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    Debut 12th anniversary content 'Full package gift set'
    #SJreturns #Regular8th #FanEvents #Vlive
    K-POP legend SUPER JUNIOR finally comeback.
    SUPER JUNIOR today unveiled its regular 8th album 'PLAY' all songs through various music sites such as Melon, Bugs, and Genie at 6pm on the 6th of the day. At the same time, it is the title song from the official website, YouTube SMTOWN channel and Naver TV SMTOWN channel. Global music fans are expected to react explosively because they plan to open 'Black Suit' music video.
    Especially, this album includes the title song "Black Suit" that can meet the relaxed yet sophisticated performance, the song "One More Chance", the ballad song "Spin Up!" It contains 10 songs including "I do", so you can check the colorful music colors of SUPER JUNIOR.
    In addition, SUPER JUNIOR will hold a regular '8th album release commemoration event' SJ Rang Elf Ranglae ​​PLAY 'at SMTOWN THEATER in SMTOWN COEX ARTIUM, It will be broadcast live to fans all over the world through Naver 'V LIVE, and it is expected to have a special anniversary on its 12th anniversary.
    So, today, 11 JUNIOR's comeback reality 'SJ returns' at 11 am, regular 8th album 'PLAY' all music songs and title song 'Black Suit' music video release at 6 pm, comeback event with fans at 8 pm, V Live 'live content, more than ever the contents' Full package gift set' is prepared to raise the expectations of fans.
    On the other hand, SUPER JUNIOR will debut the title song 'Black Suit' on Mnet 'M countdown' on 9th.

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    I convey the impression of the first solo concert again!
    'The Best Performer' TAEMIN (SM Entertainment) once again shows the impression of the first solo concert through SM 'STATION' season 2.
    TAEMIN will be releasing a new version of 'Thirsty' which will be released on the first solo concert stage on various music sites such as Melon, Genie and Naver Music at 6 pm on the 10th.
    In particular, the concert version 'Thirsty' is a new arrangement by inserting the trap bit more strongly in 'Thirsty' of the regular 2nd album 'MOVE'. In TAEMIN's first solo concert in August and October, TAEMIN's unique The performance has been maximized to bring out the explosive response of the audience.
    In addition, TAEMIN released the 2nd album in October and acted as the title song 'MOVE', which shows a resilient charisma and sophisticated performance. When you listen to 'MOVE', 'MOVEsyndrome' Not only is it getting popular and hot, but it is also receiving a lot of love from overseas fans as well as domestic, including 1st place in Hantar chart week and 1st place in iTunes comprehensive album chart in 12 places in the world. The music to be released becomes more exciting.

    On the other hand, TAEMIN appears as a leader of KBS2TV 'Idol Rebooting Project The Unit', which is broadcasted every Saturday at 9:15 pm, and has been receiving good responses from viewers by giving generous advice and encouragement to the participants.

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    French ambassador perfect digestion with effort of whole body, audience attracts!

    Actor LEE YEON HEE (SM Entertainment) shows the quality of the goddess guide through the JTBC drama 'The Package'

    LEE YEON HEE is very active as a travel guide in France from 'The Package'. It has got a reputation for meeting 'life character' with natural acting and colorful charm reminiscent of a real guide, French ambassador to the character of the international student in a great way to digest the attention of viewers.

    In particular, LEE YEON HEE broke up on the last four days, but the love of each other perfectly digested the long French ambassador, which had to be expressed in a constant manner in the scene of mediating the fight between two French friends Didier and Alain, More eye-catching.

    LEE YEON HEE has been cast in 'The Package' Yoon Soo Soo, and he has been receiving French language tutoring from before shooting, listening constantly to the recorded dialogue during the filming, and practicing pronunciation and accent. The staff, who was in charge of interpretation in the local filming, said, "Even though I have prepared for a short time, I have good pronunciation. It is good to hear that calm bass sound is good with French. "

    In the last episode, Soso, who has a conversation with a male French friend in a friendly atmosphere, and MALU (jeongyonghwa), who is jealous of this scene, .

    On the other hand, 'The Package' which is broadcasted at JTBC every Friday and Saturday at 11 o'clock is a journey that people who have chosen package tour for different reasons understand the importance of each other through travel. It is well received as a healing drama where the stories of the scenery and the travelers are combined.

