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    At the '2020 MUSINSA Awards', ESteem model Lim Ji Seop was honored with the'Male Model Award'.

    The'MUSINSA Awards', which started in 2014 and marks its 7th this year, selects the most loved fashion style icons in MUSINSA and WUSINSA stores for a year, based on votes from MUSINSA members, opinions of industry experts, and MUSINSA Tor figures. It is a brand awards ceremony that selects the winners in 22 categories.

    The winners are determined by the votes of 7 million MUSINSA members, store sales data, customer satisfaction, and industry evaluation team judgement. Winners of the MUSINSA Awards are provided with trophies that reflect the year's representative fashion trends every year, and this year's trophies were created to reflect the influence of Athleisure, fashion trends and COVID-19.

    Among them, Lim Ji Seop was honored with an award in the “Male Model of the Year” category. Lim Ji Seop said, “I am happy to receive the award from MUSINSA. I did a number of works at MUSINSA this year, especially the concept of Zipcock and T-shirt festival shooting, which is memorable.” He said, “I will try to become a model that remains a good memory in the future.”

    Meanwhile, Lim Ji Seop debuted as a F/W SeoulFashionWeek Kimseoryonghomme model in 2017, and was recently selected as a model for AMOREPACIFIC's men's color brand'Be Ready'. She is continuing her activities by modeling various magazines such as'VOGUE','Esquire','GQ', and'Arena Homme', as well as SeoulFashionWeek and beyondcloset.

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    #SM Artist Express Lineup #Hit Song Parade

    On January 1st, the online concert 'SMTOWN LIVE', which will be broadcast free all around the world, came two days ahead.

    'SMTOWN LIVE “Culture Humanity” is available for free in the world through various platforms such as NAVER V LIVE, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, and KNTV in Japan from 1 PM (Korean time) on January 1, 2021. We can meet you, and we are looking forward to a hot response from the audience.

    In this performance, artists from SM, which are gaining global popularity, such as KANGTA, TVXQ!, SUPER JUNIOR, Girls' Generation TAEYEON, SHINee TAEMIN, EXO BAEKHYUN and KAI, Red Velvet, NCT, SuperM, aespa, GINJO, IMLAY, and Raiden appear It is expected to present a variety of stages, raising expectations.

    In particular, aespa'Black Mamba', NCT 127'Heroic (英雄; Kick It)', NCT DREAM'Stage', WayV'Turn Back Time', Red Velvet'Psycho', SuperM'One(Monster & Infinity)', BAEKHYUN 'Candy', KAI'Mmmh', TAEMIN'Criminal', TAEYEON'What Do I Call You', and SUPER JUNIOR '2YA2YAO!', etc., as you can meet the performances of hit songs that heated up the music industry this year, adding to the expectation.

    Meanwhile,'SMTOWN LIVE “Culture Humanity” is a special performance designed to comfort and convey hope to people around the world who are during this difficult time due to COVID-19 in the new year. It is getting high attention.

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    -Brown Eyed Girls JeA sings '바람피면 죽는다' OST...OST that will add thrill and curiosity to the drama
    -JeA, released this year's single-OST and show powerful singing skills... active as a female vocalist!

    JeA of Brown Eyed Girls sings the OST of the KBS2 drama "바람피면 죽는다."

    'Fade Out', the third OST of JeA's ‘바람피면 죽는다,’ is a song in which music director Kim Jisoo and composer 2L participated, and the special sound of the piano and synthesizer at the beginning stands out.

    ‘Fade Out’ expresses the thrill and curiosity that arises when Kang Yeo-joo (Cho Yeo Jeong), the protagonist of ‘바람피면 죽는다’, is fully involved in the case of Baek Su-jeong (Hong Soo-hyun). JeA's voice will be added to this to heighten the mystery of the play.

    In particular, this OST is expected to create synergy when JeA's voice, who has added immersion to the drama while singing various OSTs, meets the drama that gradually falls into the labyrinth.

    JeA's “Fade Out” can be seen through various music sources at 6 pm on the 30th.

    Meanwhile, JeA showed powerful singing ability by releasing the hottest single'Greedyy' and drama OST, written by IU last June, and MAMAMOO Moon Byul participated in the featureing.

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    NCT (SM) re-entered the US "Billboard 200" chart with their second album.

    'NCT – The 2nd Album RESONANCE Pt.1', released on October 12th, re-entered 39th place on Billboard's main chart'Billboard 200' released on the 29th (local time), and recorded a reverse run, and the'World Album' chart Also, it was ranked 2nd, confirming the global popularity of NCT once again.

    This album has been chart-in for 4 weeks in a row, starting at 6th place in'Billboard 200' earlier, and'World Album','Independent Album' 1st place,'Social 50','Top Album Sales','Top Current Album Sales' ','Tastemaker Album' 2nd place,'Artist 100' 3rd place, etc. It entered the top 10 of the 8 Billboard charts, realizing the hot interest of local fans.

