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    NCT (SM) proved its long-run popularity by charted in the Billboard main album chart, both for 8 weeks in a row in the United States as its second album.

    'NCT – The 2nd Album RESONANCE Pt.1', released on October 12 last year, ranked no.95 on the Billboard main album chart'Billboard 200', released on the 20th (local time), and no.2 on the'World Album' chart.

    This album first entered 'Billboard 200' at no.6, and then recorded the chart-in at no.33, no.105, no.119, no.39, no.36, no.65 and no.95 for 6 weeks in a row, regaining the global power of NCT.

    In addition, NCT's 2nd album Pt.1 and Pt.2 both sold over 1 million albums and recorded a total of 2.68 million copies, becoming the'Double Million Seller', as well as no.1 on Korean album charts and United World Chart no.1 Above, China's largest music site QQ Music digital album sales charts, etc.

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    -Hwang In Youp, 'looks + Model Fit + Acting' captivated the fashion and advertising industry
    -‘여신강림’ Hwang In Youp, advertising love call with hot topic… A rising star! 'Proof of the trend'

    The fashion and advertising industry is keenly interested in “Rising Star” Hwang In Youp.

    Hwang In Youp concentrated the public with the role of the main character “Han Seo-joon” in the tvN drama “여신강림”. He is leading a high topic by capturing women's hearts by completely digesting the character of “Han Seo-joon,” a tough wild horse with excellent physical, and gaining attention for his stable acting and emerged as a blue chip.

    Hwang In Youp, who started acting through the 2018 web drama ‘WHY: 당신이 연인에게 차인 진짜 이유’, appeared in the web drama “프레쉬맨,” a new actor who emerged as a trend in the web drama world. Afterwards, he entered the drama in earnest through the drama “조선로코-녹두전” and established himself as the next major actor through “18 Again”.

    The fashion and advertising industry is also interested in Hwang In Youp's activities. Recently, RAF SIMONS was invited to the '2021 F/W Menswear Collection' online show, which was first unveiled at PRADA, demonstrating their hot interest in him. Despite the ongoing filming of the drama “여신강림”, it is said that love calls from numerous luxury fashion brands and advertisements are pouring out.

    Officials are citing'perfect proportions like a model','long-term appearance', and'attractive masks favored by the 1020 generation' as the reason for the hot interest in Hwang In Youp. In particular,'여신강림' is consistently ranked at the top in the TV topical drama category, and Hwang In Youp in the'Drama caster topicality' category (based on TV topic analysis agency'Good Data Corporation') and Instagram followers The fact that the number exceeds 5 million and is loved by building a global fandom beyond Korea seems to add strength to the industry's hot interest.

    On the other hand, Hwang In Youp, which has emerged as a “hot icon” that luxury brands are paying attention to, is in full swing at the end of the “여신강림” that entered the second act.

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    -'Box office queen' Park Ha Seon, also pictorial'Queen'...Overwhelming aura 'Gaze All Kill'
    -Park Ha Seon, Admirable beauty 'Best of the Year'

    Actor Park Ha Seon showed off her alluring visual through a fashion pictorial.

    After the drama'산후조리원', which aroused a lot of sympathy last year, the COSMOPOLITAN February issue of actor Park Ha Seon, who is active in the drama'며느라기', was released. This pictorial was conducted with the concept of'the most shining moment of Park Ha Seon'.

    Park Ha Seon perfectly digests from a chic suit style to a glittered dress, exuding a strong sexy beauty that has never been seen before. The fascinating eyes and appearance that cannot be seen make it impossible to take your eyes off.

    Park Ha Seon, who has been active in drama, entertainment, radio, and movies, said, “I think my heyday was in the'하이킥'. At that time, it was very difficult because I suddenly received a lot of attention. Since I was young, I didn't know well, and I always thought that I shouldn't be Happy and sad, but recently, my seniors said that celebrities are a profession that 'Happy'. I want to enjoy it.”

    Next, when asked what modifiers would you like to put in front of the name Park Ha Seon, “I think I'm starting again. I want to become an actor who will not be left behind, and I want to say "this year" more than "past year", her said. More pictorials and interviews of Park Ha Seon can be found in the February 2021 issue of'COSMOPOLITAN' and the COSMOPOLITAN website.

