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    One time with global fans and music! Believe and see the stage + Prove infinite synergy!

    NCT(SM) successfully performed a special performance through the world's first paid online concert 'Beyond LIVE'.

    ‘Beyond LIVE - NCT : RESONANCE ‘Global Wave’’, which was broadcast live on Naver V LIVE from 3 pm on the 27th, is a hot response as you can meet NCT's unique music, colorful charm, and a splendid stage with AR and graphic effects. Got it.

    In particular, about 200,000 viewers from 124 countries around the world, including Korea, as well as the United States, China, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, and Canada, enjoyed the performance together in real time, and performances such as'#NCT2020_Beyond_LIVE' and member names and song names. Related hashtags also swept the No. 1 Twitter real-time trend in 23 countries, including Mexico, Brazil, Vietnam, Belgium, Argentina, Russia, Finland, and Hungary, confirming the global power of NCT once again.

    At the performance on this day, NCT's growth and infinity from the debut song'일곱 번째 감각' released in 2016 to the first release of the stage of the 2nd regular album released this year such as 'My Everything', '단잠', '피아노', and '백열등'. It presented a colorful stage where you can fully enjoy the charm.

    In addition, the NCT U stage where you can meet various member combinations and chemistry such as'BOSS', 'WITHOUT YOU', 'Baby Don't Stop', '90's Love', 'Work It', 'From Home', 'Misfit' Of course, NCT 127'영웅', 'TOUCH', NCT DREAM'GO','무대로', WayV 'Bad Alive','月之迷 (Nectar)', etc. A total of 21 songs, such as the group song'RESONANCE', which shows the perfect synergy of the members, elicited an explosive response.

    In addition, on the stage of 'Make A Wish', AR technology was used to create magnificent palaces and subtitles in the shape of magic lamps, and the large chessboard of'月之迷 (Nectar)', a street full of neon signs of ‘Ridin’ ’, RESONANCE's metal logo that seems to be penetrating through the screen, and vivid AR and graphic effects are added to enhance viewers' immersion.

    At the end of the performance, the NCT members said, “I showed the songs we released from our debut until now on the stage, but we were also very impressed as we prepared, and it was great to be able to show it like this.” It was meaningful because I was able to show the stage and build a lot of good memories with the members. The support from fans this year will be a great driving force for the 2021 activities. I want to meet you in person as soon as possible, and I look forward to your future activities.”

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    SUPER JUNIOR has opened the last unit teaser image of their 10th album.

    The last unit that connects ‘Passionate Unit’ and ‘Versatile Unit’ is ‘Beautiful Unit’, and members HEECHUL, YESUNG, and RYEOWOOK belong.

    The ‘Beautiful Unit’ teaser image uploaded on SUPER JUNIOR's official SNS on the 28th at 10 am catches the eye with brilliant props and costumes. HEECHUL, YESUNG, and RYEOWOOK in the released photos are posing under a sparkling chandelier and staring at the camera lens.

    From shining chandeliers and sequins, to costumes with various jewels closely embroidered, this unit teaser photo is characterized by visually revealing the cultural splendor that reached the peak of the ‘Renaissance’ period.

    The personal teaser images of ‘Beautiful Unit’ HEECHUL, YESUNG, RYEOWOOK, which contain the atmosphere of SUPER JUNIOR's 10th album ‘The Renaissance’, can be additionally checked at 10 am on the 29th.

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    -Yoon Jong Shin, finishing creative activity'Stranger Project' in a strange place..."Fate to discover through experience"
    -"Music is my destiny, I want to do better"...A song containing the mindset of creator Yoon Jong Shin

    Singer Yoon Jong Shin's monthly music project〈Monthly YoonJongShin〉 December issue'Destiny' will be released on the 28th.

    'Destiny', the last issue of this year's〈Monthly YoonJongShin〉, is a song that concludes the'Stranger Project' this year. It was written by Yoon Jong Shin and composed by Yoon Jong Shin and Kang Hwa Sung.

    Yoon Jong Shin worked on the'Stranger Project' this year to make music based on emotions that came to mind while staying in a strange place. The December issue contains the reasons why Yoon Jong Shin had to leave, the reason he had to return, and the reason he would not lose his identity as a stranger no matter where he was.

    This song was previously released through the'Thresher' of the〈Monthly YoonJongShin〉 YouTube channel last year, and was produced while imagining'BTS' as a singer, and expresses the sorrow of a top star who has to go on stage immediately while exhausting himself.

