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    - Jeong Jin Woon, a refreshing visual that blows away the heat!
    - Jeong Jin Woon, active acting activities such as the movie ‘나만 보이니-> 오! 마이 고스트, 뷰티풀 어게인'

    Singer and actor Jeong Jin Woon's pictorial has been released.

    Jeong Jin Woon, who not only announced his acting career with the movie '나만 보이니' but also recently announced 2AM's comeback, caught the eye by revealing a warm visual.

    In the photo, Jeong Jin Woon boasted a wonderful physical appearance with just a white tee and jeans, and boasted a visual with a refreshing charm that makes you feel good just by looking at it.

    Jeong Jin Woon, who debuted as a member of the group 2AM, is active as a multi-entertainer in various fields such as music, acting, and entertainment. Following the release of the recent movie ‘나만 보이니’, ‘오! 마이 고스트', '브라더', '친절한 경찰', and '뷰티풀 어게인', etc., are continuing his work activities one after another.

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    A dance song (Feat. BIBI) full of summer vibes

    Girls' Generation HYOYEON (HYO, SM) will release a new song 'Second' full of summer vibes on the 9th.

    HYOYEON's new song 'Second' will be released on August 9 at 6 PM on various music sites such as FLO, Melon, genie, iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, QQ Music, KuGou Music, and KuWo Music. The music video can also be seen at the same time through YouTube and NAVER TV SMTOWN channels.

    ‘Second’ is a summer dance pop song with a light rhythm and heavy 808 bass with the message that it’s alright to give yourself a moment to breathe in the busy daily life, and singer-songwriter BIBI participated in the featuring and lyrics to add to her charm.

    In addition, this music video contains HYOYEON's colorful charms, from enjoying a relaxing break in line with the new song's mood to a lively performance, and BIBI will also appear.

    In addition, HYOYEON will hold “HYOYEON (HYO) ‘Second’ COUNTDOWN LIVE” on the NAVER V LIVE SMTOWN channel from 5 pm on the 9th, an hour before the release of the new song, expecting a good response as we plan to communicate with fans through various stories such as introduction of new songs, point choreography lessons, behind-the-scenes work, and current status.  

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    To present fairytale-like electro punk B-side ‘Knock On Wood’ & witty R&B pop B-side ‘Better Be’

    Red Velvet (SM) presents witty music with the new mini album 'Queendom'.

    This album contains a total of 6 songs with various charms, including the title song 'Queendom' with a refreshing atmosphere, enough to meet Red Velvet's unique music world.

    'Knock On Wood' in this album is an electro-punk genre song, and the lyrics about 'Knock On Wood', which refers to the act of knocking on a tree for good luck, are about making a wish so that the other person likes you. It was drawn through storytelling like a fairy tale.

    Another new song ‘Better Be’ is an R&B pop song featuring Red Velvet’s dreamy vocals and rich harmony. The lyrics wittily express the psychology of letting the person you like fall in love with your charms without giving up easily, compared to the characteristics of a cat, are impressive.

    On the other hand, Red Velvet's sixth mini-album 'Queendom' will be released on August 16 at 6 pm, and will also be released as an album on August 17.

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    SUPER JUNIOR SHINDONG focused viewers with a shocking result in the zombie world of '대탈출4'.

    In '대탈출4', which was broadcast on the 8th, a new worldview began, arousing the curiosity of the members from the opening. Among them, SHINDONG said, “Today is 100%. Because I've heard you do scary things more than once. There was typically a ghost and a zombie once every season,” he said, thoroughly analyzing the program.
    Afterwards, the members arrived at a quiet prison without people. While the other members were looking for a ladder to escape the room, SHINDONG went down the stairs and found a bloody walkie-talkie. SHINDONG, who found the walkie-talkie that had fallen on the stairs, picked up the walkie-talkie, but it wasn't blood that was splattered from where it was, but blood that was sticky. A sticky feeling comes out of the body and feels like time has passed. "It didn't seem like the blood of a murder," he speculated.

