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    The delight of Lee Su Geun passed on YouTube
    Lee Su Geun, who is expected more in the future,

    YouTube 'Lee Su Geun Channel' has over 100,000 subscribers.

    Since opening the channel in July, 'Lee Su Geun Channel', which has been receiving great responses from viewers through challenging viewers through 'our league-billiard edition', has received 100,000 subscribers in about 3 months Achieve achievement.

    In the meantime, 'Lee Su Geun Channel' will show not only real-time billiard matches with viewers, but also showcased unique contents such as Daniel Sanchez, a billiard player, and Cho Myung Woo, a billiard player based on his extraordinary ability, I have provided the streets.

    In addition, Lee Su Geun, who is a synonym of pleasantness, has been operating as an all-around sportsman at the center of 'Lee Su Geun Channel' and has been running its own unique ability to communicate with viewers in real time. have.

    Lee Su Geun, who has achieved 100,000 subscribers and shows greater potential for growth in the future, is looking forward to seeing more content with viewers through 'Lee Su Geun Channel'.

    On the other hand, 'Lee Su Geun Channel' is available through YouTube, Kakao TV, and CH.DIA TV, one of the creative TV channels of CJ ENM.

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    Toss your driving skills! 'Nice to have such a girl character'
    Toward audience with an exhilarating solver instinct

    'Player' Jung Soo Jung (f (x) KRYSTAR, SM) is getting attention as an all-around character.

    Jung Soo Jung is playing the role of best driver Cha Ah Ryung in the OCN drama 'Player'.

    Cha Ah Ryung joined Crime Revenue Recycling Team 'Player' to show off his driving skills in every dangerous situation from motorcycle to vans. He also helped to save the team, as well as hand picking It is getting a lot of important data and is playing a role as a solver.

    Especially in the last three episodes, Cha Ah Ryung sneaked the key out of the investigator's pocket and succeeded in escaping everyone and captivated his gaze.

    The audience is cheering for the appearance of female characters who do their part as a team member and open up the situation with their own abilities. have.

    Jung Soo Jung 's "Player", which is rising in viewership rate every time, is one of the best players in all fields, from scammer, driver, hacker and fighter, to collecting illegally collected dirty money. Every Saturday, it is broadcast on OCN at 10:20 on Sunday night.

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    EXO LAY (SM) is getting the attention of global music fans by pre-ordering the song 'Give Me A Chance'

    LAY's new song 'Give Me A Chance' released on the 5th was released on iTunes Total Singles Chart in Finland, Argentina, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Guatemala, Cambodia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Macao, Vietnam, and the Philippines, making it one of the top 16 locations in the world, confirming LAY's global popularity.

    'Give Me A Chance' is a song of Urban Pop genre that shows a dreamy sound. LAY's birthday is 11:19 AM (Korea Time) on the 7th, and music video through YouTube and Naver TV SMTOWN channel. It is expected to boost public interest in LAY's new album.

    On the other hand, LAY's third regular album and US debut album 'NAMANANA' will be released on various music sites such as Melon, Genie, iTunes, Apple Music, Sporty Pie and QQ music at 4 pm , Will be released in the US on the same day.

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    'K-Culture MEDIA ART CONTEST' is held jointly by SM Entertainment and Korea International Trade Association.

    Korea International Trade Association is building large media on the outside wall of SMTOWN COEX atium and co-producing various contents together with SM for K-Culture and K-POP name.

    As part of this, 'K-Culture MEDIA ART CONTEST' is done through cooperation with Esteem's artist agent 'Mixtage'.

    This competition will be held from October 5th to November 4th through SM Fan's social platform "FanBook" for a month. Anyone who applies media art works such as video, illustration, pop art etc. It is possible to participate.

    In addition, the two judging judges will receive a prize money and a 1: 1 collaboration opportunity with the artists SUBSUB and YOON SUNG-HYUN from 'Mixtage' Will be sent to SMTOWN Outer Wall Media, the nation's largest ultra-high resolution electronic billboard, which is expected to get a good response.

    In addition, SUBSUB, an illustrator participating in this collaboration, has a solid mania layer based on hand drawing, a strong character and wit, and a video artist, YOON SUNG-HYUN, has a variety of genre brands And the work to be shown through this contest is getting more excitement.

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    NBC, E! Interview with leading broadcasting such as! Local debut promotion is hot!
    New album teaser video topic, comeback anticipation Up!

    NCT 127 (Regular-Irregular), the first full-length album in the US debut promotion ahead of the announcement of NCT 127 (SM) interest in local media is hot.

    NCT 127 is expected to catch the eye of US viewers as it will be interviewed on "Good Day LA", a popular Morning Show on FOX 11 channel, which will be broadcast live on October 9th (local time).

