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    Deck cover for today's fashion magazine Maps!

    SUPER JUNIOR visual with the East Sea to trifle with a sniper in an exclusive photo.

    Rather than open the DONGHAE is a camera lens with a deep loving gaze at the familiar, charismatic atmosphere that give off a colorful Pitta nympha Temminck & Schlegel, 1850, such as eye charm.Involving. Unusually in an exclusive photo on page 16 of the amount of deadly retro sexy concept and a dignified and static concept, East Sea at the same time and fire.The said that drew applause of field staff.

    The special pictorial, which was filmed to mark the 13th anniversary of the creation of the global art fashion magazine Maps (Maps) will be available today (May 21) through the December issue of Maps (Maps) sold in bookstores and online book stores nationwide. The special cover photo, donghae's charm, a published in two versions.

    On the other hand, the DONGHAE belongs to, Super Junior is November 23 - 24 for two days his solo concerts in Bangkok, Thailand, held a ‘SUPER JUNIOR WORLD TOUR - SUPER SHOW 8 : INFINITE TIME in BANGKOK’.Locate the side of fans.

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    A December issue of Brown Eyed Girls' Elle has been released.

    Brown Eyed Girls, who have been recognized as the longest active girl group for 14 years without leaving or dismantling members.

    JeA,Narsha,MIRYO,Gain, who are performing their first album "RE_vive" in four years, showed off their own inner workings and charisma in this pictorial with Elle.

    The interview, which took place together, gave a glimpse of Vaghal's honest and "cool" thinking as she is working on a brilliant history with an unprecedented "Woman Group."

    "It's been four years since we made our comeback, so I'm very unfamiliar and happy," leader JeA said. I held a fan signing event not long ago, and the fans also changed a lot. Teenage fans are now talking of years ago, that the work and activities to help yourself that you can spend money, but so many emotions crossed my mind. "

    Meanwhile, Narsha looked back on its past activities and said, "We've all endured 14 years, and I think it's a situation where I feel proud to release an album like this. When I meet my fans, I tell them that just because we continue our music career is a great joy in their lives. I feel a sense of responsibility to work harder," he said.

    Regarding Uhm's participation in the solo song "Invitation" for the album, MIRYO said he was sincerely grateful. It was the first time I had such a long conversation with Jung-hwa, and she was so gentle in her speech," she said, expressing her gratitude.

    Gain, who took vocal lessons during the break, said, "I started the lesson because I felt like singing in the recording studio would hurt my neck, and I thought it would be out of control. I thought, 'Oh, I'm not dead yet.' (Laughs) I could say I took self-confidence lessons."

    More photos and interviews of Brown Eyed Girls Girl are available in the December issue of Elle.

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    An attractive pictorial of actor Son Dam-bi has been released.

    Men's magazine GQ KOREA recently conducted an interview with Son Dam-bi and Hwa-bo, who successfully finished the drama "At the time of the Winter White Flower."Son Dam-bi, in particular, added meaning by hosting pictorials as the main character of "Woman of the Year" selected by GQ.

    In the pictorial, titled "Sandambi, More imposing and dazzling than ever," Son Dam-bi performed colorful party looks, including silver-colored costumes and a spangled dress, creating a bold pose and an attractive atmosphere.

    In an interview with the pictorial, Son Dam-bi talked about the "flavored taste" he played in "At the time of the Winter White Flower," saying he was free-spirited and sullen when he first heard the name "flavored."

    I came up with a character with a dark side. I think it was almost right," he said, adding, "I was proud to be able to show various aspects of flavor as the drama progressed.

    In particular, the main character of the 12th episode was a flavor, which seemed to have crossed the big gateway as an actor after the shooting," he said.

    Regarding Son Dam-bi's perfect performance of the flavor character to the point where people say, "Did Son Dam-bi play Son Dam-bi?" He also said, "In reality, his personality is totally different from that of the flavor. It's more like the opposite.

