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    ‘One Top Solo’ EXO BAEKHYUN (SM)’s first mini-album ‘BAEKHYUN’ in Japan will be released on the 20th.

    BAEKHYUN's first mini-album in Japan, “BAEKHYUN,” will be released locally on January 20th, and the music will be released on domestic music sites such as FLO, Melon, and Genie at 12:00 noon on this day, so high interest is expected.

    This album includes the title song ‘Get You Alone’ and ‘Addicted’, which expresses addictive love, 'WHIPPIN', which compares the feeling of the beginning of love to whipped cream, “Drown,” a mature love story, “Disappeared,” depicting the solitude at the end of love, A total of 6 R&B-based songs with the theme of ‘Love’ are included, including the fan song ‘Stars’, which contains the heart of love and gratitude to the fans.

    In particular, the title song ‘Get You Alone’ is a song with impressive lyrics expressing a bad man who wants everything. It was first released at BAEKHYUN's first solo concert ‘Beyond LIVE-BAEKHYUN: LIGHT’, which unfolded successfully on the 3rd, and received a hot response.

    In addition, BAEKHYUN set a record for becoming a'Million Seller' as a solo following the group with the second mini album'Delight' released last year, and through various musical activities such as drama OST and collaboration, it has gained great chart power and high popularity.

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    Fashion and lifestyle magazine Allure Korea released a pictorial of NCT DREAM JISUNG.

    JISUNG, who is called the “youngest of NCT,” became an adult in 2021, freeing from a minor. This pictorial is JISUNG's first solo pictorial, and the appearance that has been shown so far has a different mature appearance.

    In the interview following the photo shoot, JISUNG revealed all the aspirations of becoming an adult with the current situation. JISUNG said, “I think people with passion in any profession can see the unique purity. I want to keep taking that purity. I hope I don't lose my passion.”

    Compared to the beginning of his debut, JISUNG, who has “grown by storm,” said, “When NCT DREAM first debuted, they were all youth teams, but now I have all grown up. However, the feelings of the fans are no different from the beginning of their debut. So I think I can do it longer.” He also said, “In the past, I thought that 20 years old would be my turning point. When I think about it now, I hope it will remain the same, not the turning point.” While expressing the expectation, “Fans say that I am very sorry for being an adult. Those who have seen me from the beginning have seen me since I was 12 years old. At that time, it was cute even to me.”

    The pictorial and interview of NCT DREAM JISUNG can be found in the February issue of Allure Korea. Allure Korea plans to release a special video through the official SNS channel and YouTube channel in the future.

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    -Mun Ka Young, romantic comedy queen → becoming a beauty icon
    -'Romantic Comedy Queen' Mun Ka Young, hair brand advertisement 'prove the trend'

    'Romantic Comedy Queen' Mun Ka Young is receiving a series of love calls in the advertising industry, such as being selected as the muse of a hair brand that is highly popular with MZ generations.
    Actor Mun Ka Young was selected as the first exclusive model of VODANA, which leads the hair tool market. On the 19th, a brand official explained, "Mun Ka Young's proud and lovely image matches the brand's image that pursues lovely beauty innovation, so we have been selected as a model."

    VODANA enjoyed great growth and popularity every year, including No. 1 in the Olive Young hair tool category in 2019, No. 1 hair brand in Korea YouTuber's Awards, No. 1 in the hair styler category at the 2021 Korea First Brand Awards, and entering the largest shopping platform in China. It is a professional hair brand.
    Mun Ka Young is receiving explosive attention from both Korean viewers as well as overseas for the role of Lim Ju-kyung, who overcomes the appearance complex with a positive mind in the tvN drama'Goddess Advent', which is currently being aired.
    It is said that love calls are continuing from various brands such as hair products and fashion, as well as cosmetic models that are only popular stars with an image that combines innocent and fresh youthfulness to intelligent and urban atmosphere.
    After establishing itself as a'romantic comedy queen' representing the twenties with a solid acting ability and lovely charm, Mun Ka Young's charm, who has become a'beauty icon' of women with flawless beauty, will be able to be seen through various advertisements in the future. It is expected.
    On the other hand, tvN'Goddess Advent' starring Mun Ka Young-Cha Eun-Woo-Hwang In-youp is aired every Wednesday and Thursday at 10:30 pm.

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    Title song 'Thank U' + MV released at 6 pm at the same time!

    TVXQ! U-KNOW(SM)'s new mini-album'NOIR' is finally unveiled on the 18th.

    U-KNOW's second mini album'NOIR' will be released on various music sites on January 18th at 6 pm, and the music video of the title song 'Thank U' can also be met through YouTube and NAVER TV SMTOWN channels. Interest is expected.

    This album includes the title song'Thank U', the melodious '불면 (不眠; La Rosa)' featuring actor SHIN YE EUN, the futuristic mood 'Time Machine', and the delightful charm of a comedy movie 'Loco ( House Party)', 'Need You Right Now' with genuine lyrics like a mono-drama, and 'Eeny Meeny', which will be active as a follow-up song, are all 6 songs with cinematic appeal.

