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    "Meetings of Korean and Mexican Legend Boy Band"

    US famous media billboard reported SUPER JUNIOR's new song 'One More Time (Otra Vez) (Feat. REIK)'.

    Billboard will announce the release of SUPER JUNIOR's special mini-album on October 9 (local time) on its official website, and the title track 'One More Time (Otra Vez) (Feat. REIK) Two boy bands collaborated over different cultures to create a dance song that sweetened Latin pop elements. "

    In addition, Billboard released the song "Lo Siento (Feat. Leslie Grace)", the title song of SUPER JUNIOR's regular 8th album released on April 12, with South American female soloist Leslie Grace, "This year's Latin music is focused on SUPER JUNIOR, which has swept the K-pop market in 2010 since Sorry, Sorry in 2009." did.

    In addition, the music video, "SUPER JUNIOR and REIK between the close bond, and SUPER JUNIOR's military sensibility and luxury emotions flow overflowing," he praised.

    SUPER JUNIOR's 'One More Time', which was released on October 8th and all tracks are made up of Latin pops, is available on iTunes's comprehensive album charts in Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Bolivia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Peru, Panama, El Salvador, Nicaragua, It ranks first in 27 regions worldwide, including Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Cyprus, Malta, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Oman, Macao, Malaysia and Japan, .

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    "It was fun because it was fun because it was DOH KYUNG SOO! 'Deferred postponement'
     The audience rating exceeded 10%! "DOH KYUNG SOO in the country is in pain"

    The details of DOH KYUNG SOO (EXO D.O., SM) are attracting attention.

    DOH KYUNG SOO is playing the role of 'Lee Yul', the prince who lost his memory and lost to Won Deuk in the TVN drama ‘백일의 낭군님’.

    In the episode of October 10 broadcasted on October 9, Lee Yul who went to Hanyang to find his memory heard the story of Mu Yeon (Kim Jae Young) that "the moment you are revealed, a lot of people will die" Deuk is trying to become a figure drawn to the attention.

    Especially Hong Shim (Nam Ji Hyun)​, followed by a back hug, and "I miss you for three days," I confessed to the viewers, and at the end of the broadcast, "I do not want to find memories, "And gave a clear message to Hong Shim that he wanted to live as a real Won Deuk.

    DOH KYUNG SOO understands the subtle emotional changes that come from the process of finding such romance and memories, but it does not miss the dramatic laughing points of cute bluff and jealousy, The audience in the audience of the theater, "DOH KYUNG SOO sickness" is making.

    In particular, the ratings of 10 episodes were 10.3% on average and 11.4% on average (paid platform nationwide / provided by Nielsen Korea), topping its own highest audience rating and topping the list of terrestrial TVs with "DOH KYUNG SOO Power" I felt it.

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    I look forward to another transformation! "Lovely charm UP"
    'October is the month of Yuri' The drama starring in the solo debut until the episode of the drama!

    Kwon Yuri (Girls' Generation Yuri, SM) returns to the 'New Eatery Goddess'.

    Kwon Yuri plays the role of Bok Seung Ah in MBC new drama "대장금이 보고 있다" which will be broadcasted on October 11th.

    Bok Seung Ah, who will be played by Kwon Yuri, is a new salesperson who has a strong life force and curiosity about everything. He will meet Han San Hae (Shin Dong Wook) who is a savvy and savory chef, To attract viewers to give a healthy smile to the audience.

    In this work, Kwon Yuri, a new combination of chicken, pork belly, kalguksu and other foods, stimulates the salivary glands of viewers late at night. It is expected to be a hot spot to watch.

    Kwon Yuri, who made his debut as a legendary girl group 'Girls' Generation', has been known for his charming vocals and performance skills. He has been active as a singer since he released his first solo album 'The First Scene' on October 4, He has shown his presence in various works such as FASHION KING, 동네의 영웅, 고호의 별이 빛나는 밤에, and the movie 'No Breathing'.

