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    Ticket sales to start on 4/20!

    SHINee TAEMIN(SM) to hold ‘Beyond LIVE – TAEMIN: N.G.D.A (Never Gonna Dance Again)’ solo concert on 5/2.

    TAEMIN's solo concert ‘Beyond LIVE-TAEMIN: N.G.D.A’ is scheduled to be broadcast live worldwide through NAVER V LIVE’s Beyond LIVE channel at 3 pm on May 2nd, so a hot response from global fans is expected.

    In particular, this performance is TAEMIN's solo concert in one year and four months after 'T1001101' held in Japan in December 2019.TAEMIN's hits, as well as songs from last year's third album'Never Gonna Dance Again'. It is enough to meet Man's sensuous stage and charm.

    In addition, TAEMIN has demonstrated unrivaled colors as a solo singer as well as her group based on her solid vocal skills and excellent performance skills, and as it has proved the'ACE of ACE' aspect, the stage to be presented through this performance is more anticipated. .

    In addition, ‘Beyond LIVE-TAEMIN: N.G.D.A’ tickets can be purchased at NAVER V LIVE from 3pm on April 20th, and a package consisting of tickets and MD products will also be sold on the SMTOWN &STORE website.

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    The live video of SUPER JUNIOR KYUHYUN's digital single “Coffee” will be released on the 19th.

    KYUHYUN will open a live video of the spring new song'Coffee' of '2021 PROJECT: 季'through SM'STATION', and the video will be released on the YouTube SM STATION channel at 8 pm on the 19th.

    The new song'Coffee', released on the 13th, is an unusual medium-tempo pop ballad genre with an industrial string arrangement. The lyrics express the honest jealousy of a man who has fallen in love with his old friend and the man's heart to confess to his friend. to be.

    In addition, this live video is composed to focus on the sincere lyrics and KYUHYUN's sweet vocals based on the warm mood background, so high interest from fans is expected.

    Meanwhile, ‘2021 PROJECT: 季’, which began last summer, is receiving favorable responses as you can meet new songs that contain KYUHYUN's rich musical sensibility depending on the season.

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    The brilliant activity of an all-around entertainer who is also responsible for health
    “I wanted to make exercise products that even beginners can easily use.”

    KWON YURI (Girls' Generation YURI, SM) has emerged as a product planner.

    KWON YURI joined hands with'CELEBRAND', an integrated brand of products produced and sold in collaboration with SM C & C and SM Entertainment group artists, and worked on a product-making project utilizing the'exercise', one of her interests. Participated.

    KWON YURI said, “Beginning with the thought of making exercise products that can be easily used by beginners and stored neatly, we have completed a'유리한 홈트' set with both design and practicality after numerous meetings with related experts,” said the latest trend. It delivered a brand story that reflects.

    The'유리한 홈트' that KWON YURI is attracting attention with is composed of mats, foam rollers, 2 types of roof bands, and 2 dumbbells, and will be sold at the NAVER Smart Store from the 19th, and the production process from the planning background through the NAVER TV CELEBRAND channel. You can see the episode of KWON YURI as well as the home training lesson video that contains the know-how of using KWON YURI.

    As such, KWON YURI is not only her planner, but also as an actor, singer, YouTuber, and other artists in various positions, and as she is doing her all-around entertainer, her activities that will continue in the future are also noticed.

    On the other hand, KWON YURI plays the role of ‘수경’ in the romance historical drama MBN drama “보쌈-운명을 훔치다” and is scheduled for its first broadcast on May 1st.

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    -“From a celebrity to a seller” Kim Soo Hyun, participated in the planning of ‘Teen’t’, a lip tint with safety for teenagers
    -Kim Soo Hyun's participation in the production ‘Teen’t’ and ‘Entertainment + product power’ are all equipped... Should I shoot a teenager's taste?
    -'Boram Unni' Kim Soo Hyun's ‘Teen’t’ for teenagers, available for purchase at NAVER smartstore

    MYSTIC STORY Rookies Kim Soo Hyun participated in the launch of lip tint ‘Teen’t’ through SM C&C brand commerce business'CELEBRAND'.

    'CELEBRAND' is a project in which a celebrity directly selects an area of ​​interest that reflects his or her tastes and hobbies, plans a product, and even participates in design to complete the brand, and Kim Soo Hyun launched a lip tint ‘Teen’t’ for teenagers.

