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    2017 Newest account has the largest number of followers!

    EXO (SM) won 'Ko Ko Bop' in this year's top tweet song in the world.

    According to the latest Twitter, EXO is the top 4 most-watched song in the world in 2017 with the title track 'Ko Ko Bop' of the regular 4th album, confirming the world's interest in EXO's music.

    EXO also proved EXO's global influence in the first place on the list with the largest number of followers in the newly created account this year with the official Twitter account (@weareoneEXO) of EXO opened on July 8th.

    In addition, 'Ko Ko Bop', which is ranked number one in the world's top tweeted songs in 2017, received a hot love as soon as it was released in July, and EXO was able to meet both the power and soft charm KoKoBop Challenge ', which uploads videos to SNS along with choreography of' Ko Ko Bop 'choreography, is also popular in the global media such as Argentina, the Philippines, etc. It has gained popularity.

    In addition, EXO has won the top spot in the digital comprehensive division of 'Ko Ko Bop' for the first time this year, topping record 1 million downloads of music, and the regular 4 album 'THE WAR' In addition to reaching the Quadruple Million Sellers with a record of more than a million records in successive albums, the album is also ranked number one in the world by 42 albums worldwide, topping the US Billboard World album chart for two consecutive weeks, Japan Tower record '2017 Best Sellers' And K-Pop's first album.

    On the other hand, EXO will hold EXO PLANET # 4 - The Elly Xionn in Japan at Marine Messe Fukuoka in Japan from 22-24th and continue the fourth concert tour.

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    Girl crush charm boasts charm.
    Broadcast in January 2018

    Actor Kang Yewon was cast as the star of TVN one act play 'Drama stage-fighter Choi Gang-soon'.

    'Fighter Choi Gang-sun' (director Sung Yong-sung, play Yoo Young-joo) is an exciting alternative to women fighting against injustice. Kang Yewon takes on the role of 'Choi Gang-soon', a person with full of sense of justice, .

    Kang Yewon recently received a lot of honesty and sincerity from KBS entertainment 'Sister's Slam Dunk Season 2', followed by MBC Drama 'A Man to Die' And successfully announced the return of the CRT. I am looking forward to seeing what KangYewon will be showing through TVN one act play 'Fighter Gang Gun Soon'.

    On the other hand, 'Drama stage' is the name of one act play of TVN, which means the debut stage of new artists, and ten works selected from Oppen 'Drama Storyteller one act play contest', CJ E & M's storyteller support project Respectively. Kang Yewon 's' Fighter Choi Gang Soon' is scheduled to be released in January.

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    Jung Hyuk, JTBC2 'Showme oppa' appeared! A new character to take over as a woman

    Model Jung Hyuk scrambles to entertain.

    On the eighth day, esteem Entertainment said, "Jung Hyuk will appear in JTBC2 new entertainment program 'Showme oppa'. I will look for a new character I have not seen in the meantime. "

    'Showme oppa' is a romance survival program where one female guest appears every week, and after having experienced four days of oppa and daily date, JTBC Jang Seong-gyu announcer will be the main MC.

    Jung Hyuk is a model-based super rookie with unique visuals. He is actively engaged in numerous industry-wide love calls with his unique charm.

    Especially recently, with the same company esteem family, HAN HYE YEON, SONG KYUNG A, HYE JUNG, and Kim ChungJae, they have been giving a lot of attention to the audience. Jung Hyuk, who laughed and showed off the lack of intimidation and artistic sense, will pay attention to what kind of appearance this audience will attract.

    Meanwhile, "Showme oppa," starring Jung Hyuk, Kim Min Gue, Park Sang Nam, and Kanghui, will be broadcasted at 9 pm on JTBC2 on the 26th, and can be seen on Naver TV, Facebook, YouTube .

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    - 'I will not confess, I do not regress,' I woven and laughed ... 'Did you hear the carol my wife?'
    - KimYoungchul X Jea's 'Pleasant Chemistry' will color this winter! ... Carol Song release for solo!

    A carol song for solo 'No Christmas' will be released on the 9th.

    It was a winter season song filled with a warm sound that the comedian KimYoungchul and the singer JeA sing together. It was co-written by JeA and Kim Ji-woong, Kim and KimYoungchul co-wrote.

    This collaboration was concluded when KimYoungchul and JeA were having a conversation, and it was like a snowball to say "Let's make a funny song". Based on KimYoungchul's brilliant idea and Jea's incredible driving force, recording and music video shootings took place in just two weeks.

    Kim Youngchul, a new singer who made his hot debut with the song, "Do not Say No Christmas," is an impressive song that unfolds the lyrics of "Solo Songs that send alone Christmas". The idea is "I will not confess, I will not go back" .