    On the other hand, Kwon Yuri 's transformation is attracting attention, "대장금이 보고 있다" is the only dish to eat, the romance of living in order to eat, and an entertainment drama that stimulates appetite, at 11:10 pm on Thursday, It is scheduled to be broadcast first.

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    'Daerim-dong Shin Dong Yeob' ​​has a realistic look
    'Shin Dong Yeob's black comedy'
    Fun in extreme situations

    Shin Dong Yeob is grabbing attention as a master of comic acting.

    Shin Dong Yeob, who is meeting with viewers every week through TVN series 'Big Forest', is acting with conveying comic with realistic expression.

    In 'Big Forest' broadcast last week, Shin Dong Yeob was shown attending an avocado finance workshop. As a host of the workshop, his appearance was realistic enough that he could not tell whether he was playing or not, and he enriched the drama with colorful scenes ranging from playing games to talking with avocado finance staff.

    Especially, I watched the game to make me feel better, and I was annoyed that I won an unwanted victory in the billiard game, and I was frustrated because I was not exempted from the interest.

    Shin Dong Yeob, who is leading the various events every week, is regarded as a special element that brings up the fun of 'Big Forest' and expresses the emotional line of the characters moving up and down according to the ups and downs of the situation in the episode. And it attracts attention.

    Shin Dong Yeob, who is making his own 'Black comedy' with his unique comic instincts, is expected and interested in how he can get through his situation in 'Big Forest'.

    On the other hand, tvN 'Big Forest' starring Shin Dong Yeob is broadcast every Friday night at 11 o'clock.

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    - MYSTIC-Eddy Kim signed a contract for relying on mutual trust based on his debut
    - MYSTIC "Eddy Kim's vigorous music activities, support for overseas expansion, etc."
    - Eddy Kim, debuted in 'The Manual' in 2014, a talented singer-songwriter

    Singersongwriter Eddy Kim signed a contract with MYSTIC Entertainment.

    MYSTIC said on May 10, "Eddy Kim has signed a new contract before the end of the recent contract, and MYSTIC and Eddy Kim have reaffirmed their perfect partnership based on mutual trust that they have accumulated since their debut."

    "We will have the best synergy with Eddy Kim's vigorous music activities and overseas support," he added.

    Eddy Kim is scheduled to release his third mini album "Miles Apart" on November 11.

    This album is a new album released by Eddy Kim in 3 years and 9 months, and you can feel the ripped sensibility and music of Eddy Kim on the theme of farewell.

    Especially, in this album, Eddy Kim faithfully plays the role as a general producer, including all songs, composition, and album jacket, as well as visuals.

    The new album 'Miles Apart' includes six songs including 'Trace', 'Last', 'Miles Apart', 'Dalar', 'ESP' and 'Miles Apart'.

    With the release of the new album highlights medley, Eddy Kim's soft tones and sophisticated melodies make up the album's ambition.

    Eddy Kim will be active in album activities starting on November 11 with music viewing, NAVER V live 'Loop Top Live'.

    Eddy Kim is a singer-songwriter who has been recognized for his musicality and popularity through his first album 'The Manual' in 2014 and his second album 'Sing Sing Sing' in 2015. He has written 'The Manual', 'Push & Pull', 'My Lips Like Warm Coffee ',' Paldangdam 'and' Heart pound 'are steadily being loved.

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    - 국내 최초 인플루언서-아티스트 매니지먼트 비즈니스 도입
    - 패션, 뷰티, 라이프스타일 트렌드를 선도하는 다양한 프로젝트 기획
    - ‘디지털 네이티브’ 세대 공략을 위한 뉴미디어 콘텐츠 제작 파트 ‘믹스콘’ 론칭

    ‘디지털 네이티브’세대가 새로운 소비문화의 주역으로 급부상함에 따라, 대중문화를 넘어서 패션, 뷰티, 라이프스타일, 컬처 등 모든 영역에서 문화 트렌드와 콘텐츠를 좌우하며 그 영향력이 더욱 강력해지고, 패션, 문화, 예술 등 각 분야의 영향력을 가진 인플루언서의 영역이 확장됨에 따라 전문성을 갖춘 인플루언서에 대한 기대 또한 높아지고 있다.

