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    Show off overwhelming charisma! Anticipation with outstanding cinematography!

    TVXQ! U-KNOW (SM)'s new mini-album title song'Thank U'has been released the first teaser video of the music video.

    'Thank U'music video teaser video released on YouTube and NAVER TV SMTOWN channel on the 15th is HWANG JUNG MIN in the role of'Boss Wang' in a tense atmosphere, LEE JUNG HYUN in the role of grim killer'Jaeman', The high-impact video that introduces three characters, including the boss U-KNOW, who is confronting HWANG JUNG MIN, amplifies the expectations for the main story.

    The'Thank U'music video is expected to meet the story reminiscent of a noir movie and the performances of actors, and it is expected to capture the attention with the video using cinematic techniques such as performance and dramatized directing, and speedy action. to be.

    In addition, the second teaser video of the music video for “Thank U” is scheduled to be released at 6 pm on the 16th, so it is expected to attract attention once again.

    Meanwhile, U-KNOW's second mini album'NOIR' will be released on various music sites such as FLO, Melon, Genie, iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, QQ Music, Kogou Music, and Kuwo Music on January 18 at 6 PM. It will also be released as an album on the same day.

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    Audition project for a new male group! Online application starts today!

    SM Entertainment, which has discovered and produced globally popular artists such as TVXQ!, SUPER JUNIOR, SHINee, EXO, and NCT, will hold a global audition "2021 SM NEW BOY GROUP AUDITION" for a new male group.

    The '2021 SM NEW BOY GROUP AUDITION' is held from January 16th to March 31st, and anyone from 2002 to 2008 can apply to anyone in the world.

    This audition submission will take place online from today (16th) to February 15th to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and to keep participants safe.

    In addition, any content that can show potential as an artist, such as singing, dance, and personal specialty, can be applied, and the final passers will be given the opportunity to debut as a member of SM's new boy group, and enthusiastic participation is expected.

    Meanwhile, detailed information related to '2021 SM NEW BOY GROUP AUDITION' can be found on the SM official audition homepage and SNS account.

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    The one-top entertainment show ‘언제까지 어깨춤을 추게 할 거야’ is ending! It was pleasant until the last broadcast!

    KYUHYUN has been reborn as a true “풍류남” through the one-top entertainment tvN “언제까지 어깨춤을 추게 할 거야”.

    ‘어깨춤’, first broadcast in October last year, is a program depicting a day of KYUHYUN enjoying a variety of styles with a table dressed in the best snacks. In the last broadcast yesterday (15th), a meeting between KYUHYUN and K.will, who visited Sung Si kyung's house, was broadcast.

    Sung Si kyung served a hearty course menu, and KYUHYUN gave a vivid tasting review saying, "The salmon is dancing in the mouth." Also, KYUHYUN and K.will said, “This is the first drinking party after 1 year and 6 months of exchanging numbers. Unfortunately, the place where the numbers were exchanged was the waiting room for Sung Si kyung's concert guests.”

    Those who enjoyed beer, soju, whiskey, etc. performed a surprise live as a ballad representing the music industry. KYUHYUN sang Sung Si kyung's “처음” and “태양계” with a sweet voice, and ended the last episode by singing Sung Si kyung's “내게 오는 길” together.

    In the meantime, KYUHYUN has been well-received not only for sharing honest conversations with various guests who visited the'어깨춤', but also for the coolness and style of those days, and how to play well by himself, so expectation for his next activities is also gathering. .

    Meanwhile, KYUHYUN is currently appearing in various entertainment programs and musicals, including singer activities.

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    -Jo Woo Ri, boasting flawless skin with a lovely smile!
    -Jo Woo Ri,'Wannabe Beauty Icon' with first love visual,'Expectation for future activities UP'

    Actor Jo Woo Ri was selected as a model for the Dermocosmetic brand.

    Jo Woo Ri, who is continuously accumulating filmography by appearing in various works, was selected as a model for the Dermocosmetic brand'EAU THERMALE AVENE' and took a pictorial.