    In addition, NCT recorded 2.68 million album sales with its 2nd album and achieved the feat of becoming a'Double Million Seller', and the title song'Make A Wish' was selected as '2020 Best K-POP 40 Songs' by British magazine DAZED. ,'From Home' is showing global activities such as being listed on the '2020 Best K-POP 40 Songs' released by American magazine Paper.

    On the other hand, NCT will appear in ‘SMTOWN LIVE “Culture Humanity”’, which is broadcast free of charge through various platforms such as NAVER V LIVE and YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok from 1 pm on January 1 (Korean time).

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    BoA, SUPER JUNIOR, SuperM, TAEMIN, KAI, Red Velvet – IRENE & SEULGI, NCT DREAM, SM Global Power Proof!

    NCT 127 (SM) is a hot topic as it ranked first in the “2020 Best K-POP Comeback Ranking” by Metro in the UK.

    British daily newspaper Metro released '2020 Best K-POP Comeback Ranking' through its official website on December 28 (local time), which selected 20 teams of K-POP artists who showed the most intense comeback this year. NCT 127, which made a comeback with the song'영웅 (英雄; Kick It)', won first place, as well as BoA, SUPER JUNIOR, SuperM, TAEMIN, KAI, Red Velvet – IRENE & SEULGI, and NCT DREAM. I realized one power.

    Metro said about NCT 127's'영웅 (英雄; Kick It)', "This year, NCT 127's activities were conspicuous, and they proved once again that they can show their own colored music in any genre." The martial arts concept, the impact guitar riff, and the chorus of shouting'Bruce Lee' are enough to have fun.”

    The title song'Better' of BoA's 10th album, ranked 6th, was mentioned as "the most perfect way to commemorate the 20th anniversary of K-POP's icon BoA." TAEMIN's'Criminal', ranked 7th, said, "Always good music. TAEMIN, who is making a comeback this year, played a dance song'Criminal', which has an attractive vocal,", 8th place Red Velvet – IRENE & SEULGI's'Monster' said, "This song is as sexy as the title but with a bit scary atmosphere, contrasting with sweet vocals. The melody line formed doubles the overall mood of the song.”

    In addition, KAI’s “음 (Mmmh)”, which ranked 12th, said, “The cold and fascinating slow jam style song goes well with KAI’s vocals. It was introduced as a song that fully expresses the charm of KAI with just the chorus''Mmmh', and SuperM's'Tiger Inside', ranked 15th, said, "It is a song that all members shine. It is a song that can meet the synergy of the SM team.”

    In addition, NCT DREAM's '무대로', which took 19th place, mentioned that "NCT DREAM's refreshing sound and charisma are harmonized, and the chorus is irresistibly attractive". SUPER JUNIOR's '2YA2YAO' of 20th ranked SUPER JUNIOR “Last January, K-POP legend SUPER JUNIOR announced a retro '2YA2YAO'. It shows that the “great showmanship” of SUPER JUNIOR is the same.”

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  • 2020-12-30 Press Release

    Lee Hyo Lee, MBC Entertainment Awards

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    Best Music & Talk for Women's category
    Singer Lee Hyo Lee won the Best Music & Talk for Women Grand Prize in the '2020 MBC Broadcasting Entertainment Awards'.

    Lee Hyo Lee was scheduled to appear at the “MBC Entertainment Awards”, but was unable to attend due to the special circumstances of having to fly from JEJU to SEOUL as COVID-19 becomes serious. Lee Hyo Lee, along with MC Yoo Jae Suk, won the Best Couple Award and the Grand Prize at this'MBC Entertainment Awards' and received congratulations from many fans by expressing gratitude through the video.

    Lee Hyo Lee, who was loved by the public by giving viewers laughter and memories with the appearance of SSAK3'Linda G'and REFUND SISTERS'Cheonok' through MBC's'놀면 뭐하니?' she delivered a greeting to the viewers and gave the viewers a pleasant laugh, and expressed his regret not being able to be together in the field. In addition, he expressed his gratitude and affection for the cast by saying,'I was able to have a happy time with'놀면 뭐하니?' and I am very happy to be awarded the prize.'

    Finally, she said,'When a better day comes, I will greet you with a nicer, prettier, and prettier appearance.'

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    “The pathfinder for contemporary K-POP” remains highly influential as the “father of K-POP”

    ‘Variety’ magazine named Producer SOOMAN LEE in ‘Variety500’, as the only Korean for 4 consecutive years.

    On its official website, Variety announced'Variety 500', which selected 500 influential leaders in the global media market based on their achievements over the past year.This year, along with Producer SOOMAN LEE, Steve Barnett Capitol Music Group Chairman, Kevin Feige Marvel Studios President, Amazon Chairman Jeff Bezos, and Netflix CEO Reed Hastings were listed.

