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    -'HYENA' Ju Ji Hoon, Hate each other Chemistry → Metabolic Digestive Power that transforms into Melo Chemistry
    -‘HYENA’ Ju Ji Hoon, #Drunk confession #Express rank #Attention blast, the viewer is ‘Hee Jae Holic’

    ‘HYENA’ Ju Ji Hoon, while fighting Kim Hye Soo, is excitement to viewers with sincere dialogue.

    In the SBS drama 'HYENA', Ju Ji Hoon was called Song & Kim Ace Lawyer, but played Yoon Hee Jae, who has no power in front of Jung Geum Ja (Kim Hye Soo). Yoon Hee Jae is attracted by confrontation with Jung Geum Ja, but there are times when this atmosphere changes into a melody at once. The moment you lift the wall of your heart and confess your sincerity. Here are the lines of dialogue created by Ju Ji Hoon's charm.

    ◆ 1. Confession, “I came to see you. Without pride ”

    After his exciting first victory in collaboration, his secretary Kim Sang-mi (Park Bo-in) and Jung Geum Ja's secretary Lee Ji-eun (Oh Kyung-wha) hit more than necessary at the H team's first dinner. Hee Jae. The two of them were actually aware of it before they joined Song & Kim, and realized that Jung Geum Ja was the one who made his movements and tastes known. Yoon Hee Jae was furious, but soon after Jung Geum Ja disappeared in front of her eyes, she became upset. Yoon Hee Jae, who went to Jung Geum Ja again, said, “I want to go back one by one. Where was your heart? ”Jung Geum Ja threw a question bomb and cut the line toward Yoon Hee Jae. But Yoon Hee Jae was different. Even at this moment of pride, “I came to see you. Without pride. Yoon Hee Jae wants to see Jung Geum Ja, ”he confessed and confessed. Ju Ji Hoon made a confession of confession as a masterpiece with his spooky dialogue and voice tone.

    ◆ 2. On the limited express, “If necessary, use me”

    Jung Geum Ja is shocked by the sudden appearance of his father. Yoon Hee Jae quickly noticed the situation of Jung Geum Ja and came with a whiskey. “I want to remember that memory is so terrible,” she said, with a different look than usual. Yoon Hee Jae, shaken by the heart of the violence caused by domestic violence, asked, “What can I do for you?” Jung Geum Ja pushed his mind saying, “Don't be useless,” but Yoon Hee Jae said, “Use me if necessary. You're good. I use it. I only look at it today. ” Ju Ji Hoon, who portrayed the feelings of self-help and sadness for Jung Geum Ja, with a tearful face, even after being used like this, gave a breathtaking immersion.
    ◆ 3. Anxiety explosion, “Go to the road where you're likely to get hurt

    It was Jung Geum Ja who always shocked Yoon Hee Jae, but in the 10th ending, Yoon Hee Jae referred to Jung Geum Ja's real name as “Jung Eun-young” and gave a reversed shock ending. Through Park Joo Ho, I learned about Jung Geum Ja's father and his past. Yoon Hee Jae, who promised with all his honor that he would not share the story with anyone, and that there would be no disadvantages or hindrances, put a stop to Jung Geum Ja's illegal way of working. “I would rather empathize,” said Jung Geum Ja, hoping that he would not be hurt anymore. Easy to understand. Pretend to be such a strong snob and go on a path that is likely to hurt, so don't let my blood dry.

    In the remaining session of Ju Ge Ho Ja, who has a childlike jealousy and a serious face that occasionally shines, Jung Geum Ja and a viewer's mind are also stimulating expectations.

    Meanwhile, SBS 'HYENA' starring Ju Ji Hoon, Kim Hye Soo, Lee Kyung Young, Jeon Seok-ho, Song Young-gyu, Hwang Bo Ra, etc. will be aired 11 times at 10 pm on the 27th.

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    Preview 6 songs including the title song ‘Let ’s Love’! Amplifying the anticipation of “Self-Portrait” with SUHO's unique emotion!

    EXO SUHO (SM) 's first solo album,' Self-Portrait ', is a hot topic with highlight medley images and illustration teaser images.

