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    Show your progressive look!
    From underwater shooting to Korean archery, men's clothing, and horseback riding! Splendid Transformation Notice

    KWON YURI (Girls' Generation YURI, SM) makes a comeback to the drama with a historical drama.

    KWON YURI transformed into the role of “Soo Kyung” from the MBN special drama ‘보쌈-운명을 훔치다’, a romance historical drama set in the CHOSUN era.

    ‘Soo Kyung’, in charge of KWON YURI, is a character with a twisted narrative, such as a change of destiny in one day, as an advocate between Kim Tae Woo and So Hee Jung.

    KWON YURI perfectly digests various scenes such as her horse riding, underwater shooting, archery, and men's in order to lively play the progressive'Soo Kyung' aspect of her own life and destiny with her stiff heart. did.

    In particular, KWON YURI is constantly striving to practice dialogue, showing her assimilation to her character through repeated enthusiasm for rehearsing and monitoring, raising high expectations that she will occupy her first challenging field, historical drama.

    On the other hand,‘보쌈-운명을 훔치다’ will be broadcast for the first time on MBN at 9:40 pm on May 1, and will be released on the online video service wavve at the same time as the main broadcast starts.

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    -'Ko A Sung→Yoo Hai Jin' KEYEAST 10 members selected as'KOREAN ACTORS 200' by Korean Film Council
    -KEYEAST Actor Ko A Sung Park Ha Seon→Son Hyun Joo, released both photos and videos for 6 weeks

    Actors belonging to KEYEAST are selected as 200 Korean Actors, representing the Korean film industry, and are raising expectations for their activities.

    Ko A Sung, Kim Dong Wook, Kim Sae Byuk, Kim Seo Hyung, Kim Eui Sung, Park Ha Seon, Son Hyun Joo, Yoo Hai Jin, Lee Dong Hwi, Jung Eun Chae participates in the Korean Film Council's global promotion campaign'KOREAN ACTORS 200' and is making a name for himself as an actor representing the present and future of Korean cinema.

    The list of 200 Korean actors who participated in this campaign, which was conducted to increase the global awareness of Korean actors and to expand their opportunities to advance overseas, is a comprehensive list of whether they appeared in Korean movie box offices, whether they won a film festival, contribution to independent films, and participation in global projects over the past 10 years. It was selected considering it. With 10 actors from KEYEAST appearing as the faces of the campaign and adding meaning, photos and videos of all 10 actors from KEYEAST were released after Son Hyun Joo on the 19th.

    First of all, Ko A Sung, who struck the theater with the movie ``삼진그룹 영어토익반'', is attracting hot interest by telling him to return to the drama after three years with the psychological tracking thriller drama ``크라임 퍼즐'' based on the webtoon of the same name.

    Kim Dong Wook, who has achieved good results in each appearance after the series'신과함께', is the new tvN drama'너는 나의 봄' to be aired in the second half of this year, and Kim Seo Hyung, who won the Best Actor Award at the SBS Drama Awards last year, is the follow-up to'빈센조' tvN new The drama'Mine' is foreshadowing the performance of her life once again.

    Kim Eui Sung recently finished filming the movie'외계+인', and is spreading his presence with the SBS drama'모범택시', and Park Ha Seon, who won the Actor Award from BIFAN for the movie'고백', is the masterpiece'검은 태양' in the second half of MBC. Continue the box office success.

    Son Hyun Joo is leading the progress of MBC entertainment'Son Hyun Joo의 간이역', followed by the movie'한산 : 용의 출현', and'12월의 봄' and JTBC's'모범형사' Season 2 screen and CRT. We are going to show our presence in everyone.

    Yoo Hai Jin, popular with the movie ``승리호'' released on Netflix, is in the midst of filming the movie ``공조2: 인터내셔날,'' and Lee Dong Hwi, who boasted unrivaled digestive power with the movie ``새해전야,'' has a variety of commercials, pictorials, and more. He is active in the game and is reviewing the next work. Jung Eun Chae aims at the global market with Apple TV Plus'Pachinko', and Kim Sae Byuk, the protagonist of the'벌새' who swept through the film festival, will present the movie'Kingmaker'.

    On the other hand, the'KOREAN ACTORS 200' campaign continued to promote overseas promotion in 2021 by continuously reinforcing the promotion of special sites that have maintained a hot response abroad and planning global exhibitions in North America, Europe, and China, including the book'THE ACTOR IS PRESENT'. Are preparing.

