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    The Osaka concert which will air live via AbemaTV on DEC. 31st!

    ‘Ace of Ace’ SHINee TAEMIN (SM) successfully wrapped up the Yokohama concert.

    'TAEMIN 2ND CONCERT [T1001101] in JAPAN' was held in Yokohama Arena, Japan on 28-29, and the performance of TAEMIN's sensational music and unparalleled performance gained an explosive cheer of 30,000 audiences.

    In particular, TAEMIN has completed the first arena tour 'TAEMIN ARENA TOUR 2019 ~ X ™ ~' in 17 concerts in six cities and seven concert halls throughout Japan since June this year. All performances sold out, and we realized the high popularity in the local once again.

    In this performance, TAEMIN's hit songs such as 'WANT', 'MOVE', 'Press Your Number', as well as 'Drip Drop', 'Ace', 'One By One', 'Shadow', 'Guess Who', 'Sexuality' 25 songs from Korean solo albums such as', 'Pretty Boy', 'HOLY WATER', 'Into The Rhythm', and 'Goodbye' were released.

    In addition, TAEMIN will host another TAEMIN 2ND CONCERT [T1001101] in JAPAN on December 31 in Osaka Castle Hall, Japan, and the performance will be broadcast live through the Japanese online video platform AbemaTV.

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  • 2019-12-30 Press Release

    Lee Su Geun's 20th Anniversary Debut

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    Successful completion of ‘Lee Su Geun의 웃음팔이 소년’
    Lively gag show
    Breathing hot with 5,600 spectators
    The laughter that comes with mediocrity
    Opened a new chapter of standing gags

    Lee Su Geun finished his 20th anniversary debut feature "Lee Su Geun의 웃음팔이 소년."

    ‘Lee Su Geun의 웃음팔이 소년’, which was held every Saturday for one month in December, is part of the ‘2019 윤형빈 개그쇼 프로젝트’. It was a successful finish by breathing hot.

    Lee Su Geun has been constantly studying the repertoire in the midst of a busy schedule in order to present the best stage, and it has led to the completion of a special laughter with mediocrity.

    Lee Su Geun led the audience's explosive reaction with his unique ad lip and extraordinary wit, and went directly down the stage to interact with the audience in real time, opening a new chapter for standing gags.

    In addition, Lee Su Geun has a breathtaking stage composition with a gag crew including Choo Dae Yeop, Yoo Nam Suk, Kim Gra, Kim Min Soo, and Ko Yoo Ri who have performed without celebrity guests in the main corners. Showcased. Not only did he shine on the stage, but he also helped his colleagues to unleash their talents.

    Lee Su Geun not only showed the essence of the lively gag show through 'Lee Su Geun의 웃음팔이 소년,' but also the passionate figure who gave his best to smile and impress. Made memories.

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    More powerful mission trip
    What is the mission of this three rounds ?!
    NCT 127 Cut the Wind! Sledding scene with flame speed
    NCT 127's fiery shooting scene revealed to the sniper!

    At NCT LIFE in Chuncheon & Hongcheon this week, NCT 127's mission journey begins.

    The mission consists of three rounds and will be conducted in teams. The members moved to the four seasons sledding ground, the first round mission place, and began a full-scale journey.

    The first sled mission in this sled mission was to give the first place a chance to choose their own team, which stimulated the team's desire to win the race. Prior to the full-scale mission, JOHNNY bought the members' envy with physicals optimized for sledding, and DOYOUNG showed nervousness at the height of the sledding slope higher than expected, but the team members are curious about how they would be packed.

    This is followed by a second round mission at the survival experience. The members who arrived at the Survival Experience Center admired the experience that seemed to change the online world. DOYOUNG actively planned and cleverly planned the game, and HAECHAN predicted a play of extremes with a short but strong decision to “let's hit a lot”.

    In addition, YUTA shows himself as a sniper YUTA and looks forward to what kind of play he will play, while JAEHYUN is confused for a while as the game starts. .

    'NCT LIFE in Chuncheon & Hongcheon', which is filled with a burning game of NCT 127, is open to the public through the 'KT Seezn App' every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 6 pm. You can enjoy it. Overseas, it will be released through "V LIVE."