    Yoon Jong Shin, after listening to this song again after a long time, thought that he was projected quite deeply even though it was a song written while imagining someone else, and tried to complete it by adding his own story ahead of the end of the'Stranger Project'. .

    If the original song was written in the position of a star who has risen to the top rank, the refined “Destiny” is developed in the position of Yoon Jong Shin, who has been a creator for a long time.

    The fate that Yoon Jong Shin talks about through'Destiny' is a fate discovered through experience rather than an innate fate. He said, “I have been working for over 30 years and have tried not only music and broadcasting, but also a company, and I have tried a lot of things, such as raising a singer. As the time passed, I knew who I was. “In the end, I came to think that what I still do is music, and music is my destiny. So I want to do music longer.”

    He added, "I think I can only know what kind of fate I am after taking enough time to turn around and look back," he added.

    The December issue'Destiny', a review of the mindset of creator Yoon Jong Shin, will be released on the music site before 6 pm on this day.

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    A comprehensive gift set full of charms from talk + game + stage!

    TVXQ!(SM) successfully completed an online fan meeting celebrating the 17th anniversary of their debut.

    On the 26th, TVXQ! celebrates the 17th anniversary of its debut, through Naver V LIVE's Beyond LIVE channel, '2020 TVXQ! ONLINE FANMEETING 동(冬),방(房),신기 with Cassiopeia’ was held, and we had a pleasant and happy time with fans around the world in various corners such as talks, quizzes, games, and stages.

    In the first part, with the concept of home camping, special MC SHINee MINHO’s sensuous progress, “TVXQ! The final exam” was held, and the “Cassiopeia area” that matches the best labor songs of TVXQ!, quotes by members, and stage costumes selected by fans, and “TVXQ!” tests how well U-Know and MAX CHANGMIN know each other. They solved the'area' problems and made a smile with various stories.

    In addition, there is a'Treasure Search' corner where you can find missions hidden all over the stage and earn emergency money if you succeed in the mission written on the paper.TVXQ! is a roller coaster game, basketball game, mole game, finger punch, finding the wrong picture, and emoticon expressions. He drew attention by digesting various missions such as the following, and the emergency money obtained was donated under the name of the fan club Cassiopeia, adding warmth.

    In addition, in the second part of the fan meeting, we presented the stage of hit songs where you can meet TVXQ!'s excellent live performances and proprietary performances such as debut songs'Hug','Tonight','운명 (The Chance of Love)', and 'Catch Me'. U-Know 'Follow', MAX CHANGMIN'Rise As One', and other solo stages with contrasting charms were also available, attracting fans.

    TVXQ! said, “Thanks to you, we were able to celebrate the 17th anniversary. Thank you very much and I love you.” “It was a meaningful day and a great time to be together online. I will show you a variety of images next year,” he said and ended the fan meeting.

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    Limited express stages from NCT U to NCT 127, NCT DREAM, and WayV!

    On the 27th, NCT(SM) will perform a special performance through the world's first online concert 'Beyond LIVE'.

    NCT held ‘Beyond LIVE - NCT : RESONANCE ‘Global Wave’’ through Naver V LIVE's Beyond LIVE channel at 3pm on the 27th, fascinating global fans with a performance that combines unrivaled music, spectacular performance, and spectacular stage direction. It is expected to do.

    In particular, NCT is planning to provide a special performance that allows you to enjoy the various music of NCT announced from 2016 to the present, under the title meaning ``The world is connected as one through'RESONANCE','' raising expectations. .

    In addition, you can meet the stages of each team of NCT 127, NCT DREAM, and WayV, as well as NCT U, where the various combinations and chemistry of the members stand out. .

    On the other hand, NCT has proven its strong record power, with the total sales of albums released this year, including the second album that recorded a double million seller, exceeded 5,117,000 copies.

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    “It's going to boil hot.” ​​Survival intern → Hearing his activity as a straight reporter
    Digest growth characters! Proven broader acting spectrum

    The performance of 'HUSH' LIM YOONA (Girls' Generation YOONA, SM) is receiving favorable reviews every day.

    LIM YOONA vividly digests the role of 'Lee Ji Soo', a survival reporter in the JTBC drama'HUSH'.

    In episode 6 broadcast on the 26th, it was revealed that Lee Ji Soo was the daughter of Lee Yong Min PD (Park Yoon Hee), who was sacrificed by fake news 6 years ago, and this led to a big relationship with Han Jun Hyuk (Hwang Jung Min). The story of reaching a turning point unfolded.

