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     -"불후의 명곡" LUCY championship! "I think I'll go home after seeing someone else's stage ... always be enthusiastic."
     -"가장무도회" reborn with LUCY's voice, Kim Wan-sun "I want to re-record with LUCY version"
     -LUCY wins the first appearance of "불후의 명곡"! "A good opportunity to grow musically"

    The band LUCY appeared in "불후의 명곡" edited by Kim Wan-sun and won the final victory.

    On the 27th, LUCY said through his agency MYSTIC STORY, "I was full just because I was able to appear on the stage for the first time after my debut in" 불후의 명곡 "." I did my best at the stage where I practiced a lot, but I am very grateful for the result. "

    LUCY reinterpreted "가장무도회" in the style of LUCY only in KBS2 "불후의 명곡" Kim Wan-sun, which was broadcast on the 26th, and decorated the stage.

    After the stage of ALi, DUETTO, Stephanie and Kim kyung ho, LUCY's "가장무도회" led to the first victory in the confrontation with Kim kyung ho. LUCY, who led the victory in the confrontation with Kim kyung ho, defended the stage and won the final victory after winning the final confrontation with Jung Mi Ae.

    LUCY's stage, which opened the introduction to the violin solo of member Shin Yechan and the black and white stage, became brighter, and the voice of member Choi Sangyeop announced the full-scale start. In front of "오오오오오", which is the point part of "가장무도회", he showed off a fresh band arrangement. When LUCY completed "가장무도회" in addition to the performance of bass Cho Wonsang and drum Shin Gwangil, he showed a different charm from the original song of Kim Wan-sun and led the standing ovation of Kim Wan-sun and the special audience. ..

    After listening to LUCY's "가장무도회", the original songwriter Kim Wan-sun said, "The new feeling of the LUCY table" 가장무도회 "that made a completely different song from the original song was very good." He expressed his affection for LUCY's arrangement by saying, "I think I should re-record with LUCY in the version."

    LUCY said, "I was worried that I could get a job while preparing for a short time, so I practiced until the day before." "I had to go to the members' house immediately after seeing all the other stages very nice. That's right, "he recalled appearing in" 불후의 명곡 ".

    He continued, "The appearance of" 불후의 명곡 "was a great opportunity to challenge new songs, and it was an opportunity to see various stages and grow musically." I would like to continue to take on hard challenges in the future as a result of winning the championship. "

    LUCY, who released the first mini-album "PANORAMA" in August, attracted viewers by broadcasting music with the title song "조깅" that included a refreshing charm. In particular, the music video for "조깅" proved to be a beloved band with 1 million views on YouTube.

    On the other hand, LUCY, whose ability was recognized again through the victory of "불후의 명곡", released a question and answer to commemorate the victory.

    [The following is a question and answer with LUCY]

    Q. How did you feel about appearing in 불후의 명곡?
    A. (Cho Wonsang) Even just deciding to participate was a hyperspectral prosperity. Just being able to go on stage with amazing people such as Kim kyung ho, Jung Mi Ae, ALi, DUETTO, Stephanie was a big hit, but thanks to all the heartfelt support, I was even more impressed. I think it was.

    (Shin Yechan) When I saw 불후의 명곡 only on TV, I thought, "I wonder if I will be able to appear in 불후의 명곡 someday?" I don't feel it.

    Q. What did you remember when you prepared 불후의 명곡?
    A. (Choi Sangyeop) I was worried if I could do well while preparing in a short time. I was very nervous and practiced until the day before. When I saw the stage of other people on the day of shooting, I felt that "the professional world is still different."

    (Shin Gwangil) The first order was ALi-senpai, but as soon as I saw the stage, there was a talk between the members, "Why don't you go to our house?" (Laughs). I couldn't even think of winning the live performance of my seniors.

    Q. How did you feel when you actually won the championship?
    A. (Shin Gwangil) It was good just to say that the stage was over and "well done", but I was able to win the championship. I still dream. I put the trophy in my bag, but at that moment I felt it was too difficult to tell whether it was a dream or a sensi.

    (Cho Wonsang) Of course the victory was good, but he gave me a lot of advice about the situation where Kim kyung ho is not playing as a band. It was an honor for the legendary Kim kyung ho senior to know our existence. In addition to that, everything up to the victory is incredible and inspiring!

    (Shin Yechan) Immediately after winning the championship, my parents were in the second half of the championship. It's irreplaceable to see my parents who I like better than me. Haha. 불후의 명곡 I want to be an artist who always challenges hard in the future, triggered by the victory!