    'Good Day LA' is a morning entertainment information program for FOX 11, which is broadcast live every Monday to Friday from 7 am to 10 pm (Western time in the United States). Since its launch in 1993, it has 25 years of history. I realize the high local interest.

    NCT 127 also features NBC 'Access Hollywood', the largest entertainment channel E! News' and other shows and recording, as well as ABC 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!', 'Red Rock Carpet', 'Mickey's 90th Spectacular', '2018 American Music Awards' It seems to be more focused.

    In addition, NCT 127 released 'Regular Dream', the first teaser video of this album, through YouTube and Naver TV SMTOWN channel on Oct. 5, Oct. 5 and 'My Van' soundtrack It is expected that the second teaser image 'Irregular Office' will be opened at 12 pm and the expectation of comeback will be further amplified.

    NCT 127's regular album 'NCT #127 Regular-Irregular' consists of a total of 11 tracks including the title track 'Regular'. On 12 October, And all kinds of music sites.

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    'Music Bank' through the first solo stage!
    'Into You' + 'Illusion' 2 stage performers! Fascinating performance notice!

    YURI (SM)'s first solo album 'The First Scene' is gaining global attention.

    YURI's first solo album, "The First Scene," released on October 4th, is available in Brazil, Chile, Sweden, Turkey, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Cambodia, Belize, Guatemala, The world 's top 14 places in the world and YURI' s global popularity has been realized.

    In addition, YURI will start on KBS2TV 'Music Bank' on Oct. 5 and on MBC 'Show! Music Core 'and SBS' Inkigayo 'on July 7, and will show two fascinating stages, including the title song' Into You 'and the song' Illusion '.

    Especially, the title song 'Into You' is a pop dance genre with a light rhythm with traditional oriental elements and a catchy hook melody. The performance is composed of a dreamy choreography that maximizes the atmosphere of the song. And YURI 's beautiful dance line emphasizes elegant and sophisticated performance.

    Illusion is an epic pop song that expresses the soul of a woman who does not want to break even though she knows she is a dream because she can not leave her beloved. She is going to present a chair performance that shows power and mature charm. Suffice.

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    Nam Tae Hyun X Chae Jin, "청담Key친"
    Key # Customized dishes available # Honest Talk # Deep empathy

    '청담Key친' SHINee Key (SM) has a unique charm.
    '청담Key친' is a solo talk show by Key, who is offering personalized cuisine to guests and spending time with sympathy and healing. In the 5th episode broadcast on October 4th, Nam Tae who is the leader of the band 'South Club' Hyun and the youngest actor idol group 'MY NAME' who plays a big role in Japan, Chae Jin attracted attention.

    Key has prepared a chicken steak, which is an idea for chicken stew, which is usually made for two people, and 'Peach Yogurt Dressing Salad' which is made by combining various sources directly with perfect plating.

    In addition, Key has played a host role of '청담Key친' by carefully listening to Nam Tae Hyun's stories and empathizing with the music, and encouraging Chae Jin as a senior to various troubles and future movements.

    At the end of the broadcast, Nam Tae Hyun said, "It was really comfortable broadcasting. It was good to be able to talk for a long time, "said Chae Jin Key," and Chae Jin said, "It seems like this was my first experience to talk about my debut. Thank you. "

    Key also said, "I feel like '청담Key친' has become a masterpiece with the guests this time. I thought that I would like my friends to have a thirst to talk about themselves, but I was proud of the two friends who came up with the program. "

    '청담Key친', which has a hot response from three people, was broadcasted on the Kakao TV on the evening of October 4 and will be on TV on Thursday, October 11 at 6 pm JTBC4.

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    - Hong Ji Yoon, '김비서가 왜 그럴까' → '첫사랑은 처음이라서'
    - Hong Ji Yoon, Netflix Original series '첫사랑은 처음이라서' Ryu Se Hyun Role Ji Soo-Jeong Breath with Chae-Yeon-Jin Young!

    Newcomer Hong Ji Yoon was cast in '첫사랑은 처음이라서' for the first time.

    Hong Ji Yoon is loved by the charm of 'Oh Ji Ran' in the TVN '김비서가 왜 그럴까', which was popular in July last year. Netflix original series will be released around the world '첫사랑은 처음이라서' 'Ryu Se Hyun' cast as the role of interest is increasing.

    '첫사랑은 처음이라서' is the story of a man and a woman who do not have emotional feelings, and the first love of youths who feel tired.

    Movie 'Little Black Dress' Kim minseo artist participation, drama, ‘아이가 다섯’, ‘연애의 발견’ Jung Hyun Jung writer creator, drama ‘용팔이’, ‘결혼의 여신’ Oh Jin Suk Director Director I took it. I am going to draw a young romance that is trendy and sympathetic.