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    - MYSTIC, Lim Kim Kim debuts solo after 4 years
    - Minseo, super star K7 first face to tell ... After 2 years intensive training debut formal
    - Eye cleansing visuals, photo series, sequential release ... Only mood with photos'
    - "IU, GAIN 'producer Cho Young-cheol made, Minseo debut solo girl ... take pieces Genealogy

    MYSTIC Entertainment will show a new girl in four years.

    MYSTIC, with solo musicians, debuts rising star Minseo in November.

    It was only four years since Lim Kim in 2013 that she made her solo debut at MYSTIC. It's been three years since Eddie Kim in 2014.

    MYSTIC released a total of 6 photos on the official SNS website on the 2nd day under the name 'Minseo pre-debut PHOTO'.

    Minseo, who is attracted to deer-like eyes and pure skin, focused her attention on her pure and clear aura as well as her unique visuals with only a few pictures.

    Minseo first announced his face through the 'Superstar K7' in 2015. Baek Ji-young, who was a judge at the time, praised it as "a pure voice that was not polished." MysTIC representative producer Yong Jong Shin expressed confidence in Minseo that "a good female singer came out."

    Minseo made a special contract with MYSTIC in 2016, and since then, she has been working on a variety of projects with her masters in her field.

    In June of last year, I received a worldwide attention with Chan Wook Park's movie "The Handmaiden", "IMI ONEUN SORI" with GAIN. In October, November and November in Yun Jong Shin's Monthly Music Project, It was chosen for the second consecutive month, capturing the listeners' ears.

    Kim Jung-man, a world-renowned photographer, has become a main character in a portrait that has not been shot for a while.

    Minseo will finally make his debut in November after he has been ready to become a newcomer after completing intensive training and extensive experience like 'Superstar K7' for about two years without any haste.

    Minseo's new album was directed by producer Cho Young-chul who showed outstanding ability in planning female singer albums such as IU, Brown Eyed Girls, GAIN and UHMJUNGHWA.

    Minseo's debut news will be released sequentially through MYSTIC and Minseo official SNS.

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    No.1 Girls 'Generation' s 'I GOT A BOY' music video topped YouTube view 200 million views.

    January 1, 2013 The "I GOT A BOY" music video of the regular 4th album "Girls' Generation" released via YouTube SMTOWN channel broke the YouTube view 2 billion views at 11:30 pm on July 3, Over one billion views a day, it once again confirmed the global popularity of Girls' Generation.

    As a result, Girls 'Generation is called' Gee ',' THE BOYS ',' MR. TAXI ',' Oh! ', And TAEYEON' I 'have exceeded 100 million views and have a music video of 200 million views.

    'I GOT A BOY' is an electronic dance song with elements of Pop, Retro and Urban genre. It is a main theme of 'Women's Talk', which is a small part of the daily conversation between girls and their friends. Of course, it has been loved so far. In July, Billboard, a well-known American medium, released 21st place in the top 100 Korean girl group songs in "100 Greatest Girl Group Songs of All Time" There is a bar.

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    Fantastic Duet Harmony Dame 'Bye Babe' live video simultaneous opening!

    A special meeting of popular singer 10cm and global popular EXO CHEN (SM Entertainment) is finally unveiled today (3 days).

    SM 'STATION' season 2's 10cm and CHEN's 'Bye Babe' will be released through music sites such as Melon, Genie and Naver Music on 6th, It is expected.

    At the same time as Naver TV and V SMTOWN channel, 10cm and CHEN's 'Bye Babe' live video, which offers a fantastic duet harmony in line with live band performances, will also be more eye-catching.

    This new song 'Bye Babe' is an acoustic-based medium tempo song with lyrics written by 10 centimeters and composed by CHEN. It has a hard love relationship but the man who can not break up due to his indecisive personality, I have a rhythmical but cute melody and I catch my eye.

    Meanwhile, 'STATION' Season 2 has been loved by many artists, producers and songwriters who collaborate to showcase their complete sound sources and contents.

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    Soso-Maru couples Weapon explosion this week too!

    'The Package' LEE YEON HEE (Yun Soso, SM Entertainment) and JUNGYONGHWA (Sanmaru) presents the romantic moments of the couple while the Dalmal Couple Kimi is a hot topic every day.