    In particular, Lee Ji Soo decided to remain in the newly reorganized digital news department rather than the Ministry of Social Affairs, and for a while, he was surprised by the fact that his article was sent, and his article was used in public opinion along with the official position of '매일 한국'. As I watched the situation, I came to face the painful reality once again.

    Following that, Lee Ji Soo, who learned of Han Jun Hyuk's sincerity, visited him and said, “Make me a reporter. If you make him a real reporter who can be confident in front of anyone, anytime, anywhere, you will see it boil once in a hot and tremendous way.” He urged him to become his mentor, proclaiming his growth and performance as a'real' reporter in earnest. Increased expectations for the next development.

    In this process, LIM YOONA delicately expresses the psychological change process of'Lee Ji Soo', who is pursuing a new challenge as a reporter, washing away the sadness and bad luck of the past that weighed heavily on the heart, and proved the broader acting spectrum. It doubled the charm of the character that will grow rapidly and got a good response.

    On the other hand,'HUSH' is a drama about the lives of salaried reporters, and it is attracting a lot of attention by giving a sense of sympathy that transcends generations, and can be seen at JTBC every Friday and Saturday at 11 pm.

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    -'룰루랄라 전당포' Hong Ji Yoon, a'lovely newcomer' who is eye-catching
    -Hong Ji Yoon, the next-generation prospect who played an active part in'김비서가 왜 그럴까' and'나의 나라'

    Actor Hong Ji Yoon released a variety of charms that transcend innocence and girl crush in the web drama'룰루랄라 전당포' that reflects the fantasy of youth in their twenties who want to change their personality.

    The web drama'룰루랄라 전당포', which was released on the 23rd at wavve, is a fantasy comedy about a pawn shop that lends money by taking people's emotions, not objects, as collateral. It is one of four projects produced by the production company Lazete and selected by the native OTT platform Wave and the Gyeonggi Contents Agency to support production and distribution of new media content (broadcasting video division).

    Hong Ji Yoon took on the role of'Kim Chae Yoon', a tearful writer who turns any genre into a new song through excessive empathy. Kim Chae Yoon is a cheerful, delicate and affectionate figure that stimulates her protective instinct.

    Chae Yoon, dissatisfied with her personality, leaves the pawnshop with 'sorrow' and transforms into a chic female college student, but is rejected by the film production company for being too emotionally dry. “Sadness” was also an essential feeling. Chae Yoon and her friends, who felt the importance of such a variety of emotions, regained the emotions entrusted to the pawnshop and played a step up.

    Hong Ji Yoon, who has focused his attention with a fresh appearance from the first appearance, lovingly digested the character with rich sensitivity and pure charm. The appearance of crying while watching horror and action movies, or watching a piece of gimbap decorated with crying, and his mouth closed while hesitating in front of the pawnshop he found again, and his wacky appearances unfolding his imagination brought laughter.
    On the other hand, after visiting the pawnshop, she showed off her anti-war charm by popping her girl crush. Hong Ji Yoon's acting, which expresses the character whose sadness has disappeared with his cold eyes and speech, made the story more interesting and increased the immersion.

    Meanwhile, Hong Ji Yoon, who showed a vitamin-like charm at'룰루랄라 전당포', debuted with tvN'크리미널마인드' in 2017, OCN'나쁜녀석들: 악의 도시', tvN'김비서가 왜 그럴까', Netflix original series'첫사랑은 처음이라서’, etc., and she is a newcomer who announced her face with her beautiful appearance and stable acting.

    Hee-jae (Seol-hyun)'s friend, Hwa-wol, who has lived an uncomfortable life at JTBC's'나의 나라', which ended last year, has always revealed his presence. In addition to her work, she is active as an advertising model for beauty and fashion brands as a style icon emerging among the MZ generation.

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    The viewer rang! Anger ↔ Tears
    LIM YOONA's narration that conveyed sadness! ‘Optimized voice’ is well received

    The performance of'HUSH' LIM YOONA (Girls' Generation YOONA, SM) captivated viewers.

    LIM YOONA is playing the role of “Lee Ji Soo”, a surviving reporter who is full of energy and confidence in the JTBC drama “HUSH”.

    In episode 5 of ‘HUSH’ broadcasted on the 25th, the story of Lee Ji Soo, who became a probationary reporter, entered the social department under the scheme of Han Jun Hyuk (Hwang Jung Min) and faced the first incident, and focused the viewers.