    'Teen't' was created as a product with both box office and product power by joining Kim Soo Hyun and cosmetic experts. 10 harmful ingredients that cause stimulation so that girls in their early teens who are just interested in makeup can use it safely. Aside from this, it is produced with EWG green grade as the main raw material, and will be released as a cool tone/warm tone two set consisting of three different colors.

    In particular, many people were interested in the news that Kim Soo Hyun, who was loved by playing the cheerful and cheerful Yeo Boram role in the web drama'A-TEEN', which deals with the romance and daily life of high school students, participated in the launch of a brand for teenagers. In the focused, more detailed production story of 'Teen't' can be found through NAVER TV 'CELEBRAND' channel.

    Meanwhile, 'Teen't, which Kim Soo Hyun participated as a planner, can be purchased at NAVER smartstore.

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    AIKI, exclusive contract with creative content company ESteem! Expecting various and active activities
    AIKI and ESteem look forward to new synergy! Announcement of active activities in 2021!

    AIKI, a world-recognized dancer, signed an exclusive contract with ESteem, a creative content company, to announce a new start.

    AIKI began to promote its global presence by ranking 4th in Season 3 of the NBC dance audition program'World Of Dance' in the U.S. in 2019. Last year, she drew attention by choreographing the title song “DO N'T TOUCH ME” of the project group “환불원정대” of MBC’s “놀면 뭐하니?”

    Afterwards, she continued her popular activities such as appearing in various entertainment programs and radio such as tvN'유 퀴즈 온 더 블럭' and MBC'라디오스타', as well as being selected as a model for various advertisements. Being focused

    ESteem is pleased to join her with her “her sensational and creative dance that shoots the tastes of all her generations and radiates her radiant presence. She said she will support her unlimited personality and talent to shine even more.”

    On the other hand, ESteem is continuing its unstoppable activities by steadily recruiting artists who are spotlighted in fashion, beauty, and lifestyle, including creators, including models, actors, broadcasters and entertainers.

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    From the extraordinary “match spirit” to the joyful “dance time”!
    Big release of a different look! All-around activity
    'Charm Rich' Jang Ye Won x Lee Hye Seung,
    I'm looking forward to more activities to show in the future.

    Jang Ye Won and Lee Hye Seung shaken up JTBC's “아는 형님”.

    Astro Cha Eun Woo, Moon Bin, and Jang Ye Won and Lee Hye Seung appeared as transfer students in the JTBC entertainment program “아는 형님,” which aired on the 17th. In particular, Jang Ye Won and Lee Hye Seung, as freelancers from announcers, made a fun time by generously releasing unusual features that had not been shown so far.

    First of all, Jang Ye Won appeared in ‘아는 형님’ and took an eye stamp as the owner of a cool talk and a unique sense of entertainment. From the behind-the-scenes story of the legend video taken in the audience of the Brazil World Cup, and introducing Kang Ho Dong as his delicate friend, he drew attention with his skillful slow paced talk that listened to the members of “아는 형님”.

    From the start, Lee Hye Seung raised expectations, being counted as one of the most anticipated transfer students from Kang Ho Dong. From English interview episodes with overseas stars such as Tom Cruise, to the story of his announcer's own special move when he joined the company, he told various stories. In addition to this, they read the most sentences in the'One Breath Challenge', in which everyone participated, and added a new skill.

    In the second part of the scholarship quiz that followed, basketball bingo was held. Jang Ye Won and Lee Hye Seung each continued a fierce game fierce with their unique game spirit, and each time their team filled the bingo board, they made a pleasant time by performing a victory dance ceremony to the song. In the end, the team Jang Ye Won, who filled the bingo board the most, won the victory.

    As such, Jang Ye Won and Lee Hye Seung showed their respective charms in all directions and presented a cheerful laugh with the original members of '아는 형님' and the guests who appeared together. Expectations and interests are different as to what kind of programs each of the two, who are possessed of extraordinary talent and unsatisfied excitement, will perform each other in the future.

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    -‘모범택시’ Kim Eui Sung, punished the villain → Protected the victims as a ‘Representative Jang’!
    -“모범택시” Kim Eui Sung, The past hidden in a loving smile… Popular for overwhelming acting ability

    “모범택시” Kim Eui Sung showed a strong acting.

