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    Four years in a row
    It is a pleasant journey!

    JunHyunMoo was selected as the ORONAMINC advertising model in 2018.

    MC JunHyunMoo, who has been actively engaged in various genre programs, is once again invited to ORONAMINC's advertising model, which has been active since 2015, and continues to be a pleasant model for the fourth consecutive year.

    JunHyunMoo has been leading a lot of parodies on and off line, which is called "Dancing with a broken heart" and "JunHyunMoo dance" by digesting the dances in CF with its unique wit and humor along with the light and addictive CM song.

    JunHyunMoo, which was selected as a model for the fourth consecutive year, is looking forward to synergy with ORONAMINC.

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    The fourth solo concert tour Saitama performance is held successfully! 6 million audience enthusiasm!
    Japan's first full-length album 'Electric Kiss', 'Cosmic Railway' for the first time!
    The first regular release commemorative big promotion topic! Tokyo Shibuya is dominating and overwhelming!

    EXO (SM), a superpopular global trend, painted the night of Saitama in Japan with silver.

    EXO held the fourth concert tour 'EXO PLANET # 4 - The Elly Xionn in JAPAN' at Saitama Super Arena from 27th to 28th with a stadium mode of 30,000 spectators, A total of 60,000 audiences were mobilized, and EXO's colorful music, intense performance and colorful production combined with a super-class stage, fascinated local fans perfectly.

    In this show, EXO will release two new songs for 'COUNTDOWN', 'Electric Kiss' and 'Cosmic Railway', which will be released on the 31st of next month, as well as 'Ka-CHING!', 'Coming Over' 'Love', 'Launch This', 'Drop That', 'Growl', 'CALL ME BABY', 'Monster', 'Lucky One', and last year's Quadruple Million Sellers In the three hours of 'Ko Ko Bop' and 'Power', the title track songs of the regular 4th album received, the audience got their explosive acclaim by showing 33 fantastic performances.

    In addition, on June 25th, EXO SHIBUYA JACK 2018, a big promotion promoting the release of EXO's first full-length album, was held in Tokyo Shibuya on the 25th, and a special live broadcast on LINE LIVE held at TOHO CINEMAS SHIBUYA was broadcast live on the big screen of Shibuya intersection for the first time in LINE LIVE Not only did it capture the attention of local residents and tourists, but also the biggest record store tower record Shibuya store in Japan and the large department store "Marui" Shibuya store with EXO pop-up store. The EXO trucks and large signboards, which were wrapped in an EXO image to announce the release of their first full-length album, attracted attention.

    In addition, a special shop called 'TOWER RECORDS EXO' is opened for the first time as a foreign artist in the center of Shibuya. From January 25 to February 5, EXO singles, albums, limited goods and music video costumes will be exhibited. It confirms the unique position of EXO which is gaining hot popularity again.

    On the other hand, EXO will continue its fourth solo concert tour at Kyocera Dome, Osaka, Japan, on February 23-24.

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    BoA's hip-hop swag! Addictive 甲 「NEGA DOLA」 performance meet in advance!

    NEGA DOLA music video teaser video of BoA (SM), the Asian representative musician who has entered the comeback countdown, will be released.

    BoA will release its single "NEGA DOLA" music video teaser video at 12 pm on the official website, YouTube and Naver TV's SMTOWN channel on 29th of December. BoA's unique hip-hop swag makes it possible to meet sophisticated performance and new song atmosphere in advance. Which is expected to boost demand.

    The new song 'NEGA DOLA' will be released at 6:00 pm on March 31 at various music sites. Urban R & B hip-hop dance song with lively and addictive melody added to Latin guitar and synth sound. BoA is participating in lyric It seems as if the global music fans will get a hot response.

    In addition, the keyword 'BooA - my SMTelevision' which is gathering hot topics about the comeback story of BoA will be broadcast on V LIVE and Naver TV channels every week from Mon to Fri, For BoA ​​busy preparing for the month comeback, there will be a variety of episodes such as Daotomok, Taekwon Storm, and concert tug-hoon, which are unveiled at the Sokcho restaurant where Shinyiki prepared a surprise daily escape.

    On the other hand, BoA will debut a new song 'NEGA DOLA' stage on Mnet 'M countdown' on February 1st.

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  • 2018-01-29 Press Release

    Red Velvet Day!

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    From new song release to comeback live broadcasting! A variety of charming divergent poetry!

    Red Velvet (SM) 's regular 2nd album repackage album "The Perfect Red Velvet" finally unveils.

