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    - Jeong jinwoon, released a new song for 10 months ... I received sweet spring feeling
    - Jeong jinwoon's bright vocals + band sound = warm spring song notice

    Singer Jeong jinwoon is back full of emotion in April.

    MYSTIC Entertainment announced on the 28th, "Jeong jinwoon's new song 'Erasing' will be released on April 3rd."

    'Erasing' is Jeong jinwoon 's song written by a song. After a break with a loved one, Spring has come naturally because it has been forgotten, but on the other hand, the good memories that accompanied this season came to mind.

    This new song, Jeong jinwoon unlike the dynamic rock sensibility that has been shown in the existing band music, with a sweet and soft sound, hopes to be a spring song to hear in warm spring weather.

    Jeong jinwoon is constantly presenting his own music including his own music color such as Maxi single 'WILL' in June, 2016 and single 'Love is true' in June, 2017, and has been active in various fields such as arts and performances.

    Jeong jinwoon 's new song' Erasing 'will be released on April 3 at 6 pm on each music source site.

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    'TVXQ! CONCERT -CIRCLE- #welcome 'April 4 Ticket Opening!

    The Korea single concert of 'K-POP Supreme' TVXQ! (SM) will be held in May 2018.

    TVXQ! Is a solo concert "TVXQ!" At the auxiliary stadium in Seoul Jamsil Sports Complex on May 5-6. CONCERT -CIRCLE- #welcome ', and TVXQ!' S brilliant performance, excellent singing ability, and limited stage manners will attract audiences to other stages.

    Especially, this show will be TVXQ in June 2015! Encore concert 'TVXQ! SPECIAL LIVE TOUR - T1ST0RY - & ...! 'And it is the domestic concert which will be held in 2 years and 9 months after TVXQ including the songs on the regular 8th album' New Chapter # 1: The Chance of Love ' I can meet the colorful music and the stage and expect a hot reaction.

    Tickets for this concert is coming on April 4, 8 pm and open on the internet reservation site Yes24, such as wheelchair seat reservation for the Happy Family seats and disabled for an audience of families is also the day 10 am is possible as well , And SMTOWN TRAVEL will also be held.

    In addition, TVXQ! Performed the 3rd Japan 5th Dome tour last year, and for the first time in the history of Japanese performance in June, 2018, it was held at Nissan Stadium for three days, "Toumai LIVE TOUR ~ Begin Again ~ Special Edition in NISSAN STADIUM" Held, TVXQ! We will once again confirm the status of 'Asia's top class' by announcing the mobilization of one million tourists, the largest single tour ever.

    On the other hand, TVXQ!, Which broadcasts the full 8 songs from various music sites on March 28 at 6 pm, will be released on March 27 at 0:00 on the official website, YouTube and Naver TV's SMTOWN channel. The title song "The Chance of Love 'S music video teaser video to reveal the expectation of comeback is further heightened.

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    - MINSEO "I am glad to receive a significant award at the big stage" award
    Singer MINSEO won the Best Vocal Performance Award at the Hong Kong Asian Pop Music Festival (HKAMF) in 2018.
    MINSEO participated in the HKAMF in Hong Kong on the 23rd of last year as a representative of Korea and invited 'YES' to contest with musicians representing Asian countries such as China, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand and won Best Vocal Performance Award received.
    MINSEO said, "I thought it was enough to stand on the big stage. I am very happy and grateful to receive such awards and trophies."
    HKAMF, held every year in Hong Kong, is hosted by the Hong Kong IFPI. The Best Vocal Performance Award, awarded by MINSEO, is screened by the national jury members.
    Meanwhile MINSEO made its debut with 'The Grand Dreams' on June 6 and will show new songs sequentially under the theme 'The Diary of Youth'. On the 23rd, Mystic Entertainment's music platform LISTEN received a response from "Weird You", one of the special series songs with the motto of love line reasoning 'HEART SIGNAL'.

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    Physical Therapist 'Park Shi Won'
    Scene from the stage - Widening the activity area with a cathode ray tube

    Musical actor KimJaeBum made his debut debut with 'A Poem A Day'.

    The TVN drama 'A Poem A Day', which was first broadcast on the 26th, breaks the formalized pattern of the doctor drama, and all of them are physical therapists, radiologists and practitioners. 'Comedical staff: , The 'protagonist hospital drama'. In the play KimJaeBum appeared as a physical therapist 'Park Sihwon' who has been working in a general hospital for five years, and he has revitalized the play.

