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    WayV-KUN&XIAOJUN, the first unit of Chinese group WayV (LABEL V), will release their single ‘Back To You’ on the 16th.

    WayV-KUN&XIAOJUN's single 'Back To You' will be released on various global music platforms on June 16 at 6 pm (Korean time), and the music video for the title song 'Back To You (这时烟火)' will also be released at the same time. can

    The title song 'Back To You (这时烟火)' is a ballad song that combines a lyrical piano melody with the sweet vocals of KUN and XIAOJUN. It depicts the content that expressing and changing emotions will eventually become love and shine brightly.

    In addition, 'Sleepless (夜未眠)' is a pop ballad song that harmonizes a warm and lonely piano sound, rich string melody, and appealing vocals. It presents a vague feeling with a story that cannot be told.

    In addition, WayV-KUN&XIAOJUN will hold a special live broadcast through the WayV channel of NAVER V Live at 8 pm on June 21st, and will communicate with global fans through various stories such as single introductions, song work episodes, and recent talks do.
    On the other hand, WayV-KUN&XIAOJUN will appear on Mnet 'M COUNTDOWN' on June 17 and present the stage for the title song 'Back To You (这时烟火)'.

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    Spreading positive messages for a hopeful future!

    'Double Million Seller' NCT DREAM (SM) continues its activities with a new song 'Hello Future'

    NCT DREAM The 1st Album Repackage 'Hello Future' will be released on various music sites at 6 pm on June 28, and a total of 13 songs including the title song 'Hello Future' and 3 new songs are included. do.

    The title song 'Hello Future' is a trap rhythm hip-hop dance song with a powerful synth sound and an ecstatic hook. Energetic expressed the message that this will become brighter and stronger.

    In addition, the teaser image released through various SNS accounts of NCT DREAM at 0 o'clock on the 16th caught the eye because it was possible to meet the members exuding a refreshing and free-spirited charm against the background of fresh and green nature.

    On the other hand, NCT DREAM The 1st Album Repackage ‘Hello Future’ will be released on June 28 as a record, and it is currently available for pre-order at various online and offline music stores.

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    - Band LUCY releases 4th single ‘Gatcha!’… “Our relationship is as precious as the probability of a capsule machine”
    - 4 songs including 'Next Generation K-Band' LUCY and the title song 'I Got U'... Produce all songs
    - LUCY releases new single ‘Gatcha!’ on the 16th… The first stage of ‘I Got U’ was released at the solo concert!

    Next-generation K-band LUCY's fourth single album 'Gatcha!' will be released on the 16th.

    LUCY said through her agency MYSTIC STORY on the same day, "I tried to unleash LUCY's own color in this album as well."

    The new single 'Gatcha!' is an album that expresses the desire to always be by your side and send cheering energy to you. ', which consists of a total of 4 songs, and produced all of them.

    Regarding the title song 'I Got U', LUCY said, "In this wide world, we couldn't find each other as if we were playing a tag, but as soon as our eyes met, we were confident that we found it!

    He also explained, “Our relationship is as special as the probability of winning the first prize with the capsule machine ‘Gatcha’.” He explained, “I wanted to remind myself of my precious relationships again through ‘I Got U’.”

    In ‘I Got U’, the highlight EDM sound in the melodic composition that is being built up strongly expresses the climax of the speaker who actively approaches love and finally wins it.

    The b-side song 'One by One' can feel LUCY's unique pop sound, and 'Buddy' captures the teen mood with humorous expressions that remind you of your playful childhood friend. Then, you can experience LUCY's colorful music world abundantly, from 'Spring or Summer', where you can feel the freshness of spring and the coolness of summer.

    Meanwhile, LUCY will unveil her new song stage for the first time through her first solo concert ‘LUCY ISLAND: First Landing’, which will be held on the 18th and 19th.

    In particular, as he made his official debut with the first single 'Flower Flower' and sang the four seasons through 'Jogging', 'Sleep' and 'Hero', he spread the unique world of music. They plan to show off the potential of the next-generation K-band.

    LUCY's fourth single 'Gatcha!' will be released on the music site before 6 pm on the 16th, and the album is being pre-ordered online.

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    - JUNG IN, the first OST runner of the web drama '연애시발.(점)'... ‘그냥 욕해’ released on the 15th
    - JUNG IN, ‘연애시발.(점)’ OST ‘그냥 욕해’ will increase the level of immersion in the drama
    - JUNG IN, '연애시발.(점)' OST '그냥 욕해' will be released at 6pm on the 15th!

    Singer JUNG IN will be the first OST runner for the web drama '연애시발.(점)'.

    JUNG IN took on the singing role of '그냥 욕해' OST Part.1 of the web drama '연애시발.(점)', which will be released at 6 pm on the 15th.

