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    A poster of NQQ's new entertainment, “We Play Season 2,” featuring model and broadcaster JUNG HYUK, was released.

    NQQ's new entertainment program ‘We Play Season 2’ is an action adventure variety program with a differentiated worldview called ‘The Quest Drifter of 6 Marine Boys to Unravel the Curse of the Great Dynasty.’

    In the poster released at'We Play Season 2', which became a big topic with the express combination of six members, including Kang Ho-dong, Lee Soo-geun, Ha Ha, Ha Sung-woon, and JR, including JUNG HYUK, the'Ocean Boys' It was set against the blue sea in accordance with the concept, and the usual game style of each member is well revealed. Following Season 1, JUNG HYUK will stimulate viewers' fans with passionate looks and striking visuals.

    Meanwhile, ‘We Play Season 2’ will first air on NQQ on Saturday, July 4 at 7:45 pm and SKY on July 5 at 7:45 pm on Sunday.

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    -‘편의점 샛별이’ Han Seon Hwa, Yoo Yeon Joo Character and sync rate! 'Immersiveness UP!'
    -Han Seon Hwa, career woman + realistic girlfriend, vividly drawn stable acting skills! 'Expectation of success'

    '편의점 샛별이' Han Seon Hwa played 'Real Girlfriend Moment'.

    In the new SBS drama “편의점 샛별이,” Han Seon Hwa showed a perfect synchro rate with Yoo Yeon Joo, head of the PR team at the convenience store headquarters. Yoo Yeon Joo is a career woman with both intelligence and beauty, and a girlfriend of Choi Dae Hyun (Ji Chang-wook).

    Jung Sae-byeol (Kim Yoo-jung) came to Dae Hyun's convenience store in the first and second episodes of '편의점 샛별이', which was broadcast this week. The starting Yeon Joo is depicted. Because Dae Hyun, who decided to consult and decide on anything first, asserted that he would not cut Sae-byeol from a part-time job.

    Yeon Joo not only caught his eye by living in a company with a stiff attitude, but also showed off his lover's appearances, like watching Dae Hyun, who visited the company during lunch time, and playing sports together. However, Dae Hyun, who was with him, suddenly left for a convenience store and witnessed drinking with unfamiliar women, and he could not hide his disappointment. However, because of his pride, he couldn't ask, so he drew a realistic girlfriend. Soon after, Dae Hyun changed his mind and declared that he would not cut Sae-byeol, raising the curiosity about the next development of what would happen to the relationship between the two.

    Han Seon Hwa showed stable acting and announced a successful start as Yoo Yeon Joo. This is a natural acting portrayal of the confident team leader and Dae Hyun's girlfriend. In addition, since the appearance of Sae-byeol, the emotions and facial expressions that change at the moment are vividly drawn to add immersion.

    As such, Han Seon Hwa, who showed high synchro rate with the character and stable acting and raised the excitement of the play, is excited about his future performance in '편의점 샛별이'.

    Meanwhile, SBS's new drama ‘편의점 샛별이’ is broadcast by Han Seon Hwa, Ji Chang-wook, Kim Yoo-jung, and Do Sang Woo every Friday and Saturday at 10 PM.

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    'Smiling' gives off warmth
    Calm yet full of beauty
    He gave a different charm with a comfortable mood.
    Lee Hak Joo, “I want to play my favorite acting long.”

    Actor Lee Hak Joo released a pictorial with natural charm.

    Lee Hak Joo, who is fully digesting characters of different colors in each work and revealing his presence as an actor, conducted a pictorial in July 2020 with star & style magazine atstar1.

    In the public picture, Lee Hak Joo is sitting on a chair while wearing an orange-toned coat. In particular, he smiles brightly with'smiling eyes', which improves the viewer's mood, and at the same time creates a refreshing yet warm feeling.

    In the close-up picture, one face is covered with one hand, making a shy, relaxed expression, which conveys a different mood from the intense characters in the works.

