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    To reveal the stories behind his album his as well as communicate with viewers!

    DJ artist Raiden (SM)’s 1st mini album release celebration live to be streamed on 10/11.

    Raiden’s ‘Raiden ‘Love Right Back’: On the stage’ to be streamed on 10/11 at 8PM KST via channel ScreaM Records on YouTube.

    In this broadcast, Raiden not only tells the story of his first mini-album release, introduces the album, tells behind-the-scenes stories, but also introduces everything about Raiden, such as 'Direct Profile' and 'Direct Talking Discography', which looks back on his music activities. Plan to communicate friendly with the corner.

    In addition, Raiden's first mini-album will be released on various music sites at 6 pm on October 11, and it contains a total of 5 songs that can meet Raiden's sensual music color, including the title song 'Love Right Back'.

    On the other hand, Raiden's first mini-album 'Love Right Back' will be released as an album on October 11th.

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    Focus on retro music X powerful choreography!

    SHINee KEY(SM)'s first mini album title song 'BAD LOVE' performance video has been released.

    The ‘BAD LOVE’ performance video, which was released on the YouTube SHINee channel at 9 pm on the 6th, shows KEY’s powerful performance combined with retro music at a glance.

    The title song 'BAD LOVE' is a pop dance song that creates a retro mood with a strong synth sound and a lively beat. The lyrics tragically capture the image of being broken by a nightmare love, yet unable to let go, and Key's vocals and performances that delicately express chaotic emotions are also getting a good response.

    In addition, KEY appeared in music programs such as Mnet 'M COUNTDOWN' broadcast on the 7th, KBS2TV 'Music Bank' and '유희열의 스케치북' on the 8th, MBC 'Music Core' on the 9th, and SBS 'Inkigayo' on the 10th. The song 'BAD LOVE' will be presented.

    On the other hand, KEY's first mini-album 'BAD LOVE', released on September 27, ranked first in the iTunes Top Album Chart in 34 regions worldwide, the QQ Music digital album sales chart in China, and the Recochoku daily album ranking in Japan. It has proven its popularity.

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    “Regular album, 10th anniversary and another start to officially declare D&E” Candid interview

    SUPER JUNIOR-D&E decorated the cover of '1st Look' magazine issue 227.

    In this pictorial taken with the keyword of the 10th anniversary of their debut, SUPER JUNIOR-D&E exudes an autumn atmosphere by wearing opposite colors, and the unique chemistry of the two makes them look like one person. Individual pictorials are also expected to receive a hot reaction with their chic eyes and charismatic atmosphere.

    In addition, through an interview conducted along with the photo shoot, he said, “I think that the first full album is a 10th anniversary commemorative album and another start to officially declare SUPER JUNIOR-D&E. Above all, it will be an album for ‘fans’ and an activity like a gift to them.”

    Also, regarding the relationship between DONGHAE and EUNHYUK, he said, “Besides work, he is the friend we talk about the most. We have a relationship like ‘dog (DONGHAE) and cat (EUNHYUK)’” and revealed ‘real friendship’.

    Ahead of the 10th anniversary of their debut, SUPER JUNIOR-D&E's honest interview and pictorial, which is about to release a regular album at the end of October, can be found in the 1st Look No. 227 published on the 7th.

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    EXO LAY(SM)'s pre-release song 'Samadhi Real Fire' will be released in Korea on the 7th.

    This single is a pre-release song for LAY's new solo album, which will be released later, and can be found on music sites such as FLO, Melon, and Genie at 12:00 noon on October 7th.

    The new song 'Samadhi Real Fire' is a trap genre song with a magnificent atmosphere that harmonizes with various instrument sounds and a heavy 808 bass. It expressed a strong will to realize the ideal.

    In addition, LAY is responsible for composing, arranging, and producing this new song, which contains her capabilities as a singer-songwriter, and GALI, a new Chinese rapper, also participates in a duet, providing strong synergy with LAY.

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    -Increasing immersion in the play, from the action that spares no body to the horseback riding scene!
    - The smoke that has been built up by crossing the screen and CRT... Looking forward to the scene stealer performance!