    It's straightforward, it's hairy, it's got a spotty, it's got a hot spot. I guess that's why there are so many female fans."

    "I decided to act after finishing my singing career, but it was too hard to find an answer to how I would make my way as an actress.

    It took a long time, but the work lifted the thirst and gave me the strength to move forward," he said, raising expectations for future activities.

    More pictorials and candid interviews by Son Dam-bi can be found in the December issue of Jiku and on the Jiku website.

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    - '따르릉'-'안되나용', '신호등' " is out!3 hits in a row
    - BADA songwriting, participation in composition...Kim Young-chulX-BADA all-time high-stakes chemistry
    - Music and MV are addictive...Park Jae-hyun, Kim Ha-young
    - Kim Young-chul, the 20th anniversary of his debut, said, "I'm looking forward to 20 years and 10 years from now."

    Comedian Kim Young-chul's new song '신호등' will be released at 6 p.m. May 21.

    '신호등' is a so-called mulberry DM with electronic dance music added to the tune of "Geokjin Trot," followed by  ‘따르릉', '안되나용' for three consecutive hits.

    Starting with retro-emotional piano performance, "Shinho Light" makes EDM sound with a brass theme, which makes the body jump up and down, combined with addictive songs, melodies and Kim Young-chul's delicious singing to show the charm of a mana that one can't forget.

    Kim Young-chul, who showed good synergy with his partners every time, including Hong Jin-young (`Tarlung'), Whisung (`No Na-yong'), and Zeah (`Christmas Nothing') of Brown Eyed Girls, worked with the sea at the signal lights. The sea has joined in writing lyrics and composing as well as directing, which has helped them with more passionate energy than ever before, and the two's strongest chemistry ever is expected.

    The music video that is as loud as the song is. The music video, which features a mood of B-level sensibility for its spectacular CG production, featured Kim Young-chul, Park Jae-hyun and Kim Ha-young, who are famous for "Surprise Him."

    The '신호등' will also be released with a remix version that is reinterpreted with club sounds.

    Meanwhile, Kim Young-chul, who marked the 20th anniversary of his debut this year, has been playing all over the world, including comedians, singers and radio DJs, with extraordinary enthusiasm and diligence.

    "I think we've had a good 20th anniversary this year with the radio set in. "I'm looking forward to 10 years after 20 years of busy running," he said. "Now, many people know my overconfidence. It's not Kim Young-chul if you get tired. Please continue to watch me make a fuss and breakneck appearance."

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    The first KPOP band to hold a concert!

    SuperM (SM) has successfully wrapped up the ‘SuperM We Are The Future Live in New York’.

    SuperM held the `` SuperM We Are The Future Live in New York '' in Madison Square Garden, New York, USA on the 19th.

    In particular, Madison Square Garden, where this performance was held, is a world-class performance spot with top artists such as Michael Jackson, Madonna, Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, and Mecca of American pop culture. It unveiled global popularity once again.

    SuperM focused the fans' attention on the stage of the first mini album including the title song 'Jopping', as well as' Super Synergy 'such as the new songs' With You' and 'Dangerous Woman' prepared for this live.

    In addition, TAEMIN's 'Danger' and 'Goodbye', BAEKHYUN's 'Betcha' and 'UN Village', KAI's 'Confession', TAEYONG's new song 'GTA', MARK's new song 'Talk About', TEN's 'Dream in a Dream' It also provided a solo stage where members can meet the charm and individuality of each member, including 'New Heroes' and LUCAS's new song 'Bass Go Boom'.

    In addition, the audience filled the audience with passionate performances such as shaking and singing fan lights. The members said, “It's a dream and a pleasure to perform our performance in Madison Square Garden, New York. I will be a SuperM that can show you great looks in the future. Please watch. ”

    On the other hand, SuperM is showing off “SuperM We Are The Future Live” in the United States and Canada, and continues the performance in San Diego on January 30.

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    November 22, 8 pm NAVER ‘V LIVE’ is also announced!

