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    'SELFIE BOOK: RED VELVET' Released on March 19!

    'Red Velvet SELFIE BOOK (SELFIE BOOK: RED VELVET)' will be released on March 19th.

    'Red Velvet SELFIE BOOK (SELFIE BOOK: RED VELVET)' is a film about the reality 'LEVEL UP PROJECT Season 2' featuring exciting traveling trips of Red Velvet in South Sea, Yeosu and Tongyoung. The Red Velvet is a collection of mini-photos made up of a variety of images.

    In particular, this SELFIE BOOK includes SELFIE of Red Velvet, which is only partially released on the airplane, as well as photographs taken by the members, autograph comments made after the trip, and appreciation of the first domestic trip, As it is enriched, it is enough to feel like traveling with Red Velvet.

    In addition, 'Red Velvet SELFIE BOOK (SELFIE BOOK: RED VELVET)' will be available from 7th on the website on March 19th.

    On the other hand, Red Velvet 'LEVEL UP PROJECT Season 2' will be released simultaneously every Monday through Saturday at 10:00 am in the mobile video application 'oxusu' and Thailand mobile TV application 'TrueID', as well as every Monday at 8 pm XtvN I am getting a good response.

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    After the drama, "real" topics such as real-time search! Female viewers heartbeat!
    Attracted charm of a girl's heart! Visual + big key + new appearance featuring triple action!

    KI DO HUN (SM) of 'Should We Kiss First?' Is gathering topics.

    KI DO HUN is a barista working in a cafe in the SBS drama 'Should We Kiss First?', But he is on the role of a young man who can communicate with his partner by seeing the shape of the opposite mouth.

    On the 6th, Hahmun helped the students with the big keys for helping the basketball players in the basketball field, helping them to perfect the basketball skills and emanating the warm charm.

    Then, in the meantime, I can not help but notice that there is no way I can make a mistake, but I do not want to be afraid. And the curiosity of viewers how the relationship between the two will evolve in the future.

    In this process, KI DO HUN was able to steadily digest the smoke hearing loss naturally despite being a new person, and received a lot of attention from viewers, such as a good looking appearance and a perfect body ratio.

    KI DO HUN, who has a strong face with a big face from the model, has made his debut last year and is an actor who is expected to play an active role in stable performance in works such as MBC drama 'The King in Love' and KBS drama special 'SLOW'.

    On the other hand, SBS drama 'Should We Kiss First?', Played by KI DO HUN, is a melodrama with a surprise love of the adults who have lived a long time, and is in the first place with the audience rating of the same time zone.

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    Billboard "Show the Power of the Youngest" Attention!

    NCT DREAM (SM) is showing a global hit with this new song 'GO' music video.

    NCT DREAM's' GO 'music video on the 5th was confirmed on top of global music fans' first place in 7 countries all over the world including Canada, Switzerland, Denmark, Belgium, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia gave.

    In addition, the Billboard of the United States famous media, on the 5th (local time) on the homepage of the 'NCT Dream Show Their Rebellious Side With' Go to 'Music Video: Watch' title article, NCT DREAM 'GO' .

    Billboard introduces the new song "GO" and released an intense electronic song that exudes the rebellious aspect of the feeling that it showed in previous songs. This richly chorused and pounding bass delivers the songs and rap of the seven members in a more dramatic way, demonstrating the power of the youngest members of the NCT 2018 project, with intense rap and sweet adverbs emphasizing growth as a performer. "We noticed the new transformation of NCT DREAM.

    "Like music style changes, music videos are also playful and rushing in front of you instead of the bright side. The video is filled with the appearance of NCT DREAM members enjoying the youthfulness of the streets of Los Angeles, black lights, and fluorescent lighting. The colorful tempo and rhythm of the song is a cornerstone for powerful performances, "he said.

    This new song 'GO' is a song of the trap hip hop genre recorded in 'NCT 2018' which will be released on March 14th. NCT DREAM will start on Mnet 'M countdown' on 8th and KBS2TV 'Music Bank' Day MBC 'Show! Music Center 'and SBS' Popular Song 'on November 11 and' GO ', which will boost the expectation for' NCT 2018 '.

    Meanwhile, 'NCT 2018' is a very large project that can meet all kinds of NCT, such as NCT U, NCT 127 and NCT DREAM, in one album. It will be released on March 14 at 6:00 pm. Of course, we have a series of promotions that showcase a variety of contents and activities.

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  • 2018-03-06 Press Release

    SBS drama 'Let's kiss first' OST Part.2

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    April's JINSOL 'PERFECT' sound release!

    April JINSOL is the second runner of the OST of SBS drama "Let's Kiss First", which has become the top-rated movie with the highest rating.

    JINSOL's 'Kiss First' OST Part.2 'PERFECT' is scheduled to be released on 6th at 6pm on various music sites such as Melon, Ginny and Naver Music, so it is expected to get a good response.

    The new song 'PERFECT' is a simple and sensual guitar-leaf-centered slow-tempo pop song, with lyrics that express the longing dream-like atmosphere and the longing for lovers with the word PERFECT, and JINSOL's clear voice It added to maximize the mood of the song.

