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    On the 9th, SuperM(SM) to be released a campaign song 'We DO' with Prudential Corporation Asia, a leading insurance company active in 13 regions in Asia.

    SuperM releases the campaign song'We DO' through various music sites such as FLO, Melon, Genie, iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube Music at 7 pm on the 9th, and music videos can also be met through YouTube's SMTOWN account. .

    'We DO' is dynamic and futuristic hybrid-style track that reinterprets the retro disco genre. The lyrics contained the message, ‘Let’s dance to the fun song and become one.’

    In addition, this new song, as part of the SuperM and Prudential collaboration, was produced as a “We DO” campaign song designed to spread positive energy by placing importance on mental health as well as physical health.

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    To give a briefing of their'Atlantis' voyage!

    SHINee's 7th album repackage celebration NAVER V LIVE “SHINee's Sailing: Finding ‘Atlantis’” to be aired.

    SHINee unfolds the live broadcast “SHINee's Sailing: Finding ‘Atlantis’” through the NAVER V LIVE SHINee channel from 5pm on April 12, an hour before the album's release.

    On this day's broadcast, SHINee is expected to get high attention as she plans to communicate with fans by telling a variety of stories such as the introduction of new songs including the title song “Atlantis,” as well as behind the album work and activity spoilers.

    In addition, this album is composed of a total of 12 songs with three new songs added, including the title song'Atlantis' with a refreshing charm,'Area', in which MINHO participated in the lyrics, and'Days and Years', where the vocal harmony of SHINee stands out. , It is enough to meet SHINee's rich music.

    Meanwhile, SHINee's 7th album repackage'Atlantis' will be released on various music sites at 6 pm on April 12th, and the album will be released on the 15th.

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    SUPER JUNIOR's 'SJ GLOBAL' today unveils the last episode of the new employee episode, and selects the'excellent employee' of glory.

    The contents are new employees Park Jung Soo(LEETEUK), Kim Jong Un(YESUNG), Shin Dong-hee(SHINDONG), Lee Hyuk-jae(EUNHYUK), Lee DONGHAE(DONGHAE), Choi SIWON(SIWON), Kim RYEOWOOK( RYEOWOOK), Cho KYUHYUN (KYUHYUN) joins SJ GLOBAL, a small and medium-sized company that has nurtured the world-class Korean wave group'SUPER JUNIOR'.

    'SJ GLOBAL', which was first introduced on the 26th, is a quiz such as'what new employees think most important when choosing a company','what new employees don't want to hear', and'the coffee brands most preferred by employees'. In addition to matching, fastening a tie, and analyzing the personnel record cards for each member, the appearance of SUPER JUNIOR, which boasts a perfect synchronization rate with office workers, received a good response.

    Accordingly, SUPER JUNIOR will open 3 episodes of'SJ GLOBAL' on the YouTube SUPER JUNIOR channel at 6 pm on the 9th, and select'Excellent Employees' who received the most badges through various games over episodes 1-3. .

    On the other hand, SUPER JUNIOR released its 10th album'The Renaissance' on March 16, and at the same time, ranked no.1 on iTunes Top Album Chart in 23 regions worldwide, and no.1 on digital album sales charts on major Chinese music sites such as QQ Music, Kogou Music, and Kuwo Music. It has proved to be unchangingly hot.

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    IRENE ‘업글언니’ is going to radiate a four-dimensional and lovely aspect! Expect a plump entertainment feeling
    Top model and global fashion influencer, IRENE, announces his success through the web entertainment "업글언니"

    On the 9th, the web entertainment ‘업글언니’ featuring IRENE, who is active as a top model and global fashion influencer under ESteem, will be aired for the first time on the 9th.

    '업글언니' is a web entertainment displayed on the YouTube channel'Upggle TV'. It shows the challenges of the older sisters who want to upgrade their daily lives to become the'Upggle Man', which means a new form of self-development that pursues growth rather than success.

