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    -Yoon Jong Shin's 30 Year Music Filmography! What is the best Yoon Jong Shin song by Kim Hee Chul and Kim Eana?
    -From 'Annie' to '본능적으로' ... Kim Hee Chul, Yoon Jong Shin Lyrics "Realistically Flick"
    -What is the story of Parc Jae Jung after Yoon Jong Shin's lyric '야경'? Hareem's '출국' sings to the legend stage
    -Yoon Jong Shin, '보고싶다' Treble Challenge? "Kim Bum Soo is singing so well that I challenge myself"

    Singer Yoon Jong Shin presented a live stage with talks about 30 years of musical life.

    On the 8th, the channel B tv '스튜디오 음악당' was held to take a look at the guest filmography of guest Yoon Jong Shin. Yoon Jong Shin talked about past hits with MC Kim Hee Chul and Kim Eana, while Parc Jae Jung's sweet ballad stage and Yoon Jong Shin's stage about him were also released.
    In particular, Kim Hee Chul selected 'Annie' as her favorite Yoon Jong Shin song and said, "The realistic lyric lyrics touch my heart." Kim Eana also sympathized with Yoon Jong Shin's candid and unaffected lyrics, while acknowledging the song '본능적으로' as a song that is intensive, fascinating.
    Parc Jae Jung, on the other hand, told a story about the song '야경' written by Yoon Jong Shin. "Love is a song I was curious about. I went up the hill near the house and listened to tears," he said. Then, as a song for Yoon Jong Shin, Hareem's '출국' was prepared and the live stage with a unique sweet and sad voice was presented.
    Yoon Jong Shin sang '보고싶다' by Kim Bum Soo. "Kim Bum Soo is so good at singing that I want to try it," Yoon Jong Shin started singing.
    Yoon Jong Shin's final stage was filled with the 7th title song '배웅'. Yoon Jong Shin, who explained the reason for the selection, said, “I'm leaving but you and I are too far away.”
    On the other hand, '스튜디오 음악당' is a high-quality music talk show produced by MYSTIC STORY and SK Telecom music platform FLO. It is expected to be excited every week with the first guest EXO CHEN followed by a second musician, Yoon Jong Shin.
    '스튜디오 음악당' can be found on FLO official Facebook and Instagram accounts, YouTube 'CAKE POP' channel and B tv.
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    The first time he falls in love with the show!

    Girl Crush So You, What are you doing in front of men?
    Kim Hee Chul “So You Why? !!”
    So You Shock Confession, “The Broadcast and the Real Personality Are Different!”
    So You, the hero of the craze, serenades for men

    On October 9, KBS 2TV's ``썸바이벌 1+1 – 취향대로 산다'', MC So You, who was an official love manager, appeared as a star.

    In the broadcast, the solo female celebrity feature was packed, and the opening without So You proceeded. Kim Hee Chul explained, "So You will be late due to schedule problems."

    On this day, singer Stephanie, gag woman Park So Young, singer Kisum appeared as a celebrity feature, and the studio turned over when the last performer appeared. The last performer was So You. Everyone was surprised at the unexpected So You appearance. Lee Soo Geun was angered by saying, "I'm all deceived !!" Kim Hee Chul said, "Would I be able to stand here?"

    So You, a girl crush icon, said, "I am embarrassed to have this place." So You said, "It hasn't been a long time since I wanted to flutter." So You showed off the serenade of love to capture the hearts of men, but Kim Hee Chul smashed everyone, "Why why?" However, the men expressed their crush on So You, saying, "It was attractive."

    In the following three-minute meeting, a man showed a crush on So You. "What type do you like? (Ideal type) Are you among the four?" Unexpected courage, So You said, "Why do you like small women?" But the man said, "I don't like short women. I like big black women."
    So You also confessed that while on a date with a man, the appearance of the broadcast is different. Following "Broadcasting cool and bright image, but not really a lot of words. Though I have a lot of thoughts to surf a lot of thoughts are cleared," he started the surf and led a straight conversation.

    So You, who appeared in the official love manager as a performer, will be able to see if they can capture men's hearts through KBS 2TV's ``썸바이벌 1+1'' at 11:10 pm on Wednesday, October 9th.

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    Jungte Hyuk, a model of ESteem Entertainment, has shown passion and enthusiasm for her popularity.

    Jung Hyuk, who debuted as a model in 2015, is not only involved in magazine and fashion show modeling activities, but also attracts attention in various entertainment programs. He entered the show in earnest with the fixed panel of Lifetime Channel's “밝히는 연애 코치,” and began his activities with his unique presence.