    The highlight of this album, which was opened on the 27th, is a total of 6 songs including title song 'Let's Love', 'O2', 'Made In You', 'Starry Night', 'Self-Portrait', and 'For You Now' It contains a highlight sound source, raising expectations for the new album.

    In particular, the title song 'Let's Love' is a song of the modern rock genre, and the lyrics that SUHO participated in have many hurts and pains, so that the main character 'with flaws in love' meets someone and feels excitement, dreaming of a new love again The expression of saying 'Let's love' to the people was expressed.

    In addition, a new teaser image was released today through the SUHO official website and various SNS EXO accounts, and as the concept of this album is a 'self-portrait', you can feel the lyrical music sensibility of SUHO, composed of pictures like illustrations.

    Also, at 00:00 on the 28th, the title song ‘Let ’s Love’ music video teaser video will be released through YouTube and NAVER TV SMTOWN channels, and it is expected that it will get a strong response from global music fans.

    Meanwhile, SUHO's first mini-album “Self-Portrait” will be released on March 30 at 6pm at various music sites, and will be released on the same day.

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    Unique romance with OH YOON AH + Character with a past story to tell ‘Concentrating on the eyes’
    “Glory to be together, I will do my best” Hot passion resolution

    “한 번 다녀왔습니다,” KI DO HUN (SM) foretells a brilliant performance.

    KI DO HUN is an actor who is loved with fresh charm by appearing successively in the big dramas such as the dramas '왕은 사랑한다', '키스 먼저 할까요,' '아스달 연대기', and '유령을 잡아라'. KBS 2TV's new weekend drama I announced the appearance of the appearance in '한 번 다녀왔습니다'.

    KI DO HUN is a dramatic story of becoming a part-time participant in the Songane chicken Store in the Yuhan National Guard standing group with the role of 'Park Hyo-shin' in the play. It is attracting great attention as it is planned to draw.

    Accordingly, KI DO HUN is making various efforts, such as studying tone, eyes, and styling, to lose weight, in order to save the “Hyo-shin” character. Also, how to express the past habits that were former athletes naturally is seeking advice from many people. I hope these parts are well delivered to the viewers. ”

    “I am happy and honored to be with you in a work that receives the attention and expectations of so many people. The drama of long breath is the first time, so I am very nervous and trembling, but I respect many directors and actors in the field to learn a lot of things in the field and do my best, so I ask for a lot of support. ”

    On the other hand, KBS 2TV's new weekend drama starring KI DO HUN, '한 번 다녀왔습니다', is a work that depicts a pleasant and warm story of completing the happiness search through the process of dealing with the gap and crisis of divorce between parents and children. The first broadcast is scheduled for March 28th, 7:55 pm.

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    -'그 남자의 기억법' Kim Dong Wook, Character Digestion with High Immersion + Understanding!
    -Kim Dong Wook, admiring acting! ‘Audience response ↑’

    '그 남자의 기억법' Kim Dong Wook is expressing admiration by expressing Lee Jung Hoon's character realistically.

    Kim Dong Wook, who plays Lee Jung Hoon, a person who lives and remembers even the most painful moments that he wants to forget because he suffers from hypermembrane syndrome in the MBC drama '그 남자의 기억법', brings viewers to the drama with his unique delicate performance making.

    On this week's broadcast, Lee Jung Hoon, who learned the relationship between Yeo Ha-jin (Mun Ka Young) and ex-lover Jeong Seo-yeon (Lee Joo-bin), was portrayed saying goodbye to Yeo Ha-jin. Among them, a photo of Lee Jung Hoon scratching his face with a knife was found, and anxiety was created throughout the play.

    Kim Dong Wook showed the character of Lee Jung Hoon's character in the beginning of the play, when the anchor Lee Jung Hoon led the news with calmness despite the accident that the prompter did not work during the live broadcast. The symptoms of excess memory syndrome were naturally explained to viewers by acting with minimal amplitude felt in the voice or expression. Also, when Yeo Ha-jin spoke words that remind Jeong Seo-yeon, she expresses her eyes mixed with bitterness and sorrow, but draws with a feeling of restraint and delicately creates a complex emotion line of the character that changes every moment.

