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    From ‘younger brother’ to ‘Genius fashion designer’
    Perfect digestion of different characters
    'the face of a cloth' ascended
    Unlimited character variation

    Actor Lee Hak Joo's character in the drama is not unusual.

    Lee Hak Joo played the role of genius fashion designer “Kang Tae Wan” in the currently airing JTBC drama “야식남녀”. The characters he played in the past are being re-illuminated in a different form than the characters in the drama that appeared previously.

    Lee Hak Joo, who made his debut in the 2012 movie “밥덩이,” has since built up acting career between numerous independent and commercial films. Then, in 2015, he made his debut at CRT through tvN '오 나의 귀신님' and left the strong impression by depicting the growing role of Cheolbuji's icon'Kyung Mo' in three dimensions.

    Afterwards, he played the role of 'Ahn Chang Ho', a youth employment officer at the Tax Collection Bureau at OCN '38 사기동대', and as a guitar studio 'Kim Sang Bum' at tvN '알함브라 궁전의 추억', and as a detective at KBS '저스티스'. He played the role of Ma Dong Hyuk' with the patience to pursue the case.

    In addition, JTBC's '멜로가 체질' played the role of Han Joo (Han Ji Eun)'s ex-husband and famous comedian'Noh Seung Hyo', and impressed him, while JTBC's '부부의 세계' played the role of'Park In Kyu'. He emerged as the strongest villain who doesn't need any further explanation.

    As such, Lee Hak Joo appeared in various works and convinced the public with his unique screen control that quickly changed the acting skills and genre of drama.

    Currently, Lee Hak Joo plays the role of chic and fashion genius fashion designer “Kang Tae Wan” in JTBC's “야식남녀,” which is airing, showing a different look from the previous one. Based on a firm fashion philosophy, it is said that it raised the immersion of the drama by perfectly digesting the professional appearance without hesitation. In particular, Jung Il Woo and Kang Ji Young, who appear together on the back of a professional figure, form a triangular romance, releasing bi-color combinations to double the freshness.

    As a newcomer to the spotlight, he has become a scene stealer, and he will show the future of “The New World of Acting”.

    Meanwhile, Lee Hak Joo is starring in JTBC'야식남녀,' and continues to make activities until the appearance of JTBC'사생활'.

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    Communicate with global fans!

    WayV (LABEL V) is performing a live broadcast to commemorate the release of their first album.

    WayV is planning to communicate with global fans through the live broadcast 'Awaken WayV's World' to commemorate the release of the first regular album 'Awaken The World' through the NAVER V live WayV channel at 7 PM on the 17th.

    Particularly, in this broadcast, WayV plans to tell a variety of stories, such as the introduction of the first home album ‘Awaken The World’, behind the scenes of a music video, and relay talk, with the concept of the LAN home party.

    With this album, WayV has received a good response, ranking first in China's largest music site QQ Music's popularity chart and soaring chart, iTunes Top Album Chart's 21st worldwide, and the Japanese music site AWA Soaring Chart.

    Meanwhile, WayV will appear on the SBS MTV 'The Show' broadcast on June 16th to present the title song 'Turn Back Time'.

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    ‘Vocal Unit’ Expectations on the new song ‘Midnight Story’ that excels in singing abilities + lyrics like fairy tales!

    SUPER JUNIOR-K.R.Y. is releasing a new song 'Midnight Story' Live Video today.

    You can check the live video of the new album ‘Midnight Story’ from SM ‘STATION’ on the YouTube SM STATION channel at 6:00 PM on the 15th. The summer night sky set full of stars in a relaxed atmosphere as if you were camping with the members is in harmony, and music fans are looking forward to it.

    The new song 'Midnight Story' is a slow-tempo genre with a retro sound, with an impressive vintage electric guitar and relaxed melody. “환한 별이 여기 수놓던 별 헤던 밤 기억에 혼자서 라라라 노래하고 바람은 춤을 추었죠.”, “다시 또 만날 즈음에는 그대에게 못한 그 말 사랑을 걸어 놓아요.” It was expressed in fairy-tale lyrics against the backdrop of the night sky.

