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    SUPER JUNIOR publishes 'SELFIE BOOK: SUPER JUNIOR' which contains comeback record of Regular 9th Album on December 10.

    'SELFIE BOOK: SUPER JUNIOR' is a mini photo book that organizes the preparation process of SUPER JUNIOR's new album 'Time_Slip' which was released on October 14th. Until the shooting, the members are expected to get a good response with various pictures taken by themselves.

    In particular, 'SELFIE BOOK: SUPER JUNIOR' included the comments of members who wrote the appreciation for each photo, adding to the fun.

    Previously, SUPER JUNIOR finished the blanking period of about 10 years and officially released Regular 9th Album 'Time_Slip' on October 14th. It has proved its global popularity by ranking first in the music album sales chart. In addition, the reality “SJ returns3”, which prepares for the comeback for Regular 9th Album, has been greatly loved by exceeding 27 million views.

    Meanwhile, 'SELFIE BOOK: SUPER JUNIOR' will be available for pre-purchased through YES 24 online, offline sales office, and SMTOWN & STORE online and offline sales office from 28th.

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    6th full-length album ‘OBSESSION’ recording no.1 on iTunes in 60 international regions!
    The first place in Korean record + music chart! China chart is the first place, too!

    “K-POP KING” EXO (SM) proved its mighty power by coming back with the 6th full-length album “OBSESSION” and winning the No. 1 global music chart.

    The EXO 6th full-length album 'OBSESSION', released on November 27, will be available on the iTunes Top Album chart. Costa Rica, Denmark, Egypt, El Salvador, Finland, Greece, Guatemala, Honduras, Hong Kong, Hungary, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macau, Malaysia, Mauritius, Mexico, Mongolia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, Oman, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, Armenia, etc. recording no.1 on iTunes in 60 international regions.

    In addition, the album is ranked No. 1 in Korea's various music charts such as Hanteo Chart, Synnara Record, Kyobo Book Center, YES 24, and Aladin. In addition, the title song 'Obsession' also ranked # 1 in real time on various sound charts such as Melon, Flo, VIBE, SORIBADA, and Bugs.

    EXO 6th full-length album 'OBSESSION' is composed of 10 songs of various genres, including the highly addictive title song 'Obsession'.

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    Top model and broadcaster Han Hye Jin was selected as the first exclusive model of the Italian contemporary beauty brand d'Alba.

    Han Hye Jin overwhelmed the scene with her perfect and amazing poses that wowed everyone as the world's top model. In particular, she showed her strong affection for the brand and tried her best as a brand model in advance so as to try out the best products of the brand in advance and recommend them to the staff.

    d'Alba thought that the friendly image of “나 혼자 산다”, Han Hye Jin's proud and candid appearance, and thorough self-management to keep her top model for twenty years now have the wannabe conditions for women. They are also in line with d'Alba's brand image. ”

    Recently, Han Hye Jin has firmly defended her position as a top model, and shows various entertainment programs to show her excellent entertainment and torque, and she is showing her as a universal entertainer. MBC ‘나 혼자 산다’, KBSjoy ‘Love Interaction 2’ and tvN ‘The Salty Tour’ are active in various entertainment programs, and are becoming a non-replaceable entity.

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    -Among Billboard's 100 K-POP 100 songs, 'Sixth Sense' ranked 22nd and '피어나' ranked 11th
    -"'Sixth Sense', Musical Boundaries of Brown Eyed Girls"
    -"'피어나', a taboo of the taboo sex at the time ... a meaningful attempt"

    Sixth Sense of Group Brown Eyed Girls and 피어나 of GAIN were ranked 22nd and 11th in 2010 K-POP by Billboard.

    Billboard released the list of the 100 best K-POP songs of 2010, saying, "K-POP has affected the wider world over the past decade."

    Sixth Sense is the title track for Brown Eyed Girls' 4th album in 2011, with intense music, messages and performances.

    Billboard says' Sixth Sense 'begins with the story of a woman preparing for war on the basis of intense string sounds.' Brown Eyed Girls has been working beyond musical boundaries for more than a decade. "Sense's performance has surpassed that."

    `` 피어나, '' which is in the 11th place, is the title track of GAIN's 2012 solo album, and it contains the charm of an honest woman about love.

    Billboard said, "GAIN's '피어나', which was frankly expressed in music in the Korean music industry that could not hide or easily express the story of sex at the time, was a big topic and it was a shock." Can you tolerate the scenes you express? GAIN's approach is experimental and meaningful in itself. ”

    Brown Eyed Girls, meanwhile, released their new album “RE_vive” in four years on the 28th of last month. Brown Eyed Girls' own personality and color remake album has been well received by the public and critics.

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    6pm all songs + title song ‘Obsession’ MV released!
    # one-of-a-kind concept #A unique worldview #diverse music collection! High expectations!