    However, after receiving a picture that reminds me of Jeong Seo-yeon's death, the scene in which Yeo Ha-jin finds herself in an emotionally uncontrolled fear shows a ton of acting that is quite different from before. From the confusion of past memories and reality, to the urgent mind, the feeling of relief after finding Yeo Ha-jin, the character's emotions, which are varied, are maximized with detailed gestures and facial expression changes.

    In this way, Kim Dong Wook has a wide range of subtle emotional lines and dramatic changes. This gives viewers a sense of immersion that is in sync with Lee Jung Hoon's feelings, improves the understanding of fast-paced plays, and raises expectations for Kim Dong Wook's story to lead with Mun Ka Young in the future.

    Meanwhile, the MBC drama '그 남자의 기억법', starring Kim Dong Wook, Mun Ka Young, Yoon Jong Hoon, Kim Seul-gi, Lee Ju-bin, Lee Jin Hyuk, etc., is every Wednesday and Thursday at 8:55 p.m. Is broadcast on.

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    -Exclusive contract with JTBC 'Super Band' runner-up team LUCY and MYSTIC STORY
    -Coldplay 'AWESOME', Yoon Jong Shin, NELL Kim Jong Wan, and Yoon Sang praised the talent band
    -Violin unique combination, original sound 'weapon' ... new albums, performances, etc.

    MYSTIC STORY is the first boy band to be released.

    MYSTIC STORY said on the 27th, "We signed an exclusive contract with LUCY, the band that won the JTBC 'Super Band' last year."

    LUCY is a four-member band composed of Shin Ye Chan (Violin), Cho Won Sang (Producing, Bass), Shin Gwang Il (Vocal, Drum), and the new vocal Choi Sang Yeop. LUCY's unique music color using sound (spatial sound) showed great love.
    Global band Coldplay praised Cho Won Sang's stage video on official Twitter and praised it as 'This is all kinds of awesome', and was praised by judges Yoon Jong Shin, Yoon Sang, and NELL Kim Jong Wan.

    In the experimental composition with the violinist of the band team, the interest of LUCY, which creates young and sensual music, is gathered.

    It is expected that the musical synergy with MYSTIC, which includes a number of colored musicians such as Yoon Jong Shin, Hareem, JungIn, and PERCENT, will also be high.

    MYSTIC STORY said, "We are happy to be able to show band music that shows the expandability of the music genre." "We will join LUCY, which creates unique music colors with original sound, to grow into the next generation band."
    LUCY started the Super Band nationwide tour in December last year, and recently appeared in the Mnet music entertainment '스튜디오 음악당' to announce the activity flare, and plans to meet with fans through the release of new albums and performances in the future.

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  • 2020-03-27 기업공지

    제 25기 결산공고

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    상법 제 289조 및 당사 정관 제 4조에 의거하여 아래와 같이 주주총회에서 승인 받은 재무상태표를 홈페이지에 공고합니다. 

    제 25기 결산공고  













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    SUPER JUNIOR's exclusive concert brand “SUPER SHOW 8” performance photo book will be released on May 1st.
    In the photo book of the performance, vivid scenes of 'SUPER JUNIOR WORLD TOUR-SUPER SHOW 8: INFINITE TIME' held at KSPODOME last October 12-13 were recorded. Last year, “SUPER SHOW 8” recorded a total of 18,000 audiences for two days, recording all seats up to the limit of visibility, so the photo book, which is about to be released, is also expected to receive a hot response from fans.
    This photo book consists of two photobooks and an interview book, where you can meet real concert scenes of SUPER JUNIOR, including stage photos, waiting rooms, rehearsals, and backstage photos. It also added meaning by recording sincere interviews by Eun Hyuk, who directed the total production of “SUPER SHOW 8”, Shin Dong, who is the director of the VCR, and staff.
    This photo book, which includes 1 hologram postcard and 2 selfie random photo cards from members, can be pre-purchased through various online and offline music stores starting on the 26th.
    Meanwhile, SUPER JUNIOR has been actively engaged in the release of the regular 9th repackage album 'TIMELESS' on January 28th.