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    From IRENE to LEE HYUNSHIN, JUNG HAYOUNG, as a STORM model, it is expected to exude influence on fashion people.
    IRENE→LEE HYUNSHIN, STORM brand model selected... Expect to develop trendy and free-spirited charm
    ESteem's IRENE·LEE HYUNSHIN·JUNG HAYOUNG, selected as STORM model, a brand to understand + sympathize with the MZ generation

    ESteem's models IRENE, LEE HYUNSHIN, and JUNG HAYOUNG were selected as the first models of the newly launched brand STORM.

    STORM was a brand that was sensational among teenagers from the mid-1990s to the early 2000s, and discovered new models such as actors SONG SEUNGHEON and SO JI SUB, as well as KIM HA NEUL, causing a sensation in the fashion and pop culture world. Such STORM launched a brand new in 2021 after a license agreement with STORM LONDON in the UK.

    IRENE, selected as the first model of the newly launched STORM, is expected to give a new sensation to the fashion industry by exuding influence on fashion people as a top model and global fashion influencer. Models LEE HYUNSHIN and JUNG HAYOUNG, selected as the first models of the new STORM together with IRENE, are also attracting many expectations to develop their attractiveness as a trendy and free-spirited MZ generation with STORM.

    In particular, in the released 2021 S/S season pictorial, IRENE, LEE HYUNSHIN, and JUNG HAYOUNG showed a unique emotional appearance by understanding and empathizing with the MZ generation by unfolding a look and mood that can well express the generation. In addition to the pictorial, the “STORM Insight Movie” in the form of a short web drama was also able to attract the attention of viewers by showing different charms in three different colors.

    On the other hand, models IRENE, LEE HYUNSHIN, and JUNG HAYOUNG, selected as the first models of the newly launched brand STORM, are developing various activities at home and abroad as models under ESteem.

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    SUPER JUNIOR YESUNG announced a hot performance in the new song ‘Phantom Pain’ music video.

    YESUNG will pre-release the music video of the new album, “Phantom Pain,” through YouTube, NAVER TV, and V LIVE SMTOWN channels at 6 PM on the 23rd, ahead of the official release of the 4th mini album on May 3rd.

    YESUNG is a man who remembers and misses his past days while guarding his lover with an incurable disease, and is expected to maximize his immersion in the song by appearing directly in the new song “Phantom Pain” music video.

    'Phantom Pain', a new song in the indie pop genre, is characterized by expressing the breakup that could not be overcome by the lyrics in terms of'fantasy pain'.

    In addition, YESUNG is expected to release the stage of the new album'Phantom Pain' for the first time at SUPER JUNIOR's online fan meeting in Japan.

    Meanwhile, SUPER JUNIOR will broadcast'E.L.F-JAPAN 10th Anniversary ~ The SUPER Blue Party ~'for a fee through NAVER V LIVE'Beyond LIVE' and'LINE LIVE-VIEWING' channels from 5 pm on the 25th.

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    Indulging in the unique'taste'!

    Teaser images of NCT DREAM(SM) RENJUN and JISUNG were released.

    NCT DREAM, which makes a comeback with the first album, ‘맛 (Hot Sauce)’, released teaser images of members RENJUN and JISUNG through various social media accounts at 0 o'clock on the 23rd, captivating the eyes with their gorgeous and kitsch charm.

    NCT DREAM released the teaser image of the first concept'Crazy Jalapeño' version sequentially from the 21st, and the stylish and free-spirited appearance of the members in harmony with the intense color background that visually expresses the album name'맛 (Hot Sauce)'. Could meet and amplify expectations.

    Meanwhile, NCT DREAM's first album'맛 (Hot Sauce)' contains a total of 10 songs in a variety of atmospheres, including the title song'맛 (Hot Sauce)' of the same name, and can be pre-purchased at various online and offline record stores.

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    EXO BAEKHYUN (SM)'s third mini-album title song “Bambi,” which recorded “Double million seller,” will be released on the 23rd.

    'IScreaM Vol.8: Bambi Remixes', the 8th single of the remix sound project 'iScreaM', will be released on various music sites at 6 pm today, and producers DJ BRLLNT and h4rdy reinterpreted two versions with different personalities. It contains a remix of'Bambi'.

    In particular, BRLLNT reinterpreted the original song of the emotional R&B genre into a danceable future bass style with a jersey club sound, and h4rdy is remixed into the UK garage genre based on a cheerful two-step, so can feel a different charm.

