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  • 2019-10-06 Press Release

    SuperM makes its US debut

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    Title song ‘Jopping’ and new song stage are released for the first time!

    SuperM (SM) finished the Hollywood showcase successfully.
    SuperM held an outdoor showcase 'SuperM: Live From Capitol Records in Hollywood' at the Hollywood Capitol Records Tower in Los Angeles, USA on the 5th at 7 pm local time. Captured
    SuperM appeared in explosive cheers, including the title song 'Jopping' stage with powerful and energetic performances, pop dance song 'I Can't Stand The Rain' that combines pop and Asian elements, and 'Super' which boasts intense sound. Car's first mini album, including the new song stage was released for the first time and received a hot response.
    The members said, “We are happy to show you a new face with SuperM. As it is a new challenge, I prepared so hard that I hope you can enjoy it together. ”
    In particular, it controlled 'Vine Street' in front of the Capitol Records Tower in Hollywood to operate 'SuperM Village', where many fans gathered to make a bustling crowd. There was a hot fever reminiscent of the festival from the beginning of the performance, such as the unfolding and the food truck.
    In addition, in addition to the audience invited through the pre-application, the showcase was accompanied by a huge number of fans around the venue watching the performances on the screen in the `` SuperM Village '', and exploded with cheers.
    In addition, SOOMANLEE general producer, who attended the scene, greeted fans with a hot shout, checked the details, directing from the central console throughout the performance, and showed a passion as a producer.
    In addition, this showcase stage was held by Dream Maker, a subsidiary of SM Entertainment, and maximized the atmosphere of the outdoor showcase through the three-dimensional stage, large screens, and colorful lights, attracting the attention of local performers.
    Meanwhile, SuperM will be hosting a live performance `` We Are The Future Live, '' which will showcase its first mini album in major cities in North America, including Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Seattle and Vancouver, Canada, starting in Texas in November.
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    Three-dimensional emotional expression, sharp charisma radiates!
    Heavy presence! ‘Kim Min Jong’

    Interest in Kim Min Jong (SM) is growing.

    Kim Min Jong took the role of Yoon Han Ki in the SBS drama "VAGABOND," which depicts a man involved in a civil airliner crash crashing into a huge national corruption.

    In the last five episodes, Yoon Han Ki visited the president (Baek Yoon Sik) and worried about Cha Dal-gun (Lee Seung-gi), who revealed that the civilian plane crash was a terror, and thought he would protect him in a safe place. .

    In the sixth episode, which aired on the 5th, Yoon Han Ki was cold talking to Min Jae-sik (Jeong Man-sik), who asked Ahn Ki-dong (Kim Jong-su) 's regards. done.

    In particular, Yoon Han Ki warned Ahn Ki-dong and Hong Soon Jo (Moon Sung Geun), who threatened his position, by deliberately hanging the neckline of the walking dog.

    Kim Min Jong, who played Yoon Han Ki's role, is gaining a good response from viewers by raising the immersion of the drama by expressing the emotions of the characters in three dimensions.

    Meanwhile, the topical work “VAGABOND”, which ranks first in the audience rating at the same time, is broadcast on SBS every Friday and Saturday at 10 pm.

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    'From Todak Chemie to Perfect Cooperation'
    The best fun entertainment artisans!
    Ho Dong x Su Geun
    Entertainment led by a strong oldest line
    Big fun from the first broadcast
    “Expectations UP” for the activity that will be leveled up every time

    Kang Ho Dong and Lee Su Geun announced the birth of a new concept game, "We Play."

    SkyDrama 'We Play', which aired for the first time on the 5th, is an action adventure variety program that enjoys massive-scale games in the virtual reality world.In this broadcast, members including Kang Ho Dong and Lee Su Geun gathered for the first time and received quests. An outgoing figure was drawn.

    Kang Ho Dong earned nicknames such as 'Analytic King', 'Torque King', 'Immersed King', and 'Barbarian' in spite of being seriously teased by his brothers. . Lee Su Geun played a key player role in performing quests among the members, showing distinctive ideas, novel ideas, and sleek movements.

    In particular, the two gave a pleasant “chemistry” based on their long-term acquaintances, and gave endless laughter to the viewers. Kang Ho Dong, who was depressed and depressed every time he commented, asked carefully, “Can I have an older brother's idea?” Lee Su Geun said, “Let's listen. There is no guarantee of 100%. ”When Kang Ho Dong did not pronounce Jung Hyuk correctly, Lee Su Geun pointed out his pronunciation by saying“ Jung Hyuk, ”and provoked a boom.

