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    Singer Son Tae Jin was selected for the first radio DJ.

    Son Tae Jin meets the listeners by playing the 'Sweet Rendezvous' radio DJ at TBS eFM every Saturday and Sunday starting from the 2nd.

    Son Tae Jin, through his agency on the 29th, said, "I am very excited and responsible for the first time in radio alone." And "I will try to make it a healing broadcast for listeners with various music as well as crossover music."

    Son Tae Jin is a member of Forte di Quattro, the JTBC '팬텀싱어' season 1 winner, and is loved by his heavy, sweet voice. The group and solo activities have been combined to capture the hearts of both classical and popular music fans through '복면가왕', '불후의 명곡', and '열린 음악회'.

    Son Tae Jin's 'Sweet Rendezvous' is aired on TBS eFM (101.3FM) on weekends Saturdays and Sundays from 7 am to 9 am.

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    -Kim SIA, acting with members of NU'EST
    -Kim SIA, from '미쓰백' to '백두산', attracts attention with delicate acting skills

    Actor Kim SIA has appeared on the trailer video that announces the comeback of the group NU'EST.

    Kim SIA appeared in the group trailer video of NU'EST's 8th mini 'The Nocturne' released on the 25th and played with the members.

    Kim SIA, who appeared as a 'child' in BAEKHO's narration, attracted attention from the beginning of the video with a playful face and innocent laughter. The scene of Kim SIA playing with flashlight flashing out of the NU'EST members in a dreamy atmosphere, while raising curiosity, handing the hourglass to BAEKHO and acting out looking at the clock together, creating a mysterious and fantastic mood Added to immersion.

    In particular, Kim SIA raised the curiosity of the story following the silhouette that was exposed for about 1 second at the end of BAEKHO's personal trailer video released one day earlier. In this group trailer, he played a more developed narrative and amplified fans' expectations for the new album concept.

    Kim SIA, who debuted intensely with the movie ‘미쓰백’, starred in great films such as ‘우리집’, ‘백두산’, and ‘클로젯’ and received attention as a delicate and inspiring emotional acting.

    Kim SIA, who is receiving praise from senior actors who have been breathing together, such as Han Ji-min, Lee Byung-hun, and Ha Jung-woo, will show the growth of each work.

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    -LUCY, first debut pictorial! <SINGLES> May issue released
    -Producer Cho Won Sang "I'm addicted to work more because of LUCY .. I'm really good at it."
    -Shin Ye Chan "I'd like to show you a lead violin ... something different instead of a guitar"
    -LUCY releases its first single in early May ...

    LUCY released her first pictorial.

    LUCY completed the fresh and warm pictorial by showing off the charms hidden in the May issue of the fashion magazine 'SINGLES'.

    LUCY is a four-member band composed of violinist Shin Ye Chan, bass and producer Cho Won Sang, drum and vocalist Shin Gwang Il, and new vocal Choi Sang Yeop. Ahead.

    "Being on the stage is so good that I can't feel it," said LUCY, who was excited about it. "I am cool, but I aim for music that can bring warm emotion."

    Cho Won Sang said, "I was wondering what to do and how to write LUCY after the super band is over. I was more addicted to work because of LUCY. I really want to do well." "I want to pay it quickly."

    Shin Ye Chan said, "I'm here instead of an electric guitarist. I want to show something so different." I think the lyrics can be heard even in the violin performance. "I want to try."

    Choi Sang Yeop, who was the vocalist of LUCY, said, "I want to give everyone a feeling that the basics are strong when I hear them. I want to be a good music player." Shin Gwang Il said, "It's not unusual for drummers to sing." I always want to hear the words "He always comes out in the intro."

    Meanwhile, LUCY will open an official YouTube channel ahead of a single release early next month and showcase various music contents.

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    Streaming live worldwide on May 3rd at 3PM KST!
    Carry on the excitement of global fans via ‘Beynd LIVE’!