    In addition, a video where you can enjoy the remixed version of “Bambi” along with the sound source is expected to be released on YouTube's SMTOWN channel and the ScreaM Records channel to catch the eye.

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    -Kim Seo Hyung's eyes + mood...'Mine' anticipation↑
    -Kim Seo Hyung, "I believe in the truth that those who walk straight will be rewarded in the end"

    Even Kim Seo Hyung's pictorial is ‘perfect’.

    The May issue pictorial with Kim Seo Hyung, who is making a comeback with tvN's new drama'Mine' and fashion magazine'ELLE', was released on the 23rd. This pictorial is attracting attention by capturing not only the strong appearance of actor Kim Seo Hyung, loved for his unrivaled charisma, but also casual daily life and colorful poses. In particular, Kim Seo Hyung's fascinating visuals and an inextricable aura make it impossible to take eyes off any styling.

    Also, on this day, Kim Seo Hyung led the filming with a serious and pleasant appearance like a veteran even in a busy schedule with the filming of'Mine'.

    In the interview conducted after the photo shoot, Kim Seo Hyung first talked about his next work'Mine'. Playing Jung Seo-hyun, the first daughter-in-law of the conglomerate, and the representative of the gallery, he said, “I think that the secret of Jung Seo-hyun will become the singularity of the character in the feast of the character. I was thinking about whether I could be able to do it and acting.”

    Next, director Lee Na Jung, who was in charge of directing, answered, "We talked a lot about goals and choices, such as what Jung Seo-hyun really wants deep in her heart, and who will stand in front of an important event." He also raised expectations for acting.

    Kim Seo Hyung is a good match for the word “heavenly actor”. There was also a talk about the 28-year acting life that built an unrivaled position with honest convictions and hard work. He said, “I believe in the simple truth that those who have walked upright will be rewarded in the end,” he said when asked if there is still a difficult acting, “It is always difficult. Even if you play a character that looks similar to before, it's different if you play it, and even if it's a similar role, it's because you have to express it differently from before.” Kim Seo Hyung's sensational pictorials and interviews can be met through the May issue of'ELLE', website, and YouTube channel.

    Meanwhile, the new tvN drama'Mine', starring Kim Seo Hyung and Lee Bo Young, is a work about strong women who escape from the prejudice of the world and go to the real mine. Kim Seo Hyung is raising anticipation by foretelling a legend renewal once again with'Jung Seo-hyun', a nobleman who is a prosperous noble to the bones. The first broadcast at 9 p.m. on May 8, following'빈센조'.

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    -Hwang In Youp signed a contract with Japanese Management + Official Fan Club in Japan!
    -KEYEAST's first broadcast in Japan on the 23rd of ‘The 여신강림’! ‘A rush of coverage requests’

    Actor Hwang In Youp from KEYEAST has a unique move.

    According to the agency KEYEAST, Hwang In Youp has signed a contract with Japanese management on the 23rd. Hwang In Youp, who has risen to the forefront with the drama “여신강림”, has signed a contract with Japanese management, exerting influence in Japan beyond Korea.

    Hwang In Youp, which was shot in the eyes of viewers while performing stable acting in “조선로코 녹두전” and “18 어게인,” was recognized through “여신강림”. In'여신강림', he proved his presence by being highly praised for the possibility of a next-generation Korean wave star with his attractive character digestibility and handsome appearance.

    Thanks to this popularity, Hwang In Youp signed an exclusive contract with Stream Media Corporation, a Japanese management company. Stream Media Corporation has signed an official fan club management contract in Japan with Lee Min-ho, Park Seo-joon, and Kim Soo-hyun, the management and performance business of Korean artists and actors, and the operation business of Korean wave TV channel KNTV, copyright. It is a company that conducts business and online concert business.

    In addition, his Japanese official fan club (https://hwanginyoup.jp/) has also been officially opened on the 23rd, attracting hot attention from local fans.

    Regarding this, a Japanese official said, “As Hwang In Youp starred in the role of Han Seo-joon,'여신강림' ended with a lot of love in Korea, the expectation in Japan is high, too. There are already many inquiries and requests for interviews about'여신강림', and the popularity is felt. Hwang In Youp is expected to continue the Korean wave star genealogy, so I look forward to the future.”

    Hwang In Youp is also planning to carry out various Korean wave activities with Stream Media Corporation based on these expectations.