    They play a major role in each quest as a performer, and they have also created a platform to move on to the next level together. Kang Ho Dong commented on the Red Garden quest, “Let's use a matchstick to shield.” Thanks to the team, the members of the powerful fire ember were able to work together to cope with fear water attacks and move safely to the gate.

    Lee Su Geun was the first to realize that sharks would not attack unless they fell into the water with a unique eye on the island of adventure. He was also active on his way to Diamond Island, where he had important clues while riding a styrofoam board.

    In addition, in the black plains of deconstruction, after a mission to save the ball from the many `` child mobs '', at the decisive moment, the shot that started at Kang Ho Dong's toe was connected to Jung Hyuk and Lee Su Geun for a cool second. The goal was to complete the mission and attracted attention.

    Like this, Kang Ho Dong and Lee Su Geun created laugh points like art craftsmen. It also worked as a strong pillar of the program, including coordination of quest performances, and there was no shortage of announcing the birth of a new concept game entertainment. As a result, people who boast fantastic chemistry are gathering much expectation and interest in how much fun they will bring up each time through 'We Play'.

    Meanwhile, the skyDrama entertainment ‘We Play’ is broadcasted every Saturday at 6pm.

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    -Hong Ji Yoon, beautiful visual + plump character of charm and poem!
    -“나의 나라” Hong Ji Yoon, Her performance is heralded by acting that energizes the play

    Hong Ji Yoon exudes a plump charm in 나의 나라.

    Hong Ji Yoon took on the role of parasitic Hwa wol in the JTBC new drama 나의 나라. Hwa wol is a figure with a gorgeous appearance and a bright personality. Han Hee-jae (Kim Sul Hyun) will be supported by each other in the fate that will be different.

    On the 2nd episode of 나의 나라, which aired on the 5th, Hee-jae came to know that Seo Hwi (Yang Se-jong) was the son of Seo Gum (Yu Oh-sung). Hwa wol was closely watching Hee-jae in the situation closest to Hee-jae and was the first to notice the change in her feelings and make her the choice she wanted.

    Hwa wol focused viewers with a cheerful, unhateful, bright personality. While assisting Hee-jae, he found records about Nam Sun-ho (Woo Do-hwan) and Seo Hwi and embarrassed Hee-jae.

    Hong Ji Yoon has been fascinated by his beautiful appearance and appearance, such as the name Hwa wol. He also uses Hwa wol characters as awesome acts, making viewers more immersed in Hong Ji Yoon.

    Many expectations and interests are attracted to the performance of Hong Ji Yoon, who is energizing the development of the drama. He is wondering what kind of combination he will show up as a close friend of Hee-jae and what kind of activities he will play as a parasitic of information.

    Meanwhile, JTBC's new drama '나의 나라' starred by Hong Ji Yoon is starred by Yang Se-jong, Woo Do Hwan, Kim Sul Hyun, Jang Hyuk, Kim Young Chul, and Ahn Nae-sang. It is broadcasted at 50 minutes.

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    -Woo Do Hwan, pay attention to your character! Unique charm radiates
    -Woo Do Hwan, character digestion that leads viewers to empathize! ‘Historical Eye + voice’

    Woo Do Hwan is expected to cause Nam Sun Ho through '나의 나라'.

    Nam Sun Ho, played by Woo Do Hwan in the JTBC drama “나의 나라,” is a mother-in-law. A severe fatal person who suffered from birth and faced a confrontation with Seo Hwi (Yang Se-jong) to defend his beliefs.

    In the second episode of 나의 나라, Nam Sun Ho's trauma was revealed. When he was young, he couldn't save his elder brother, and he grew up listening to his father Nam Jeon (Ahn Nae-sang). Nam Sun Ho's sick family member was heartbroken to those who saw the pain and the reason for the desire to become Lee Sung-gye (Kim Young-chul) 's sword.

    Nam Sun Ho, who competed with Seo Hwi, did not heal the wounds but endured. Eventually, it was the end of Nam Sun Ho's victory, and Nam Sun Ho was desperate and angry when he found out that Nam Jeon was wrong. Viewers were also angry with Nam Jeon because they knew Seo Hwi and Nam Sun Ho's willingness to stick with their skills.

