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    Kim Hee Chul, a beautiful participant appeared in the real heart beat!
    Full of selfishness. 'Will you fall in love with me?'

    Kim Hee Chul, actress NANA resembles a participant in an explosion!
    P.O, what is the story of a man who is angry during the recording?

    MC Kim Hee Chul will show off his efforts toward the beautiful participants at KBS 2TV '썸바이벌 1+1 - 취향대로 산다' broadcast on July 31st.

    On this day, the participants of the women's Wannabe ideal actor Nam Joo Hyuk and the sync rate of 100% appeared. He has a perfect look and a sense of calmness. He gets a hefty ticket in his first impression selection. We foresee a fierce love line that will unfold in the future.

    Meanwhile, Kim Hee Chul showed a great interest to the poisoned participant. The actor who looks like Nana acted as a beautiful and well-liked participant with a big and a long hair. The chic appearance and the reversed cute voice took the heart of Kim Hee Chul.

    In the meantime, Kim Hee Chul expressed his regrets as well as revealing his selflessness as the participants, who he had been watching, did not get a favorable response from the men.

    On the other hand, P.O., the official manager of "썸바이벌 1+1," got angry at male participants during recording. What will be the behavior of the men who have really made P.O.

    And this week special events will be held for viewers. ICE Americano gift card will be presented to 100 people via an event lottery. More details can be found in '썸바이벌 1+1' SNS account (Instagram : somevival, Facebook : 썸바이벌) and KBS Entertainment SNS account (Instagram : kbs_fun).

    KBS 2TV's '썸바이벌 1+1' will be broadcasted at 11:10 pm on Wednesday, July 31, with the best visual performers and enhanced tastes romance.

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    - On Sept. 21 DAEGU started, September 28, SEOUL, October 5 BUSAN, etc.
    - A tragic trailer for a new challenge before you go somewhere strange and clumsy!
    - SEOUL PERFORMANCE, Tickets open at Interpark Tickets on the 30th at 8 pm!
    - 〈Monthly YoonJongShin〉 July issue '인공지능' released 30 days!

    Singer YoonJongShin will host the 2019 concert '이방인'.

    YoonJongShin released several concert posters through his social networking site and announced the concert news before leaving.

    I briefed the fans about the concert with the phrase "Last performance before leaving" with a picture of the stranger who is running towards somewhere strange and strange.

    YoonJongShin will hold a concert at SEOUL on Oct. 28, BUSAN on Oct. 28, DAEGU on Sept. 21, and last greetings with his fans.

    Since October, YoonJongShin has been carrying out a project called '이방인 프로젝트', which has closed all broadcasting activities and sold out creative activities.

    YoonJongShin said, "I am very comfortable and happy now that I open my eyes in the same place every day, eat rice in the same place and make songs in the same place, but I wanted to face new emotions in a space away from one another. Explained.

    Tickets for DAEGU and BUSAN will be available from August 2, and tickets for the '이방인' concert will be available at 8 pm Interpark Tickets on the 30th.

    Meanwhile, 〈Monthly YoonJongShin〉 July issue '인공지능' will be released at 6 pm on 30th. '인공지능' is a song that analytically looks at the psychology of men after separation.

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    Unique atmosphere that gets to see more
    "When I show you something new, I still shake and shake"

    SEULGI (Red Velvet SEULGI, SM) has released a picture of unique sensibility.

    SEULGI went on to shoot 'ESQUIRE' magazine in August, and completed a pictorial concept of chic only with his own unique feelings.

    In particular, SEULGI not only digitizes various costumes, but also has a deep eye and an alluring appeal that has overwhelmed the ambience of the shooting staff.

    In addition, SEULGI said, "It seems that time has passed really fast. I do not feel well, "he said about his impression of the 5th anniversary of his debut on August 1.

    Then SEULGI said, "I still shake when I show something new (on stage). But if I was scared of the past, I now have a pleasant tremble like, 'This is the day I show my world what I have prepared.' "

    On the other hand, an interview with a picture and a truthful story to see the various aspects of SEULGI can be found in the August issue of 'ESQUIRE' and the official website.

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    - KEYEAST "Actively support us to make a new leap as an actor"
    - KEYEAST, management enhancement and movie-drama production! Comprehensive entertainment company!

    Jung Eun Chae is expected to be active with KEYEAST.