    On the day of the broadcast, Seo won the contractor boo-hyeon (reason why not), but he did not hesitate to do his own work, but conversely, Myeong-cheol (Seo Hyun-chul) In addition, the situation of the child who is not able to attend the child 's sickness is revealed in the place of the after - work, and the question of what kind of appearance and the story will be presented will be amplified in the future.

    KimJaeBum is a veteran actor who has been recognized for his performances through numerous performances including musicals 'Gone Tomorrow', 'Thrill me', 'My Favorite Love Story', 'Interview', 'Seopyonje'. Based on his solid acting skills and intentions, he went on to perform screenings with the films 'Blue Busking' and 'Deja-vu' last year. He added 'A Poem A Day'

    On the other hand, TVN 'A Poem A Day,' starring KimJaeBum, is broadcast every Monday at 9:30 pm on Tuesday.

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    This is the title track of the regular 8th Repackage album 'Lo Siento'.

    SUPER JUNIOR, the textbook of K-POP, unveiled an extraordinary teaser image.

    SUPER JUNIOR posted an image of corporate teaser of the regular 8th repackage album 'REPLAY' on official website of 10:00 am on March 27 and official social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. to get explosive response of global music fans have.

    In addition to the teaser image that captures eye-catching exotic atmosphere, the new album title track 'Lo Siento', which is on the way to release on April 12, is also a Latin pop genre's first attempt by SUPER JUNIOR, It is expected.

    The title track 'Lo Siento' is a latin pop that brings an addictive melody to the tropic rhythm. It's a rhythmic blend of rhythmic electronic piano sounds in a variety of guitar sounds, It is a song that stands out with aggressive lyrics to spend time slowly.

    In particular, this album features 10 songs on the regular 8th album 'PLAY' released on November 6, 2017, 14 songs including 'Lo Siento', 'Me & U', 'Super Duper', 'Hug' You can meet the music world of SUPER JUNIOR which has been diversified and diversified.

    On the other hand, the regular 8th Repackage album 'REPLAY', which completes the 'PLAY-PAUSE-REPLAY' trilogy, will be officially released at various music sites such as Melon, Bugs and Genie at 6pm on April 12th.

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    'You (Feat. ANGEL)' composed and arranged by GINJO will be released on March 30 at 6:00 pm!

    TraxX (SM) New member GINJO will be the 51st runner of SM 'STATION' season 2.

    GINJO 's new song' You (Feat. ANGEL) 'will be released on March 30 at 6 pm Melon, Genie and Naver Music.

    'You' is a progressive house genre song of sensuous sound that GINJO has composed and arranged. It has a strong drop of big-room style compared with lyrical melody line. Swedish vocalist 'ANGEL' , I deeply missed my opponent and tried to forget it, but I forgot to express it in English lyrics and doubled the charm of the song.

    In particular, GINJO is a DJ and producer who actively participated in Korea as well as Korea with his excellent DJing skills and fresh musical attempts. He is joining the TraxX member who has been transformed into EDM group. 2 TraxX and DJ LIP2SHOT 's' Notorious (Feat. Sophiya)', and once again he is able to show his composing and arranging skills to meet GINJO's unique music color.

    Meanwhile, TraxX, joined by GINJO, is scheduled to attend the SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR VI in DUBAI on April 6th at the Otis Rocks Arena in Dubai.

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    'Should We Kiss First' Coffee Men KI DO HUN, Amazing Newborn Birth!
    Eye-catching KI DO HUN, who is this handsome young man?

    KI DO HUN (SM) is attracting attention as a 'big-time rookie'.

    SBS drama 'Should We Kiss First', starring KI DO HUN, has been well received since the first time and has been ranked # 1 in the top 5 ratings for the current 5 consecutive weeks and is loved by many viewers.

    KI DO HUN, who plays the role of a transparent and lively young man who works as a barista in the coffee shop of Eun Kyung-su (Oh Ji-ho) in the drama, receives a lot of love and is also attracting curiosity.

    KI DO HUN is a newcomer who made his debut last year. He acted as a stable actor in the drama "The King in Love" and "Drama Special" SLOW. .

    Especially, in this drama, Hye Min, who is the only innocent girl to be a solitary rebel SonEDen (Jeongdabin minute) in the drama, is receiving the attention of the viewers about the love love line and plays a role of the play of the drama properly.

    On the other hand, "Should We Kiss First" is a real melody of "unexpectedly" depressing mature people, turning around the turning point and changing how Soneden will lead to genuine growth and how their relationship will develop. Interest has also been boosted. March 27 night 10: 23-24 times broadcast.

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    The remake song "Monologue" is released at 6:00 pm on 27th!

