '퍼퓸', a sensual solution to the story of genius designer and model in the background of recent fashion shows.

    MBC's new drama '웰컴2라이프' will be broadcasted at 8:55 tonight.

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    - Meet 'Justice' Chi Hae Won and Son Hyun Joo! An ominous aura!
    - 'Justice' Chi Hae Won, the key to the US case seven years ago?

    'Justice' Chi Hae Won amplified his curiosity about the next time with a mysterious ending.

    Kim Hae Won, who plays the role of new actor Jang Young Mi, who does not want to be disgusted enough to succeed in KBS 2TV drama 'Justice', is leading the development by revealing that Kim Hyun Mok (Lee Tae Joo) knows the cause of death.

    Jang Young Mi and Song Woo Yong (Son Hyun Joo) met in 'Justice' broadcast on the last day. Jang Young Mi was pleased with his smile, but when Song Woo Yong, who met at the drama meeting place, asked about the case of the US in 7 years ago, he was in foregone hunch.

    Chi Hae Won focused on the audience's attention by realizing Jang Young Mi character who lives a lifelong life from the very beginning to the middle. Jang Young Mi in the drama, pain and scratches delicately painted with a double gaegam. For his dream of becoming an actor, he was brutally brutally tortured by his powers and power. Jang Young Mi, who was tired of repeating such a sad life, portrayed him with a facial expression and a weak voice, adding to his character's conviction. Therefore, Jang Young Mi's delight in being able to act as an actor has attracted the support of many viewers such as "Jang Young Mi wants to be good in the end" and "Young Mi is poor".

    In particular, Chi Hae Won has raised the curiosity about the future development. I found USB in the music box that was passed to the victim of the actor murder case of the past new actor and then left a letter to Lee Tae Kyung (Choi Jin Hyuk), "I saw that USB died, Su Jung and your brother". Lee Tae Kyung, who received the letter, rushed back, but Jang Young Mi's cell phone was drowned and questioned. With Jang Young Mi clearly knowing the clue of the case seven years ago, the attention of viewers is becoming more important as he plays a key role in future development.

    As such, Chi Hae Won sadly portrays a person who wants to escape from the edge of the cliff with unexplored acting power, and is well received as a remarkable new actor in 2019.

    On the other hand, KBS 2TV 'Justice', played by Chi Hae Won, is broadcast every Wednesday and Thursday night at 10 pm.

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    LIM YOONA, the only woman in chungmu this summer
    It's LIM YOONA! Start accepting screens by action!
    Box office successive first place! 'Hot blast' hot reaction!

    LIM YOONA (Girls' Generation YOONA, SM) started screen reception.

    LIM YOONA took the role of 'Uiju' in the movie 'Exit', which was released on July 31 and has been receiving explosive response.

    In particular, 'Uiju', played by LIM YOONA, is the only female protagonist in this summer's release. It is an active character overcoming the disaster situation and is gaining more popularity with the audience's favorable reception.

    In addition, LIM YOONA has succeeded in minimizing the bands in the escape situation such as running endlessly and climbing the outer wall of the building, and succeeding in conveying the tension and excitement of the disaster film to the audience in full, It is digested by YOONA's loveliness and gets hot response.

    'Exit', the first film to star LIM YOONA's performance led to the first box office for two consecutive days and exceeded 100 audiences in three days after opening.

    Meanwhile, the movie 'Exit' is a disaster escape action movie of youthful youth Yongnam (Jo Jeong-seok) and college club Uiju (LIM YOONA), escaping from toxic gas-filled city center and is currently being screened at IMAX and 2D and 4DX theaters .

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