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    -Ji Hyun-joon, Ha Chan-ho in HYENA ‘Expression-eye-breath-breathing’ Perfect 3 beat acting!
    -'HYENA' Ji Hyun-joon, obsession with inner beauty Creepy acting power!

    'HYENA' Ji Hyun-joon captivated the room with emotional acting that caused anger and sadness.

    In the third episode of HYENA, which aired on the 28th, Ha Chan-ho (Ji Hyun-joon) showed her attachment to her inner woman.

    Ha Chan-ho was confined to a lawsuit by confining her inner girl Seo Jung-hwa (Lee Ju-yeon). Ha Chan-ho, however, showed his desire for Seo Jung-hwa not to bring a lawsuit against his lawyer, Jung Geum Ja (Kim Hye Soo), to allow Seo Jung-hwa to return to him. Ha Chan-ho showed himself full of anger and madness by intimidating Jung Geum Ja to be drunk, use evil, and not be able to do a lawyer if he didn't do what he wanted.
    Ji Hyun-joon killed everyone with explosive emotional acting. Ha, who saw his son's success as a drunk and medicine every day, gave Ha Chan-ho his hand and eventually Ha Chan-ho showed tears. Ha Chan-ho, which had been consistent with sharp words and harsh behavior and seemed to have no feelings at all, was the moment when it collapsed. Ji Hyun-joon played Ha Chan-ho's collapse with empty eyes and a crying voice, and depicted the inside of the character in three dimensions.

    At the end of the broadcast, Ha Chan-ho finally took the hands of Seo Jung-hwa again. Jung Geum Ja, who found the weakness of Seo Jung-hwa, persuaded Seo Jung-hwa to reunite with Ha Chan-ho. Ha Chan-ho, who uttered verbality and humiliation to Jung Geum Ja, turned his face when he met Seo Jung-hwa.

    Ji Hyun-joon captivated viewers by digesting Ha Chan-ho's changing emotional lines. From being mad and mad to being obsessed with obsession. Ji Hyun-joon unfolded his five senses such as facial expressions, eyes, and breaths, and once again made a presence as a powerful new stealer.

    Meanwhile, Ji Hyun-joon's SBS `` HYENA '' is a drama about HYENA survivors biting and tearing the law in their minds.
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    Comeback celebration NAVER V LIVE ‘‘영웅’ 본색’ broadcasting live on March 5 at 8PM KST!
    TAEIL, JOHNNY, TAEYONG teaser image released! Sikh eyes, overwhelming eyes!

    Global trend NCT 127 (SM) starts a comeback with a special live broadcast commemorating the release of their 2nd album 'NCT # 127 Neo Zone'.

    Before the album release, NCT 127 will broadcast live ‘NCT 127의 ‘영웅’ 본색’ through NCT 127 channel of NAVER V LIVE on March 5 at 8:00 pm and fans of the world are expected to have high interest.

    n this day, NCT 127 released the title song “英雄; Kick It ’with the concept Through various games and missions, we plan to communicate closely with fans by telling various stories through new song spoilers, introduction of the 2nd regular songs, Q & A corner, and recent talks.

    NCT 127's 2nd full album 'NCT # 127 Neo Zone' will be released at 6 pm on March 6 at various music sites such as Melon, Flo, Genie, iTunes, Apple Music, Sportify, and the title song '英雄; Kick It' It contains 13 songs from various genres including, which is enough to meet the unique music of NCT 127.

    In addition, teaser images of members TAEIL, JOHNNY, and TAEYONG were released through the NCT 127 official SNS account at 28 o'clock on the 28th, and teaser contents were released in order to meet the members who made an attractive transformation according to the new song concept. It seems to be gathering topics because it is going to be.

    Meanwhile, NCT 127 2nd album 'NCT # 127 Neo Zone' will also be released on March 6th.

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    The ballad of hope with WayV KUN and XIAOJUN! “절망하지 말고 날개를 펴봐요”

    SUPER JUNIOR-M ZHOUMI is coming back as a new song after a long time.

    ZHOUMI released a new digital single '在你身旁 (I'll be there)' through Chinese music sites QQ music, KuGou music, Kuwo music, etc. on the 28th at 11 am local time. From 12 o'clock, it will be released on various music sites such as Melon, Flo, Genie, iTunes, Apple Music and Sportify.

    On the same day, YouTube SMTOWN channel and Naver TV SMTOWN channel will upload a recording making film containing the recording of the new song '在你身旁 (I'll be there) (With KUN, XIAOJUN of WayV)'. Collect.

