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    A combination of "trendy + classic"! Concept Permanent gravure release!
    Top class influence in the fashion world!

    EXO CHANYEOL and Red Velvet IRENE (SM) have been selected as ambassadors for the Italian luxury brand "PRADA" and are receiving a lot of attention from the fashion world.

    On the 17th, CHANYEOL and IRENE participated as "PRADA" ambassadors, and videos and photo books related to the 2020 autumn / winter season campaign were released via the fashion magazine Vogue Korea official website and SNS, gathering topics and representing K-POP. It proves the reputation of artist down.

    Especially in the gravure, CHANYEOL shows off a chic look and an adult atmosphere suitable for the keyword of "Surreal Classic", radiates a strong aura, and impresses those who see it.

    In addition, IRENE has completed a photogenic photo book that sensuously expresses the keyword "Surreal Glamor" with its unique visuals and trendy sensibilities, and attracts the eyes.

    In this way, CHANYEOL and IRENE have been selected as representatives of global brands based on their excellent fashion digestion and global influence, so there are great expectations for various activities that will lead to the future.

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    -SEHUN and Parsha de Cartier with a variety of charms
    In commemoration of the return of Cartier's iconic Cartier cult watch, "Parsha de Cartier", which has continued since the 1980s, Cartier will develop a digital project with three leading Korean MZ generations. With their dynamic movements, varied reversals, attractive, modern and beautiful design codes, they showcase Parsha's appeal with a variety of messages and differentiated values.

    Following the successful release of the first person before, the second protagonist is SEHUN, a group EXO who is expanding his activities on the world stage. Beyond singer activity and recently adding an actor title, SEHUN is in perfect harmony with Parsha de Cartier's philosophy of pursuing possibilities, talents and challenges that push the boundaries.

    SEHUN and Parsha de Cartier, who have these commonalities, sensuously implemented their respective reversal charms in this video. Going back and forth between actors and idols SEHUN's varied appearance is compared to the Parsha de Cartier watch, which is easily strap compatible with the patented quick switch system, to ensure that the theme of change and reversal is exposed. That's right. SEHUN wears a classic leather strap in the form of an actor, and a gorgeous and cool idol wearing a steel bracelet to exude completely contradictory charm. In this way, the SEHUN and Parsha de Cartier watches are proud of their perfection and give a deep impression in both of them for the time they have accumulated properly.

    The Parsha de Cartier watch is Cartier's first water resistant watch, a unisex watch collection with a dynamic, modern image and the charm of Spotijum. In particular, Cartier's patent-pending quick switch system and smart link system have been added to add practicality to the wearer with direct strap compatibility and adjustable bracelet length. In this way, the original model has more elaborate functions and details, and returned to its new appearance in 2020.

    On the other hand, while expectations for the remaining one who is about to be released have increased, the main video showing the perfect synergistic effect of SEHUN and Parsha de Cartier is JTBC PLUS (BAZAAR, Esquire, Elle, COSMOPOLITAN) on the 18th. Published via SNS.

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    Announcer Lee Hye Sung has signed an exclusive contract with SM C & C.

    SM C & C said, "Lee Hye Sung, who has inexhaustible potential and talent, has joined SM C & C. We plan to generously support the unique bright and energetic energy and versatility in the right place. , Please give me a lot of interest and support. "

    Lee Hye Sung joined the company as a public recruitment announcer for KBS 43rd term in 2016. Since then, he has been attracting attention as an emerging entertainer with a sense of performing arts in various entertainment programs, as well as showing his refreshing progress ability that jumped over the genre of the program from "연예가중계" to "뉴스9".

    Also, through KBS Cool FM "설레는 밤, Lee Hye Sung입니다", he played an active part as a familiar but solid and attractive DJ, and exchanged lively communication with listeners and received a lot of love from popular late-night radio promoters.

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    No.1 on Korea's Album and Music download Charts!

    SHINee TAEMIN (SM)'s 3rd Album "Act 1" tops two sections of Gaon Charts.