    In episodes 3 and 4 of the last SBS drama “모범택시,” the past when Jang Sung-chul (Kim Eui Sung) ran “Rainbow Luck” and “Blue Bird Foundation” was revealed. When he lost his parents to the murderer and did not even help the police properly, he dreamed of revenge himself.

    Among these, Kim Eui Sung gave convincing power to the narrative of Representative Jang, a three-dimensional character who could not clearly distinguish between good and evil through the past scenes crying desperately to the perpetrator.

    He also said to Kang Hana (Esom) who doubted the identity of Jang's representative but apologized for knowing the past, “The same is true of me. The perpetrators resent and hate them, and I can't forgive them forever.” Then, to Kang Hana, who said that the perpetrators were constantly disappearing, he said, "If bad guys are hunted, isn't it good for society?"

    On the other hand, at the end of episode 4, he delivered a scholarship certificate to the mother of Jung Min (Park Joon Mok), who suffered from school violence, and expressed the warmth of representative Jang who tried to help them on the victim's side.

    As such, Kim Eui Sung is leading both the episode of'Rainbow Luck' and the narrative about the character Jang through the scenes showing the warmth of helping the victims while revealing the relentlessness of leaving a painful past behind and punishing evil. .

    On the other hand, following last week, the broadcaster of this week is also 16.3% (Nielsen Korea, based on the second part of the metropolitan area), and the SBS drama'모범택시', which is steadily recording an audience rating of over 10%, broadcasts every Friday and Saturday at 10pm do.

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    -'바퀴 달린 집2'Kim Dong Wook, handsome with both face and personality,'the crystal of warmth'
    -Kim Dong Wook, summoning breathtaking memories at the filming location of ‘국가대표’ ‘The Hidden Efforts of the Target Actor’

    Actor Kim Dong Wook unsealed women's hearts with a caring and modest charm.

    Kim Dong Wook visited the PyeongChang camping site as the second guest of tvN'바퀴 달린 집2'broadcast on the 16th. Kim Dong Wook, who went on an entertainment outing after a long time, caused excitement with his warm appearance and sweet and delicate appearance. He captured the hearts of viewers by showing off his honest talk while making a'smile'.

    From the first appearance, Kim Dong Wook, who has attracted attention with a friendly smile and voice, prepares essential gifts for the members, such as a warm water bag and heat-resistant gloves, while Sung Dong Il puts strawberries in his mouth first, and the members It was cold or covered with a blanket, and the faces and hearts were warm, and the smiles of those who watched were warm.

    In addition, Kim Dong Wook enjoyed a time full of healing, such as eating Hwangtae noodles prepared by Sung Dong Il and taking a nap. Even when everyone is asleep, they look out the window in the snow. Kim Dong Wook, who seriously ponders whether or not to wake up the members because he wants to see the eyes together, created laughter. Following that, Kim Dong Wook smiled brightly, saying, “I feel like the person I was (not the guest)”, and showed a perfect adaptation to the “바퀴 달린 집”.

    Kim Dong Wook, who again visited the ski jumping team for the film “국가대표,” filmed with Sung Dong Il, was reminiscent of the time he faced extreme horror 13 years ago with enthusiasm and ambition. Despite his fear of heights at the time, Kim Dong Wook was amazed by the fact that he directly digested most of the scenes on a ski jump at the height of a dizzying height. When asked by Yim Si Wan, "Is that possible?" Kim Dong Wook laughed coolly, saying, "I did it because I got the money (even though I was scared)," but I guessed the hidden efforts until I got the title of the current grand prize actor.

    Kim Dong Wook, who showed off his caring side until the end, boasted the life force of having a hearty dinner and completely removing moisture from the windows with toothpaste, while adding makgeolli from his hometown ChunCheon for his members to add warmth. For Kim Hee Won, who can't drink his alcohol, he prepared a tea and made Kim Hee Won happy. Kim Dong Wook said, "It's enough for me to be here like this," and said, "It feels like I've come to play to relax and eat delicious food and sleep."