    '그냥 욕해' is a ballad song that contains a realistic woman's heart right after a breakup, with a deep melody line, grooved rhythm, and straightforward lyrics.

    In particular, JUNG IN's charming vocals and appealing sensibility are added to increase the immersion of the play, and the chorus part that emphasizes the sorrowful heart after parting is expected to create an addiction.

    JUNG IN has established herself as the best female vocalist in Korea by creating famous songs such as '사랑은', '장마', '오르막길', and '미워요' with her unique tone and sensitivity. She continues her steady and active activities, such as releasing collaboration songs and participating in various OST works.

    '연애시발.(점)', which released its first episode on the official YouTube channel 'Miniseries ON' on the 11th, is a youth romantic comedy drama about misunderstandings and happenings that occur because of a smartphone that a job seeker unintentionally lost. Kim Seung-woo is in charge of the script and directing, and JUNG IN's support is also added, which is attracting attention.

    On the other hand, '연애시발.(점)' OST Part.1 '그냥 욕해', sung by JUNG IN, can be found on various music sites at 6 pm on the 15th.

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    - Chae Jung An, '월간 집' 13-year veteran editor '여의주' transformed!
    - '월간 집' Chae Jung An, Stylish + Empathy + Chemistry Variety of charms!

    Chae Jung An is returning to the drama after two years.

    Her first broadcast at 9 pm on the 16th, she appeared in JTBC's new drama '월간 집', announcing her return to the CRT after a long time.

    Chae Jung An took on the role of '여의주', a 13-year veteran editor of the living magazine '월간 집', the main stage in the play. '여의주' is a passionate and passionate person who lives every moment, and she is expected to show off her unique stylish atmosphere and solid acting skills.

    Chae Jung An participated in the styling directly to naturally express the unmarried woman '여의주' who could not find the meaning of 'my house' and left a luxury trail, and added Chae Jung An's coolness to her character, raising her expectations. She not only portrayed the loneliness of her own that anyone in her 30s or 40s could relate to, she predicted that she would show a complex charm where glamor and darkness coexist.

    In addition, she is an incredibly reliable senior to her colleague '나영원(정소민),' the editor' 최고(김원해), and the fellow editor '남상순(안창환)'. will be presenting

    Chae Jung An, who has shown a limitless acting spectrum from the icon of first love to the girl crush through various works, expressed her affection for the character, saying, "I met '여의주' like fate while waiting for a character with a sense of energy." ' is the focus of attention.

    '월간 집' is a drama depicting the romance of a woman who lives in a house and a man who buys a house, and will be broadcast for the first time on JTBC at 9 pm on the 16th.

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    Selected as the first official muse for ‘Celonia’
    After the pre-declaration, the first advertising model was selected!
    Clean and clear skin, the beauty industry's blue chip 'rise'
    ‘Next-generation beauty icon’ walks the path

    Lee Hye Seong has been selected as the first official muse for the bio cosmetic brand ‘Celonia’.

    As an entertainer with bright and healthy energy, Lee Hye Seong has been active in various fields and has shown fresh beauty. In particular, she has emerged as a blue chip in the beauty industry by showing off her natural makeup with clean and clear skin to her perfect bare face without a single make-up.

    Accordingly, Lee Hye Seong was selected as a model for 'Celonia', a brand affiliated with Medipost, a bio-biotechnology company that has been established for 20 years this year. After declaring a freelancer, Lee Hye Seong will be active as the first advertising model and show the steps of a 'next-generation beauty icon'.

    Celonia marketing manager said, “I decided to choose (Lee Hye Seong) as a brand model because I saw how she is making her everyday life beautiful and healthy while accomplishing what she wants with effortless effort in her life. did," he said.

    Meanwhile, Lee Hye Seong is currently appearing in tvN's '벌거벗은 세계사'.

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    'K-POP King' EXO (SM) once again became a million-seller and showed their power.

    EXO's special album 'DON'T FIGHT THE FEELING', released on the 7th, recorded sales of 1,089,681 copies until the 13th, surpassing 1 million album sales within a week of its release, making it a million-seller.

    With this, EXO set a record of becoming the 6th million-seller since their first million-seller with their first album in 2013, reaffirming their unchanging influence and status once again.

    In addition, this special album topped the weekly charts such as Hanteo Chart and Synnara Records released on the 14th.

    At the same time as the special album was released, EXO proved its global popularity by taking the first place in the music and music charts, the iTunes top album chart in 87 regions around the world, and the first in China QQ Music, KuGou Music, and KuWo Music digital album sales charts.

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    A dramatic meeting with my mother was accomplished!
    Demonstrate a solid presence with deep inner acting

    KWON YURI (Girls' Generation YURI, SM) of ‘보쌈-운명을 훔치다’ dominated the drama.

    KWON YURI takes on the role of 'Soo-kyung' in the MBN drama ‘보쌈-운명을 훔치다’, and is clearly showing her solid presence with her colorful acting every time.