    (Choi Sangyeop) I wanted to do my best just because I prepared hard, and I am grateful for the result. It's true that I had an unfamiliar burden when I heard about the activities of my super band friends Hoppipolla and Purple Rain on the day of shooting, but I was fortunate to have LUCY join the formation.

    Q. Future plans.
    A. (LUCY) Through this 불후의 명곡, I think I had a good opportunity to try new songs. Also, watching the stage of various people gave me an opportunity to grow musically. Next time, if I have another chance, I would like to show the stage again to the viewers only for the new LUCY!

    --Google translation.

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    "Fun rich" tension showed correctly
    "Universal character" with both talk + sense + dance
    Shake saturday night

    Hwang Shin Hye expanded his career as a funny goddess with a sense.

    JTBC "아는 형님" broadcasted on the 26th was transferred from "원조 여신들이高", and actors Hwang Shin Hye and Jeon In Hwa appeared and gave a big laugh on Saturday night with the members. In particular, Hwang Shin Hye made his first appearance by gently illuminating his face in the classroom window, and the members who saw this made a more intense welcome greeting than usual when the super express transfer student came.

    Later, when old photographs were summoned and Hwang Shin Hye was proved to be a "mother's womb beauty" again, Hwang Shin Hye replaced Hwang Shin Hye when he introduced Hwang Shin Hye as Incheon's three great goddesses. He gave Kang Ho Dong, who avoids the answer to someone's question, scolding him, "I should sort it out. What story should I throw away?" And made everyone laugh.

    In addition, while the members of "아는 형님" suggested that the lines of historical drama and contemporary drama were changed and digested, Hwang Shin Hye said, "Apnya? I hurt." I was also proud of the entertainment, demonstrating my sense of hitting by being metabolized by the impact for a short time.

    Not only that, Hwang Shin Hye exudes natural and comfortable chemistry based on his long ties with Jeon In Hwa. The two who first met the drama 30 years ago took out the story of Hwang Shin Hye shooting the drama with Jeon In Hwa's husband Yoo Dong Geun, radiating chemistry and sitting in a chair. "아는 형님" invited the members to laugh.

    In the second hour of the "Scholarship Quiz", Hwang Shin Hye called a song with an unexpected pitch in the first subject "Relayed Syllable Throat", and sang the two songs together unintentionally during the mixed music quiz. The fun of reversal was presented, such as making a song.

    In the next game, Hwang Shin Hye will appear on behalf of the team and search for the points of the dance, based on the rules of the game along with the dance, looking at the screen, both of the unique "Fun". I raised the tension of the class and made the atmosphere of the classroom hot.

    In the broadcast of the day, Hwang Shin Hye actively communicated the publicity of the characters in the drama that he undertook, asking if he would generously show his love for his daughter, and if it was a dance, a versatile character who could do anything like dance or talk On Saturday night, I told the viewers the fun.

    Meanwhile, Hwang Shin Hye is appearing on KBS 2TV "오! 삼광 빌라!".

    - Google translation.

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    SuperM & CHOI SIWON respectively awarded the "Special award" and the "Most Prominent Korean Artist"!

    SuperM and CHOI SIWON (SUPER JUNIOR SIWON, SM) were the only K-POP artists invited to the "Indonesian Television Awards 2020".

    SuperM and CHOI SIWON participated online at "ITA" held at 9 pm (local time) on the 25th, and were the only K-POP artists invited to prove their global popularity.

    "ITA" is the honor of being selected as a Special Award and The Most Prominent Korean Artist at the annual Indonesian Broadcasting Awards Ceremony hosted by the RCTI station of Indonesia's largest media group MNC.

    Thank you very much for inviting us to this big prize called SuperM "'ITA", and many people loved SuperM and supported us, and we were able to receive the special prize. I would like to ask for a lot of love because it will be a SuperM that will continue to make efforts in the future, "and CHOI SIWON also said," It feels even more special to receive the award through online awards than usual. I promise to continue to be an Asian artist who will always do my best. "

    In addition, at the award ceremony of the day, SuperM was also the winner of the popular weekend program category, and CHOI SIWON was the most influential and popular entertainer category winner, and the award ceremony was shining.

    - Google translation.

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    A wider acting spectrum that goes back and forth between reality and virtual
    The "presence of conviction" diverges from the slyness to the pure-hearted appearance!

    "Love Virtually" CHOI SIWON (SUPER JUNIOR SIWON, SM) attracted viewers with its fresh charm.

    CHOI SIWON unveiled a new "CHOI SIWON's romantic comedy" in the role of "Seo Min Joon" from the MBC cinematic drama SF8 "Love Virtually" broadcasted on the 25th.

