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    Why is Lee Sora out there?!
    YURI's role model Lee Sora appeared! Shocking Recipe Disclosure
    Surprise guest Lee Sora “I live like this!” What is going on?
    Share the recipe for ‘Lee Sora’s healthy food’

    YURI, the owner of the '유리한 식탁' kitchen sharing recipe, challenged a joint broadcast with a famous YouTuber and showed an unexpected combination that he had never seen before.

    Supermodel Lee Sora appeared in a surprise at YURI's cooking web entertainment '유리한 식탁', which will be broadcast on the 24th. YURI said, “Youtuber Joint Broadcasting” was so successful that he wanted to meet. “When the role model I wanted to meet was “Super Model Lee Sora”, I couldn't hide my joy.

    Lee Sora, who has already communicated with numerous fans as a YouTuber, impressed YURI by actively sharing his know-how, such as introducing broadcast equipment to beginner YouTuber YURI or getting various gifts. The two people, who couldn't believe the first meeting, had much in common, fell into conversation.

    Supermodel Lee Sora actually shared his favorite “Healthy Meal Table” recipe. For YURI, who had suffered from lower edema for a long time, we released a recipe for “Nato Gochujang Bibimbap” with fresh avocado and spinach. In addition, we recommend 'juice', which is made by grinding tomatoes, spinach, and cucumbers.

    URI, who believed in Lee Sora's saying that it was a healthy and tasty recipe, frowned as soon as he drank the green “juice” and could not hide his embarrassed expression. Lee Sora said to Yuri, who couldn't swallow it easily when she noticed, “Just eat! I live like this!” “Who eats juice for taste!” she shouted and gave a big smile.

    Subsequently, the taste of “Lee Sora's healthy bibimbap” also shifted the taste of YURI. Lee Sora proudly showed rice with red beans and brown rice, with sizzling natto, spinach, avocado, and sauce, but YURI, who ate well, ended up asking “Where's Kimchi!” and Lee Sora was embarrassed. Laughed out of hiding. It was a healthy recipe to see how she had been perfecting her body with a thorough diet and self-care.

    In addition, the two of them boasted fantastic breaths by spending a good amount of time from 1:1 golf lessons to stretching. YURI also promised to visit Lee Sora's Youtube and ended it warmly.

    'Lee Sora' episode 2 of '유리한 식탁' will be uploaded on YURI's YouTube channel'유리한 TV' at 6 pm on June 24 and 26. In the'유리한 식탁', new episodes are uploaded every Wednesday and Friday.

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    Ranked No. 1 on 4 Billboard charts such as ‘Top Album Sales’, ‘Top Current Album Sales’, ‘World Album’, and ‘Tastemaker Album’!

    'Million Seller' NCT 127(SM) hit the American Billboard chart once again with the 2nd album repackage album.

    NCT 127 ranked 14th on Billboard's main chart'Billboard 200', released on the 23rd (local time) with 2nd album repackage'NCT #127 Neo Zone: The Final Round' released in the United States on the 12th. The '100 Artist' chart also ranked 5th, confirming global popularity.

    In addition, this repackage album is top in the four charts of the American billboard, including the top ranking of the'Top Album Sales' chart, which counts the sales of albums in the US for a week, as well as'Top Current Album Sales','World Album', and'Tastemaker Album'. Occupied the eye.

    In particular, NCT 127 released its 2nd album repackage album in the first week of release, starting with the 5th place of'Billboard 200' in the 2nd album'NCT #127 Neo Zone', which was released on March 6, It climbed to the 14th place in the'Billboard 200', realizing the high interest of local fans towards NCT 127.

    In addition, NCT 127 is the repackage album, including various charts such as No. 1 in the domestic music and music charts, No. 4 in music broadcasting, No. 1 in the United World chart, No. 1 in the top 100 charts in the Japanese line music album, and No. 1 in the China QQ Music Daily Soaring Chart. It has been swept, and it has gained a lot of popularity, including its first album, which is the first debut in the album, to exceed 1.34 million copies, including the repackage album.

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    A cool voice notice that will make you forget about the heat!

    Girls' Generation TAEYEON(SM)'s summer version live of'Happy' will be released.

    TAEYEON's ‘Happy(Summer Version)’ live video, which will be presented through SM ‘STATION’, will be released on the YouTube SM STATION channel on June 26 at 6 pm, and music fans are highly interested.

    'Happy', released on May 4th, is an R&B pop genre song that reinterprets Old School Dubap and R&B with modern sound, and the lyrics contain the excitement and happiness felt in the time with a loved one. As soon as I got the first place in Korea's main music chart, I got a good response by ranking first in the iTunes top song chart in 15 regions around the world.

    In particular, in this live video, it is expected that the ‘Happy’ summer version, arranged in an atmosphere that matches the summer, will be as hot as the voice of TAEYEON.

    Meanwhile, SM'STATION' will not only announce high-quality music created by collaboration with various singers, producers, and composers, but also showcase various contents such as live videos and interview videos to build an original'SM library'.

