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  • 2017-11-28 Press Release

    SM and JYP 'tone goddess' are united!

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    SM 'STATION' Season 2, the 35th protagonist A Yeon Baek X Red Velvet Wendy!
    The warm-hearted winter ballad song 'The Little Match Girl' is released on December 1 at 6 pm!

    A Yeon Baek (JYP) and Red Velvet Wendy (SM) showcase special collaborations through SM 'STATION' season 2.

    A Yeon Baek and Wendy will be releasing the duet song "The Little Match Girl" on various music sites such as melon, genie, and Naver music at 6 pm on December 1, The reaction is expected.

    The new song 'The Little Match Girl' is a warm winter ballad song with a sweet piano melody and a soft orchestral sound. The lyrics reinterpret the fairy tale 'The Little Match Girl', which is a match for contemporary people who hide their inner loneliness. As it reveals, it attracts attention with contents that appeal to love.

    In addition, A Yeon Baek made his debut in the mini album 'I'm Baek' in September 2012, followed by 'Should not Have', 'So So' As well as receiving the title song "Sweet Lies," which was released in May, it has been proved as a 'sound source queen' by sweeping the top of various music charts. Collect.

    In addition, Wendy is a member of the Red Velvet '2017 Best of the Grand Girls' group, which recorded successive hits this year with 'Rookie', 'Red Flavor' and 'Peek-A-Boo', and 'Spring Love', 'Doll' The drama and drama OST also shows outstanding vocal ability and colorful charm, so the curiosity about this collaboration is amplified.

    In particular, A Yeon Baek and Wendy's 'The Little Match Girl' was released by SM and JYP through 'STATION' after 'Born to be Wild' of 'Triple T' in August last year, JO KWON, With the second collaboration, you will be able to meet the fantastic harmony of two 'tone goddesses', and you will get a hot attention.

    Meanwhile, 'STATION' Season 2 has been loved by many artists, producers and songwriters who collaborate to showcase their complete sound sources and contents.

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    - 'The hottest new roommate' Minseo, the music chart 'Oruk' followed the first prize of music broadcasting .. Prove growth potential
    - Official fan cafes, SNS channel influx rises rapidly ... Public awareness + fandom increase

    Minseo 's' Yes', a newcomer, is sweeping the year - end music industry, keeping the first place on the charts for the second week.

    He has been on the top of the list for terrestrial music and has been following an unprecedented trend since his debut.

    'Yes' is on the live charts of major music sites such as Melon, Genie, Mnet, and Ole music from the 15th to 28th (as of 8:00 am) of the release date.

    MBC 'Show! Worner won the first place alongside Red Velvet in the music center.

    Minseo's interest in "Minseo" is getting hotter as a rookie before his debut, including the music chart's "Olly" and the music's first prize.
    'Yes' to raise awareness of the public at the same time Minseo's official fan cafe, the number of the official SNS channel has risen rapidly, the fandom is also growing.

    With such a record set every day and proving the possibility of growing as a big female singer, Minseo is making more of his debut.

    'Yes' is a female version of' Jong Shin Yoon 'Like it', which is added to the lyrics of Minseo's lyrical voice and lyrics from the woman's point of view.

    Minseo's 'Yes' shows her new vocals and mature expressiveness, which are not new, and attracts attention to her captivating visuals.

    Minseo is communicating with fans through the official SNS, releasing video content called "Minseo's Feast of the Moon," featuring cover songs live in their own colors and natural daily life.

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    'Black' Kim Jae Young filled the question.
    It was revealed that Wang Young-chun was aiming for Leo (Kim Jae Young) in the OCN 'black' broadcast on the 26th of last month, and eyes gathered for Leo who answered a false answer to the question of the detectives while collecting the topic.
    On the day of the broadcast, Wang Youngchun asked the detectives who had visited the azit to know Leo. When Leo tells her that she does not know anything about the Royal Hospital filming, Leo said she would ask for someone to come in and wait for the room during the waiting time.
    Then, the threat letter received by Leo and the letter found in Wang Youngchun's azit were found to be the same, further raising the question of why the next target is Leo.
    Leo also said that he had been living in the United States since he was a child when he was questioning whether or not he was related to Moo Jin. The manager said, "Did not you say that you lived a little while in Muzin when you were a child?" However, Leo's expression denied by the expression of hiding something seemed to amplify the question and expect the future development.
    On the other hand, OCN 'black' is an impression of the owner of the butterfly clock as a third person, and it is amplifying the curiosity about the development which remains only four times. It broadcasts every Saturday and Sunday at 10:20 pm.