    Netizens who watched the broadcast are "Kim Dong Wook is very sweet, polite, and cute", "I've seen actor Kim Dong Wook appearing in entertainment! I'm really thrilled", "I didn't know, but I like Kim Dong Wook", "Kim. Dong Wook is cute” and so on.

    Meanwhile, Kim Dong Wook, who showed his sweet charm through'바퀴 달린 집2', is filming the new tvN drama'너는 나의 봄' with Seo Hyun-jin. Scheduled to air in the second half of this year.

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    -Moon Juyeon, ‘Ahn Sun-joo’ role of ‘지금, 헤어지는 중입니다’ designer ‘Expectation UP’
    -“괴물” Moon Juyeon, Shin Ha Kyun Stable acting as sisters… Another scene stealer activity notice!

    Actor Moon Juyeon was cast in'지금, 헤어지는 중입니다'.

    SBS's new drama ‘지금, 헤어지는 중입니다 now’ is called ‘farewell’ and reads ‘love’. Moon Juyeon takes on the role of Ahn Sun-joo, the designer of '소노', the top brand of the fashion company'더 원', which is the center of the play, and appears in Song Hye-kyo, Jang Ki-young, Choi Hee-seo, and Kim Joo-heon. do.

    Ahn Sun-joo, played by Moon Juyeon, will reveal the new charm of Moon Juyeon, who has shown a neat and clear image as a rational person who can be honest with his feelings and desires and immediately express his inner feelings. He is also planning to breathe with Song Hye-kyo, who played the role of Ha Young-eun, the design team leader of “소노,” raising expectations even further.

    Moon Juyeon, who has strengthened her acting skills through independent film'종이 인형', web drama "프레쉬맨" and the tvN drama "로맨스는 별책부록", released youthful energy in the JTBC drama "열여덟의 순간" and made a public eye stamp.

    In addition, he appeared in the role of Lee Dong Sik (Shin Ha Kyun)'s younger sister Lee Yoo Yeon in the recently ended JTBC drama “괴물,” and focused his attention with stable acting skills. Accordingly, Moon Juyeon's ‘지금, 헤어지는 중입니다’ cast raises the expectation and possibility of whether Moon Juyeon will continue to play an active part as a scene stealer.

    Meanwhile, the SBS drama'지금, 헤어지는 중입니다' starring Moon Juyeon is scheduled to air in the second half of this year.

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    A veteran who brings out a breath of fantasy
    Unique progress class
    '컴백홈' →'신과 함께'
    Imprinting presence through a new program

    Lee Yong Jin is launching new programs one after another.

    Lee Yong Jin, who has shown a sensational sense of laughter in a variety of ways, from numerous entertainment programs to comedy corners and YouTube, has been enjoying another special pleasure through new programs such as KBS2'컴백홈' and channel S'신과 함께'.

    First of all, KBS2'컴백홈' is a reality entertainment program that supports and empowers the dreams of the youth who return to the star's first home and live there in an ongoing way. Lee Yong Jin, along with Yoo Jae-suk and Lee Young Ji, is delivering an active part as an MC supporting the lives of young people.

    The role of mood maker in the whole program is basic, and based on one's own experience, it draws consensus, while bringing out a breath of fantasy with Lee Young Ji, the CEO of'MZ generation', bringing more enjoyment.

    In addition, Lee Yong Jin is showing a unique presence in the recently opened channel S “신과 함께”. '신과 함께' is a program that listens to the stories of people who are worried about what alcohol and snacks to eat on a special day, and recommends alcohol and food based on their experiences by entertainment lovers.

    Lee Yong Jin appeared as the host of the program with Shin Dong-yeop, Park Sun-young, and others, and introduced witty recommended menus, captivating viewers from the first broadcast. He carefully examines the stories of the orderers, gives sincere advice based on his experience, and is active by attaching a sensible name to the recommended order.

    Lee Yong Jin, who brings out a natural combination between the performers based on their unique joy even in different programs like this. Expectations and interests are extraordinary as to what kind of pleasure Lee Yong Jin, an entertainment veteran who combines extraordinary progression skills and skillfulness to elicit a breath of fantasy, will bring in the future.

    On the other hand, KBS2'컴백홈' starring Lee Yong Jin will be broadcast every Saturday at 10:30 pm, and Channel S'신과 함께' will be broadcast every Friday at 10:30 pm.

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