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    Two versions of 'Pink' and 'Magic' released! Starting album sales from today!

    YESUNG makes a comeback in two years.

    YESUNG will be releasing the third mini album 'Pink Magic' all songs through various music sites such as Melon, FLO, Genie, iTunes, Apple Music, Sporty Pie and Xiami Music. Interest is expected.

    The album, which has a bright and bright atmosphere, will be released in two versions of 'Pink' and 'Magic'.

    Previously YESUNG started his domestic solo album 'Here I am' in April of 2016, followed by his second mini album 'Spring Falling' and his Japanese regular album 'STORY' He has been recognized for his excellent singing skills by participating in many drama OSTs such as' 너 아니면 안돼', '먹지', '꿈을 꾸다', '너무 그립다', and '혼자 하는 일’

    Meanwhile, YESUNG's new album 'Pink Magic' will be officially released on June 18th.

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    Show TAEMIN's trademark! Local audience enthusiasm!

    'The Ace of Ace' SHINee TAEMIN (SM) successfully kicked off his first Japan Arena tour.

    The Hokkaido performance of 'TAEMIN ARENA TOUR 2019 ~ X ™ ~' was held in Hokkaido's Makomanai Kisuisihima Ice Arena from 8th to 9th of last month. It is a concert with TAEMIN's overwhelming performances, excellent singing ability and limited stage manners. The audience got a warm response.

    Especially, this tour is TAEMIN Japan's second solo tour of TAEMIN which follows TAEMIN Japan 1st TOUR ~ SIRIUS ~ which was last year's successful event, and the performance title 'X ™' combines Unknown X with TAEMIN's initial 'TM' TAEMIN 's unique stage and charm attracted local fans because it means that TAEMIN' s trade mark will be shown regardless of the music, performance, or fashion.

    In addition, TAEMIN will feature stage performances including 'ECLIPSE', 'MARS' and 'Into The Rhythm' as well as stage performances such as '괴도', 'Press Your Number', 'MOVE' , 'Artistic Groove', 'Shadow', 'Truth' and so on.

    In addition, 'Colors' and 'Slave', which will be released on August 28, Japan's third mini album, two new songs recorded in the stage also released explosive acclaim.

    On the other hand, TAEMIN will continue the opening of "TAEMIN ARENA TOUR 2019 ~ X ™" in Shizuoka Ecofar Arena on June 15-16.

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    - Jo Eun Yoo, "'Voice3' I'm really happy with the casting news, even though the episode is a good experience for me."
    - 'Voice3' Jo Eun Yoo, appeared as a pre-wedding bride to die before marriage!

    Jo Eun Yoo gave a sad smile on Voice3.

    Jo Eun Yoo appeared as Gong Se Mi, the victim of the murder in OCN drama 'Voice3' broadcast on the 8th and 9th.

    Gong Se Mi went to the hospital to get a burn scar removal procedure ahead of his wedding with his boyfriend, Chu Dong Gu. However, Gong Se Mi, who was on standby in the recovery room because of anesthesia, disappeared after leaving a sudden message of farewell to Chu Dong Gu.

    It turns out that Gong Se Mi suffered a medical accident. The person who operated on Gong Se Mi was not the hospital director Hwang Jo Byung, but the medical equipment salesman No Gu-yeol. No Gu-yeol, a medical student, started surgery on behalf of Hwang Jo Byung several years ago in order to raise sales, and he believed he was a real doctor.

    No Gu-yeol made a catastrophic mistake to Gong Se Mi, and killed Gong Se Mi and plotted to commit a medical accident. Gong Se Mi lost his consciousness in the collection box while being wrapped in medical waste vinyl, but was rescued by Do Gang-woo (Lee Jin-wook) and saved his life.

    Jo Eun Yoo, who starred in Gong Se Mi, who had gone through a crisis of death and reunited with his boyfriend, staring in a glance, starring Park Seo Joon 's younger brother Ko Dong Hee in KBS2' Ssam, My Way ' He regretted his boyfriend crying even when he regained his consciousness.

    Jo Eun Yoo, who appeared in the medical accident episode shortly but showed a delicate eye-opening performance, said through his agency KEYEAST, "I was really happy to hear the casting news. It was a good experience for me and it was interesting to take an episode. "" I would like to see you again as a good work and I hope you will watch it. "

    On the other hand, OCN drama 'Voice3' starring Jo Eun Yoo is broadcasted every Saturday and Sunday at 10:20 pm, and Lee Jin-wook, Lee Ha Na, Kwon Yul, Son Eun Seo and Kim Woo Suk appear.

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    - Kim Soo Hyun, a phenomenal audience rating, the youngest person ever to be a "monster record" guy! Focus on return
    - Kim Soo Hyun, # Reconsidered First Class # Search Group Support # Special Warrior # Early Promotion Exemplary Army Life!

    Kim Soo Hyun is discharged.

    Actor Kim Soo Hyun is ahead of the discharge on July 1, attracting interest from the industry. Before the discharge, we signed an exclusive model contract with beauty brand and will act as exclusive model immediately after discharge.