    In particular, the title song 'Thank U' is a pop dance song with a dramatic development and an addictive and witty chorus, and the lyrics contain a message that it will show a more wonderful appearance by using online cynicism and ridicule as nourishment to grow oneself. Enough to feel the paysos.
    In addition, the music video for 'Thank U' is a noir film-like story completed by the hot performances of U-KNOW and trusted actor HWANG JUNG MIN and acting actor LEE JUNG HYUN. One action and intense mise-en-scene are expected to capture the attention.

    In addition, U-KNOW plans to host a countdown live broadcast 'Sneak Peek: NOIR by U-KNOW' through the NAVER V LIVE SMTOWN channel from 5 p.m. on the 18th prior to the release of the sound source, so fans A good response from them is expected.

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    SUPER JUNIOR KYUHYUN releases a new digital single on January 26th.

    KYUHYUN is scheduled to officially release the sound source of the new song “마지막 날에 (Moving On)” through various music sites at 6 pm on the 26th.

    The new song “마지막 날에 (Moving On)” is part of the “2021 PROJECT: 季,” in which new songs are released according to the characteristics of each season. This project is the third after the cool summer single "Dreaming" released in July last year and the autumn single "내 마음을 누르는 일 (Daystar)", which became a hot topic when actor Yoo Yeon Seok appeared in a music video.

    Accordingly, KYUHYUN opened three ‘마지막 날에 (Moving On)’ teaser images on SUPER JUNIOR's official SNS account at 10 am today (18th) along with the new song release schedule, raising the expectations of music fans.

    The new song ‘마지막 날에 (Moving On)’ is a remake of the song ‘마지막 날에’, which was released in 2015 by singer-songwriter Hong Suk Min, and added KYUHYUN's unique sensibility to the atmosphere of the original song.

    Earlier, singer-songwriter Hong Suk Min has combined with KYUHYUN's solo songs ‘애월리 (Aewol-ri)’ and ‘Dreaming’.

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    “I will become an actor who develops more”
    Shining chemistry with actors
    The role of the playhouse

    Actor Jang Yoo Sang gave his impressions of the end of TV CHOSUN‘복수해라’.

    Jang Yoo Sang, who played the role of Cha Min-joon (Yoon Hyun-min)'s secretary'Choi Do Yoon' in TV CHOSUN's‘복수해라’ which ended last (17th) last episode, expressed his regret and gratitude. .

    Jang Yoo Sang said the long journey of “‘복수해라’ has finally ended. Due to COVID-19, filming was difficult, so everyone had a lot of trouble. Nevertheless, I was very grateful for allowing me to act in a bright and comfortable atmosphere all the time.”

    He continued, “It was a work that made me feel a lot more lacking in acting and think more than ever before. Using what I felt this time, I will become an actor who develops further. I am grateful to everyone who loved ‘복수해라’, and I would be very grateful if you look forward to my next activity,” he expressed his passion for acting.

    Jang Yoo Sang maximized the charm of ‘Choi Do Yoon’ in ‘복수해라’ and took an eye stamp on viewers. In particular, as a helper of Min-joon, from delicate and affectionate appearance to fighting with Hyun-sung (Jung Ui-je), and stupid appearance to Ye Hwa, each created a brilliant chemistry that suits the opponent's role, enriching the work.

    Jang Yoo Sang, who has strengthened his strong acting skills through various works, has captured viewers by realistically drawing a character called ‘Choi Do Yoon’ with realistic acting skills, invigorating the play. As a result, expectations and interests are gathering to see what he will look like in the future.

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    Signed exclusive contract with SM C&C
    Belongs to the same company, such as Kang Ho dong-Shin Dong-Yeob-Lee Su-Geun

    Lee Yong Jin, Lee Jin Ho and Yang Se Chan signed exclusive contracts with SM C&C.

    SM C&C said, “I am happy to be a member of the family with Lee Yong Jin, Lee Jin Ho, and Yang Se Chan, who are considered to be the next-generation entertainment players. As they have great ideas, they will not spare full support so that they can demonstrate their capabilities in a wider variety of platforms and contents.”

    Lee Yong Jin, Lee Jin Ho, and Yang Se Chan made their faces known through SBS'웃음을 찾는 사람들', and now MBC'트로트의 민족', SBS'런닝맨', tvN'코미디빅리그' etc. Appearing on a variety of programs and meeting viewers.

    In particular, the three are working separately and together, giving off a fantastic synergy as a “laughing trend setter” in the name and reality. Since it hits various characters and brings pleasant joy to the home theater, expectations are being raised for future activities.

    Meanwhile, SM C&C, which Lee Yong Jin, Lee Jin Ho, and Yang Se Chan signed exclusive contracts with, are Kang Ho dong, Shin Dong-Yeob, Lee Su-Geun, Kim Byung-Man, Jeon Hyun Moo, Han Suk Joon, Park. There are many MCs and actors, including Sun Young, Kim Tae-hyun, Jang Ye Won, Lee Hye Seong, Kim Soo Ro, Hwang Shin Hye, Yoon Je Moon, Lee Hak Joo, Bae Da Bin, and Yoon Na Moo.