    In particular, Producer SOOMAN LEE was named for the fourth consecutive year from 2017 to 2020, when the'Variety 500' announcement began, and it is the only Korean who has been in charge for four years with Steven Spielberg, Apple CEO Tim Cook, and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. It was selected consecutively and once again confirmed the influence and status that are achieving global performance every year.

    Variety introduced Producer SOOMAN LEE as "still strong as a pioneer of modern K-POP, and continues to expand SM Universe". "Of course we have succeeded in a number of groups such as TVXQ! and EXO pan-Asian, of course," said Variety. , And became an industry leader with great success in the United States. Recently, he is showing a strong influence as the father of K-POP by producing SuperM, a joint team called K-POP Avengers.”

    In addition, Producer SOOMAN LEE was recognized as the first Korean winner in the '2016 Asia Game Changer Awards' awarded by the'Asia Society' in the United States in recognition of her contribution to promoting Korean pop culture to the world and changing the topography of the world cultural industry with the Korean Wave. , Won the'Youngsan Diplomat Award' for the first time as a cultural person in 2017, and this year, the only Korean selected on the '2020 Billboard Impact List', which announced a leader with excellent ability to create the future of the global music industry, '29th. It has proved its global influence by winning the'Dasan Management Awards' in the Startup Management category.

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    ‘서쪽 하늘’ cover video released on the 29th

    The cover video that can meet the vocal charm of TVXQ!'s U-Know (SM) has been released and is a hot topic.

    U-Know is through the YouTube TVXQ! channel, the cover video for ‘소주 한 잔’ was released in surprise and received a hot response.

    This video contains the emotional appearance of U-Know, reinterpreting Lim Chang Jung's ‘소주 한 잔’ arranged as a band version in his own color, which is different from the charismatic appearance on the stage. Enough to meet the charm.

    In addition, U-Know is showing content that allows you to meet versatile appearances such as dance and vocals before comeback, and a cover video reinterpreting Lee Seung-cheol's ‘서쪽 하늘’ will be released at 6 pm on the 29th, so it will get high attention. Seems to be.

    On the other hand, U-Know is in full swing ahead of the release of a solo album in January.

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    Song Kang Ho and flexible breathing
    Jang Yoon Ju, a top model, singer-songwriter, all-around entertainer and actor, starred in her fourth movie, 〈1승〉, and shares a breath with Song Kang Ho.

    The movie 〈1승〉 is a story where a volleyball coach who has never tasted a single success in his life meets a female volleyball team that only needs one win, and takes on a challenge. Director Shin Yeon Sik, who is known as multiplayer, is the director. Director Shin Yeon Sik, who has a solid writing ability and delicate production, has won leading screenplay awards with 〈동주〉, 〈페어 러브〉, 〈조류인간〉, 〈러시안 소설〉, 〈배우는 배우다〉, 〈로마서8:37〉 He has a history of writing, directing, and producing works of.

    The immovable top model Jang Yoon Ju is not only a singer-songwriter who released a total of 4 albums written and composed by herself, as well as modeling across Korea and abroad, but also boasting an excellent sense of entertainment and through various fashion and movie broadcasting programs. He has been active as an MC and solidified his presence as an all-around entertainer. In addition, from the movie 〈베테랑〉, which mobilized 10 million viewers, to 〈세 자매〉 and 〈시민 덕희〉, he showed his skills as an actor without filtering through various character challenges and acting transformations. Also, expectations are rising.

    Jang Yoon Ju, who continues the actor's move through recent movie and drama love calls, is paying attention to the performance he will show through the movie 〈1승〉.

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    Consolation + hope spreading to people around the world in the New Year!
    SM Artist's colorful stage!

    SM's global performance brand'SMTOWN LIVE' concert will be broadcast online for free around the world on January 1st.

    ‘SMTOWN LIVE “Culture Humanity”’ will be broadcast on various platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, Japan KNTV, including Naver V LIVE's Beyond LIVE channel from 1 PM (Korean time) on January 1, 2021. It is expected to attract fans all over the world.

    In particular, this concert is a special performance designed to comfort and convey hope to people around the world who are having a hard time due to COVID-19 in the new year. You can enjoy the stage of globally popular stars in the room for free. Yes, it is expected to get an explosive response.

    In addition, KANGTA, TVXQ!, SUPER JUNIOR, Girls' Generation TAEYEON, SHINee TAEMIN, EXO BAEKHYUN and KAI, Red Velvet, NCT, SuperM, aespa, GINJO, IMLAY, Raiden, etc. will appear in this performance. The stage was pre-recorded, and the filming was finished safely.

    In addition, the performance section is organized in an omnibus format to present a variety of music and performances, and it is expected to fascinate audiences around the world with the rich sights added with AR (augmented reality) technology and graphic effects that link camera walking and real space.

    Meanwhile, SM has successfully held'SMTOWN LIVE' in major cities around the world such as Seoul, New York, LA, Paris, Tokyo, Osaka, Beijing, Shanghai, Bangkok, Singapore and Dubai since 2008, setting various records and gathering topics.

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