    In addition, this song is the theme song of Ye Hye-min (prayer hun min) and Son-dyun (jeongdabin minute) which appear as a "young couple" in the play. From the 11th ~ 12th It is expected to double the attractiveness of drama.

    On the other hand, every Monday and Tuesday at 10:00 pm on SBS, "Do you want to kiss first?" Is a real melodrama that shows the love of a mature adult "surprisingly". have.

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    - SM X MYSTIC 2018 First Collabo ... Sweet 'SUHO'X Unique' JangJane 'Expecting a different duet song UP!
    - 9th MYSTIC LISTEN 'Do you have a moment', 10 days SM STATION 'Dinner' sequential release!
    - SUHO, JangJane Both songs participated in lyrics ... Musician capacity

    The special collaboration of SUHO and singer JangJane, the leader of K-POP King EXO, unfolds.

    SUHO and JangJane will show off their new song "Do you have a moment" and "Dinner" with SM and MYSTIC Entertainment's first collaborations in 2018.

    "Dinner" will be released at 6 pm on the next day, 6 pm on the SM digital music channel "STATION" season. 2, it is enough to meet the different music colors.

    In particular, SUHO and JangJane collaborated on duet through collaborations, and both songs confirmed their musical competence by participating in lyric. This song is about the two songs organically connected, about love and lover discourse I deliberately loose from the perspective of men and women, further amplifies the curiosity.

    In addition, SM and MYSTIC released 'JangJane, Giant Pink, PERC% NT' Dumb Dumb 'and Red Velvet with PERCJaejung X MARK' Lemonade Love 'in August and' JangJane, Giant Pink and Swapping Remake Mission ' And 'Rebirth', etc., and it was a pleasure to listen to it with different charm.

    In addition, SUHO has made a brilliant record such as the Quadruple Million Sellers performance through EXO activities and the 'Grand Prize' award for the fifth consecutive year, and has been active in various fields such as drama, movie and musical, STATION ', the first solo song' Curtain ', which shows a sweet tone, has been well received.

    JangJane has established her own singer as a female singer with her charming tone and sophisticated sensibility. In January, she released her 'FUTK' in 'FUTOK' and showed her matureness. She also collaborated with various composers and released her unique compositions. JangJane is constantly presenting music that can be digested.

    On the other hand, 'STATION' Season 2 is loved every week by introducing high quality music and contents that were born through collaboration with various artists, producers and composers every week.

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    KI DO HUN charm that can be felt with steel only! A big explosion of coffee and eyes!
    "The future is even more noteworthy"

    KI DO HUN (SM) of 'Should We Kiss First' is stimulating the girl's mind.

    KI DO HUN is a barista working in a cafe in the SBS drama 'Should We Kiss First', but he is in the role of a young man who is able to communicate with his friends.

    On the 5th day of the broadcast, the audience showed a passionate aspect as a barista, such as taking a coffee bean incense and studying, and a scene of reuniting with a hand (Jung Da Bin) who came to the hospital was drawn.

    During this process, KI DO HUN displayed various emotions in various expressions, naturally captivating audiences with good appearance and perfect body ratio, as well as digesting naturally lost hearing smoke.

    Also, 'Should We Kiss First' 11th and 12th KI DO HUN in the steel will hold coffee in both hands and emit a warm appeal to look somewhere. What will happen again on the 6th night I will.

    KI DO HUN, who is a big model and a fresh face, has made his debut last year and plays an active part in MBC drama 'The King in Love' and KBS drama special 'SLOW' .

    On the other hand, KI DO HUN 's SBS monthly drama' Should We Kiss First 'is a melodrama with a surprise love of unexpected adults.

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    - 'The Grand Dreams' presented by youth MINSEO ...
    - Tonight at 10:00 Naver V LIVE Music Box Live Live 'The Grand Dreams' live for the first time!
    - Composed of four debut album series, 'The Diary of Youth' ... The Grand Dreams' sequential release
    - MYSTIC presents a new female solo MINSEO, a song line of female singers

    MINSEO's 'The Grand Dreams' will be held on the 6th.

    MINSEO, who made his first appearance in the music charts and music broadcasts before the official debut with 'YES' last November and stamped two letters of name. Her debut project, which the public has been waiting for, is finally starting.

    The debut song "The Grand Dreams" is a song about MINSEO's first sense of dreams that I learned only with love. It was composed by composer Lee Min Soo and songwriter Kimeana.

    'The Grand Dreams' seems to have drawn a sweet and happy dream to match the bright and cheerful mood of the song, but it also contains ironic expressions, a sick dream that can not be achieved.

    Mystic Entertainment SNS channel 'The Grand Dreams' music video preview was released on May 5, and MINSEO's clear tone and clear visuals were released.

    In the Preview, MINSEO turned into a pilot, with a model of the airplane, running around freely and sailing a dream.

    MINSEO's debut music video was directed by director Hwang Soo-a who is famous for its solid story composition and visual effects.