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  • 2017-11-27 Press Release

    Yoon Na Mu, SBS'Oh The My Sterious'

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    'Song Kil-chun' role will emit a sense of presence!
    It shows a strong acting ability accumulated in many plays and musicals.
    Actor Yoon Na Mu encouraged the local shooter ahead of the first broadcast of the SBS drama 'Oh My Sterious'.
    On the 27th, Yoon Na Mu's agency, SM C & C, said through official instagram that "Today, SBS drama 'Oh The My Sterious' will be broadcast for the first time! Yoon Na Mu's transcript shots will be released with the message "Please use this machine at 10 o'clock tonight!" With the expectation and interest of the wooden actor who plays the role of 'Song Gil Chun' did.
    Yoon Na Mu, in the public photo, is wearing a prisoner uniform and smiles a little while holding a script of 'Oh The My Sterious'.
    SBS 'Oh The My Sterious' is a fake criminal, a prisoner of death, a gambler of life who plays a battle against the hidden opponents, Yoon Na Mu is in prison as a non-rape prisoner, I can not even grasp the mood, and I will play the role of "Song Kil Chun", a bully character in prison.
    Yoon Na Mu has been recognized as a solid and stable performer by appearing in many theater and musicals such as 'Good School Born', 'Roji Sui', 'Kilmunow', 'Orpance' have. In particular, he made his debut in SBS 'romantic doctor Kim Sabu' last year and captured the eyes of an anime theater with the character of 'take over' the atmosphere maker of the hospital. He also made friends with Choi Woo Sik It has a sense of existence as a 'sikyeong'.
    Yoon Na Mu 's' Oh The My Sterious' to be released through the already expected expectations are gathering.
    On the other hand, the SBS drama 'Oh The My Sterious' will be broadcasted at 10 o'clock tonight.

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    Music 10 dream team set stage!

    The SM Entertainment Festival 'SMile Music Festival' was also held this year.

    SMILE Music Festival is the representative social contribution program of SM, which is being held every year since 2015 for children and young people who grow their dreams through music even in a difficult environment. My SMTOWN THEATER got a hot reaction by unveiling the performance of the presentation type.

    In this performance, a total of 10 finalists selected from the applicants for the 'SMILE Music Festival' this year will appear. During the three months since August, there will be a limited amount of mentoring for SM artists such as KANGTA, Sunday and TRAX, Professional training, and various other SM stages.

    In addition, SHINDONG of SUPER JUNIOR and SUNNY of Girls' Generation have played a lot of fun thanks to the progress of the MC, and the NCT DREAM has given a powerful celebration stage to further enhance the performances. KANGTA, Sunday , And TRAX and the General Manager of the SK Happiness Sharing Foundation.

    In addition, the awards ceremony was held for the participants who prepared wonderful performances, the SMILE award for 'Hexagon', the Miracle Award for 'Sajia Choir', which attracted the attention of audiences with a cheerful voice, '7Boss 'And Happy Joy to the rest of the team.

    Meanwhile, SM launched SMILE, a social contribution brand in 2014, and is actively engaged in social contribution activities utilizing various contents and infrastructure.

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    Hwang Seon showed his innocent charm in the music video.

    On June 23, Hwang Seon appeared in "VIOLET" music video, which was released at PENTAGON's exclusive concert "TENTASTIC Vol.4 ~ DREAM ~".

    Hwang Seon in the public music video appeared as the main character of the bus ride at the same time every day. PENTAGON members who meet in the bus are drawn to reflect their past lovers' reflection.

    From the first appearance, Hwang Seon who boasted the pure charm, boasted the beauty of zero defect and caught the attention of the PENTAGON members. Hwang Seon showed a lovely couple acting with the members, and even the viewers fluttered.

    In addition, Hwang Seon played a tearful sadness and sounded the hearts of those who watched with delicate emotions.

    The mini album 'DEMO_02' which is filled with PENTAGON members' own song 'VIOLET' is the song of PENTAGON member Keno. 'VIOLET' is a song of electronic pop genre which is impressed by the sad lyrics and the contrasting warm vocals by the love between cold and warm, the two words in perfect contrast, and the purple which is sad and beautiful. And made the feel of the song even richer.

    On the other hand, Hwang Seon has appeared in the film 'Hyeonmyeong' recently presented at the Pusan ​​International Film Festival and is active in various pictures, music videos and broadcasting.

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    Lee Hyunyi showed various performances in 'Mama Land'.

    Lee Hyunyi's lecture was given to his followers at Fashion Mama Land, which was broadcast on the 23rd.

