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    Sorry, Sorry-Bonamana-Black Suit show the hit song stage!

    SUPER JUNIOR will be awarded the 'Grand Prize of the Year' at '14th KKBOX MUSIC AWARDS' sponsored by Taiwan's largest online music site 'KKBOX'.

    Many Korean artists and foreign artists attended the award ceremony, but receiving the "Grand Prize of the Year" among non-Chinese artists is meaningless because SUPER JUNIOR is the first.

    Since its inception in 2005, the awards have grown to more than a dozen media centers, including TV, Internet, apps, and radio, that have grown to over 12 million people worldwide, It is acknowledged as a Billboard awards ceremony for Chinese music based on 12 billion streaming and downloading indications that have occurred throughout Asia, including Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Japan.

    So SUPER JUNIOR attended '14th KKBOX MUSIC AWARDS' held in Taipei Arena on January 26 at 7 pm (local time), 'Sorry, Sorry', 'Bonamana' which recorded global hit, and the regular 8th album title song 'Black Suit', and will give thanks to the fans.

    In addition, SUPER JUNIOR and other Taiwanese singer 于文文, 莫文蔚, and 周兴哲, including world-renowned DJ Alan Walker and Japan's popular girl group 乃木坂46, climb to the main lineup.

    On the other hand, SUPER JUNIOR has been ranked No. 1 for 63 consecutive weeks from November 6, 2017 to 'PLAY' and 'REPLAY', the regular 8th album in 'KKBOX' Korea album weekly chart.

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    BoA (SM)'s new Japanese song 'AMOR' will be released in Korea.

    BoA is expected to get high interest from music fans by releasing the music source of Japanese new song "AMOR" through various music sites such as Melon, FLO, Genie from January 25 at 12:00.

    The new song "AMOR" is a Latin pop genre with a sweet acoustic guitar sound. BoA participates in the composition of the song and adds the charm of the song, dramatically expresses the woman's heart that desperately wants to love, and BoA's mature vocals Fascinates your ears.

    In addition, this song is expected to be focused on the fans who waited for the release of the domestic sound source since the stage was shown in 'BoA THE LIVE 2018' which was successful in Korea and Japan last December and got the hot response of the audience.

    Meanwhile, BoA is working as a fan master on SBS 'THE FAN' which is broadcasted every Saturday.

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    Expressing different flavors each time + Comic acting perfect digestion 'Rediscover Kwon YURI'

    ‘대장금이 보고 있다’ Kwon YURI (Girls' Generation YURI, SM) reported on the end.

    Kwon YURI took on the role of new salesperson Bok Seung-ah in the MBC entertainment drama '대장금이 보고 있다' on the last 24 days.

    Bok Seung-ah and Han San-hae (Shin Dong-wook), who confirmed each other's hearts, finished their secret love affair, Happy ending to decide the marriage, I stopped to look down.

    Through this work, Kwon YURI captivated the audience with a variety of expressions including dancing, singing, and vocal chanting, as well as enjoying delicious new foods such as chicken, pork belly, sea food, and jajang noodles. The comic characters are also delicious It is getting a good response that it broadened the smoke spectrum with stable acting ability.

    Kwon YURI said, "It was a pleasant and happy time during the filming. I am delighted to be able to play the lovely character Bok Seung-ah, and I thank everyone who watched. I will make every effort to greet you in good shape, "he said.

    On the other hand, Kwon YURI who finished the drama is going to spend a special time with global fans such as Macau, Bangkok, Taipei and Tokyo by opening the first Asian fan meeting tour "YURI 1st Fanmeeting Tour" INTO YURI from February.

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    - Choi Kwon, 'Item' detective Kim Dae Heung plays a role as a premonition!
    - 'Produca' Cindy manager Choi Kwon, 'Item' appearance confirmed!

    Actor Choi Kwon was cast in MBC drama 'Item'.

    Choi Kwon's cast MBC drama 'Item' is a fantasy blockbuster in which two men and women of mixed destiny dig into the conspiracy and secrets surrounding special psychic items. It is based on the popular webtoon of the same name which is popular in the cacao page.

    Choi Kwon will be working with Jin Se Yun, Kim Do Hyun and Oh Seung Hoon as a detective for Kim Dae Heung. Kim Dae Heung works hard as a detective and loyal to his boss Choi Ho Joon (Kim Do Hyun). Choi Kwon has a new stellar performance in 'Item' with 'Produce' and 'The Legend of the Blue Sea'.

    Choi Kwon was loved in the KBS2 drama 'Produca' in 2015 as the IU's well-known manager, so-called 'Cindy manager'. Especially, Choi Kwon was a cute bluff, which caused laughter, but he acted heartily and got the sympathy of viewers. In 2016, Lee Min-ho and Jun Ji-hyun played a decisive role in SBS drama 'The Legend of The Blue Sea' .

    In the film 'REAL', he acted as the executive secretary of Jang Tae-young (Kim Soo-hyun), which gave a sense of tension to the audience by sparking charisma without a word. In particular, he appeared in Netflix original series 'Kingdom' which was opened simultaneously in 190 countries all over the world on the 25th.

