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    -Jeong Ji Hwan, acting as a lawyer for 'HYENA', 'focusing on the eyes' with a straightforward visual
    -'HYENA' Jeong Ji Hwan, discovering a new gemstone! Promising potential prospects

    Jeong Ji Hwan shared the testimony of ‘HYENA’.

    Jeong Ji Hwan played the role of Song & Kim's lawyer “Na Yi Jun” in the SBS drama “HYENA”, which is about to end on the 11th. Jeong Ji Hwan, who attracted viewers with his charm, served as a lawyer and aroused the playfulness with a sense of mission and fullness.

    Jeong Ji Hwan, through his agency KEYEAST, said, “He played a big role in“ HYENA, ”which is like a debut. So at the same time I was grateful and worried about 'I can do well'. However, thanks to the director directing me without compliment and advice, I was able to finish the filming safely. ”

    In addition, “I was able to learn and grow more by breathing together with my seniors who I had always respected.” “I was really happy to be able to take pictures with good people so that the 6-month shooting period felt short,” and left a feeling full of affection. . In addition, thanks to everyone who supported and watched “HYENA” and “Na Yi Jun” together. I will do my best to show you better acting in the future. ”I also did not forget to thank the viewers.

    At the very beginning, Jeong Ji Hwan was a lawyer whose main task was to write minutes for a year. Later, while preparing for a defense against chaebols, there was also a confusion about job identity, but with Jung Geum Ja (Kim Hye Soo) and Yoon Hee Jae (Ju Ji Hoon), the H team managed to deal with the incident and grew. In particular, I spurred Song & Kim, joined the CHUNG law office, and made the smiles of those who escaped the image of a former socialist elementary school.

    In this way, Jeong Ji Hwan has earned the attention of viewers and broadcasters for his unusual and clear appearance, while being nicknamed as a “chick barrister”, and with a fine and straight appearance.

    On the other hand, Rookie Jeong Ji Hwan, who is looking forward to future activities, is in the midst of preparing for an audition to meet the public with a new look after shooting 'HYENA'.

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    Good deeds for children
    Calm and soft voice
    ‘부부의 세계’ Intense character vs. warm precedence
    'Reverse charm'

    Actor Lee Hak Joo participated in the ‘Save With Stories’ campaign.

    NGO 'Save the Children', an international relief and development NGO, launched a 'Save With Stories' campaign to comfort and give hope to children staying at home for a long time while school was delayed to Corona19 and began to start online. it started. This campaign is designed to help celebrities read their fairy tale books to relieve the stuffy and boring feelings of children in their homes and help them find psychological stability.

    Lee Hak Joo participated in the campaign through Instagram and helped by reading the part of the fairy tale “이웃집 마법사,” “달맞이”. He said hello with a calm and gentle voice, and read the book in a fun way, mimicking the sounds of the animals that are the characters in line with the eye level of the children who will encounter the video.

    After reading the book, “I read it with great fun. I'm curious about the story afterwards. ”Then, I hope you take good care of your body and take good care of your health. I hope we can all do our best. No, I have to do my best. ”

    In particular, Lee Hak Joo, who plays the role of 'Park In Kyu', which shows love and mad runaway beyond the road in the popular JTBC drama '부부의 세계,' through the 'Save With Stories' campaign, is a fun and bright fairy tale book for children Reading the image also gives the viewer an anti-war charm.

    Meanwhile, 'Save With Stories' campaigns include Lee Hak Joo, Han Suk Joon, Lee Na-yoon, Moon So-ri, Park Sung Woong, Uhm Ji-won, Jung In Sun, Yoon So Yi, Henry, Hyeri, etc. Participated.

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    Actor Chae Jung An joined the ranks of YouTubers by opening “울랄레오TV” on YouTube.

    Chae Jung An's singer's debut song “무정,” her youtube channel called “울랄레오TV,” which is an addictive lyrics, is called “울랄레오TV.” The teaser video that was previously released through NAVER-style TV shows a newly reproduced version of the '무정' stage in 1999, which recorded 3.34 million views online in 2020, raising expectations. Chae Jung An is going to introduce the unpretentious and filter-free charm that he has never seen in broadcasts such as daily life, beauty and fashion through '울랄레오TV'.