    Which debuted in 2007 Kim Soo Hyun is proving a 'Dream High', in-depth skills and star smoke through the "Moon Embracing the Sun" star led the new Korean wave craze. Moreover, he has secured the position of the Korean wave star by going to screen and drama, including the movie 'Thieves' (12 million) and 'secretly great' (7 million). In 2013, he became the star of SBS drama 'You are from the Stars' and became a star in Asia. In 2015, he was named as the youngest person in the KBS drama 'KBS drama' as the youngest recipient.

    Kim Soo Hyun, a sincere, exemplary actor, continued his military life. Kim Soo Hyun was diagnosed as a fourth grade public service worker who was a child with heart disease. However, his strong will to join the army, he has been in constant health care. He was re-examined and eventually got his first grade, and he joined on October 23, 2018.

    In addition, Kim Soo Hyun supported his career in basic military training for five weeks and served as a first-person search band. The 1st Search Corps conducts high-risk missions in the forefront, including search and ambush operations between the MDL and the SBL. For that reason, only 0.1%, which is excellent in all aspects such as physical strength and mental power, is selected. In particular, the 1st Division Search Corps is a high-risk unit that has suffered damage due to a mine land mine buried by North Korea during the search for DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) in the first frontier in August 2015.

    Kim Soo Hyun, who originally wanted a strong military life, could become a model for himself by applying to the 1st Division search band. In addition to this, Kim Soo Hyun is promoting the promotion of a soldier and a soldier from a soldier to a soldier in a soldier for one reason, such as being selected as a TOP team and a limited number of warriors, I am in a military life better than anyone.

    Kim Soo Hyun, who has become a model for military activities as well as acting, discharges. I look forward to acting in an attitude of sincerity as an actor rather than a reliance on excellent talents, and a sincere performer act that captivates the hearts of those who see them.

    On the other hand, Kim Soo Hyun is reviewing various works without regard to genres such as movies and dramas ahead of discharge.

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    Music broadcasting is also the number one place! Prove super power!

    NCT 127 (SM) won the KBS2TV 'Music Bank' as a new song 'Superhuman'.

    NCT 127 will be ranked No.1 on "K-chart" from June 27 to June 2, which was released on July 7 by "Music Bank" on its official homepage. I once again confirmed the popularity.

    NCT 127 is the mini album 'NCT # 127 WE ARE SUPERHUMAN', which is the 11th on the Billboard 200 and Billboard 200 on the US Billboard, and the 6th on the Artist 100. In addition to top albums sales, 'Independent Album' and 'World Album', topping the top 25 in iTunes worldwide and topping the weekly charts of domestic music charts.

    This album contains a total of six songs in various colors, including the title song 'Superhuman' of energetic appeal.

    On the other hand, NCT 127 will feature the title song 'Superhuman' on MBC 'Show Music Core' on June 8.

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    Unable to reject POS + charismatic visual! Focus your attention!

    TVXQ! to release its first solo album! U-Know (SM) title track 'Follow' Teaser image is open to the public.

    U-Know announced the teaser image of 'Follow', a title track with strong visuals through the official website at 0:00 on the 8th, and captivated the audience with the SNS TVXQ! We will also open the highlight track for 'Follow' in the account, which further amplifies the curiosity about the first solo album.

    In particular, the title song 'Follow' is a pop dance song that tends to be an intro narration that memorizes spells and a quiet first half melody. It is reminiscent of a dark, groovy mood created by metallic percussion and cold texture synthesizers , The track color is 'silver', U-Know unique powerful charm and powerful enough to enjoy the force.

    In addition, U-Know participated in the planning, directing and shooting of the exclusive Vlog 'RGB : 리얼갬성방송' 2 times on the 8th day at 12:00 NAVER V SMTOWN channel, and at 10:00 pm on the YouTube SMTOWN channel Global fans will get a hot response.

    On the other hand, U-Know's first mini-album 'True Colors' will be released on June 12th at 6pm on various music sites and will be released on the same day.

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    U-Know, from cooking to letters! Where else is this friend?
    This is the first time have seen BoA! Pure + concentric crystal!

    BoA and TVXQ! The friendship of U-Know (SM) captivated the viewers.

    U-Know appeared on MBC entertainment program "나 혼자 산다", which was broadcasted last night.

    On this day, U-Know poured his heartfelt care for the ingredients from early morning in order to give BoA a culinary gift, and when he suddenly stopped driving, he showed his charming charm by instinctively stretching his arms to protect BoA. Amusement park, safari, and so on.

    Especially, U-Know is full of passion, but he has laughed at his cooking skills and gave a heartfelt letter to BoA.

    BoA responded with a positive smile and said, "It was really fun today. U-Know is a friend who is always comfortable to meet. If we have fraternal twins, we will be like, " she said.

    On the other hand, BoA is getting a good response by releasing a new single 'Feedback' on the 4th, and U-Know is getting a lot of interest due to announce its first mini album 'True Colors' on the 12th.

