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    April 12, 6 pm All music sources are released! 'PLAY - PAUSE - REPLAY' Complete the trilogy!

    Can not substitute 'Hallyu King' SUPER JUNIOR returns to repackage album.

    SUPER JUNIOR is going to release the REPLAY complete music album 'REPLAY' of the regular 8th album 'PLAY' through various music sites such as melon, genie, and buks on April 12th at 6 pm.

    The new album "REPLAY" will be released on November 6, 2008, with the addition of the 8th album "PLAY" and 12th anniversary of SUPER JUNIOR's debut "SUPER JUNIOR" It is the final version to complete the 'PLAY-PAUSE-REPLAY' trilogy following the release of 'PLAY' PAUSE Ver., Which will catch the eyes and ears of global music fans.

    Especially, the title song of the regular 8th Repackage album is supposed to be an explosive response because it plans to throw the game with the unusual concept that the SUPER JUNIOR has shown the music style and the stage opposite 180 degrees.

    SUPER JUNIOR took the first place in all iTunes album charts in 23 countries including Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Finland and Hungary with a new song 'Black Suit' after a comeback in about 2 years and 2 months last year. In the home shopping "supermarket", which sold out in just 9 minutes and sold 200,000 copies of the album, it attracted more than 4,800 concurrent simultaneous connections and recorded the highest number of calls. have.

    On the other hand, SUPER JUNIOR is the idoliety that revives new entertainment format every time in SUPER JUNIOR's formula every time recently. He has been actively involved in various entertainment programs, musicals and radio, including SUPER TV, and has been loved by the public.

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    - Giant Pink, 'UNPRETTY RAPSTAR3' after winning the first solo single release!
    - 'I Do not Love You', 'How are you doing?' 2 songs ... JUNGIN, Kassy Participating in 'Female - Female Voice Chemie'
    - Giant Pink participates in world music festival 'SXSW' .. Powerful performance announcement

    Giant Pink's first solo single, 'I Do not Love You', will be released on the 19th after winning the Mnet 'UNPRETTY RAPSTAR3' with her husky tone and powerful rapping.

    Two singles titled "I Do not Love You" and "Goodbye" are included in the single 'I Do not Love You', and Kassy and JUNGIN are expected to show their charming tone Collect.

    'I Do not Love You' is a gentle song with a light rhythm. It is a new attempt to see Giant Pink's strange and lively appearance.

    K JUN, a producer who led the hip-hop label 'All I Know Music (AIKM)' by MYSTIC Entertainment, wrote songs, arrangements, etc. He participated in the entire song and improved his perfection.

    In the teaser video of "I Do not Love You" released on the 16th, Giant Pink was showing interest in talking with a close friend about "a man with a vague relationship" in a cafe. Giant Pink's honest, shaggy personality, dialect charm can be seen to get a good response from fans.

    Giant Pink, who wrote 'Goodbye', wrote a song based on his experience as a farewell partner and coincided with AIKM Producer Closed Eye.

    JUNGIN, who received a lot of rappers' love calls in the hip hop scene, took part in the featuring, and JUNGIN's unique, intoxicating tone combined with Giant Pink's rapping doubled the sensitivity of the song.

    Giant Pink has appeared on Mnet 'Show Me The Money 5' and 'UNPRETTY RAPSTAR3' in 2016. As a self-taught lap, Giant Pink won the UNPRETTY RAPSTAR3 and won over several rappers.

    In October of the same year, she released a collaboration song "Rock-Scissors-Paper" with Brown Eyed Girls rapper MIRYO and a remake song "Dumb Dumb" with JangJane and PERC% NT in August 2017 .

    Meanwhile, Giant Pink will perform enthusiastically at the world-renowned music festival 'SXSW' in Texas, USA.

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    - Forte di Quattro Taejin Son, the first solo single 'Sleeping You' announced
    - YOONJONGSHIN "Taejin Son makes a remembrance of the sweet voice" ...
    - Taejin Son, first solo concert 'Fw: I am' held on 24 ~ 25th ...

    Taejin Son's first solo single 'Sleeping You' will be released on the 18th.

    The new song 'Sleeping You' is a song written by YOONJONGSHIN, composed by YOONJONGSHIN, Ganghwa Province, and a man who talks about your love for your lover and the preciousness of this moment.