    On this day, Lee Hyunyi was portrayed to the younger generation about the model debut. As a model from trial and error to the demonstration of walking, which debuted at the beginning of his debut, he conveyed encouragement and strength to the younger generation who took the first step as a model and unfurled the aspect as a top model.

    In 'Mama Land', Lee Hyunyi is shown love for his mom and veteran model, and is loved by the viewers. In the morning, she plays a normal mother who plays with her son, and turns into a veteran model in the afternoon.

    On the other hand, Fashion 'Mama Land' starring Lee Hyunyi who is active in various fields is broadcast every Thursday night at 9 o'clock.

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    - Booth chart of 46 on the Gaon chart, and digital / download charts second
    - The first record of the sound recording before the debut ...
    - Music chart 1 in the music broadcast following the first candidate .. Orna .. 'Focus attention'

    Minseo's 'Yes', a newcomer, is continuing the gust of keeping the No. 1 spot on the 10th day.

    'Yes' is in the top of the real-time charts of major music sites such as Melon, Ginny, Mnet, Naver Music, and Soribada from the 15th to 24th as of the release date (1:00 pm).

    In addition, he was ranked # 1 on the BGM chart at No. 46 on the Gahon chart (November 12 ~ 11, 2008), # 2 on the digital chart, and # 2 on the download chart.

    It is an unusual result that a newcomer who has not made a formal debut yet maintains a long run after the top of the music charts is more interested in Minseo's debut.

    'Yes' is Jong Shin Yoon' 'Like It' 'is the female version of the song. After the parting, realistic lyrics from the woman's point of view and Minseo's sad voice add to the listeners' love.

    Through 'Yes', Minseo showed a new vocal and mature expressive voice that was not new, and a new big female singer was born. It attracts attention every day to the attractive visual that catches the attention here.

    Minseo is communicating with fans through the official SNS, releasing video content called "Minseo's Feast of the Moon," featuring cover songs live in their own colors and natural daily life.

    Minseo's debut news will be released sequentially through Mystique and Minseo official SNS.

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    NCT JAEHYUN, emotional vocals + a beautiful and beautiful woman!

    NCA JAEHYUN (SM Entertainment) and talented singer-songwriter d.ear collaborated on a new song 'Try Again' will be released on the 24th.
    'Try Again', which will be released as the 34th song of SM 'STATION' season 2, will be released on various music sites such as melon, genie, and Naver music. Music video will also be available simultaneously through YouTube SMTOWN and NCT channels and Naver TV SMTOWN channels. Expectations are rising.

    This new song 'Try Again' is a pop ballad song written, composed and arranged by d.ear. When I feel that the farewell is getting closer, I look back on the time together and still love my lovers The story is expressed in deep vocals of JAEHYUN and the voice of JAEHYUN.

    Particularly, this music video is expected to focus attention on JAEHYUN, which presents a beautiful duet harmony with a direct appearance of Deer and JAEHYUN as well as a natural charm in the background of a bed and a window. .

    In addition, JAEHYUN released Poetic Beauty: JAEHYUN, a web image that expresses his new song 'Try Again' in his own way, and captivated his eyes by showing colorful images to meet warm visual and emotional atmosphere.

    Meanwhile, 'STATION' Season 2 has been loved by many artists, producers and songwriters who collaborate to showcase their complete sound sources and contents.

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    Extension of regular 8th album 'PLAY', SUPER JUNIOR-K.R.Y Includes new song 'Shadowless'!

    K-POP Legend SUPER JUNIOR releases 'PLAY' PAUSE Ver. On November 28th.

    'PAUSE' in the sense of 'stopping tapes and CDs' is an extension of the regular 8th album 'PLAY', which means 'play music', and with 10 songs in 'PLAY' album, SUPER JUNIOR's vocal Unit SUPER JUNIOR-KRY's new song is added, and the global music fans are expected to get a hot response.

    Especially, 'Shadowless' of SUPER JUNIOR-K.R.Y. which shows a warm piano melody is expected to fascinate the listener's listeners who are enchanting the nostalgic feelings after separation and the fantastic vocals of KYUHYUN, RYEOWOOK and YESUNG.

    In addition, the authentic ballad song 'Shadowless' featuring musical sensitivity of SUPER JUNIOR-K.R.Y. is 'PLAY' PAUSE Ver. CD Only 'track, which is only available on the album, has been further enhanced. It will be available for sale on various music sites on the 24th.

    On the other hand, SUPER JUNIOR will hold 'SUPER JUNIOR WORLD TOUR SUPER SHOW7' at Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium in Seoul for three days from December 15th to 17th.

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