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    Pre-order starts on the 26th!

    'Guaranteed Vocal Queen' Girls' Generation TAEYEON (SM) returns with her 3rd full-length album 'INVU' on February 14th.

    TAEYEON's 3rd full-length album 'INVU' will be released on February 14th at 6pm on various music sites such as FLO, Melon, Genie, iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, QQ Music, Kogou Music, Kuwo Music, and on the same day as an album.

    This album is the first album to be released in about two years and three months since her second album ‘Purpose’, which was released in October 2019, and contains a total of 13 songs in various genres, so a hot response from music fans is expected.

    TAEYEON debuted as a solo artist with the first mini album 'I' in 2015, and has released music sources such as 'Rain', 'Why', 'Fine', 'Four Seasons', 'Spark', 'Happy', 'Weekend', All of her albums were hits, and she has established herself as an unrivaled vocalist, ranking first in album sales for 10 years as a female solo artist.

    Meanwhile, TAEYEON's 3rd full-length album 'INVU' will start pre-sale at various online and offline music stores starting on the 26th.

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    KYUHYUN, the pride of K-balladers! The last album of the Four Seasons Project tops on iTunes in 10 regions.

    SUPER JUNIOR KYUHYUN's ballad is getting a good response from music fans all over the world.

    According to the global music streaming platform iTunes on the 26th, KYUHYUN's fourth mini-album 'Love Story (4 Season Project 季)', released on the 25th, was released in Indonesia, Hong Kong, Mexico, Singapore, Vietnam, the Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, Peru, and It tops the charts in the Top Albums category in 10 regions, including Saudi Arabia.

    Including this, the album chart TOP 10 in 15 regions including Malaysia, Russia, Brazil, Japan, and Spain, recording a global record.

    The title song 'Love Story' also topped the real-time chart on Bugs, a Korean music site, at the same time as it was released the day before.

    KYUHYUN's sensibility with a sense of the seasons has fascinated listeners not only in Korea but all over the world. Through this, KYUHYUN showed the charm of 'K-Ballad' to global music fans and exerted influence as a ballad vocalist.

    'Love Story', which contains a total of 6 songs including 'Love Story', is an album that wraps up KYUHYUN's four seasons project. KYUHYUN presented songs that are good to listen to throughout the four seasons with unrivaled sensibility and solid singing ability.

    KYUHYUN, who finished the four seasons project more meaningfully by ranking No. 1 on the music charts, is expected to respond to the love of fans by appearing on various music shows this week with 'Love Story'.

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    KYUHYUN, 'Love Story' 1st place on the music chart → Thanks for the comeback live "An album prepared for the fans"

    SUPER JUNIOR KYUHYUN is getting a good response as a new song that wraps up the four seasons project of the past year and a half.

    The title song 'Love Story' of KYUHYUN's fourth mini-album 'Love Story (4 Season Project 季)', released on the 25th, entered the first place on the real-time chart of the music site Bugs upon release. It also landed on the real-time charts of Genie and Melon.

    On the day of the release of 'Love Story', KYUHYUN communicated with fans in real time through 'Comeback Live' and talked about the new album and the four seasons project. When the fans congratulated the first place on the music charts, KYUHYUN promised, "I'll put together some good songs to present to you all."

    Regarding the four seasons project that took place over the past year and a half, KYUHYUN introduced, "I hope it will remain as a good playlist for the fans." Then, KYUHYUN read the stories of the fans who had been invited in advance, and performed live project songs for the four seasons that fit each story well.

    In addition, from photocards decorated like album jacket photos and bookmarks to music videos in which actors Gong Myoung and Chae Soobin performed passionately, time to watch with fans continued. KYUHYUN also introduced an anecdote saying, "I filmed the music video with the thought of being a storyteller who tells the story of Gong Myoung and Chae Soobin, but the emotions came to mind and I burst into tears that were not planned."

    In particular, the first live stage of 'Love Story' was held at the comeback live that day. The stage completed with only piano and guitar performances made KYUHYUN more focused on his voice and emotions.

    Finally, KYUHYUN greeted, "This time, I will also appear on a music show. 'Love Story' is an album I prepared for you. Please listen to it a lot."

    KYUHYUN plans to continue music activities with his fourth mini-album 'Love Story', and is actively communicating with fans through various broadcasting programs.

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    Fluently digests a wide range of emotions!

    ‘한 사람만’ PARK SOOYOUNG (Red Velvet JOY, SM) impressed viewers with their strong friendship.

