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    - Completion of MINSEO debut album ...
    - The title song '2cm', a duet song with a sudden impatience before falling in love ... Paul Kim Featuring
    - The first album that showed various charms with various genres, concepts, starting from now

    MINSEO's first mini-album 'The Diary of Youth' will be released on the 29th.

    MINSEO, which released 'Growing Up' and 'Is Who' in succession from 'The Grand Dreams' in March last year, finished its debut album with the last song '2cm'.

    The title song '2cm', which is the title track to decorate the album, is a soulful duet song that is similar to '2cm', which is a singer-songwriter of sweet tone. Paul Kim participated in the filming.

    In the preview released earlier, the voice of the two gangs raised the expectation with delicately embracing the subtle sentiments just before the love of love.

    MINSEO's debut album, "The Growth of Girls" theme, with a sense of laughter, growing tongue and foul, just started to love the feelings of a girl began to feel the different genres and concepts, and released each by one by one MINSEO is growing by one step.

    MINSEO's debut project includes MINSEO's colorful voices, including Lee Min Soo, Park Geun Tae, Je Hwi, GDLO (MonoTree), Aurori, and other talented composers. Kim Ea Na writes lyrics for all four songs, .

    Produced by Cho Young Chul, IU, Brown Eyed Girls, GAIN, and Uhm Jung Hwa, who have presented unique concepts and trends.

    MINSEO, which has shown a changeable appeal through its debut album, plans to expand the spectrum of music with an immersive sensibility.

    MINSEO's first mini-album soundtrack will be available on each music source site at 6 pm on the 29th, while off-line albums can be purchased on the music sales site.

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    - Han Bo Reum, 'Memories of the Alhambra' Ko Yoo Ra Goodbye! Cheerful + elegant + sexy 'charm' emits!
    - Han Bo Reum, as an actor's conviction and goal! "Do not think hastily, slowly! Do not give up "

    'Memories of the Alhambra' The villain Han Bo Reum gave a charm of the reverse through the fashion picture.

    Han Bo Reum, who played the role of Hyun-Bin's second wife, Ko Yoo Ra, on TVN drama 'Memories of the Alhambra' last 20 days, interviewed pictorials through Korea's first 'ANA DRONE' monthly magazine did.

    Han Bo Reum in the public image caught the eye by showing the brilliant and elegant appearance which is opposite to the splendid figure which showed in the drama 'Memories of the Alhambra'. The white turtleneck dress and the shirt are completely extinguished to express the beauty of pure white, and the wave curly hair that has natural curls adds a cheerful atmosphere.

    In addition, Han Bo Reum has finished a picture filled with warm, warm atmosphere that is warm and welcoming with warm sunshine. In particular, Han Bo Reum 's eyes caught the attention of the viewers. In the eyes gazing at the camera clearly, intense charisma, as well as a dreamy sexy, added a variety of charms.

    Han Bo Reum said in an interview following the shooting, "Do not jump hastily, go slowly and do not give up." "I want to be acting longer than being a big star. I think I'm still going up a stairway to go that route. "

    Han Bo Reum, who has been faithful to the actor's step by step with this colorful charm, plans to continue active activities after the drama. JTBC 2 "바람난 언니들" to be broadcast at 8 pm on March 31 and SBS "Law of the Jungle in Northern Marianas" broadcast on February 1 at 10 pm. Expectations are already rising from what Han Bo Reum will be playing in the dramatic and polar environment of travel and survival.

    On the other hand, Han Bo Reum's interview with the picture can be found in the February issue of ANA DRONE, a monthly drones magazine.

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    - Keyeast, Jeong Ryeo-won, So E Hyun, In Kyo-jin and Ju Ji-hoon. Kim Dong-wook! Tantric trust!
    - Kim Dong-wook, movie '어쩌다, 결혼' -MBC drama '조장풍' active in 2019!

    Kim Dong-wook signed a renewal contract with Keyeast, our current agency.

