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    Corner in the corner 'Lee Soo-geun's item wear time'
    The combination of udem and sutem
    From shopping tips to shopping and honey
    A versatile entertainer tailored to a unique talk show format!
    / Established the first studio in Korea
    / Consumption pattern and lifestyle every week to suit various concepts
    Lee Soo-geun, a broadcaster, played an all-around laugh through the art show 'Cart Show'.
    MBN Entertainment Real Market Talk 'KatShow' is a new type of talk show that will be held at a real Mart, with a studio installed in Korea's first large-scale mart. Every week, guests who meet various concepts appear and share what they eat and use It is a program that discloses their shopping know-how and lifestyle.
    Lee Soo-geun, along with model Lee Soo-hoon and Seo Jang-hoon and shopping host Lee Min-woong, will take on the role of 'shopping mate' and pass on wise and reasonable shopping know-how through various corners.
    Lee Soo-geun played a role in 'Cart Show', which was first broadcast on the 18th. The model that appeared as a guest, Song Kyung-a, Lee Hyun-a, and stylist Han Hye-yeon brought together directly with the udem (the thing that I think you have a good idea to buy) and the term (purchase regrets) theme. Especially when Lee Soo-geun wears any item like a corner in the corner, the situation is strangely suited to the scene.
    In addition, Lee Soo-geun, who stated that he usually wears children's clothes, is embarrassed with the actual children's wear brand and the tall models, but also talks with models who know fashion terms well. .
    Despite this first broadcast, Lee Soo-geun, along with the MC corps, led the program with a joyful mood of the right place and proper situation setting, and once again demonstrated the appearance of an all-around entertainer.
    Lee Soo-geun, who gave a smile to Kimi with a variety of unique talk show formats, is looking forward to seeing what he's going to show through the 'cart show' in the future.
    Meanwhile, MBN Entertainment Real Market Talk "Cart Show" will be broadcast every Saturday at 12:40 am. 
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    Sun Yokohama performance 15,000 audience enthusiasm!

    The strongest performer TAEMIN (SM Entertainment) warmed up the night of Yokohama.

    TAEMIN held 'TAEMIN' OFF-SICK (on track) 'in JAPAN', the Japanese version of the first solo concert in Korea at Yokohama Arena, Japan on the 19th of this month. The stage is composed of colorful music, unique performance, The explosive response of the audience was obtained.

    On this day, TAEMIN will perform 'Danger', 'Drip Drop', 'One By' as well as Japanese solo announcement songs such as 'SAYORARA HITARI', 'Flame of Love', 'DOOR' One ',' Sexuality 'and other Korean solo album songs for about 2 hours and 30 minutes.

    In addition, 'Cheer', 'Rise', 'Love' and other songs released in Korea in October, released the first two songs in Korea, the hot cheer gained, 'Hypnosis' stage for local fans, especially Japanese lyrics, surprise I got caught up in my attention.

    Meanwhile, TAEMIN will hold 'TAEMIN' OFF-SICK (on track) 'in JAPAN' at Kobe World Memorial Hall from 25th to 26th.

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    '121st consecutive first place' record continues! The world of Korean wave '
    K-POP Legend SUPER JUNIOR's regular 8th album 'PLAY' continues to be hot.
    The new song 'Black Suit' released on June 6 will continue to be at the top of the list of Korean music charts in the region of 'KKbox', the largest music source in Asia. This week, 'Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan' KKbox ' The Korean wave of the world 'is still continuing down the road.
    In particular, SUPER JUNIOR has set a record of 121 consecutive weeks in total from the first week of June 2010 to the third week of September, 2010, through the 'KKbox' Korean music chart in Taiwan. The new song 'Black Suit' Records are also being collected.
    On the other hand, SUPER JUNIOR plans to sell 'Black Padding' at CJ O Shopping at 10:45 pm today (20th) as a promise to break the sale of 200,000 new albums. We are expecting a good response because we plan to make TV home shopping.

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    Red Velvet (SM Entertainment), a comeback from the regular 2nd album 'Perfect Velvet', is gathering attention with its new song "Peek-A-Boo" performance.

    Red Velvet was featured on music programs such as KBS2TV 'Music Bank' and SBS 'Popular Songs' last week to unveil its title track 'Peek-A-Boo', attracting viewers with its unique appeal of Red Velvet.

    In particular, the 'Peek-A-Boo' performance is well received by renowned choreographer Kyle Hanagami, who is able to meet the performance of the Red Velvet performance, which has been upgraded to work with colorful hand motions and bright energy.

