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    Shim Eun-Woo Love vs. Wicked Relay
    'The Catastrophe Inducer'
    Kim Hee Ae-Park Hae Joon Express presence that shakes at the same time
    Broad smoke spectrum

    Actor Lee Hak Joo perfectly digested the characters of both faces.

    In the JTBC drama '부부의 세계', which was broadcast on the 24th, Park In Kyu (Lee Hak Joo), who increased the tension every time he appeared, shook everyone in the extremes of 'love' and 'wickedness'.

    Park In Kyu, who met Min Hyun Seo (Shim Eun-Woo) after a long time, said, “I didn't blame you. I missed it a lot. ” In addition, Park In Kyu was reluctant to say that she was worried about her, and said, “Can we do it again? I'll be really good this time. I changed. A lot of. You are not hard. Never. ”Said,“ I want to carefully paint the future with her.

    Park In Kyu meets Min Hyun Seo and smiles happily on the way home. It was a passage that could confirm that it really originated from a love for Min Hyun Seo.

    At the same time, Park In Kyu raised threats to both Ji Sun Woo (Kim Hee Ae) and Lee Tae Oh (Park Hae Joon). Ji Sun Woo's circumference and conveyed a message of threats to his son as a secret, threatened to expose Lee Tae Oh for assaulting his ex-wife, and continued the trademark misdeed relay. In particular, to Lee Tae Oh, “I want that girl. "Isn't it?"

    In this way, Lee Hak Joo leads the play with actors called '부부의 세계', and shows a wide spectrum of acting by mobilizing everything that can be expressed, from one detailed movement to one's eyes, expression, and tone.

    From sincere love for Shim Eun-Woo, Kim Hee Ae-Park Hae Joon perfectly captures viewers with the expressing presence that shakes the whole character of the character perfectly and confronts both sides naturally.

    Meanwhile, JTBC '부부의 세계', starring Lee Hak Joo, is broadcast every Friday and Saturday at 10:50 pm.

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    Online-optimized, personalized performances broadcast live around the world
    Combine AR technology + interactive communication to lead a new performance culture
    Various stage announcements such as the title song “Jopping” and the first release of a new song

    SuperM (SM) will be the first runner of 'Beyond LIVE', a live concert streaming service newly introduced by SM Entertainment and NAVER on the 26th.

    SuperM's 'SuperM-Beyond the Future' is a new concept online concert. It will be broadcast live through NAVER V Live at 3pm on the 26th (11:00 p.m. on the 25th of Los Angeles, USA).
    This concert is not just a live broadcast of an offline performance, but a customized performance optimized for online, through three-dimensional graphics with AR (augmented reality) technology, live concert and music broadcasting, and differentiated camera walking across music videos. It was designed to maximize the excitement of the performance for the audience watching the performance online at home.

    In addition, SuperM members will not only communicate through video chats with audiences around the world watching the concert, but will also reproduce the realism of offline performances through interactive communication with viewers through the Mission Challenge Corner.

    In particular, SuperM will show the title song 'Jopping' of the first mini-album 'SuperM' released in October of last year as well as a new unreleased song for the first time. Increase.

    In addition, 'SuperM-Beyond the Future', which is broadcast live worldwide, is provided with subtitles in English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Spanish, and Portuguese, so you can communicate more closely with viewers around the world. Seems to be.

    Meanwhile, 'Beyond LIVE' will begin with SuperM, and globally loved singers such as the Chinese group WayV on May 3, NCT DREAM on the 10th, and NCT 127 on the 17th will continue the performance.The admission ticket will be held at NAVER V LIVE +, MD products are available for purchase at YES24.

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    The track video will be released on the 24th at 6PM KST! Freewheeling charm!

    NCT DREAM (SM) is the first album in the new album, "Love Again," to decorate the first love trilogy series.

    The new song ‘Love Again’ in this album is an old school-based R & B hip-hop song, ‘My First and Last’, which sang a confession of a teenage boy's love, ‘Bye My First… As it is the last song in the NCT DREAM first love trilogy series that continues', it amplifies the question of what the boy's first love will end.

    In addition, at 6 pm on the 24th, a track video will be released to meet 'Love Again' in advance through the official SNS account of the NCT DREAM, and it will catch the eye with the free and sporty charm of NCT DREAM. to be.

    In addition, NCT DREAM's new album ‘Reload’, which will be released on the 29th, will consist of a total of 5 songs, including the title song ‘Ridin’, which is an intense charm, and is sufficient to meet the diverse musical sensibility of NCT DREAM.

    Meanwhile, NCT DREAM's new album ‘Reload’ will be released on April 29 at 6pm at various music sites including Flo, Melon, Genie, iTunes, Apple Music, Sporty Pie, QQ music, KuGou music, and Kuwo music.

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    Unparalleled passion from weight loss to styling transformation

    '한 번 다녀왔습니다' KIDOHUN (SM) left a script verification shot.

    KIDOHUN is appearing in the role of ‘Park Hyo-shin’ with a mysterious story in KBS 2TV drama ‘한 번 다녀왔습니다’.