    Meanwhile, Park Ha Seon continued his screening activities with the movie'고백', predicting active activities this year as well. ‘고백’ is a work that raises the awareness of child abuse, and it is receiving hot interest and support, exceeding 1 million views in two days after the trailer was released. Park Ha Seon won the Korean Fantastic Feature Award at the 24th Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival for the role of Oh Soon, a social worker who can't stand the injustices of adults who abuse children. The movie “고백” starring Park Ha Seon is scheduled to be released in February.

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    -MINSEO participates in the studio '위피' X MonoTree collaboration song'나랑 놀 사람'
    -MINSEO sings the excitement of falling in love through '나랑 놀 사람'... Open at 6pm on the 24th
    -'All-round character' MINSEO with acting + singing, KBS2'imitation' casting and new song'나랑 놀 사람' announced

    Singer MINSEO will release a new song'나랑 놀 사람' on the 24th.
    ‘나랑 놀 사람’ is a song that contains honest stories of people who are busy every day and want to share their tired hearts from the same daily life. It is the first collaboration song of MonoTree, where '위피', a content creative studio and hit Korean composers, gathered.

    MINSEO's charming voice, conveying the excitement of falling in love, and the cute and exciting arrangement of guitar instruments are expected to inspire listeners to sympathize with the feelings of love.

    MINSEO received attention for her deep sensitivity and outstanding vocal skills through her ballads '좋아' and '널 사랑한 너'. She has since expanded her capabilities as a female vocalist by digesting her various genres, such as "멋진 꿈", "Is Who", and "No good Girl."
    She also showed off her unique acting skills as the protagonist of the web dramas'좀 예민해도 괜찮아 시즌2' and'어쨌든 기념일', and then confirmed the cast in the KBS2 drama'Imitation', which is scheduled to air this year, and is active as an actor. Is foretold.
    MINSEO's “나랑 놀 사람” will be released on the 24th at 6 pm through each music site.

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    To put on a One-man show playing various roles!

    U-KNOW's on-tact showcase "U-KNOW SHOW" for U-KNOW by U-KNOW will be released on the 20th.

    'U-KNOW SHOW' is the first video content to meet the new song performance of TVXQ!'s U-KNOW (SM), who made a comeback with the new mini album'NOIR,' will be released through Naver V LIVE SMTOWN channel at 6 pm on January 20th.

    In this video, U-KNOW unveils the new song stage for the first time, including the title song 'Thank U', 'Time Machine', 'Loco (House Party)', 'Need You Right Now', and a variety of charms like'Performance King'. It is expected to attract music fans.

    In addition, ‘U-KNOW SHOW’ is decorated in a musical format that includes interviews and contests as well as a new song stage to add more fun. From planning to MC and performer, will be able to meet U-KNOW's delightful one-man show, which has fully digested multiple roles with one person, and is expected to capture the attention.

    On the other hand, U-KNOW made a comeback with their second mini album 'NOIR' on the 18th, ranked 1st on Korean album charts, as well as 1st on iTunes top album charts in 18 regions worldwide, and sold digital albums of QQ Music and Kuwo Music, China's largest music site. It is gaining global popularity, ranking first on the chart.

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    A shining presence that makes character!

    CHOI MINHO is showing off his unique charm by playing the role of cop “Oh Dong Sik” in the KakaoTV original drama “Lovestruck in the City”.

    In the 9th episode released on the 19th, Oh Dong Sik arrested and investigated the camera thief Yoon Sun-ah (Kim Ji-won) urgently, and led the play by revealing that Yoon Sun-ah was Lee Eun Oh.

    In particular, Oh Dong Sik emphasized that Park Jae-won (Ji Chang-wook) repeatedly declared Yoon Sun-ah, a "camera thief," and should be resolved by law. Created a sense of tension, such as resolutely seeking.

    The broadcast ended with Oh Dong Sik looking at Lee Eun Oh, who is delighted with finding the ring that Park Jae-won discarded, and as a witness of a new story unfolding, it is receiving high attention from viewers.

    CHOI MINHO, who played “Oh Dong Sik,” shows various emotions of the character within a short period of time, from a charismatic look to a sincere attitude to faithfully handle the task, and radiates a brilliant presence.