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    -Parc Jae Jung, Unreleased Song '가벼운 결심'! `` With a strong emotion ''
    -Parc Jae Jung, this year's album, concerts and other active activities

    Singer Parc Jae Jung announces the new song “가벼운 결심” on January 1, the first day of the new year.

    The 가벼운 결심 of Parc Jae Jung, released through MYSTIC STORY music platform LISTEN, is a song that is committed to being a better person than yesterday, written and composed by singer-songwriter Lee Young Hoon.

    It is a dense ballad that adds Parc Jae Jung's serious vocals to the lyrics of the process of making a decision to make a change on its own. Fans' expectations are rising on the surprise release of Parc Jae Jung.

    On the other hand, Parc Jae Jung showed a variety of ballad sensibilities with the mini album '노랫말' last July, and has been active as a next-generation ballad singer.

    The 34th song, Parc Jae Jung's 가벼운 결심, will be released on January 1 at 6 pm on each music site.

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    -KEYEAST, “Fostering new artists of various colors and continuing the reputation of actors"
    -KEYEAST solidifies its position as a comprehensive entertainment company! ‘Professional Management + Active Content Creation’

    KEYEAST unveiled a new lineup of actors who will be active in 2020.

    KEYEAST is an actor singer who includes Son Hyun Joo, Ju Ji Hoon, Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Soo Hyun, Jung Ryeo Won, Kim Dong Wook, So E Hyun, In Gyo Jin, Woo Do Hwan and JTBC ‘열여덟의 순간’, OCN '보이스3', Netflix's original '보건교사 안은영', the movie '사자' and is a comprehensive entertainment company that also stands out in the content production business.

    On the 30th, KEYEAST said, “We will make content creation more active and strengthen the development of next-generation rising stars, starting with the SBS drama “하이에나”in 2020.” Also, he introduced the `` KEYEAST Rookie Lineup to Watch in 2020 '' featuring Kim Si Eun, Kim Hee Chan, Park Jung Yeon, Shin Yun Seob, Jeong Ji Hwan, Chi Hae Won, Hong Ji Yoon, and Hwang In Yeop. The video was released on eight interviews via the YouTube channel.

    First of all, Kim Hee Chan, who is building filmography firmly in dramas and movies with stable acting skills, and Hong Ji Yoon, who appeared in four dramas in 2019. This year's KBS 2TV '저스티스', Kim Hee Chan, who showed off his emotional performance and caught the attention of viewers, said, “I want to be a constantly loved actor.” “Repetition of doubts and convictions about myself” is the strength of an actor. Said. Hong Ji Yoon, who showed lovely acting as JTBC's '나의 나라', said that he wanted to be an actor who wants to see and see even after seeing "bright energy and rich sensitivity" as strengths.

    Kim Si Eun is a newcomer who has made his debut in MBC '특별근로감독관 조장풍' and KBS2 '저스티스'. Kim Si Eun is simple and clear, but confidently said, "I wanted to be an actor because I wanted to act." "I would make a nickname "시금치" if I had a fan cafe." Chi Hae Won said the “script and analysis notes” were the most helpful when acting. Three years later, he expressed his confidence that he would be winning at the awards ceremony.

    Shin Yun Seob, who made his debut with MBC '연애미수' and became popular with teens, and Hwang In Yeop, who became popular and challenged to act on the first TV drama through KBS 2TV '조선로코- 녹두전' It is expected to expand its activities in earnest. Shin Yun Seob said, “I want to have a related search term“ Shin Yun Seob Melo. ”” And expressed a strong impression that he will go to the Cannes Film Festival in three years. Hwang In Yeop, who introduces himself as an "an actor who always wants to be remembered in your heart and mind," selects "eyes that can express both coldness and warmth" as her strengths and looks forward to the future.

    The final runners are Park Jung Yeon, who liked to be immersed in the character and decided to be an actor because it was fun, and Jeong Ji Hwan, who wanted to be an actor waiting for the next film. Jeong Ji Hwan was born in 1996 but joined the army early and was released in 2018. Currently, Park Jung Yeon and Jeong Ji Hwan are working hard on acting exercises and preparing for a leap forward. In particular, Jeong Ji Hwan has been cast in the role of Na E Jun, a new lawyer in SBS's 하이에나, raising questions about how she will approach the public.