    Chinese group WayV (China LABEL V) will be the second runner of the world's first online concert 'Beyond LIVE'.

    WayV's ‘WayV-Beyond the Vision’ will carry on the excitement of global fans via ‘Beynd LIVE’ streaming live worldwide through NAVER V LIVE on May 3rd at 3PM KST (2pm on the 3rd of Beijing time).

    WayV debuted in China in January 2019, and is active not only in music, but also in various fields such as entertainment and advertising, and has gained high popularity due to its versatile charm, so the stage to be shown in this performance is gathering more expectations.

    Also, 'Beyond LIVE' is a paid concert dedicated to online that is not designed to simply broadcast offline performances, but is optimized for online performances. As it announced the beginning, it is expected that the attention of global fans as well as China will be focused on WayV's performance following the first runner, SuperM.

    In addition, the ‘WayV-Beyond the Vision’ ticket can be purchased at NAVER V LIVE +, and a package consisting of a ticket and MD products is also sold at YES24.

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    The hot 'Youth Swag' explosion! Unstoppable popularity sprint notice!

    Music video teaser of NCT DREAM (SM)'s new song ‘Ridin’ ’ will be released on April 28th.

    NCT DREAM's new album title song ‘Ridin’ ’ music video teaser video will be released on April 28th at 6pm on YouTube and NAVER TV SMTOWN, etc. As the atmosphere can be met in advance, it is expected to further amplify the expectation of a comeback.

    In particular, the title song ‘Ridin’ ’ is a song that awakens the instinct to sprint with the heavy bass line and intense beat of the urban trap genre, and the lyrics contain the passion and aspirations of NCT DREAM running toward a new path, making NCT DREAM hot Enough to meet energy.

    In addition, NCT DREAM started with KBS2TV '뮤직뱅크' on May 1st and MBC '쇼! 음악중심” and SBS “인기가요” on the 3rd, will appear in a music program to present a new song stage, and it is expected to catch the eye with a fantastic stage that combines unique music and overwhelming performance.

    Meanwhile, NCT DREAM's new album ‘Reload’ will be released on April 29 at 6pm at various music sites and released on the same day as a record.
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    Media coverage around the world, including Variety, Forbes, Fuji TV in Japan, “Mezamashi TV”, and Chinese 新浪娱乐!

    The world's first attempted online-only concert “Beyond LIVE”, the first runner SuperM (SM) concert, media from around the world also showed high interest.

    'Beyond LIVE' is an online dedicated paid performance that adds AR (augmented reality) technology and interactive communication. On April 26, NAVER V LIVE, the first protagonist SuperM's 'SuperM-Beyond the Future' concert was held for 120 minutes. It attracted viewers from 109 countries around the world.

    After the show, American ABC News said, “You don't have to line up in front of the venue to see your favorite boy band, or worry about getting expensive seats,” about SuperM's 'Beyond LIVE'. In the midst of the COVID-19 virus incident, it has entered a new era of live concerts with state-of-the-art AR technology and real-time communication. There was no audience at the venue, but the show was broadcast live for paid ticket buyers around the world. ”

    The famous American magazine 'Variety' also accepted SuperM as a digital experience when the concert was canceled due to the COVID-19 fandemic. “In the 'Tiger Inside' stage, an unreleased track, tigers ran around the stage, and LUCAS On the stage of 'Bass Go Boom', virtual AR graphics were mobilized to the show, with interesting pop art-like graphics appearing. It seemed to be friendly to answer questions directly through one-on-one communication with fans from various countries, ”he noted.

    Forbes, America's leading economic magazine, also said, “Beyond LIVE, which took place last Sunday, is a series of four concerts planned to replace traditional live events at this point in time where social distance is being practiced in many areas due to the COVID-19 virus. "It's the beginning."