    Peek-A-Boo, the title track, also topped the list of domestic music charts, including the # 1 on the Bucks music album, as well as the iTunes K-POP album chart It has been loved by domestic and overseas music fans, including # 1 in 13 regions and # 1 in China's Shamy Music Composite Charts, confirming Red Velvet Power again.

    On the other hand, Red Velvet will show SBS MTV 'The Show' on the 21st and MBC Music 'on the 22nd. Champion 'and' Peek-A-Boo 'stage.

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    Billboard of America's famous media focused on Red Velvet (SM Entertainment) 's 2nd album' Perfect Velvet '.

    "The nine songs on the new album are more mature than the previous songs released in 2017," said Billboard's homepage on the 17th (local time). "The red velvet has a more mature appeal, It's a great retro pop that offers a complete turnaround, "noted Red Velvet's new album.

    In addition, the title song "Peek-A-Boo" is "full of tropical house elements under a unique pop atmosphere, with deep bass drum, scratchy synth, metallic beat" Of course, "'Perfect Velvet' has a lot of music styles, so you can take a closer look at the colors that Red Velvet is trying to express."

    The Red Velvet 2 'Perfect Velvet' was released on various music sites on the 17th, and the title song 'Peek-A-Boo' was released on the top of the domestic music charts, 1st in the iTunes K-POP album charts, It has been ranked # 1 on the Shamisen music charts and has gained a good response from domestic and overseas music fans.

    On the other hand, Red Velvet is scheduled to appear on SBS 'popular song' which is broadcasted today (19th) and offer comeback stage.

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    - MINSEO 'Yes' 1st place on the day of release ... WannaOne, Red Velvet, etc
    - Facebook page 'Live the world's smallest live', 'Vertical live' Published 1 million views in a day
    - MINSEO 'debut' before 'Yes' proves the singing power + attractive visual 'hot issue' .. large female singer birth

    MINSEO 's' Yes', which is about to debut in the official debut, is making a gusty wind in keeping with No.1 on the fourth day.

    "Monthly YoonJongShin", a monthly music project released on June 15 at 6 pm, is scheduled to be released on November 18 at 3:00 pm on the 18th at 6 pm on the live charts of major music sites such as Melon, Genie, Mnet, Naver Music, Keep

    'Yes' is the female version of YoonJongShin 'Like it', which has been released as the tenth song of LISTEN by MYSTIC Entertainment in June, and YoonJongShin has newly written the lyrics from the woman's point of view , MYSTIC newcomer MINSEO sang the song.

    'Yes' is hard to say after separation, but a realistic and mature idea of ​​a woman who does not want to have a fuss or regret led to empathy with the storm, and MINSEO's sad voice added to the song's immersion.

    On the 17th, Facebook 's most horrifying live show on the world' s top live live video, which has reached over 100 million views a day, is getting hot attention online.

    MINSEO in the video sang appealing voice with sad emotional voices, captivated by his gaze, and boasted his unrivaled live performance at high frequencies. Here is a collection of interesting visuals every day.

    WannaOne, Red Velvet and other large idol comeback in the comeback of the new rookie who did not make a formal debut yet, 'Ochiruk' is an unusual achievement, so the interest in MINSEO is moving more attention.

    MINSEO said through his agency, "I am really grateful and delighted to receive good grades before my debut. Thank you YoonJongShin for giving me a chance to sing a good song. I will be a singer who can give sympathy to all people. "

    MINSEO's debut news, which is gradually unveiled, will be released in sequence through MYSTIC and MINSEO official SNS.

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    "Atmosphere (Feat. Ailee)", a collaboration between hot EDM producer Juncoco and Advanced, is on the market.

    'Atmosphere (Feat. Ailee)' of Juncoco and Advanced (DCTOM E & C), which is the 33rd song of SM 'STATION' season 2, was released through various music sites including Melon, Naver Music, , Music video is also open to YouTube SMTOWN channel, Naver TV SMTOWN channel and has attracted a lot of attention.

    In this music video, lovers who lost track of each other looking for each other expressed their sensual expressions together with space, as well as enjoying fantastic DJing with Junko Koko and Advanced.

    In addition, 'Atmosphere (Feat. Ailee)' is a progressive house genre that was first introduced at the 'World DJ Festival' held in Jamsil Olympic Stadium in May. It is impressive with live string sound differentiated from the existing EDM, The powerful vocals of Ailee who participated in the featuring maximized the energy of the song.
    Meanwhile, 'STATION' Season 2 has been loved by many artists, producers and songwriters who collaborate to showcase their complete sound sources and contents.