    PARK SOOYOUNG plays the role of '성미도' in the JTBC drama ‘한 사람만’ and fluently portrays a character with a wide range of emotions, adding a sense of depth to the drama.

    In this week's broadcast, the scene where '성미도' drives away and helps him escape and provides travel expenses for '표인숙(안은진)', who has been a suspect in a murder for him, is drawn in tears. It made the viewers go crazy.

    Then, '성미도' started the succession process when '구지표(한규원)' introduced the newlywed house to live with after her marriage, saying, "I can't believe it. Am I the only one who can be happy like this?” She showed her happy heart, raising her curiosity about whether she would be able to safely overcome the difficulties she faced in front of her and succeed in her marriage.

    In this way, PARK SOOYOUNG perfectly plays the process of opening up and growing by meeting the beings called 'friends' who give for themselves unconditionally for the first time before the death of '성미도', who was inexperienced in human relationships, to deliver a message about the value of life. It conveys the drama well and makes the drama more meaningful.

    On the other hand, ‘한 사람만’, who is running towards the end, is a human melodrama in which three women met at a hospice rush to take only the bad 'one person' before they die, and then face the truly precious 'one person' in life. , airs every Monday and Tuesday at 11 PM on JTBC.

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    The live DVD ‘This is 嵐 LIVE 2020.12.31’ of the popular Japanese group ARASHI will be released in Korea on the 26th.

    This live DVD contains vivid live performances of ARASHI's last online concert 'This is 嵐 LIVE 2020.12.31' on December 31, 2020, which has been on hiatus since 2021.

    In this performance, ARASHI received a warm response by performing a total of 32 songs, including XR production that fused real and virtual space, and a real-time communication event with fans.

    In addition, this live DVD, released in Japan on December 29th, topped the Oricon Weekly DVD Comprehensive Chart, and with this, ARASHI took the No. It broke the record for the most number 1 positions, realizing its unchanging popularity.

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    Confirmed to appear in the role of Sang A

    -Geumpil's only daughter, the role of 'Sang A', who takes care of herself without any reproach
    - ‘Expected’ to show a high synchronization rate with the character in a clean and elegant image
    - “It will be a work where you can feel the importance of a neglected family again”

    Park Jung Yeon has confirmed her appearance in the TVING original '아직 최선을 다하지 않았을 뿐'.

    TVING's original '아직 최선을 다하지 않았을 뿐' is the story of a voluntarily unemployed 'Geumpil (Park Haejun)' living at his own pace with the dream of becoming a webtoon writer.

    In the play, Park Jung Yeon took on the role of Sang A, Geumpil's only daughter, who grew up with her immature father, Geumpil, and had no choice but to grow up from an early age. Sang A, who wants to ease the worries of her grown-ups, is a person who grows up well without any blame.

    Park Jung Yeon, who has a clean and elegant image, shows perfect synchronization with 'Sang A'. Expectations are high that it will not only fill the character with Park Jung Yeon's unique delicacy, but also enrich the play with her natural acting skills like flowing water.

    Park Jung Yeon said, “It was a work where I was able to learn a lot and grow further by working with great people. Thanks to the good staff, the director and the writer, I was always able to enjoy filming. We did our best to help you feel the importance of a family that has been neglected in our time again, and to greet you with a touching story and charming character. We ask for a lot of interest and watching from the viewers.”

    Park Jung Yeon, who joined the play as Park Haejun's daughter in this way, will appear on TVING's original '아직 최선을 다하지 않았을 뿐', which will be released exclusively on TVING on February 18th.

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    Sales Insight, a sales management CRM specialist, and KLPGA Lim Hee Jeong (21, Korea Land Trust) signed a sponsorship signing ceremony at the Sales Insight headquarters on the 21st.

    Sales Insight CEO said, “Since his debut in 2019, Lim Hee Jeong, who has been loved by fans for his solid basics and steady effort, has decided to sign this sponsorship contract because he has infinite potential for growth.”

    He continued, “I hope that Sales Insight, which has achieved great growth in the sales management CRM market for 5 consecutive years, will grow further along with Lim Hee Jeong.”

    Lim Hee Jeong said, “I am very grateful to Sales Insight for deciding to sponsor despite the difficult situation due to COVID-19. I want to repay you with good results by preparing hard this season.”

    With this sponsorship contract, Lim Hee Jeong will participate in the 2022 season competition wearing the 'Sales Insight' logo on his right back pocket.