    YOONJONGSHIN said, "The first thing I remembered when I made Taejin Son's song was the warmth and comfort I felt in his voice," said Taejin Son, who wanted to make a small, warm moment that can sometimes be seen in this rugged, I hope we all have the opportunity to look at each other 's sleeping heartily and gratefully. "

    YOUNGJONGSHIN 's ballad element with lyrical melody and lyrics and Taejin Son' s vocal element with its soft bass sound 'sleeping you' will give listeners a deep impression and warm comfort.

    Also, Taejin Son will be releasing his first live concert "Sleeping You" at the first solo concert "Fw: I am" in Seoul, COEX at 24 ~ 25th.

    On the other hand, actresses WonHyoung Zang and Minjee Cha starred in the music video "Sleeping You", and Taejin Son is expected to appear in surprise.

    Taejin Son is a member of Forte di Quattro who is the winner of JTBC <Phantom Singer>. He has been active in group activities such as releasing two albums, touring nationwide and going to Japan. He will also perform various solo activities to be.

    Taejin Son's new song 'Sleeping You' will be released at 6 pm on the 18th.

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    - Love line sorcerer 'HEART SIGNAL' motif ... Tell the story of men and women
    - MYSTIC LISTEN, special series up to 24 times starting from the 21st 'Wait'

    The 21st song of MYSTIC Entertainment's music platform LISTEN is YOONJONGSHIN's 'Wait'.

    'Wait' is a song made by motif of 'HEART SIGNAL', a love-lunatic performing arts, written by YOONJONGSHIN, YOONJONGSHIN, and Song Sung-kyung.

    'HEART SIGNAL' is an entertainment program in which young men and women living together in one space and knowing each other, and watching the performers watching their affection and making love affairs.

    YOONJONGSHIN, "HEART SIGNAL from season 1, I watched the feelings felt while watching the song," he said, "I feel like a crush on someone, or if the other person does not have a crush on me, disappointed, The time to judge everything is not longer than I thought. "

    "I liked it more than anyone, but the gaze of the other side was already sad, and I expressed my sadness with the lyrics," he said. "People who are good to me, people I am attracted to wait a little longer, "He added.

    YOONJONGSHIN 's' Wait' is matched with the beginning of HEART SIGNAL, which is just getting to know each other, and hopes to increase the consensus further.

    On the other hand, 'Wait' of YOONJONGSHIN of LISTEN will be released on each music source site on 6th of 19th, and the special series of LISTEN that made HEART SIGNAL motif from 'Wait' leads to the 24th song.

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  • 2018-03-16 Press Release

    'Kiss Love Moment' Kim Kwan Soo

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    'Kiss Love Moment' Kim Kwan Soo
    'Actress' role as 'real boyfriend'
    From the delicate and affectionate nature
    Up to visual completion
    The audience got caught.

    The 20-part web drama "Kiss Love Moment" produced by Studio Lulu Rurala ran toward the end, and the relationship between the four men and women reached a pole.

    'Kiss Love Moment' is an enthusiastic romance that begins with a sudden kiss, dealing with the sincerity of four men and women who want to break up.

    Until the 18th time, it has been revealed that Suvin (Shin Hyun Hyun) and Miha The two women 's love is attracting interest in what will be decided at the end of the twentieth episode.

    So I looked at Kim Kwan Soo, the actor who depicts the charm of "Hyeon-yeon" and the character of "Hyeon-yeon", which captivated the woman in 'Kiss Love Moment'.​



    # A point of attraction, a boyfriend saying "I'll go" before I say "Let's meet"

    My girlfriend on the phone calls "Oh," and when I hear a little sickness, I wake up at 6:30 am and say, "I'll go now." My girlfriend, who can not find the remote control, replies, "Do not you have a remote? My boyfriend says, "Do I go now?" The 'realistic zero' boyfriend, who is always ready to run for his girlfriend, is 'good luck'.​



    # Charming points Two, whatever it is for your girlfriend! 'Foolish idiot'

    She runs a morning call for her office worker girlfriend who does not get up early in the morning and cooks to make delicious food. Even a girlfriend, if you want to practice even the charm 'girl idiot'. To such a performance, his girlfriend, Subin, calls it 'dangdangyu'.​