    (디지털 네이티브 세대: 미국의 교육학자인 마크 프렌스키 (Marc Prensky)가 처음 사용한 용어로 개인용 컴퓨터, 스마트폰, 인터넷, MP3와 같은 디지털 환경을 태어나면서부터 생활처럼 사용하는 세대를 말한다.)

    2004년 모델 에이전시로 시작해 장윤주, 송경아 한혜진, 수주, 아이린, 정호연 등 국내외 톱 모델을 배출한 에스팀은 이제 모델, 엔터테이너를 넘어 전문 크리에이터 및 인플루언서 영입과 양성을 통해 크리에이티브 콘텐츠 기업으로 비즈니스 영역을 넓혀가며 에스팀만의 차별화된 영역을 구축했다. 최근에는 강남구 신사동에 이벤트 홀, 오픈 스튜디오, 모델 아카데미 등을 갖춘 신사옥으로 이전하며 새로운 장을 열고 있다.

    톱 모델 매니지먼트를 필두로 패션쇼 기획 등 국내외 패션 업계에서 수년간 축적한 경험들을 바탕으로 2015년 자회사 에스팀 엔터테인먼트를 설립하여 방송, 영화 등에서 두각을 나타내는 모델테이너를 탄생시켰다. 같은 해 아시아를 대표하는 엔터테인먼트 기업인 SM엔터테인먼트 그룹과 전략적 제휴를 체결하여 글로벌 무대로의 진출에 박차를 가하며, 2017년에는 SM엔터테인먼트와 공동으로 ‘스피커’를 설립, 국내 최초 인플루언서 매니지먼트 영역까지 비즈니스를 확대했다.
    나아가 올해 초에는 업계 유일의 아티스트 전문 에이전트인 ‘믹스테이지’ 부서를 신설해 패션, 뷰티, 및 아트 분야에서 활발하게 활동중인 전문인력을 양성하고 다양한 브랜드 협업 프로젝트를 지원하고 있다. 

    현재 에스팀은 엔터테이너 장윤주, 한혜진, 한혜연, 허지웅을 비롯하여 배우 이혜영, 채정안, 김진경, 글로벌 탑 모델 수주, 아이린, 정호연, 일러스트레이터 나난, 섭섭과 비디오그래퍼 윤성현 그리고 제품 디자이너 김충재, 아트디렉터 차인철, 공간 디자이너 김종완 등 약 200여 명의 전속 아티스트가 소속되어 있다. 이들 모두는 또한 각각의 전문 영역에서 인플루언서로서 영향력을 인정 받으며 활동하고 있다.

    즉, 에스팀은 브랜드 협업 프로젝트, 패션쇼, 전시회, 문화 행사 등의 이벤트 기획과 진행에서부터 다양한 분야에서 활발히 활동 중인 소속 아티스트의 적극적인 참여와 크리에이티브 콘텐츠를 통해 타겟 층과의 긴밀한 소통을 가능케 하는 인플루언서 마케팅까지 강력한 시너지 효과를 내고 있다.  

    올 하반기에는 최근 떠오르는 시장인 뉴미디어 콘텐츠 제작 사업을 시작하며 새로운 영역에 도전한다. 단편 영화제작과 방송국과 공동 제작한 패션 프로그램인 <아이엠어모델>, <도전! 수퍼모델 코리아> 시리즈 등의 성공을 바탕으로 뉴미디어 콘텐츠 제작파트 ‘믹스콘’을 론칭했다. 믹스콘은 엔터테인먼트를 기반으로 웹 예능, 드라마, 영화, 팟캐스트 등 오리지널 콘텐츠 및 제휴 콘텐츠를 제작한다. 에스팀만의 감각적인 아이덴티티를 더해 콘텐츠 주 소비층으로 급부상한 디지털 네이티브 세대를 사로잡을 예정이다.