    Today, the JTBC drama 'The Package' (director Jeon Chang-geun / Playback Seongseongil), which is broadcasted at 11 pm on the third day, is a romantic romance that opens the hearts of Soso and Maru, The kissing god is expected to be released and will catch attention.

    Especially, LEE YEON HEE, which is exploring the tour guide in the middle of the tour guide, is not only captivating her with the goddess visual stimulating her travels in France, but also growing up towards the floor through friendly tone of affection, soft eyes and facial expressions. It expresses the mind naturally, maximizes the couples chemistry, stimulates the love cells of the viewers, and the better the reaction, the more the reaction.

    Soso and Maru were first kissed as they were led to destiny by the stairs below Sotto Bernard's Cathedral, and then they kissed sweet kisses at Tong Blen Island, where they were trapped. As a result, I hope to concentrate.

    Meanwhile, The Package is a healing drama that combines the beautiful scenery of France with the stories of each traveler. It is a journey through which people who choose package travel for different reasons understand each other through travel, It is gaining popularity.

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    My father and daughter-in-law collaborate on stage!

    GIRLS' GENERATION SUNNY (SM ENTERTAINMENT) sets up a special stage with his father at the college band' RUNWAY '50th anniversary concert.

    SUNNY appeared as a special guest at the concert of the 50th anniversary of the Korean Air University Band at KBS Hall, Yeouido, at 7 pm on October 10, with her father Lee Soo-young, who was the founding member of RUNWAY and popular vocalist, Which is expected to attract attention.

    RUNWAY was founded in 1967, won the TBC 'beach festival' and MBC 'university song festival' in 1978, and after winning the prize in numerous singing festivals, he became the first Korean college band to celebrate its 50th anniversary. It seems to be a more meaningful place.

    In addition, this performance is from RUNWAY, and it is played by MC who is leading the longevity program such as 'Baek Cheol-su's music camp' and 'Concert 7080', MC is in charge, and singer Su-chang-mo also plays a friendship stage, From the student, the team members from 70s to 80s, 90s, and 2000s will organize a variety of music.

    In addition, this concert ticket booking is possible through Internet reservation site Interpark.

    On the other hand, SUNNY is active in various fields with the charm of splashing out in various entertainment programs.

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    SEOUL subway Line No. 2 SUPER JUNIOR surprise appearance, the comeback event topic with fans!
    K-POP legend SUPER JUNIOR releases the final teaser image of the new song 'Black Suit'.

    SUPER JUNIOR will be opening its teaser video on the official homepage, YouTube SMTOWN channel and Naver TV SMTOWN channel on the 3rd (noon) day. I am expecting more interest from global music fans.

    In particular, this title song "Black Suit" is a moment of darkness, a man dressed up in the Black Suit to steal the heart, the unique lyrics of 'Lupin', and the performance of the spacious and stylish SUPER JUNIOR Seems to be.

    In addition, SUPER JUNIOR will hold 'CATCH SJ IF U CAN' event with fans for a week-long comeback from October 31st. 2 After uploading the digital poster of SUPER JUNIOR posted at Konkuk University Station, Jamsil Station, Samseong Station and Sadang Station, upload it to various SNS such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and etc. We also have a fun event to present the topic.

    On the other hand, SUPER JUNIOR's regular 8th album 'PLAY' will be officially released on November 6th.

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    November 6 SUPER JUNIOR Comeback ahead of 'Global Korean wave King' proven!

    SUPER JUNIOR-D & E decorates the Hong Kong edition of 'Esquire', the world's leading men's fashion magazine.

    SUPER JUNIOR-D & E is getting a hot response from fans by proving the 'Global Korean wave King' aspect by decorating the cover of 'Esquire Hong Kong' published on November 1st.

    "Esquire Hong Kong" said, "SUPER JUNIOR DONGHAE and EUNHYUK have added mature and careful eyes after the military service," and "Amazing success of <Sorry, Sorry> Became the king of. DONGHAE was a dancer in the dance scene, and EUNHYUK was also one of the best dance artists in Korea, and was responsible for the dance performance in the group. "

    DONGHAE and EUNHYUK also said, "What was most unforgettable in military life was bedtime every night. In the military, every day is like a new challenge, and it has to adapt to new life, so the night that alone can be felt more precious. "

    On the other hand, SUPER JUNIOR looks for the fans' side with the regular 8th album 'PLAY' on November 6th.

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