    SUPER JUNIOR-K.R.Y.'s first mini-album 'When We Were Us' released on the 8th was ranked #1 in the top iTunes charts in 30 regions around the world shortly after the release, Chinese music website QQ Music, Kugou Music, Kuwo Music paid digital album sales chart It ranked first and realized global love.

    Meanwhile, SM 'STATION', which has released highly complete music through collaboration with various singers, producers, and composers, plans to build its own'SM library' with various contents such as live videos and interview videos.

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    KI DOHUN's expressive powers that double the character's charm
    Ordinary sister, refuse between brothers! Romance started

    ‘한 번 다녀왔습니다’ KI DOHUN (SM) waved the hearts of viewers.

    Park Hyo-shin (KI DOHUN) bought a snack for Song Ga Hee (Oh Yoon Ah) and Kim Ji-hoon (Moon Woo-jin) as the first salary in the KBS 2TV drama'한 번 다녀왔습니다' that was broadcast last week. The scene of taking care of each other was drawn.

    In particular, Park Hyo-shin became a special relationship when Oh Jung-bong (Kim Eui-sik) and Lee Jong-soo (Jang Won-hyuk) got along with Song Ga Hee, sister, and younger brother. It expresses what you want, and makes the drama hot.

    Here, Park Hyo-shin brought Song Ga Hee to the workplace and raised the excitement index with a friendly appearance that naturally takes care of the spilled things. Heightened.

    KI DOHUN expresses the serious yet desperate aspect of ‘Park Hyo-shin’ and expresses the charm of the character, attracting viewers' attention.

    On the other hand, KI DOHUN's presence has grown day by day, and it is a work that depicts a pleasant and warm story that completes the search for happiness through the process of dealing with the gap and crisis of divorce between parents and children. It will be aired at 7:55 on Sunday night.

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    -김새벽, nested in KEYEAST, a total entertainment company... Son Hyun Joo, Ju Ji Hoon, Kim Dong Wook belong!
    -KEYEAST, “Independent film industry jewel 김새벽 actively supports his activities in various fields”

    Actor 김새벽 signed an exclusive contract with KEYEAST.

    “김새벽 is an actor who has appeared in various films since his debut in 2011 and has built strong filmography,” said KEYEAST. “김새벽 will actively support 김새벽 to maintain his own texture and perform more active acting in various ways.”

    김새벽, who made his debut in the 2011 movie “줄탁동시”, has solidly established himself as an actor in the films “한여름의 판타지아” and “걷기왕” with his unique atmosphere and acting skills. In 2016, he received the attention of the 15th Mise-en-scène Short Film Festival's Jury Prize for '새들이 돌아오는 시간', and then attracted attention. ‘채씨 영화방’, ‘그 후’, ‘초행’, ‘풀잎들’, ‘얼굴들’, ‘국경의 왕’ etc., she worked as a gem of independent film industry. In addition, she has emerged as a shining newcomer in commercial films such as ‘써니’, ‘제보자’, ‘타짜-신의손’, ‘항거: 유관순 이야기’.

    In particular, 김새벽 played the role of Young Ji in the movie '벌새', which achieved a record of over 40 kings around the world in 1994, with the story of a very common and brilliant memory of 14-year-old Eun-hee facing a huge unknown world. She won the 3rd Malaysia Golden Global Awards for Best Supporting Actress, 39th The Korean Association of Film Critics Awards, Best Supporting Actress, and 56th Baeksang Arts Awards for Female Supporting Actress .

    “I want to act well all the time,” said 김새벽, who received a supporting role at the recently held 56th Baeksang Arts Awards. But it is difficult. So sometimes I hate it, but I think I really like acting.” “There are a lot of seniors that I like here, but I will act well for a long time until I can meet and act in person.” Conveyed.

