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    DJ and producer Raiden (SM) 's new single' The Only 'will be released on various music sites including Melon, Flo, Genie, QQ Music, Kugou Music and Kowo Music on 6th.

    The new song 'The Only' is an electro-pop song produced by Raiden, featuring a beautiful piano melody and a catchy drop sound. The Red Velvet member IRENE participates in the feature film debut for the first time and loves to love forever. And the charming voices of IRENE.

    In addition, prior to the announcement of the soundtrack, the first day of the YouTube and NAVER TV SMTOWN channel, "The Only" music video teaser video was released to the public, and expectations for the new song have been raised. The full version of Music Video will be released soon.

    Meanwhile, Raiden will be active in the music festival "YOURSUMMER" on August 15, and on the "2019 Spectrum Dance Music Festival" in Asia's largest story-type theme festival on September 8.

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    "Red Velvet is constantly pursuing new things and maximizing talent through various trials"
    'Red Flavor' including Red Velvet Best Song 25 songs selected!

    US celebrity media billboards focused on featured articles in commemoration of the 5th anniversary of Red Velvet (SM) debut (August 1).

    Billboard's "Red Velvet" has been in the "Happiness" for five years, with the title "The 25 Best Red Velvet Songs: Critic's Picks" on its website on July 31 (local time). We would like to celebrate our 5th anniversary by recommending our favorite Red Velvet songs, "said Red Velvet's music and performance.

    Especially, about Red Velvet, "K-POP is getting the most popularity. "Red Velvet is constantly looking for something new and trying to find a way to make a lot of sense of their own," says Red Velvet. Maximize outstanding talent. "

    In addition, "Red Velvet has achieved great success for many years. It has swept the charts first place in Korea, and at the beginning of this year, we also performed a tour of perfect sales in the US. Red Velvet's work was highlighted by Billboard's "The 20 Best K-Pop Songs of 2018: Critics' Picks" and "Bad Boy."

    In addition, Billboard has selected 25 Best Songs of Red Velvet and explained the reason for recommendation. "Red Flavor," which was selected as the top pick, is "Red Velvet's representative song, with addictive chorus, impressive choreography, The elements are well integrated. This song has made Red Velvet a synonym for 'summer'. "

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    Girls' Generation TAEYEON and EXO SEHUN & CHANYEOL (SM) won the GAON Weekly Chart (July 21-27), which was released on January 1, proving SM power.

    TAEYEON won the triple crown in the TVN drama 'Hotel Del Luna' OST '그대라는 시' in the digital, streaming and BGM charts on the GAON chart and confirmed the popularity of TAEYEON.

    The new song '그대라는 시' is a ballad song with a delicate and pale atmosphere that blends delicate piano melodies with TAEYEON's emotional voice. It is also the number one music record week in Korea including Melon, Genie, Bugs, Mnet MUSIC, Olleh MUSIC, Music, Kugou Music 's Korean music chart weekly record 1st, TAEYEON proved the sound source power.

    SEHUN & CHANYEOL also won the first mini album "What a life", which was released on July 22, and ranked first on the GAON album chart.

    In addition, this album gained global popularity, including Hanteo, Synnara, Hottracks, 1st place in domestic music chart week, iTunes top album chart first place in 48 places, and China top music site QQ music album sales chart.

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    Attractive tone + Deep Smoke
    The musical system is getting bigger! Casted 'BEN-HUR' and 'Sweeney Todd'

    LINA (SM) turned into a perfect 'Esther'.

    LINA received the audience applause by playing the number of various genres in the charming tone that played the role of 'Esther' which sent BEN-HUR the unchanging love from the first performance of musical 'BEN-HUR' on July 31 last year.

    Especially, he filled up the stage delicately with 'deeper smoke' in 'Esther', which is wisely struggling even in a desperate situation.

    LINA, which has built solid filmography such as 'Jekyll & hyde', 'Man of La Mancha', 'Notre dame de paris', 'Monte Cristo', 'CYRANO' etc, will give a brilliant presence and lead many performances .

    In addition, LINA plays the role of "ruby" in the musical 'Sweeney Todd' which is gathering up with colorful lineup such as Cho Seung Woo, Hong Kwang Ho, Park Eun Tae, Ok Joo Hyun and Kim Ji Hyun following musical 'BEN-HUR' Casting, and subsequent work, and proves that it is a musical genre.

    On the other hand, the musical 'BEN-HUR', which shows LINA's acting, is a work of BEN-HUR, which will live as a slave of a slave day in the rest of the noble family.

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    YU RI, Kim Seung Hwan, Kim Jin Gon and Timothee from ESteem will hold their first fan meeting '2019 ESTEEM FANMEETING: GO TO SCHOOL'.

    YU RI, Kim Seung Hwan, Kim Jin Gon, and timothee, who showed various talents and talents at Mnet 'PRODUCE X 101'

    On the 26th, ESteem will deliver the live contents of YU RI, Kim Seung Hwan, Kim Jin Gon and timothee through official SNS account and tell them the message of "I am preparing for my fans so much, I added expectations for the meeting.