    “K-POP KING” EXO (SM) will come back to the 6th full-length album on the 27th.

    EXO 6th full-length album 'OBSESSION' will be released at 6 pm on 27th at all music sites such as Melon, Flo, Genie, iTunes, Apple Music, Sportify, QQ music, KuGou music, Kuwo music, and the title song 'Obsession It consists of 10 songs in various genres, including Korean and Chinese versions of '.

    In particular, EXO held a '#EXODEUX' promotion that combines the concept of 6th full-length album and worldview storytelling before the comeback, and gathered the topic through the confrontation between EXO and X-EXO. Through this album, EXO and X-EXO The explosive interest of global music fans is expected as we can see various songs containing various emotions such as conflict and obsession derived from the confrontation.

    The title song 'Obsession' is a hip-hop dance song that meets EXO's dark charisma.The song features addictive, heavy beats and straightforward monologue lyrics of vocal samples that repeat like magic. The film is a film that captures the enchanting look of EXO, which has been transformed into two concepts that are contrary to the intense atmosphere of.

    In addition, the charming dance song 'Trouble', which combines various genres such as trap and reggae, the dance pop song 'Jekyll' which expresses the inner collision with another self, and the harmony of rhythmical chorus, string and flute sound 'Groove', which creates a dreamlike atmosphere, and 'Ya Ya Ya', a hip hop dance song that expresses a firm belief in love, is also attracting attention.

    In addition, the dance pop song 'Baby You Are', which contains the excitement of love at first sight, the funky bright mood 'Non Stop' that romantically depicts the unstoppable love for each other, and the longing that lovers feel after leaving EXO's mature music world includes 10 pieces of emotional R & B song 'Day After Day' and a groovy dance song 'Butterfly Effect' with the message that love means a lot to change everything. Enough to meet.

    In addition, the special agit “EXO THE PLACE,” which is decorated with EXO 6th full-length album contents, will be opened from December 9, to commemorate the release of the album.

    Meanwhile, EXO 6th full-length album “OBSESSION” will be released on the 27th.

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    SuperM(SM) has charted in Billboard chart both for 7 consecutive weeks.

    SuperM은 지난 10월 4일 발매된 첫 미니앨범 ‘SuperM’으로 26일(현지시간) 공개된 미국 빌보드 메인 앨범 차트 ‘Billboard 200’에서 168위를 차지했으며, no.1 in the 'World Albums' chart, both for 7 consecutive weeks.

    이번 앨범은 타이틀 곡 ‘Jopping’을 비롯해 다채로운 색깔의 총 5곡이 수록되어 있으며, SuperM은 10월 셋째 주 ‘Billboard 200’ 차트에서 아시아 가수 데뷔 앨범 사상 최초로 ‘Billboard 200’ 1위를 기록한 바 있다.

    한편, SuperM은 미국 뉴욕 매디슨 스퀘어 가든을 비롯해 포트워스, 시카고, 애틀랜타, 워싱턴 D.C 등에서 ‘SuperM We Are The Future Live’를 성황리에 펼쳤으며, 오는 1월 30일 샌디에이고에서 열기를 이어간다.

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    -Noel, 17 years with fan cafe 'dying the glow' Secrets of the longevity group revealed!
    -Live performances for '청혼' stage Anthem Legend
    -Leader Lee Sang Gon, have you banned members from dating? “If you have a lover, you can't play music well.”
    -Noel, heralded anti-war charm at the December concert!

    The group Noel was impressed by the surprise fan meeting that fans voluntarily held.

    B TV “스튜디오 음악당” The 10th guest is a vocal group Noel who believes and listens. He has long been loved by many listeners since his debut in 17 years. At the 음악당, Noel proved the strongest title of the song by presenting the hit songs ‘전부 너였다,’ ‘목소리’, and ‘청혼’ as a complete live version of the studio.

    In particular, it was revealed that Lee Sang Gon, Noel's leader, issued a love order to members. Lee Sang Gon said, “I thought that music would not work well if I had a lover in 2011 after coming back from a five-year break.” “I regret it now. "I had everyone to love."

    Kang Kyun Sung recalled, “In 2016, when there were no affiliates, the fans voluntarily held a fan meeting, saying that they wanted to see him.” I can feel it. ”

    On the other hand, when asked about the charm of Noel concert, Na Sung Ho said, “I only sing emotional songs and I know all four members are quiet. At the concert, you will be able to feel the reversal. ”“ A concert scheduled for December will show something interesting for fans. The hint turned out to be an anticipation of "Kayo Top Ten."

    The story of Noel members' blushing was also revealed. On the contrary, after hearing her husband's request for Noel's "request" for a wife who couldn't have a wedding and recently had to cope with cancer, Noel members said, "I congratulate you on your marriage." I hope you both will be happier in the future. ”

    Noel's fantastic song coloring winter nights can be found at the 스튜디오 음악당. You can watch on B tv 800 (01, 13:00, 22:00) and 50 (02, 14:00, 23:00), YouTube 'CAKE POP' and Flo's official SNS channel.