    에스팀 그룹 김소연 총괄대표는 “에스팀은 분야를 아우르며 새로운 트렌드를 선도하는 크리에이티브 기업으로 성장했다. 기존의 기획사들이 매니지먼트에 집중했다면, 우리는 아티스트 개개인의 잠재력과 재능 개발을 통해 아티스트와 인플루언서의 영역을 연결하는 콘텐츠 아이콘으로 탄생시키는데 역량을 집중하고 있다.”면서, “아티스트의 역량이 한 영역에 머무는데 그치지 않고 영역을 확장하며 동반 성장할 수 있도록 최선의 노력을 다할 것.”이라고 전했다.

    한편, 에스팀은 비즈니스 영역 확장에 따라 전문 신규 인력 채용을 대폭 확대한다. 홍보, 디지털마케팅, 뉴미디어 콘텐츠 제작, 캐스팅, 재무/회계 등 각 부문별 경력 및 신입 사원 채용을 진행 중이다. 모집 부문별 상세 내용은 에스팀 그룹 공식 웹사이트(www.esteemgroup.com)를 통해 확인 후 지원 가능하다.


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    - Comeback D-1, Eddy Kim Documentary sequential release of music worker!
    - Eddy Kim Mini Album 3 'Miles Apart'
    - Release Date (11th) Music concert, V live 'Loop Top Live' held! Active activity notice

    Singer-songwriter Eddy Kim released a documentary about his music story ahead of his comeback.

    MYSTIC Entertainment released its video titled 'Eddy Kim Documentary' Miles Apart 'on the official SNS on the 9th.

    Eddy Kim's narration begins with a preview of Eddy Kim's studying in Boston while studying in the United States.

    "The time I had in Boston was very special," Eddy Kim said. "I dreamed everyday and practiced constantly."

    "At the time I dreamed of Michael Jackson in Korea. These times were very precious to me. My life has changed completely. "

    A documentary featuring Eddy Kim's music machine will be released in sequence.

    Meanwhile, Eddy Kim will release his third mini album "Miles Apart" at 6 pm on November 11. This album is a new album released by Eddy Kim in 3 years and 9 months, and you can feel the ripped sensibility and music of Eddy Kim on the theme of farewell.

    In particular, Eddy Kim has played a role as an executive producer of all songs, composition and visuals including album jackets.

    The new album 'Miles Apart' contains six songs including 'Trace', 'Last', '사랑 모양', '달라', '초능력' and 'Miles Apart'.

    With the release of the new album highlights medley, Eddy Kim's soft tones and sophisticated melodies make up the album's ambition.

    Eddy Kim will release his new song on November 11 with a music appreciation conference and Naver V live 'Loop Top Live'.

    - Google translation.

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    Role of organ transplant coordinator 'Kim Kyung Ah'
    Stable acting ability accumulated in many stages
    I am looking forward to working on a stage next to a cathode ray tube

    Musical actor Choi Yun Woo announced his appearance on the drama '흉부외과'.

    SBS drama '흉부외과' is the story of a desperate thoracic surgeon who is in a dilemma situation. Choi Yun Woo will play the role of organ transplant coordinator 'Kim Kyung Ah' and add vitality to the play.

    Choi Yun Woo Musical "김종욱 찾기','빨래','사의찬미', '여신님이 보고 계셔', and learn to take the heroine of a number of performances by introducing a stable acting and pitting veteran with proven skills. In addition, she has appeared in SBS '피노키오' and JTBC '선암여고 탐정단' and expanded her activity spectrum by radiating her presence in CRT.