    YU RI, Kim Seung Hwan, Kim Jin Gon and timothee will show off their various charms such as the appearance that each member could not show in the first fan meeting.

    Tickets for '2019 ESteem FANMEETING: GO TO SCHOOL' will be available at Ticket Interpark at 12:00 pm on the 2nd.

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    Idol representative drinker Tony An is the first to match the group!
    LADIES' CODE So Jung, 5 bottles of SOJU!
    Lee Jay One, LADIES' CODE So Jung and actor Lee Sang-yeop
    What was the misunderstanding as an open-minded lover ?!
    So Jung weight loss up to 38kg when one diet
    So Jung live on Tony An, Lee Jay One goose!

    LADIES' CODE So Jung appeared in the first domestic live drinking show <TL: Talk Live> showing the drink of the entertainer and boasted the aspect of the girl group representative drinker.

    On this day, Dr. Tony An, the first - generation idol drinker, and So Jung, the current girl group drinker, attended the in - depth conversation with the pro - alcoholists. MC Tony An and Lee Jay One have tasted the new mara chicken and talked about Soup mara, who smashed Korea now. I have never seen Bubble, and I have never seen it, so I amazed viewers. Lee Jay One has never even tried Soup mara, and today it is the first mara challenge. Tony An said, "Soup mara was eaten thanks to KANGTA. I took KANGTA to Soup mara restaurant which I know, but it was really delicious. "

    In earnest, Guest So Jung joined the drinking party and talked about drinking. So Jung likes to drink so much that fans know all about it, and asking questions about MCs, Shochu said that he drank 5 bottles and scared the MCs. He also boasted that he was alcohol-free and had no hangover. Tony An said, "After Shin Dong-yup is the first person without a hangover!"

    During the live broadcast, a surprise video call of actor Lee Sang-yeop came to cheer So Jung. Actor Lee Sang-yeop expresses his genuine enthusiasm for listening to So Jung's OST, which he is currently appearing on <평일 오후 3시의 연인>. He also expressed his gratitude that So Jung's song is a great help in capturing his acting feelings. I said. Lee Jay One, who watched these video calls, said, "I was misunderstood that they were both open lovers because the instant video call came in."

    On the other hand, So Jung, who has no place to talk about troubles and solves stress by drinking alone, Tony An and Lee Jay One came to counseling So Jung as an idol senior.

    So Jung is a girl group, so I want to look pretty, forced to overdo the diet, while taking the story of my debut as an anorexic condition, at the time we were down to 38kg weight loss, he said. Tony An and Lee Jay One have expressed concern about the unreasonable diet of their teenage daughters and advised them that their health is better than being too dry.

    On that day 'So Jung' instantly showed <평일 오후 3시의 연인>. So Jung 's live show Tony An and Lee Jay One said he thought he could play a CD with an unbelievable look and said he was really creepy.

    LADIES' CODE 'So Jung', who became a girl group for 7 years, and Tony An and Lee Jay One's warm advice, "I am an example of a good old man", "I can not expect a warm and sharp Tony An I am impressed by the answers of the audience. "

    'TL' is the new concept web-based entertainment program of SM CCC LAB that first generation idol Tony An and Lee Jay One share drinks with friends and have a genuine conversation. <TL> Live with viewers will be held at SM CCC LAB Open Studio, and 7th LADIES' CODE-So Jung' can be viewed again through SM CCC LAB official YouTube channel.

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    - 'Level up' Han Bo Reum, love the exceptional work at any time and place!
    - 'Level up' Han Bo Reum, the secret of acting = infinite effort

    'Level up' Han Bo Reum shows a passionate passion outside the camera.

    In Dramax, MBN drama 'Level up', Han Bo Reum has played the role of Shin Yeon Hwa, the game planning team leader of the game company that collapses into bankruptcy. Han Bo Reum is empathizing with his passion and affection for his work and portraying realistic workers.

    Han Bo Reum's agency KEYEAST released Han Bo Reum's 'Level up' behind-the-scenes cut. Han Bo Reum in the picture is preparing to read the script regardless of time and place. While the shooting is paused, there is a lot of people in the vicinity, and it is energetic enough to capture the attention of someone who is energetic enough to know what to call. Fingerprints and ambassadors are marked with a post-it and a highlighter, and the passion for detail analysis resembles Shin Yeon Hwa's character.

    The attitude of Han Bo Reum, who strives to create the best scenes as well as his own character, shines not only in script writing but also in monitoring. After shooting to make a high-quality scene, I talked with monitoring actors, actors and field staffs and showed a special affection for my work.

    Han Bo Reum, who strives for acting like this, adds to the excitement and immersiveness of the drama, the attraction and the persuasiveness of the character.

    On the other hand, Dramax, MBN 'Level up' starring Han Bo Reum, Sung Hoon, Cha Sun Woo, Kang Byul and Danny Ahn will be broadcast at 11:00 tonight.