    On the other hand, Lim Hee Jeong participated in 28 competitions in 2021, including 1 win, and recorded 14 TOP 10s, and grew into a representative tour player by recording high rankings in various title categories on the KLPGA Tour. Lim Hee Jeong plans to leave for winter training in Palm Springs, USA in early February.

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    'Released on the 25th' KYUHYUN, 'Love Story' activities begin in earnest with comeback live
    KYUHYUN, comeback with emotional ballad 'Love Story' on the 25th... Simultaneous release of M/V starring Gong Myoung and Chae Soobin

    SUPER JUNIOR KYUHYUN completes 'Love Story' with his own emotions.

    KYUHYUN will release the fourth mini album 'Love Story (4 Season Project 季)' through various online music sites at 6 pm on the 25th.

    'Love Story' is the album that wraps up KYUHYUN's four seasons project 'PROJECT: 季'. Including the title song 'Love Story', there are a total of 6 songs including 'Coffee', 'Together', 'Daystar', 'Dreaming', and 'Moving On' released as four seasons projects, so you can feel the deep emotions of ballad vocalist KYUHYUN.

    The title song 'Love Story', which was written and composed by KENZIE producer, is a song that calmly unravels the fact that ordinary and trivial daily life was ultimately love through the story of an old love story that is revisited. The lyrical melody and KYUHYUN's sweet voice are in perfect harmony, conveying the longing for the lover who has ended love. It is expected that KYUHYUN will evoke the sympathy of many listeners who have experienced love and separation.

    Along with the sound source, the music video for 'Love Story', which will be an extension of the four seasons project, will also be released. Actors Gong Myoung and Chae Soobin take the lead, this time portraying Kwon Tae-gi's lover. The two people who have worked together in various ways, from their first love in school days to a breakup after a long relationship, will complete a stronger narrative in this 'Love Story' music video, leaving a lasting impression on listeners and viewers.

    KYUHYUN's vocals that make even the hearts of the listeners concentrate are abundantly contained in all songs of 'Love Story', including 'Love Story', and are raising expectations. KYUHYUN is expected to fascinate music fans at the beginning of the new year with a sincere song.

    KYUHYUN's fourth mini-album 'Love Story' will be released at 6 pm on the same day, and KYUHYUN will conduct a comeback live broadcast through SUPER JUNIOR's official YouTube channel at 8 pm on the same day.

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    Luxury visual + unique chic!
    “I want to show the things that only the members and we can do for a long time.”

    NCT TAEYONG (SM) decorated the cover of the fashion magazine.

    TAEYONG was selected as the cover model for the February issue of W Korea, and under the concept of ‘youth soaring into a new world’, the French luxury brand CELINE Homme 22 summer collection ‘Cosmic Cruiser’ look was perfectly digested.

    In particular, TAEYONG not only completed a variety of styles, from colorfully detailed outfits to mix and match looks, but also created dynamic poses and intense A-cuts with endless passion despite long-time filming going back and forth between outdoor and indoor studios. It drew applause from the staff.

    In addition, in an interview conducted along with the photo shoot, when asked if there is a goal that he wants to achieve with NCT 127, he said, "I always think of 'I want to protect the team for a long time'. I want to show the members things that only us can do, and I want to make more memories with the fans with the potential of NCT 127. I want to become a team that continues to develop and last for a long time.”

    Then, when asked what kind of artist TAEYONG would like to become in the end, TAEYONG said, "From the moment I felt that I would be happy while making other people happy, I always wanted to support someone with what I can do best. I hope that the songs and lyrics I made will be of strength to people.”

    Meanwhile, TAEYONG's colorful pictorial cuts and full interview story can be found in the February issue of W Korea and the website.

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    '안싸우면 다행이야' SHINDONG, Active with BOOM → An Jung Hwan

    The group SUPER JUNIOR SHINDONG lit up their presence with sensible comments.

    SHINDONG appeared on the MBC entertainment program '안싸우면 다행이야', which was broadcast on the afternoon of the 24th.

    Following the last episode, SHINDONG provoked laughter with realistic reactions, such as frowned upon seeing Bbaek Ga roasting coffee beans clumsily on the lid of the cauldron.

    Then, when Kim Jong Min sang Koyote's signature animation '원피스' OST '우리의 꿈', SHINDONG responded generously.

    In addition, SHINDONG filled the program more abundantly with non-stop talk throughout the broadcast.

    Meanwhile, SHINDONG is continuing its active activities by directing stage videos and music videos for several artists and operating the YouTube channel 'Shindongdengdong'.

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