    Since then, Jung Hyuk has been loved by many entertainment shows and has been selected as a fixed MC of XtvN ‘Player’ and JTBC2 ‘호구의 차트’.Recently, he has solidified his presence by joining skyDrama ‘We Play’ as a fixed member.

    Jung Hyuk in the XtvN entertainment “player” performed with the entertainment professional members such as Lee Soo Geun, Kim Dong-hyun, Hwang Je Sung, Lee Jin Ho, Lee Yong Jin, and Lee Yi Kyung. Along with the humorous makeup that makes him laugh, he shows all the talents and talents of Jung Hyuk, such as dance, song, and rap. In JTBC2 'Hugu Chart', he appeared with top models Han Hye-jin, JunJin, Jang Sung Kyu, and NU'EST REN. .

    Jung Hyuk, who has established himself as a youtuber, also shows Jung Hyuk's unique eating channel through YouTube's “정혁의저세상채널” and shows music works written by himself and has 140,000 subscribers.

    The focus is on Jung Hyuk, a creator, model, and broadcaster.

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    SuperM (SM) 's pop-up store in Korea and the US is being loved at the same time.
    The SuperM pop-up store will be held at SM Celebrity Center from 7 to 13, and the US pop-up store will be available at 7080 Hollywood Boulevard, the Walk of Fame, one of Los Angeles's most popular attractions, from 6 to 13 (local time). have.

    In this pop-up store, you can experience various contents of SuperM such as music videos, practice videos and unpublished photos of the first mini album 'SuperM', as well as related products, and various events such as paper slogans and stamp collecting. Unfolds together.

    Both pop-up stores, in particular, had a long line of fans waiting in line before opening to realize the explosive popularity of SuperM.

    SuperM held a live twitter live on the 6th (local time) Hollywood pop-up store open stage, responding directly to questions sent through the hashtag event 'AskSuperM' where fans around the world ask SuperM questions. It also led to.

    Meanwhile, SuperM will be hosting a live performance `` We Are The Future Live, '' which will introduce its first mini album in major cities in North America, including Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, and Vancouver, Canada, starting in Texas in November.

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    EXO CHEN (SM) ’s second mini album‘ Dear my dear ’has topped South Korea ’s weekly album charts.

    CHEN's second mini album 'Dear my dear', released on the 1st, was ranked weekly in various record charts such as Hanteo Chart, Synnara Record, Kyobo Book Center, and HOTTRACKS to confirm the hot interest of music fans once again. .

    The album consists of six songs, including the retro sensation title song 'Shall we?', Which is ranked first in the iTunes Top Album Chart in 36 regions around the world and No. 1 in the QQ Music Album Sales Chart in China's largest music site. CHEN proved its global popularity.

    Meanwhile, EXO's personal reality `` Heart 4 U '' CHEN will be available on NAVER TV and V LIVE `` Heart 4 U-mySMTelevision '' channel from October 28, and the teaser video will be released before the first broadcast.

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    With 'EXIT', we can complete the screen with 'BIFF'!
    Red Carpet, Open Talk, Asia Star Awards, etc. Hottest proven!

    Actor LIM YOONA (Girls' Generation YOONA, SM) attended the “Busan International Film Festival”.

    LIM YOONA participated in the festival's colorful schedule, starting with the 24th Busan International Film Festival Red Carpet, which caught everyone's eyes with perfect visuals and colorful dresses.

    First of all, LIM YOONA attended 'Open Talk', one of the main events of the 'Busan International Film Festival', as the lead actor of 'EXIT', the best hit film this summer. had a meaningful time with various stories such as planning.

    In particular, LIM YOONA received a sensational response from the on-site audience by surprise performances with Cho Jung-seok at the request of the host to show the stage of the `` Super Hero '', which was announced with a breakthrough of 9 million.

    LIM YOONA also had a `` popular star award '' at the 28th Buil Film Awards and had a very happy summer thanks to the love of "EXIT." Thanks to the EXIT team for making a great work. And most of all, I want to say thank you to my fans. Please support us in the future. ”

    In addition, the relay relay continued at the 2019 BIFF Asia Star Awards, and LIM YOONA won the “face of Asia award” awarded to filmmakers in Asia, and proved to be a two-star winner in Busan.

    As LIM YOONA is at the center of the topic with its brilliant performance at the 24th Busan International Film Festival, the activities to be carried out are expected.

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    Let's blow all your worries with applause! SUPER JUNIOR unique light feeling firmly utilized!

    SUPER JUNIOR releases a teaser video of their 9th title song, "SUPER Clap."

    SUPER JUNIOR will open the first teaser video of the new song `` SUPER Clap '' through YouTube SMTOWN channel and NAVER TV SMTOWN channel at 6 pm on the 7th, attracting the attention of global music fans.