    In addition, SHINDONG looked around the quiet prison and said, "I was a little worried whether it was a murder case or a prison riot, but I was still anxious. That sticky blood was definitely a zombie,” he said, demonstrating his sharp reasoning.

    However, when two prisoners who suddenly appeared and opened the door, a swarm of zombies appeared in an instant, and SHINDONG, who was in the back, was attacked by zombies and panicked the members. Watching SHINDONG bitten by a zombie, the members said, “Shindong was caught. He is likely to lose a lot of power.”

    SHINDONG, who is considered the ace of '대탈출4', was attacked by zombies from the beginning, so there is interest in whether there will be a reversal and how the remaining members will unravel the zombie worldview. ‘대탈출4’ can be found every Sunday at 10:40 p.m. on tvN.

    Meanwhile, SHINDONG is appearing in various entertainment programs such as tvN's '대탈출4', SBS Plus '연애도사', and JTBC's '아는 형님'.

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    - Perfectly digested with sophisticated and urban atmosphere and lush fashion!
    - Show various charms with various expressions in a free atmosphere

    The overwhelming visual of actor Kim Seo Hyung was revealed.

    The behind-the-scenes cuts from the recently conducted magazine DAZED's August issue were released, exuding a chic yet sexy girl crush charm.

    In the published photo, Kim Seo Hyung exudes a sophisticated and urban atmosphere with a short cut style, and is attracting attention with a visual that goes against time, such as perfectly digesting short crop tees as well as blue and blue fashion with a solid and healthy body.

    In the pictorial, where she wears a black dress reminiscent of a black swan and has a chic expression as if indifferent, she aroused admiration with her superior physical ability and even showed off her restrained sexiness. In a free atmosphere, he showed various charms by freely crossing various expressions and poses in each cut.

    On the other hand, Kim Seo Hyung, who transformed into Jeong Seo-hyun in the recently finished drama ‘Main’, completely digested the life of a splendid upper class, while breaking his own way of thinking and achieving dazzling growth, made drama fans enthusiastic.

    A pictorial full of Kim Seo Hyung's overwhelming visuals can be found in the August issue of DAZED.

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    - A 4-member band, the last 7th concert ‘from. LUCY’ in progress… 'To. Fan's handing out fan song for the first time
    - Various stages including '개화' and '히어로' re-examined with the Tokyo Olympics...New song release news
    - Last June, Blue Square's first dancon 'Sold out' followed by 'Sold out'...following enthusiastic response from fans to LUCY
    - LUCY “‘Thank you’ is our message…I hope our music will give you great strength and comfort”

    Next-generation K-band LUCY will hold an online/offline concert ‘from. LUCY' was successfully completed.
    LUCY (Shin Ye Chan (violin), Choi Sang Yeop (vocal and guitar), Cho Won Sang (bass and producer), Shin Gwang Il (drum and vocal)) performed at the last concert ‘from. LUCY’ and met the fans.
    Following the first solo concert held at Blue Square in Seoul in June, this offline performance also sold out all seats, proving the enthusiastic response of fans to LUCY, who has been running since their debut last year.
    LUCY, who opened the door with the debut single '개화', made a set list with songs that show LUCY's cool and warm sound, such as '조깅', '난로', '히어로', 'One by One', and 'Farther and Farther'. was filled
    True to the name of the performance, 'from. LUCY', this performance also revealed a fan song for the 'To. 팬' for the first time. Prior to the performance, the message received from the fans through SNS was included in the lyrics, and the fans heard it, making a big impression.

    LUCY said, "This is the first time I'm listening to a fan song, and it's a time I'm very grateful to be able to make the words we've always wanted to say and what the fans wanted to say to us."
    They also performed a different stage by changing each member's instrument, and the self-composed song 'Light', which violinist Shin Ye Chan sang as a frontman holding an electric guitar, left a big impression.
    LUCY, who made the final stage with the new songs 'I Got U' and 'Flare', said, "The message of this performance is 'thank you'. Thank you for being with LUCY during this difficult time.” “I hope that our music and message will be of great strength and comfort. I hope we can meet soon, have more time to talk and sing.”
    Meanwhile, along with the Tokyo Olympics, LUCY's songs such as '개화' and '히어로' are getting a lot of attention every day. LUCY also announced the release of a new song '동문서답', which was her first debut at her last concert, and heralded active activities.
    LUCY plans to open ‘Band LUCY, LUCY ISLAND’ on the 31st and meet her fans once again.