    In the personal teaser video and special prologue video released on the 2nd and 7th, respectively, IRENE attracted attention as the youngest among the cast, radiating a four-dimensional yet lovely aspect. Her own bouncing and confident charm was able to raise the expectation for'Upgeul-sister' ahead of the first broadcast.

    Accordingly, curiosity is increasing not only in IRENE, but also in the chemistry that four sisters of different ages, occupations, and personalities, including Chae Yeon, Park Si Eun, and Kim Ji Min, will gather.

    IRENE, who showed a sense of entertainment by appearing in entertainment programs such as KBS2's'사장님 귀는 당나귀 귀' and SBS's'골 때리는 그녀들', as well as the first broadcast of'업글언니'. It is playing a strong role as a global icon.

    Meanwhile,'업글언니', a web entertainment show featuring IRENE, will be released for the first time on KakaoTV at 12 pm on the 9th, and will also be broadcast for the first time on the YouTube channel'Upggle TV' on the 12th.

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    Taking over charts in just two days after the release!

    ‘Top Solo’ EXO BAEKHYUN(SM)’s new mini album ‘Bambi’ reigns March’s monthly album charts

    BAEKHYUN's third mini-album'Bambi', released on March 30, ranked no.1 on the monthly charts in March following the daily and weekly on Gaon charts, HANTEO CHART, and HOTTRACKS, and confirmed the power of BAEKHYUN once again.

    With this album, BAEKHYUN previously set a record for the first week in sales of solo singer albums based on HANTEO CHART, as well as No. 1 on iTunes Top Album Chart in 60 regions worldwide, and No. 1 in China QQ Music and Kogou Music digital album sales charts. It has proven its global popularity.

    In addition, this album includes a total of 6 songs in the R&B genre with the theme of love, including the title song'Bambi','Love Scene','All I Got','Privacy','Cry For Love', and'놀이공원 (Amusement Park)'. It is included and is getting a good response.

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    ‘K-POP King’ EXO(SM) announced a new album.

    EXO, which celebrated its 9th anniversary on the 8th, is drawing a hot topic by releasing an album spoiler video with a cake-shaped logo artwork commemorating the debut day through its official SNS account.

    In this video, members XIUMIN, BAEKHYUN, D.O., CHANYEOL, KAI, and SEHUN appeared, raising the expectations of fans by telling a variety of stories from direct music video shooting site introduction to album preparation.

    Meanwhile, EXO is preparing a new album with the aim of being released in the first half of this year.

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    KYUHYUN releases the second teaser video of the music video for the new song'Coffee'.

    KYUHYUN is expected to upload a music video teaser video containing the atmosphere of the new song ‘Coffee’ on YouTube, NAVER TV, and V LIVE SMTOWN channels at 6 pm on the 8th.

    'Coffee', a medium-tempo pop ballad, is impressive with lyrics that compare to the honest jealousy of a man who fell in love with his old friend and coffee that cools the heart of a man who is contemplating confessing to his friend.

    The new song ‘Coffee’ is a spring song from KYUHYUN’s ‘2021 PROJECT: 季’ that has continued since last summer. KYUHYUN's solo songs ‘At Gwanghwamun’ and ‘A Million Pieces’ were written and composed by hit maker KENZIE.

    Meanwhile, the sound source and music video for the spring new song ‘Coffee’ of ‘2021 PROJECT: 季’ will be officially opened on April 13 at 6 pm through various music channels.

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    -“모범택시” Kim Eui Sung, three-dimensional character “Jang Sung-chul” became a new character!
    -The first broadcast of “모범택시” D-1, Kim Eui Sung's charisma that goes between warmth and cruelty

    Kim Eui Sung announced a new life character as Jang Sung-chul, “모범택시”.

    Kim Eui Sung will return to the SBS new drama “모범택시,” which will be aired for the first time at 10 pm on the 9th.

    '모범택시' is a Korean-style heroic movie that presents empathy and excitement at the same time as a revenge play in which a taxi company covered in a veil completes revenge on behalf of an unfair victim, based on a webtoon.