    In the released photo, KIDOHUN is holding a script and smiling brightly, focusing his future efforts with a handsome visual.

    In particular, KIDOHUN first appeared in the intense appearance of riding a motorcycle in the broadcast last week, and received a hot response, and the scene where KIDOHUN got a job recorded the highest viewership rate per minute (provided by Nielsen Korea, national standard).

    In addition, this week's broadcast is expected to show a strange stream through a meeting that cannot be laughed at, and a reunion with Song Ga-hee (Oh Yoon-ah), who is entangled in bad news, is raising expectations for the story and drama development of the two.

    In addition, to reward viewers' interest, KIDOHUN is focusing on character research in a variety of ways, such as weight loss, styling transformation, constant rehearsal and metabolic exercises, in order to make the role of 'Park Hyo-shin' more vivid.

    On the other hand, '한 번 다녀왔습니다' is a work that depicts a pleasant and warm story that completes the search for happiness through the process of dealing with the gap and crisis of divorce between parents and children. Every Saturday and Sunday at 7:55 pm It is broadcast.

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    Pure-charismatic double-sided

    EXO BAEKHYUN (SM) 's sensual photos have been unveiled

    BAEKHYUN decorated the cover of May magazine 'W KOREA', which conveys the hopeful message of Stay Strong.

    Sometimes a cool guy, sometimes pure child-like, in front of the W. Camera, he expressed the main keyword of a jewelry brand collection, 'Double-sided'.

    In the pictorial, BAEKHYUN revealed a variety of faces that have never been revealed, from the appearance of a boy who is pure and pure to a charismatic man. Classic suits, stylish sequin shirts, sporty windbreakers, and a variety of outfits, along with familiarity and boldness, express the opposite charms sensibly.

    More BAEKHYUN pictorial, video, and interviews can be found in the W KOREA May issue, website, and various SNS.

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    Starring with actor Moon So-ri
    The character that was never before will be released.

    Actor Jang Yoo Sang was cast in MBC 'SF8' series 'Human Proof'.

    ‘SF8’ is a method in which Soo Film is in charge of production, and 8 film directors from the Korean Filmmakers' Association each present SF films. The project, which represents the Korean version of the original science fiction anthology series, is a crossover between movies and dramas, and actors have confirmed their appearances and are attracting much attention.

    Jang Yoo Sang will appear in the “Human Proof” series in which the director Kim Eui-seok caught the megaphone in the “SF8” series. He will take on the role of the male protagonist 'Young In' in the play, and will starring alongside actor Moon So-ri to show off the fresh character that was never before.

    In particular, Jang Yoo Sang, who has digested strong characters through various works, has a different expectation and interest in what form will appear in “Human Proof” and deliver a unique presence.

    Meanwhile, 'SF8' will be aired on MBC in August and MBC over four weeks in August.

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    -Hwang In Yeop, Koo Ja Sung, the captain of the high school basketball team with '18 Again, 'appeared with Kim Ha-neul-Yoon Sang Hyun-Lee Do Hyun!
    -Hwang In Yeop, Drama '조선로코-녹두전' → '18 Again, 'Announces' Next Generation Prospect'

    Hwang In Yeop will appear in JTBC's new drama '18 Again'.

    The new actor Hwang In Yeop, who starred in the drama '조선로코-녹두전' and was cast on viewers, was cast in the new drama '18 Again ', scheduled for broadcast in the second half of 2020, along with Kim Ha-neul, Yoon Sang Hyun, Lee Do Hyun, etc. To appear.

    '18 Again 'is a drama about a husband who returned to Leeds 18 years ago just before divorce. Hwang In Yeop took on the role of high school basketball captain Koo Ja Sung. Koo Ja Sung is a character who leads the basketball team to fear leadership with a unique aggressive bluff, and he expects that Hwang In Yeop's tall and charming mask will make the character lively.

    Hwang In Yeop will showcase his outstanding basketball skills and invigorate his work this time, following his previous KBS ‘조선로코-녹두전’, which spurred charisma with sharp eyes and brilliant martial arts skills. Also, expect to show the wider range of acting.

    Hwang In Yeop, who made her debut as a fashion model in 2017, began a full-fledged actor activity in the 2018 playlist web drama ‘WHY: 당신이 연인에게 차인 진짜 이유’. Since then, he has taken on the role of Seo Kyo Won, the best insider in the school in “Freshman” on 콬TV, and has emerged as a web drama. In addition, he successfully revealed the possibility of becoming an actor by successfully completing the first challenging terrestrial drama '조선로코-녹두전' in 2019.

    Affiliation KEYEAST said, “Hwang In Yeop is not only attracting attention as a fresh charm in web dramas, but also has an attractive mask and stable acting ability, so he is looking forward to the future.” “Hwang In Yeop draws characters with high synchronism in this work. We are preparing in many ways such as acting, style, basketball, etc., so we ask for your high expectations and support.

    Meanwhile, JTBC's new drama '18 Again ', which is based on the movie '17 Again,' includes Hwang In Yeop, Kim Ha-neul, Yoon Sang Hyun, Lee Do Hyun, Kim Yu-ri, Wi Ha Joon, Lee Ki Woo, etc. It will appear and be broadcast in the second half of this year.