    Actor Kim Jae Chul transforms into a charismatic escort warrior in ‘연모’.

    KBS 2TV's new drama ‘연모’ is a secret royal romance drama that takes place as a child who was born as twins and abandoned just because he is a girl becomes a crown prince through the death of his brother. Kim Jae Chul plays the role of '윤형설', an escort warrior of 'Lee Pill Mo' in the play, and plays a charismatic performance.

    '윤형설' is one of the people who knows the secret of Crown Prince 'Park Eunbin', and is a just and loyal person who protects them around '혜종' and the Crown Prince. As an escort samurai, he plans to add fun to watching with action acting that spares no body.

    Kim Jae Chul, who has solidified his acting skills by crossing screens and CRTs, made a mark on viewers with 'Kevin Jung', which stood out for his cleverness in SBS '하이에나'. Then, in JTBC's '허쉬', the mysterious villain '박명환' expresses detailed emotions to increase the immersion of the play. Expectations are high that he will play an active role as a scene stealer once again through ‘연모’.

    On the other hand, KBS's new drama ‘연모’ will be broadcasted for the first time at 9:30 pm on the 11th.

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    “The script is interesting, so I want to shoot it quickly.
    Please look forward to it.”

    - A brilliant brain + a warm appearance, the role of elite detective ‘서희수’ …
    - “It’s an honor to be able to work with a great director and actors… Please look forward to it.”

    Actor Kim Jong Hoon has been cast in ‘지금부터, 쇼타임!’

    In the first half of 2022, MBC’s highly anticipated ‘지금부터, 쇼타임!’ is an ‘oriental fantasy romantic comedy’ about a magician who uses ghosts and a police officer with supernatural powers, and a ghost-associated investigation drama that claims ‘ghost version of bad guys’.

    Kim Jong Hoon takes on the role of ‘서희수’, the head of the police department’s criminal team in the drama. '서희수' is an elite detective team leader who is perfect in every aspect, from a brilliant brain to a gentle personality and a warm appearance, and is also the longtime unrequited love of '고슬해(진기주)'. He is going to create a triangular chemistry with the two characters by feeling subtle emotions while watching '고슬해' and '차차웅(박해진)', who continue the mysterious investigation.

    Kim Jong Hoon said, “Thank you for being able to play a good role in ‘지금부터, 쇼타임!’. It's an honor to be able to work with great directors and seniors, and the script is interesting, so I just want to shoot it quickly. He said, '차차웅(박해진)' Please look forward to it!”

    Kim Jong Hoon, who recently appeared in the drama '경찰수업' as 'Han Min-guk', a senior citizen of the Police University Training Team, has been featured in the movie 'VIP', the web drama '러브씬넘버', '나는 길에서 연예인을 주웠다', and the tvN drama '라이브'. He has strengthened his acting skills through various works such as As he transforms into a police officer once again, attention is focused on what kind of activity he will perform this time.

    Meanwhile, ‘지금부터, 쇼타임!’ will be broadcast through MBC in the first half of 2022.

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    Records no.32 on 'Billboard 200'!

    ‘Double Million Seller’ NCT 127(SM) The 3rd Album 'Sticker', entering the 'Billboard 200' for 2 weeks in a row.

    NCT 127's 3rd album 'Sticker', released on the 17th, records no.32 on the US Billboard's main chart 'Billboard 200' released on the 5th (local time), entering the chart for 2 weeks in a row.

    Earlier, with this album, NCT 127 ranked 3rd on the Billboard 200 in the first week of release, recording the highest K-pop ranking this year. In addition, it proved its hot popularity in the country by achieving dazzling achievements such as #1 in 4 charts: 'Top Album Sales', 'Top Current Album Sales', 'World Album', and 'Independent Album'.

    In addition, this album entered the UK's official album charts including the US Billboard TOP40, Germany's Official Music Charts (Offizielle Deutsche Charts) album TOP100, Australia's ARIA Charts album TOP50, 16th, United World Chart, Japan's Oricon Weekly Album Chart. , swept charts around the world, including Japan's LINE MUSIC album TOP100 chart, and China's QQ Music digital album sales chart, showing the explosive interest of music fans for NCT 127.