    In this pictorial, Lee Hak Joo stood in front of the camera with a natural appearance that had never been seen in the drama, and generously radiated her hidden charm with a calm yet boyish look.

    Lee Hak Joo, in an interview at the time of the photo shoot, said, “I will show you various aspects that I have never seen before. He also revealed his wish and raised expectations and interest in future activities.

    Meanwhile, Lee Hak Joo is appearing in the JTBC drama'야식남녀'.

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    Participation of talented Korean DJs Will Not Fear, IMLAY, Minit!

    NCT DREAM (SM)'s hit song ‘Ridin’ ‘remix single will be released on the 19th.

    The second single'iScreaM Vol.2: Ridin' Remixes', which is presented by the remix project'iScreaM' by ScreaM Records under the EDM label under SM Entertainment, is a music site such as Flo, Melon, Genie, iTunes, Apple Music, Sportify, etc. It is released from, and the fans' good reaction is expected.

    This single featured the title song of'Ridin' and'Ridin' of DJ and producer Will Not Fear, which is attracting attention for their unique music, and appeared in the'World DJ Festival' for 3 consecutive years, the third EP in January 2020 The album'DYSTOPIA', including the release of the IMLAY version'Ridin' and'remix', which are actively active as EDM musicians, contains two songs, which can be reinterpreted as the hybrid trap and future bass genre, respectively.

    In addition, in the'BOOM' remix recorded as a bonus track, DJ and producer Minit, who is recognized for his skills by participating in various genres of music production from K-POP to hip-hop, dance music, etc. It sounds in one sound.

    On the 19th, at 12:00 noon, the music video of'Ridin' 'Will Not Fear version will be released through YouTube SMTOWN channel, etc., and two visualizer clips of'Ridin'' IMLAY version and'BOOM' Minit version are also available on YouTube ScreaM Records channel. It will open at the same time and catch the eye.

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    ZHOUMI of SUPER JUNIOR-M to release new single.

    ZHOUMI announced a new single'Starry Night' titled Korean version on domestic music sites such as Melon, Flo, Genie, etc. A single'Starry Night' with the Chinese version of the title on Kugou Music, Kuwo Music and a global music platform will also be opened at the same time.

    In addition to the release of the music source, we are also looking forward to uploading a special video to enjoy the new song “Starry Night (With RYEOWOOK)” through YouTube SMTOWN channel and NAVER TV SMTOWN channel.

    Above all, in the new song ‘Starry Night (With RYEOWOOK)’, RYEOWOOK, who worked together as SUPER JUNIOR-M, participated in the song and started supporting. ‘Starry Night (With RYEOWOOK)’, which combines the sweet vocals of ZHOUMI and RYEOWOOK, is a minor ballad genre with an attractive melody, and the Chinese version is written by ZHOUMI.

    Meanwhile, in November 2014, ZHOUMI released Korea's first solo mini-album “Rewind,” and has been continuing its activities abroad and abroad, including Chinese dramas, commercials, and album releases.

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    Class that led to dramatic victory
    Enhance the atmosphere of the scene with the power of stage
    “Looking at the eyes” with excellent skills in singing, dancing, and dancing

    ‘GOOD GIRL’ HYOYEON(SM) has been very active.

    Mnet entertainment, where the presence of HYOYEON stands out,'GOOD GIRL : 누가 방송국을 털었나', the nation's top female hip-hop R&B musicians teamed up as a team to win the prize, and after a show with the opposing team that Mnet presents at every quest It is a program to play a game.

    In the broadcast on the 18th, HYOYEON became a crew with Jang Ye Eun, Jeon Ji Woo, Jamie, and Cheetah in the showdown against AB6IX, the final round of the 2nd quest, and the attention was focused.

    In particular, HYOYEON showed outstanding ability to perform all rap and songs on the 'WITCH' stage, where an intense concept is impressive, and captured the hearts of special judges by showing brilliant choreography at dance break time.