    In addition, Jea, who showed strong singing ability as well as lyricism, composition and production ability, made a melodic impromptu and showed the aspect as a musician.

    In particular, it is expected that another winter classic song will be born as Kim In and Kim Ji Woong reunited with songs and arrangements respectively in the song "Must Have Love" by Song SG Wannabe and Brown Eyed Girls.

    The carol Song, which contains the delightful energies of the two, will be released on each music source site at 6 pm on September 9.

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    Unique vocalist TAEYEON (SM) fascinates music fans with warm winter ballads.

    TAEYEON's new album 'This Christmas' is an authentic ballad song to meet the magnificent orchestral sound and the delicate and explosive singing power of TAEYEON. With the heart to pray that the memories of Christmas will come back unforgettably. A good response is expected.

    In addition, the Christmas album 'This Christmas - Winter is Coming' consists of a total of 8 tracks including the title song 'This Christmas', which is released through music sites such as Melon, Genie, It is enough to stimulate winter sensation with colorful music that can enjoy atmosphere.

    TAEYEON also held TAEYEON SPECIAL LIVE "The Magic of Christmas Time" at the Kyong Hee University Peace Hall in Seoul from December 22 to 24 on December 3, 2009. The album also includes new songs, hit songs, It is expected to get a big response because it is going to give stage.

    Meanwhile, TAEYEON's new album 'This Christmas - Winter is Coming' will be released on the 13th.

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    Soft and grooved performance stands out from the crowd!

    TAEMIN (SM) 's new song "Day and Night" will be released for the first time.

    TAEMIN has appeared on music program including KBS2TV 'Music Bank' broadcast on the 8th, MBC 'Show! Music center' on 10th, and SBS 'popular song' on the 10th, and the title track 'Day and Night' It is expected to give a comeback stage and a hot reaction is expected.

    Particularly, 'Day and Night' performance is composed of various motions that emphasize rhythm, and TAEMIN 's unique flexibility and the groove can meet the sophisticated stage, so it is expected to catch the eye again after' MOVE '.

    In addition, TAEMIN's 2nd album "MOVE-ing" will be released at 1 pm on the 10th of each month. The music video "Day and Night" Expressing it with emotional visual impression, and getting good response, it is amplifying the expectation of repackaged album more.

    On the other hand, TAEMIN's second studio album 'MOVE-ing' will be released on December 11th.

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    HEECHUL, SHINDONG, EUNHYUK Participate in lyrics! SHINDONG directs the music video, too.

    SUPER JUNIOR HEECHUL, SHINDONG, EUNHYUK, and MAMAMOO Solar's collective song 'Charm of Life', which is a trendy teaser, unfolds.

    SM 'STATION' Season 2's 36th song 'Charm of Life' will be released on various music sites such as Melon, Jeannie, and Bucks at 6 pm on the 8th, and music video will be available through Naver V SMTOWN channel and Naver TV SMTOWN channel It is expected to open.

    Especially, this music video includes a lot of music videos such as "Marry Man" of UV X SHINDONG, "Lemonade Love" of Park Jae Jung X NCT MARK, "Rebirth" of Red Velvet, SHINDONG, who is recognized for its value, is expected to get a better response by catching megaphone.

    In addition, the new song 'Charm of Life' was played by HEECHUL, SHINDONG and EUNHYUK in a lyric for the 13th anniversary of their debut, and it was a paradise rapping of Nabal, Killagram and Nemola family. It is expected to concentrate attention of music fans by completing the unique collaboration with.

    Meanwhile, 'STATION' Season 2 has been loved every week by collaborating with a variety of artists, producers and composers, and delivering high quality sound sources and contents every week.

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    - The intense synergy of two people with different dimensions finally released!
    - UhmJunghwa "Listen to the song and only LeeHyolee come to mind .. Thank you for the wonderful Hyolee who came together"
    - 'Comeback D-5' UhmJunghwa 10th Album Part 2. Released on the 13th ... The best songs, various songs, expectations UP!

    UhmJunghwa and LeeHyolee duet with the collection of topics 'Delusion' finally unveiled.

    UhmJunghwa MYSTIC Entertainment, which produced the 10th album, released 'Delusion' preview video on official SNS on July 7th.

    It is a synergy of two generations with different dimensions. Even with a short preview, they show a strong presence. The fast beat to the ears and the voices of UhmJunghwa and LeeHyolee in and around it form a strange tension.

    'Delusion' is a song of UhmJunghwa's 10th album, Part 2, released at 6 pm on the 13th, and Lee Min-soo, who played a lot of hit songs like Brown Eyed Girls and Gain, composed by Kim Ina.

    The news of the duets of the two Divine representatives of the music industry gathered together. As soon as the video is released, it is responding hot online.

