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    -JeA announces a new solo song in one year...
    -Who is featured in the veil? "Girl Crush Synergy Expectation"

    Brown Eyed Girls JeA releases a solo new song on the 12th.

    The agency MYSTIC STORY said on the 1st through Brown Eyed Girls' official SNS, "JeA's digital single'Greedyy' will be released on the 12th."

    JeA's new song was released one year after the solo album'Newself' in June of last year, and IU wrote and participated in this new song'Greedyy'.

    IU, who recently expressed his emotional sensibility in many songs including his single '에잇', and showed excellent ability as a lyricist, is looking forward to what lyrics will capture the public in this new song of JeA.

    Meanwhile, in the image released on the day, the feature was marked with a question mark, and aroused curiosity, MYSTIC STORY pointed out as "a special artist to show the synergy between JeA and Girl Crush."

    Even the main vocalist JeA of the girl group Brown Eyed Girls, who is keeping the top, meets the artist IU, and even features a special artist wrapped in a veil. Music fans' interest in the combination of the three artists is heating up.

    While JeA shows powerful and powerful energy on the stage, it is loved by its cheerful youthful charm in entertainment contents such as '쎈마이웨이' and 'JeA랄랄라'.

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    BAEKHYUN's appeal appeal song,'Candy', looks forward to a hip & trendy performance!

    The comeback stage of EXO BAEKHYUN (SM), which is on the popular streak with the second mini-album'Delight', will be aired on TV for the first time on the 5th.

    BAEKHYUN appeared on music programs such as KBS2TV'Music Bank' on the 5th of June, and SBS'Inkigayo' on the 7th, giving the stage for the new album title song'Candy', attracting viewers with outstanding singing ability and hip and trendy charming performance It is expected to.

    In particular, since the title song'Candy' is a wit song that compares BAEKHYUN's various charms to candy of various flavors, this stage also features BAEKHYUN's unique free spine, such as a cute gesture that tastes like candy, and an action reminiscent of backpacking. This outstanding performance, as well as a rhythmic choreographed with a large number of dancers, is expected to give a good response.

    In addition, BAEKHYUN's second mini-album, released on May 25, ranked #1 in 69 regions worldwide on the iTunes top album chart, followed by China QQ Music's first Korean singer album 'Triple Platinum' this year, QQ Music·Kugou Music·Kuwo Music It has proved BAEKHYUN's'One Top Solo Singer' by sweeping through various global charts, including the No. 1 digital album sales chart and the No. 1 domestic album chart weekly.

    In addition, BAEKHYUN appeared on MBC FM4U's ‘정오의 희망곡 김신영입니다’ on the 1st, set a record for the highest number of simultaneous visitors to MBC radio, and on the 3rd, it will appear on SBS Power FM’s ‘두시탈출 컬투쇼’.

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    -Kang Ji Young, acting tears revealed by the accumulated acting... 'Proof of Acting'
    -'야식남녀' Kang Ji Young, Positive Mind→ The accumulated snow explosion! Postponed emotional change

    Kang Ji Young's sorrow exploded.

    In the JTBC drama “야식남녀,” Kang Ji Young, who plays the role of PD Kim Ah Jin, who does not cry and rises again like a candy without any ordeal, burst from the positive feelings he has accumulated over the years.

    In the third episode of “야식남녀,” aired on the 1st, the process of Ah Jin's regular organization was depicted. First, Ah Jin successfully shot and started editing. Unlike the existing program editing method, even Park Jin Sung (Jung Il Woo)'s NG scene was put into the broadcast to emphasize authenticity, and as a result, viewers' hot response and high ratings were obtained.

    However, the joy of Ah Jin who was convinced of the regular formation did not last long. Because Cha Joo-hee (Kim Soo-jin) general manager mentioned Ah Jin's lack of experience and decided to co-direct with Nam Kyu-jang (Yang Dae-hyuk) on the condition of regular organization. Ah Jin said, “야식남녀,” tears up saying that it's all her own, but she was sorry for not being able to say anything at the choice of co-directing or removing the program.

    In particular, Jin Sung's bright welcome at the bistro touched Ah Jin's long-suffering feelings and focused his attention. With passion and affirmative mindset, he hid the contract's sorrow and pretended to be bright, but in fact, as if pouring out all the pain that had been a big wound, Jin Sung poured tears from his arms.