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    Jang Yoo Sang casts the role of college student ‘Choi Ho Dol’
    Preliminary Announcement of 'Magic Charm'!
    ‘꽃파당’ → ‘하자있는 인간들’
    Expected to rise as a continual acting activity

    Jang Yoo Sang heralds active activity in the second half of 2019.

    It was cast in MBC's new drama '하자있는 인간들' following JTBC's '조선혼담공작소 꽃파당'.

    ‘하자있는 인간들’ is a comic romance overcoming prejudice between a woman who hates a handsome man and an obsessed man. Oh Jin Suk PD, who wrote by Ahn Shin Yoo and directed the dramas ``모던파머, '' ``용팔이'', and ``엽기적인 그녀, '' captures the megaphone.

    Jang Yoo Sang played the role of college student ‘Choi Ho Dol’ who only knows how to play. Choi Ho Dol is an ordinary figure, but with a good personality, who recognizes his uniqueness and adapts to reality. However, as the play unfolds, the hidden charm gradually reveals itself, and Jang Yoo Sang plans to draw “Magic Charm” individually.

    Jang Yoo Sang, who has accumulated filmography through various genres, has played 'Kim Yi Soo' with a thousand face in the drama '리갈하이' in the first half of 2019, and in the second half of 2019, After acting as 'Kang', she is spreading her presence by performing non-stop acting activities such as announcing the casting news of '하자있는 인간들'.

    Meanwhile, Jang Yoo Sang's new drama “하자있는 인간들” is expected to be broadcast on the 27th.

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    -December 25th… Tickets open on 28th!
    -Parc Jae Jung's Christmas Present ...
    -'나 혼자 산다' poster design by Kim Chung Jae ... with sweet and soft atmosphere

    Singer Parc Jae Jung will host a solo concert in December.
    Parc Jae Jung will hold “Dreaming” on December 25 to spend significant time with the audience.
    Parc Jae Jung is preparing for the show with the name 'Dreaming' with the desire to be remembered as a dream stage for the artist and a happy dream for the audience.
    In particular, the poster that was released together was designed by Parc Jae Jung and deeply connected artist Kim Chung Jae, and the colorful watercolors raised expectations for the performance.

    Parc Jae Jung, who is showing solid fandom by selling concerts and fan meetings each time, will show his growth through various setlists at this concert.
    Parc Jae Jung, who is loved as an exclusive and emotional voice, released the mini album '노랫말' last July, showing the true character of balladers with various charms from authentic ballads to bossa nova.
    Following the TVN drama '날 녹여주오' OST '얼음인형', KBS drama '조선로코-녹두전' OST '햇살 바람 별빛 그대', etc.
    Meanwhile, Parc Jae Jung's solo concert “Dreaming” will open on May 28 at 8 pm with Melon tickets.
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    -'녹두전' Hwang In Yeop, “Lots 5kg to digest the cool atmosphere of the character”
    -Hwang In Yeop talks about everything about Nokdu

    Hwang In Yeop left behind the story behind the drama '녹두전'.

    KEYEAST, a member of Hwang In Yeop, released an interview with Hwang In Yeop, who played DanHo in the KBS 2TV drama 조선로코-녹두전.

    Hwang In Yeop played the role of Musa ParkDanHo of Yulmu (Kang Tae Oh) during the play, which portrayed his frank loyalty. In the last broadcast, Yulmu was saved from danger and left with a strong presence.

    In a public video, Hwang In Yeop explained about the role he played in DanHo's role, "DanHo tried to show his eyes different from other characters because he had to have a cool and cool atmosphere." In addition, "to lose weight by 5kg to create a sharp atmosphere," he said.

    It also unveiled the story behind the action scene with Jang Dong Yoon, who caught the eye of viewers. “As you practice your action scenes, there are times when your passion burns and you make mistakes. So I walked with Jang Dong Yoon, talked and practiced, so I didn't have any injuries on the shooting day, and I was able to create a better scene than I thought. ”

    In addition, Kang Tae Oh of Yulmu, who is always in the play, said, “I am younger than me but I have much more experience. Thanks to my always caring and respecting, I was able to bring out 'DanHo' better, ”he said.

    Hwang In Yeop said, “The most memorable scene was the encounter with Heo Yoon (Kim Tae-woo) in the scene of bamboo duel with Nokdu (Jang Dong Yoon) and Yulmu in black.” And plucked.

    Lastly, “I am going to visit you with a new look, so look forward to your future activities.” I am excited to see Hwang In Yeop who will play an active part through various works.

    Meanwhile, the final episode of 조선로코-녹두전 will be broadcast on KBS 2TV at 10 pm on the 25th, and Hwang In Yeop's interview can be found on the official KEYEAST YouTube channel.

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