    Recently, E-channel's first foreign K-POP survival in Korea, '탑골 랩소디: K-POP도 통역이 되나요?' It has been received, and it is noteworthy how to continue communication through this YouTube.

    Meanwhile, Chae Jung An's '울랄레오TV' can be seen on YouTube every Friday at 9 o'clock.

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    -Mun Ka Young, charming actor! Attractiveness update “Mun Ka Young's Rediscovery”
    -Mun Ka Young, Kim Dong-wook Sincere consolation toward the heart and “everyone's ideal” appearance!
    -Mun Ka Young, 'Romance' green light! Kim Dong-wook's Happiness Keeper plays 'Explosion!'

    Mun Ka Young,  '그 남자의 기억법' was born as a true moral character.

    Mun Ka Young, who plays the role of rising star and issue maker Yeo Ha-jin in the MBC drama  '그 남자의 기억법', plays the role of a happy guardian of Lee Jung-hoon (Kim Dong-wook), who is in a difficult time due to his mother's sad work. Meloquin's position has been strengthened.

    In  '그 남자의 기억법' broadcast on the 9th, Yeo Ha-jin comforts Lee Jung-hoon, who is struggling with her mother's death, and depicts how Lee Jung-hoon can return to the news anchor position. lost. Yeo Ha-jin thought and worried about Lee Jung-hoon first, even when someone followed him and was stalked by a stalking person who entered the room and expressed wrong affection. Before returning to the news, Yeo Ha-jin finds Lee Jung-hoon, who is struggling on the roof in a heart that does not get cold, and pretends he hasn't seen one step back. Cheering for his return.

    Mun Ka Young lovingly expressed Yeo Ha-jin's warm heart. Yeo Ha-jin, who tried to maintain a bright spirit pretending to be casual even in the fearful situation of being stalked, was drawn with a sweet and cute charm, which led to the support of Yeo Ha-jin and Lee Jung-hoon in pink. In addition, everyone considered Yeo Ha-jin as the ideal type, and the character's charm was heightened by the appearance of the young lady, who smiles silently next to her, without burden.

    Mun Ka Young is attracting viewers with the irreplaceable act of “Mun Ka Young is Yeo Ha-jin soon”. In addition, since Jung Jung toward Lee Jung-hoon as well as the situation in which he suddenly gets confused by the fragments of the memory that is suddenly raised, increases the immersiveness of the play, the interest in Mun Ka Young's future will focus.

    Meanwhile, the MBC drama  '그 남자의 기억법', starring Mun Ka Young and Kim Dong-wook, is broadcast every Wednesday and Thursday at 8:55 pm.

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    Actor praised by Kim Hee Ae
    Active as a person who maximizes tension
    Owner of a solid filmography
    Actors of interest

    Actor Lee Hak Joo captured the viewers.

    Whenever Lee Hak Joo, who plays the role of Min Hyun-seo (Shim Eun-woo)'s boyfriend 'Park In Kyu' in the JTBC drama '부부의 세계', which is being aired with a recent syndrome, appears, the immersion and tension of the play It is high and is catching the viewer's breath.

    In particular, Park In Kyu left an extraordinary impression from her first appearance with her excessive obsession with her girlfriend Min Hyun-seo and love beyond her. Afterwards, in a face-to-face scene with Ji Sun Woo (Kim Hee Ae), she radiates madness that explodes each time, establishes a tight opposing angle that does not push the limit, and expresses her presence as a 'scene stealer' in the work.

    Kim Hae Ae's comment on last year's interview about the performance of Lee Hak Joo, who conveys the intensity to such viewers, also raised the topic. Kim Hee Ae said in an interview, “There are times when I get stimulated by watching juniors in the field. Recently, I was surprised to see a junior named Lee Hak Joo. ”He added,“ I act really bloody. I'm sure I'll be a scene stealer in the '부부의 세계', but watching his acting, I felt catharsis, ”said Lee Hak Joo's special praise for acting.