    On the other hand, Hwang In Youp has recently confirmed its appearance in the role of'나일등'in the Netflix original series'안나라수마나라', and is continuing the trend, and is set to broadcast the first'여신강림' in Japan on the 23rd.

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    -Ko A Sung confirmed the role of Yoo Hee, the protagonist of psychological tracking thriller'Crime Puzzle'
    -Ko A Sung challenged the first profiler role after his debut

    Actor Ko A Sung confirmed to appear in the psychological thriller drama "Crime Puzzle."

    'Crime Puzzle' is a drama based on the webtoon of the same name. A criminal psychologist who became a murderer who murdered a leading politician and a profiler who lost his father by the murderer held an interview on a murder case in prison. Draws a story. Just a year ago, two men who were lovers meet as a killer and a profiler, and as they approach the reality of the case, they encounter the truth of an unexpected serial murder.In the process of putting the pieces of crime together like a puzzle, a charming thriller was completed. It is a work that tells you.

    In the play, Ko A Sung played the role of Yoo Hee, the daughter of the Mayor of Anrim City, Yoo Hong Min, and a profiler belonging to the Anrim Police Agency. Yoo Hee decided to walk the path of a profiler after attending Professor Han Seung Min's class while attending the Police University, and went to study abroad to study criminal psychology. After her return, she reunited with Han Seung Min and developed into her lover, but on the day of commemorating the first anniversary of her relationship, Mayor Yoo Hong Min of her father was murdered, and her lover Han Seung Min reunited with Yoo Hong Min. She surrenders that she killed her, and her life collapses. Yoo Hee is a character who is still investigating to uncover the truth behind it, and Ko A Sung is expected to vividly play her character with his distinctive solid eyes and delicate inner acting.

    Movies'괴물','설국열차','우아한 거짓말','오피스','항거: 유관순 이야기','삼진그룹 영어토익반', as well as dramas'공부의 신','풍문으로 들었소', ‘심야식당 도쿄스토리’, ‘자체발광 오피스’, ‘라이프 온 마스’ Actor Ko A Sung, who appeared in and proved both excellent acting skills and box office performance regardless of genre. She returns to the drama after about three years, and the expectations of the public are already gathering about what kind of acting she will show in the psychological thriller ‘Crime Puzzle.’

    Meanwhile,'Crime Puzzle' is produced by Studio 329 and is scheduled to be broadcast in the second half of this year.

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    -‘Trot Goddess’ Hong Ja, 2nd mini-album ‘술잔’ released on the 29th... Contains 5 songs including the title song '눈물의 술잔'
    -Title song '눈물의 술잔', Hong Ja's sad voice contains the pain of parting
    -'Mistrot' Hong Ja, comeback with more mature sensibility... Expectations for the title song '눈물의 술잔' UP

    Singer Hong Ja, the protagonist of the'Mistrot' craze, makes a comeback with'눈물의 술잔'.

    On the 22nd, the agency MYSTIC STORY announced the countdown by releasing the track list of Hong Ja's second mini-album‘술잔’ on the 22nd.

    The new album‘술잔’ contains the various aspects of life in Hong Ja's voice as much as a cup containing a lot of emotions.

    A total of 5 songs were included, including the title song'눈물의 술잔', and Hong Ja participated in the overall production of the album, from composition to production, enhancing its completeness.

    '눈물의 술잔' is a song that tries to soothe a sore heart with alcohol after a breakup, but rather expresses the feeling of feeling more heartwarming with a cup full of tears, created by Han Gyure and Kim Eui-song.

    Hong Ja's sad voice is added to the retro acoustic guitar performance, and the expectation is that the “Master Song of Hong Ja” will be born, adding to the fun of listening to the arrangement of the jazz version.

    Hong Ja's own song'까딱없어요' is a compelling song with an exciting band sound, giving everyone who lives in a tired and difficult world the courage and joyful energy to live tomorrow.

    In addition,'저예요' composed by Chu Ka Yeoul, featuring the bandoneon sound, and'혼잣말', which conveys the longing for the broken-up lover, were also included.

    This album is the first new album released by Hong Ja, who emerged as the ‘Trot Goddess’ through ‘Mistrot’, after joining MYSTIC STORY, and you can feel the ripe sensibility of Hong Ja, who is drawn with a unique voice.

    Hong Ja's second mini-album‘술잔’ will be released on various music sites at 6 pm on the 29th.

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