    # Attractive points, 105% of empathy ability 'affection' and 'delicacy'

    The actress gives me the heart of mine who is grieved by the pain I can not forget about my ex-boyfriend. Because Suvin has been hurt by meeting someone else and decided to parting, Minka, who resembles himself, is always worried. I put my hat on my tears, I hug myself, I sometimes say, "It's not okay, but I pretend to be okay," and help Mingha's heart be strong. It may have been natural for Mingha's heart to be attracted to the sweetness of the show, which kept me thanking and sorry.​




    # Charming Point Four, 'Visual Visualization' Kim Kwan Soo

    Kim Kwan Soo, who plays the perfect boyfriend like "Hyeon Yeon", is drawn. Kim Kwan Soo 's' finished visual', which can look at the tall keys, the warm skin, the sweet voice of the bass, and so on, is playing a part in expressing 'good luck'. In addition, Kim Kwan Soo played the expression and action of her girlfriend naturally and showed the real boyfriend 's charm. So Kim Kwan Soo captivated viewers with perfect sync rate with the characters.

    It is a feat that captivates women with such a sweet and delicate personality and perfect visuals. Now that we have left the decision on the relationship between Mihara and Suvin, the expectation for the remaining two is growing. In addition, new Kwon Soo Kim, who emerged through 'Kiss Love Moment', is looking forward to a variety of new performances.

    Meanwhile, the 20-part web drama 'Kiss Love Moment' produced by Studio Lulu Rulla is pre-screened every Friday at 10:00 am through oxusu, and is open every Thursday and Tuesday at 7:00 pm on Naver TV, YouTube and Facebook.

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    Park Jung Bok's 'Kim Ju-cheol' character!
    A variety of performances that show sincerity and comic!

    Park Jung Bok's "Number Woman, Gye Suk Ja" shooting scene was released.

    The drama 'Number Woman, Gye Suk Ja' is a romantic comedy drama featuring mixed reality of confessions and fantasy of women in their thirties. It is a work that depicts the romance of a "number girl" who judges everything in the world by numbers. Park Jung Bok played Gye Suk Ja (Jun Hye Bin) for 8 years, but I played my boyfriend 'Kim Joo Cheol' who came back to start again.

    In the make-up video released on the 14th, Park Jung Bok was shot in the studio and outdoors. In the video, Park Jung Bok showed a variety of performances, expressing his love for Gye Suk Ja and the fact that he appeared at Gye Suk Ja again in 5 years after his departure.

    In particular, Park Jung Bok captivated his eyes by showing comic and stubborn performances to express Kim Joo-cheol's character, who returned to the "truth." In addition, Park Jung Bok was looking forward to seeing the future charm of Park Jung Bok with his enthusiastic passion for repeatedly repeating the act of putting the forehead on the pole to show the so-called "Ttukbaegi" performance.

    On the other hand, the drama 'Number Woman, Gye Suk Ja' will be released exclusively at 10 am every Thursday through the premium video service oksusu.

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    The 8th album is released on March 28 at 6 pm! Eternal Asian Top Class Proof!

    'K-POP Emperor' TVXQ! (SM) will return to their regular 8th house glamorously.

    TVXQ! Will release its regular 8th album through music sites such as MELON, GENIE and NAVER MUSIC on March 28 at 6:00 pm and will be back in action after 2 years and 8 months since its special album 'RISE AS GOD' It is expected that the music fans who waited for TVXQ!

    In particular, TVXQ! Has been a leader in the K-POP era not only in Korea but also throughout Asia. As soon as it is launched, TVXQ will be held in three major cities in Asia, including Seoul, Tokyo and Hong Kong. ASIA PRESS TOUR 'and successfully announced the resumption of activities.

    In addition, TVXQ! Ranked # 1 on the Oricon Weekly chart with the Japan collection album 'FINE COLLECTION ~ Begin Again ~' in October, 2017, making it the sixth largest number of overseas male artists ever recorded, In June 2018, for the first time in the history of Japanese performances, "Toumei Shinki LIVE TOUR ~ Begin Again ~ Special Edition in NISSAN STADIUM" was held at Nissan Stadium for three days in total, TVXQ! It confirmed the top-class aspect of 'Asian Top Class', which is the best-known example, by announcing the mobilization of one million tourists, the largest single tour ever.

    Also on March 16 at 0:00 TVXQ! A new logo image that anticipates a comeback through the official homepage will be released with surprise, and expectations for this album are further amplified.

    On the other hand, the regular 8th album of TVXQ! Will be released on March 28th.