    TAEMIN occupies No. 1 on the album chart with the 3rd album "Never Gonna Dance Again: Act 1" on the Gaon weekly chart (September 6-12) announced on the 17th, and the title song "Criminal" also No. 1 on the download chart. It went up.

    In addition, this album is No. 1 on the domestic album charts such as HANTEO CHART and HOTTRACKS, No. 1 on the iTunes top album chart in 32 regions around the world, No. 1 on the digital album sales chart of Chinese QQ music, and Top 100 music albums on the Japan line. It proved the hot popularity of TAEMIN by sweeping domestic and foreign charts such as No. 1 on the chart.

    Also, at 8 pm on the 17th, TAEMIN's independent reality via YouTube's SHINee channel "RARE-TAEM" 3 times will be released, and the next morning from the appearance of TAEMIN watching a scary movie at midnight and embarking on his own horror experience It is possible to satisfy various charms such as the natural appearance of welcoming, and a good reaction is expected.

    On the other hand, TAEMIN appeared in music programs such as KBS 2TV "Music Bank" on the 18th, MBC "쇼! 음악중심" on the 19th, and SBS "인기가요" on the 20th, with the title song "Criminal" and the recorded song "Washoku (Black)". Rose) ”will be presented as a stage for two songs.

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    An overwhelming new song created by combining two songs! Enjoy listening UP!
    TAEYONG "Super One" teaser image open!

    SuperM (SM) will showcase the essence of the Hybrid Remix song in the title song "One (Monster & Infinity)" of the 1st Album.

    SuperM's 1st album "Super One" was released on various music sites at 1:00 pm on September 25 (0 EST on 25th, PST at 21:00 on 24th), to have 15 tracks of various genres. High interest from music fans around the world is expected.

    In particular, the title song "One (Monster & Infinity)" is a hybrid Remix of two of the B-side tracks ‘Monster’+‘Infinity’ from this album, and SuperM will show it through the catharsis given by the magnificent song composition and transition. To show off energetic music & performance.

    In addition, the confident lyrics that express the determined will to overcome the hardships that are approaching and move to a better and higher place are impressive.

    In addition, SuperM released the individual teaser image of member TAEYONG at 0:00 on the 17th using various SNS official accounts, attracted attention with the appearance transformed according to the concept of the new album, and teaser for each member including TAEYONG. Images will be released one after another. High interest is expected.

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    A remix single that can newly satisfy "Yours" of DJ and producer Raiden and EXO CHANYEOL (SM) will be released on the 17th.

    You can meet the remix single of "Yours" on September 17th at 12:00 pm on various music sites such as FLO, Melon, Genie, iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, QQ Music, Kogou Music and Kuwo Music.

    DJ and producer Blinders participated in this single as a remixer, reinterpreting the original songs of the disco-style R & B genre with an energetic trap genre, and a trap bit that emphasizes speedy sound and bass line. Drops intersect to give you a quirky charm.

    In addition, DJ Blinders has been recognized for his ability to digest various genres such as house, EDM, hot steps with his own style, and to be on the playlist of famous DJs such as David Guetta and Afrojack, so to this remix version. Further raise the expectations of.

    Also, a remixed version of "Yours" lyric video will be released on YouTube and NAVER TV SMTOWN channel, etc., and it is expected that the gorgeous typography will catch my eye with the intense atmosphere of the song.

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    For the first time as a K-POP male artist, <Harper's BAZAAR> will be on the cover!

    Fashion magazine <Harper's BAZAAR> has released a pictorial report of BAEKHYUN's softness and charisma.

    An ambassador for "Burberry," he went on to cover the October issue.

    In the published photo book, he showed various charms with his unique boyish appearance.

    The cut, which completely digested Burberry's autumn and winter collections and accentuated the elegance of <BAZAAR> and the soft charm of BAEKHYUN, was enough to catch people's eyes.

    You can see the cover and the whole photo of BAEKHYUN in the October issue of <BAZAAR>, and various contents such as fashion films and YouTube will be released via <BAZAAR> Instagram (@harpersbazaarkorea) and SNS.