    In addition, in the entertainment news corner of Fuji TV 'Mezamashi TV' in Japan, along with SuperM's 'Beyond LIVE' concert video, “SuperM held the world's first online-only concert, watched by fans from 109 countries around the world, and talked with fans through video talk. Communication, ”the main entertainment media such as China's 新浪 娱乐, 凤凰网, and YES 娱乐 were reported one after another, and domestic and foreign media also published articles highlighting the 'SuperM-Beyond the Future' concert.

    'Beyond LIVE' is the world's first online dedicated paid concert that adds SM Entertainment's excellent content creation ability and NAVER's global platform operation experience and technology, and is expected to lead the online concert content market.

    Meanwhile, on May 3rd, the Chinese group WayV continues to hold the ‘Beyond LIVE’ performance, on the 10th NCT DREAM and on the 17th NCT 127 will perform the concert.

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    -MINSEO's new song released on the 28th ... "First R & B challenge, trying to sing plainly"
    -MINSEO "I'm close to 'No Good Girl' ... hope the other party will love me like this"
    -'Ra. D Producing-Written by Kim Eana '... MINSEO, Mature Visual + Voice

    Singer MINSEO said of the new song 'No Good Girl' released on the 28th, "It's the most honest story I've ever sung."

    MINSEO, through the agency MYSTIC STORY, said, "It is not a pretty and vague love, but a lyrics that hides something like an innocent and imperiousness has come to me more like a real feeling." "I also seem to be close to 'No Good Girl'" .

    This new song is Ra. This is an R & B genre produced by D and written by Kim Eana, showing love to my lover as well as showing my good and unaffected appearance.

    MINSEO said, "Everyone would have worried that 'If you show me this way, this person will leave me'" "In the lyrics, '난 아주 가끔 못된 나에게 깜짝 놀라', '보여주고 싶지만 / 그러다 널 잃기는 나 / 싫은데 어떡해 cause I love you' are especially sympathetic. "

    In the public preview, MINSEO raised expectations with mature and sophisticated visuals as well as a pure and sensual voice. Since its debut, MINSEO has been offering a unique charm without staying in one genre, but the R & B genre was the first to challenge. It is also a new song released a long time after the ballad single '성장' and '소개' in September last year.

    MINSEO said, "It was an old new song, and I was thrilled because it was a new genre challenge." Then, Ra. Was in charge of composing and arranging this song. Regarding the work with D, he said, "I think I worked harder because I praised you for continuing to be good."

    MINSEO's 'No Good Girl' will be released on each music site at 6:00 pm on this day, and MINSEO will appear on NAVER NOW '6:05 before' to communicate with fans.

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    The “Unique Voice” man and woman met. Super Junior YESUNG and SURAN release their new song “Still Standing” at 6 pm on May 1st.

    YESUNG and SURAN's new song “Still Standing” is a duet of the melodious acoustic pop genre that always talks about 'Greum', the place where spring has returned. Through the in-depth voice of YESUNG and SURAN, I solved the memory that does not melt even in the warm wind and the bright sunlight.

    Accordingly, YESUNG and SURAN will open promotional contents such as various teaser images, live clip teaser videos, and interviews sequentially on the 'SM STATION' official SNS from the 28th to raise expectations for the new song 'Still Standing'.

    On the other hand, SM STATION plans to build a unique 'SM library' by re-creating the newly released content that has been loved a lot in addition to the sensational new releases such as live clips and interview videos.

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    -'Super Band' runner-up LUCY, new logo, profile released!
    -“The charm of reversal in everyday life… with LUCY's challenge to open up a new music world”
    -LUCY's music with cool sound plus warm tone

    The first digital single of LUCY's debut will be released in early May.

    Affiliation MYSTIC STORY announced the new logo and profile picture of LUCY on the 28th and released the new song.

    The 'LUCY' logo, unveiled on this day, recombined in a diagonal shape, expressing LUCY's inverted personality in a straight line, and expressing LUCY's challenge to open a new musical world.

    LUCY's first single is a song given to long-awaited listeners since the runner-up of the JTBC band audition 'Super Band' last year.In particular, it is expected that LUCY's unique refreshing sound and warm tones of the members will add to the listeners and give them a pleasant energy. Collect.