    In fact, behind Lee Hak Joo's insane acting ability, there is a lot of hidden effort and strong filmography. He made his debut in the 2012 movie '밥덩이', and received the 12th Asiana International Short Film Festival '단편의 얼굴상' as the movie '12번째 보조사제'. He showed his presence as a rookie with a brilliant career, such as acting in the book of shame. Among them, the movie “12번째 보조사제” was remake of the movie “검은 사제들,” starring Kim Yoon Suk and Kang Dong Won, and became a hot topic.

    Afterwards, various dramas and movies such as JTBC '멜로가 체질', KBS '저스티스', tvN '알함브라 궁전의 추억', OCN '38 사기동대', tvN '오 나의 귀신님', '어서오시게스트하우스', '왓칭' , '뺑반', '협상', '나를 기억해', '날, 보러와요', etc., and made acting pits with challenges regardless of genre and character.

    As the meeting continues, Lee Hak Joo, who is making a stronger impression in the “부부의 세계,” has a strong expectation and interest in what kind of activity will shake the emotions between characters and add breathtaking tension.

    Meanwhile, JTBC '부부의 세계', starring Lee Hak Joo, is broadcast every Friday and Saturday at 10:50 pm.

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    Let's meet the impression of the performance again! Pre-sale starts today!

    EXO (SM) will release its fifth solo concert pictorial book and live album package on April 21

    'EXO PLANET # 5-EXplOration-' which consists of a photo album and live album package is a vivid scene of EXO's fifth solo concert held at KSPO DOME, Seoul Olympic Park on July 19-21, 26-28, for 6 days. It contains, and it is expected to get a hot response from fans.

    In addition, the photobook contains various stages of EXO, including gorgeous stage photos as well as waiting rooms and backstage photos, and honest interviews between members and staff on the behind-the-scenes episodes from planning, preparation, and testimony, EXO becomes a fan of EXO You can also meet interesting content to answer.

    In addition, the live album includes 27 songs from this performance, including 'Love Shot', 'Tempo', '24 / 7 ', and' Oasis' on 2CD, and FLO, Melon, Genie, etc. It is expected to be released on various music sites, so a good response is expected.

    Meanwhile, EXO's fifth solo concert photobook and live album package can be preorders will begin on the 9th at various online music stores

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    The album + sound source are all ranked No.1!

    EXO SUHO (SM) achieved a double-crown on Gaon Charts with his 1st solo album 'Self-Portrait'.

    SUHO's first mini-album 'Self-Portrait', released on March 30, topping the Gaon albums chart (March 29-April 4) with his new album and topping the download chart with the lead song 'Let's Love'

    In addition, this album won the first place in various album charts weekly including Hanteo, Synnara Record, YES 24, and HOTTRACKS, as well as the top iTunes chart in 53 regions worldwide, QQ Music in China, KuGou music, Kuwo music digital album SUHO's global popularity has been proven, including the # 1 sales chart.

    In addition to the title song 'Let's Love', there are 6 songs that SUHO participated in in the concept planning and writing, including 'O2', 'Made In You', 'Starry Night', 'Self-Portrait', and 'For You Now'. It is enough to meet SUHO's unique musical sensibility.

    Meanwhile, SUHO will unveil its online fan meeting ‘O2asis’ on April 12th at 4pm through the NAVER V LIVE EXO channel.

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    Achieving # 1 on the Gaon Monthly Album Charts: the group ’s highest record so far!
    'Hero' power continues!

    ‘K-POP Hero’ NCT 127 (SM) hits over 723,000 March sales for 2nd full-length album.

    NCT 127 hits over 723,000 March sales for 2nd full-length album ‘NCT # 127 Neo Zone’, released on March 6, also achieving # 1 on the Gaon Monthly Album Charts: the group ’s highest record so far‬

    In addition, this album won 1st place in various domestic music charts, including the Gaon chart, Hanteo's 1st monthly music chart, and the title song 'Hongwoong (英雄; Kick It)' also 1st domestic major music chart and Gaon download chart 2 Records and music sources all received hot reactions, such as recording the number one week in a row and the number one music broadcast.

