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    SUPER JUNIOR-D&E has released a special album, Concept Film, which is a hot topic.

    SUPER JUNIOR-D&E opened The 4th Mini Special Album "BAD LIAR" Concept Film at 0:00 on the 21st via SUPER JUNIOR official SNS.

    In this video, two men who naturally change from the 4th Mini Album "BAD BLOOD" released on September 3 to "BAD LIAR" are included. Global music fans are expected to be highly interested in SUPER JUNIOR-D&E's new album, which is back with the trendy and wonderful "BAD BLOOD" and the deadly charm "BAD LIAR".

    In this album, 2 tracks are added to the existing tracks on the 4th Mini Album, and it is possible to satisfy all 7 songs containing the music world only for SUPER JUNIOR-D&E.

    SUPER JUNIOR-D&E's The 4th Mini Special Album "BAD LIAR" will be officially released on September 28th at 6 pm. It is currently available for pre-order through various online and offline album stores.

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    KAI "I want to go on and on with this job I love, together with my fans for a long time"

    KAI features the October 2020 issue of the men's fashion and lifestyle magazine "Esquire".

    KAI, who is also a GUCCI global ambassador, digested GUCCI's items brilliantly, showed off his smooth charisma and delicate eyes, and presented various charms.

    In particular, KAI said in an interview with Esquire, "I'm happy to do this job now," and "I want to go on and on with this job I love, together with my fans for a long time."

    In addition, KAI asked about fashion style, "I think it is more important to wear it according to the situation and concept if you have tried various fashions so far. I usually prefer basic style." I talked about my own fashion hall.

    On the other hand, the October issue of <Esquire>, which KAI decorated the 25th anniversary cover, will be available for purchase at bookstores from September 20th, and I also met the Esquire Korea website (http://www.esquirekorea.co.kr). You can see it.

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    "The passion within the team is called sideways ... I'm happiest now."

    The fascinating gravure of Red Velvet JOY has been released. In this pictorial, which was carried out under the concept of "adventure to find JOY" in the night forest, JOY showed a gorgeous and dressy look and showed his vivid and colorful charm to the fullest. JOY is the inside story that the staff's compliments overflowed every time he took a shot every time he was actively absorbed in his sometimes pure and sometimes attractive facial expressions and poses.

    In an interview, JOY said, "Passion is called by the members. When some touches come, I just look at them and run. In addition, JOY said, "When I go on stage, I try to be the speaker in the Red Velvet song. I feel the importance of the stage again and enjoy my work." "I'm too young now I think I'm happiest now, trying to love myself. "

    The full pictorial and candid interview with Red Velvet JOY can be found in the October issue of <Arena Homme Plus>.

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  • 2020-09-21 Press Release

    "선을 넘는 녀석들-리턴즈"

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    Mun Ka Young, Listening + Empathy Ability Shining "Passion"

    -Mun Ka Young, "listening and empathy" attracts viewers with smart activity
    -Mun Ka Young, immersive and warm + intellectual charm

    Actor Moon Ka Young performed wisely in "선을 넘는 녀석들-리턴즈" to increase the immersiveness of the viewers.

    Mun Ka Young appeared as a special guest on the rival feature of the MBC entertainment program "선을 넘는 녀석들-리턴즈" which aired on the past 13th and 20th for two weeks. Seol Min Suk, Jun Hyun-moo and tvN "요즘 책방: 책 읽어 드립니다" have a connection with Moon Ka Young, who not only actively learns and sympathizes with the members, not only in fantasy chemistry but also historically. He showed a good example of the guest in his appearance. The 55th broadcast has risen vertically to a national household audience rating of 6.9% (2 copies).

    Former Seol Min Suk described Moon Ka Young as "Genius" fluent in German and English and praised him as a very talented actor. In addition to his three national language skills, Mun Ka Young is also well known for his extensive reading.

    One or two guests, Moon Ka Young, radiated a variety of charms from a suffocating power war with a historical exploration trip that we didn't know about.

    When the atmosphere of the site was made gorgeous with a smile like the sun, she read chinese characters and conveyed the contents of the history book with a supple voice, fascinated the people who saw it with elite down activities.

    Above all, listening to and sympathizing with Seol Min Suk and the members, Moon Ka Young's learning attitude added warmth. It was serious, but he laughed, but the appearance of being completely absorbed in the story made the viewers smile. She also expressed his passion for exploring the parts that viewers care about and explaining the information he knows.

    Meanwhile, Moon Ka Young will continue to take on the main character of tvN's new drama "여신 강림", which will be broadcast.

