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    Meet in advance with the track video at 6 pm on the 23rd! Heralds a fresh high-teen sentiment!

    NCT DREAM (SM) will release the new song ‘7 Days’ show their refreshing charm.

    NCT DREAM's new album 'Reload' will be released from various music sites on the 29th at 6:00 p.m. and will consist of a total of 5 songs with various emotions, including the powerful title song 'Ridin', so that global music fans have a good response. It is expected.

    In particular, the recorded song “7 Days” is an R & B song with an impressive refreshing sound, expressing emotions that grow from love to excitement, and the lyrics unfolding as if confessing the awaiting response of the other person.

    In addition, the track video, where you can meet the new song '7 Days' in advance, will be released on the 23rd at 6pm through the NCT DREAM official SNS account, etc. Is expected to catch up.

    Meanwhile, NCT DREAM's new album 'Reload' will be released on April 29th as well.

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    Fascinating visuals like a scene from a movie
     “The fans and members are the driving force behind me”

    NCT 127 JOHNNY, JAEHYUN (SM) transformed into a special Romeo.

    NCT 127's JOHNNY and JAEHYUN made a photo shoot with fashion magazine W KOREA and reinterpreted Romeo in the movie 'Romeo and Juliet' (1996) with their own colors, giving off the trendy charm of NCT 127 only.

    JOHNNY caught the eye with a rebellious yet chic mood reminiscent of a scene from the movie, and JAEHYUN completed a unique pictorial with strong physical and photogenic poses.

    In particular, on this day, JOHNNY and JAEHYUN took advantage of their unique free-spirited senses to fashion various patterns of wearing fashion, and also led the shooting scene with energetic energy for shooting that continued until late.

    In addition, in an interview that was held together, when asked what was the driving force behind them, “It is a fan, a member, and a family. Fans are the “reason” for me to do something. The members are companions walking together for that reason. I like our music and I get great strength from the fans who came to the stage to see the stage. ”He expressed gratitude for the fans and members.

    Meanwhile, an interview with JOHNNY and JAEHYUN's distinctive pictorial and sincere stories can be found through the W KOREA May issue and the official website.

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    TVXQ! MAX (SM) ranked first on the Japanese Oricon Chart for two weeks in a row as their first solo album.

    MAX's first mini-album “Chocolate” released on April 6th, ranked first in the Oricon overseas music album chart for two consecutive weeks after last week, reaffirming the look of an express solo artist.

    In addition, this album was ranked # 1 in the weekly album chart in Korea, # 1 in the iTunes top album chart worldwide, # 1 in China's Kuwo music album sales chart week, and # 1 in Japan's Oricon digital album chart week, and the title song 'Chocolate' It has gained global attention by ranking first in the QQ Music Music Video Chart in China and ranking first in the Apple Music Music Video Rankings in Japan.

    Meanwhile, MAX's first mini-album “Chocolate” is loved because it contains a total of six songs in various genres, including the title song “Chocolate”, which has a homme fat charm.

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  • 2020-04-22 Press Release

    KIDOHUN showed off his fresh energy!

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    The relaxing and fresh charms of KIDOHUN
    “The scene where the process of learning “한 번 다녀왔습니다” is exciting”

    KIDOHUN (SM) showed off his fresh energy in the May issue of the fashion magazine Marie Clarie.

    In this shoot, KIDOHUN is a physically focused fashion from bright pastel-colored knitwear to neat white T-shirts and jeans, and loose-fitting shirts.

    KIDOHUN plays the role of ‘Park Hyo-shin’ in the KBS 2TV weekend drama ‘한 번 다녀왔습니다’, and through this pictorial, KIDOHUN showed a figure that maximized the ‘youth charm’ of KIDOHUN, which is different from the characters in the drama.

    In addition, in an interview held on this day, KIDOHUN asked about '한 번 다녀왔습니다', which is currently being filmed. Many of my seniors teach me a lot, and I feel a lot by just doing it together. The learning process is exciting. ”

    Then, when asked if his 20s seemed to be filling well, “I am living with all my energy. I don't want to rest for a moment. I hope that I will be able to make a character that is deemed possible because it is 'KIDOHUN' someday. ”

    Meanwhile, KIDOHUN's light and comfortable pictorial and interview full text can be found in the Marie Clarie May issue and the official website.

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    JENO and JAEMIN participated in writing the lyrics!
    Live live on NAVER V at 5 PM on April 29! Comeback countdown with global fans!