    At the command of Lee Sung-gye to kill all those who know the corruption, Nam Sun Ho saved his life by sending Seo Hwi to the army. However, this choice was a shame because the friendship between Nam Sun Ho and Seo Hwi changed. And when Nam Jeon even tried to endanger Seo Yeon (Jo Yi Hyun), Nam Sun Ho threatened Nam Jeon.

    Woo Do Hwan postponed Nam Sun Ho's psychological change, confronting his father and solidifying his desire for success. And he acted with a sharp but sad eye and ringing voice. Woo Do Hwan's charm is getting along well with the character, causing the reaction to "Nam Sun Ho".

    Woo Do Hwan was also immersed in the role, causing viewers' empathy. Expectations are added to Woo Do Hwan, who will show the change in Nam Sun Ho's fate.

    Meanwhile, JTBC's “나의 나라” starring Woo Do Hwan is broadcast at 10:50 every Friday and Saturday night.

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    'I Think I', the first publicly released music video, is ranked first in global trending search terms on Twitter.
    Expectation of the 9th regular album before October 14 release is also UP!

    SUPER JUNIOR ranked first in the Korean album chart of Taiwan's largest online music site, KKBOX, for 100 weeks.
    SUPER JUNIOR is the 8th full-length album `` PLAY '' released on November 6, 2017.It is ranked first for 23 weeks from November 6, 2017 to April 12, 2018. With the zip repackage album `` REPLAY '', it has maintained its first place for 100 weeks for a total of 77 weeks from April 13, 2018 to October 3, 2019, proving its explosive popularity.
    Earlier, SUPER JUNIOR released their 4th full-length title song ‘미인아’ and 5th ‘Mr. from the first week of June 2010 to the third week of September 2012. Simple, 6th album 'Sexy, Free & Single' in Taiwan 'KKBOX' Korea single weekly charts has achieved a unique performance of 121 weeks in the longest, the 9th 'Time_Slip' will be released on October 14 Attention is drawn to renewing the 121-week record.
    In addition, the music video of the ninth studio album 'I Think I', which was released on the 4th afternoon, opened and held the 1st place in global trend search terms (at 00:00 on 5th), and the global fans' interest in SUPER JUNIOR Once again confirmed.
    On the other hand, SUPER JUNIOR will hold a solo concert “SUPER JUNIOR WORLD TOUR – SUPER SHOW 8” at KSPODOME on October 12-13, and will release their regular 9th album “Time_Slip” at 6 pm on the 14th.

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    -'나의 나라' Woo Do Hwan, From a poisonous eyes to a bitter smile! Perfectly transformed into Nam Sun Ho
    -Woo Do Hwan, Stable acting even in the first historical drama

    Woo Do Hwan, “나의 나라”, has made an explosion.

    Woo Do Hwan, who plays Nam Sun Ho, who has the pain and ambition of birth in the JTBC drama `` 나의 나라 '', first aired on the 4th, shook the hearts of viewers with his colorful charm.

    In the first episode of “나의 나라,” Nam Sun Ho and Seo Hwi (Yang Se-jong) were intertwined with Han Hee-jae (Kim Sul-hyun), who was wanted. Trapped in a dead-end alley, Nam Sun Ho escaped from the crisis, but Seo Hwi and Han Hee-jae, who were hiding, were chased by Park Chi Do (Ji Seung Hyun). The moment Han Hee-jae's identity was discovered, Nam Sun Ho appeared and pressed his father to Park Chi Do to escape the crisis.

    In fact, Nam Sun Ho grew up severely after being compared to his brother Nam Jeon (Ahn Nae-sang). This led to the belief that Lee Sung-gye (Kim Young-chul) would be a sword so that no one suffered from birth like her.

    Nam Sun Ho and Seo Hwi were teased and despised. When Seo Hwi was rejected to stare, Nam Sun Ho couldn't stand the anger. Seo Hwi tried to give up, but at the hunting ground, Lee Sung-gye's eyes got a chance, and Nam Sun Ho wrestled without regret and went back with Seo Hwi for revenge.

    Woo Do Hwan, who attracted attention before the broadcast as the first historical drama, showed high immersion with stable acting. When he had to use his power, he overwhelmed him with a daunting voice, and when he faced it, he showed a strong eye. In addition, he sometimes wrote a character named Nam Sun Ho to his viewers by revealing the pain and sadness he had inside.