    In this way, HYOYEON led the championship of the 'GOOD GIRL' team with a professional appearance, became the leading role of victory, and became the main character of 10 million won Flex Money, and purchased gifts for members and crew members, and proved the class in a way that encompasses all did.

    On the other hand, the Mnet entertainment “GOOD GIRL : 누가 방송국을 털었나”, which HYOYEON is appearing on, is broadcast every Thursday at 11 PM.

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  • 2020-06-19 Press Release

    EXO CHANYEOL, maturity is like this

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    Coolness that only EXO CHANYEOL can show

    A new photo of EXO CHANYEOL has been released.

    CHANYEOL in the pictorial with Swiss luxury watch brand OMEGA is a little different from what we know CHANYEOL.

    A mature, sharp look is felt in the serious and sharp eyes, and the waterdrops and poses that are scattered show freshness and room.

    In an interview following the filming, CHANYEOL returned to the original form of enthusiasm and sincerity.

    CHANYEOL spoke honestly about his personal worries and future goals, including the story that he was nervous and worried about, featuring Lee Sun Hee's new song.

    CHANYEOL's pictorial and two versions of the cover can be found in the July issue of <ARENA HOMME +>.

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    -Han Seon Hwa, “I want to play Ji Chang-wook and realistic lover's relationship and get the 'real girlfriend' modifier”
    -Han Seon Hwa, encouraged to watch ‘편의점 샛별이’! “Episode + Yoo Yeon Joo's expectation of humanity”

    Actor Han Seon Hwa revealed the modifiers he would like to get through '편의점 샛별이'.

    SBS broadcasts Han Seon Hwa's first broadcast on the 19th, showing stable acting in various works such as MBC'장미빛 연인들','자체발광 오피스','데릴남편 오작두', KBS2'학교 2017', OCN'구해줘 2' In the new drama'편의점 샛별이', she plays the role of Yoo Yeon Joo, the girlfriend of Choi Dae Hyun (Ji Chang-wook), a career woman with outstanding beauty and outstanding ability, and aims for the'real girlfriend' modifier.

    Han Seon Hwa said, “Yeon Joo is Choi Dae Hyun's girlfriend and head of the public relations team at the convenience store headquarters, and is a career woman with intelligence, beauty, and abilities. In addition, the character that proves the competence of the human Yoo Yeon Joo with his own abilities without revealing the colorful background and specifications.” And he said, "I'm a person who can only look gorgeous at first glance, but it's nice to have a human and candid figure."

    In addition, he explained about the acting emphasis on “I tried to put these parts in a realistic and fun way between Dae Hyun and Yeon Joo. He also said, “I want to express these features well and get a modifier called'real girlfriend'.” As can be seen from the highlight video released earlier, Han Seon Hwa will showcase charming characters by digesting the appearance of a realistic girlfriend and acting with a smiley expression.

    Next, Han Seon Hwa said, “I didn't have a brilliant background and specs like Yeon Joo, but I thought Yeon Joo's human figure, trying to hide and try for himself by hiding his or her background to give people a prejudice, and thought that it was a bit similar ”He said in common with the character.

    Lastly, “편의점 샛별이” contains various episodes. Also, Yeon Joo encouraged the mainstream shooter, saying, “I'd like to watch a lot of comfortable and enjoyable drama “편의점 샛별이”” because the Yeon Joo has a gorgeous and human and cute figure behind it.

    Meanwhile, Han Seon Hwa's'편의점 샛별이' is a 24-hour comic romance drama featuring Choi Dae Hyun (Ji Chang-wook) and 4D Albasaeng Jung Sae-byeol (Kim Yoo-jung) as a convenience store. It will be broadcast first at 10 PM.

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    NCT DREAM CHENLE&JISUNG, greedy for growth
    NCT DREAM CHENLE and JISUNG finished filming the July issue of <ELLE>.