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    'Peek-A-Boo' M / V for all songs and title track simultaneously!
    'Peek-A-Boo' from 'Music Bank', 'Look' with 2 songs! Expectation UP!

    Red Velvet (SM Entertainment), the 'Greatest Girl Group of 2017', who performed a great march with 'Rookie' and 'Red Flavor' this year, will come back to their regular 2nd album 'Perfect Velvet' today.

    Red Velvet released its full-length album "Perfect Velvet," which includes melodic, genie, and Naver music at 6 pm on the 17th, and the title song 'Peek-A-Boo' The music video is expected to open at the same time on the official homepage and YouTube SMTOWN channel.

    This album features Peek-A-Boo, the title song of the up-tempo pop dance genre, which is a hook called Peek-A-Boo, which means "Peek-a-Boo," and a funky synth sound, My Come On ',' I Just ',' Future Bass-based Electronic Pop ',' Kingdom Come 'with a dreamy atmosphere,' My Second Date ', a medium tempo pop dance song, 'And more, you can enjoy the rich music world of Red Velvet.

    In addition, the cool Hook Melody is a charming hip-hop soundtrack called 'Attaboy', Urban R & B 'Perfect 10' with the lyrics of the process of taking photos of your loved ones as your own subject, Moon Love Melody ', an acoustic ballad song that stimulates the sensibility of a delicate piano melody that seems to express the night sky, and nine songs of various genres.

    Red Velvet also appeared on KBS2TV 'Music Bank', which is broadcasted at 5 pm today. It will be the first comeback stage, with the title track 'Peek-A-Boo' and the song 'Look' It seems to catch the eye with a popping performance.

    On the other hand, Red Velvet's 2nd album 'Perfect Velvet' is released today.

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    - JeA, the duet performance 'side by side, face to face' for the third time ... This partner 'Ju Won Park'
    - Gypsy guitarist Ju Won Park, followed by 'Despacito' cover and breathing with JeA
    - Held at Hyundai Card Under Stage from December 22 ~ 23 .. Tickets open at 8 pm on the 20th!

    Brown Eyed Girls JeA and Gypsy guitarist Ju Won Park meet at the show.

    JeA will hold duet performances with Ju Won Park at Hyundai Card Under Stage in Yongsan-gu, Seoul on December 22 and 23, and will lead the audience to the warmest place this winter.

    The two brought together a big topic by showing off the world-famous "Despacito" cover of Luis Fonsi's debut in the popular music festival "Melody Forest Camp" in September.

    Especially, Jea's powerful vocals meet with a guitar re-born with the arrangements of Ju Won Park, and proved the fantastic breathing, so there is speculation about this duet performance.

    Since last year, JeA has been working on a duet performance of 'collaborating side by side' with artists of various genres. In November of last year, he started to work as a producer and singer-songwriter Joker. In May, R & B singer-songwriter Chen Suler and Juwon Park, a guitarist scheduled for the end of the year, are going on for the third time.

    JeA plans to give audiences the pleasure of listening to the performances on various stages.

    JeA, Ju Won Park 's duet performance' side by side, face to face 'ticket reservation will be held on the 20th at 8 pm YES24.

    Meanwhile, JeA showed Jean's heartbreaking sentiments with her remake song 'GanDaDoYo' in April and MISTY Entertainment's music platform LISTEN's seventeenth song 'I Only Mistake' in October.

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    Infinite possibilities as actors
    A potential new actor
    Fresh Mask + Healthy Image
    The emergence of "New Blue Chip"

    SM C & C signed exclusive contract with talented actor BAE DA BIN.

    BAE DA BIN debuted as a camera ad in 2013, responded to the hot response from the advertising industry, and has become a new blue chip in advertising, receiving many love calls in addition to advertisements signed and contracted in various fields such as telecom companies, cosmetics, apparel and liquor .

    Recently, he appeared as a 'DA BIN' in the web drama 'Banana Actuals Season 2' of 72-sec TV, and he focused attention on viewers and industry people with fresh mask and healthy image.

    SM C & C is "very happy to be with BAE DA BIN, the new actor with unlimited potential and potential. In the future, we plan to support our talented people through systematic management. I would like to ask BAE DA BIN to grow up with SM C & C. "

    As such, BAE DA BIN, which has various charms as an actor, is expected to play a more active role in SM C & C, which is affiliated with Jang Dong-gun, Kim Ha-young and Kim Soo-ro.

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