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    KBS2's new entertainment program "투페이스", in which Han Hye-jin and Jung Hyuk will appear on MC, will be broadcast for the first time on the 17th.
    "투페이스" is a quiz show program that sorts out real news and fake news so that you will not be fooled by the overflowing fake news in the information flood era full of ill-advised information. "투페이스" is a fun and easy way to inform a selection of programs in a quiz format with the help of reliable institutions and experts on fake news that is spreading to false news, similar media, SNS, and various Internet communities. It will attract the attention of viewers through interesting experiments as well as communication.
    In the MC, Kim Gu-ra, a broadcaster including Han Hye-jin and Jung Hyuk, and comedian Lee Jin-ho will appear, and in "Fact Checker", which will guide the performers to the correct answer by presenting express hints as the mascot of the program. The twin models Lee Da-jin and Lee Ha-jin belonging to ESteem were selected.
    Top models that are attracting attention for their keen reasoning power, broadcasts Han Hye-jin and Jung Hyuk continue to play an active role in talks and presence that cannot be exchanged by appearing in various entertainment programs. In addition, E Steem's twin models Lee Ha-jin and Lee Da-jin, which are eye-catching at an attractive pace, are also active as fashion magazine pictorial models that have gained recognition, including automobile advertisements.
    Meanwhile, KBS 2TV's new program "투페이스" will be broadcast every Thursday at 10:45 pm from the 17th.

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    Contains a total of 15 songs in various genres, including the title song "One"!
    Overcome difficulties with united power! Positive energy notice!

    SuperM (SM) will release their 1st album worldwide on September 25th.

    The sound source of SuperM's 1st album "Super One" will be released through various music sites at 1:00 pm on the 25th (EST at 0:00 on the 25th, PST at 21:00 on the 24th), and various genres including the title song "One (Monster & Infinity)" It is expected that the songs recorded in the album will be satisfied and that music fans all over the world will be interested in it.

    This album includes the singles "100" and "호랑이 (Tiger Inside)" released earlier, "All of us have the power of (One) as special (Super) beings, and I It is composed of 15 songs with a positive message, "Let's overcome the difficulties we are facing with the power of one."

    In particular, SuperM is the first mini-album released in October last year, and since it set the record for the first debut album of an Asian singer to occupy the top of the "Billboard 200" chart, it will continue to play an active part in the regular album for the first time. There is also growing interest in.

    In addition, the teaser image of "Super One" released through various SNS official accounts of SuperM at 00:00 on the 16th incorporates visuals and unique atmosphere of seven members who can feel strong charisma, raising expectations for comeback. ing.

    Meanwhile, to commemorate the release of SuperM's 1st album, the tvN special program "원하는 대로" will be broadcast twice on the 25th and October 2nd at 11:10 pm.

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    Focus on choreography of addictive points! Feeling "B.A.D" Enjoy near the performance!

    SUPER JUNIOR-D&E will release a music video of the performance version of the title song "B.A.D" of the 4th Mini Album.

    SUPER JUNIOR-D&E opened a music video of the performance version of the new song "B.A.D" through YouTube and NAVER TV SMTOWN channel at 6 pm on the 16th, and can enjoy the intense performance of DONGHAE and EUNHYUK, which is highly popular among global music fans. Expected to be interested.

    Officially announced in the last three days the new album title song of "BAD BLOOD", "B.A.D" is "치명적 관능적 처음 보는 내 사전 엔 없는 적", "처음 엔 불꽃 같은 실루엣 에 반해 도도한 너의 눈빛 에 난 밤 을 새" It is characterized by the ironic lyrics of "BAD", which is a beautiful figure of her. Among them, the part that expresses "BAD" with the thumb pointing down to the chorus has received a lot of love for its responsive and addictive point choreography.

    Meanwhile, SUPER JUNIOR-D&E will release the 4th Mini Special Albu, which is an extension of this album, on September 28th. The 4th Mini Special Albu, which contains 7 tracks, is currently available for pre-order at various online and offline album retailers.

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