    Kim Eui Sung took on the role of “Jang Sung-chul,” a taxi company that condemns the perpetrators and the head of a crime victim support group. 'Jang Sung-chul' is a character who leads the story by directing a secret and thrilling operation with warmth in the sunny place and relentless charisma in the dark.

    Kim Eui Sung said at a production conference earlier, “In the meantime, I have mainly played a lot of typical villain characters. However, the character “Jang Sung-chul” has both good and evil. He is very interesting because he is a character with a double or multi-faceted appearance. He expressed his affection for the role of ‘Jang Sung-chul’, which has a three-dimensional charm, saying, “It would be nice if you could watch it without letting go of tension until the end,” he said, and at the same time raised expectations for the drama.

    Kim Eui Sung, who won the title of “Actor to Trust and Watch,” showing strong acting skills and heavy charism in each of the films and dramas that appeared in movies and dramas. The attention is focused on whether Kim Eui Sung, who boasts a wide range of character digestibility, can create a'life character' this time.

    Meanwhile, the SBS drama “모범택시”, the most anticipated first half of 2021, which announced the birth of a well-made action product, will be broadcast for the first time at 10:00 pm on April 9th.

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    -Song of Hong Ja, KBS ‘미스 몬테크리스토’ OST ‘되돌려줄거야(Ballad Ver.)’
    -Hong Ja unveils a ballad version with a different charm from the original song... Pre-announcement of rich sensibility!
    -Hong Ja ‘되돌려줄거야 (Ballad Ver.)’, saddened by a deeper voice↑

    Singer Hong Ja participates once again as the OST singer of the KBS2 drama'미스 몬테크리스토'.

    Hong Ja's'미스 몬테크리스토' OST Part.7‘되돌려줄거야(Ballad Ver.)’ is a newly arranged ballad version of the first OST'되돌려줄거야' released in February. The melody will be reinterpreted in a lyrical way to present a novelty.

    In particular, Hong Ja, who has already provided a sense of excitement with lyrics containing direct messages through the original song, and raised the immersion of the drama, has a different sensibility to show with'되돌려줄거야(Ballad Ver.)' with a different feeling.

    The drama'미스 몬테크리스토' is constantly popular due to the full of suction power of taking his life away from friends he believed in and unfolding ecstatic revenge and actors such as Lee So-yeon, Choi Yeo-jin, Kyung Sung-hwan, and Lee Sang-bo. Are getting.

    On the other hand, the version of the “되돌려줄거야” ballad sung by Hong Ja will be available through various sound source sites at noon on the 8th.

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    First unveiled karaoke video
    '괴로운 데이트' MC Lee Jin Ho suddenly turns into the stage of the Mask Singer King?
    '괴로운 데이트' production crew decides to release'Karaoke unaired video' by Lee Jin Ho
    '괴로운 데이트' by Leellamarz & Shin Kyu Jin
    Karaoke performance

    The ‘괴로운 데이트’ karaoke video of ‘Yong Jin Ho’ starring rapper Leellamarz and comedian Shin Kyu Jin will be released on the SM C&C STUDIO YouTube channel and seezn application at 6 pm on Wednesday the 7th.

    This painful date was held as a recommended guest of MC Yong Jin Ho. Lee Yong Jin's recommended guest is Leellamarz, the hottest rapper in the current hip-hop scene, and Lee Jin Ho's recommended guest is Shin Kyu Jin, a new comedy big league comedy.

    MC Lee Jin Ho, exhausted from the constant criticisms, suddenly got up and created a karaoke atmosphere, and soon showed off his singing skills. As a result, guests Shin Kyu Jin and Leellamarz were confused by Lee Jin Ho's unexpected behavior, saying, “You are singing a song suddenly?”.

    Lee Jin Ho, who showed outstanding singing skills in'The King of Mask Singers', sang two songs in a row without ceasing, and guests Shin Kyu Jin and Leellamarz once again joined Lee Jin Ho's unstoppable karaoke performance in addition to the already exhausted situation. Exhausted

    On the other hand,'괴로운 데이트' is scheduled to come back to Season 2 in April.

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