    Red Velvet is a regular 2-pack repackaged album featuring 3 new songs including 'Bad Boy', 'All Right', 'Time To Love' and other new songs through various music sites such as Melon, It is expected to get a hot response by releasing all songs of the album.

    In addition, Red Velvet will have a nice meeting with the fans by opening 'The Perfect Red Velvet Night' live broadcast of comeback at 8 pm at SMTOWN COEX in Seoul, Seoul at 8 pm and this broadcast will be broadcast live via Naver V SMTOWN channel and Red Velvet channel. , Global fans are expected to react explosively.

    Especially, in this broadcast, Hyoyeon of Girls' Generation appeared as MC and added support for Red Velvet, which is coming back as a new album. Red Velvet added the first album "Bad Boy" I will tell a colorful story, and it seems to gather topics.

    Red Velvet also unveils the reality reality 'LEVEL UP PROJECT Season 2' through mobile video application 'oxusu' and Thailand mobile TV application 'TrueID' at 10 am from every Monday to Saturday. The members of the treasure hunting game are going to show off their joyfulness in order to earn pocket money, and the 29 days from reality to new song release and comeback live broadcast are expected to be gorgeous with Red Velvet Day.

    On the other hand, Red Velvet started Mnet 'M countdown' on February 1st, 'KBS2TV' 'Music Bank' on the 2nd, MBC 'show on the 3rd! And 'Bad Boy,' appearing on music programs such as SBS 'Popular Songs' on April 4.

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    Unique concert brand 'SUPER SHOW7' will be on February 10th in Hong Kong!

    The unrivaled concert brand 'SUPER SHOW7' unleashed a successful world tour.

    SUPER JUNIOR held SUPER JUNIOR WORLD TOUR SUPER SHOW 7 "in SINGAPORE" at the Indoor Stadium in Singapore on the 27th, and on the 28th of the following day, at the Impact Arena in Bangkok, Thailand, SUPER JUNIOR WORLD TOUR "SUPER SHOW 7" in BANGKOK ', And attracted local fans with its intense performance of SUPER JUNIOR.

    Above all, the "SUPER JUNIOR WORLD TOUR" SUPER SHOW 7 "in BANGKOK" ticket sales, which was held on December 23, sold out more than 10,000 seats in just five minutes, so that SUPER JUNIOR's global popularity and ticket power Once proven.

    In this Singapore and Bangkok concert, SUPER JUNIOR will perform 'Sorry, Sorry', 'Bonamana', 'Mr. Simple 'and' Black Suit 'and' Scene Stealer 'and' One More Chance ', which are the title song of PALY' s 8th album released in November last year. Which led to explosive response.

    In addition, the members who prepared the greeting in the local language for each concert communicated closely with the audience with witty dancing and humor. The fans also said that "every moment together is a miracle" and "no day I do not want to see a day" I was able to respond to the card event and feel the warm atmosphere, and confirmed the aspect of SUPER JUNIOR down to the 'Global Performance King'.

    On the other hand, SUPER JUNIOR, who finished the performances in Singapore and Thailand successfully, is about to hold 'SUPER JUNIOR WORLD TOUR' SUPER SHOW 7 "in HONGKONG" at Hong Kong Asia World Expo Arena on February 10th.

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    - YOONJONGSHIN "Most of us Slow Starter ... It's important to try something again even if you do not get it right"
    - YOONJONGSHIN's autobiographical story of praising life even if it is a little late
    - YOONJONGSHIN "Even if you do not see it right now, accumulate somewhere in my place ... Do not give up on it."
    Singer YOONJONGSHIN's monthly music project 2018 <Monthly YOONJONGSHIN> January issue 'Slow Starter' will be open at noon on the 29th.

    January 'Slow Starter' is YOONJONGSHIN 's autobiographical story of YOONJONGSHIN, a ballad composed by YOONJONGSHIN and Lee Keun - ho, who thinks of himself as a' Slow Starter 'and praises his steady walking even after a little while.

    Since we are mostly 'Slow Starter', I did not want to give up easily because I could not solve my life right now.

    YOONJONGSHIN said, "I think that my 40s were very intelligent, but I think that it was because of the reckless attempts and failures of my 30s and 30s," and " , But it still seems important to try something out. "

    YOONJONGSHIN likens life to 'waves'. It is because life moves constantly up and down like a wave as a wave repeats rising and falling continuously.