    'Realslow,' a popular vocalist, participated in the SBS drama 'Should We Kiss First?' OST.

    Realslow's 'Monologue' will be released on OST Part.4 'Should We Kiss First?' On March 27th at 6 pm Melon, Genie and NaverMusic. .

    'Monologue', which is inserted into the theme song of the male protagonist Son-um-Han, is reborn as a remake of the rock band Sanullim's hit song, Realslow's appealing vocals, LeeJuhyung of the production group MonoTree arranges soft piano melodies And a dynamic lyric guitar sound, the lyrical atmosphere of the ballad is complete and you can feel the new charm.

    Also, "Should We Kiss First?" OST is doubling the attractiveness of drama with highly complete music such as Kwon Jang Won 'Ordinary Goodbye', LUNA 'Is it Love' and April JINSOL 'PERFECT' 'Every day, Every Moment' of the music site Bugs real-time charts and is getting good response.

    On the other hand, 'Should We Kiss First?' Broadcasted on SBS is a real melody drama depicting love of mature adults 'surprisingly'.

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  • 2018-03-27 Press Release

    'Tempted'MUN KA-YOUNG, eyes!

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    From lonesome and gentle eyes to cold, cynical eyes
    'Choi Soo-ji' Character 200% Commitment

    MUN KA-YOUNG's deep-eyed smoke in 'Tempted' caught my eye.

    In MBC 'Tempted' broadcast on the 26th, MUN KA-YOUNG focused attention on viewers by radiating colorful eyes according to the situation of 'Choi Soo-ji'.

    Soo-ji (MUN KA-YOUNG), who waited for the early hours of the broadcast and did not come to the Aztute (Woodohwan), spent time with Seju (Min-jae Kim). Soo-ji approached Seju who was trying to set the damper to match the humidity of his cello. At this time, Soo-ji was so absorbed in the cello that he showed a smiling smile like an ecstasy to a certain melody, while concentrating on his performance with half his eyes closed.

    So Seju fell into Soo-ji's performance and shed a tear. Soo-ji said to Seju, "My mother did it too. Just once, when I heard my performance, I got tears. He was more embarrassed. My mom, you're the one who just works. I'm trying to study what I'm playing. I just have to listen to it. "He expressed his gentle feelings toward his mother with a pity and sadness.

    Also on that day, Soo-ji traveled to Seo-hyun, Seju, and Tae Hee (Park Soo Yeong) and the villa. Soo-ji, who noticed a change in his vision, confused between himself and a tempting game and true heart toward Tae Hee, heightened the tension of the drama with the coolness and subtle jealousy that had never been found before .

    As such, MUN KA-YOUNG is immersed 200% in 'Choi Soo-ji' character, soo-ji is displaying the colorful and deep look of the situation according to the situation of Soo-ji. MUN KA-YOUNG is reflected in the performance from every detail to every detail. It is well received by KA-YOUNG who conveys the complex feeling of the character 'Choi Soo-ji' to the house theater.

    Meanwhile, MBC drama 'Tempted' is broadcast every Monday, Tuesday at 10 pm.

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    - Yoon Jong Shin Writing, '이별톡' ... another farewell emotional lyrics
    - She does not reply to the "이별톡" she sent ... "There is no better end than this message."

    Singer Yoon Jong Shin's Monthly Music Project <Monthly Yoon Jong Shin>

    A 이별톡 is a song written by Yoon Jong Shin, written by Yoon Jong Shin and KangHwaSung. A man who received a 이별톡 from a partner did not reply.

    Yoon Jong Shin has a good chance to say goodbye to his younger brother.

    Yoon Jong Shin said, "I've read the message of the long message that he showed me, and I was not able to tell him that he wanted to stay as a good person, and that he wanted to leave no more woman. "I was very careful that your couple seemed to be done, so I advised them that it would be better to break up."
    Yoon Jong Shin started making songs by imagining the next episode. The main character in his new story does not reply to the other 's 이별톡.

    I am convinced that there will be no better end than this message. In this message, there is a long history of distress and pain, and there is a message that I have suffered and suffered for a long time. It is only an unnecessary secret that both people do not want to repay and meet again.

    Yoon Jong Shin commented, "I do not think it is a good manners to break up with a common talent, but I do not think it is bad at all," he said. "How can the parting ways be the same with different shapes of love? It is possible to face each other, but it may be better to see no separation, and only two people know what method is better. "

    <Monthly Yoon Jong Shin> The March issue '이별톡' will be released on each music source site at 6 pm on the 31st.

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