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    - From Melody to Comic 'Acting X Charms'
    - Kim Dong Wook's perfect digestion power, which also shined in '너는 나의 봄'
    - Kim Dong Wook, who opened a new horizon in romance, potential without limits

    Actor Kim Dong Wook showed unlimited potential through '너는 나의 봄'.

    With only two episodes left until the end of the tvN drama '너는 나의 봄', Kim Dong Wook's performance in melodrama and comedy shone. He showed emotion, excitement, and pleasant laughter by demonstrating his colorful acting skills, a compilation of his inner skills and charms.

    Kim Dong Wook presented healing to viewers by portraying the warm comfort of leaning on and leaning on each other with Seo Hyun Jin, who took on the role of 'Kang Da Jung', disassembled into psychiatrist 'Ju Young Do'. Kim Dong Wook's strong acting ability and wide acting spectrum, which creates a natural immersion in any genre of acting, from thriller elements added to the play to melodrama that becomes the main narrative to comics, impressed viewers.

    In particular, in scenes where Ju Young Do, who was hesitant for fear that Kang Da Jung would be hurt due to the wounds he received from his family as a child, and a history of heart transplantation, etc. By releasing the pain of the character with restrained inner acting, it gave a warmer resonance and a lingering aftertaste.

    Kim Dong Wook has been active in comedy as well as romance. Kim Dong Wook's extreme (?) comic acting, reminiscent of a challenge, from the shower cobra show to the beach entrance, virgin ghost makeup, mambo dance, and 2 to 8 part transformation, energized the play. Kim Dong Wook, who was usually smart and sharp, but became a clumsy novice in love in front of Seo Hyun Jin,'s transparent and lovely reversal charm provoked laughter. Kim Dong Wook's unadorned acting, which does not lose his calm and serene tone even in the process of going back and forth between serious and eloquent, added real excitement and laughter.

    As such, Kim Dong Wook completed 'Kim Dong Wook's Healing Romance' with detailed acting skills that do not waste a single scene and colorful expressive power regardless of genre. It succeeded in captivating viewers with its warm and sweet charm, which is different from '그 남자의 기억법'.

    Kim Dong Wook, who also proved his potential in romance novels. The 15th episode of the tvN drama '너는 나의 봄' will be broadcast at 9 pm on Monday the 23rd.

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    - “Different elegance” Kim Seo Hyung, a fashion pictorial full of autumn mood
    - Kim Seo Hyung, your eyes + atmosphere are exhausted!

    Actor Kim Seo Hyung's fall fashion pictorial full of emotions has been released.

    Fashion magazine 'marie claire' has released the 2021 F/W pictorial featuring Kim Seo Hyung's unrivaled sophistication and understated charisma along with women's wear brand 'PRENDANG'. This pictorial was completed with the concept of 'Feeling on my mind' to listen to Kim Seo Hyung's inner side while laying down the weight of emotions accumulated while acting in various works recently.

    In the pictorial, Kim Seo Hyung wore PRENDANG's various 2021 F/W looks and showed her unrivaled charm with deep eyes, sensual poses and acting against the vast nature. While exuding elegant sophistication with soft and cozy knitwear and tone-on-tone styling, she perfectly digests a variety of styling, from monotone cashmere coats and leather jumpers to print setups that look like watercolors, and draws attention with urban charisma that cannot be hidden even in nature. did it

    Kim Seo Hyung enhanced the completeness of the pictorial with various emotional performances and momentary immersion that fit the look concept throughout the filming, and skillfully led the scene with positive energy even in the heat of the day.

    Meanwhile, Kim Seo Hyung's pictorial, which received favorable reviews for her perfect portrayal of Jeong Seo-hyun in the recently ended drama 'Main', can be found in the September issue of 'marie claire', on the marie claire website, and on the PRENDANG website and SNS.

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    Han Hye Jin unveils 'HOZE' 21F/W collection pictorial full of contemporary and trendy sensibility
    Top model Han Hye Jin selected as a model for bag brand 'HOZE'

    Top model Han Hye Jin has been selected as a model for the bag brand 'HOZE'.

