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    Since its opening in April, Chae Jung An, which has been continuously collecting issues with various plans and interesting contents, is conducting a live ‘채정안과 함께하는 랜선 홈파티’ through NAVER TV to expand the scope of communication with the public.

    Chae Jung An's '울랄레오TV' is a story behind the scenes of Chae Jung An's daily activities, such as sharing hidden beauty tips, broadcasting and advertising, and summarizing the 2020 version of '무정' and '커피프린스' Han Yu-ju Until now, it is showing various videos.

    On the other hand, in the event held through 'NAVER TV' at 8:00 p.m. on Friday, June 5, a'NAVERPay Point' presentation event will also be held for subscribers who subscribe to the YouTube '울랄레오TV' channel along with watching the live. to be.

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    2nd mini album'Delight' won 2 awards on Gaon Chart!

    ‘One top solo artist’ EXO BAEKHYUN (SM) is continuing its history with the second mini-album ‘Delight’, breaking the record for the highest sales of solo albums in the history of the Gaon Chart.

    According to the Gaon Chart released on the 4th, BAEKHYUN is the second mini-album'Delight' and recorded the highest number of solo albums in the history of the Gaon Chart, and the title song'Candy' also ranked 1st in the download chart. won the awards.

    In addition, this album swept the first place in various music charts weekly such as HANTEO Chart, YES24, Kyobo Book Center, and HOTTRACKS, and China QQ Music ranked the first Korean singer'Triple Platinum Album' this year, and sold QQ Music·Kugou Music·Kuwo Music digital albums The chart topped and the iTunes top album chart topped the charts in 69 regions worldwide, confirming the global popularity of BAEKHYUN.

    In addition, BAEKHYUN showed MBC every1 music program ‘Show! In the championship, the title song'Candy' took first place and started to collect trophy for music broadcasting.

    On the other hand, BAEKHYUN will give the first comeback stage of the new song'Candy' through KBS2TV'Music Bank', which will be broadcast at 5 pm on the 5th, and at 8 pm, KBS Cool FM will also appear in '강한나의 볼륨을 높여요'. .

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    Preorders exceeded 30 million yuan in just seven minutes, the shortest time in QQ Music history!
    Topped on iTunes Top Albums Chart in 21 international regions!

    EXO LAY(SM)'s new solo album ‘蓮 (LIT)’ is recording in China.
    LAY's fourth solo album ‘蓮 (LIT)’ Part.1, released on the 1st, topped the QQ Music, Kugou Music, and Kuwo Music digital album sales charts shortly after it was released in China, as well as all songs on the QQ Music Popularity Chart He recorded line-up, and the title song ‘蓮 (LIT)’ also rose to the top of QQ Music's music video chart overall category to realize LAY's top popularity.
    In particular, this album broke through 30 million yuan (about 5.1 billion won) of sales in 7 minutes and 19 seconds at the QQ Music, China's largest music site, on May 29, setting the shortest record in QQ Music history.

    In addition, on the 30th day of the pre-sale, the sales amount exceeded 40 million yuan (about 6.8 billion won), and before the official release of the'Platinum Epic Album' granted to the album achieving 40 million yuan, the status of the strong LAY in the field once again It was confirmed.

    In addition, LAY is also on the iTunes top album chart with Nigeria, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia, India, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Guatemala, Oman, Bahrain, Philippines, Armenia, Belarus, Macau, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Turkey, Ranked No. 1 in 21 regions worldwide, including Kazakhstan and Bolivia, to demonstrate global interest.
    On the other hand, LAY's fourth solo album ‘蓮 (LIT)’ Part.1 contains a total of six songs including the grand title song ‘蓮 (LIT)’, and later Part.2 sound source will be added to Part.1 The album will be released as an old book.

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    “Chameleon” charm from laughter to serious mode
    Digestive power to complete the character

    “한 번 다녀왔습니다,” KI DOHUN (SM)'s stills were revealed.

    KI DOHUN is appearing in the role of ‘Park Hyo-shin’ in the KBS 2TV drama ‘한 번 다녀왔습니다’.

    KI DOHUN in the public picture is catching the eye by drawing the character in three dimensions through perfect costume digestive power, such as wearing a judo suit and showing off a cool charm, or revealing an intense atmosphere in a suit suit.

    You can see the appearance of KI DOHUN who is passionate in a variety of situations, from the serious mode that makes the other person focus, to the smile, and the interest in the performance that will be shown in '한 번 다녀왔습니다' is growing.

    KI DOHUN met Song Ga Hee (Oh Yoon Ah) and unexpected surprise skinship in last week's broadcast to form a strange atmosphere by forging a new romance, not only foreseeing a new romance, but also starting an action actor with an accidental opportunity. Family members, action art members, and a smile-filled combination to show are also raising expectations.

    Meanwhile, “한 번 다녀왔습니다,” which is loved by the actors' favor and interesting development, is broadcast every Saturday and Sunday at 7:55 pm.