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  • 2018-03-16 Press Release

    NCT 2018 album is a big project!

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    ITunes Comprehensive Album Chart # 22 in the World!
    Naver V relay broadcast live from 1:00 pm on March 16!

    NCT (SM), a new concept group, is continuing its global campaign with NCT 2018.

    NCT 2018 EMPATHY, released on March 14, is the first comprehensive album on the iTunes Comprehensive album charts featuring Canada, Finland, Norway, Austria, New Zealand, Russia, Ukraine, Mexico, Brunei, India, Indonesia, Latvia, Peru, Turkey, Malaysia, , Taiwan, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, and Mongolia, confirming global interest in NCT.

    In addition, NCT will broadcast a surprise relay broadcast 5 times on NCT channel of Naver V LIVE from 1 pm on March 16, 18 members will be divided into 5 teams and show their colorful appearance. Seems to get.

    In addition, NCT 127, which became the fourth runner of 'NCT 2018', appeared on Mnet 'M Countdown' on March 15 and gave a stage for 'TOUCH', a new song, I got caught, March 17 MBC 'show! Music Center "on March 18, and" TOUCH "on SBS 'Popular Songs' on March 18th.

    Meanwhile, 'NCT 2018 EMPATHY' is composed of NCT 127, NCT U, NCT DREAM and various teams of NCT. NCT has got good response with its rich music color and charm.

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    Emotional charm prehistoric!

    Electronica musician YESEO's new song 'Privacy' will be released on March 16th.

    The 'Privacy' of YESEO, which will be released as the 49th song of SM 'STATION' season 2, will be available through various music sites such as Melon, Ginny and Naver Music at 6:00 PM on March 16th. Music video will also be available on YouTube and Naver TV SMTOWN channel It is expected to open at the same time.

    This new song 'Privacy' is a house-based electronica genre that blends YESEO's charming vocals with emotional sounds, and YESEO is enough to check lyrics, song lyrics and arrangements as well as singers and songwriters .

    In addition, this music video expresses the absurdity of the protagonist who is trying to distance the world with the lonely atmosphere that contrasts with the bright atmosphere of the early morning, It seems to stimulate emotions.

    On the other hand, 'STATION' Season 2 is loved every week by introducing high quality music and contents that were born through collaboration with various artists, producers and composers every week.

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    From fascinating eyes to heartbreaking tears
    A variety of emotional lines expressing 'Choi Soo-ji'

    'Tempted' MUN KA-YOUNG captivated the viewers once again with their smooth acting ability to go through the splendor and leniency.

    In MBC drama 'Tempted' broadcasted on March 13, the conflicts of characters due to the marriage announcement of Mom Kun-hyun (Kim Seo-hyung) and Kwon Si-hyun (Udo Island) It was sharply drawn. MUN KA-YOUNG depressed viewers with delicate emotional delicacy, delicately expressing affection for the wounds received by the family and love for happiness.

    At the beginning of the day, Choi Ji-ji, who was shocked by the announcement of Myung-mi and Kwon Suk-woo's marriage, took a nervous stabilizer and alcohol at the same time and attempted to self-mutilate instantaneously. He said, "My favorite people disappear" I was saddened by revealing the deep scars I received from the disagreement. At this time, MUN KA-YOUNG, which presents colorful eyes and delicate emotional acting depending on the situation of 'Choi Soo-ji' from the eyes without the focus to the heat, makes the anime theater brutal.

    In addition, there was also a painful tightrope of Choi Soo Ji and Kwon Sihyun to prevent their parents from remarrying. In order to prevent the marriage of his parents, Kwon Sook-hyun suggested Choi Su-ji, "Do we want to marry him first?" But Choi hesitated on a suggestion that he did not include in his heart and recalled Kwon Sihyun, who confessed to himself in the past. I asked. Choi Soo-ji provoked Kwon Si-Hyun, a silent answer, to say, "Can you kiss me?", And wondered what her heart really was.

    As such, MUN KA-YOUNG filled up the CRT with delicate tears and colorful expressions delicately portraying the pain hidden in the glamor, if you conveyed the gorgeous 'Choi Soo-ji' with glamorous eyes and tangled voice. I am looking forward to seeing more of her acting.

    On the other hand, MBC drama 'Tempted' is broadcast every Monday and Tuesday at 10 pm.

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