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    -Hwang In Youp, "A space where you can communicate closely with fans... We will deliver various news"
    -Hwang In Youp, starts communicating with fans in earnest, continuing the trend!

    The official fan cafe of actor Hwang In Youp has opened.

    Hwang In Youp's management company KEYEAST posted on the official Instagram on the 1st, "The official fan cafe of actor Hwang In Youp of KEYEAST has opened. We are planning to deliver various news of Hwang In Youp in the future, so please pay attention from fans" Along with the article, Hwang In Youp's greeting video was posted.

    Through the video, Hwang In Youp said, "My official fan cafe, which fans have been waiting for, has finally been opened. I am very excited because there is a space where I can communicate with you more closely." As often as I can, I will leave news and talk a lot, so I hope you look forward to it and support you.”

    KEYEAST has opened an official fan cafe as a way to establish a communication channel for Korean fans about Hwang In Youp, an actor who is gaining global popularity across the country through the drama'여신강림.' As it opened with the support of the fans who support us, we will be able to deliver more diverse news closer to the fans.” He said, “It can be a fun space only for fans and actors Hwang In Youp. I hope to be there."

    On the other hand, Hwang In Youp, who is continuing its popular activities by announcing the opening of the official fan cafe, has been digesting the pictorial and advertising schedule after successfully completing the tvN drama'여신강림' and is carefully reviewing his next work.

    Hwang In Youp's official fan cafe information can be found through the agency's official Instagram.

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    -Kang Han Na, love call after beauty brand advertisement with transparent and healthy image...'Beauty hot icon'
    -Kang Han Na, continues her popular activities in 2021 with active drama + radio + advertisement!

    Actor Kang Han Na was selected as a model for the representative Dermo-cosmetic brand.

    On the morning of the 1st, the agency KEYEAST announced the news that Kang Han Na was selected as the muse of BIODERMA, the No. 1 Dermo-cosmetic brand in France. Along with this, an advertisement cut boasting a clear and clear skin without defects by Kang Han Na was released.

    As for the reason for the model selection, the brand said, “We decided that Kang Han Na's clean and healthy image would create a good synergy with the brand, so we were selected as a model.” did.

    Kang Han Na also said, “I am happy to be selected as the model of the brand I really love,” and said, “I hope we can give you a lot of skin care tips with BIODERMA in the future.”

    Kang Han Na, who was selected as the first exclusive model for the skin treatment information platform YEOSHIN Ticket last year, is also working as a model for the inner beauty care product INNER ID. Here, he was selected as the new brand muse of BIODERMA, a brand including Dermo-cosmetic 1, and proved that he has emerged as a hot icon in the beauty advertising world.

    Meanwhile, Kang Han Na is returning to the role of Yang Hye-sun in the tvN drama ``간 떨어지는 동거'' scheduled to air in May this year. Yang Hye-sun is going to show a stylish and plump charm as a former Gumiho character who has a tight look, unlike a flashy visual.

    In this way, the public's interest and expectations for Kang Han Na, who will continue their popular activities this year, are focused on drama, radio, and even beauty advertisements.

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    -Park Ha Seon, perfect digestion of maternal love in a fight with zombies ‘Black comedy possible because Park Ha Seon’
    -‘산부인과로 가는 길’ Park Ha Seon, an irreplaceable acting that enhances the completeness of each cast

    Actor Park Ha Seon once again showed excellent character digestibility through'산부인과로 가는 길'.

    In the tvN drama stage 2021'산부인과로 가는 길', which aired on the 31st, Park Ha Seon takes on the role of'Yoo Hwa Young', a pregnant woman who is slower than zombies in a world of zombies slower than humans, digesting a character that shows strong maternal love in a disaster situation. And caused laughter and emotion.

    Hwa Young (Park Ha Seon), a full-term pregnant woman, felt pain and encountered people who had turned into zombies on her way to the obstetrics and gynecology department. Hwa Young, a pregnant woman who is a slower zombie than normal, but has to be slower than that, got through the zombies with the help of Yogurt Aunt Han Jae-sook (Kim Jae-hwa) and arrived at the obstetrics and gynecology department. Hwa Young, who fought for the death of a zombie with nurse Kim So-jin (Bae Yoon-kyung), ended the story by holding the child and facing another crossroads of survival.

    Park Ha Seon maximized her immersion by realistically depicting a strong mother trying to protect her baby in her stomach even in a desperate disaster. Park Ha Seon was dependent on his husband, but for his children, Hwa Young, who showed off the increasing maternal love by fighting zombies by exerting momentum, action, and quickness he didn't know about, elicited the sympathy of viewers. Park Ha Seon, who unraveled Hwa Young, the center of the story of such a unique setting, with unrivaled character digestibility, drew a criticism as'a black comedy possible because Park Ha Seon'.