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    -Hong Ji Yoon reveals beauty pictorial with doll-like visuals!
    -Hong Ji Yoon,'김비서가 왜그럴까' –'첫사랑은 처음이라서'-'나의 나라' Active Activities

    Hong Ji Yoon was selected as a beauty brand model.

    Hong Ji Yoon, who played the role of Hwawol in the JTBC drama “나의 나라,” was selected as a beauty brand model and photographed.

    In the pictorial, Hong Ji Yoon captured a variety of charms, from glossy lip makeup to vivid lip color. In particular, the color of Fussia that brings out the vivid vitality is combined with Hong Ji Yoon's big eyes to make the doll-like appearance stand out more. In addition, the intense red lip, which is not desired even in the intense sunlight, was perfectly digested and threw an exit as a beauty icon.

    JENNYHOUSE COSMETICS said, “I think Hong Ji Yoon's youthful and healthy image fits well with the brand, so I chose it as a model. “Hong Ji Yoon's appearance and atmosphere seem to radiate products with colorful colors and textures and beautiful synergy. As a next-generation beauty icon, Hong Ji Yoon's activities are highly anticipated.”

    Hong Ji Yoon, who debuted in the 2017 tvN drama'크리미널마인드', has since gained a position as an actor through OCN's '나쁜 녀석들: 악의 도시', tvN's'김비서가 왜 그럴까' It's been minced. In particular, through the JTBC drama'나의 나라', which ended last year, I challenged the historical drama for the first time and lived an organized life.

    The brand's love call continues as it shows the fashion and beauty icons that emerge through personal SNS as well as work activities. As such, Hong Ji Yoon is expected to perform various activities as well as acting with her beautiful appearance and stable acting.

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    Emission of various programs
    A to Z of the human “Park Sun Young”
    Looking forward to seeing future performances that Park Sun Young will show.

    Park Sun Young shared both laughter and empathy through his story.

    A voice special was broadcast on tvN'You Quiz On The Block', which was broadcast on the 3rd. Accordingly, Park Sun Young appeared as the protagonist of the first voice, and received the viewer's attention as the first activity after the pre-declaration.

    On this day's broadcast, Park Sun Young appeared with a unique, pleasant and good laugh, and greeted Yoo Jae-suk and Jo Se Ho to brighten the atmosphere of the scene. Afterwards, Park Sun Young started talking about the fact that she was having a comfortable time and brought out stories in her mind that could not be easily heard in the meantime.

    From the opportunity to choose a career as an announcer, to his beliefs and concerns about the news, who is the person called'Park Sun Young', and to the decisive pre-declaration, he captured everyone with thoughtful and sincere answers. I got it.

    Among the various questions and answers, Park Sun Young said about the program I would like to try in the future, “It is most fun when I have the opportunity to meet up close with people and citizens. It's a good time to talk interactively.” After hearing the story, Yoo Jae-suk replied that he would be very well suited to You Quiz On The Block, which gave a laugh in a form that threatened Jo Se Ho's position.

    In addition, he responded that his favorite thing was “getting to know me”. There was nothing I could explain about myself other than work, and I found out the reason for the answer saying that I don't know what I like, so I bought the sympathy of many.

    In addition, when I expressed myself in a word, “I want to be a person who doesn’t get out of the way,” it turned out to give a reversal after a serious appearance. Park Sun Young didn't fit the quiz in “You Quiz On The Block Time,” but he was lucky enough to win the dryer as a result of drawing in the following time.

    As such, Park Sun Young first appeared on the broadcast after the pre-declaration and received the attention of many people. In particular, he has generously demonstrated his track record in various genres ranging from news to radio. Expectations and interest are gathering in Park Sun Young's future performances, which gave both laughter and empathy at the same time with a serious and pleasant talk.

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    -The meeting of two girl groups representing Girl Crush...JeA vocal X Moon Byul expects rap synergy
    -IU lyrics support shooting! JeA X IU X Moon Byul'Avengers Union' anticipation UP!
    -JeA announces solo new song for the first time in a year... released on the 12th!

    Brown Eyed Girls' main vocalist JeA and MAMAMOO's rapper Moon Byul met.

    JeA's MYSTIC STORY announced on the 3rd through Brown Eyed Girls' official channel that "Moon Byul participated as a feature in JeA's new song "Greedyy"."

    With charismatic lapping, Moon Byul, who shows strong presence at MAMAMOO, raises curiosity about what synergy will be shown when he meets JeA's powerful vocals.
    Especially, the interest of fans is getting hot with the meeting of Girl Crush's representative girl group Brown Eyed Girls and MAMAMOO.

    Here, IU participated as a lyricist and completed the Avengers Union.

    Recently, IU, who expressed his emotional sensibility in many songs including his single '8', and showed excellent abilities as a lyricist, is looking forward to what lyrics will capture the public in this new JeA song.

    Meanwhile, JeA in the photo released on the day focused attention with a confident pose in short hair and suit. MYSTIC STORY explained, "This JeA solo song will contain a subjective and imposing message following the solo album'Newself' released in June of last year."

