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    The new song '감기약 (Cough Syrup)', which KANGTA(SM) played in 'SMTOWN LIVE “Culture Humanity”’, is officially released.

    KANGTA's new song '감기약 (Cough Syrup)', released through SM 'STATION', can meet on various music sites such as FLO, Melon, Genie, iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, QQ Music, Kogou Music, and Kuwo Music on January 15th at 12 :00 noon

    The new song '감기약 (Cough Syrup)' is R&B song with unique beat and sentimental melody that compares the sorrow of parting to a cold. The lyrics that express the feeling of being unable to escape from the pain of a breakup to a situation with a terrible cold catch the eye.

    In addition, this song was broadcasted free of charge around the world on the 1st, and was pre-released at “SMTOWN LIVE “Culture Humanity”, which set the record for the most viewed online concert in Korea. As KANGTA's new song released after a long time, it is expected to get a good response.

    Meanwhile, SM 'STATION' is releasing a variety of music created through collaborations with various singers, producers, and composers, and is building its own 'SM library' by producing contents such as live videos and interview videos.

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    -‘Parting Ballad Craftsman’ Jung-in, ‘어떻게 해야 할까요?’
    -Jung-in, collaborating with young artists through the ‘CLEF CREW’ project… Participation in lyrics and composition
    -Jung-in, sings a complex emotion that cannot say goodbye... '어떻게 해야 할까요' is released today (12th) at noon

    Singer Jung-in's new song'어떻게 해야 할까요' is released today (12th).

    This new song'어떻게 해야 할까요', which was held as part of a collaboration with young writers, is a ballad that contains complex emotions that want to say goodbye but cannot say goodbye with Jung-in's own emotional vocals.

    Jung-in participated in composing and writing lyrics, and for this song that he created in collaboration with young writers, "I thought that it was because I liked the idea of ​​the song and lyrics, so I didn't work on it because I thought that they were especially new writers." I hoped that the music would come out well together," she said.

    The'CLEF CREW' project, which Jung-in participated in, is part of the Korea Creative Content Agency that supports new creators and the CLEF Company's '2020 Content Creative Talent Business Support Commercialization Support' project. It has completed a meaningful collaboration with young artists who are equipped with it.

    Jung-in has been loved by many famous ballads such as '오르막길' and '장마', and then'Jung-in's Breakup Ballad' is once again displayed through'어떻게 해야 할까요' to stimulate the sympathy of listeners.
    On the other hand, Jung-in, the'unique tonal master', is loved by many musicians, including Deepflow, Ggary, Bizzy, and YOUNGKUT, as well as the public, receiving steady love calls.
    Jung-in's ‘어떻게 해야 할까요’ is released on each music site at noon on this day.

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    Honored with a male lead award
    The veteran actor's power shined

    Actor Kang Pil Suk won the Best Male Leading Award at the'Korean Musical Awards'.

    On the 11th, 'The 5th Korean Musical Awards' was held at Blue Square Interpark Theater. The'Korea Musical Awards' is a representative awards ceremony that not only accounts for the year in the Korean musical market, but also encourages and congratulates musical artists who work hard in the art scene.

    At the awards ceremony, Kang Pil Suk was in fierce competition with the nominees who shined in the musical world last year, and was honored with the “Male Lead Award” for the musical “SOMETHING ROTTEN”.

    'SOMETHING ROTTEN' is the story of the Bottom Brothers who produced the first musical in mankind against Shakespeare, the greatest playwright of the time in the romantic Renaissance era. Kang Pil Suk played the role of “Nick Bottom,” a passionate playwright and theatrical leader, and received favorable reviews for his fantastic stage manners and delicate character digestion.

    Kang Pil Suk made his first stamp to the public through the play '하륵이야기' in 2002, and in 2004,'Jekyll & Mr. He debuted on his musical stage through'Hyde'. Since his debut, he has digested various genres of works every year, and in 2020, he continued to attract audiences through various works such as the musical 'The Story of My Life', the play'아트', the musical 'SOMETHING ROTTEN', and the musical '나와 나타샤와 흰 당나귀' And had a hot connection.

    On the other hand, Kang Pil Suk is scheduled to appear in a performance commemorating the 25th anniversary of the musical “명성황후”, which opens on the 19th.

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    Boosting expectations for comeback!

    TVXQ! U-KNOW (SM) has been released ‘불면 (不眠; La Rosa)’ film poster, the b-side track from his new album.

    The ‘불면(不眠; La Rosa)’ film poster, which was released through various SNS TVXQ! accounts at 12 noon on the 11th, contains the emotional moment of U-KNOW and actor SHIN YE EUN, reminiscent of a movie poster.

    The b-side track '불면(不眠; La Rosa)' is a Latin-style easy listening pop song with an arpeggio acoustic guitar sound creating a lyrical atmosphere. Lyrics about parted lovers longing for each other through the night, featuring SHIN YE EUN. Participation, further enhancing the charm of the song.