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    -“그 남자의 기억법” Mun Ka Young, viewers “Ha-jin Holic” with honest, youthful, and lovely charms
    -Mun Ka Young, “그 남자의 기억법”, “Mun Ka Young Melo,” which makes cheering happy

    Mun Ka Young confirmed the possibility of Meloquin by spreading the excitement and joy of love.

    Mun Ka Young, who played the role of rising star Yeo Ha-jin in the MBC drama “그 남자의 기억법,” presented the sweetness of the romance of a lover who just started dating with a candid expression of affection.

    On the 23rd, in “그 남자의 기억법,” Yeo Ha-jin, Lee Jung-hoon (Kim Dong-wook), who had been dating for a secret contract, confirmed each other's feelings and started a full-fledged relationship.

    Yeo Ha-jin asked Lee Jung-hoon for a one-on-one anchor lesson ahead of the next script. Contrary to Yeo Ha-jin's thoughts of trying to enjoy a date with the script practice as an excuse, Lee Jung-hoon was faithful to practice, and Yeo Ha-jin was cute, and Lee Jung-hoon said that her first date would be correct. Ha-jin liked and was happy like a child.

    Mun Ka Young realistically expressed Yeo Ha-jin's excitement with youthful actions and delicate expressions. Yeo Ha-jin's personality that can't hide his favorite heart and be honest in expressing emotions, and even those who try to make him smile.

    In addition, Yeo Ha-jin, who made a video call to return home after a date to see Lee Jung-hoon, wanted to look pretty on the screen, so she quickly put on makeup and changed only the top to show off her cute charm.

    In this way, Mun Ka Young has been able to digest Yeo Ha-jin's lovely actions and make the character more attractive. Mun Ka Young is performing Yeo Ha-jin's own act, including emotion, excitement, disappointment, and fear in action, expression, eyes, and tone. As a result, the viewers were completely immersed in the play and cheered for the painless happiness of Yeo Ha-jin and Lee Jung-hoon.

    On the other hand, a dark shadow was cast on Yeo Ha-jin at the end of the broadcast. The name I accidentally heard at a cafe reminds me of a forgotten memory. Yeo Ha-jin, who enjoyed dating and had fun, makes her look forward to the future, even though she is afraid of chaotic memories.

    Meanwhile, the MBC drama "그 남자의 기억법," starring Mun Ka Young, who proved the possibility of Meloquin, is broadcast every Wednesday and Thursday at 8:55 pm.

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    Broadcaster and entrepreneur Jung Jay said MBC entertainment '오! 나의파트, 너’.

    ‘오! 나의파트, 너'is a Korean anti-war suspense mystery music show where a representative musician from Korea must find a partner to join with among the five uncontested challengers to complete perfect harmony. '오! 나의파트, 너”is becoming a hot topic with singers such as Lee Eun Mi, Kim Yeon-woo, Jung Seung Hwan, and YOUNHA decorating the legend stage every time.

    While the challengers are appearing and adding fun, the expectations for the broadcast that foreshadowed the appearance of Jung Jay are increasing. Jung Jay has already released “겨울꿈,” which he wrote himself, and has introduced music cover videos through personal social media.

    Meanwhile, MBC starring Jung Jay, '오! 나의파트, 너’will be aired on Saturday at 9:05 pm.

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    -With 'COVID-19', the everyday life has been completely changed ... "Silent, quiet, and emotional exchange is also cut off."
    -'The Gentile' YoonJongShin, staying in the eastern countryside of the United States and working on a song… "I've been trapped for 3 weeks"
    -YoonJongShin "I am trying to be positive in unexpected isolation"

    Singer YoonJongShin's monthly music project 〈Monthly YoonJongShin〉 April issue '고립' will be released on the 27th.

    The April issue of '고립' is written by YoonJongShin, who is currently living in a rural village near New York, USA, written and composed by YoonJongShin, and composed by 015B Jung Suk Won.

    YoonJongShin portrays a daily life completely changed by 'COVID-19'. He was the one who started the arbitrary disconnect and quarantine with the 'foreigner project', but now he is struggling with an unfamiliar life with an extreme isolation situation that he had never imagined.

    He said, "I finished the American crossing that I was planning to do when the 'COVID-19' in the United States exploded, and I live in the house where I am staying for almost three weeks. I see the boundary between yesterday and today is blurry. "It's a bit gloomy and hazy, so this month I was going to capture not only the lyrics but also the soundy haze."

    YoonJongShin says that emotional isolation is closer than physical isolation. In fact, the atmosphere he feels in the United States now is so quiet and unparalleled that it was incomparable to his previous stay in Texas or California. Emotional exchange that naturally occurred in everyday life is now cut off as if someone had ordered a ban.

    He said, "Thanks to my unexpected isolation, I look into me deeply. When I encounter this extreme situation, I know that I am trying to think as positively as possible." Whenever I find myself I didn't know, "I am grateful for the 'Gentile Project' that I brought here."

    〈Monthly YoonJongShin〉 April issue '고립' will be released through each music site at 6:00 pm on the 27th.

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