    Meanwhile, KakaoTV's original drama “Lovestruck in the City” will be released every Tuesday and Friday at 5pm on KakaoTV.

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    -KEYEAST, a dazzling achievement of 6 dramas in 2020
    -Expected to be upgraded to various works in 2021, of which the first lineup was released

    Every year, KEYEAST, which has become a content studio powerhouse, presents a variety of genres and dramas of new fun, and released the first lineup of dramas in 2021, which became even more powerful.

    In 2020 alone, KEYEAST showed remarkable achievements in showing a total of 6 dramas through various channels, starting with tvN'싸이코패스 다이어리' in January, SBS'하이에나' in February, followed by Netflix original'보건교사 안은영' in September. And received favorable reviews for its unique worldview. Soon after, in October, through MBN channel,'나의 위험한 아내', JTBC'라이브온' co-produced with a playlist in November, and JTBC'HUSH' starring Hwang Jung Min and Lim Yoona in December.

    In 2021, we plan to show complete dramas that stand out with original plans. First of all, a total of 4 dramas were released as the first lineup.

    ◆ < 별들에게 물어봐 >  

    If there was a'하이에나' in 2020, the tent pole drama representing KEYEAST in 2021 is the masterpiece drama'별들에게 물어봐'. This is the first space drama in Korea to be completed after three years of preparation by author Seo Sook Hyang, the master of romantic comedies such as “질투의 화신” and “파스타”. This work, which will continue the genealogy of K-romantic comedies that captivate global fans such as '사랑의 불시착' and '사이코지만 괜찮아,' is a '우주정거장 로맨틱 코미디' of space tourists and astronauts, with a total production cost of 400, including the construction of a space station set. More than a billion won is expected to be invested, and currently, we are coordinating the schedule with large star actors targeting overseas fans.

    ◆ < 경이로운 구경이 >

    It is an unprecedented new female action chase thriller advocating the “Asian version of Killing Eve,” depicting a breathtaking encounter between a female detective in her 40s, a former police officer and an incumbent insurance investigator, and a female college student killer, a serial killer. The promising rookie co-author team '성초이' is expected to participate in the drama, and Lee Jung-heum PD, who has proven a fresh directing optimized for genre drama through'아무도 모른다' and'조작', raises expectations. Currently, she is coordinating her appearance with the original Korean Wave star actress, and as a result, requests for pre-purchase from leading platforms in China and Japan are flooding.

    ◆ < 한 사람만 >  

    As the third runner, the 16-part drama “한 사람만” is waiting. This is the first drama about a heartwarming and sometimes funny romance in a hospice ward in Korea with the hospice version of “Orange Is the New Black.” Artist Moon Jung-min, who has proven excellence in describing delicate emotions with'최고의 이혼', and'역도요정 김복주','투깝스' and'그 남자의 기억법' show a sophisticated production that captures romance narratives in sensual images. It is expected that Oh Hyun-jong PD will captivate the hearts of viewers with a work in harmony.

    ◆ < 일루미네이션 >  

    Fourth is “Illuminations,” a new OTT series by Jung Se Rang, the current hottest novelist in Korea and the Netflix original “보건교사 안은영”. It is a full-fledged K-POP drama that guides the growth pains of idol group members, the struggles of professional characters surrounding them, and the world of K-POP, which has been loved by the world beyond Asia through their narratives. Through collaboration with top artists and creators at home and abroad, such as SM Entertainment, the drama will be presented.

    The representative of KEYEAST said, “The first four works of the first lineup that we unveiled are currently undergoing last-minute negotiations open to all business possibilities with global OTT as well as domestic platforms. From 2020, KEYEAST's drama business has entered a full swing. In line with the changing times this year, while various materials and experimental attempts are still continuing, we are trying to make it a year of leap forward to firmly establish itself as a comprehensive entertainment group that adds content studios from the traditional actor's family. Please look forward to it.”

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    -Yoon Jong Shin X Jung Joon-Il,'말꼬리'-'고요' followed by'잘 했어요' for the third breath
    -〈Monthly YoonJongShin〉 released an interview video on YouTube channel...Jung Joon-Il "'잘 했어요' is a breathtaking song"
    -Yoon Jong Shin "Jung Joon-Il's'잘 했어요' is elegant...I hope this opportunity becomes a song of Jung Joon-Il"
    -In 2021, 〈Monthly YoonJongShin〉 will be released with the'Repair' Project Season 2...