    In the pictorial, Jo Woo Ri captures the attention by showing flawless skin even with close-to-face makeup. Here, a lovely smile and shiny skin blend together to make the neat appearance stand out more. Like this, Jo Woo Ri is a pictorial that perfectly captures the clean and neat charm, reminiscent of the first love visual, and is expected to establish itself as the next-generation beauty icon.

    ‘EAU THERMALE AVENE’ said, “I thought that Jo Woo Ri’s clean and lovely image fits well with the brand, so I was selected as a model.” and “I think Jo Woo Ri's innocent face, clear and transparent skin, and an atmospheric image are the best people to truly express products that give healthy radiance,”

    Jo Woo Ri, who debuted in the 2013 drama “시리우스,” has appeared in “메디컬 탑팀” and “모던파머” and has continued to act. In 2016, he made a clear snow stamp as ‘태양의 후예’, and showed impressive performances through various works such as ‘마녀의 법정’, ‘추리의 여왕2’, and ‘내 아이디는 강남미인’, boasting infinite possibilities.

    In addition, through sensuous personal SNS, they are showing off the aspect of Wannabe Beauty and Fashion Icon. With his innocent appearance and stable acting, expectations are raised for the future activities of Jo Woo Ri, who is receiving love calls from various brands as well as active work activities.

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    New mini-album “NOIR”, a cinematic music topic that catches the eyes and ears!

    TVXQ!'s U-KNOW(SM) will make a comeback with his second mini-album'NOIR' on January 18th. This album is a solo album released by U-KNOW about one year and seven months after his first mini-album “True Colors,” and is raising expectations by predicting sensational music expressed like a variety of movie genres with a cinematic concept.

    # Cinematic album where music and film meet

    U-KNOW portrays the emotions of life expressed in various colors through his first mini album, and this album empathizes with the emotions inside a man.

    In addition, from the title song 'Thank U', which has a deep Paesos in line with the cinematic concept, reminiscent of an action noir movie,'Time Machine' with a futuristic atmosphere like a sci-fi adventure movie, and'Loco (House Party),' which provides pleasant energy like a comedy movie. 'Need You Right Now', where honest lyrics remind of a mono drama,'불면 (不眠; La Rosa)' with a lyrical melodrama, and 'Eeny Meeny', which will be released as a follow-up song. You can meet and charm.

    In particular, U-KNOW actively participated from the planning stage of this album to add its own personality and color to the overall storytelling and concept.To express the entire album as a comprehensive art that harmonizes music and movies, U-KNOW produced track films to delight the eyes and ears. The expectation was higher.

    # Well-made album completed with luxurious lineup

    In this album, global musicians such as Yoo Young Jin, a hit maker who has produced a number of hit songs of TVXQ! and showed a premium synergy, and The Futuristics, famous as producers such as Thomas Troelsen, Bruno Mars, and Halsey, participated to complete the well-made album. did.

    In addition, actors HWANG JUNG MIN and LEE JUNG HYUN appear in the title song'Thank U'music video, and you can meet the visual beauty reminiscent of a noir action movie, adding to the curiosity of the new transformation that U-KNOW will show.

    In addition, actor SHIN YE EUN also participated in the featured song '불면 (不眠; La Rosa)' as well as appeared on the track film released on the 12th to show U-KNOW and emotional chemistry to double the charm.

    # The unique stage and the reverse charm of friendly entertainment

    U-KNOW, which has always provided a charismatic performance like the modifier 'lord on the stage', is going to deliver an intense and eye-catching performance through this album as well as the title song'Thank U'and the follow-up song'Eeny Meeny'. to be.

    In addition, U-KNOW appeared in various entertainment programs such as'나혼자 산다','아는 형님','놀라운 토요일', and'구해줘 홈즈', which attracted the topic with passionate daily life. Enough to meet the figure.

    Also, on the day of their comeback, the countdown live broadcast'Sneak Peek: NOIR by U-KNOW' through the NAVER V LIVE SMTOWN channel, and the showcase content '유노쇼', which will be released on the 20th, will be used to communicate with fans, so high interest is expected.