    As such, Kang Ji Young naturally endured the discrimination of the contract director's directing in the entertainment agency, naturally portraying the inner pain that had been hidden from the outside, and made viewers empathize with the character Ah Jin. Moreover, Kang Ji Young is revealing his true value as an actor with an emotional performance that highlights the performances he has accumulated so far, and his expectations for his future activities are growing.

    On the other hand, JTBC drama'야식남녀' starring Kang Ji Young, Jung Il Woo, Lee Hak Joo, and Kim Seung-Soo are broadcast four times at 9:30 on the second night.

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    Popular pro golfer Ahn Shin Ae Pro has been selected as a new muse for natural cosmetics brand swanicoco.

    An official from swanicoco said on the 1st, “The image of Ahn Shin Ae Pro, who has a healthy and pure beauty, matches well with the image that puts pure skin health as the top priority for the company to pursue.

    Ahn Shin Ae Pro debuted in the 2009 Korean Women's Professional Golf Tour (KLPGA) and won three career careers.

    In addition, he has been active in the Japan Women's Professional Golf (JLPGA) tour since 2017 and attracted so much popularity and interest that the 'Ahn Shin Ae craze' occurred in Japan. At the end of last year, he ranked 25th at the JLPGA Quilling School and obtained a full seed. Therefore, he is a player who is looking forward to his future performance.

    Ahn Shin Ae Pro, who became the new face of swanicoco, said, “Many golfers have a lot of concerns about the skin, and I am also sensitive to the ingredients of cosmetics. I am honored to be a model of natural cosmetics swanicoco at this opportunity, and swanicoco sun to more people I will be with swanicoco celebrities to let you know the goodness of the line. ”

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    From 'progress' to 'empathy'
    ‘드루와’ is a big success
    Real laughter rich charm
    MC-performing aura
    Class of “Veteran Host”

    Lee Su Geun showed the essence of the laugh rich through ‘드루와’.

    MBN ‘드루와’, which was first broadcast on the 31st, is a new concept drive-through song show where everything from talk to song unfolds in the car. Lee Su Geun teamed up with BOOM and Hong Jin Young to announce a pleasant start to the new program.

    On this day, Lee Su Geun led the general performers who came to ‘드루와’ comfortably and happily with their unique affinity. Forming a comfortable atmosphere so that those who can be awkward in the broadcast can show their meals to their fullest will lead the conversation naturally to tell the basics and stories, listen to the stories of the performers, and show the dignity of the 'veteran host' gave.

    Lee Su Geun not only led the talk, but also performed unusually by playing himself. For those who couldn't drive, Lee Su Geun transformed into a knight of ‘드루와’ and moved them to come to a singing place and laughed.

    In addition, Lee Su Geun also captured viewers in combination with Hong Jin Young and BOOM, who appeared together. The three danced happily to the performers' songs, or led the program to flow naturally as if flowing, and expected the future performance.

    Lee Su Geun, the entertainment industry's best laugh rich, has played a role in raising the mood through the new concept drive-through song show ‘드루와’ and revealed the presence of “laugh rich” by enriching the program with laughter. Interest is gathering in the future to see what joy will be delivered in ‘드루와’.

    Meanwhile, MBN ‘드루와’ is broadcast every Sunday at 9:20 pm.

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    Staged various performances using diverse AR, including a 'giant SIWON' who filled the 12m-high concert hall!
    High-resolution AR using state-of-the-art “volume metrics” technology overwhelms your eyes!

    SUPER JUNIOR unveiled an all-time ‘SUPER SHOW’ with a new concept online concert ‘Beyond LIVE’.

    'Beyond the SUPER SHOW', which was broadcast live on the 31st at 3 p.m. NAVER V LIVE, attracted 123,000 viewers from all over the world with rich performances by combining various technologies with SUPER JUNIOR's powerful performance.

    Above all, this performance Tops Twitter trends in 13 international regions with hashtag '#SUPERJUNIOR_BeyondLIVE' including Guatemala, Malaysia, Mexico, Vietnam, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Chile, Peru, and Ecuador, and the total number of hearts in the V app is 2.8 billion Achieved 50 million pieces and made the explosive love of global fans come true.