    Han Hye Jin, who is regarded as a wannabe star of contemporary women with thorough self-management and dignified charisma, was selected as a model for HOZE, a bag brand full of good things.

    Han Hye Jin will show various charms with HOZE this season. In particular, in the published pictorial, she presented the naturalness of her daily life through the 'MY DAILY HOZE' campaign.

    An official from the HOZE brand said, “In order to further elevate the contemporary and trendy sensibility of this 21F/W season, model Han Hye Jin has been selected as a muse. She expects that Han Hye Jin's sophisticated and urban image will blend very well with the brand's mood, creating a good synergy for each other."

    On the other hand, Han Hye Jin, who was selected as the model for the HOZE brand, is active as a model as well as a broadcaster in various entertainment programs such as SBS '골 때리는 그녀들', KBS Joy '연애의 참견 시즌3', and IHQ '리더의 연애'.

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    Engineering student → hacker double concept transformation!

    NCT 127 (SM), which announced a comeback in September, has released unique content that highlights the members' reversal charm.

    Prior to the full-fledged promotion of the new album, NCT 127 has been showing the warm school life of college students during the day through the official Instagram account from the 20th. At night, it catches the eye by showing the colorful images of the members who have transformed into contradictory concepts that contain the secret daily life of a hacker.

    In particular, the 'NCT 127: Who is STICKER' video, which was released through various SNS official accounts at 00:00 on the 21st, added a sense of immersion with a sensual video containing the reversal charm of the members who go back and forth between energetic college students and chic hackers.

    In addition, since this content is presented as a pre-promotion, hints related to the new album are hidden in various places, which is expected to raise curiosity about the new album as well as fun finding hints.

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    The secret to popularity is honest + cheerful progress that elicits empathy
    A hot love call in the entertainment industry!

    Girls' Generation SUNNY (SM) activities as the variety show queen continues to flourish.

    First, SUNNY is a beauty manager who generously discloses his own know-how in '뷰티 앤 부티 시즌6', a DongaTV entertainment program that introduces hot and trendy items from beauty, fashion, and lifestyle, and provides exhilaration with honest reviews. As an MC, he is getting a hot response.

    In addition, SUNNY, who is usually known as a representative of the entertainment industry, has transformed into a show host who receives stories about dogs and cats every month through live commerce ‘SUNNY의 월간멍냥’, suggests solutions that are appropriate for them, and sells related products.

    In addition, SUNNY started a full-scale spicy project with members Kim Shin Young, U-IE, and Choi Yoo Jung, who were formed to spread the hidden spicy taste across the country in the IHQ entertainment program '스파이시 걸스'

    Here, in the web entertainment '전설의 연습생', which is scheduled to be released for the first time on the 30th, it is expected that he will become a legendary trainee '순규' of 15 years who meets an active idol and learns his debut know-how. is attracting attention.

    As such, SUNNY is receiving a lot of love calls from the entertainment industry by showing its all-round ability everywhere with its candid and cheerful charm and communication method that draws sympathy in various topics of entertainment programs.

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    - 'Four Seasons Band' LUCY, a high-speed comeback after 2 months... Spectacular musical instrument play in '유스케'
    - LUCY, '유스케' will appear tonight! “The best release of the new song stage + the meeting with An San”
    - New song '동문서답', LUCY's pure love story with a young and impatient heart in front of the person you like

    Band LUCY will unveil a new song live stage in '유희열의 스케치북'.
    LUCY, who made a high-speed comeback in two months with the new single '동문서답' at 12 pm on the 20th, will appear on KBS2's '유희열의 스케치북', which is broadcast at 11:20 pm, to perform a new song live stage for the first time.
    The new single '동문서답' is LUCY's pure love story with a young and impatient heart that wants to hear the answer of the person he likes.
    In today's broadcast, you can directly check the stage where you can run without hesitation as if sprinting to the opponent, increase the tension through appropriate gradual adjustment between songs, and add the fun of listening to the speaker's onomatopoeia as if he couldn't hear the answer.
    In particular, today's broadcast is the first meeting between LUCY and An San, who has been known as a fan of LUCY. .
    Meanwhile, LUCY's new song '동문서답' can be enjoyed through all music sites, while '유희열의 스케치북' featuring LUCY will be broadcast on KBS 2TV at 11:20 pm tonight.