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    #Softness #shy #playfulness #cool
    The four faces of “Human Lee Hak Joo”
    Outstanding concept digestibility
    “I feel alive when I’m nervous while acting”

    Actor Lee Hak Joo has released a photo full of magical charm.

    In the first half of this year, Lee Hak Joo, who played the role of ‘Park In Kyu’ in JTBC’s ‘부부의 세계’, which created a craze for the syndrome, has released a pictorial with the magazine ‘W Korea’.

    In the public picture, Lee Hak Joo captures the gaze by expressing various expressions of ‘Human Lee Hak Joo’ in a total of 4 photos, including softness, shyness, light smile, and playfulness.

    Particularly in the black and white styled photos, Lee Hak Joo completed a unique visual while wearing a moist wet hair and a mesh top with a chain necklace. Here, the aura was completed by looking down at the camera without looking straight ahead.

    In another photo, he completed the charismatic mood by perfecting the outfits that matched the black color of various materials such as leather jackets, pants, and shirts unbuttoned. In addition, he showed off his charming charm with a vague yet gentle expression, a relaxed smile, and a playful glance.

    In this pictorial, Lee Hak Joo unveiled the faces of “Human Lee Hak Joo”, not the character that he had met through the drama, and pulled the A-cut in a shot to capture the moment of natural movement without special shooting direction.

    In the interview after the photo shoot was over, Lee Hak Joo wrote a story about his unique characters from his previous works,'멜로가 체질','부부의 세계', and'야식남녀', which is currently airing. He shared his colorful story even with his trivial habits.

    Whenever I meet a new character and act, “When I receive an unexpected direction in the field, I feel that I am alive at the moment when my head is white and rattles.” He said, “It's a fun experience for each cell to be tense.” He also revealed his extraordinary passion and affection for acting, raising expectations for his future move.

    Meanwhile, Lee Hak Joo is starring in the JTBC drama “야식남녀”.

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    ‘Amazing duo’ EXO-SC(SM) will comeback with their first full-length album on July 13.

    SEHUN & CHANYEOL's first full-length album ‘10억뷰’ will be released on July 13, with 9 tracks in a colorful atmosphere, and it is expected to get a hot response from global fans.

    In particular, SEHUN & CHANYEOL is the first mini-album'What a life' with its unique bright and trendy music. It debuted in July last year, participated in all lyrics, and recorded their own songs, as well as iTunes top album chart, 48 worldwide As it proved the power of powerful units such as the No. 1 in the region, No. 1 in the Chinese QQ music digital album sales chart, and No. 1 in the United World chart, the appearance to show through the new album raises expectations.

    In addition, SEHUN & CHANYEOL has outstanding visuals and versatile charm, and is active in various fields such as music, fashion, movies, dramas, and entertainment, and is highly popular and popular.

    On the other hand, SEHUN & CHANYEOL's first full-length album ‘10억뷰’ will be available for various online/offline pre-orders starting on the 23rd.

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    “finishing touch” was shot in a triangle romance
    'Conflict → Hot Confession'
    Subtle psychological acting delicately
    Owner of high-density smoke pitting

    Actor Lee Hak Joo became the emotional acting king.

    In the JTBC drama '야식남녀,' which aired on the 22nd, various stories were broadcast from Tae-wan (Lee Hak Joo) in conflict with his father to directly revealing his heart toward Jin-sung (Jung Il-woo). .

    On this day, Tae-wan had a conflict with his father (Jang Hyun Sung) who came to his studio. Tae-wan's father said that he wanted to meet a similar level of people and have children and live, and Tae-wan said, “I want to love someone who can be loved by my father. But my heart can't. “What do you do to see me?” he said, expressing his tears and feeling sad.

    Tae-wan, who was dying because of his father's goal of unsolvable emotions, cared for himself and felt warm and sincere comfort for Jin-sung, who had packed a lunch box. In addition, Jin-sung was deeply echoed by Jin-sung's appearance to the bistro and revealing his beliefs to the customers.

    Later, Tae-wan visited Jin-sung's bistro, saying there was something to say. Tae-wan, who brought a bottle of solo, said to Jin-sung, “I drank this absinthe when the poet Langbo confessed to the same-sex lover. I never knew the day would come when I could drink this drink.”

    “I'm gay,I love you a lot.” said Tae-wan, who unraveled the story he had lived hiding from his past trauma.

    On this day, Lee Hak Joo clearly showed the inside of'Tae-wan', which had not been easily shown, and showed the end of emotional acting. From the appearance of a conflict with the father to the reason why he suppressed himself while reminiscing the pain of the past, while convincingly telling him why he couldn't control his growing heart toward Jin-sung, he confessed his complex and subtle feelings with his own style. Acting delicately.

    This is because Lee Hak Joo's peculiar high-density acting made finishing touch for a triangular romance, and a lot of expectations and interest are gathering on how their stories will be solved through'야식남녀'.