    Park Ha Seon, who succeeded in a box office success through'평일 오후 세시의 연인','산후조리원', and'며느라기', showed stable acting through the recent movie'고백', and the 24th'Bucheon' He also won the Korean Fantastic Feature Actor Award at'International Fantastic Film Festival (BIFAN)'.

    On the other hand, Park Ha Seon confirmed to appear as the protagonist elite agent ‘Seo Soo-yeon’ in MBC's anticipated drama ‘검은 태양’ in the second half of the year, and announced that he will continue his popular activities with another acting transformation.

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    Pre-order starts on March 31!

    SHINee(SM) continues their activities with the 7th album repackage album.

    SHINee's 7th album repackage album'Atlantis' will be released on various music sites on April 12 at 6 pm, and will also be released on the 15th.

    This album consists of a total of 12 songs in which 3 new songs, including the title song'Atlantis','같은 자리 (Area)', and'Days and Years', were added to the 9 songs from the 7th album released in February. Enough to meet the rich world of music.

    In addition, SHINee is the 7th album'Don't Call Me', which is #1 on Korean music and album charts, 6 crowns on music broadcasts, #1 on iTunes top album charts in 47 regions worldwide, and sales chart of QQ Music and Kuwo Music digital albums in China 1 The repackage album is also expected to receive a hot response as it gained global popularity, including No. 1 on the Japanese Oricon Weekly Digital Album Chart and No. 1 on the Japanese LINE MUSIC Album Top 100 Chart.

    Meanwhile, SHINee's 7th album repackage album'Atlantis' can be pre-purchased at various online and offline record stores from the 31st.

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    Proves himself as the 'Top Solo' once again with 'Bambi'!

    EXO BAEKHYUN (SM) proves one-top solo power by sweeping the top spot on the global charts at the same time as the release of the new mini-album “Bambi”.

    BAEK HYUN's new mini album "Bambi" released on the last 30 days. It tops the iTunes Top Album charts of 56 international regions. Canada, France, Italy, Australia, Arab Emirates, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Chile, Czech Republic, Ecuador, Egypt, Finland, Ghana, Singapore, Japan, India, Bulgaria, Indonesia, Austria, Kazakhstan, Laos, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, Cambodia, Nigeria, Norway, Paraguay, Costa Rica, Philippines, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, including Vietnam, Denmark and South Africa.

    In addition, this album ranked first in China's largest music site QQ Music and Kogou Music digital album sales charts, and QQ Music was the first Korean male singer album this year to achieve sales of 1 million yuan in about an hour after the album was released. It was uploaded to the'Platinum Album' given to him and confirmed the global interest in BAEKHYUN once again.

    In addition, BAEKHYUN sold over 760,000 copies in HANTEO CHART only on the first day of the album's release, as well as winning the 1st place in Korean album charts daily such as Synnararecord, YES24, and HOTTRACKS, realizing the powerful power of a “million seller”.

    On the other hand, BAEKHYUN's 3rd mini album'Bambi' includes the title song'Bambi','Love Scene','All I Got','Privacy','Cry For Love','놀이공원 (Amusement Park)' and other love themes. It contains a total of 6 songs in the R&B genre.

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    To hold solo debut countdown with fans!

    Red Velvet WENDY (SM) meets fans with a special live broadcast to commemorate the release of first solo album.

    WENDY is planning to host a live broadcast 'WENDY's New Chapter: Like Water' through NAVER V LIVE and YouTube Red Velvet channels from 5 pm on April 5th, so a hot response from global fans is expected.

    In particular, as the broadcast on this day takes place an hour before the release of the first solo album, it is expected to raise expectations even more as you can meet various stories such as album introduction, unboxing, working episodes, and recent talks.

    In addition, WENDY is attracting attention by sequentially releasing teaser images with various atmospheres prior to the release of the album, and additional teaser images with a dreamy atmosphere have been added to various SNS Red Velvet official accounts at 00:00 on the 31st.

    Meanwhile, WENDY's first mini-album'Like Water' consists of a total of 5 songs containing sincere lyrics and warm emotions, including double title songs'Like Water' and'When This Rain Stops'. Music sources are released on various music sites of the city.

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    Actor Jang Yoon Ju was confirmed to be cast as “나이로비” in the Korean version of <종이의 집>.