    It is noteworthy that Choi Kwon, who plays a role in the works with his wide character digestion power and stable acting ability, will play an important role in 'Item'.

    On the other hand, Choi Kwon's MBC drama 'Item', which is scheduled to be broadcasted at 10 pm on the night of February 11, is scheduled to be broadcasted by Ju Ji Hoon, Jin Se Yun, Kim Kang-woo, Kim Yoo-ri and Park Won-sang It appears.

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    - MINSEO, 'The Grand Dreams' - 'Growing Up' - 'Is Who' - Finishing debut project with 2cm
    - The last song '2cm', a duet song that was filled with love just before falling in love ... Paul Kim Featuring
    - MINSEO's first mini-album released at 6 pm on the 29th ... Start booking album sales!

    MINSEO's first mini-album 'The Diary of Youth' will be released on the 29th.

    MINSEO's debut album includes 'The Grand Dreams', 'Growing Up', 'Is Who' and a new song '2cm', which were released sequentially since March last year.

    MINSEO's album is based on the theme of "Growth of Girls", and released various emotions that the girl who has just begun to know love, such as her throbbing, growing pains and foul play, can feel the different genres and concepts.

    "The Grand Dreams" with MINSEO's clear tone and pure sensibility, "Growing Up" with the acoustic style, "Is Who" with the performance of the house-style song, and the duet with "2cm" You can enjoy MINSEO's various charms through the songs.

    The last song '2cm' to decorate the album is a soulful duet with 2cm 's gaping distance between two people just before falling in love. It is a duet with' Me After You 'and' Traffic Light ' Paul Kim, who won the race, participated in the feature.

    This is the most anticipated duet song in the first half of this year as it is the attraction of MINSEO, Paul Kim and two major musicians.

    MINSEO's debut project includes MINSEO's colorful voices, including Lee Min Soo, Park Geun Tae, Je Hwi, GDLO (MonoTree), Aurora, and other talented composers. Kim Ea Na writes lyrics for all four songs, .

    Produced by Cho Young Chul, IU, Brown Eyed Girls, GAIN, and Uhm Jung Hwa, who have presented unique concepts and trends.

    MINSEO's first mini-album 'The Diary of Youth' will be released on the 29th at 6 pm on each music source site, while off-line albums can be reserved on the music sales site.

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    Hwang Joon Young of ESteem is named one of the Asian men 's models in the model runway ranking of model ranking site 'Models.com'.

    Although Hwang Joon Young made his first overseas debut, he had a unique face and a charismatic walk to show his presence and captivated the audience.

    In the 2019 F / W Men's collection, he is the founder of 13 shows such as 'PRADA', 'MAISONVALENTINO', 'BERLUTI', 'LOEWE', 'PAUL SMITH' and 'Models.com' 2019 F / Ranking Top Show Asian men's model topped the list overall, ranking 4th overall, and shoulder the world's top models.

    He also impressed fashion stakeholders by demonstrating his capacity to move into the next-generation global top model while gorgeously decorating the opening of the famous brand 'BERLUTI' 19FW collection this season.

    Hwang Joon Young commented on his personal SNS: "I can not believe I'm here. I am really grateful and I am very happy and excited because I am given an opportunity to stand off. "

    On the other hand, ESteem official said, "We will continue our activities with foreign countries going forward. I would like to ask Hwang Joon Young for his great expectations and interest."

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    Tickets for additional shows open 25 days!

    SHINee MINHO (SM)'s fan meeting ‘<Best CHOI’s MINHO>’ confirmed the addition of one performance due to the enthusiastic response of the fans.

    ‘CHOI MINHO FANMEETING TOUR <Best CHOI’s MINHO>’ is going to be held at 2 pm and 7 pm on Feb. 16th and is expected to get a hot response.

    Ticket booking for the added 2-hour performance will be held at the YES 24 of the internet booking site from 2 pm on the 25th, and it is expected that the participation of fans will be high again as it can meet the various charms of MINHO who are active in various fields.

    In addition, MINHO is expected to catch up with foreign fans after continuing a fan meeting tour in major cities in Asia such as Tokyo, Feb. 2 in Bangkok, March 2 and 3 in Bangkok on February 23 and Taipei on March 3.

    On the other hand, MINHO has proved its exceptional presence through personal activities such as drama, film, and entertainment programs as well as SHINee activities. In the movie '장사리 9.15' which is scheduled to be released this year, it plays the role of 'Choi Sung Pil' I plan to meet.

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    From perfect dancing to open-minded talk, U-Know's charm has fallen all the way!

    TVXQ! U-Know (SM) was brilliant in entertainment.

    U-Know appeared on MBC entertainment program 'RADIO STAR' between 'Passion and Dignity', which was broadcast on the 23rd.

    In particular, U-Know admired everyone with their passion for bringing their own edited music for an impromptu dancing match, and did not refuse any suggestions from MCs, such as voice imitation, singing, I got a hot reaction as I participated hard.