    In the play, Hong Ji Yoon plays Ryu Se Hyun, a member of the arts school and a key member of the video production club. I am a college student but I have a professional skill in dealing with video. In addition, the face of the campus magazine cover model looks beautiful enough to speak English and Spanish, also fluent in three languages.

    Hong Ji Yoon debuted in 2017 is tvN 'Criminal Minds', OCN: even a short appearance at the '나쁜녀석들: 악의 도시' revealed the presence causing the audience questions. And, in his previous film, 'Why is Kim Ji-seo,' he took a lovely role in a complete carving of a snowboard.

    Young romance '첫사랑은 처음이라서' in the cool and tangible charm that attracted viewers to catch up. Hong Ji Yoon is expected to rise to the ranks of 'new actors to watch'.

    On the other hand, Ji Soo, Jeong Chae-Yeon and Jin Young are the original series of Netflix ‘첫사랑은 처음이라서’, which was confirmed.

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    - '일억개의 별' Choi Sung Joon, 'Soulful visual + smart charm' stimulates the mind of women!
    - Choi Sung Joon, a friendly young handmade beer company

    Choi Sung Joon first appeared in '일억개의 별'.

    Choi Sung Joon transformed into Jung Sang Yoon, the representative of the handmade beer company Ats, who enjoys the TVN drama '일억개의 별'. A young man who has been attracting attention in the handmade beer industry.

    Jang Sang Yoon was shown to Jang Sung Group successor Jang Woo Sang (Do Sang Woo) to show his art brewery. Jung Sang Yoon was proud to introduce the brewery to Jang Woo Sang, who bought a large amount of stake in the company, and tasted beer.

    Choi Sung Joon caught his eye with casual clothes like shirts, jeans, and white sneakers. Instead of formalizing the introduction of the company, it reveals the sensational appearance of the younger president, showing the color of the company. In particular, Choi Sung Joon's tall keys, distinctive features, and smart charm match up with his characters, and interest in Choi Sung Joon has increased.

    When Jang Woo Sang showed a sharp attitude to first assistant manager Kim Moo Young (Seo In Gook), Kim Moo Young was able to read his shoulders. In addition, the design company employee Yoo Jin Kang (Jung So Min) listened to the announcement of the PT and attracted the appreciation of employees, such as a friendly representative raised the liking.

    Choi Sung Joon has appeared on tvN ‘뇌섹시대-문제적 남자’ this year and he is a member of Mensa. In the future, the '일억개의 별' will raise questions about what they will look like.

    On the other hand, Seung In Gook, Jung So Min, and Park Sung Woong are appearing on TVN drama '일억개의 별', starring Choi Sung Joon, and will be broadcast every Wednesday and Thursday at 9:30 pm.

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    - Track list public ... Seo Won Jin, cloud, Yoon Suk Chul collaborate with talented people 'UPGRADE UP!'
    - Eddy Kim, producing all songs, composing and producing ...
    - The title song '떠나간 사람은 오히려 편해', and the experience of farewell ... ... Released on October 11!

    Eddy Kim, a singer-songwriter, returns as a mature artist as a new album executive producer.

    MYSTIC Entertainment released a track list of Eddy Kim's mini-album 'Miles Apart' on May 5.

    According to the track list, Eddy Kim's new album includes six songs including 'Last', '사랑 모양', '달라', '초능력' and 'Miles Apart' including the title song ' .

    Eddy Kim, as usual, wrote all the songs on this album. If you have helped produce MYSTIC musicians such as Yoon Jong Shin and Cho Jung Chi in the 1st and 2nd houses, this time, you can get away from the fence, He did his role as an album producer and producer.

    In addition, the collaboration with Zion.T 'Yanghwa BRDG' composer Seo Won Jin, jazz musician Yoon Suk Chul, producer cloud, Kim Dong Ryool 'Reply' arranger Jung Soo Min and so on.

    The new album, 'Miles Apart', is the first album by Eddy Kim, who has been writing a sweet love story for the first time. It is expected to show more seriousness with his own experiences.

    The title track '떠나간 사람은 오히려 편해' is a R & B song from a man's sad look because of the traces of love left over after the breakup, a sophisticated melody based on pop sound, Eddy Kim's soft tone The heart-warming lyrics will be added to stimulate the autumn sensibility.

    The rest of the songs also show the charm of Eddy Kim's unique collection of songs in a variety of moods with colors.

    Eddy Kim is a singer-songwriter who has been recognized for his musicality and popularity through his first album 'The Manual' in 2014 and his second album 'Sing Sing Sing' in 2015. He has written 'The Manual', 'Push & Pull', 'My Lips Like Warm Coffee ',' Paldangdam 'and' Heart Pound 'are steadily being loved.

    Eddy Kim's new album 'Miles Apart' will be released on the 11th at 6 pm on each music source site, and offline albums can be purchased at the online music sales site.

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