    The original Spanish series <종이의 집> is a crime drama of a record scale in which crime experts, led by a man called ``professor'', occupied the Spanish Mint, printed hundreds of millions of euros, and fleeing the world. It is a topical work that aroused. The Korean version of <종이의 집> depicts the process of a genius strategist and people with different personalities and abilities in the Korean peninsula, confronting extraordinary variables and holding a hostage play unprecedented in history.

    Recently, Jang Yoon Ju is expanding her acting spectrum by continuing her acting careers, such as'세자매','시민덕희', and'1승,' following the movie'베테랑', which has been recognized for her potential as an actor. And is loved by fans.

    On the other hand, following the news of the remake, the Korean version of <종이의 집>, which is receiving hot attention through the casting of a powerful combination including Jang Yoon Ju, will only be released on Netflix.

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    -〈Monthly YoonJongShin〉 March issue'몬스터' released on the 31st...2005 released song'몬스터' repair
    -'몬스터' evaluated as an experimental ballad, formally destroyed once more with a psychedelic genre

    Singer Yoon Jong Shin's monthly music project〈Monthly YoonJongShin〉 Repair March issue'몬스터' will be released on the 31st.

    '몬스터' is a song that compares past love that was so intense that it wasn't over even though it was over to'몬스터', and tried to express the pain like struggles that came to the end of a very painful love.

    Yoon Jong Shin wanted a more experimental attempt while repairing the'몬스터' included in Yoon Jong Shin's 10th album'Behind The Smile' in 2005. It was reborn with sound.

    The original song was also evaluated as an experimental ballad at the time of its release, but as an artist, it was because there was a regret that he could not go further according to the image he originally envisioned.

    Now that conditions have been created in which more diverse attempts can be made, the experiment was conducted under the judgment that the public also wanted more variety of music.
    Therefore, this repair did not try to confine the story in the lyrics to the lyrical or romantic character of the ballad, and talked a lot about formal destruction with Jeong Seok-won of 015B, who was in charge of the arrangement.

    Yoon Jong Shin said, "〈Monthly YoonJongShin〉 has a big project for a year, but since it doesn't pursue connection every month, there are a lot of songs that come out." It also becomes lower,” he said.

    “Since〈Monthly YoonJongShin〉 is a platform created to do what I want to do without measuring it back and forth, I just have to go all-in to the music I want to do every month.” “Thanks to〈Monthly YoonJongShin〉, I like the growing distribution. "He added.

    '몬스터' sung by Yoon Jong Shin will be released on the music site before 6 pm on this day, and Yoon Jong Shin will play an active part as an MC in tvN's new entertainment show,'알쓸범잡' on the 4th of next month.

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    Park Hyun Kyung held a sponsorship signing ceremony at MYCHEF headquarters on the 30th

    KLPGA Park Hyun Kyung (21, 한국토지신탁) held a sponsorship signing ceremony with MYCHEF, a premium meal kit specialist, at the MYCHEF headquarters on the 30th.

    With this sponsorship contract, Park Hyun Kyung will participate in the KLPGA competition wearing clothing with the MYCHEF logo for one year. And she will engage in various marketing activities as a promotional ambassador for MYCHEF golf players. Park Hyun Kyung won her first ever victory in the 42nd KLPGA Championship, the first tournament held since last year's COVID-19 outbreak. She also won the IS DONGSEO BUSAN OPEN after an extended close match with Lim Hee Jeong, making her the winner of the 2020 KLPGA Tour.

    Park Hyun Kyung, who received the new sponsorship, said, “I sincerely thank MYCHEF for trusting me and deciding to sponsor me. As much as I prepared hard during the winter, I will be able to show you good grades.” she said.

    An official from MYCHEF said, “I am happy to have a relationship with Park Hyun Kyung, an up-and-coming star of KLPGA. I will do my best to support a healthy tour life.” She expressed feelings.

    MYCHEF is a Meal Kit specialized company that started the Meal Kit business for the first time in Korea in 2011 under the brand philosophy of “implementing a healthy food culture”. We are introducing fresh and excellent meal kits by establishing production management and delivery systems optimized for meal kits, and recently entering the Hong Kong market, targeting the global market, and promoting IPO listing on the KOSDAQ in the second half of 2022.

    Meanwhile, Park Hyun Kyung is planning to take part in the KLPGA tour in the 2021 season, starting with the'Lotte Rentacar Women's Open', which will be held at Lotte SKY Hill Jeju.

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  • 2021-03-30 기업공지

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    상법 제 289조 및 당사 정관 제 4조에 의거하여 아래와 같이 주주총회에서 승인 받은 재무상태표를 홈페이지에 공고합니다. 

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