    U-Know also has its own unique recording method to relieve insomnia, Naked Choreography Choreography, Vending machine, SM's new enthusiasm line and various episodes, The studio showed a sense of the culmination of making a laughing sea.

    These U-Know performances are attracted to the audience, He has always been a top performer for 15 years, and his enthusiastic passion has been reevaluated.

    On the other hand, TVXQ! Will be held in KSPO DOME on March 9 ~ 10 Single concert 'TVXQ! CONCERT -CIRCLE- #with '.

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    Unique tone + sensual song combined with dreamy atmosphere!

    Singer Song Lighter Colde's 'Loss' will be released on January 24th.

    Colde's' Loss', the fifth song of SM 'STATION' season 3, will be available on various music sites such as Melon, FLO, Genie, iTunes, Apple Music, Sporty Pie, Music videos are also expected to be released simultaneously via YouTube SMTOWN, STATION and NAVER TV SMTOWN channels.

    The song 'Loss' is an impressive piece of lyrics expressing the loss, loneliness and nostalgia of life, and Colde's cool vocals and dreamy sounds will catch up to the music fans' ears.

    In addition, this music video doubles the lonely atmosphere of the song by expressing various spaces of Seoul in black and white tone image, and Colde will participate in direct music video directing and add emotion.

    On the other hand, Season 3 of 'STATION', a public channel for SM digital sound sources, is introducing new sound recordings that are produced every Thursday every other week by collaboration with various artists, producers and composers.

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    - Ju Ji Hoon, 'KingDom' to 'Item' Mystery Thriller & Fantasy Genre 'Lord'
    - Ju Ji Hoon, a hard working icon that stretches to 'the world'!

    Ju Ji Hoon will be working hard in 2019 as well.

    Ju Ji Hoon succeeded in succession with the series 'Along with the Gods', 'The Spy Gone North' and 'Dark Figure of Crime'. He won the Best Supporting Actor for The Buil Film Awards, The Blue Dragon Award, Producers Association Award. He was the actor of the year, holding nine honors last year. Ju Ji Hoon's performance will continue in 2019 as well. Netflix original series 'KingDom' and MBC drama 'Item' are meeting with the public.

    Netflix 'KingDom', which is unveiled at 5:00 pm on January 25th, is a mysterious thriller that begins by digging the secrets of those who have become monsters at the end of Joseon, where the prince, . Kim Eun Hee, who wrote the drama 'SIGNAL', and Kim Sung Hoon, director of the movie 'Tunnel', met and got much attention from the production stage.

    In 'KingDom', Ju Ji Hoon took the role of Crown Prince Lee Chang. Lee Chang wonders and doubts about his father 's comfort Jo Hak Joo (Ryu Seung Ryong) is driven by a traitor as he leaves the palace and faces a worse reality than the palace. Lee Chang, who realizes that he is a people to defend himself in front of a terrible reality, is a person who grows up fighting against the enemies inside and outside the temple to protect himself and the people.

    Ju Ji Hoon hopes to perfect Lee Chang's struggle as a crown prince to defend the anguish and preciousness of face-to-face new faces. Ju Ji Hoon not only has a strong acting ability accumulated through his works but also adds sophisticated swordsmanship and action to provide a lot of sights and charms of Lee Chang characters. In addition, Ju Ji Hoon will be able to make Korean hanbok fashionable with his tall keys and warm visuals, so that he will strive to not only domestic but also overseas viewers.

    At the 'KingDom' red carpet event and the world premiere premiere in Seoul on 21st, 'KingDom' was a great interest. The audience who first met KingDom through the premiere, "I want to be opened quickly", "KingDom" which opens a new chapter of Korean drama, "Korea" In addition, it will become an actor to be attracted attention overseas, "and" Ju Ju Ji Hoon's work that opens the door in 2019 ".

    In addition, Ju Ji Hoon will continue his activities on February 11 as an MBC drama 'Item'. 'Item' is a fantasy blockbuster with two men and women of mixed destiny digging the conspiracies and secrets surrounding special psychic items. It is based on Kakao's popular popular webto.

    In Item, Ju Ji Hoon rejected the order of the prosecution and charged him with internal corruption. Ju Ji Hoon hopes to bring out the charm of 'Item' Kang Gon as a charismatic actor who realizes unrealistic stories realistically as proved in previous 'Along with the Gods' and unique charismatic. In addition, Ju Ji Hoon, Jin Se Yeon, Kim Kang Woo, Kim Yu-ri and Kim Min-Kyo will gather talented actors such as Mystery Fantasy,

    As such, Ju Ji Hoon is expected to continue his activities in 2019 with 'KingDom' and 'Item'. Interest in Ju Ji Hoon's 2019 performance will be concentrated on the drama and contemporary drama.

    On the other hand, Netflix 'KingDom' starring Ju Ji Hoon will be broadcast simultaneously on Netflix on the 25th and MBC drama 'Item' will be broadcasted at 10:00 pm on February 11th following 'Less than Evil' to be.

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