    On this day, SUPER JUNIOR was ‘Sorry, Sorry’, ‘Mr. Simple’, ‘Sexy, Free & Single’, and 'MAMACITA' hit song parade and SUPER JUNIOR-D & E's ‘머리부터 발끝까지 (‘Bout you)’, ‘떴다 오빠’,, and SUPER JUNIOR-K.R.Y.'s ‘기대(Home)’, Including a variety of stages, including a total of 16 songs, over 130 people. Particularly, augmented reality with vivid chandeliers and a bold SUPER JUNIOR flag, 'SUPERMAN', 'SUPER Clap' with an atmosphere that stands out, and 'Shining Star' with a pearl sapphire blue 'E.L.F.♥’ star with love for fans The graphics have doubled the fun.

    Subsequently, SUPER JUNIOR made full use of the members' witty talks through 'Interactive Communication', which can be enjoyed at home through video connections with worldwide fans, and gave the audience a big laugh with the 'Ask SJ' corner. In addition, 'Beyond LIVE', which was broadcast live around the world, provides subtitles in 13 countries including Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Spanish, Arabic, French, German, Italian, and Russian to communicate more closely with global viewers. did.

    In the middle of the concert, “Giant SIWON”, which filled the 12-meter-high venue, was a surprise and attracted viewers. The technology is AR content that utilizes cutting-edge “volume metrics” technology that SK Telecom introduced in collaboration with SM Entertainment. ‘Giant SIWON’, photographed at SK Telecom Jump Studio, is a high-resolution AR that utilizes 3D modeling and advanced face recognition technology to capture each of SIWON's movements in detail on 106 cameras.

    In addition, this performance adds' Support Cheek Sink Play Service 'and dynamic AR effect that can change the colors and effects of Cheer Stick in real time to match fans' support rods with wireless communication-based sync play technology and live video sync. It was enough to enjoy the charm of 'Beyond the SUPER SHOW', which I could not experience at a concert.

    Lastly, SUPER JUNIOR said, “I am so happy to be with you at this point in the face of a new future. It was a different time when I could see the fans one by one. It will be SUPER JUNIOR that will continue to make good memories with you. ”

    Meanwhile, 'Beyond LIVE' is the world's first online dedicated paid concert that combines technology and performance. It is said that SM Entertainment's new culture technology has been realized in the field of concert, and has opened up a new future for the evolved digital performance culture.

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    Surpassed 700,000 album sales in a week, based on HANTEO Chart! Swept charts with his 'One top solo power'!

    'One Top Solo Singer' EXO BAEKHYUN (SM) 's new album' Delight 'topped the weekly album chart.

    BAEKHYUN's second mini-album 'Delight', released on May 25, proved the power of BAEKHYUN by recording 704,527 first week sales volumes only on the HANTEO Chart. Ranked first in the week.

    In addition, this album ranked # 1 in the iTunes top album chart worldwide, ranked No. 1 in China's QQ Music, Kugou Music, and Kuwo Music digital album sales charts, followed by 'Double Platinum', the first Korean singer album this year at QQ Music. Platinum ', making BAEKHYUN's global popularity a reality.

    In addition to the title song 'Candy', ‘R U Ridin’?’, ‘Bungee’, ‘Underwater’, ‘Poppin’ ’, ‘Ghost’, ‘Love Again’, etc. With this, you can meet the trendy music sensibility of BAEKHYUN.

    On the other hand, BAEKHYUN will appear in MBC FM4U '정오의 희망곡 김신영입니다' broadcasted at 12:00 noon on the 1st.

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    LAY participated in producing all the songs and proved his singing and songwriting skills!
    Meet the MV of the lead song ‘蓮 (Lit)’, with overwhelming visual beauty!

    EXO LAY (SM)'s new solo album ‘蓮 (LIT)’ Part.1 will be released on the 1st.

    EXO LAY releases the fourth solo album ‘蓮 (LIT)’ Part.1 through various music sites such as Flo, Melon, and Genie at 12:00 noon on June 1st, and is highly anticipated.

    This Part.1 album includes the title song ‘蓮 (LIT)’, '玉 (Jade)', '鷹 (Eagle)', '水 (H2O)', '飛 (Fly)', and '靈 (Soul)' Six songs including Western music styles such as hip-hop and R & B are included in oriental cultural materials, and EXO LAY participates in producing all songs to confirm the aspect of being a producer.