    "I do not want to be frustrated or abandoned because I have failed so badly," he said, adding that "I do not see anything right now, but I am constantly accumulating somewhere in me." "It may be more valuable and important than the experience of success. If you stay flexible, if you get used to falling and getting up again, we can enjoy the waves of life. "

    YOONJONGSHIN 's <Monthly YOONJONGSHIN> January issue' Slow Starter 'will be released on the noon on each music site on the 29th. In the music video, figure skating Lee Jun-hyeong, who was unfortunately disappeared at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games, is preparing for the next.

    YOONJONGSHIN's 2017 YOONJONGSHIN was released on the 26th. This album contains 12 songs from 13 tracks released by <Monthly YOONJONGSHIN> in 2017, and a live tour concert <YOONJONGSHIN>. 

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  • 2018-01-28 Press Release

    Red Velvet SEULGI teaser public topic!

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    New song 'Bad Boy' Combo stage February 1 'M COUNTDOWN' first broadcast!

    Red Velvet (SM) has released the teaser of this member SEULGI.

    The Red Velvet, which has been releasing the members of the new concept through the official website and Instagram, has released all the members' teazers on September 28, the last day of SEULGI. The Perfect Red Velvet 'And'

    In addition, Red Velvet will release a regular 2-pack recapture album through various music sites on the 29th, and will release the first comeback stage of the title song 'Bad Boy' at Mnet 'M COUNTDOWN on February 1st , Red Velvet's new music and performances will catch the attention of viewers.

    On the other hand, Red Velvet's second studio album 'The Perfect Red Velvet' will be released on the 29th.

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    The Red Velvet (SM) hit 'Russian Roulette' music video broke the YouTube view 100 million views.

    Red Velvet's third mini-album title track 'Russian Roulette' topped YouTube's 100 million views at 4 pm on Thursday, topping all music charts released in September of 2016, as well as the most viewed K -POP music video, and it was once again confirmed by Red Velvet's global popularity.

    In addition, Red Velvet is releasing a series of teaser titles with a different form of members ahead of the comeback album 'The Perfect Red Velvet', and Red Velvet, Interest in new music and stage is also being boosted.

    Red Velvet The 2nd album will be released on the 29th at 6pm on Melon, Genie, Naver Music and other music sites, and the music will be released on the same day.

    Red Velvet, on the other hand, will be active in her new song 'Bad Boy'.

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    Encourage the use of the room with a bright smile
    A person with a sense of justice
    "Choi, Gang-soon" Take the role of our age, I will represent your girlfriend!

    Actor Kangyewon encouraged the shooter in front of the TVN 'Drama Stage - Fighter Choi, Gang-soon' broadcast.

    On the 27th, Kangyewon 's agency, SM C & C, is approaching the opportunity to meet "Choi Gang - soon", owner of a person who is full of justice, through official instagram. In TVN 'Drama Stage - Fighter Choi Gang-soon', Yewon actor says 'Choi Gang-soon' station to represent our era of women! Kangyewon's scenario-proving shot was unveiled along with the reminder that "Choi, Gang-soon, the fighter of the best actor, will be broadcast at 12 o'clock tonight!

    Kangyewon in the open photo is showing a bright smile with a script of 'The Fighter's Choi, Gang-soon'.

    tvN 'Fighter Choi Gang Soon' is a thrilling punishment of women fighting against injustice. Kangyewon will play the role of 'Choi Gang Soon,' the main character. Especially, it is a person who is full of sense of justice that can not give a look at injustice, but the crisis of work life is hit by the exposure of the unintelligent video. Kangyewon is expected to show off this crisis by acting wisely and representing the womanhood of our era.

    On the other hand, tvN 'drama stage - fighter Choi Gang Soon' is broadcast at 12 pm on the 27th.

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    Red Velvet (SM) has released the members' IRENE and YERI teasers.

    Red Velvet, a comeback album for the regular 2nd album repackage album 'The Perfect Red Velvet', released the IRENE and YERI teasers, which show a mysterious atmosphere through the official homepage and Instagram on July 27, further boosting expectations for the new album.

    The Red Velvet 2nd Repackage album released on 6th of the afternoon at various music sites on the 29th is composed of 12 songs with nine new songs and three new songs added to the existing 2nd album and I was able to meet the rich music of Red Velvet .

    In particular, this title song 'Bad Boy' is addictive with a groovy synth melody and a heavy bass sound, and the lyrics contain the breathtaking feelings of a bad man and a woman who are attracted to each other. Is sufficient.

    On the other hand, Red Velvet's second studio album 'The Perfect Red Velvet' will be released on the 29th.

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