    In addition, at 12 p.m. on the 11th, a track film that allows you to meet the atmosphere of '불면(不眠; La Rosa)' in advance through YouTube TVXQ! channel and NAVER TV SMTOWN channel was also released. As can meet U-KNOW and SHIN YE EUN's chemistry, it is expected to increase expectations for the new album.
    Meanwhile, U-KNOW's second mini-album “NOIR” will be released on January 18th, and includes a total of six songs with a variety of atmospheres, including the title song “Thank U”.

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    SUPER JUNIOR's KYUHYUN remakes Yoo Jae Ha's ‘내 마음에 비친 내 모습’.

    The remake of KYUHYUN's ‘내 마음에 비친 내 모습’ remake was officially released through various music sites such as FLO, Melon, and Genie on the 11th at 12:00 noon, and is receiving favorable responses from music fans.

    KYUHYUN sang ‘내 마음에 비친 내 모습’ on the stage dedicated to Yoo Jae Ha on SBS ’전설의 무대 아카이브K’ broadcast at 11:05 pm on the 10th, “I have always developed a longing for the music of “Yoo Jae Ha” in my heart. It was an honor to record a meaningful stage through this opportunity.”

    In particular,'내 마음에 비친 내 모습' is the only song that Yoo Jae Ha sang on the air during his lifetime and his favorite song.This remake version incorporates KYUHYUN's sensibility and vocal skills, so that the listeners' ears with another charm Captivate.

    Meanwhile, KYUHYUN has been active in various fields such as various entertainment programs and musicals, as well as preparing a group album for SUPER JUNIOR.

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    -Park Ha Seon,'며느라기' exceeded 10 million cumulative views'Popularity → 10 million actors'
    -'며느라기' Park Ha Seon, how he became '10 million goddess'

    Actor Park Ha Seon has become the '10 million goddess'.

    KakaoTV's original drama'며느라기', starring Park Ha Seon, was first released on November 21, and has now exceeded 11.6 million views (as of January 11), and is enjoying explosive popularity. Not only has it achieved remarkable results for a short period of time, but it is also evaluated as setting a successful precedent as a new form of well-made mid-form drama.

    At the center of the box office is Park Ha Seon, an actor who perfectly embodies the main character 'Min Sa Rin' in a webtoon as a drama. Min Sa Rin is a symbol of the whole work and a character representing many women. Su Sin Ji's original work has become very popular, so the burden is bound to follow. However, Park Ha Seon, who was a big fan of the original, participated in revealing'love' enough to reveal his intention to appear before the script was even released.

    Park Ha Seon, who chose'며느라기' without hesitation with love and trust for the work, performed a hyper-realistic acting different from'산후조리원' and realistically portrayed the realities of Korean daughter-in-law.

    From the new daughter-in-law who met her mother-in-law's first birthday after marriage, to the story she regretted after she released SNS, rituals, and holiday episodes. Park Ha Seon completed the lively scenes unique to the drama while being faithful to the original with acting that made use of realistic expressions and small movements in detail. Park Ha Seon's emotional line, shown by the intersection of past scenes such as sweet love days, gave a bleak impression and evoked the stormy sympathy of female viewers in their 20s and 40s.

    In addition, the styling of Park Ha Seon, which boasts a synchro ratio with Min Sa Rin, also helped increase the immersion. Park Ha Seon has made several transformations to save his unique, rounded short hair in six years for perfect character expression. Along with this, they are showing off various real-life office workers and daughter-in-law look, creating a topic.

    Park Ha Seon hits a home run in the'산후조리원' and'며느라기'. Min Sa Rin, who is awakened to'my daughter-in-law', is depicting what kind of wife and her daughter-in-law will be. '며느라기' is released every Saturday at 10 am on KakaoTV. Around 20 minutes each, 12 episodes.

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    Increased “dramatic effect” with strong presence!

    The ambition of LIM YOONA (Girls' Generation YOONA, SM) brought a new breeze to “매일한국”.

    LIM YOONA takes on the role of reporter “Lee Ji Soo” in the JTBC drama “HUSH” and naturally portrays her newcomer to my society, and is gaining popularity from me.

    In this week's broadcast, the story of Lee Ji Soo's determination to become a “real reporter” who does not compromise with lies, joins the investigative team'H.U.S.H' and plays an active part.

    Lee Ji Soo showed a sharp feeling and questioned the irregularity case of hiring congressman Ko Su Do (Shin Hyunjong), reversed the investigation, and covered the first article, Choi Kyung-woo (Jeong Joon-won). It was shown to add interest.

    Here, with Han Jun Hyuk (Hwang Jung Min), I met Rep. Ko Su Do, grabbed evidence of the request, and expressed a strong mind that did not give in despite threats of losing a job, raising questions about the next development.