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    ‘It’s possible because it’s LIM YOONA’ A new character that was presented in a HUSH cut + layered look!

    The transformation in LIM YOONA (Girls' Generation YOONA, SM)'s drama “HUSH” attracts attention.

    LIM YOONA is playing the role of "Lee Ji Soo" in the JTBC drama "HUSH", who is passionate about confronting reality.

    In particular, in this work, LIM YOONA perfectly expresses her character and adds fun to seeing in styles that suit the situation, such as a layered look and an Au Buffett jacket, as well as a chic hush cut.

    In addition, LIM YOONA realistically draws her youth character through'HUSH', leading viewers' sympathy, and succeeded in expanding her spectrum as an actor by showing her accurate pronunciation, low-pitched tone of voice, and plain acting without power. It is getting favorable reviews.

    In addition, in episode 9, which will be aired on the 15th, Lee Ji Soo (LIM YOONA) and the HUSH team, who went on an infiltrating interview with a ‘hotly breakthrough,’ are drawing attention to the development as a story that faces a crisis will be drawn.

    Meanwhile,'HUSH' is aired every Friday and Saturday at 11 pm on JTBC.

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    The three men's noir action film!

    TVXQ!'s U-KNOW(SM) presents a noir action film with the music video for the new mini-album title song 'Thank U'.

    Actors HWANG JUNG MIN and LEE JUNG HYUN appear in the 'Thank U'music video that will be released at the same time as the sound source at 6 pm on the 18th. Together with U-KNOW, expectations are added.

    In addition, it has increased the immersion through musical productions that transcend performances and dramatizes, as well as the actors' luxury acting, and is expected to capture the attention by maximizing the mood of the song with an intense story line, speedy action, and a sense of scale set. .

    This title song'Thank U'is a pop dance song with a strong pathos and dramatic development like an action noir movie. It contains a message that it will show a more wonderful appearance by using it as a nourishment to grow even online cynicism and ridicule.

    In addition, at 6 pm on the 15th, the first teaser video of the title song “Thank U” will be released through YouTube and NAVER TV SMTOWN channels.

    Meanwhile, U-KNOW's second mini-album'NOIR' will be released on various music sites at 6 pm on January 18th, and will also be released on the same day.

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    SM 'STATION' to be released KANGTA(SM)'s new song '감기약 (Cough Syrup)' on the 15th.

    KANGTA's '감기약 (Cough Syrup)' will be released on various music sites such as FLO, Melon, and Genie on January 15th at 12:00 noon, and music videos can also be met through the YouTube SM STATION channel.

    The new song'감기약 (Cough Syrup)' is a trendy R&B genre song with a sensuous beat and lyrical melody. Calm yet soft vocals are added to double the charm of the song.

    In addition, the music video released with the sound source contained a lonely and emotional atmosphere in accordance with the lyrics of the song depicting the painful emotions felt after separation.

    On the other hand, KANGTA released the new song '감기약 (Cough Syrup)' in ‘SMTOWN LIVE “Culture Humanity”’, which was broadcasted free of charge to the world on the 1st and set the record for the most viewed online concerts in Korea, and received good responses.

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    -'여신강림' Mun Ka Young, character growth + detail that enhances romance immersion
    -'여신강림' Mun Ka Young, character digestibility proven with delicate acting

    Mun Ka Young is leading'여신강림' with detailed acting.

    Mun Ka Young is taking on the role of makeover goddess'Lim Ju-kyung' in the tvN drama'여신강림' and is captivating fans by showing off her lovely charm without filtering. As Ju-kyung and Soo-ho's growth story and romance mature, Mun Ka Young's delicate acting skills are leaving a deeper impression.

    Ju-kyung, who suffered a terrible appearance trauma due to bullying by children, loves herself through her own method of makeup and through meeting new friends she made after transfer, especially Soo-ho (Cha Eun-Woo), who likes her as she is. I am learning. He is also being cheered for by taking a step toward his dream of becoming a makeup artist.

