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    To have both Korean & Spanish versions!

    EXO D.O.(SM), who will release his first solo album on July 26th, presents his unique charm through his 1st solo album B-side track ‘It’s Love’.

    The new song ‘It’s Love’ included in this album is a Latin-based acoustic pop song. D.O.'s soft vocals harmonize with the lyrics with a calm tone that love is sometimes dull and disappointing, but eventually makes you want to find it again and look forward to it.

    In addition, 'Si Fueras Mía', the Spanish version of 'It's Love', is also included as a bonus track, so can meet a love song with a sincere confession.

    Also, at 00:00 on the 20th, a mood sampler video featuring D.O.'s lyrical charm was additionally released through EXO's various SNS accounts, raising expectations for this album.

    On the other hand, D.O.'s first solo album '공감' will be released on July 26 at 6 pm on various music sites, and will be released as an album on the same day.

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    - Lee Young Ae’s right arm ‘Santa’ role with clear and good eyes
    - “It’s not enough, but I ask you to look forward to filming with Lee Young Ae”

    Baek Sung Chul confirmed his appearance in JTBC's new drama ‘구경이’, and will meet viewers as Lee Young Ae's talented assistant.

    The drama ‘구경이’ is a comic detective drama in which 'Lee Young Ae', an insurance investigator from the police, who is all about games and alcohol, digs up a mysterious serial murder case that is completely disguised as an accident. In addition to Lee Young Ae, the cast includes Kim Hae-sook, Kwak Sun-young and Kim Hye-jun.

    In the play, Baek Sung Chul plays the role of 'Santa', who is selected as an assistant at the game party of ‘구경이’. It is expected to arouse curiosity from viewers with his clear and good eyes and a clean visual that quickly wins the trust of the other person, as well as the aspect of a competent assistant who silently serves as his hand and foot next to ‘구경이’

    In response, Baek Sung Chul said, “First of all, I am honored to be able to work with many respected people, such as Lee Young Ae and Kim Hae-sook, on such a great project. We are waiting for the day we will show it to the viewers, and we are working hard together, although it is not enough. Please look forward to ‘구경이’ and watch the collaboration with Lee Young Ae sunbaenim. Thank you.” He said excitedly about the appearance.

    On the other hand, Baek Sung Chul's presence in KakaoTV's original '아직 낫서른' as 'Hyung Jun young', which pours out sweet and unstoppable expressions of affection, and '고현우', the core of power in TVING's original '마녀식당으로 오세요' revealed Baek Sung Chul is expected to captivate viewers with his more grown-up appearance through ‘구경이’ once again.

    JTBC's ‘구경이’, starring Baek Sung Chul, who transformed into Lee Young Ae's capable assistant, is scheduled to air in October.

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    - Park Hyun Kyung, 2021 Hanwoo honorary ambassador appointment, promotion of Korean beef and consumption promotion
    - Delivery of Korean beef to the nutritionally underprivileged after the season through an agreement to support Buddy of Love

    Professional golfer Park Hyun-kyung (21, Korea Land Trust), a star in women's golf in Korea, is promoting Korean beef.
    On the 19th, the Korean Beef Management Committee appointed Park Hyun Kyung, the KLPGA tour major queen, as the 2021 Hanwoo honorary ambassador, and signed a social contribution agreement ceremony to support Korean beef for the nutritionally underprivileged.
    The appointment ceremony and signing ceremony held at the Korean Beef Jajogeum were attended by Park Hyun Kyung, Hanwoo Jajogeum Min Kyung Chun, and Kim Sam Ju, president of the National Korean Beef Association. Hanwoo Jajogeum’s ‘Honourful Korean Beef Ambassador’ is a group of experts appointed in 7 fields including livestock, medicine, food and nutrition, cooking, humanities, culture and arts, and sports, and consists of 12 people including Park Hyun Kyung.
    In addition to the appointment ceremony of Park Hyun-kyung and Korean Beef Jageum, they also signed a social contribution agreement for ‘Sponsoring Korean Beef, a buddy of love for the nutritionally underprivileged’. Accordingly, every time Park Hyun Kyung scores 1 birdie during the season, 1 kg of Korean beef will be accumulated and delivered to the underprivileged under Park Hyun Kyung's name after the KLPGA season is over.
    Park Hyun Kyung, honorary ambassador for Korean beef, said, “I am delighted to be appointed as the honorary ambassador for Korean beef, which I took care of whenever I needed physical fitness during the game. ” she said.
    Chairman Min Kyung Chun said, “I am delighted to appoint Park Hyun Kyung, who represents the KLPGA tour, as the honorary ambassador for Korean cattle.” “Through various social contribution activities such as sponsoring the Buddy of Love, Korean cattle, consumers and Korean cattle during difficult times. I will become a Korean beef that comes closer to the farmhouse,” she said.
    Meanwhile, Park Hyun Kyung received a lot of attention when she successfully defended her title in 39 years at the Chris F&C KLPGA Championship, the first major tournament of the season, the Korea Women's Professional Golf (KLPGA) Tour major. Currently, he is ranked 2nd in the 21st season prize money ranking.
    In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the event was held with a minimum number of people attending and strictly observing quarantine rules.
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    To present romantic vibes + vocal chemistry!