    As such, LIM YOONA is captivating the viewers by expressing the rising passion of 'Lee Ji Soo' in a sincere manner and enhancing the dramatic effect of the drama with an intense presence.

    On the other hand,'HUSH' is a work that captures the lives of reporters shaking at the border between survival and conscience, and is broadcast on JTBC every Friday and Saturday at 11 pm.

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    A pleasant energy like a comedy movie!

    TVXQ! U-KNOW (SM), which makes a comeback with the new mini-album “NOIR,” on January 18, delivers delightful energy through the track “Loco (House Party)”.

    U-KNOW released a film poster containing the atmosphere of the track “Loco (House Party)” through various SNS TVXQ! accounts at 12 noon on the 9th, raising expectations for the new album.

    The new song'Loco (House Party)' is an up-tempo disco house song with a guitar riff with a funky rhythm. An easy-to-follow melody and a mixed chorus session double the excitement like a comedy movie. The lyrics that express the contents of the solver with witty rhymes are impressive.

    In addition, the track film “Loco (House Party)” will be released on YouTube TVXQ! channel and NAVER TV SMTOWN channel at 12 o'clock on the same night.

    Meanwhile, U-KNOW's second mini album 'NOIR' will be released on various music sites on January 18th at 6 pm, and will be released on the same day.

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    -'여신강림' Mun Ka Young, warm+pure charm explosion
    -'여신강림' Mun Ka Young, 'Reputation' from lovely charm to empathetic acting
    -'여신강림' laughter + tears + excitement 'Mun Ka Young's warm healing romantic comedy'

    Mun Ka Young of '여신강림', who continues a popular relay with his character's digestive power every time, spreads a warm thrill with Lim Ju-kyung, who overcomes pain and grows.

    While the tvN drama '여신강림' foretold the sweeter triangle romance as it turned around, viewers' support for the positive change and inner growth of Lim Ju-kyung (Mun Ka Young), who is looking for true selfishness, began.

    Ju-kyung, who was in a hurry to conceal her identity with an appearance complex, gave up courage for others, healed their wounds, and made people who see them more honest with themselves.

    While consoling Lee Soo-ho (Cha Eun-woo) in panic reminiscent of the death of her former friend Jeong Se-yeon (Kang Chan-hee), Han Go-, the younger brother of Han Seo-joon (Hwang In-youp) When woon (Yeo Ju-ha) was being bullied like her former self, she boldly stepped forward. Subsequently, Ju-kyung helped Go-woon by studying and teaching makeup that suits Go-woon. He was deeply motivated by Go-woon's dignity, who is not ashamed of his appearance, and he confessed that he was bullied in the past to Kang Soo-jin (Park Yu-na), who became his first friend.

    Ju-kyung's warm and pure charm that expresses a variety of emotions without embellishment, from the cute figure that cannot hide jealousy and excitement in each Soo-ho's action, is watered by spring that makes winter dramas thrilling I took it.

    Ju-kyung's lovely charms were winged by actor Mun Ka Young's sparkling eyes and transparent acting skills. Mun Ka Young, perfectly dressed in a tailored suit called Lim Ju-kyung, maximizes the immersion of the story by depicting the growth pain of an 18 girl growing mature by sharing each other's wounds, sometimes painfully, sometimes erratic, and lovingly multi-layered. did.

    From the fresh excitement of a teen romance to the sympathetic acting that touches the heart warmly, and the lovely charm that makes you fall in love, the voice of favorable comments toward Mun Ka Young, who is disarming the hearts of viewers, is increasing day by day. The tvN drama '여신강림' airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 10:30 pm.

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    Proof of K-POP representative group activity!

    NCT 127(SM)'s 2nd album took the no.6 most-selling physical album in the United States in 2020.

    According to the '2020 year-end settlement report,' released by Billboard of the United States on the 7th (local time) homepage, NCT 127's second album, “NCT #127 Neo Zone,” released in March last year, ranked no.6 in the “Top Physical Album” with a sales volume of 249,000 copies, proving its hot popularity in the region once again.

    The '2020 year-end financial report' is an analysis of music-related figures and trends such as physical albums, digital downloads and streaming in the U.S. from January 3 to December 31 of last year, and NCT 127 is the analysis of physical album sales. It was listed in the'Top Physical Album' category, along with global singers such as Taylor Swift, Harry Styles, Billie Eilish, Queen and The Beatles.

    Previously, NCT 127 recorded a total of 1.48 million albums as its second album, and achieved the feat of becoming the first million-seller after its debut. In addition to winning the No. 1 ranking on various Korean charts, it was also 5 on the Billboard's main chart'Billboard 200'. Starting with the above, we recorded a 10-week chart-in.

    In addition, it has proved remarkable achievements in various year-end settlements, such as being named in the '2020 K-POP's Representing Song' published by Time magazine of the United States and the'Best K-POP Comeback Ranking of 2020' selected by British Metro.

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