    김새벽, who has such an infinite acting spectrum, is an actor and singer with top-class artists in Korea and is actively engaged in drama and film production such as OCN'보이스' series, SBS'하이에나', Netflix original'보건교사 안은영', and '사자' Interest will be focused on what synergy will be met with entertainment company KEYEAST.

    On the other hand, 김새벽 is staring in the release of '킹메이커: 선거판의 여우' and '도망친 여자'.

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    Shining solo power!

    'One top solo' EXO BAEKHYUN (SM) continues its global popularity with its second mini album,'Delight'.

    BAEKHYUN's second mini-album “Delight” ranked first in the United World Chart released on the 13th by Media Traffic, the world's record-selling site.

    In addition, this album recorded the largest sales of solo singer albums in GaonChart's total history, and won the top spot on the domestic album chart daily, weekly, and monthly, as well as the top iTunes album chart in the world in 69 regions, China's largest music site QQ Music· Kugou Music·Kuwo Music was ranked #1 in digital album sales charts, and QQ Music was the first Korean singer to be listed on the'Triple Platinum Album', and was loved.

    In addition, BAEKHYUN is conducting an online fan meeting “CanDelight Shop” on the NAVER V LIVE EXO channel at 4 pm on the 13th, and good response from global fans is expected.

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    -Jung Eun Chae, proved 'unique presence'!
    -'더 킹' Jung Eun Chae, growing acting ability! Prove actor Jina!

    Jung Eun Chae showed a successful acting transformation through'더 킹 : 영원의 군주'.

    Jung Eun Chae, who played the role of Ku Seo-ryeong, the first and youngest female prime minister of the Korean Empire, in the SBS drama'더 킹 : 영원의 군주', which ended on the 12th, proved his character's charm and proved his unique presence.

    From the first appearance, Jung Eun Chae, who caught the eye with gorgeous visuals that overwhelmed the screen, realistically expressed Ku Seo-ryeong's character of desire to use all means and methods to get what he wanted. Demonstrating his definite acting, he portrayed Ku Seo-ryeong, who was not rough to reveal his desires, with cold-blooded tone and eyes.

    In addition, Jung Eun Chae had a tense relationship with other actors, raising tension. In addition to the ruling party lawmakers, ex-husband Choi (Tae In-ho), Lee Lim (Lee Jung Jin), and Lee Gon (Lee Min Ho) took the initiative in the dialogue and raised the immersion of the play with a straightforward method of shaking. . In particular, in the scene where he became aware of the existence of the parallel world and confronted Lee Lim, it caused extreme tension with his expression and speech full of ego.

    On the other hand, Kim Ki-Kung (Kang Ki Dung) seems to have a clear relationship with the prime minister and secretary, but expresses delicately that Ku Seo-ryeong believes and relies.

    In addition, Jung Eun Chae fought fiercely from an ordinary family to a prime minister, but the only one in front of his mother (Kim Jung Young) was the ordinary daughter of Ku Seo-ryeong. Proved. Even though the dinner menu was coded as'mackerel' in order to notice that her mother was changing due to Lee Lim's tricks, viewers reported that she changed her mind and the characters of the parallel world in anxiety when she gave a completely different answer. To the It added sadness by realistically drawing down the collapse of Ku Seo-ryeong, who seemed to not collapse under any circumstances.

    As such, Jung Eun Chae was praised by viewers for his acting skills that grew every time, proving the actor's true value. He showed his true character as an actor by perfectly digesting a character full of desire and ambition close to the villain. I look forward to Jung Eun Chae's performance, which will show an infinite acting spectrum through various works and characters in the future, as if he showed the acting that he grew up in 더 킹.

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    -JeA, new single'Greedyy' released on the 12th! Participated in IU lyrics X Moon Byul feature
    -JeA "Your brothers who are hesitant to be hated, should be greedy to be happy to challenge"
    -JeA X IU X Moon Byul Completed'Avengers Union' "Thanks to IU, Moon Byul for making a wonderful sister"

    Brown Eyed Girls JeA shared the impression of the new song'Greedyy'.

    JeA said through the agency MYSTIC STORY on the 12th.