    NCT DREAM (SM), announcing the new album 'Reload', gives warm emotion with the song 'Puzzle Piece'.

    NCT DREAM is planning to release a track video to meet 'Puzzle Piece' in advance on the new album through various SNS official channels on the 22nd at 6 pm, raising expectations for a comeback.

    The new song 'Puzzle Piece' is a song that warmly fills the mind with the acoustic guitar melody and the soft vocals of NCT DREAM. And members JENO and JAEMIN participated in the lyrics and added sincerity.

    Also, NCT DREAM will conduct 'NCT DREAM's Ridin' Countdown' on the NCT DREAM channel of NAVER V Live from 5 pm on April 29, 1 hour before the release of the new album' Reload 'sound source. , We are expecting a enthusiastic response as we are going to communicate with fans in a variety of stories from countdown to sound source release.

    Meanwhile, NCT DREAM's new album ‘Reload’ contains a total of five songs including the title song ‘Ridin’ ’, and is released on April 29th at 6pm at various music sites and released on the same day.

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    -MINSEO releases teaser image of Natural Mood ... Expectation with mature visuals UP!
    -MINSEO, born ballad emotion → Infinite transformation from R & B

    Singer MINSEO returns with a new R & B song of a new color.

    The agency MYSTIC STORY said on the 22nd, "MINSEO's new song 'No Good Girl' will be released on the 28th."

    In the open teaser image, MINSEO caught the eye with natural charm and matured visuals with a combination of white T-shirt, jeans, and sneakers.

    'No Good Girl' is a song that shows not only good looks to lovers but also unaffected ones, and is a song that contains a desire to love, written by Kim Eana, Ra. D produced.

    In 2018, MINSEO, which was flying with 'wonderful dream', attracted attention with its clear and unmistakable vocals and various charms in the first mini-album 'The Diary of Youth' composed of four trilogy.

    Afterwards, MINSEO, who showed delicate emotions through ballad singles and drama OST, is expected to share his mature emotion and voice in this new song.

    MINSEO's 'No Good Girl' will be released through each music site on the 28th at 6:00 pm.

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    China 东方网 “#SuperM attack chorus hashtag, total hit 150 million records, hot topic” reported
    China 中华网 "Chinese music fans refer to SuperM = Super Lee Soo Man, showing friendliness and support"
    BBC, Billboard, MTV, Metro, etc.

    SuperM (SM) was spotlighted by the global media for participating in the ‘Together At Home’ concert.

    SuperM focused on viewers all over the world by presenting a new song “With You” in 'One World: Together At Home', an extra large online charity concert that was broadcast live for eight hours through a global online streaming platform on the 19th.

    After the performance on this day, China's major entertainment media, 凤凰网娱乐, 新浪娱乐, 偶像网, 妙眼娱乐, etc., highlighted the news of SuperM's participation in the ‘Together At Home’ concert, Even on the 20th, media such as 东方网, 南方娱乐网, 康康娱乐 were "Topics such as the total number of hits on the #SuperM隔空合唱 hashtag in Weibo recorded 150 million in 19 days a day. "It was collected."

    In addition, 中华网 is a Chinese music fan named after SuperM's 'S' and 'M' in the ancient dynasty's Qin Dynasty or Juklim Chilhyun (the seven wise men of the bamboo forest, the seven great poets of the Qin Dynasty of China). Sing it out or use the name of the producer Lee Soo Man to combine SuperM with Super Man's Chinese expression, beginner and Lee Soo Man's Man (满), aka Super Man, Super Lee Soo Man. He also referred to the article, stating that articles posted stating that friendliness and support for SuperM and Lee Soo Man producers appeared steadily.

    In addition, the BBC mentioned SuperM as an artist who showed creative performance despite the technical limitations at this concert. “One member of the K-pop band SuperM drew a picture for the fans during the“ With You ”performance.

    In addition, the Billboard of the United States said, “SuperM showed a lively performance with the concept of doing various activities such as drawing, exercising, and cooking.” “The Korean Super Group is attracted by popular stars such as Lady Gaga, The Rolling Stones, Taylor Swift, and Paul McCartney. "I joined the lineup."

    MTV also said, “SuperM performed an exciting unpublished song“ With You ”in a comfortable form in their space through live stream. "It reminds me that I will find it."

    In addition, Metro and BuzzFeed also delivered SuperM's 'Together At Home' performance, realizing the global interest in SuperM once again.