    Mun Ka Young delicately depicts the change of Ju-kyung, who meets and realizes and grows, increasing the concentration of the drama. Ju-kyung is usually friendly and quick, but he lacks self-confidence enough to be unfamiliar with people's favor. He is not yet free from the eyes of others. Even after starting a secret relationship with Soo-ho, she is constantly anxious. Mun Ka Young conveys Ju-kyung's unstable emotions, frowning between happiness and fear, with a slight shaking eye and voice, making viewers understand and empathize. Even in the atmosphere of a play where seriousness and comicality intersect, he showed his prowess to convincingly capture the emotional lines of the characters.

    Mun Ka Young did not spare no effort to fully digest the character not only in the emotional scene, but also externally. From the tone of the voice that reveals Ju-kyung's optimistic personality to the bare face makeup, we consulted with director Kim Sang-hyeop before filming and completed it through various attempts. Mun Ka Young, who worked on special makeup almost every day to clearly show the contrast before and after makeup, hard-carried the play with non-stop activities such as basic, high-altitude action, tone and body acting, female warriors, and virgin ghosts. Among them, styling tailored to each situation from comfortable home wear to school look full of youthfulness and cuteness to private clothes fashion added to the joy of seeing.
    Director Kim Sang-hyeop previously said, "Ju-kyung is a friend with strong dynamic energy. I thought it would be good for Ju-kyung to go actively, but Mun Ka Young had an extraordinary talent in that respect." From the beginning, I had a good performance in acting, and the balance of digesting the character was good.” He revealed a firm trust in Mun Ka Young. Viewers are also responding that Mun Ka Young's loveliness is not too much of a romantic comedy, but is naturally alive.

    On the other hand, the 9th episode of '여신강림', where Mun Ka Young and Cha Eun-Woo started a full-fledged secret relationship, has an average of 4.9%, a maximum of 5.8%, an average of 4.3% and a maximum of 4.9% of households in the metropolitan area (cable, IPTV, satellite integrated Based on a paid platform/provided by Nielsen Korea), both the metropolitan area and nationwide have updated their own highest ratings. Broadcast on tvN every Wednesday and Thursday at 10:30 pm.

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    -Park Ha Seon, '산후조리원' and '며느라기' started to receive advertisements thanks to the popularity
    -Park Ha Seon, a natural beauty brand that captures the beautiful and soft feminine beauty

    Actress Park Ha Seon started accepting advertisements with a beautiful and gentle feminine beauty.

    Park Ha Seon, which is loved by the public, has been selected as the “Calendula Baby Line Ambassador” of WELEDA, Switzerland's No. 1 natural and organic skincare brand with 100 years of tradition.

    Park Ha Seon played Cho Eun Jung in the popular tvN drama '산후조리원' that ended last year, and was well received by viewers. It has been implemented and is leading the box office. In particular,'며느라기' has been released up to episode 8, and has exceeded the current cumulative number of views of 10 million and boasts a high topic.

    WELEDA revealed the reason for the selection of the ambassador, saying, "The image of actor Park Ha Seon, loved for acting that evokes sympathy from many women, matches WELEDA's'Calendula Baby Line,' which has been loved by mothers around the world for over 60 years."

    WELEDA has been researching pure natural ingredients for more than 100 years and is producing products under the brand philosophy of'harmony between human and nature' based on bio-dynamic farming technology. As a naturalist brand that excludes synthetic fragrances as well as mineral oil, parabens, and silicone, all products have been recognized by NATRUE, a strict organic certification body in Europe.

    Among them, the'Calendula Baby Line', which will be introduced by Park Ha Seon, is a natural organic baby skin care line that is gentle and safe enough to be used from the first day of life, made with natural ingredients including organic Calendula extract, which is the main ingredient.

    On the other hand, Park Ha Seon is currently in charge of hosting KakaoTV's original drama'며느라기' as well as SBS Power FM'Park Ha Seon의 씨네타운' and JTBC's'서울엔 우리집이 없다'.

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