    UhmJunghwa said through his SNS on the day, "As soon as I heard a song with two ears looking at the mirror, LeeHyolee did not come out." I wanted to talk to LeeHyolee who was bold and beautiful and beautiful. Thank you again, "he said.

    Previously UhmJunghwa released the music video preview of the title song 'Ending Credit' and released the duet song 'Delusion' preview with LeeHyolee, raising expectations for comeback coming next week.

    The title song 'Ending Credit' will be composed by Primary, Suran, and is a retro and synthpop genre, written by Hwangju and Primary, and UhmJunghwa will be transformed into 'Retro Queen' to perform as a musical performance.

    This title song choreography was composed by Lea Kim who is famous for the artistic performance directing such as 'Gashina', '24 hours' by SUNMI.

    On the other hand, UhmJunghwa's 10th album 'The Cloud Dream of the Nine' is divided into Part 1 (first dream) last year and Part 2 (second dream) last year.

    UhmJunghwa's second dream is to be released on each music source site at 6 pm on the 13th.

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    More than 100 local media, including VTV in Vietnam, are attending! Hot air from entry airport, local realization feeling!

    NCT 127 (SM) held a press conference in Vietnam for the first time since its debut, leading to a hot reaction.

    The event was held at a hotel located in central Hanoi, Vietnam, at 4 pm (local time) on June 6, and includes major national daily newspapers such as VTV, Truyène hình Hà Nội 1, Truyền hình VOV TV channels and Lao Động and Thanh Niên More than 100 local media attended the meeting, which made NCT 127 feel a lot of interest.

    Particularly, NCT 127 is going to visit Vietnam for the third time, following Naver 'V LIVE YEAR END PARTY 2016' in January of this year, and concert accompanied by a charity concert in memory of the 25th anniversary of diplomatic ties between Korea and Vietnam in April. It was the first time that this was the first press conference held.

    NCT 127 also gave thanks to NCT 127 for its music and performance, "Fire Truck" and "LIMITLESS" for the first time on the iTunes iTunes Compilation album charts. It is also a good place to visit Vietnam, to visit Vietnam, and to introduce good things to you, such as ‘Xin chào’, ‘Cảm ơn’, ‘Tôi đã nhớ bạn rất nhiều’ made.

    At the press conference on the day, more than 300 local fans selected by lottery participated in the event, and while fans were responding to the questionnaires of the reporters, they answered NCT 127 and responded enthusiastically to their responses. It was hot.

    In addition, on the 5th, NCT 127 appeared at Noi Bai International Airport located in Hanoi, Vietnam, so many local fans gathered and crowded around. Also, many fans who did not enter the exhibition hall on the 6th day, Stand by to see, members' names and nicknames, 'We can do it together' and 'Thank you for coming with us', and support for the Hangul placard, NCT 127 in the future, .

    On the other hand, NCT 127 is active in various fields as well as album activity, various drama OST participation, radio DJ, music program MC, and is receiving global love.

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    Contribution to Global Korean Wave and K-POP Growth Contribution!

    Lee Soo Man, executive producer of SM Entertainment, was honored with the "Best Management Award" at the 2017 Kotler Awards.

    Lee Soo Man, executive producer, won the 'Best CEO Award' on March 6 at 3:30 pm at the 2017 Kotler Awards held at the guesthouse of the Shilla Hotel in Seoul, recognizing his contribution to K-POP growth by creating a global wave.
    The Kotler Award is designed to create customer value and market-leading entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs based on the spirit of Philip Kotler, a professor at Northwestern University in the United States, who is called "the father of marketing" and the world's top business thinker. It was held for the first time this year as a global marketing awards ceremony, co-hosted by Korea Marketing Association and Dong-A Ilbo in Korea.
    In addition, the winners were selected by a panel of judges, including Professor Philip Kotler and a panel of Korean academic and industry experts. Lee Soo Man, Executive Producer, is the only individual to be awarded to leaders who created the best value in global marketing. He won the 'Best Management Award' and focused his attention.

    In particular, SM Entertainment Group recently started to expand its global business, which combines content, marketing and new technology of the 4th industry, by taking over the advertising agency business. As a result, Lee Soo Man, general producer producer, It is more meaningful in that it achieved the achievements at the Kotler Awards held for the first time in Korea.

    In addition, Kotler Awards said, "The root of K-POP, which represents the Korean Wave culture, contains the efforts of SM Lee Soo Man. It has contributed greatly to the growth of K-POP by continually planning overseas advancement without being satisfied with the success in the domestic market by introducing an innovative and systematic system in the entertainment field. Lee Soo Man, who has led the Korean wave and entertainment industry, once again confirmed the influence of the producer.

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