    Kim Dong-wook, who has won over 10 million actors in the movie 'Along with the Gods' series, will work with Keyeast once again after signing the exclusive contract in 2016. Hong Min Ki, vice president of Keyeast Management Division, said, "Kim Dong-wook, who is the second prime candidate, will sign a contract with Kim Dong-wook, who is loved by actors who are talented and have good acting skills. I will continue to provide full support so that we can continue our active activities. "

    Kim Dong-wook, who made his name to the public in the role of Jin Ha Rim in the MBC drama '커피프린스 1호점' in 2007, was a member of '국가대표', '후궁: 제왕의 첩', drama '못 말리는 결혼','하녀들',‘자체발광오피스’ musical 'on air','형제는 용감했다', and various genres and characters.

    In particular, Kim Soo Hong plays a key role in the story in 2017, 'Along with the Gods-The Two Worlds'. Praise. In addition to 'Along with the Gods-The Two Worlds', 'Along with the Gods-The Last 49 Days' has also won over 10 million viewers and won the Best Actor Award at the Chunsa Film Award and Golden Cinema Film Festival And became the actor who received the full support of the audience and recognition of the criticism.

    Since then, Kim Dong-wook has fascinated viewers with another acting transformation through OCN drama 'the guest'. Yoon Hwa-pyeong born in the fate of the spirit of acting as a character portrayal of the character as a real person, acting excellence in acting, the so-called delirious. As such, Kim Dong-wook has proved his true worth with the performance of the masterpiece.

    Kim Dong-wook will sign a contract with Keyeast to continue its activities in 2019. The movie "어쩌다, 결혼" which is about to be released on February 27, and the MBC drama "특별근로감독관 조장풍" scheduled to air in April are on the lineup. Especially, 'Special Labor Inspector Jo Jangpoong' plays Cho Jin-Kap as the main character, and hopes for the life character update with his unique character digestion power.

    Meanwhile, Kim Dong-wook signed a contract with Keyeast for Bae Yong-joon, Son Hyun Joo, Ju Ji-hoon, Kim Hyun-joong, Kim Soo-hyun, Jeong Ryeo-won, So E Hyun and Woo Do-hwan And actor planning artist who is full of domestic top artists such as.

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    - MINSEO announces duet song '2cm' with Paul Kim on 29th
    - MINSEO completes his debut album in four trilogy "Good experience, good to meet good people"

    Singer MINSEO commented on the new song "2cm" with Paul Kim, "I am satisfied because it seems to be a lovely song."

    MINSEO said through his agency MYSTIC Entertainment on 29th, "I personally like a warm voice, and I am very grateful to Paul Kim for his warm voice."

    "I was delighted to work with Paul Kim as a person who liked and cheered," he added. "It was good to be able to share music stories through this opportunity."

    '2cm' is a settled duet with two gigantic intervals similar to the gap between two people just before falling in love, co-written by Kim Ea Na and Aurora, produced by MonoTree's GDLO.

    In the music video preview that was released earlier, the gentle voice of two people on the melancholic melody streamed and raised the expectation of the song as much as possible.

    MINSEO announces its first mini-album 'The Diary of Youth', which includes 'The Grand Dreams', 'Growing Up' and 'Is Who' .

    MINSEO said, "The debut album, which is composed of four parts, is finally finished and is very prosperous." "It was a great time to meet many good people and meet good people."

    "I want to continue to try hard, I want to do my next album, I want to show more good songs," and I also have a new challenge in acting. TVN D digital drama "좀 예민해도 괜찮아" I hope you have a lot of expectations. "

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    Members personal stage! 'SUPER SHOW 7' Tour series video 'SUPERZ' finalization Veil take off!

    SUPER JUNIOR will hold an Seoul Encore concert in March.

    SUPER JUNIOR will hold a solo concert "SUPER JUNIOR WORLD TOUR SUPER SHOW 7S" at KSPO DOME on March 2-3. It will be showcased with the upgraded performance of members ShinDong and EunHyuk.

    In this concert, 'SUPERZ' series tour, which was one of the 'SUPER SHOW 7' global tours, was released one by one in each region. The series' SUPERZ ', which stimulated the curiosity of audiences, is about to finalize. In addition, there is a personal stage where members' The album 'REPLAY' and the special mini album "One More Time" are also available.