    'The Grand Dreams' has a synth version (original) and an acoustic version, and the acoustic version of the grand piano, classical guitar and strings is a little different from the original.

    MINSEO's debut album will be released in four sequential releases.

    MYSTIC said, "The overall theme of this debut project is 'The Diary of Youth'. MINSEO, who represents youth in his 20s, has four diaries (songs) including 'The Grand Dreams' "Whenever a diary is revealed, it is good to look at MINSEO, which has grown one more time."

    MINSEO's debut album was produced by ChoYoungchul producer who has presented trends with IU, Brown Eyed Girls, GAIN, and UhmJunghwa albums.

    Meanwhile, MINSEO's debut song 'The Grand Dreams' will be released at 6 pm on each music source site, and MINSEO will launch 'The Grand Dreams' live at 'Music Box Live' It is expected to release music fans' attention. 

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    - 'The Grand Dreams' presented by youth MINSEO ...
    - 'The Grand Dreams' Lee Min Soo-Kimeana works, MV directed by Hwang Su-a ... 6 MINSEO's 'The Grand Dreams' unfolds
    - 'The Grand Dreams' finally get off the veil ... 6 pm MV Preview (teaser) released!

    MINSEO's debut in 2018 is one of the most promising songs in the music industry.

    MYSTIC Entertainment released its music video still cut of MINSEO's debut song 'The Grand Dreams' on May 5, raising expectations for its debut.

    MINSEO in the photo added a sweetness with the hair with the sensibility of the girl, styling the costume. MINSEO, the main character of the music video, hopes to show colorful, innocent colorful scenes.

    MINSEO's debut music video was directed by director Hwang Soo-a who is famous for its solid story composition and visual effects.

    'The Grand Dreams' is a medium tempo song with a bright and refreshing atmosphere. It is a song about MINSEO's love that I first learned in my dreams. Lee Min Soo, the composer who has made a lot of hits, and the songwriter Kimeana.

    'The Grand Dreams' seems to be a sweet and happy dream, but it also contains ironic expressions that are sick dreams that can not be realized.
    If you have been showing the tender tone and sad feeling through the ballad for a while, 'The Grand Dreams' you can feel the clear tone of the twenties MINSEO and pure innocence.

    MINSEO's debut album will be released in four sequential releases.

    The overall theme of this debut project is 'The Diary of Youth'. MINSEO, who represents youth in their 20s, honestly expresses various concerns and emotions felt by youth in their peers through 4 diaries (songs) including 'The Grand Dreams' I plan to pay.

    MINSEO's 'The Grand Dreams' MV preview (teaser) will be released at 6 pm on the 5th, and the music source and MV volume will be released on each music source site at 6 pm on the 6th.
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    It is full of expectation from pleasant bite game to healing free time, talk party!

    Red Velvet (SM), a representative girl group of K-POP, is raising the healing index of viewers with a refreshing traveling experience.

    Red Velvet's reality 'LEVEL UP PROJECT Season 2' featuring the attraction of Namhae, Yeosu and Tongyeong is now available at 10:00 AM every Monday ~ Saturday at the same time as the mobile video application oxusu and the Thailand mobile TV application 'TrueID' , Every Monday at 8 pm XtvN to meet with the TV is also getting a good response.

    In the 49th broadcast on the 5th, Red Velvet challenged again to the game called "The Game of the Bull" which was introduced in the "LEVEL UP PROJECT Season 1", and played the game without speaking teeth. The members of the group that broadcast the show were laughing.

    In addition, in the 50th ~ 54th broadcasts from 6th to 10th, there will be a variety of stories including 'Finnai Game', 'Finnish Sauna Experience', 'Charming Night' It seems to get a reaction.

    On the other hand, Red Velvet's exclusive reality 'LEVEL UP PROJECT Season 2' is expected to bring pleasure to the anbang theater with 7 main TV episodes broadcasted at 8 pm XtvN on the 5th.

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    BoA (SM) 's first reality,' Keyword # BoA ', this week will reveal BoA and Shiny Keys' journey to Jeju Island.

    BoA's comeback story and its realistic "Boo # Boo" show every day from Monday to Friday at 11:00 AM V LIVE and Naver TV 'keyword #BoA - my SMTelevision', and every Sunday at 11:00 pm XtvN It is broadcasted on TV main volume and it is getting good response.
    On the 5th ~ 7th, 'Keyword #BoA', 61 ~ 66, the story of KEY participating as BoA and program observer on the last trip to Jeju Island is broadcast, and the two friendly meeting BoA offers you a chance to meet the feast of the eateries at the restaurants you find yourself.

    In addition, BoA and KEY who sailed on the yacht tour to enjoy the sea of ​​Jeju in the 67th ~ 70th part which is broadcasted from 8th to 9th are informed of the time of healing enjoying beautiful scenery such as feeding the seagull and taking pictures, It is expected to catch the attention of the viewers because they can meet with each other's troubles and heart-sharing stories.

    On the other hand, BoA, who finished the first mini album 'ONE SHOT, TWO SHOT', will start the tour 'BoA The Live 2018 ~ Unchained ~' from Sapporo on the 15th.

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