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    Includes dreamy acoustic pop ‘O2’ + emotional modern rock ‘Self-Portrait’!

    EXO SUHO (SM) is the first solo album to present colorful band sound music.

    SUHO's first mini-album 'Self-Portrait' contains a total of six songs, including the title song 'Let's Love', which evokes lyrical melody and warm mood. As it is composed of songs based on the desired band, high interest is expected.

    In addition, this album's song 'O2' is a dreamy acoustic pop song, and the lyrics show that two people with empty hearts meet and breathe each other to become like oxygen. The 'Self-Portrait' of the modern rock genre with impressive performances features the lyrics of feeling the traces of a person you loved in your self-portrait and remembering an opponent who became a part of me.

    In addition, SUHO will conduct Twitter Blueroom Live through Twitter EXO account (@weareoneEXO) on the 26th at 6 pm, and will communicate with global music fans through various corners such as solo album unboxing, real-time Q & A, and current talk.

    Meanwhile, SUHO's first mini-album “Self-Portrait” will be released on March 30 at 6 pm on various music sites.

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    Powerful 'hero' power!
    The 'K-POP Hero' NCT 127 (SM) continues its popular streak with the 2nd regular album 'NCT # 127 Neo Zone'.

    NCT 127 rose to No. 1 on the Gaon album overall chart (March 15-21) released on the 26th with the 2nd regular album 'NCT # 127 Neo Zone' released on March 6, and regained the mighty 'hero' power once again. I realized it.

    In addition, this album swept the first place in various domestic music charts weekly, including Hanteo, Synnara Record, and Gaon retail album album charts, and the title song '영웅 (英雄; Kick It)' also took the top spot in the domestic music chart immediately after release, as well as Gaon Music charts have gained high popularity, ranking first in the download chart for two weeks in a row.

    Also, last week, NCT 127 was the album's main chart, 'Billboard 200', the 5th and 'Artist 100', and 'Top Album Sales', 'Top Current Album Sales', 'World Album', and 'Taste'. Maker album 'and the top four charts, as well as this week to enter the main chart of the billboard for two consecutive weeks, continues to be a global streak.

    On the other hand, NCT 127 is KBS2TV '뮤직뱅크' on March 27, and MBC '쇼! 음악중심', SBS '인기가요' on the 29th.

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    New concept newtro music chart show
    ‘Splashing charm’ + ‘talking’
    Unprecedented presence from trailer
    Raise your laugh index with fresh progress
    'Youtube-CRT' unstoppable activities

    Kim Mina continues her unstoppable activities.

    Kim Mina, who travels freely between YouTube and CRT, is demonstrating her debut as a TV entertainment program MC since her debut through KBS Joy '이십세기 힛-트쏭', which will be aired on the 27th.

    '이십세기 힛-트쏭' is a new concept newtro music chart show program that summons and reinterprets KBS's old pop program that contains Korean song history. This connects generations through the medium of music and makes generation expectation that everyone can enjoy.

    In particular, Kim Mina, who has been receiving special attention in the entertainment industry recently, will take over the first TV entertainment program since her debut, and there is a great interest in what kind of activities she will perform. Through the trailers previously released, they radiate a different sense of presence, and are fully armed with charm and unstoppable conversation, catching everyone's attention.

    For the first recording, Kim Mina perfectly digested her hairless toes. In addition, instead of wishing for the success of the program, 'Let me make a lot of money' gave a constant reversal, such as making a wish.

    In addition, Kim Mina is expected to increase the excitement index of the program by breathing with Kim Hee Chul, who also served as MC. Kim Mina is hoping to show off Kim Hee Chul and fresh ad-lives and show off unprecedented and exciting MC combinations, such as singing and dancing together with uncontrollable excitement.

    Kim Mina, who is not limited to genres and channels and continues to be more active than anyone else, is attracting attention as to how unique pleasures will be delivered through '이십세기 힛-트쏭'.

    Meanwhile, KBS Joy's '이십세기 힛-트쏭' starring Kim Mina will be aired on the 27th at 8pm.

    - Google translation.