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    6th at 6 p.m. 'Hit Me Up' special video release! Expectation UP!

    'Top Performer' TVXQ! U-Know (SM)'s first solo album was featured by Giriboy.

    U-Know's first mini-album "True Colors," released on June 12 at 6 pm on various music sites, consists of a total of six songs in various genres, including the title track "Follow." Includes songs from Giriboy 'Hit Me Up' can also meet, and it seems to gather topics.

    In particular, the track 'Hit Me Up' is a nude disco style pop dance number with an impressive groovy bass line. The lyrics contain a frank look at the lovers who are tempted to leave the drive together, as the track color is 'orange', The night road with the orange light was lit up with 'orange carpet', and maximized the cheerful and bright atmosphere of the song.

    Also, the teaser image of 'Hit Me Up' at 0 o'clock on June 7 was opened, and various SNS TVXQ! Highlights from the account will be available at 6 pm on YouTube and the NAVER TV SMTOWN channel, and this video contains a delightful look at U-Know enjoying a dance party with a lot of people. Which is expected to further boost expectations for the company.

    On the other hand, U-Know appears on MBC entertainment program '나 혼자 산다' which is broadcasted at 11:10 pm on the 7th.

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    Global fanfare sniping with overwhelming performance!

    'K-POP Kings' TVXQ! (SM) is going on an Angkor concert tour.

    TVXQ! Encore concert 'TVXQ! CONCERT -CIRCLE- #with' will be held at Bangkok Impact Arena Muang Thanh Thani Bangkok on June 29, at the Mall of Asia Arena in Manila, Philippines on July 13, and at Asia-World Expo Arena in Hong Kong on July 20. It is expected that global fans will be able to enjoy explosive response.

    This concert is TVXQ! Single concert 'TVXQ! CONCERT -CIRCLE- #welcome' with the Encore performance, as the performance in KSPO DOME last march was sold out in March, it seems that this tour will be attracted high attention as well.

    In addition, TVXQ! Includes the hit songs "Rising Sun", "MIROTIC", "Something", "The Chance of Love", as well as the special album "New Chapter # 2: The Truth of Love" It is expected to catch the attention of the audience because it plans to offer rich attractions and overwhelming performances such as stage.

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  • 2019-06-07 Press Release

    Kang Ho Dong, Friday's Man

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    Pleasant presence responsible on Friday
    From '300x2' to 'Kangs Kitchen', 'BrotherSister'
    Kang Ho Dong's energetic laughter
    Friday night with Kang Ho Dong!
    # Communication MC #Kang president # empathy fairy

    Kang Ho Dong became the man of Friday.

    Since last week, Kang Ho Dong, who has been offering energy-filled pleasure with tvN '300x2', announced the existence of MC as the MC who is responsible for the first broadcast of tvN 'Kangs Kitchen' and TV CHOSUN 'BrotherSister'.

    First of all, Kang Ho Dong will take on the MC of '300x2' and give a collaboration with 300 musicians and 300 fans every Friday. Not only does Kang Ho Dong's unique and energetic progress make an intense stage, Kang Ho Dong is also a bridge between musicians and fans, conveying the enthusiasm of the audience to the audience.

    In addition, Kang Ho Dong has launched the new programs 'Kangs Kitchen' and 'BrotherSister' at the same time, becoming 'the strongest Friday night.' Kang Ho Dong, who announced his return with "Kangs Kitchen", started to work with its members this season, and the theme of the meal was to satisfy many people. In particular, he made all the food himself with the motto of "sincerity".

    Kang Ho Dong also succeeded in showing his smile on Friday night. Lee Su Geun and other members of the fierceness of fighting with "respect and caring" showed a sense of pleasure, and Kang Ho Dong, who is shedding nose at the end of the broadcast, was revealed and his enthusiasm and sense of accomplishment were adequately displayed. Making it more exciting.

    Through 'BrotherSister' broadcast on the same day, Kang Ho Dong offers another pleasure. Kang Ho Dong's TV CHOSUN 'BrotherSister' is a family reality program starring sisters and brothers. Kang Ho Dong works with Jang Seo Hee as MC of the program to convey the daily life of brothers, sisters and brothers and sisters.

    Kang Ho Dong interacted with the panel as the host through 'BrotherSister', added reaction and played as an expedition host. In addition, after seeing other family members, I added my own story and sent a sincere sympathy to it, and after the first broadcast, I got the nickname 'empathy fairy'.

    Kang Ho Dong, who is meeting with viewers through '300x2', 'Kangs Kitchen' and 'BrotherSister' on Friday night. Kang Ho Dong, who is a unique cheerful player every Friday, is expected to perform because of the program's trait of nuclear bombing and a warm family story at the same time.

    On the other hand, tvN '300x2' starring Kang Ho Dong will be broadcast every Friday at 7:40 pm, tvN 'Kangs Kitchen' will be broadcasted every Friday at 9:10 pm, and TV CHOSUN 'BrotherSister' will be broadcast every Friday at 11 pm.

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