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     -"오! 삼광 빌라!" Han Bo-reum, candid + charming!
     -"오! 삼광 빌라!" Han Bo-reum, a capable character → a charming daughter! "Enthusiasm" to enhance the drama

    Actor Han Bo-reum seized the drama with a lovely charm.

    She took on the role of Jang-Seo-ah, who had everything in the play, and stole the hearts of the viewers with her adorable appearance, which was frankly charming.

    In the KBS2 drama "오! 삼광 빌라!" Broadcasted last weekend, the character who has the ability to do the work that he took on as the general manager when watching the work is his mother Jung-won (Hwang Shin-hye) and his beloved Jae- In front of hee (Lee Jang-woo), I saw Seo -ah (Han Bo-reum) turning into a cute child.

    Seo-ah radiated charisma as head of the nursery school's service, blaming an employee who wasn't properly assisting her mother in a flour-wearing accident. However, when the mother was worried as a daughter, she expressed a vacant heart with a amiable complaint as if she was a wrapper of an employee who did not know her heart.

    Also, let's meet Jae-hee who visited without forgetting his father's date, and others are frank and charming before love, such as screaming "오빠 내 꺼" with his arms invisible. I made people who see it smile.

    In this way, Han Bo-reum will surely do the work he undertook as the general manager, while Jung-won will be the daughter of a close person, and Jae-hee will be acting as a charming woman Seo-ah who wants to show to women. However, since the first week of broadcasting, it has been well received by viewers.

    In particular, Seo-ah's heart, which is more honest than anyone else in expressing emotions, was melted into deep eyes, delicate facial expressions, impressive speaking styles, and actions, and was completely assimilated into the character, increasing the immersiveness of the play.

    Meanwhile, at the end of the broadcast, Seo-ah hinted at a bad relationship with Lee Bit Chowoon (Jin Ki Joo) and aroused interest in the future relationship between the two.

    The KBS2 drama "오! 삼광 빌라!", Which has been a hot topic since the first week of broadcasting due to the good performances and interesting developments of the actors, will be broadcast every Saturday and Sunday at 7:55 pm.

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    MARK, LUCAS "Super One" teaser image public topic!

    The song "Together At Home", in which SuperM (SM) participated in the lyrics by members TAEYONG and MARK, will be released via the 1st album.

    SuperM's 1st album "Super One" will be released on various music sites at 1:00 pm on the 25th (EST at 0:00 on the 25th, PST at 21:00 on the 24th), and various genres including the title song "One (Monster & Infinity)" It is composed of all 15 songs, and it is expected that the global music fans will respond well.

    Together At Home: Inspired by their "With You" performance at the online benefit concert "One World: Together At Home", the song conveys the message to come together again in a new way other than being physically there, and spend a great time ..

    Also, with R & B / disco vibe numbers that accentuate the funky bassline, these are expected to captivate you with the easy and exciting refrains you can hum along with.

    In addition, SuperM released a teaser image of "Super One" with the unique visuals of MARK and LUCAS through various SNS official accounts from 19th to 20th at midnight, and has received a lot of interest.

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  • 2020-09-20 Press Release

    KBS "오! 삼광빌라!"

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    Hwang Shin-hye debuts in "Wannabe" Kim Jung-won
    Urban image + stylish fashion
    Character immersiveness 200%!
    "Kim Jung-won" with looks and abilities
    From warm appearance to unknown circumstances
    The emotions of a wide range of characters are completely digested

    Hwang Shin-hye is back with all the "Wannabe" characters.

    KBS 2TV's new weekend drama "오! 삼광빌라!", Which was first aired on the 19th, is a drama that depicts the process of people gathering at "삼광빌라" for various reasons to open their hearts to each other and love each other. That's it. From the first broadcast, scribes of various characters were richly harmonious and received a favorable reception as a well-made drama, and got off to a good start.

    Hwang Shin-hye is a mother who is respected by her daughter in the play, taking on the role of LX fashion representative "Kim Jung-won", and appeared in a perfect figure with colorful looks, abilities, and a warm heart. He performed well by drawing a variety of characters naturally.

    On the day's broadcast, Kim Jung-won sent sponsorship items to the nursery school and held a party. Kim Jung-won showed a special affection for the child with a warm look and tone, and when the shelves were flooded with an unexpected accident, he held the child and put it on instead of the falling flour. I got it. This is Jang Seo-ah (Han Bo-reum) general manager, let's talk to the employee who could not welcome the representative correctly, rather Kim Jung-won came out and defended the employee warm and meticulous Represented.