    In last week's broadcast, 'Soo-kyung' calmly arranged the situation alone when 'Bau (Jung Il-woo)'s family died because of 'Won-yeop (Chu Yeon-gyu)', and this caused the 'Bau' family to become confused.

    Next, 'Soo-kyung' advises 'Bau', who vows revenge, the reason for holding hands with '개시 (Song Seon-mi)' and how to gain the trust of 'Gwang-hae-gun (Kim Tae-woo)' seriously led.

    Here, 'Soo-kyung' finally met her mother, who she thought was dead and kept her place, and achieved her tearful reunion.

    KWON YURI, who played 'Soo-kyung', made viewers cry and laugh through perfect emotional variations, from her bright brain and unique driving force to the scene where she met her mother and shed tears in affection. It was well received.

    On the other hand, ‘보쌈-운명을 훔치다’, which recorded the highest ratings for MBN dramas due to KWON YURI's activities, is broadcast every Saturday and Sunday at 9:40 pm on MBN.

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    - Yoon Jong Shin participates in Kim Min Gi's tribute album commemorating the 50th anniversary of the release of '아침이슬'... Singing '주여 이제는 여기에'
    - ‘주여 이제는 여기에’, reborn with Yoon Jong Shin’s rich voice and appealing voice!
    - Yoon Jong Shin reveals his thoughts on participating in “Singing with a hopeful heart and generosity these days full of anger”

    Kim Min Gi tribute album '주여 이제는 여기에', sung by Yoon Jong Shin, has been released.

    In commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the release of '아침이슬', Yoon Jong Shin participated in the tribute album <'아침이슬' Dedicated to Kim Min Gi for 50 years>, a tribute album dedicated to the great tree of Korean culture, Kim Min Gi. sang

    '주여 이제는 여기에' is a song composed based on the poem at the beginning of Kim Ji-ha's play <금관의 예수>, a work that criticizes the image of Jesus distorted by those who have it and embodies the image of Jesus in the popular sense. It was made at the time of its premiere at Wonju Catholic Hall.

    In 1978, Yang Hee-eun's album composed of works by Kim Min Gi was banned immediately after its release, and the album itself was banned along with '늙은 군인의 노래'. Afterwards, '주여 이제는 여기에' was changed to '주여 이제는 여기에' and was re-released.

    '주여 이제는 여기에', which showed the shabby reality of Korean popular music through the journey from 'here' to 'there', was reborn with Yoon Jong Shin's rich voice and appealing voice, drawing the attention of listeners at the same time as the sound source was released. are receiving one

    Yoon Jong Shin said, “I worked with Cho Jung Chi, a guitarist who respects Kim Min Gi. These days, when I feel full of anger, I sang this with the hope of having a softened heart and tolerance.”

    On the other hand, Yoon Jong Shin's '주여 이제는 여기에' is available through various music sites.

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    - 'Mine' Kim Seo Hyung, character and narrative acting skills
    - Expectations for Kim Seo Hyung, who took the initiative, 4 times until the end of 'Mine'↑

    'Mine' Kim Seo Hyung is showing off her acting skills.

    Kim Seo Hyung took the lead. As the tvN drama 'Mine' approaches its climax, Kim Seo Hyung's meticulous acting skills add explosive power, making it impossible to let go of tension.

    In episodes 11 and 12, Jeong Seo-hyun (Kim Seo Hyung), who went out to bring down Han Ji-yong (Lee Hyun-wook), stood out. Seo-hyun showed great power in forming solidarity with Seo Hee-soo (Lee Bo-young) and Kang Ja kyung (Ok Ja-yeon), and dominated the flow with a relaxed and strong attitude.

    On this day, Seo-hyun, who was firmly determined to protect the group, decided to take the position of chairman instead of the runaway Ji-yong, and gave catharsis to those who saw it with a determined figure that carried out the plan calmly and boldly.

    Meanwhile, Seo-hyun supports her sons Han Soo-hyuk (Cha Hak-yeon) and Kim Yoo-yeon (Jeong Seo) for their official relationship, and says goodbye to Choi Soo-ji (Kim Jung-hwa). He also made the hearts of viewers suffocate with his warm eyes that shared the story.

    As such, Kim Seo-hyung expanded the presence of Jung Jung-dong's acting skills in 'Jeong Seo-hyun', the central role of correcting order in chaos. Kim Seo Hyung's acting, which expresses the character's emotional lines in a delicate yet heavy manner with restrained movements and gaze, and reveals the authority and dignity of the character without overflowing, became the driving force to continue the state of immersion.

    Viewers of 'Mine' are highly acclaimed and look forward to Kim Seo Hyung's performance, while the silhouette presumed to be Jeong Seo-hyun was revealed on the day of the murder, raising questions about the whole story.

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