    The shooting of a bow to bleed from the hand and the ending action of anger at a country discriminated by birth raised the expectations for Woo Do Hwan's future action. In addition to his charisma, Seo Hwi's younger brother, Seo Yeon (Jo Yi Hyun), shows his affection for the future.

    On the other hand, two episodes will be broadcast at 10:50 on the 5th of JTBC drama “나의 나라” starring Woo Do Hwan.

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    'Focused attention' on major local media such as MTV, AP, UPI and billboard

    SuperM (SM) finished the Los Angeles premiere event on the 4th.

    SuperM held a premiere event to commemorate the release of its first mini album `` SuperM '' at Capitol Records Tower in Hollywood, Los Angeles, at 8:00 pm local time, which was broadcast live on the YouTube SMTOWN channel.

    At the site, local major media and music officials, including MTV, AP, UPI News, Billboard, and specially selected fans attended, expressing their interest in SuperM by asking various questions.

    In particular, SOOMANLEE general producer who produced SuperM also attended the premiere event and greeted with the introduction of the moderators.

    SuperM asked his debut and said, “At first, it was amazing to be working together. I want to give good energy to many people, and we also want to show good activities with good energy. ”“ I want to lead the next level of K-pop with SuperM ”.

    In addition, SuperM met local fans and said, “When I debuted as SuperM, it was my first time to meet fans, and I was very surprised to feel the heat of American fans. The debut is real and I look forward to it. ”

    As for the North American live performance, which will start in November, “I'm most excited to meet my fans. That alone is very exciting. I hope many of you will come. ”

    SuperM will host an outdoor showcase 'SuperM: Live From Capitol Records in Hollywood' at the Capitol Records Tower in Los Angeles, USA on July 5 at 7:00 pm PST. Through the world alone.
    Meanwhile, SuperM's first mini album 'SuperM' will be released at 6 pm (Korea time) through various music sites such as Melon, Flo and Genie music.

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    1 pm music video, 6 pm music released!
    Super synergy with the title song “Jopping”!

    SuperM (SM)'s first mini album 'SuperM' will be released worldwide on the 4th.

    SuperM's first mini album 'SuperM' will be released on 4th at 6 pm through various music sites such as Melon, Flo, and Genie. , High interest from music fans is expected.

    This title song 'Jopping' is an electric pop genre song that features a magnificent and energetic sound, and the message 'Let's enjoy our own stage with burning' is a music and performance of SuperM. Enough to meet the integer

    In addition, the 'Jopping' music video will show the superb visuals of the seven members of SuperM and the brilliant synergy of the image.

    In addition, this album contains a total of five songs containing the super synergy of SuperM members such as 'I Can't Stand The Rain', '2 Fast', 'Super Car', and 'No Manners'.

    Meanwhile, SuperM will host an outdoor showcase 'SuperM: Live From Capitol Records in Hollywood' at the Capitol Records Tower in Hollywood, Los Angeles, USA on October 5 at 7:00 pm PST. The site is broadcast live worldwide through the YouTube SMTOWN channel.

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    Mobilize various special equipment such as robot arm + RC car! Painted sensual images with new concept photography!

    SUPER JUNIOR releases the music video of the 9th album 'Time_Slip', 'I Think I', and is preparing for a comeback.

    SUPER JUNIOR is planning to open a new song “I Think I” music video through YouTube SMTOWN channel and NAVER TV SMTOWN channel at 6 pm on the 4th and is concentrating global music fans.

    The music video was completed by combining the robot arm camera with members filming each other in the background. Since the members are different but the same scene must be shot multiple times on the same line, it is a new concept that requires inputting an equation that does not allow an error in the robot arm. As the robot arm, RC car, and other special equipment are used to capture the sense of visual aesthetic, the new song “I Think I” music video is expected to be of higher interest.

    In addition, the song “I Think I” expresses the time spent with each other in the candid lyrics compared to the dance, and the combination of R & B melody and Urban beat makes it possible to enjoy a sophisticated sound.

    On the other hand, SUPER JUNIOR will hold a solo concert “SUPER JUNIOR WORLD TOUR – SUPER SHOW 8” at KSPODOME on October 12-13, and will release the ninth regular album “Time_Slip” at 6 pm on the 14th.

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