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    Viewers are accepted with the aspect of a “entertainment guarantee check”!
    New song'Thank U'comeback interest UP!

    TVXQ! U-KNOW(SM) proved the sense of “world class” entertainment.

    U-KNOW appeared on the JTBC entertainment program‘아는 형님’, which aired on the 16th, with her friend DinDin, captivating viewers.

    In particular, U-KNOW not only led a pleasant atmosphere throughout the broadcast, but also showed strong friendship through various episodes with DinDin, and held a constant saying battle with Kang Ho Dong, a'quote rival', giving emotion and laughter at once. .

    U-KNOW slightly showcased the stage of the new album title song'Thank U', introduced the point choreography 'Handle Dance' of the included song'Loco (House Party)' to the members of ‘아는 형님’, making the scene hot and about a comeback. Increased expectations.

    In addition, with a sincere attitude every moment, dance, talk, games, and quizzes were active, and with a full of passion, U-KNOW's unique charm was released and received a hot response from viewers.

    Meanwhile, U-KNOW's second mini-album'NOIR' will be released on various music sites on January 18th at 6 pm, and will be released on the same day.

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    Flexible acting to make your character narrative solid

    LIM YOONA (Girls' Generation YOONA, SM) hit the wall of reality once more.

    LIM YOONA is captivating viewers by taking the role of survival reporter ‘Lee Ji soo’ in the JTBC drama “HUSH”.

    In this week's broadcast, the story of Lee Ji soo and the ‘H.U.S.H’ team having a conflict in the aftermath of infiltrating the corruption case of Rep. Ko Soo do (Shin Hyunjong).

    In particular, Lee Ji soo was greatly disappointed when he saw Han Jun Hyuk (Hwang Jung Min) who turned his back on the'H.U.S.H' team and became a side of the company. Heightened.

    Here, Lee Ji soo was repeatedly shocked by the feeling that Koo Gi-ja (Baek Seong-cheol), who helped with her father's case, was using him for a scoop, and aroused the regret of the viewer as his spirit was broken. .

    Like this, LIM YOONA was well received by expressing the feelings of'Lee Ji soo' who were hurt with only the look of her eyes, and making the narrative of the character solid with her flexible acting.

    Meanwhile, ‘HUSH’, which has entered the second act and raises expectations with an interesting development, is a work that captures the lives of “paid workers” reporters shaking at the boundary between survival and conscience, and is broadcast on JTBC every Friday and Saturday at 11 pm.

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    -'HUSH' Kim Jae Chul, strong presence that dominates the atmosphere of'relaxation + cool smile'
    -Kim Jae Chul,'Gaze Focus', a solid acting that increases tension + immersion

    'HUSH' Kim Jae Chul captured the viewers by taking over the atmosphere with his heavy acting.

    Kim Jae Chul, who played the role of Park Myung-hwan, the cool and realistic president in the JTBC drama'HUSH', is drawing attention with his relaxed charisma.

    In the 10th episode of'HUSH' broadcast on the 16th, after it was revealed that the substance of the illegal corporate hiring was a corruption centered on Park Myung-hwan, Han Jun Hyuk (Hwang Jung Min) entered the planning and coordination office directly under the president. Was drawn. Park Myung-hwan is suspicious of Han Jun Hyuk's sudden turnaround, who was digging his back, but watching him with his intriguing glances raised the tension in the play.

    At a later meeting of the planning and coordination room, Han Jun Hyuk mentioned'no gain, no pay' and offered an opinion to blur the point by revitalizing the page. While some showed uncomfortable expressions, Park Myung-hwan expressed a relaxed attitude. Jun Hyuk's bold proposal was amazed.

    In addition, Park Myung-hwan asked Son Byung ho for his nephew Hong Kyu-tae (Lee Seung-woo) and promised him the position of president. As Park Myung-hwan, who has maintained a gentle attitude and can't figure out the inside out, begins to act in earnest, curiosity is focused on the identity and future development of the big picture he drew.

    As such, Kim Jae Chul is enhancing the immersion of the play with a figure that perfectly melts into a character named Park Myung-hwan who does not lose his coolness under any circumstances. In particular, Kim Jae Chul's detailed acting, who controls the atmosphere only with eyes, speech, and movement without expressing emotions directly, draws the character three-dimensionally and weightlessly, making it possible to realize the solid performance of the smoke.

    Meanwhile, as the mysterious puzzle pieces surrounding the corruption and the death of Oh Soo-yeon (Kyung Soo-jin) are gradually being put together, the plans of President Park Myung-hwan and the investigation report team'HUSH', which have not yet been revealed, are expected to counterattack. Collect.

    JTBC drama'HUSH', which has entered the second half and predicted a more hot and exciting development, is broadcast every Friday and Saturday at 11 pm.

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