    On the other hand, SuperM will show the performance as the first runner of 'Beyond LIVE', a live concert streaming service presented by SM Entertainment and NAVER in hand on the 26th.

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    WayV, NCT DREAM, NCT 127 up to the limited express lineup!
    Special concerts enjoyed online, concentrated all over the world! Lead a new concept online concert culture!

    SM Entertainment and NAVER's new live concert streaming service, 'Beyond LIVE' is raising curtains with SuperM on April 26th.

    'Beyond LIVE' is a video content that adds SM's entertainment content production ability and NAVER's global platform operation experience and technology. It is expected to lead the more advanced digital performance culture by communicating through various technologies such as real-time comments and digital cheering rods.

    The first protagonist of 'Beyond LIVE' is SuperM, and 'SuperM-Beyond the Future' where SuperM's colorful stage will unfold will be held on April 26 at 3:00 p.m. (11:00 p.m. on the 25th of Los Angeles, USA) through NAVER V LIVE It is expected that it will be broadcast live simultaneously in the world to gain the enthusiastic response of global fans.

    In addition, performances of popular singers, such as the Chinese group WayV, May 3, NCT DREAM on the 10th, and NCT 127 on the 17th, have been confirmed, starting with SuperM. It is expected to lead the development of a new online concert culture.

    In addition, tickets for ‘Beyond LIVE’ can be purchased from NAVER V LIVE + on the 21st, and packages consisting of tickets and MD products are also sold at YES24.

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    Comeback with colorful content! Gathering much attention!

    NCT DREAM has released a schedule poster of the new album ‘Reload’ to comeback with the new song ‘Ridin’ ’.

    Prior to the release of the new album 'Reload' at 00:00 on the 21st at NCT DREAM's official SNS account, a schedule poster was announced to announce various contents such as teaser images, track track videos, and music video teaser videos, raising expectations for NCT DREAM's comeback. Is doing.

    In particular, NCT DREAM will release track videos that combine the charm of the NCT DREAM, which has been transformed to match the atmosphere of each song and part of the music recorded in this album through the official SNS account from 6 pm on the 22nd. Hot response is expected.

    NCT DREAM's new album 'Reload' will be released from various music sites on the 29th at 6:00 pm, including the powerful title song 'Ridin' ', 'Quiet Down', '7 Days', 'Love Again', 'Puzzle Piece' and 5 songs of various emotions are included.

    Meanwhile, NCT DREAM's new album ‘Reload’ will also be released on April 29th, and can be pre-purchased at various music stores.

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    Understanding the lives of the Amazon Mases
    “Veteran of Backcountry” Kim Byung Man meets new nature
    ‘Questions from baptism to Comte’
    A spoonful of laughter in the brilliant scenery
    Program enriched

    Kim Byung Man once again met a new nature.

    In the MBN entertainment program, '오지GO 아마존 of 아마존', aired on the 20th, Kim Byung Man who visited Amazon, called the realm of God, was depicted. As members of this season, Lee Seung Yoon and Shim Hyung Tak joined Kim Byung Man as a member, raising expectations for the new season.

    Kim Byung Man met with the members of the Amazon's last warrior, the "Mases," who lived several times with members and passed through the unknown jungle and rejected civilization. In this process, even Kim Byung Man, who has been exploring nature all over the world for many years, has revealed that it is the most in-depth area, making the future journey even more curious.

    After a long journey, Kim Byung Man, who met the Mases, naturally became acquainted with the tribesmen and gradually learned their lives. In addition, Kim Byung Man asked Aboriginal people what they were curious about and got information about the Mases that everyone would be curious about. The crocodiles, who were treated as special meals, played an important role in understanding their lives, such as how often they eat, why they eat by gender, and even when fishing on rainy days.

    Even at the end of the day, Kim Byung Man was lying in his hammock before going to bed with his members, showing their passion for studying their language, understanding and learning their culture, considering when the Mases came to Korea. .

    In addition, Kim Byung Man made various programs with laughter codes that reach locals through cheerful jokes that utilize their lives, cont instincts that cannot be hidden, and gag-man spirit.

    From the rare animals that are rarely seen to the companion animals that live with the Massese, and the fantastic scenery, the '오지고' that has just come across with a variety of things to see and the stories of the Maes and Kim Byung Man will be uncovered. Expectations and interests remain different.

    On the other hand, MBN '오지GO 아마존 of 아마존' is broadcast every Monday at 11:00 PM.

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