    Seo Min Joon hides the perfect look, connects to the "Love Virtually" app, meets Han Ji-won (U-IE) who looks inside you, finds true love and looks happy with the ending Made me smile.

    In this process, CHOI SIWON dramatically expressed the visual of "Seo Min Joon" in the virtual through special make-up, made the storytelling of the characters hard, and of course, the reality "Seo Min Joon" loved it. I drew a deep picture of my worries and improved the degree of perfection of my drama.

    In addition, CHOI SIWON delicately plays the various emotions of a person who becomes infinitely pure in front of love and the peculiar aspect that appears at one time with his friend Gu Sung-tae (An Se-ha), and the smoke spectrum that has expanded further. Prove that you are getting a good response.

    On the other hand, the cinematic drama SF8 is a Korean version of the original SF anthology series created by eight leading Korean directors, and every Friday, each book meets viewers on the UHD screen at MBC, and the OTT platform wavve. You can watch the whole movie at.

    - Google translation.

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    "K-Pop Hero & MARVEL Hero Encounter" SuperM Limited Package Collection Released!

    "K-Pop Hero" SuperM (SM) will collaborate with "MARVEL", a global character-based entertainment.

    SuperM, who made a comeback with the worldwide release of the 1st album "Super One" at 1 pm on the 25th, announced a collaboration with "MARVEL", and a special harmonious combination of the SuperM character and the hero character in the "MARVEL" movie. Published merchandising.

    This time, the merchandising collaboration between SuperM and "MARVEL" announces the start of a continuous joint project between SM Entertainment and "MARVEL", and both companies will take this opportunity to showcase various collaborations with K-pop fans and "MARVEL" fans. The plan is to provide new experiences through mutual exchanges.

    Paul Gitter, SVP (Senior vice president) of the copyright division of "MARVEL", said, "MARVEL is a very influential lifestyle brand with the most powerful characters in the world and fans inspired by the story. The MARVEL Universe, in collaboration with SM Entertainment, plans to extend various merchandising and content to the K-pop culture in a fashionable and creative way. "

    Meanwhile, SuperM and "MARVEL" will collaborate on the limited edition package collection, which will be released from the United States on September 25 (local time).

    - Google translation.

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    SUPER JUNIOR-D&E will release the music video teaser video of the title song "No Love" three days before the release of the new album.

    At 6 pm on the 25th, YouTube and NAVER TV SMTOWN channels will be attracting attention that a teaser video of a music video will be opened where you can see the atmosphere of SUPER JUNIOR-D&E's new song "No Love" in advance.

    The new song "No Love" is an electronic dance genre that brings out the tension of the track by adding frock synths and swing snares to various databases. "그녀는 원해 Real Love 말해줘 What is love", "이 밤이 지나 사라질 것처럼 그렇게 타올라", etc. My good reaction is expected with the charm of the two men.

    Meanwhile, SUPER JUNIOR-D&E's 4th Mini Special Album "BAD LIAR" can now be pre-purchased online at offline album retailers.

    - Google translation.

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    Focus on the newly released "CHOI SIWON Romantic Comedy"
    "Extraordinary special make-up" for the work

    CHOI SIWON (SUPER JUNIOR SIWON, SM) returns to "Love Virtually".

    CHOI SIWON will perform enthusiastically in the role of "Seo Min Joon" starring in the MBC cinematic drama SF8 "Love Virtually", which depicts the worries and processes of men and women who met on a virtual date app and can continue to love in reality. I spread it out.

    CHOI SIWON's disappointing "Seo Min Joon" is a pure-hearted romantist who strives to hide the enviable face in the "Love Virtually" app, return to the pre-molded face and find an edge that loves and gives himself as it is. It is.

    In particular, CHOI SIWON is expected to play an active role in the drama by actively giving opinions, challenging even exceptional special makeup, in order to make good use of the visual gap of "Seo Min Joon" that goes back and forth between reality and virtual in the play. Increase the feeling.

    In addition, CHOI SIWON is attracting a lot of attention to the newly released "CHOI SIWON Romantic Comedy" as he approached "Love Virtually" with a special passion such as thorough character analysis and careful rehearsal progress.

    On the other hand, "Love Virtually", where you can see the various appearances of CHOI SIWON, can be seen at 10:10 pm MBC on the 25th.

    - Google translation.

  • 2020-09-25 Press Release

    〈Red Velvet WENDY〉

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    Innocent + natural gravure released!

    Korea's Best Beauty-Life Magazine <뷰티쁠> has released a refreshing and lively photobook of Red Velvet WENDY with the global beauty brand "아티스트리 스튜디오 스킨".