    Tickets for 'SUPER SHOW 7S' will be open on YES 24 of the internet booking site at 8:00 pm on Jan. 31, 8:00 pm on Feb. 7, and SUPER JUNIOR official fan club ELF will be open to interested community applications Lysn . & Lt; / RTI & gt;

    On the other hand, SUPER JUNIOR's exclusive concert brand 'SUPER SHOW' has exceeded 2 million cumulative audiences in December last year with the love of music fans all over the world.

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    Constance role debut The first play challenge 'expectation'

    Kwon YURI (Girls' Generation YURI, SM) continues the exciting journey.

    Kwon YURI confirmed his role as Constance in the play 'L'ETUDIANTE ET M.HENRY', a delightful drama about the process of becoming a special existence in the life of a student, HENRY grandfather and a college student Constance who wanders in search of dreams. did.

    Kwon Yuri's acting Constance is a college student who wanders without knowing what she really wants, but goes to her dream with the help of 'HENRY' (Lee Soon Jae / Shin Gu) who cheerfully supports her and mentoring her.

    Kwon YURI is a member of the drama '동네의 영웅', '고호의 별이 빛나는 밤에', '피고인', Netflix Web Sitcom '마음의 소리 리부트 1, 2' She has been very active in various works without regard to the genres until the recent drama series '대장금이 보고 있다', and he has been loved much as he is firmly in position as an actor.

    In particular, Kwon YURI has been attracting a great deal of interest since her debut, and she is expected to express a positive response to the audience by expressing her unique and charming charm to the Constance character that realistically captures the anxieties of youth.

    On the other hand, 'L'ETUDIANTE ET M.HENRY' is not only Kwon Yuri but also Lee Soon Jae, Shin Gu, Chae Soo Bin, Kim Dae Ryung, Jo Dal Hwan, Kim Eun Hee and Yoo Ji Soo. It will be available at Uniplex 1 Hall from March 15th.

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    Han Heayoun, who has a reputation as the best stylist in Korea, was selected as a model of cosmetic brand Farmacy. Han Heayoun, who has a variety of charms from stylist to broadcasting activities, is widely known as a communication king who shares open and simple communication through his instagram.

    Han Heayoun showed his beauty tips and favorite beauty products through instagram live. At that time, she introduced items of Farmacy that she likes, and the person of Farmacy who watched that live sent a thank you gift It was naturally chosen as a model of Farmacy.

    On the 27th, Han Heayoun made an instagram live on the scene while filming Farmacy commercials, and was surprised to see that he became a model for Farmacy. I would like to express my gratitude to Han Heayoun for accepting the model proposal, saying, "The Farmacy side actually uses the product for a long time and loving Han Heayoun is a suitable person to show the authenticity of the brand to consumers.

    Meanwhile, ESteem Entertainment, to which Han Heayoun belongs, is a management company belonging to actor Chae Jung An, all-around entertainers Jang Yoon Joo, Han Hye Jin, Lee Hyun Yi and Kim Jin Kyung. It is showing strong activity by signing exclusive contract.

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    - MINSEO and Paul Kim's collaboration!
    - MINSEO, 4-part debut album completed ...On the 29th, at 6 pm
    - MINSEO, 2019 singer + postponement ... '좀 예민해도 괜찮아2' cast

    Singer MINSEO and Paul Kim together with a new song '2cm' will be released one day ahead, while the music video preview was unveiled.

    The 30-second preview, which was released on the official SNS of MYSTIC Entertainment on the 25th, attracted the audience with the voice of MINSEO and Paul Kim. On the sweet melody, the voices of two people calling "서운했잖아 / 기다련단 말이야 / 넌 왜 연락 안했니" put up a subtle sentiment line just before love and raised the expectation of the song as much as possible.

    The music video features MINSEO and the male protagonist KANGMIN. The lovely visuals of the two people, with their colorful backgrounds and props, appeared throughout the preview and added to the pleasure of watching.