    In particular, Lee Ji Soo added vitality to the play by asking a powerful question reminiscent of Han Jun Hyuk in the process of covering the victims of the drunk driving accident of the son of a lawmaker. The next day, the victim and the perpetrator are angry at the fact that the news is being sent. It drew attention with the appearance of swallowing.

    In addition, at the end of the broadcast, Lee Ji Soo revealed to Han Jun Hyuk that Lee Yong Min PD (Park Yoon Hee), who died six years ago due to fake news, is his father, followed by a narration that urges awareness of a world without reflection. It raised expectations for the next development.

    In this process, LIM YOONA, who plays'Lee Ji Soo', not only perfectly expresses the apprentice reporter enthusiastically working on the report, but also stably digests various emotional acting from anger to sadness, and plays with a narration of calm tone and accurate diction. They are getting a good response by increasing their immersion.

    On the other hand,'HUSH' is a work that captures the lives of'paid workers' reporters shaking at the border between survival and conscience, and episode 6 at 11 pm on the 26th is broadcast.

    - Google translation.

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    Complete transformation of a trainee reporter! Fresh beauty!
    An advance notice of becoming a “real” reporter!

    The reporter card of “HUSH” LIM YOONA (Girls' Generation YOONA, SM) is a hot topic.

    LIM YOONA takes on the role of'Lee Ji Soo', a survival reporter in the JTBC drama'HUSH', vividly capturing the growth and agony of a newcomer in society and is getting a good response.

    On the afternoon of the 26th, LIM YOONA released the employee ID of Lee Ji Soo, who succeeded in converting from an intern reporter to a trainee reporter in the play through the official Instagram, showing the details of the play and drawing attention with a perfect visual that stands out with freshness. .

    In this work, LIM YOONA is also attracting attention with a new external transformation that takes advantage of the character's characteristics, such as a short cut HUSH cut and reporter look, and is loved by making'Lee Ji Soo', a young man full of confidence and ambition, a sympathetic character. .

    In particular, in the last episode, as Lee Ji Soo made her first on-site coverage of her life and took her first step toward growth as a “real reporter,” it is paying attention to what kind of activity she will show to viewers in Episode 6 tonight.

    On the other hand,'HUSH' is a drama about the growth period of a reporter, and can be seen every Friday and Saturday at 11 pm at JTBC.

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    -Hwang In Yeop, perfectly synchronized with the character! ‘Hwang In Yeop is Han Seo Jun’ very popular!
    -Start straight to Hwang In Yeop, Mun Ka Young

    Hwang In Yeop is exploding the magical charm in '여신강림'.

    Hwang In Yeop, who played the role of “Han Seo Jun,” who went right before their idol debut with an attractive appearance, model fit physical, and sweet voice in the tvN drama “여신강림” is exploding the anti-war charm.

    In episodes 5 and 6 aired this week, a scene where Seo Jun boasted a different kind of affection and approached Lim Ju-kyung (Mun Ka Young) bluffly was drawn. Having engaged in a sharp nervous war with Lee Soo-ho (Cha Eun-woo), he passed the bike key and consciously approached Ju-kyung, saying,'I will only listen to you'. However, the more I watched Ju-kyung, who listens to Soo-ho, and how he helps his younger brother Han Go Woon (Yeo Ju Ha), the more pure curiosity starts to arise, and he begins to realize his mistake, saying, "I'm sorry to think about it" . This is the point where viewers' affinity for Seo Jun, who realized that it could hurt, has increased.

    Seo Jun confessed to Ju-kyung, who came to his house to play, "Thank you for taking care of Go Woon, how can I just let him go?" and confessed to him, "I'm sorry," while taking him home. In addition, when Ju-kyung was in danger, he went straight ahead without hesitation to save Ju-kyung.

    Hwang In Yeop captivated the viewers by digesting both the rough action and the flimsy side. In particular, it is said that the drama was filled with a variety of charms, expressing the character's personality between smirks and gags in addition to the sizzling charm.

    As viewers' affection for the Han Seo Jun character is increasing every time, Hwang In Yeop is showing a perfectly assimilated acting with the character with stable acting skills. Accordingly, hot reactions such as “Hwang In Yeop's first life character birth”, “Han Seo Jun soon Hwang In Yeop” and “2021 unique rising star” are continuing.

    Meanwhile, the tvN drama'여신강림', starring Hwang In Yeop, airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 10:30 pm.

    - Google translation.