    In this pictorial, WENDY has a unique lovely appearance, as well as a beautiful innocent beauty and elegant French chic, together with the brand "아티스트리 스튜디오 스킨" that represents the beauty code aimed at by young sensibilities around the world. We have digested the concept in various ways and transformed it perfectly with each country's beauty icon. In particular, the inside story that the eyes and facial expressions that change each time the shutter of the camera is pressed has impressed the staff at the shooting site.

    Meanwhile, WENDY, who was devoted to treatment after being injured during a stage rehearsal last December, recently announced the start of his return while participating in BoA's 20th anniversary project, Red Velvet. WENDY's gravure news, which has survived the injury and returned in a refreshing appearance, has attracted the expectations of fans who have been waiting for her activities for a long time.

    Red Velvet WENDY's adorable photos showing the flawless skin and doll-like visuals of "아티스트리 스튜디오 스킨" can be found on the <뷰티쁠> October issue and <뷰티쁠> official SNS and website. it can.

    - Google translation.

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    "Pollution-free cleanliness" that takes all information, fun, and healing

     --The authenticity that Park Ha Seon showed us ... Pollution-free clean beauty that interacts with nature

    "와일드맵2" Park Ha Seon took all the healing with information and enjoyment of nature documentary, pollution-free, clean and attractive.

    Park Ha Seon finished his trip as a wild exploration assistant at the end of KBS 1TV "야생탐사 프로젝트-와일드맵2" 3rd part Baengnyeongdo Island, which was broadcast on the 24th. Park Ha Seon made a latent observation with Kim Seung-Soo day and night to vividly convey the ecology of endangered wild animals and plants.
    In particular, Park Ha Seon's refreshing charm and narration expressed with a warm gaze exerted synergies in a powerfully breathing natural scene, and presented impression and healing to the viewer. The wild hatching process of the Toki couple, who returned to our products for the first time in about 40 years, is a wild and fierce crossing of life and death. In the process of observing the competition for survival, I was more immersive in the appearance of sympathizing with the depth and cheering.

    In addition to this, Park Ha Seon was also impressed by the fact that he obtained it directly in cold water with a water temperature of 15 degrees Celsius in order to convey the ecosystem of the nighttime underwater to live broadcast viewers in real time, and proceeded with the underwater exploration.

    In this way, Park Ha Seon's task to do his best as an exploration assistant to include the wild ecosystem of South Korea made "와일드맵2" even more meaningful. In addition to enlightening the viewers' ecological sensitivities with bright and positive energy, the authentic appearance of carefully observing and sympathizing with animals and plants according to experts enhanced the message and impression contained in the program. .. Among them,'와일드맵2'recorded a stable audience rating with 4.2% for the first part, 3.8% for the second part, and 4.1% for the third part (provided by Nielsen Korea, national standard).

    Park Ha Seon, who exudes pollution-free and clean charm through nature documentary, will continue to be the main character of tvN's new drama "산후조리원" and Kakao M's original digital drama "며느라기" which will be aired in November.

    - Google translation.

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     --ESteem has been the focus of attention for fashion and beauty enthusiasts since the reopening of the style TV "ESteem" channel.
     --ESteem NAVER style TV, renewal The latter number increased 80 times ... NAVER popular content rank
     --ESteem NAVER style TV, entertainer LEE HYUNYI content host selected from October!

    The model has a lot of public interest in the content channel "ESteem" in Esteem's NAVER style TV, which has entertainers, artists and influencers in various fields.

    The "ESteem" channel, which was reopened last May, attracted attention among fashion and beauty enthusiasts by releasing various contents such as fashion, beauty, and lifestyle of models every Wednesday.

    In particular, the all-purpose modeler SONG HAE NA was set as the content host, and she attracted NAVER TV users to her unique real fashion, beauty tips and rich information that could not be seen anywhere. Not only that, SONG HAE NA's special tension and unique charm can convey energy to the viewers of the video.

    In addition, the content of the "ESteem" channel recorded an average of 20,000 views, and the number of subscribers increased 80 times after the renewal. In addition, each video was steadily ranked high in the popular content of NAVER's fashion beauty board, and was loved by various age groups, not to mention teens to 30s.

    From October, entertainer LEE HYUNYI, who has recently expanded to the realm of an actor through JTBC Sitcom's "놓지마 정신줄", has been selected as a new host, as well as various broadcasts, advertisements, and radio. Will attract.

    Meanwhile, NAVER Style TV's "ESteem" channel is open every Wednesday through NAVER Fashion Beauty, NAVER TV, and V LIVE channels.

    - Google translation.