    Hong Min Ki, Vice President of KEYEAST Management, said Kim Si Eun, Kim Hee Chan, Park Jung Yeon, Shin Yun Seob, Jeong Ji Hwan, Chi Hae Won, Hong Ji Yoon, and Hwang In Yeop. "I'm an actor," he said, "and willingly support them to use their capabilities." Afterwards, "We will continue to grow the actress's fame by raising new generations of various colors that combines acting and starability." In 2020, KEYEAST's activities are noted.

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    Top model and broadcaster Han Hye Jin will be the MC of the '2019 MBC Drama Awards'.

    Announcer Kim Sung Joo, who is known for its clean progress, and Han Hye Jin, who has been loved by viewers for a long time through MBC '나 혼자 산다', will join the '2019 MBC Drama Awards'. It is the first joint progress of the two people and the combination of the two new characters is attracting attention.

    Han Hye Jin, who has been active as Korea's best model and entertainer through the fashion industry and various broadcasting programs this year, debuted at the age of 17 and made her model until the age of 37 at the talk show that appeared in June in commemoration of the 20th anniversary of her model debut. I couldn't imagine it, but I'll show you up to 90 years of age. '

    Han Hye Jin, a South Korean top model, broadcaster and MC, who has been on the runway for 20 years with her love for her job and perfect self-management, will fill the end of this year.

    Meanwhile, '2019 MBC Drama Awards' with Han Hye Jin's unique tactfulness and presence proved through various broadcast programs, live on December 30 at 8:55 pm in the MBC Media Center Public Hall. do.

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    -Brown Eyed Girls, After 4 years of album and then digital single
    -JeA "Suddenly popping up at Jeju Island" ... A surprise new song for fans
    -Jazzy emotional song with colorful tones of Brown Eyed Girls

    The group Brown Eyed Girls releases their new song.

    MYSTIC STORY, the agency, announced on January 27 that the digital singles for Brown Eyed Girls will be released on January 2.

    Brown Eyed Girls, who released the album 'RE_vive' in October after four years, is raising expectations by announcing the release of their new song in about two months.

    Earlier on the 24th, JeA said on the TV show '제아랄랄라' that she was watching the fans during the Brown Eyed Girls activity. I had a bad image. "

    This new song is a jazzy sensational winter season song by JeA and composer Lee Min Soo, and the brown eyed girls vocals harmonize with sweet and lonely mood.

    Meanwhile, Brown Eyed Girls released a new album in four years this year and attracted a lot of talks after a long time with various live contents, entertainment and radio. Brown Eyed Girls pioneered a distinctive concept and music world every time, and this remake album was well received by the public and critics for their unfamiliar arrangements and personalities in the familiarity of masterpieces.

    Brown Eyed Girls' new song producer will be uploaded sequentially on Glance TV YouTube channel '제아랄랄라', and the sound source will be released on each music site on January 2nd at 6pm.

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    -Parc Jae Jung, from emotional ballad-carol medley to audience and duet stages… Colorful performances
    -Parc Jae Jung Announces Unreleased Song "가벼운 결심" ... "Gifts for You"

    Emotional ballad Parc Jae Jung finished the solo concert “DREAMING”.

    Parc Jae Jung held a warm Christmas with the audience on the 25th with her solo concert “DREAMING”.

    Parc Jae Jung, who started the show with `` Serenade '' and `` Love Letter '', said, "I wanted to give a dream-like time to those who came to the performance." "I was dreaming of performing in a big theater, but thanks to you, I was able to achieve that dream."

    After that, they filled the stage with Parc Jae Jung's sensibility songs such as '여권', '악역', '4년', '사랑한 만큼', and '시력'. As sweet as it
    was ‘오드리’ and ‘꼬박’.

    In the second part of the performance, they sang the duet of "두 남자" with the audience selected through the fierce competition. In addition, he was excited by Carol Medley, who is indispensable for Christmas, and during the '첫눈에' stage, he went directly to the audience and gave a surprise event to give roses.

