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    EXO D.O. (SM) tops Korean weekly album charts with his first solo album.

    Released on July 26, D.O.'s first solo album ‘공감’ tops weekly charts on various album charts such as Hanteo Chart, Synnara Record, and HOTTRACKS released on the 2nd, confirming D.O.'s hot popularity once again.

    In addition, this album tops the iTunes Top Albums Charts of 60 international regions around the world with Slovakia added, and proved its global interest by ranking no.1 in China's QQ Music, KuGou Music, and KuWo Music digital album sales charts.

    D.O.'s first solo album 'Empathy' includes the title song 'Rose' and 6 new songs such as 'I'm Gonna Love You', 'My Love', 'It's Love', 'Dad', 'I'm Fine', and a bonus track with an acoustic atmosphere It has a total of 8 songs and is getting a good response.

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    - Proof of the extraordinary chemistry between the artist and sports player of ‘Band LUCY+An San’
    - 'Three Crowns of Archery' An San revealed a "LUCY fan" on SNS and broadcasting... Also drawing ‘개화’ as the hero's requested song
    - LUCY members also congratulated on the news of the gold medal in An San... Fan certification for each other

    The four-member band LUCY and archery player An San are creating a warm chemistry with their deep love for each other.

    Among the national athletes participating in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, An San, who won three archery medals, drew attention.

    In particular, An San, who said they were fans of the band LUCY, the group MAMAMOO, and WJSN, and LUCY, the star of An San, revealed that they were fans of each other, and caught the attention of the sports stars and artists with their extraordinary chemistry.

    Previously, An San revealed that she is a long-time fan by posting LUCY's songs one after another on her personal Instagram story even before the Olympic Games.

    On the 25th, An San participated in LUCY's leader Shin Ye Chan's live broadcast in real time, quoting LUCY's song '히어로', saying, "It's my hero" and "I'm so happy to have LUCY in my life." left behind Shin Ye Chan responded by performing the national anthem with a violin, and gathered topics with mutual support.

    Also, on the day he won three gold medals, he participated in Cho Won Sang's live broadcast and continued to communicate, and LUCY expressed his infinite gratitude by conveying deep respect and congratulations to An San's fan certification.

    In particular, LUCY's ‘개화’, recommended by An San through Subs Sports' 'Hero's Request Song', later climbed on the real-time search terms of major music sites and entered the charts, foretelling a reverse run.

    As such, LUCY and their songs, which have proven their musicality and popularity as a next-generation band in the golden wave of An San, are attracting attention one after another, and interest is being drawn to whether the wishes of fans looking forward to the meeting between An San and LUCY can be fulfilled. .

    Meanwhile, LUCY will meet fans at the online concert 'from LUCY' to be held on the 7th.

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    SUPER JUNIOR's hit song 'Mr. Simple' music video reached 200 million views on YouTube.

    ‘Mr. Simple’ music video surpassed 200 million views on YouTube at 10:30 am on the 31st, recording the first 200 million views in the SUPER JUNIOR music video.

    The title song ‘Mr. Simple' received a lot of love at the time of its release because of its addictive rhythm, humorous lyrics, and energetic stage.

    As a result, SUPER JUNIOR has released a total of 5 songs, including 'Mr. Simple', which surpassed 200 million views on the 31st, '미인아(Bonamana)', 'Sorry, Sorry', '너 같은 사람 또 없어 (No Other)', and 'MAMACITA'. The video has garnered more than 100 million views, proving its unwavering global influence.

    Meanwhile, SUPER JUNIOR has been active in various fields such as various entertainment programs, musicals and radio as well as steady music activities such as group, unit, and solo album release since its debut in 2005.

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    'Deep emotional acting'

    - ‘The rich man’ identity = real father… Yeo Eui-joo's heartbreaking story revealed!
    - Possibility of character with splendor and darkness at the same time UP… “Broad Smoke Spectrum”

    ‘월간 집’ Chae Jung An’s emotional acting made viewers sad.