    ZHOUMI's song ‘在你身旁 (I'll be there) (With KUN, XIAOJUN of WayV)’ is a ballad genre with warm and colorful string arrangements. ZHOUMI's sweet tone harmonizes the voices of members of the popular group WayV (威神V, China's LABEL V), KUN and XIAOJUN, to further enhance the song's sensitivity.

    In the lyrics, “就让我陪在你身旁 赶走所有迷惘” and “不必再绝望 张开翅膀 就能看到希望” contain a message that you want to be always with you when you are in trouble.

    ZHOUMI has continued its activities in and out of Korea after releasing the first solo mini album “Rewind” in November 2014.

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    Increased sense of urgency and attraction by reasoning

    The tearful acting of LEE YEONHEE (SM) in '더 게임' caught the eye.

    LEE YEONHEE took on the role of “Seo Joon Young,” a detective with a cool act and insight in the MBC drama “더 게임: 0시를 향하여”

    On the 27th of the broadcast, Seo Joon Young (LEE YEONHEE) shed tears after seeing Kim Tae-Pyong (Ok Taek-Yeon) in a coma, choosing to self-sustain to save himself.

    Particularly, Seo Joon Young expressed his emotions to Kim Tae-Pyong, who lay down, and conveyed the deep melodies. He also planned to lure him to funerals and amplified the tension in the play.

    Seo Joon Young briefed about Lee Mi Jin's (Choi Da In) murder and sent a message that only Cho Hyun-woo could notice. Watching Kim Tae-Pyong, who woke up safely in the air, huddled his viewers.

    LEE YEONHEE, who played 'Seo Joon Young' in this broadcast, was able to solve the incident without any blockage with a detailed investigation plan and gave viewers the excitement. Is getting.

    Meanwhile, 더 게임: 0시를 향하여, which is loved for its breathtaking development and reversal ending, is broadcast on MBC every Wednesday and Thursday at 8:55 pm.

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    The women's apparel “EVA TAILOR” with actress Chae Jung An, a fashionista and style icon, was the number one seller in the home shopping fashion goods category.

    'EVA TAILOR,' a modern & chic women's wear that targets women over 30 who can express themselves through reasonable consumption, is Chae Jung An's safari hooded jacket, which was broadcasted by SK Store. Once again announced the power of Chae Jung An.

    Chae Jung An, who has shown various charms through dramas and entertainment programs with its unique high-quality image and anti-war charm, is a news topic for every styling posting posted on his personal Instagram account. He is an MC and is expanding the range of activities.

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    The impactful song of an invincible performance heralding a global hit with its NEO SWAG!
    Meet the premiere stage of 'Kick it' on March 6 via 'NCT 127 THE STAGE'! High expectations!

    NCT 127 (SM) is coming to you with their new lead song 'Kick it'.

    NCT 127's 2nd album 'NCT # 127 Neo Zone' will be released on 6th March at 6pm on Melon, Flo, Genie, iTunes, Apple Music, Sportify and other music sites. A total of 13 songs from various genres, including music, are expected.

    In particular, this title song 'Kick It' is a hip-hop dance song with an addictive signature vocoder sound, a dynamic bass gliding source, and an intense tempo of NCT 127's energetic vocals. Lightweight and tactful, unleashing a confident and confident message that maximizes the song's powerful appeal.

    In addition, NCT 127 presents the video content 'NCT 127 THE STAGE', which enables users to enjoy the title song 'Kick It' in various versions.The first stage of the new song 'Kick It' was released on March 6, and the original stage, cross-editing, It will release various stage videos such as member versions and talk contents related to the new album in sequence, and the explosive reaction of global fans is expected to continue.

    In addition, NCT 127 unveiled an image transformed into the concept of the new song `` Kick It '' through the official SNS account at 0 o'clock on the 27th and amplified the expectation for the comeback with an image of intense eyes and overwhelming charisma.

    Meanwhile, NCT 127 2nd album 'NCT # 127 Neo Zone' will also be released on March 6th.

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    Fruitful talk with a throwback of memories over her past 20 years!
    Her sweet vocals by singing the 'LA LA LAND ’OST

    BoA (SM) who appeared on 'Because I Want to Talk ’, captivated the viewers.

    BoA who appeared on 'Because I Want to Talk', by giving a fruitful talk with a throwback of memories over her past 20 years, as well as a duet with host Lee Dong Wook.

    In the broadcast, BoA said, “The choreography mastery” “Dancers start half a day early, and I can fit in with dancers in about four hours. If you keep listening to music and seeing the choreography, you can see it. If I'm singing, I look at the audience and see myself through the mirror (I see it). ”

    BoA said, “I had ruined Japan's showcase. I want to dance well and sing well, but I'm not ready to breathe. "The stage was scary," he told me about the difficulties of his early activities in Japan. "I told the company that I had been on vacation for two weeks and I was trained. I kept singing in the practice room." Revealed the surprise.