    In addition, NCT 127 is a 2nd full-length album. In the third week of March, the main chart of the US Billboard, 'Billboard 200' 5th and 'Artist 100', including 'Top Album Sales', 'Top Current Album Sales', and 'World' Album ',' Tastemaker Album ', etc., as well as the first place in four charts, until this week, it has been globally popular by posting its name on the Billboard main chart for four consecutive weeks.

    On the other hand, NCT 127 2nd full-length album 'NCT # 127 Neo Zone' consists of a total of 13 songs from various genres, including the highly addictive title song 'Hero (Kick It)', which is enough to meet unique music.

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    Top model Song Kyung A will appear in MBC's short-form variety program “선거로운 생활 V로그” prepared for the 21st general election.

    Unlike the traditional election campaign that can be hard, '선거로운 생활 V로그' was produced in short-form content in a short format so that even those who are not familiar with politics can enjoy political stories easily and fun. The top model, Song Kyung A, appeared in the “Fashion is Political” corner among various content corners, regardless of generation or genre, to show off unique and witty talks.

    In the “Fashion is Politics” section, the top icon of fashion, Song Kyung A, and former editor-in-chief and broadcaster Shin Dong Hun, analyze the fashion of politicians who are always a hot topic during the election season. The best and worst fashion candidates are selected by analyzing the candidates who cover their faces with only their fashion.

    On the other hand, '선거로운 생활 V로그' with top model Song Kyung A will be unveiled at MBC on April 15th at 3:50 pm on the election day.

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    -‘그 남자의 기억법’ Kim Dong Wook, tear stimulation! Dark afterglow with intense emotional acting
    -‘그 남자의 기억법’ Kim Dong Wook, the emotions that have been built up have exploded!

    ‘그 남자의 기억법’ Kim Dong Wook left a deep aftertaste with emotional acting.

    Kim Dong Wook played the role of Anchor Lee Jung Hoon, who suffered from over-memory syndrome, who remembers all the painful moments in the MBC drama ‘그 남자의 기억법’. Kim Dong Wook's acting, which makes viewers sad, viewers are fully assimilated with Lee Jung Hoon's emotions and are curious about future developments.

    In the 13-14 episode aired on the 8th, Lee Jung Hoon was shocked by the sudden death of his mother Seo Mi-hyun (Kil Hae-yeon). Seo Mi-hyun, the only resting place, collapsed before the unexpected death. Kim Dong Wook dominated the screen with explosive emotional acting. In particular, the empty eyes and painful expressions of those who lost everything in the arms of Yeo Ha-jin (Mun Ka Young), and the appearance of all powers falling out, stimulated the tears of viewers.

    Lee Jung Hoon, eight years after his first love, Jeong Seo-yeon (Lee Joo-bin), had a sad death, but he still remembers that vividly. Since she is a mother who knows her son's pain so well, she hid her death to the end, and this came as a bigger pain to Lee Jung Hoon. Not only does she have to live with the pain she can't imagine, but she adds guilt to her mother, who had to worry about herself until the moment she died because of her illness.

    In this way, Kim Dong Wook led the drama with Lee Jung Hoon's hidden emotion line and deepening emotional acting to focus on the past. He remembers all of these moments all the time due to his life history and excessive memory syndrome driven by strong wind waves, and persuasively portrayed the complex psychology of hesitation and conflict in front of the upcoming Yeo Ha-jin. The character with inner pain was multifaceted and showed a heavy presence.

    Here, the warm eyes of Kim Dong Wook, who showed close to Mun Ka Young, intertwined with her mother's death, and reached the height of her sadness. The emotions that broke out while trying to dominate the events, both large and small, gave a breathtaking immersion. It was the power of Kim Dong Wook who portrayed the delicate emotions he had accumulated to an extraordinary depth.

    MBC ‘그 남자의 기억법’, where Kim Dong Wook is performing an appealing act, is broadcast every Wednesday and Thursday at 8:55 pm.

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