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    Red Velvet(SM) to show their ‘Queendom’ performance for the first time on 8/20.

    Red Velvet to show their ‘Queendom’ performance for the first time on 8/20 on ‘MusicBank’, MBC 'Music Core' on the 8/21, and SBS 'Inkigayo' on 8/22 to present the stage with a refreshing atmosphere.

    This 'Queendom' performance is composed of rhythmic and bouncy choreography that combines point choreography such as gestures expressing the tiara in accordance with the song's name and knocking movements, and it is enough to meet the bright energy of the song and the fresh charm of Red Velvet.

    In addition, Red Velvet's new mini-album 'Queendom', released on the 16th, ranked first in the Korean music and album charts, the iTunes Top Albums chart in 51 regions around the world, and China's QQ Music and KuGou Music digital album sales charts, etc. swept the 'Summer Queen' Red Velvet clearly showed the dignity.

    On the other hand, Red Velvet will appear on SBS Power FM 'Wendy's Young Street', which will be broadcast at 8 pm on August 20th.

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    Red Velvet (SM) topped the album charts with their new mini album 'Queendom'.

    Red Velvet's sixth mini-album 'Queendom', released on the 17th, topped the daily charts of various albums such as Synnara Record, YES 24, KYOBO BOOK CENTER, and HOTTRACKS on the 18th.

    In addition, this album topped the iTunes Top Albums Chart in 51 regions around the world with Czech Republic added. The title song 'Queendom' also continued to be number 1 on the music charts such as Genie, Bugs, VIBE, and MOMOPLE for 3 days.

    This album contains a total of 6 songs in various genres, including the title song 'Queendom', which has a refreshing atmosphere with an addictive hook and the members' cheerful vocals, as well as 'Pose' and 'Knock On Wood', ‘Better Be’, ‘Pushin’ N Pullin’’, ‘다시, 여름 (Hello, Sunset)’.

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    Japanese popular group Arashi's live DVD 'アラフェス2020 at 国立競技場' will be released in Korea on the 18th.

    This live DVD contains the live performance of 'アラフェス2020 at 国立競技場', an online performance held on November 3 last year to coincide with the 21st anniversary of Arashi's debut, and the first artist performance after the renovation of the Japanese National Stadium. .

    In particular, it contains a total of 41 rich stages that combine cutting-edge AR technology and overwhelming directing using 40m high water cannons, 2,500 fireworks, and 50,000 balloons.

    In addition, this live DVD was released in Japan on July 28, and topped the Oricon Weekly DVD Comprehensive Chart, with this, Arashi ranked first in 20 consecutive Oricon Weekly DVD Comprehensive Charts and 22nd consecutive No. 1, the most in their history. It broke the record above and once again proved its hot popularity.

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    - LUCY, comeback after 2 months! After the concert, he runs non-stop!
    - Band LUCY, immediate response to fans’ support, ‘동문서답’ released on the 20th
    - LUCY meets An San through '유희열의 스케치북'

    Band LUCY will release a new song '동문서답' on the 20th.

    '동문서답' is the fastest-tempo song since LUCY's debut, and it is expected to satisfy listeners' satisfaction with LUCY's fast-track performances as well as refreshing melodies and lyrics suitable for the end of summer.

    In particular, '동문서답', which will be released this time, is a song that has been steadily supported by fans for its release since its first debut through the solo concert 'LUCY ISLAND: First Landing' in June. .

    In addition, LUCY performed online and offline concerts ‘from. LUCY', which has been firmly established as the next-generation K-band by recording sold-out seats before the performance, anticipation is rising as to what kind of charm the new single will captivate the public with.

    On the other hand, LUCY participated in the recording of KBS2's '유희열의 스케치북', where 5 members of the archery team that colored Korea with gold through the Tokyo Olympics on the 17th were invited as special guests. Many fans are paying attention.

    LUCY's digital single '동문서답' will be released on the music site before 12:00 pm on the 20th.

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