    EXO D.O.(SM) and Wonstein worked together.

    The new song 'I'm Gonna Love You', included in DO's first solo album, is a medium tempo pop song with rhythmical guitar sounds and a catch melody. The lyrics contain a romantic confession that they have naturally loved each other from the moment we first met and that they will continue to do so.

    In particular, Wonstein, a singer who recently gained a lot of attention for the project vocal group MSG Wannabe on MBC's '놀면 뭐하니?', participated as a feature. D.O.'s sweet tone and Wonstein's unique vocals add to the charm of the song, which is expected to fascinate music fans.

    Also, at 0 o'clock on the 19th, a new teaser image featuring D.O.'s visuals was released through EXO's various SNS accounts, further boosting expectations for this album.

    On the other hand, D.O.'s first solo album '공감' will be released on July 26 at 6 pm on various music sites, and will also be released as an album on the same day.

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    Ranked no.1 for 2 consecutive months following June!

    aespa (SM) proved its topicality by ranked no.1 in girl group and individual brand reputation in July.

    According to the Korea Corporate Reputation Research Institute, which analyzed brand big data from June 11 to July 11, 2021,
    aespa took the first place in July girl group brand reputation with a brand reputation index (3,553,551), which increased by 655.91% from June.

    In addition, KARINA ranked no.1 place in girl group personal brand reputation, NINGNING ranked 6th, WINTER 8th, and GISELLE 12th, all four members climbed to the top.

    In particular, aespa also ranked no.1 in girl group brand reputation and personal brand reputation in June (1st KARINA, 4th WINTER, 5th GISELLE, 7th NINGNING).

    In addition, aespa's new song 'Next Level', released on May 17th, is still at the top of the music charts. It is continuing its long-run popularity by dropping the charts for 8 consecutive weeks on Billboard's 'Global 200' (excluding the US) chart of the US Billboard.

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    - ‘장마’ JUNGIN, unchangingly proud of his perfect singing ability… Deeper sensitivity
    - ‘장마’ JUNGIN succeeded in charting on major music sites
    - Reborn JUNGIN ‘장마’ after 10 years, this summer’s playlist is also accepted!

    Singer JUNGIN 'Show! Music Core’ stage was colored with emotion.

    JUNGIN, who appeared on MBC 'Show! Music Core’, performed the remake of ‘장마’ live stage for the first time in 10 years.

    In particular, JUNGIN boasted a passionate ad-lib and unchangingly perfect singing ability, and showed the side of Korea's best vocalist without filtration with the more emotional and sad arrangement '장마' than the original song.

    ‘장마’ is JUNGIN’s representative hit song that compares the tears we shed as we let go of our loved ones to the rain that doesn’t stop.

    After 10 years, the remake of ‘장마’ received a warm welcome with the addition of Young Joon of Brown Eyed Soul, the composer and chorus of the original song. As if to prove this, it succeeded in entering the real-time charts of major Korean music sites such as Melon and Bugs immediately after the release of the music, proving JUNGIN's potential once again.

    In this way, while JUNGIN is still firmly holding the position of a powerful ballad, he is continuing his activities through various activities, from singing drama OSTs to appearing in JTBC's '비긴어게인 오픈마이크'.

    Meanwhile, JUNGIN's '장마 (Feat. Young Joon of Brown Eyed Soul)', which was released on the 13th, can be enjoyed through various music sites.