    The second music video teaser video of SUNGMIN's new album title song “Orgel” has been released.

    The new song 'Orgel' music video teaser video opened on YouTube SMTOWN channel and NAVER TV SMTOWN channel at 12 o'clock on the 20th, depicts SUNGMIN, which recalls the dreams that were forgotten through the media of 'Orgel'. Collected.

    SUNGMIN's first solo album and the title song, 'Orgel', is an acoustic song where Orgel sounds that add emotion to a warm guitar melody to be warm. This album includes new songs 'Orgel' and 'Stay', 'Zzz…'. ',' Rest 'and' I Pray 'have a total of five tracks.

    In addition, SUNGMIN will hold a live broadcast “SUNGMIN's Orgel Music Box” in commemoration of the release of a new album through the NAVER ‘V LIVE’ SMTOWN channel from 8:00 pm on November 22, to communicate with fans more closely.

    Mini's 1st album, 'Orgel', where you can meet SUNGMIN's sweet vocals, is scheduled to be released at 6 pm on November 22.

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    Engage viewers with case-solving skills!
    Elevated immersion in delicate feelings of acting!

    “유령을 잡아라” The presence of KIDOHUN (SM) is growing day by day.

    KIDOHUN appears in the detective Kim Woo Hyuk role in the TVN drama 유령을 잡아라.

    On the 19th, Kim Woo Hyuk sneaked into the closed platform with Yoo Ryung (Moon Geun Young) and found a picture of his brother Yoo Jin (Moon Geun Young / 2 Stations) in the hideout of 'The Subway Ghost'. The eager condolences to Yoo Ryung added to the drama's immersion.

    Kim Woo Hyuk then persuaded Yoo Ryung to call the appreciation class, but Yoo Ryung's request that the owner of the stolen screen door key, Ko Ji-seok (Kim Sun-ho), found it difficult through the investigation. It revealed a pure love report that gave up the evidence without hesitation.

    Kim Woo Hyuk was also shocked by the fact that Ha Ma ri (Jeong Yoo-jin) told him the missing story of Yoo Jin's disappearance. For a moment, he left his feelings, started a joint investigation with the subway ghost, and kicked the evidence. I found and attracted the viewers in the form of a detective in the field investigation.

    In this process, KIDOHUN expresses the complex feelings of conflict between belief in Yoo Ryung and the truth, as well as exhilarating the reasoning process for catching criminals.

    Meanwhile, KIDOHUN's '유령을 잡아라' is a work by subway police to resolve a case to catch a serial killer called the “ghost of the subway.” It is broadcast on tvN every Monday and Tuesday at 9:30 pm.

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  • 2019-11-20 Press Release

    SM is hosting ‘Live Aid’ in Seoul

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    Producer SOOMAN LEE, the largest charity performance ever to be held simultaneously in 5 continents Seoul
    September 26, 2020 Seoul to represent Asia

    SM Entertainment, together with SOOMAN LEE Producer, has brought the largest charity performance ever to be held, 'Global Goal Live: The Possible Dream', to Seoul in 21st Century.

    SOOMAN LEE Producer Director, SM Kim Young Min, General Manager of Seoul Performances, Simon Moss Co-Founder of Global Citizens, Madge Thomas Global Policy & Government Affairs Back on November 19 (local time in USA) at Madison Square Garden, New York, USA, Seoul, South Korea was announced as the representative venue for 'Global Goal Live: The Possible Dream', and announced on September 26 next year. This unfolds.

    'Global Goal Live: The Possible Dream' is the largest global village specially designed by 'Global Citizen', which brings together funds from 193 UN member countries, governments, philanthropists, and private organizations around the world to raise funds for the poor by 2030. It is a charitable performance and 'Global Citizen' has been sponsored by 56.600 billion won ($ 48.4 billion) from each country and company for 10 years from 2009 to the present, and has helped more than 880 million people around the world.

