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    The listeners are completely fascinated by the refreshing healing energy!

    Red Velvet WENDY (SM) successfully debuted as a DJ on ‘YoungStreet’ on the 12th.

    WENDY, who was selected as a new DJ for SBS Power FM 'YoungStreet', which is broadcast every day at 8 pm, announced the birth of an all-around DJ by perfectly leading the program with smooth progress, passionate reactions, and refreshing charm, even though it was the first broadcast of the day.

    WENDY, who served as a special DJ for 'YoungStreet' in 2018, started the broadcast on this day and said, "I'm back to this place where I was happy to be able to hear and empathize with you. Before he started, he didn't know he was going to tremble like this, but when I read his first comment, I got goosebumps all over my body. so happy and excited I will become a ‘완디’ that I can lean on when I am stressed and who can give me strength when I am happy,” and decided to use ‘완디’ as his nickname when he appeared as a special DJ.

    In addition, as it is the first broadcast, ‘Today is WENDY’, where we talk about different topics every day, and ‘Ask anything’ corner where you can ask any questions and WENDY answers, we had time to get closer to the listeners through various communication, In the ‘남의 사랑 이야기’, which reads the story, and ‘와니랜드’, where listeners can achieve everything they want, they received a warm response with their natural acting and sensible mission performance.

    In addition, during the 'Karaoke Quiz', in which the first verse of a song is sang to the accompaniment of a karaoke machine and the score of WENDY is matched, Soullights' '도시의 밤' was played with soulful singing, and former DJ Lee Joon made a surprise phone call. “The right person has appeared. Even though it's the first show, it's really good. If you enjoy it as it is now, I think it will be the best broadcast.”

    On the other hand, SBS Power FM 'WENDY's Young Street' hosted by WENDY is broadcast every day at 8 PM.

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    '어떻게 이별까지 사랑하겠어, 널 사랑하는 거지' cover video!

    A cover video where you can meet the emotional vocals of MAX CHANGMIN (SM) of TVXQ! has been released.

    MAX CHANGMIN was held on YouTube TVXQ at 6 pm on the 12th! Through the channel, AKMU's '어떻게 이별까지 사랑하겠어, 널 사랑하는 거지', a cover video for the solo version was released.

    In this video, MAX CHANGMIN captured her music fans with her calm vocals and appealing singing by digesting '어떻게 이별까지 사랑하겠어, 널 사랑하는 거지' with her own sensibility.

    In addition, MAX CHANGMIN will release cover videos that can meet her colorful vocal charms and continue her communication.

    On the other hand, MAX CHANGMIN is also active as the sole host in her live show 'Free Hugs', which is broadcast on NAVER NOW. at 8 pm every Friday.

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    - JUNG IN, reinterpretation of ‘장마’ after 10 years!…Responsible for summer playlist
    - JUNG IN, Brown Eyed Soul's ‘장마’ remake with Young Joon
    - JUNG IN, showcasing twice the depth of emotion... ‘장마’ will be released at 6 pm on the 13th

    Singer JUNG IN's signature song ‘장마’ will return in 2021 version.

    ‘장마’ is the title song of JUNG IN's album 'Melody Remedy' released in 2011, and it is a ballad that compares tears to the rain that doesn't stop when you let go of your loved one.

    As it is JUNG IN's representative song that appears as the No. 1 playlist every year since its release, the news of the remake of ‘장마’ is already gathering anticipation from music fans.

    Young Joon of Brown Eyed Soul, who was the original song composer and chorus, will reunite with JUNG IN for the first time in 10 years and participate in the featuring, showing a faint harmony with JUNG IN.

    Producer DOKO took charge of the arrangement, and plans to touch the hearts of listeners through an arrangement that is more emotional and sad than the original song.

    Meanwhile, JUNG IN has established himself as a Korean luxury vocalist by creating a number of hit songs such as '사랑은', '오르막길', and '미워요'. Recently, he participated in the OSTs of the dramas '보쌈-운명을 훔치다' and '연애시발.(점)', and is providing a healing stage through JTBC's '비긴어게인 오픈마이크'.