    In addition, the No. 1 Japanese Oricon Chart became the turning point with the 'Listen to My Heart', which was released in 2002. I was preparing for the exam, and suddenly I got a call saying I was the third oricon to come to Japan. It was amazing to see that the album was the number one on the Oricon chart and sold a million copies. ”

    In addition, BoA prepares for a duet with host Lee Dong Wook for the last broadcast of 'Because I Want to Talk' and sings 'City Of Stars', the OST of the film 'LA LA LAND'. 'But boasted down and admired.

    Meanwhile, in 2000, 'ID; BoA, who debuted as Peace B ', is celebrating its 20th anniversary in August this year.

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    Capturing her passionate attitude and attachment to the script regardless!
    We try to improve the completion of our work with all our sincere effort!

    LEE YEONHEE (SM) capturing her passionate attitude and attachment to the script regardless.

    Photos of LEE YEONHEE, currently acting as detective ‘서준영’ in the MBC drama ‘The Game: Toward 0 O'clock, have been unveiled.

    LEE YEONHEE showed his passion for the work with the active appearance of sharing various opinions with the staff while showing a immersive expression in the script even in cold weather.

    In addition, LEE YEONHEE attracts attention by revealing a bright smile and leading the scene with bright energy.

    Like this, LEE YEONHEE is endeavoring to improve the completeness of the work, creating a character that is attractive in the subjective aspect, and has earned strong support from the viewers.

    On the other hand, The Game: Towards 0 o'clock is a story about a prophet who sees the moment just before his death, and Detective Kang, who is digging into the secret of '0 o'clock murderer' 20 years ago. It is broadcast in 55 minutes MBC.

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    In-House FN's modern contemporary women's fashion brand SHESMISS, whose top model and broadcaster Han Hye Jin is an exclusive model, unveiled the spring-summer 2020 advertising campaign.

    SHESMISS muse Han Hye Jin presented her unique chic in a modern and sophisticated mood, in addition to the styling of SHESMISS, including jacket and shorts matches and a variety of suit set-ups. Han Hye Jin perfectly demonstrated the 20 S / S trend 'Taylor Styling' in the released campaign video.

    Han Hye Jin, who reveals a unique presence in the fashion field as well as in the broadcasting industry, is continuously maintaining his appearance as an all-round entertainer by continuously appearing in entertainment shows such as Mnet '내 안의 발라드' and KBS joy '연애의 참견 시즌3'.

    Meanwhile, products from the SHESMISS 20 S / S advertising campaign with Han Hye Jin as a model can be found in offline stores and online IDF malls nationwide.

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    “It's a good piece of work, so I'll remember it a lot”
    'Season 1' supporting role → 'Season 2' hero
    Growing into a spotlight actor
    Jung In Soo's Growth
    Actress Yoon Na Moo is happy to discover

    Actor Yoon Na Moo grew up to be an actor with a unique presence through SBS '낭만닥터 김사부2'.

    Yoon Na Moo played 'Jung In Soo' in SBS '낭만닥터 김사부2', which aired on the 25th. He sheds light on the work of Jung In Soo as a doctor and the depth of anguish he can have as a human being.

    Jung In Soo, played by Yoon Na Moo, is an original member who has appeared in Season 1. In the first season, he added the vitality of supporting roles, while in the second season, the characters were more developed, leading various stories to enrich the play.

    In particular, Jung In Soo showed significant growth, including voluntary night shifts with extraordinary sense of duty, and handling work when Kim Sa-bu (Han Suk-kyu) was absent.

    In addition, this season, I drew sympathy and support from many people as a narrative of deep character, such as realistically portraying the real agony of a family as well as a doctor.

    Yoon Na Moo said, “We have been with SBS 낭만닥터 김사부 from season 1 to season 2. Everything is good, so I think it will be a lot to remember. And I'm very grateful for the support of the character 'Jung In Soo' and I want to tell you. ”

    “I personally think that it was a chance to grow greatly as an actor through '낭만닥터 김사부' and '돌담병원'. Soon, I'll be looking for Netflix ‘If you like it 2 ', so please ask for your expectations and love.”

    Like this, Yoon Na Moo has lived up the character of 'Jung In Soo' by '낭만닥터 김사부' and has provided a unique presence, and he has been acclaimed for the discovery of 'Actress Yoon Na Moo'. Expectations and interest are gathering.

    - Google translation.