    In particular, 'Global Goal Live: The Possible Dream' is the largest global charitable performance held by combining music and campaign movements to promote consensus and change awareness on issues such as hunger, inequality and environmental pollution. It is planned to be the largest music festival in the world, simultaneously held on five continents, including North America, South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia, and will be broadcast live around the world in 10 hours.

    In addition, SOOMAN LEE producer, who is the director of the Seoul performance of 'Global Goal Live: The Possible Dream', plans to complete a meaningful performance to convey the power of music that can change the world.

    Among the five continents, Central Park in New York, USA, and Lagos, Nigeria, were announced as the venue for the performance.Seoul, Korea, was also unveiled. Coldplay, Metallica, Muse, Usher, Red Hot Chili Peppers, EXO, Alicia Keys, BoA, Global fans such as Billie Eilish, Pharrell Williams and SuperM have been announced as headliners, and global fans have been enthusiastic.

    Producer SOOMAN LEE said, “We are pleased to be able to attract the largest charitable performances in the global village to Seoul, Korea, representing the Asian continent. As the performance director, we will bring together participating artists, audiences, and viewers from Asia as well as from all over the world to make meaningful performances that consider the issues facing the world together and practice sharing for each other. I ask for your interest and support. ”

    On behalf of the Global Citizen, Madge Thomas will host “Global Goal Live: The Possible Dream” in Seoul, Korea. K-POP singers and their music now have a great influence on the global music market as well as Asia, breaking down barriers between culture and people. We are pleased to provide a special platform for K-POP-loving fans to join the campaign and leaders from different regions to make real promises. ”

    Meanwhile, Global Citizen is a global campaign that includes many prominent figures and politicians, including former US first lady Michelle Obama, Bill Gates, Swedish queen Silvia, world stars Hugh Jackman and Leonardo DiCaprio.

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    ‘World Album’ chart both for 6 weeks in a row!

    SuperM (SM) charted in the USA Billboard Main chart both for 6 weeks.
    SuperM's first mini album 'SuperM', released on October 4, was ranked 65th on the Billboard 200, the Billboard main album chart released on the 19th (local time), ranking 12 places higher than 77th last week. did.
    In addition, the album has been ranked No. 1 on the 'World Album' chart for six consecutive weeks. It is ranked fifth on the 'Internet Album', 'Top Album Sales', and 'Top Current Album' charts.
    SuperM won the first Asian singer debut album 'Billboard 200' for the first time in the 'Billboard 200' chart in the third week of October, as well as 'Top Artist Sales', 'Top Current Album', Billboard has topped eight charts including 'Digital Album', 'World Album', 'Internet Album', and 'World Digital Song Sales'.
    On the other hand, SuperM is performing `` SuperM We Are The Future Live '' in major cities in North America, including Texas, Chicago, Atlanta, and Washington, D.C., and is performing at Madison Square Garden, New York on July 19 (local time).

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    CHEN teaser image release topic! Tempered Charisma VS Devilish Eyes, Reversed Visual Eyes!

    “K-POP KING” EXO (SM) plays a variety of attractive music with the 6th full-length song “Groove” and “Ya Ya Ya”.

    EXO's 6th album 'OBSESSION' will be released on 6th 27th at 6 pm Melon, Flo, Genie, iTunes, Apple Music, Sportify, QQ music, KuGou music, Kuwo music, etc. A total of 10 songs from various genres, including Korean and Chinese versions of the title song 'Obsession'.

    The song 'Groove' is a dream-like dance song that combines rhythmic chorus, strings and flute sounds. Is a hip-hop dance song reinterpreted in EXO style by sampling 'You're The One' by the female R & B vocal trio SWV. Stands out.

    In addition, the teaser image of member CHEN will be released on various SNS accounts of EXO and X-EXO on the 20th, and the modest charisma will meet the impressive EXO CHEN and X-EXO CHEN, which gives an overwhelming atmosphere with cool eyes Boost your comeback expectations.

    Meanwhile, EXO's 6th album 'OBSESSION' will be released on November 27th.

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