    On the morning of the 30th, KEYEAST announced the contract with actor Jung Eun Chae. KEYEAST said, "Jung Eun Chae is an actor who has grown up to challenge various genres and characters with his enthusiasm since his debut in 2010," said Jung Eun Chae, "Jung Eun Chae is taking a step forward as an actor so that he can act more actively. I will actively support it. "

    Jung Eun Chae, who starred in her role as a star with her neat appearance and stable acting from her debut, is the movie '누구의 딸도 아닌 해원' which entered the Berlin International Film Festival in 2013, and the Busan Film Critics Assocition Awards, the Korean Association of Film Critics Awards, Awards and won the Newcomer Fox Award.

    In addition, have continued to challenge my own image without limiting my own image to films such as '역린', '더 테이블', '안시성', drama '닥터 프로스트', '리턴', '손 the guest'. In particular, Jung Eun Chae showed off his extraordinary transformation in the role of detective Kang Gil Young in last year's "손 the guest". In the same eye level as the viewer, the combination of exorcism and world view of shamanism has added more convincing power of the character and increased the immersion of the story.

    In addition, Jung Eun Chae has worked as an advertising model for ion drinks, coffee ads, cell phones, Currently, it is a model that attracts the attention of advertisers such as KUHO, famous Italian designer brand TOD's, and world famous prestige cosmetics brand ESTEE LAUDER as a muse of luxury image and unique atmosphere.

    Jung Eun Chae, who has such an infinite talent and possibility, is interested in what kind of synergy he will meet with KEYEAST, a comprehensive entertainment company that actively makes productions such as actor who is a top artist, movie "사자" and JTBC drama "열여덟의 순간" It is concentrated.

    On the other hand, Jung Eun Chae is determined to make Kim Jong Eun Sook's "더 킹: 영원의 군주" appearance and ready to shoot.

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    Topping China’s biggest music sites

    Girls' Generation TAEYEON (SM) proved once again the power of the sound source with the TVN drama 'Hotel Del Luna' OST.

    TAEYEON 's "The City of You" released on the 21st was the weekly number one (from July 22 to July 28) in various music charts such as Melon, Genie, Bugs, Mnet MUSIC and Olleh MUSIC.

    In addition, this song ranked No. 1 on the weekly charts of QQ Music and Kugou Music, the largest music site in China, and No. 1 on the 5th day of the KKBOX Korean Music Chart in Taiwan (from July 24 to July 28) I feel TAEYEON's global popularity.

    The new song 'The City of You' is a ballad song with a delicate and faint ambience that blends delicate piano melodies and TAEYEON's emotional voice.

    In addition, TAEYEON has solo songs such as' I ',' Rain ',' Why ',' Fine ','사계' as well as '만약에', '들리나요…', '가까이', '그리고 하나', and confirms the appearance of the top vocalist.

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  • 2019-07-29 Press Release

    KANGTA, new song announcement!

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    Attractive Serenade 'Love Song' released on August 4 at 6 pm!
    Joining the rapper Paloalto featuring! High expectations!

    KANGTA (SM) tells the charming serenade with a new song 'Love Song (Feat. Paloalto)' of 2 years and 9 months.

    KANGTA's new single 'Love Song' will be released on August 4th at various music sites such as Melon, Flo, Genie, iTunes, Apple Music, Sportify, QQ Music, Kugou Music and Kowo Music. High interest is expected.

    In particular, 'Love Song' is a minimalist pop dance song that combines Kangta's fascinating vocals and groovy rhythm. It is a new song by KANGTA that will be released in 2 years and 9 months after the mini album 'Home' , Seems to get a good response.

    In addition, this song is raising the curiosity about the new song which is completed by two people 's collaboration because the rapper Paloalto which is loved by husky voice and intense lapping improves charm by participating in feature and lyricism.

    On the other hand, KANGTA is appearing on TVN '슈퍼히어러' which is broadcasted every Sunday and will show a different transformation through musical 'Headwig' which will be performed from August 16th.