    Parc Jae Jung, who communicated with fans by introducing the stories and application songs of the audience on the theme of 'Dream', followed the '야경' by Yoon Jong Shin and '내 곁에서 떠나가지 말아요' by '빛과 소금'. Acoustic guitar was played and sung.

    Parc Jae Jung, who filled the stage for nearly two and a half hours with various ballad sensibilities, finished the concert successfully by pouring the recently released winter season song '눈' and unreleased song '가벼운 결심' encore stage.

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    SUNNY's Christmas Desserts the 1st contestant to sell out her self-baked orange gugelhopf!
    All cooking show win, from ‘쉘 위 치킨’ to ‘오늘부터 파티시에’

    SUNNY (Girls' Generation SUNNY, SM) perfectly transformed into a patissier.

    SUNNY succeeded in producing and selling 'orange gugelhopf' by challenging 'patisi', which makes Christmas dessert in JTBC program '오늘부터 파티시에', which was closed on the 25th.

    In particular, SUNNY shows the shape of 'gugelhopf', which is open in the middle, and shows the sense of making a cake reminiscent of Christmas varieties. Mentors were praised as “Ace, perfect” too.

    Also, on the day of sale, SUNNY created a cafe, a place for desserts, to create a warmer atmosphere with Christmas props. Actively stepped out.

    SUNNY sold out their first homemade Christmas dessert on the mission of 'Sell 30 Cakes in a Timely Time', and warmed the hearts of viewers and donating all the profits.

    SUNNY said, “First of all, I'm honored to have you enjoyed my dessert. It seems to have grown through this shoot. I will be able to eat dessert more deliciously in the future, and I feel grateful every time I eat it. Thank you. ”

    Meanwhile, SUNNY won the championship with a homemade chicken recipe from JTBC's ‘쉘 위 치킨’, which aired this summer. Following her appointment as the first chef, she also took first place in ‘오늘부터 파티시에’, proving the infinite growth of the novice chef.

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    -'검사내전' Jung Ryeo Won, 3 Senior Title Elite Prosecutor Cha Myung Joo… Why can't I hate you
    -'검사내전' Jung Ryeo Won, character digestion!

    '검사내전' Jung Ryeo Won, a prosecutor, is creating a character, Cha Myung Joo, who cannot be hated by acting skills.

    Jung Ryeo Won of Cha Myung Joo's JTBC drama '검사내전' is a elite prosecutor who is attracted by viewers with excellent character absorption until endlessly attracted to Lee Sun-woong (Lee Sun-kyun). I'm playing.

    검사내전, which aired on the 24th, depicted the civil war between Cha Myung Joo and Lee Sun-woong, which collided over the wages. The conflict between the two deepened again because Kim Young Choon, who was the victim of the unpaid wages case, was able to confirm the difference in their beliefs. Cha Myung Joo asked Cho Min-ho (Lee Sung-jae) to pay dividends on the basis of the wage arrears he had dealt with, but Lee Sun-woong also asked for a dividend and eventually proceeded jointly. .

    Cha Myung Joo caught up with a series of fraudsters and caught up with nominees at once. However, when Lee Sun-woong learned that Kim Young Choon had missed the interruption, Aesop exploded with sensitivity to Kim Jung-woo (Jeon Sung-woo). In addition, Lee Sun-woong co-hosted the case and showed a childish and emotional aspect, such as confronting and fighting during the warrant investigation.

    Jung Ryeo Won resolves the case fiercely and promptly, but in front of Lee Sun-woong, the character of Cha Myung Joo has been enhanced by digesting Cha Myung Joo, who has a keen nerve. At the end of the day, he is immersed in the character's various emotional lines, from the accident to the loss of the victim's unexpected direction.

    Jung Ryeo Won, who maintains the unique tone of the drama with this stable acting power, created Cha Myung Joo as a character who couldn't hate him. In addition, the changing expressions, eyes, tone, and behavior of each scene attracts viewers as the Cha Myung Joo character itself.

    On the other hand, JTBC '검사내전', which shows off Jung Ryeo Won's character digestion, is a story about ordinary 'workers' prosecutors who live in local cities, not the splendid lawyers in the media.

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