    In addition, NCT 127, with its 3rd album 'Sticker', surpassed 2.15 million copies in album sales within a week of its release, becoming a double million seller, and topped the Korean album charts for two weeks in a row. And the title song 'Sticker' topped the music charts and recorded 9 trophies on music shows.

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  • 2021-10-06 Press Release

    The ‘Savage’ syndrome begins!

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    aespa sweeps various music charts!

    ‘Metaverse girl group’ aespa (SM) is creating a syndrome at the same time as their comeback with her new song ‘Savage’.

    The title song 'Savage' of the first mini-album released on the 5th, after its release, took first place on real-time charts such as Melon, genie, and Bugs, and occupied various music charts, proving the high interest in aespa.

    In addition, on the iTunes Top Albums chart, it ranked first in 17 regions around the world, including Japan, Australia, Brazil, New Zealand, Russia, Denmark, Vietnam, Philippines, India, Peru, Malaysia, Oman, Indonesia, Taiwan, Kazakhstan, Laos, and Mongolia.
    In addition, it topped the Chinese QQ Music real-time new song chart and MV chart in the Korean section, and ranked first in the real-time rising chart on the Japanese local platform AWA, realizing the global influence of aespa.

    In particular, with this album, the first physical album since their debut, aespa exceeded 400,000 pre-orders during the pre-order period, showing exceptional results for a rookie, and anticipating a full-fledged performance in various charts, raising expectations.

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    DJ artist Raiden (SM) has unveiled a luxurious feature lineup for his first mini-album 'Love Right Back'.

    This album, which will be released on October 11th, contains a total of 5 songs composed by Raiden. Can meet colorful collaborations completed with the participation of famous artists such as NCT TAEIL, lIlBOI, (G)I-DLE's MIYEON, Weki Meki's CHOIYOOJUNG, WayV's XIAOJUN, pH-1, and Nino Lucarelli.

    In particular, the title song 'Love Right Back' is an R&B-based pop song that contains an ironic feeling of loss and freedom at the same time after the end of love that you did your best, featuring NCT TAEIL and rapper lIlBOI.

    Also, 'Side Effect', sung by (G)I-DLE's MIYEON, is a medium-tempo synth-pop song with witty lyrics that expresses the feelings of being in love as a side effect. ' is an easy-listening pop song with a heart for a shining lover.

    In addition, 'It Wasn't Me', sung by Weki Meki's CHOIYOOJUNG, is a dance-pop song with a bright melody contrasted with lyrics depicting a relationship that dreamed of a romantic future but was out of date. It is an English song that compares love that cannot be escaped to Karma, which means karma, and collaborated with American singer-songwriter Nino Lucarelli.

    Meanwhile, Raiden's first mini-album 'Love Right Back' can be found on various music sites at 6 pm on October 11th.

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    A pictorial with a dazzling beauty revealed!
    Expected to be active as a fashion icon loved all over the world

    LIM YOONA (Girls' Generation YOONA, SM) was selected as 'Miu Miu' ambassador and showed the potential of 'Global Queen'.

    LIM YOONA participated in the 2021 Fall/Winter collection pictorial and fashion film as an ambassador for Italian fashion brand ‘Miu Miu’, and decorated the digital cover of fashion magazine W Korea.

    In the photo, LIM YOONA not only perfectly digested this collection with her dazzling beauty and photogenic expression, but also enhanced the completeness of the pictorial by using various accessories such as ski wear, eco-fur, and boots made of padding material.

    LIM YOONA has been active in various fields such as dramas, movies, advertisements, entertainment, and YouTube, and as it has proven its influence around the world, it is drawing great attention to its activities as a fashion icon in the future.

    On the other hand, LIM YOONA showed her cheerful charm and natural dialect acting in the role of 'Song Ra-hee' in the currently acclaimed movie 'Miracle', receiving favorable reviews from her audience for her character's unique ability to digest.

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