    LUCY is a four-member band composed of violinist Shin Ye Chan, bass and producer Cho Won Sang, drum and vocalist Shin Gwang Il, and new vocalist Choi Sang Yeop. Loved.

    'Super Band' Final Stage The self-made songs '선잠', 'Flare' and the unreleased song '난로' live video proved a topic with high hits on YouTube and others.
    LUCY, which showed an irreplaceable color with the warm sound of the string violin, a dramatic sound, and a unique sound utilizing ambience sound, is a plan to satisfy the musical perfection and enjoyment by growing up for listeners.

    LUCY will meet fans with various live contents with the first single release early next month.

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    SM X NAVER Cheers for Global Musicians for their first show 'Beyond LIVE'!
    Interactively communicates with global fans of 109 countries through video chat!
    Realistic tigers, grand colosseum & fanlight ocean AR!

    'Beyond LIVE', the world's first attempted online-only concert, unveiled SuperM's (SM) performance for the first time on the 26th and announced the new future of the concert.

    SuperM's 'SuperM-Beyond the Future', which was broadcast live through NAVER V Live from 3pm on the 26th (11:00 p.m., LA time in the U.S.), is a performance that combines SuperM's unique performance, AR technology, and interactive communication. It spread out for 120 minutes, recording over 120 million hearts, and gained an explosive response from global music fans.

    The performances include Korea, the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, China, Thailand, Vietnam, France, Canada, Germany, Australia, Sweden, the Netherlands, Greece, Spain, Italy, South Africa, Turkey, Austria, Hungary, Denmark, United Arab Emirates, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Indonesia, Russia, India, Costa Rica, Estonia, Paraguay, Oman, Uruguay, Sri Lanka, Honduras, Cyprus, Bolivia, Armenia, Guadalupe, Guatemala, Belarus, Trinidad and Tobago, El Salvador, Morocco, Kuwait, Panama, etc. 75,000 paid viewers from 109 countries around the world enjoyed live performances at home, demonstrating the global power of SuperM.

    In addition, considering that the concerts of popular idol groups are usually held at an average of 10,000 people per session, the world's first online dedicated paid concert 'Beyond LIVE' is held by 75,000 people around the world at once. By mobilizing the audience 7.5 times compared to offline, it was expected to grow as a new concert business.

    In addition, this performance will not only produce live concerts, music videos, camera broadcasts that cross music broadcasts, etc., but also produce a point of view that looks like an artist performing online, as well as AR synthesis technology that links camera walking with real space. With the introduction of (Live Sync Camera Walking), the stage was set in the background of various spaces realized with real-time 3D graphics, and the artist's performance was delivered more dynamically and sensibly.

    Especially, on the stage of SuperM's new song 'Tiger Inside', which was released for the first time on this day, a tiger embodied with AR appeared vividly, and the title song 'Jopping', which decorated the final stage, was also a huge coliseum and cheering wave that overwhelmed the screen. Expressed in AR realistically, led to explosive shouts from fans around the world

    Moreover, since the characteristic of 'Beyond LIVE' is interactive communication based on technology that transmits voices and cheers of viewers as well as the performance site, SuperM was selected from among 109 viewers from Korea, the United States, China, Thailand, and Thailand. We had video talks with fans from Japan and New Zealand, communicated in various languages, challenged to create a pink heart with a card section, and closely communicated, attracting attention, and seeing Red Velvet IRENE, SEULGI, and JOY amazed I got a hot reaction.

    As a result, SM Entertainment will realize the new culture technology (CT) that it has been pursuing in the field of concert, and will showcase the world's first online dedicated concert combining advanced technology and performance through 'Beyond LIVE', leading the online concert content market.

    On the other hand, 'Beyond LIVE' will be followed by performances of popular singers who are active worldwide, such as the Chinese group WayV on May 3, NCT DREAM on the 10th, and NCT 127 on the 17th.

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