    Meanwhile, JTBC's'야식남녀' starring Lee Hak Joo is broadcast every Monday and Tuesday at 9:30 pm.

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    NCT DREAM RENJUN, JENO, and JAEMIN's an interview with a dull and relaxing mood summer pictorial was released.

    In the middle of the summer, the three members bite the fruit, hold it powerfully, or stare at the camera gently, revealing a mature charm that is different from the previous freshness.

    Regarding the way to go in the summer, RENJUN said, “I like the feeling of driving while watching the bright sky and the sea,” JENO said, “I like to swim,” and JAEMIN said, “I enjoy water leisure such as jet skiing and sailing.”

    When asked what kind of person you think is cool, JENO says, “A person who does what he wants to do and has a lot of room to develop”, JAEMIN says, “A person who is more sturdy and harder than a brilliant person”, and RENJUN, “A person who knows who I am. . Even if a nice person doesn't say or spray perfume, he is attracted as if it smells good. I want to be such a person.”

    When asked what they dream of, JENO “be happy and wonderful” and JAEMIN “dreams must be big and clear. Being loved by more fans”, RENJUN showed his own personalized answer, “I am recognized by myself,” and showed more growth.

    The full pictorial of the NCT DREAM RENJUN, JENO, and JAEMIN and the full-hearted interview can be found in the July issue of <ARENA HOMME +>.

    - Google translation.

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    'Another-level' unit to wow you with music + performance + visuals!
    Excitement in sensual teaser video!

    Red Velvet-IRENE & SEULGI(SM), which is looking forward to a strong combination, is finally on the move.
    IRENE & SEULGI's first mini-album “Monster” will be released on July 6th, and it is expected to get a great response from music fans because it contains a total of six songs with various charms including the title song “Monster”.
    In particular, IRENE & SEULGI is the first unit of Red Velvet, which is gaining global popularity. It is a combination of two members that are perfect for vocals, performances, and visuals.
    In addition, at 22 o'clock on the 22nd, we released a commercial teaser video in the form of a commercial foretelling a new album through IRENE & SEULGI's official website and various SNS Red Velvet accounts.

    Meanwhile, IRENE & SEULGI's first mini-album'Monster' can be On/offline pre-orders available from today

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    ZHOUMI of SUPER JUNIOR-M to release his new single.

    ZHOUMI announces a new single'Starry Night' on various music sites on the 22nd at 6pm, and uploads a special video for the new song'Starry Night (With RYEOWOOK)' through YouTube SMTOWN channel and NAVER TV SMTOWN channel at the same time. This single, which includes two versions of Korean and Chinese, is expected to be released simultaneously on the Chinese music sites QQ Music, Kugou Music, Kuwo Music and global music platforms.

    The new song “Starry Night (With RYEOWOOK)” is a minor ballad genre with an attractive melody, and RYEOWOOK, who worked together as SUPER JUNIOR-M, participated to complete a sad and emotional atmosphere.

    The Korean version of'Starry Night (With RYEOWOOK)' means that your voices that are far from each other are farther away from each other, such as “아득해지는 너의 목소리 너는 내게서 점점 멀어져”, “네가 없으면 나는 이렇게 어둠 속으로 사라져”. The lyrics are impressive as they gradually disappear.

    Meanwhile, the Chinese version ‘Starry Night (With RYEOWOOK)’ was written by ZHOUMI and added to the fun. Previously, ZHOUMI released his own songs '在你身旁 (I'll be there) (With KUN, XIAOJUN of WayV)', '寂寞烟火 (The Lonely Flame)', etc. 'Starry Night (With RYEOWOOK)' is also expected to be loved locally.

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    Viewers' excitement explodes!
    Charming acting power that is perfectly immersed!

    “한 번 다녀왔습니다.” Viewers' interest in KI DOHUN (SM) is hot.

    In the KBS 2TV drama “한 번 다녀왔습니다,” aired on the 21st, Park Hyo-shin (KI DOHUN) portrayed the story of his heart to Song Ga Hee (Oh Yoon Ah).

    Park Hyo-shin headed to the department store along with Song Ga Hee, who would like to buy clothes in return for thankful for taking care of Kim Ji-hoon (Moon Woo-jin), and there, Kim Seung-hyun (Bae Ho-geun, ex-husband of Song Ga Hee) ), acting affectionately as if it were Song Ga Hee's new boyfriend, giving an unexpected thrill.

    Next, Park Hyo-shin told Song Ga Hee, who thought that helping him was a simple favor, and said, “Let's eat Ga Hee.” With the'power' that shows off the face of the younger man, Song Ga Hee and the heart rate of viewers rose sharply. .

    Especially in this process, KI DOHUN, in the role of Park Hyo-shin, has gained a good reputation for raising the fun and immersion of those who naturally postpone the process of gradually changing the attitude toward Song Ga Hee.

    Meanwhile, “한 번 다녀왔습니다,” loved by colorful stories, is broadcast every Saturday and Sunday at 7:55 pm.

    - Google translation.