    While traveling in the car after that, they said to Jang Seo-ah, who gets angry again, with adorable eyes, and the two are in a mother-daughter relationship. It became clear. Then, she expressed her affection for his daughter.

    Also, when Kim Jung-won releases his nostalgia for his empty husband, he carefully takes out a picture of an old child in the music box and says "I want to see it. Seo Yeon" when the character is colorful. He expressed a sad heart. Not only that, but after meeting Lee Bit Chowoon (Jin Ki Joo) in front of Yipyangwon, he said, "It's a little bit strange. It's kind of sad." Duenueo What kind of circumstances are hidden in these, viewers' interest Is coming out.

    From the first time, Hwang Shin-hye generously showed off his stylishness based on the unique urban image, and perfectly digested the "Kim Jung-won'character", which is the representative of the fashion company. In addition, it is infinitely warm. From the thoughtfulness to the real mother-daughter chemistry that showed her as a daughter, in addition to this, she comfortably faced a wide range of character's emotional lines in her own style, from the deep inside of the character with unknown circumstances. It is a collection of things that I was expecting and interested in the story that seems to unfold.

    Meanwhile, the KBS 2 TV drama "오! 삼광빌라!" Starring Hwang Shin-hye will be broadcast every Saturday and Sunday at 7:55 pm.

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    Contribution to raising the national brand image through cultural content

    SM Entertainment (Co-President Lee Sung Su / Tak Young Jun) was honored to receive the Cultural Enterprise Category Grand Prize at the "2020 National Brand Award" award ceremony.

    At the "2020 National Brand Award" award ceremony held at the 21st World Knowledge Forum on the 16th, SM made the cultural content as a leader who gave birth to the K-pop boom known to the whole world and raised the national brand image. In recognition of his great contribution, he received the Grand Prize in the Cultural and Corporate Category.

    At the award ceremony hosted by The Institute of Nation Brand Promotion, the 4th "National Brand Award" was awarded by selecting individuals and companies that made the national brand shine from 2015. This year, SM and Mirae Asset Daewoo, Korea Philip Morris, Korea Microsoft, Korea McDonald's, BYN BLACKYAK, Eone Diagnomics and others received the corporate category grand prize.

    SM Entertainment, CEO of Tak Young Jun, who attended the award ceremony on this day, said, "Thank you very much for the big award. SM Entertainment will continue to strive to contribute to the enhancement of the national image of competitive K content."

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    Actor Yoo Yeon Seok appears in the music video of the new song! Music video trailer like a movie!

    SUPER JUNIOR KYUHYUN announces ‘PROJECT : 季’ autumn single.

    It is expected that KYUHYUN will release a new autumn single of ‘PROJECT : 季’ at 6 pm on October 8th. ‘PROJECT : 季’ is a year-long release of new songs for each season, and the album is the second project since the summer single "Dreaming" released on July 23rd.

    In particular, actor Yoo Yeon Seok appeared in the music video of this new song, and completed a music video like a book movie based on solid acting ability. Yoo Yeon Seok seems to express delicate emotions according to the lyrics of the song, express the sensitivity of the new autumn song, and increase the immersiveness of the image.

    On the other hand, KYUHYUN is SUPER JUNIOR, SUPER JUNIOR-K.R.Y. Including solo music activities with groups such as, he is engaged in active activities by hunting to various entertainment programs and musical stages.

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    Comeback commemoration Various content notice! Expectation UP!

    SuperM (SM) has released the teaser image of member TEN and it is a hot topic.

    Prior to the comeback, SuperM is using various SNS official accounts to release teaser images by member one by one to amplify expectations for The 1st Album "Super One", and TEN's sensuous individual teaser on the 18th. The image was released and focused attention.

    SuperM's first regular album "Super One" will be released on various music sites at 1:00 pm on the 25th (EST at 0:00 on the 25th, PST at 21:00 on the 24th), and the title song "SuperM's energy can be felt." A strong performance is planned to be presented at "One (Monster & Infinity)", and high interest is expected.

    "One (Monster & Infinity)" is a hybrid remix song made by combining the songs "Monster" and "Infinity" from this album, and overcomes the catharsis given by the magnificent song composition and transitions without fear of imminent hardship. The confident lyrics that express the determined will to go to a higher place are impressive.

    In addition, SuperM will meet fans through various contents such as wavve's original web entertainment "SuperM 의 M토피아" and tvN special program "원하는 대로" with the release of The 1st Album "Super One". A lot of interest is expected.

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