    The new song'Greedyy' is a funky song with an imposing message saying'Let's do everything without being greedy', written by Ra.D, Lee Sun-min, Yoo Woong-ryul, etc., written by IU, MAMAMOO Moon Byul Participated in this feature.

    Like the lyrics of 'P.O.W.E.R 당당하게 / 두 손 가득 쥐고 못되게 말해 now I'm good' flowing from the previously released teaser, JeA says that you can act a little worse, sometimes as a greedy.

    JeA said, "If you look around your brothers and sisters, they often hesitate to be hated even if there is something they want to do." However, if you live as someone other than me,'Hyunta' will come. Someday, you will have to do something greedy. Only then will I be happy."

    In this new song of JeA, IU is composed and Moon Byul participates in rap feature, and it is a hot topic with the avengers combination of non-musical alternative musicians.

    JeA said, "I just gave the IU the keyword 'power' and asked for the lyrics without any comments, but I wrote all the lyrics so sympatheticly." The title was also an IU idea.”

    In addition, "Moon Byul was also encouraged by watching the lyrics and writing rap lyrics," she said. "The three of us were fun through the mind. Thanks to IU and Moon Byul for making me a'nice sister'."

    JeA's solo album'Newself' and mobile entertainment '쎈마이웨이' through last year's message as a subjective and strong me, JeA has been supported by 2030 women.

    JeA's new single 'Greedyy' will be released through each music site on the 12th at 6:00 pm, and the 'Greedyy' challenge is currently being conducted on the short video platform 'TikTok'.
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  • 2020-06-12 Press Release

    Leaders of K-Pop & K-Classic hold hands!

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    SM Entertainment signs MOU with Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra
    -The first entertainment-orchestra MOU in Korea
    -The first project to be unveiled via SM'STATION' this July

    SM Entertainment signs MOU with Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra.

    SM and Seoul Township signed an MOU on'Expansion and Development of Cultural Content through Collaboration between Genres' at 5 pm on the 10th, and at the ceremony, SM Lee Sung Soo, CEO, Seoul City Hall, Kang Eun Kyung, CEO, etc. I attended and lit up my seat.

    In particular, this MOU was held for the first time in Korea by a representative K-pop entertainment company and an orchestra leading K-Class, and the two companies announced the excellence of K-Pop and K-Class to the world through mutual cooperation, and provided differentiated contents beyond genres. By presenting it, it is expected to lead the development of Korean cultural contents.

    In addition, the two companies are planning to unveil the newly arranged and played music from SM's'STATION' in early July as the orchestra version of the SM released song, which was loved by the public as the first project. Since this is the first time, it is expected to present a unique charm.

    In addition, since 2016, SM has gained popularity by announcing a wide range of music created through various collaborations through the digital music public channel'STATION'.In the future, the classic label'SM Classics' was established to expand to the classical genre. It will showcase a variety of content fusion.

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    The strongest performance notice! Boost your expectations!

    WayV (LABEL V), a Chinese express group, appeared in a domestic music broadcast to present the new song “Turn Back Time”.

    WayV, who came back with their first regular album'Awaken The World', started with KBS2TV'Music Bank' on the 12th and on the 13th MBC '쇼! 음악중심', SBS MTV'더쇼' on the 16th, will appear in music programs, and the title song'Turn Back Time' will be staged.

    The new song ‘Turn Back Time’ is an urban trap genre song with a strong bass and a beat. The performance is also composed of an overwhelming group of people who can meet WayV's powerful yet gentle charm at the same time, so it is expected to catch the eye.

    In addition, WayV also released its first regular album'Awaken The World' on the 9th, ranking #1 in China's largest music site QQ Music's popular charts and soaring charts. It has received a good response, including the No. 1 and No. 1 on the Japanese music website AWA Soaring Chart.

    Meanwhile, WayV's first regular album'Awaken The World' includes a total of 10 songs in a variety of genres, including the title song'Turn Back Time' with an intense charm, and will be released on June 18th.

    - Google translation.