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    -MINSEO, the second work with Ra.D... Show R&B style vocals through the new song '화풀어'
    -Ra.D “MINSEO, an artist with a high interpretation of a song…I am satisfied with it being well digested”

    Singer MINSEO will release a new song he worked with producer Ra.D on the 9th.

    MINSEO participates in the singing of Ra.D's second producing single '화풀어' and shows off an attractive voice.

    ‘화풀어’ is a mid-slow-tempo R&B song with Ra.D’s unique rhythm, composed by Ra.D and the lyrics written by 99honest.

    The song was presented in Day version and Night version depending on the sound atmosphere, allowing listeners to listen according to their taste.

    MINSEO and Ra.D are the second works following MINSEO's single 'No Good Girl' in April last year.

    Ra.D said, "MINSEO is an artist with a high ability to interpret a song," and said, "It's a song that is quite difficult because of the groove of the beat, but the result came out well because it was digested well."

    MINSEO's 'Happy' will be released through each music site at noon on the same day.

    Meanwhile, MINSEO recently took on the role of a girl group member in the KBS2 drama 'Imitation' and received favorable reviews for her powerful vocals and performances as well as her stable acting skills.

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    Girls' Generation HYOYEON (HYO, SM)'s new song 'Second' music video teaser video will be released on the 8th.

    The 'Second' music video teaser video, which will be released on YouTube and NAVER TV SMTOWN channels at 12 noon on August 8, is a colorful video that combines the atmosphere of the new song and HYOYEON's colorful appearance.

    This new song 'Second' is a summer dance pop song with a light rhythm and heavy 808 bass. The lyrics contain the message that it is okay to give yourself time to breathe freely in your busy life, and BIBI, a new singer-songwriter, participated in the featuring and lyrics.

    In addition, the choreography of 'Second' is composed of a healing and vacation concept according to the lyrics, and it is expected to provide fun watching the stage with HYOYEON's relaxed and unique performance.

    Meanwhile, HYOYEON's new single 'Second' can be found on various music sites at 6 pm on August 9th.

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    EXO D.O. (SM) topped the music show with the title song 'Rose' of his first solo album.

    D.O. rose to the top of the K-Chart in the first week of August, announced on the official website due to the absence of KBS2TV's 'Music Bank' on the 6th with the new song 'Rose', confirming the hot popularity once again.

    In particular, the new song 'Rose', written by D.O. himself, is an acoustic folk song with a light guitar rhythm. It is getting a good response by putting a fresh love story in the lyrics, from the fluttering heart and courage to confessing to the other person.

    In addition, D.O. ranked 1st on the iTunes Top Albums chart in 60 regions around the world with his first solo album 'Sympathy', released on July 26, and ranked first in the Korean album chart weekly, QQ Music in China, KuGou Music, and KuWo Music digital album sales chart in China. It swept the top charts outside Korea and abroad, proving its powerful power.

    In addition, this album contains a total of 8 songs, including the title song 'Rose', with D.O.'s sweet vocals and acoustic atmosphere.

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    Expectations for the new album 'Queendom' are amplified!

    Teaser images of Red Velvet (SM) members IRENE, WENDY, and YERI have been released.

    The teaser images released through various SNS Red Velvet accounts at 0 o'clock on the 6th contain images of IRENE, WENDY, and YERI, which stand out with their unique visuals and unique styling in a cute space as the background.

    In addition, Red Velvet sequentially released logos, mood samplers, and teaser images prior to the release of the new mini-album 'Queendom'. It adds to the curiosity and anticipation.

    On the other hand, Red Velvet's new mini album 'Queendom' will be released on August 16 at 6 pm on various music sites, and will also be released as an album on August 17.

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