    The title song `` SUPER Clap '' is a pop dance song with a bright and exciting uptempo rhythm, with the sound of lap and brass on the fast beats. Like the title of 'SUPER Clap', the lyrics are expected to respond well with a pleasant message to blow away all worries and anxieties with applause.

    The SUPER Clap music video and the ninth full-length album, Time_Slip, can be found on various music sites on October 14 at 6 pm.

    On the other hand, SUPER JUNIOR plans to communicate with fans through NAVER V LIVE live on the comeback 14 at 8:00 pm on the regular 9th album release.

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    Sudden emergency meeting during recording of the 9th regular title song
    What happened to SJ ?!
    SJ Comeback 999 hours ago concept image behind the scenes revealed

    SJ returns3, which will be broadcast this week, reveals the story of SUPER JUNIOR, who has been working on his 9th album.

    In particular, the album makers will be unveiled from SUPER JUNIOR's first title song selection, recording, and jacket shooting.

    On this day, the members entered the recording of the title candidate song before the Thai special song was selected. EunHyuk presented his own rap, while HeeChul worked hard to produce music by modifying lyrics on the fly and suggesting ideas.

    However, after all the recordings were finished, all the members were urgently summoned by the unexpected appearance of another title candidate. In particular, RyeoWook has a surprised expression, "The title song has changed ....?", Raising the curiosity. SUPER JUNIOR's title song selection site filled with unpredictable situations can be confirmed through the broadcast.

    SUPER JUNIOR's jacket shooting site will be revealed. This jacket shooting site will contain various objects from different styling to various objects and poses. In addition, it is expected to see the behind-the-scenes of the concept image, which was released 999 hours before the SUPER JUNIOR comeback.

    DongHae, meanwhile, was caught in the middle of shooting a jacket, and many people were curious. You can check what the identity of the finished product by DongHae through the broadcast.

    'SJ returns3', featuring SUPER JUNIOR's 9th album maker, will be released on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 12 noon on 'V LIVE (V App)' and 'NAVER TV' from the 7th. Broadcast on 'JTBC2'.

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    -Yoon Jong Shin, Kim Bum Soo's perfect digestion of '보고싶다'? 3MC everyone's amazing treble!
    -What song did Parc Jae Jung sing for Yoon Jong Shin? A sad ballad emotion that attracts ears
    -SM Kim Hee Chul VS MYSTIC Yoon Jong Shin-Kim Eana-Parc Jae Jung
    -스튜디오 음악당, You can watch on YouTube 'CAKE POP' ∙ B tv

    Singer Yoon Jong Shin perfectly presents Kim Bum Soo '보고싶다' and presents a stage that is different from the original song.

    On the music talk show '스튜디오 음악당', which will be broadcast on channel B tv on the 8th, you can meet the second story of guest Yoon Jong Shin.

    Yoon Jong Shin, who described the Gentile project in the last episode by calling '늦바람' and '이방인', will present two songs, including Kim Bum Soo's '보고싶다', in a live concert with the house band of the concert hall. .

    You can also meet Parc Jae Jung's special live performance as a special MC. It is expected that Parc Jae Jung, who has a distinctive voice and a sad ballad, will prepare the song for Yoon Jong Shin.

    The chemistry of Kim Hee Chul and Yoon Jong Shin is also a point of watching. Yoon Jong Shin is expected to give Kim Hee Chul a fight saying, "Do you ignore MYSTIC now if it's SM big?"

    Meanwhile, '스튜디오 음악당' is a high-quality music talk show produced by MYSTIC STORY and SK Telecom music platform FLO. Special musicians such as the first guest EXO CHEN and the second Yoon Jong Shin appear every week for in-depth music stories and live performances. have.

    '스튜디오 음악당' can be found on FLO official Facebook and Instagram accounts, YouTube 'CAKE POP' channel and B tv.

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    Actor Park Jae Min was cast in the movie '소리꾼'.

    The movie '소리꾼' is a new direction directed by Cho Jung Rae, a director of "귀향," which was a hot topic dealing deeply with the mourning of comfort women and grandmothers. This is a pansori movie that tells the story of a screamer who wanders and lives in the wind and sound.

    Park Jae Min embarked on a show to show off the spectacular acting of the martial arts in The Sounder. 'I like the movement and I am good at various sports, so I am happy to have a chance to show great action performance through this work. I will do my best to shoot. '

    Park Jae Min has expanded his domain of activities, including his own all-round athletes, army and blood donor ambassadors, and various global events alone.

    On the other hand, the film “소리꾼”, which depicts the displeasures and pains experienced by former voicers, is scheduled to be released in the first half of 2020.

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