    '2cm' is a settled duet with two gigantic intervals similar to the gap between two people just before falling in love, co-written by Kim Ea Na and Aurora, produced by MonoTree's GDLO.

    MINSEO has released 'The Diary of Youth' with its last song '2cm', which was followed by 'Growing Up' and 'Is Who' in succession from 'The Grand Dreams' in March last year.

    MINSEO's debut album, "The Growth of Girls" was a theme, a variety of emotions that the girl who has just begun to know about love, such as throbbing, growing pains,

    MINSEO has cast a cast in the TVN D digital drama '좀 예민해도 괜찮아' as a season 2 Kang Yoon Ju, and promised to perform in earnest. '좀 예민해도 괜찮아2' will be broadcast on February 1st.

    MINSEO's first mini-album soundtrack will be available on each music source site at 6 pm on the 29th, while offline albums can be purchased on the music sales site.

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    - Woo Do Hwan, from traditional Hanbok to living Hanbok ... The expectation of historical drama is hanbok visual!
    - 'Next Generation Korean Wave Star' Woo Do Hwan, Hanbok Promotional Ambassador

    Woo Do Hwan's first Hanbok pictorial is unveiled and focused.

    Woo Do Hwan, who is loved by both Koreans and foreigners, is the next generation Korean wave star and has acted as an ambassador for Hanbok. He showed fresh charm through Hanbok magazine 'Hanbok magazine'.

    The concept of this shooting is to show how Hanbok can be harmonized with traditional and living Hanbok, inspired by 'Marbling', an art technique that utilizes the effects of coincidences created by the nature of mixing oil and water.

    In the public photos, Woo Do Hwan is wearing a traditional Hanbok and a hanbok with a modern sense of beauty. The elegant elegance is felt in the hanbok of a soft color, and the black hood is chic on one shoulder.

    This same Woo Do Hwan Hanbok visual leads to the interest of Woo Do Hwan's next film, ‘나의 나라’, on JTBC's big action drama. ‘나의 나라’, scheduled to be released in the second half of 2019, is an action drama based on the early Goryeo period and early Joseon dynasty, exploiting the desire for power and patronage, I will draw it.

    Woo Do Hwan plays the role of Nam Sun Ho, a renowned high school housewife and a martial-arts master. He has challenged the historical dramas for the first time since he debut

    On the other hand, which is Woo Do Hwan's Hanbok magazine, is available on the homepage of Hanbok Promotion Center.

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    - So E Hyun, drama - entertainment - radio active activity
    - So E Hyun, Elegant charisma X Gorgeous eyes glow!

    So E Hyun's graceful beauty was captured.

    So E Hyun is active in drama, entertainment, and radio ever since. He is loved by his sophisticated appearance and clever skills. Especially, SBS entertainment program '동상이몽2-너는 내 운명' and '2018 SBS Entertainment Grand Prize' was awarded as an excellent prize in the talk show division.

    On the afternoon of the afternoon, So E Hyun's agency, keyeast, is showing interest in So E Hyun's advertising shoot behind the scenes.

    First, So E Hyun wore a sensual black long dress with wavy neckline and bold earrings. So E Hyun's elegant charisma is buried in her confident eye and confident expression.

    In another photo, So E Hyun is emitting bright, healthy energy. A tightly woven hairstyle and a shiny blouse with a white-colored H-line skirt. So E Hyun shows off his unique charm with a bright smile and pose.

    So E Hyun 's charm is more eye - catching because So E Hyun is a performer with solid performance. So E Hyun takes the role of Cha Soo Hyun in the SBS drama 'Fates and Furies' and captivates viewers' hearts with bad acting.

    So E Hyun delicately expresses the desire to become a royal family and the anger of those who interfere with his or her own path, sometimes expressed in a fire and sometimes cold, Out.

    So S Hyun, Ju Sang Wook, Lee Min Jung, and Lee Ki Woo are appearing on the SBS drama 'Fates and Furies', which shows the truth hidden in the end of the drama. Four consecutive times are broadcast.

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