    In particular, the title song ‘蓮 (Lit)’ is a song containing the viewpoint of Hangzhou in the Chinese opera 'Pawangbyeolhui', and the lyrics of the king's grand ambition and melodies, such as pipa, double the magnificent atmosphere, written by EXO LAY , Participating in composition and arrangement, added specialness.

    In addition, the music video of the title song ‘蓮 (Lit)’ will be released through YouTube LAY channel and NAVER TV SMTOWN channel at 11:07 am (Korea time) on the 1st, and overwhelming scale video and hip performance of EXO LAY We can meet and catch our eyes.

    On the other hand, EXO LAY's fourth solo album ‘蓮 (LIT)’ is a part that contains songs from the genre of 'M-POP (Mix-Mandarin-Pop)', which adds Western music style to traditional Chinese music with the motif of past life and posterity. It consists of .1 and Part.2, where you can meet trendy music in a modern atmosphere, and a album in the form of a book will be released in the future with Part.2 sound source added to Part.1.

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    Viewers' excitement index increases with heavy charm + delicate emotion expression!
    Give your heartfelt consolation to Oh Yoon Ah and switch relationships!

    '한 번 다녀왔습니다' KI DOHUN (SM)'s performance started to stand out.

    KI DOHUN is acting in the role of ‘Park Hyo-shin’ in the KBS 2TV drama ‘한 번 다녀왔습니다’.

    On the 31st broadcast, the relationship between Park Hyo-shin (KI DOHUN) and Song Ga Hee (Oh Yoon Ah) changed.

    Park Hyo-shin witnessed that Song Ga Hee was drinking alone, kept the seat together, and raised the excitement of Song Ga Hee, who drunk up and walked home.

    In addition, Park Hyo-shin, when Song Ga Hee told her to forget her spirit the next day, responded sensibly that she was drunk and thought of nothing, creating a warm atmosphere and looking forward to the romance of the two new beginnings.

    KI DOHUN, who played ‘Park Hyo-shin’, not only adds weight to the character with heavy charm, but also expresses emotion changes toward Song Ga Hee delicately to increase viewers' immersion.

    On the other hand, '한 번 다녀왔습니다' is a work that depicts a pleasant and warm story that completes the search for happiness through the process of going through the gap and crisis of divorce between parents and children. Every Saturday and Sunday at 7:55 pm It is broadcast.

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    Han Seon Hwa's sensual fashion pictorial with <the NEIGHBOR>

    The fashion pictorial of <The NEIGHBOR>, a high-end membership magazine featuring actor Han Seon Hwa, has been released.
    Actor Han Seon Hwa, who showed acting growth in last year's drama <구해줘2>, is returning to the new SBS drama <편의점 샛별이> scheduled to air in June. She is making steady acting transformations, and through this work, she is going to transform herself into a career woman who is completely contrasted with her previous work.

    The drama <편의점 샛별이> is a comic romance played by Choi Dae-hyun (Ji Chang-wook) and Jung Sae-byeol (Kim Yoo-jung) in the background of a convenience store. Yoo Yeon Joo, who is in charge of Han Seon Hwa, is a person who is intelligent, beautiful, and capable.

    Han Seon Hwa, who has always been loved for her lovely charm, showed a different image through this pictorial. The face of the new character Yoo Yeon Joo, Han Seon Hwa's own appearance, and his elegant charm. In the pictorial, she presented a classic charm reminiscent of an actor in the 1950s to 1960s by styling high-end jewelry in an elegant dress that highlights the body line that has been cultivated through thorough self-care.

    In addition, Han Seon Hwa confidently digests any outfits prepared, and in front of the camera, poses as colorful as a professional model, admiring all the staff on the scene.

    <the NEIGHBOR> magazine will release not only the pictorial, but also the 'THE Tag' interview video, which was conducted through a brief keyword.

    The pictorial of actor Han Seon Hwa and the interview video to be released on June 8th will be published in the June issue of <the NEIGHBOR> and the official website (theneighbor.co.kr), official instagram (@ neighbor.magazine) and YouTube (theneighbormagazine) You can check at

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