    The pictorial captured the summer landscape of two people. In the studio in a single-family home with a garden, the filming took place in the evening, capturing the growth of the two men growing up from boy to young as time went by. Since it is the first pictorial of the two, CHENLE and JISUNG showed high expectations even before shooting. In the interview after the pictorial, he said, “It is already the fifth summer together.”

    When asked when he felt his growth, JISUNG said, “The conversation has widened. "I think I grew up when I could look at myself without being generous with myself." CHENLE also said, “If you feel that you are all grown up, it may be because you are still young. When I was able to admit the lack, I seemed to have grown up.”

    He also showed a desire for skill. “There are times when I feel alone, even if others don’t notice,” said CHENLE. Especially in such a case, I concentrate and practice”, JISUNG said, “Because I made my debut at an early age, I think that all members must be more greedy about their skills. When I look at the stage of my seniors, I feel more like that.” He replied, "I was determined. When asked what it feels like to be the youngest of a large group called NCT, both said, “Of course it's good. "It feels like there are a lot of close and close people."

    NCT DREAM's CHENLE and JISUNG pictorial interviews and interviews with <ELLE> are the first in the domestic music charts and terrestrial music programs, the number one in iTunes in 51 regions worldwide, and the sales of over 500,000 albums. > You can see it in the July issue and on the <ELLE> website at elle.co.kr.

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    T-ARA Hyo Min Strong support!
    To the provocation (?) recipe of the Japanese license holder ‘Hyo Min’
    YURI “Don't broadcast”
    Guest Hyo Min scramble'Light delicacy, herring soba' recipe sharing

    On the 17th at 6 o'clock on YouTube, Girls' Generation YURI's recipe-sharing kitchen “유리한 식탁” has become a hot topic by unveiling the powerful “First Recipe”.

    The ‘유리한 식탁’, named after YURI, aims to spread the beneficial and beneficial table of various people like the name, and ‘Recipe Sharing’ is the basic concept.

    The first shared recipe to arrive in front of YURI is'herring soba'. YURI, who received a letter from a sharer ordering high-end dishes with blue-colored herring, said, “What do you do if you give something so difficult from the first day!” I was embarrassed.

    Frozen YURI pursued a recipe sharer and seldom caught the culinary direction. While flying an elegant coffee time in front of a smoky coffee machine, the first herring attempt to tear the flesh several times, eventually declaring the filming to stop, showed the scene of mental collapse.

    YURI, who finished herring neatly, made the scene a sea of ​​laughter by muttering herself with a face full of energy.

    And the recipe sharer who suddenly came to the terrible scene is T-ARA'Hyo Min'. Unable to imagine Hyo Min's existence, YURI screamed and spit out words of joy and resentment, confirming her 10-year friendship.

    Hyo Min, a Japanese license holder, said that when learning to cook, he wanted to have a meaningful time by sending the recipe that had the greatest fear to YURI who started his first challenge.

    ‘Herring soba’, completed by YURI as a recipe from Hyo Min, received a reputation for being eaten in the summer due to its deep and dark taste, and the staff behind it also ate deliciously. Subsequently, herring roe dish was presented as a bonus to celebrate a successful finish.

    YURI, who has had a harsh report from the first episode, is excited about what recipes he will deliver in the future, and he is looking forward to seeing other imaginative “sharers” with Hyo Min to give YURI a new experience.

    On the other hand, the ‘유리한 식탁’ project, which is attracting attention by planning together with YURI and SM CCC LAB, was participated in production investment by '플랜티에스', a media commerce company. I am curious to see if the recipe introduced by YURI in the future broadcast will be connected to commerce to give viewers a special experience.

    In response to this, Kim Ji Wook CP of SM CCC LAB, who leads the project, said, "We are preparing various commerce services based on content IP, while showing genuine contents while communicating with fans of YURI through an advantageous 유리한 식탁."

    Episode 1 of '유리한 식탁' can be seen again on YURI's YouTube channel '유리한 TV' at 6 pm on June 17th, and new episodes are uploaded every Wednesday.

    - Google translation.