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    Colorful Music + Strong Performance + Members' Individuality Shocked Thrills!
    'K-POP King' EXO successfully wrapped up their fifth concert ‘EXO PLANET #5 - EXplOration -’
    EXO's exclusive concert 'EXO PLANET # 5 - EXPLOration -' was held from 19th to 21st and 26th to 28th in 6 times, with a total of 90,000 audience members It was.
    In this show, EXO will be able to record hit songs like 'Growl', 'Overdose', 'CALL ME BABY', 'Monster', 'Power', 'Tempo', 'Love Shot', 'Gravity', 'Sign' Oasis', and 'Wintering album' including 'Unfair', 'Falling For You' and so on, and led audiences to an eclectic music world that could not keep an eye on Han Si-do.
    In addition, EXO's new unit SEHUN & CHANYEOL unveiled its new song "What a life" and "부르면 돼" on the 22nd, and I can meet BAEKHYUN's UN Village and CHEN's outstanding singing skills 'Lights Out', SUHO 'Been Been Through', which is an impressive performance, and KAI 'Confession', a captivating charisma.

    In addition, audiences set a dress code for each performance, filled the audience with their clothes, attracted attention, and performed song and cheering, as well as various slogan and card section events.

    On the other hand, EXO will hold a concert at the Asia World Expo Arena in Hong Kong on August 10-11 and will tour abroad.

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    Demonstrated power unit power!

    'Amazing Duo' EXO SEHUN & CHANYEOL (EXO-SC, SM) won first place on weekly charts with their first mini album 'What a life'.

    SEHUN & CHANYEOL's first mini album, "What a life," released on July 22, was the weekly number one on weekly charts such as Hanteo, Synnara, Hottracks, and confirmed unit power again.

    This album features a total of six songs featuring the colorful music world of SEHUN & CHANYEOL as well as triple title songs 'What a life', '있어 희미하게', '부르면 돼', the iTunes Top Album Chart, It has proved the global popularity of SEHUN & CHANYEOL, including recording the largest music site QQ music album sales chart.

    In addition, SEHUN & CHANYEOL recorded 2,117,000 concurrent users through its SNS Waybo live broadcast on July 25th (Korea time) in commemoration of the launch of their debut album. It caught my eye.

    On the other hand, SEHUN & CHANYEOL gathered a topic with the contents of healing with MBC '마이 리틀 텔레비전 V2' which was broadcast on the 26th of last month, and the next part will be broadcast at 9:50 pm on the 2nd of August.

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    Title song "BOOM" performance topic full of swag!
    NCT DREAM (SM) has a global popularity march with new song 'BOOM'.

    NCT DREAM's third mini-album 'We Boom', released on the 26th, is ranked # 1 in 26 countries around the world with the addition of Czech, Colombia, Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam on the iTunes top album chart. .

    This album contains 6 songs of various genres including title song 'BOOM' and will be released on the 29th album.

    In addition, NCT DREAM appeared in music programs such as KBS2TV 'Music Bank' and SBS 'Inkigayo' which was broadcast last week, and the title track 'BOOM' and the song 'STRONGER' were introduced, capturing the attention with mature and energetic performance.

    In particular, the title song 'BOOM' is a song that expresses the message to go towards a dream together with NCT DREAM in a confident Attitude, and the performance is getting hot response because it can meet the energetic teenager sweater and powerful energy.

    On the other hand, NCT DREAM is scheduled to appear on July 30, KBS Cool FM '정은지의 가요광장' and MBC FM4U ‘2시의 데이트 지석진입니다’

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    Local broadcasting company work point 'BEAUTY NO.9' Successfully finished! K-Beauty to Thailand!

    LEETEUK has also been recognized as an MC in Asia.

    LEETEUK completed the program successfully from May 12th to July 28th at 9:45 pm (local time) every Sunday on the main MC of "BEAUTY NO.9" .

    LEETEUK's 'BEAUTY NO.9' is a variety show introducing new K-beauty every week including various make-up tools, make-up know-how, skin care and beauty device. In addition to real-time TV broadcasts, the program has been popular for about 25 million subscribers, posted on the YouTube Workpoint YouTube channel on YouTube's top 10 YouTube channel.

    First of all, it is the first time that a Korean has acted as a main MC in Thai local program because LEETEUK is the first. In 'BEAUTY NO.9', which was broadcasted for 12 times in total, LEETEUK got a warm response from viewers by offering a sensible gesture in Thailand and a 'beauty tip' down to the 15th year of singer's debut.

    LEETEUK commented on 'BEAUTY NO.9', saying, "I learned a lot while I was laughing and sympathizing with different languages. I thought it would not be easy at first because of the local program in Thailand, but as I finished my best, I got the strength to continue to challenge new things in the future. Thank you very much for your interest. I want to say hello to another program in Thailand. "

    On the other hand, LEETEUK is active in various programs MC as well as SUPER JUNIOR activities.

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