    Singer Yoon Jong Shin's monthly music project〈Monthly YoonJongShin〉 January issue'잘 했어요' will be released on the 22nd.

    The first runner of〈Monthly YoonJongShin〉 this year is Jung Joon-Il, which is the third meeting following the June 2011 issue of'말꼬리' and the October 2014 issue of'고요'.

    This year's〈Monthly YoonJongShin〉 will be decorated as a'repair' project that re-releases previously released songs with new arrangements. It is season 2 of the “Repair” project that was held in 2013 and received a lot of love.

    Yoon Jong Shin was the first to think of Jung Joon-Il while preparing the'repair' project, and tried to reflect Jung Joon-Il's opinion from the stage of selection.

    Jung Joon-Il liked the album of Yoon Jong Shin's 8th album'헤어진 연인들을 위한 지침서' in the interview video released on the〈Monthly YoonJongShin〉 YouTube channel on the 17th. '잘 했어요' seems to have had a suction power from the beginning," he said. "It's an atmosphere where the song spreads backwards, and since I was a child, I liked such music. I also liked the honest lyrics."

    Yoon Jong Shin said, "If what I sang is true, the Jung Joon-Il version of'잘 했어요' is elegant. I thought it would be better to have'잘 했어요' as a Joon-Il song at this opportunity. He said, "I hope that the repair version of is widely spread and reaches many people."

    '잘 했어요' by Jung Joon-Il can be found on the music site before 6 pm on the 22nd.

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    No.1 on iTunes Top Album Chart in 18 regions! Also No.1 on Korean album charts and Chinese charts!

    TVXQ! U-KNOW (SM) once again proved its global power with new mini album “NOIR”.

    U-KNOW's second mini-album'NOIR', released on the 18th, is the top album chart of iTunes Spain, Brazil, Peru, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Russia, Finland, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Bolivia , Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Thailand, Philippines, Hong Kong, etc., ranks NO.1 in 18 countries on worldwide.

    In addition, this album ranked NO.1 on the Hanteo Chart, a Korean album chart, and ranked NO.1 on the QQ Music digital album sales chart and Kuwo Music digital album sales chart, the largest music site in China, confirming the hot interest.

    U-KNOW's second mini-album'NOIR' contains a total of 6 songs, including the title song'Thank U', and the music video for the title song'Thank U'is an action noir movie-like scale with a rich pathos. The video is getting a good response.
    On the other hand, U-KNOW will appear on SBS Power FM's'두시탈출 컬투쇼', which airs at 2 pm on the 19th.

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    ‘The old lover’s separation process’ realistically painted! Maximize sadness for KYUHYUN's emotional ballad!

    Actor GongMyoung-Chae Soo Bin appears in the music video for KYUHYUN's new song “마지막 날에 (Moving On),”.

    KYUHYUN released a new digital single '마지막 날에 (Moving On)' and music video on January 26th at 6pm, and on the 19th at 10am on Super Junior's official SNS, the music video filming site of GongMyoung and Chae Soo Bin The teaser image was posted, raising expectations.

    In the opened teaser image, the two face each other and smile happily. GongMyoung and Chae Soo Bin, born in 1994, are the same age, and they are said to have boasted of “the same age chemistry” as a real couple at the actual music video set.

    On the other hand, in the individual cuts of GongMyoung and Chae Soo Bin, the two have a very serious expression and create a serious atmosphere. In this music video, as shown in the teaser photo with a contradictory feeling, GongMyoung and Chae Soo Bin realistically depict the separation process of an old couple, and it is expected to maximize the sadness of KYUHYUN's winter ballad.

    GongMyoung, who is the protagonist of the movie'극한직업' and is about to return to the CRT with the anticipated film'홍천기' in 2021, and plays'앙리할아버지와 나', as well as the movie '해적: 도깨비 깃발' Chae Soo Bin, who is performing the show, will meet and bring out the deep sympathy of those who show realistic emotional acting.

    On the other hand,'마지막 날에 (Moving On)' is a remake of '마지막 날에', a song of the same name released by singer-songwriter Hong Seok-min in 2015, and the third song of '2021 PROJECT: 季', which releases a new song for each season.

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