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    - 'Justice' Kim Hee Chan, acting emotion! Short appearance Long longevity! Strong impact!
    - 'Justice' Kim Hee Chan, the viewer's curiosity exploded only by existence!
    - 'Justice' Kim Hee Chan, and Son Hyun Joo

    'Justice' Kim Hee Chan captivated viewers with an emotional response to Son Hyun Joo.

    Kim Hee Chan has played Song Dae Jin, the only son of Song Woo Yong (Son Hyun Joo), on KBS 2TV drama 'Justice'. A person who amplifies the curiosity of viewers.

    Song Dae Jin and Song Woo Yong's sad story was revealed in 'Justice' 9 and 10 times. During school, Song Dae Jin was beaten by his friends and caused him to be seriously injured. The perpetrators who harassed Song Dae Jin are all wealthy, powerful families. The perpetrators and parents, with their own resources and strength, abused Song Dae Jin and Song Woo Yong. I told Song Woo Yong, who had not been able to cure Song Dae Jin, who had no legs and had no money, to kneel down and apologize for his treatment. Song Dae Jin, who watched this from the side, tearfully dried his father Song Woo Yong, but eventually Song Woo Yong knelt down.

    Kim Hee Chan was short on the scene, but left a lasting longevity. I pictured the darkness of my son watching the humiliation and humiliation of my father in front of me. A tearful cry for not letting go of your self-esteem and kneeling toward your father, and a tearful smile that blew up the feelings of the grieving, hurt the hearts of the viewers.

    Also, Song Woo Yong told Lee Tae Kyung (Choi Jin Hyuk) that he would like Song Dae Jin as a lawyer and suggested that Song Dae Jin would work under Lee Tae Kyung. Song Dae Jin has a relationship with Lee Tae Joo so that he can hear it first in the crypt of Lee Tae Kyung's brother Lee Tae Joo (Kim Hyun Mok) It is noteworthy what variables will be brought between.

    On the other hand, Lee Tae Kyung, a fallen lawyer who deals with Song Woo Yong, his son Song Dae Jin, Song Woo Yong for revenge, and his brother Lee Tae Joo, KBS 2TV 'Justice' will be broadcast every Wednesday and Thursday night at 10:00 am with the attention of many viewers.

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    Han Hye Jin as the sole host of '2019 M2 X GENIE MUSIC AWARDS' with No.1 digital music platform 'Genie Music' and No.1 K-POP digital channel 'M2', Song Hae Na Participate.

    '2019 MGMA' has officially announced the top domestic model Han Hye Jin as the sole host, and Song Hae Na, who is continuing various activities as an all-round entertainer, also joins '2019 MGMA' as a winner

    2019 MGMA said, "Han Hye Jin, who has reached the top of the world as a top model, decided that she was a good host for women." Han Hye Jin, She has gathered the expectation of her own witty and charismatic performance. In addition, Song Hae Na who participated as a prize winner has also continued her vigorous broadcasting activities such as KBSjoy 'Trend Weed mi', KBS2 'Happy Together 4' and 'Battle Trip' I am getting on my body.

    On the other hand, '2019 MGMA', which has a well-known lineup including KIM JAE HWAN, MAMAMOO, WJSN, CHUNG HA, TOMORROW X TOGETHER, PENTAGON, Paul Kim, AB6IX, DAY6, ITZY, IZ * ONE, It will be held at KSPO DOME in the city and can be viewed on the Genie music homepage, mobile application, music special channel Mnet and digital channel M2.

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    Reversed full-scale on-the-road cut open
    Ma Dong Hyuk's anti-charm 'look rape'
    The smile makes watch this broadcast!
    Digesting from emotional delay to pursuit action 'Expectation UP'

    Actor Lee Hak Joo's reversal of the scene behind the cut was unveiled.

    Lee Hak Joo's agency, SM C & C, said on the 31st official instagram that "Jinji mode vs. sunshine smile. KBS 'Justice' where you can see Lee Hak Joo actor perfectly immersed in Ma Dong Hyuk. It is necessary to watch 10 pm broadcast tonight. "

    In the photo, Lee Hak Joo awaits to shoot with a serious look perfectly immersed in KBS 'Justice' Ma Dong Hyuk. Through another photo, I attracted the attention of those who see with a bright smile and appealed to the attraction of the reverse.

    Lee Hak Joo took on the role of Ma Dong Hyuk, aka Ma Dong Hyuk, in the drama 'Justice'. Seo Yeon Ah (NANA) and the investigation will start in earnest through the broadcasting last week, and it gives a deep presence with sense of duty as a detective and extraordinary action.

    Lee Hak Joo who is fully digesting from the emotional delay to the chasing action is looking forward to what kind of activity he is going to show.

    On the other hand, KBS 'Justice' starring Lee Hak Joo is broadcasted every Wednesday and Thursday at 10:00 pm.

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