    In the 14th episode of the JTBC drama '월간 집' broadcast on the 29th, Yeo Eui-joo (Chae Jung An) secretly met 'The Rich Man' was the father, and the viewers shed tears as they shared their heartbreaking story. even made my heart ache.

    When Nam Sang-soon (Ahn Chang-hwan) finds out about the existence of 'The Rich Man' and investigates his identity, Yeo Eui- It gave joo's actions persuasiveness.

    In addition, the reason why he lives in a luxurious mansion with a monthly rent of 1 million won while receiving a salary similar to that of his colleagues is also the reason why he said, “I want you to feel a little more guilty every time you pay the rent once a month… ” He shed tears and drew sympathy from viewers by adding probabilities to Eui-joo’s narrative, in which resentment and longing for his father were mixed at the same time.

    In this way, Chae Jung An naturally unraveled the complicated story hidden by Yeo Eui-joo, who seemed bright and light, by demonstrating her steady acting skills. She proved a wide spectrum of acting by expressing a character with splendor and darkness at the same time with her unique character digestibility and delicate acting.

    Expectations rise for Yeo Eui-joo's narrative, which Chae Jung An will complete, whether Eui-joo, who shouted out what the meaning of home is, can define his own home and what kind of relationship it will develop with Sang-soon.

    Meanwhile, '월간 집', with only two episodes left until the end, is broadcast on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 9 pm.

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    - MINSEO, released a new profile picture with colorful charms
    - MINSEO, the role of Ria in the terrestrial debut ‘Imitation’
    - MINSEO, active in two fields of ‘music<->acting’… Next move 'Expectation UP↑'

    Singer and actor MINSEO has released a new profile picture of a new charm.

    MINSEO, who was recognized for her solid acting skills by perfectly digesting 'Ria', which has both talent as well as appearance and personality in KBS2's 'Imitation', which ended on the 23rd, released a new profile picture.

    In the photo, MINSEO added fashionable and casual charm with jeans and sneakers, and caught the eye with her innocent and fresh look with her wavy hair hanging down.

    Then, MINSEO, who reversed the atmosphere with a black outfit, radiated a chic charm with a more mature look, creating a simple and sophisticated atmosphere.

    In particular, the alluring black dress made MINSEO's visual stand out even more, and she showed off her high fashion digestibility by digesting colorful moody outfits and concepts as if it were her own.

    MINSEO shows outstanding musical capabilities across genres such as 'Like', 'Is Who', and 'No Good Girl', In addition to the recently ended drama ‘The Imitation’, the web drama ‘좀 예민해도 괜찮아 시즌2’, and ‘어쨌든 기념일’, he has been active as the main character in a number of works, and he is also prominent as an actor.

    As MINSEO continues to be active in both fields of music and acting, anticipation is being raised for another side to be shown in the future.

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    - Band LUCY decorates ‘M COUNTDOWN’ with a special mashup stage to blow away the heat and a new song ‘I Got U’!
    - ‘Next-generation K-band’ LUCY, presents ‘Rich sound + gorgeous visual’ stage

    The 4-member band LUCY splendidly decorated the M COUNTDOWN stage.

    LUCY, who appeared on Mnet's 'M COUNTDOWN' broadcast on the evening of the 29th, presented a special mashup stage only for the special stage.

    LUCY presented a special stage by mashing up various K-pop hits such as BTS 'Butter', IU 'Celebrity', TWICE 'Dance The Night Away' BraveGirls 'Rollin'' with the band sound.

    In addition, the fourth single title song 'I Got U' released last month gave a pleasant energy.
    It satisfies viewers with a refreshing sound to blow away the heat, gorgeous visuals, and sensible stage manners, revealing the side of a ‘next-generation K-band’ without filtration.

    As LUCY's perfect mashup stage provides a refreshing feeling and coolness reminiscent of a summer festival, it is attracting a lot of attention in the future of LUCY's music world.

    Meanwhile, LUCY is in the midst of preparing for the online concert 'from LUCY' to be held on the 7th.