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    Stimulate your emotions with a relaxing charm & natural daily moments!

    On July 26th, a new teaser image of EXO D.O.(SM), which will release their first solo album ‘공감’, was released.

    The teaser image released through EXO's various SNS accounts at 00:00 on the 16th shows D.O. radiating a drowsy and natural charm in a calm everyday space.

    D.O.'s first solo album '공감' consists of a total of 8 tracks, including the title song 'Rose'.

    In particular, the title song 'Rose' is an acoustic folk song with an impressive light guitar rhythm, and the lyrics written by D.O. directly contain a fresh love story, from falling in love with the other person and having the heart and courage to confess.

    On the other hand, D.O.'s first solo album '공감' will be released on July 26 at 6 pm on various music sites, and the album will be released on the same day.

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    Expectations for acting activities rise with urban mood + alluring eyes!

    CHOI MINHO (SHINee MINHO, SM) has released a new profile with contrasting charms.

    In the photo, CHOI MINHO instantly fascinates those who see it with a unique sensibility, from a pose with a natural atmosphere to a lyrical look that catches the eye.

    CHOI MINHO, who showed an alluring yet deep aura with an urban mood, made people look forward to what kind of acting he will portray as an actor in the future through his more mature maturity as he expressed his feelings about shooting, “I want to meet more diverse characters in the future.”

    CHOI MINHO, who performed in the role of cop 'OH DONG SIK' in his previous work KakaoTV 'Lovestruck in the City', gathered a topic with his stable acting skills and extraordinary visuals. He has confirmed his appearance in the TVING original '유미의 세포들' as an office worker '우기' and is filming, foreshadowing his active activities.

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    Global tickets open at 12 noon on the 16th!
    “I want to become a being that makes you shine” packed full of fan love!

    SUPER JUNIOR YESUNG is holding an online special event.

    YESUNG will broadcast 'Beyond LIVE SUPER JUNIOR-YESUNG Special Event ~ I'll light your way~' worldwide for a fee through the NAVER V LIVE 'Beyond LIVE' channel from 5 pm on July 25th.

    In particular, in this event, YESUNG directly participated in the cue sheet, stage, and poster design, and the name of the event was also prepared with a lot of love in the hope that “I want to be a light that illuminates your path, and I want to be a being that makes you shine”. It seems to be a more meaningful time for the fans.

    At the event, YESUNG is expected to fill the stage with Japanese original songs as well as the title song 'Beautiful Night' of the 4th mini album released on May 4 and Korean solo songs.

    Meanwhile, tickets to ‘Beyond LIVE SUPER JUNIOR-YESUNG Special Event ~ I’ll light your way~’ can be purchased through NAVER V LIVE and SMTOWN & STORE from 12 noon on the 16th.

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    A charm that cannot be hated!

    - Characters that cannot be caught ‘increase vitality + fun’
    - Declaring breakup to the boyfriend he proposed to... ‘Curious UP’ in the hidden story

    '월간 집' Chae Jung An radiates a charm that cannot be hated.

    She begins a secret love affair, unaware of the relationship between Na Young-won (Jeong So-min) and Yoo Ja Sung (Kim Ji-seok), unintentionally sabotaging her, going back and forth between the love Cupid and the interferer. Unable to breathe fun into the play with characters.

    In the 10th episode of the JTBC drama '월간 집', which aired on the 15th of this week, Eui-joo, who played the role of Cupid of love in the beginning, interrupted every single time the two of them had by saying that he would protect Young-won from Ja Sung, who did not want to be found out about his relationship. He showed a reversal of acting that suddenly transforms into a love interrupter.

    Eui-joo, who eventually found out about their relationship, immediately thought of Young-won even though he felt betrayed.

    On the other hand, contrary to how she was active in her blind date, she bitterly said that she had no intention of getting married after breaking up with her proposed boyfriend, raising curiosity about the story of Eui-joo that has not yet been revealed.

    Chae Jung An, who plays the irresistible character Yeo Eui-joo, who genuinely cares for Young-won at important moments, with smooth acting skills, even though she unknowingly interferes with her junior's love story. It is not a simple romantic comedy, but adds color to the narrative of '월간 집', which deals with the meaning of the relationship between house and people, adding to the fun of the play.

    '월간 집', which Chae Jung An energizes, airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 9 PM.

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