    With her delicate acting ability and character digestion power built up through stage and CRT, she is expected to show off her own acting colors in SBS '흉부외과'.

    Meanwhile, SBS drama '흉부외과' is broadcast every Wednesday and Thursday at 10 pm.

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    New song 'Regular' debut in the US terrestrial TV gorgeous! "K-POP sensation" lighting!
    The audience waits for three days and explodes!
    'Regular' English version of the music video public, Twitter world's first real-time trend!

    NCT 127 (SM) is on the ABC billboard program 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'

    NCT 127 is a music guest on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" Broadcasted on ABC at 11:35 pm ET on October 8th. The first regular album title song "Regular" With a brilliant performance and a successful US debut stage, captured the eyes and ears of local viewers.

    On this day, the production team of "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" Noticed NCT 127 as a "sensation of K-POP" from the pre-broadcast preview, and NCT 127 appeared with introduction of Jimmy Kimmel, MC of late program, And the album's song 'Come Back', including 'Regular' and 'Cherry Bomb', 'Fire Truck', 'LIMITLESS', and 'Come Back', all of which will lead to explosive shoutings and cheers I got it.

    In addition, the recording of the 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' Performance was received by the news of the NCT 127, and the ticket was quickly reacted to it. In front of the outdoor studio where the stage recording was performed, Local fans were waiting for the night and waiting for the show attracted attention.

    In addition, the fans waved support songs and Korean placards throughout the performances, and they showed off singing together. After the performance, they cheerfully supported their names with their loud voices. They also supported NCT 127 Of the world.

    In addition, prior to the show, the English version of the song 'Regular' was released on the YouTube SMTOWN channel, as well as the English version of 'Regular' in the 'World Record' of Beats 1, an Apple music radio channel by famous DJ Zane Lowe The NCT 127 interview with the music source was open, and the related keywords became the first in the global Twitter real-time trend, confirming once again the global power of NCT 127.

    Meanwhile, "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" Is a representative program of American ABC which is broadcasted every Monday to Friday at 11:35 pm by celebrity comedian Jimmy Kimmel. It consists of interviews and performances, Famous movie actors John Goodman and Regina Hall appeared as talk guests and collected topics.

    - Google translation.

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    All five songs including 'Regular' It's hot in LA night!
    'Regular' English version, Apple Music and iTunes comprehensive music video charts at the same time!

    NCT 127 (SM), the US debut promoter, warmed up the night in Los Angeles.

    NCT 127 will be hosting an Apple Music Live event 'APPLE MUSIC UP NEXT WITH NCT 127' at SKYLINE 204, a roof top lounge in Los Angeles, California, on October 8 (local time). The show will feature an intense mix of music and powerful performances And the local fans got warm response.

    In particular, NCT 127 was selected as the first Asian singer on "UP NEXT", which was released on October 1st, for Apple Music, which is expected to perform the most for this month. UP NEXT "promotion, and on October 3, the ticket reservation was opened at 1iota in the US online booking site.

    On this day, NCT 127 released 5 regular songs including 'Regular', 'Fire Truck', 'LIMITLESS', 'Cherry Bomb' and 'TOUCH' Unique performances and charisma showcased the stage where the audience was enthusiastic.

    In addition to the fans' enthusiastic chatter and enthusiastic cheers, the fans were not only raising their enthusiasm, but also the NCT 127's ABC 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' And it is expected to be more exciting as the scene of the film will be opened later through Apple Music.

    In addition, the premiere 'Regular' English-language music video ranked No. 1 on both Apple Music and iTunes's comprehensive music video charts, confirming the global aspect of NCT 127, which has gained much popularity in the country.

    On the other hand, NCT 127's regular album 'NCT # 127 Regular-Irregular' will be released on various music sites such as Melon, Genie, iTunes, Sporty Pie, Apple Music and Xiami Music on the 12th.

    - Google translation.