    JeA's digital single'Greedyy' will be released at 6pm on the 12th.

    JeA의 디지털 싱글 'Greedyy'는 12일 오후 6시에 공개된다.

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    SUPER JUNIOR-K.R.Y. has released the first teaser video for the new song “푸르게 빛나던 우리의 계절 (When We Were Us).”

    On the 2nd at 6:00 pm on YouTube and NAVER TV SMTOWN, a music video teaser video for the title song “푸르게 빛나던 우리의 계절 (When We Were Us)” was released on the 1st mini-song of SUPER JUNIOR-K.R.Y. The installation of monitors, video arrangements, and sensuous color that reminds us of modern art have raised expectations for the main part of the music video.

    SUPER JUNIOR-K.R.Y.'s first mini-album and title song ``푸르게 빛나던 우리의 계절 (When We Were Us)'' the same name as the first mini-album, is a piano with a calm and delicate touch, a track arrangement that develops dramatically toward the second half, and a string line with deep emotion. It is an authentic ballad expressed. The lyrics have a special meaning with the meaning of reminiscent of fans who always kept their seats in the same place.

    Earlier, SUPER JUNIOR-K.R.Y. unveiled the first song ``기대(Home)'' from 'Beyond the SUPER SHOW', which was broadcast live on May 31 at 3 p.m.NAVER V LIVE, and was released on a new album with a stage with outstanding explosive singing ability. Increased interest.

    The music video for the new song “푸르게 빛나던 우리의 계절 (When We Were Us)” and the album's entire music source will be available on June 8 at 6 pm on various music sites.

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    Title song'Turn Back Time', urban trap genre song with intense energy exploding!
    Ambition towards the global stage! High comeback expectations!

    WayV (LABEL V) emits intense energy with the new song “Turn Back Time”.

    WayV's first regular album'Awaken The World' is released from various music sites such as Flo, Melon, Genie, QQ Music, Kugou Music, Kuwo Music, iTunes, Apple Music, Sportify on June 9 at 6pm (Korean time). It is released and consists of a total of 10 songs in various genres, and is highly anticipated by music fans.

    In particular, the title song “Turn Back Time” is a song of the Urban Trap genre with a strong bass and a beat that sprints, and the lyrics with WayV's ambition to move toward a bigger world stage are impressive.

    In addition, global hit makers such as Yoo Young Jin, Moonshine, DEEZ, Mike Daley, and LDN Noise worked together to increase the maturity level, and members HENDERY and YANGYANG participated in the lyrics to add charm.

    In addition, WayV has been releasing teaser images and trailer videos of members who have transformed into a new concept through the official homepage and SNS account since May 31st, and the comeback about the comeback with colorful contents that can meet the atmosphere of the new album in advance. It is raising expectations.

    Meanwhile, WayV's first regular album'Awaken The World' will be released on June 9th, and can be pre-purchased in various online music stores in Korea.

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    -Kang Ji Young, acting as a realistic character depicting Kim Ah Jin who doesn't fall on the road
    -“야식남녀” Kang Ji Young, a romance that slowly blooms despite the ongoing crisis! Expectation↑

    Kang Ji Young's unaffected act of '야식남녀' attracts viewers.

    Kang Ji Young, who plays the role of Kim Ah Jin, who is fulfilling the dream of directing debut in the JTBC drama “야식남녀,” is fully acclaimed and praised for characters with colorful faces with realistic expression.

    Kang Ji Young, who plays the role of enthusiastic idiot Ah Jin, who has a chance to make a debut after four years in the directing of a contractor during the play, radiates a bright and spirited charm in line with the character's description of a unique affirmative mind and a passionate character.

    In particular, even the unfortunate situation when the senior who ignores himself the most, joins the '야식남녀', leaving for tears and delicious 야식남녀s, overcoming with a super-positive mind and focusing his gaze on his fresh and attractive charm. On the other hand, he carefully portrays his romance with Park Jin Sung (Jung Il Woo), who slowly blooms without even knowing himself, and adds immersion to reality, which is perfectly melted into the situation of Ah Jin during the play.

    Also, at the end of the last broadcast, a demonstrator who refused to broadcast “야식남녀” received a strong protest, and in the scene of being attacked by a water balloon, the act of bursting into tears without knowing his embarrassment made the character's emotions feel full.

    Like this, Kang Ji Young unfolds unaffected acts and naturally melts into the characters in the play, gaining popularity from viewers. Kang Ji Young is performing stable acting by expressing various emotions in expression, eyes, and tone according to the development of the play. In the next week's broadcast, Jin Sung's abandonment declaration will be reversed, and there will be excitement about the future performance of the program.

    On the other hand, JTBC drama '야식남녀' starring Kang Ji Young, Jung Il Woo, Lee Hak Joo, Kim Seung-Soo, etc., is a weekly triangle trip by Jin Sung, passionate bloody Ah Jin, and well-known designer Tae Wan. It is broadcast on Monday and Tuesday at 9:30 pm.

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