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    “SM’s cogs raised it to Korean pop music stardom”

    SM Entertainment's representative producer Yoo Young Jin was mentioned as the 'The Greatest Producers of the 21st Century' by US Billboard.

    US Billboard recently released 'The 50 Greatest Producers of the 21st Century' through its official website, and Yoo Young Jin was ranked 39th, confirming his global influence once again.

    In particular, Billboard praised Yoo Young Jin, saying, "Yoo Young Jin, who plays the role of a cog in SM Entertainment, has elevated Korean pop music to stardom for over 20 years with his unique height and dance beat."

    In addition, as Yoo Young Jin's representative work, 'Sorry Sorry' by SUPER JUNIOR and 'Butterflies' by Red Velvet as a hidden gem (masterpiece) were selected.

    According to Billboard, this list is a selection of the 50 most innovative, influential and important producers since 2000, with priority being given to producers at the pinnacle of the 21st century.

    Yoo Young Jin is a master of Korean R&B as a top composer and producer who has produced numerous global hits over the past 20 years.

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    SHINee (SM) topped the Oricon charts with their new Japanese mini album.

    SHINee's new Japanese mini-album 'SUPERSTAR', released on the 28th, ranked first on the Oricon Daily Album Chart on the day of release, confirming SHINee's hot local popularity once again.

    Previously, this album was pre-released on June 28 through various global music platforms, no.1 on the Billboard Japan Download Album Chart, ranking no.1 in the iTunes Top Albums chart in 19 regions around the world. It has gained global attention

    This album contains a total of 5 songs, including the title song 'SUPERSTAR', new Japanese songs such as 'Closer' and 'SEASONS', the Japanese version of the 7th album title song 'Don't Call Me', and the 7th album repackage title song 'Atlantis'.

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    Detailed emotional expression + school uniform visuals
    First drama starring! Naturally digesting characters that cross the past and present

    KIM YERIM (Red Velvet YERI, SM) received a passing score in her first starring challenge.

    In the playlist drama 'Blue Birthday', which was released on the 23rd, KIM YERIM played the role of 'Oh Harin', who relentlessly jumps into time travel to save her first love.

    In the last broadcast, 'Oh Ha-rin' witnessed his first love 'Ji Seo-joon (Hong-seok)', who chose to die on his birthday, and it was hard to forget him even after 10 years have passed.

    Then, 'Oh Ha-rin', who realized that he could go back 10 years by burning the photos taken by 'Ji Seo-joon', decided to go back to the past and save him. .

    In this drama, her first lead role, KIM YERIM showed not only facial expressions and visuals suitable for the character, but also smooth emotional acting that transcends the past and present, and is receiving positive responses that it has led the development stably, so I am looking forward to her future activities.

    On the other hand, 'Blue Birthday' is a digital drama that tells the story of the past and the present through the mysterious photos he left behind, the first love who chose death on my birthday 10 years ago. You can also meet on YouTube from August 6th.

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    - Dreamy atmosphere + Wannabe visuals for women
    - After drama and entertainment, swept the advertising world and became a ‘beauty icon’

    Actor Cho Bo Ah boasted a mysterious yet neat visual.

    Cho Bo Ah was recently selected as a model for a Korean medical company and while continuing her active activities, she caught her attention by revealing behind-the-scenes cuts from her commercial shoot.

    In the published photo, Cho Bo Ah showed off her fairy-like visuals while wearing pastel-toned clothes and surrounded by large flowers. She looks at her camera with a neat hairstyle, flawless transparent skin, and mysterious eyes, creating a dreamy atmosphere and attracting attention.

    She is a goddess of unrivaled atmosphere, and Cho Bo Ah, who gives her trust with her unique clean image, is perfectly immersed even on her shooting site, and shows a professional appearance, such as colorful expressions and poses, and was cheered by her staff.

    Cho Bo Ah, who continues to be a beauty icon with her perfect visuals that are unforgettable at one glance, is not only broadening her acting spectrum through her various genres of work, but is also active in her entertainment shows and has a wide audience.

    Meanwhile, Cho Bo Ah is currently reviewing her next film.

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