    ‘장마 (Feat. Young Joon of Brown Eyed Soul)', which stands out with JUNG IN's passionate ad-libs and sensibility, will be released on the music site before 6 pm on the 13th.

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    ‘Golf Goddess’ Ahn Shin Ae was selected as a model for cosmetic brand OSEQUE. Professional golfer Ahn Shin Ae was recently selected as the exclusive model for OSEQUE's 'Outdoor Vita Toning Patch' and finished filming the commercial. In this commercial shoot, Ahn Shin Ae drew the admiration of her staff with a daring pose and intense gaze without clogging.

    A representative of the OSEQUE brand said, “Ahn Shin Ae, the representative beauty star of the sports world, is a professional golfer with high trust in the golf world based on her solid skills. For that reason, she decided that she was the right model to truly deliver efficacy to the customer base of this product,” she said. She added, "We expect to create a sensation in the popularized golf market as much as a product soldier nicknamed 'golf patch'."

    'Outdoor Vita Toning Patch' is designed for people who enjoy outdoor leisure such as golf, riding, mountaineering, camping, and jogging. It is a product that can be expected to work.

    In particular, this product was recognized for its dual functions of skin whitening and wrinkle improvement by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, and through product performance tests, it was found that the UV blocking rate reached up to 99.7% (UVB standard).

    In addition, the whitening care ingredients such as French manufacturer's patented ingredient SWEETONE, ascorbic acid, and niacinamide stimulated the hydrogel side containing water propolis extract, marine collagen, 5 types of hyaluronic acid, and super centella ingredients. Soothes red, sensitive skin and improves skin tone evenly, allowing for whitening and anti-aging management at home as well as outdoors.

    In addition, it has been released in two sizes: the size that covers the entire cheek from under the eyes, and the eye zone size that is close to the eye area and cheekbones, where skin concerns are concentrated, so consumers can choose and use it.

    Expectations are high what kind of synergy the meeting between professional golfer Ahn Shin Ae and OSEQUE, who excels in golf skills as well as self-management and fashion sense, will produce a synergy.

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    SM Entertainment’s remastering project begins! SUNGCHAN of NCT & WINTER of aespa to appear in the MV!

    KANGTA (SM)’s ‘Free To Fly 2021’ to be released, a new 2021 version, on 7/14.

    KANGTA  to be released the remake single 'Free To Fly 2021' through various music sites at 6 pm on 7/14.

    This song is a remake of 'Free To Fly' from H.O.T.'s 2nd album 'Wolf And Sheep' released in 1997. Produced by Yoo Young Jin, the original songwriter, the rich sound and KANGTA's sweet vocals harmonize well to double the charm of the song.

    In addition to KANGTA, NCT SUNGCHAN and aespa WINTER will make a special appearance in the 'Free To Fly 2021' music video.

    Previously, SM announced a remastering project that upscaling and remastering existing SMTOWN music videos and sound sources through 'SM CONGRESS 2021' and releasing them through YouTube. Starting with KANGTA's 'Free To Fly 2021', over 300 songs We will introduce new videos and sound sources.

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    EXO D.O.(SM)'s first solo album '공감' schedule poster has been released.

    The schedule poster, released through EXO's various SNS accounts at 00:00 on the 12th, foretold various contents related to D.O.'s first solo album '공감', raising the expectations of music fans.

    Prior to the release of the album, the mood sampler, teaser image, highlight medley video, and title song music video teaser video will be released sequentially from the 15th, so it is expected to get a warm response.

    DO's first mini-album '공감' consists of a total of 8 songs including 6 new songs and bonus tracks. All songs will be released on various music sites such as KuWo Music.

    In addition, this album will be released on July 26th, and it is currently available for pre-order at online and offline music stores.

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    SUPER JUNIOR SHINDONG showed a heavy presence from the first broadcast of '대탈출4'.

    ‘대탈출4’, which was first aired at 10:40 pm on the 11th, was followed by the best episode selected by the members, Season 3 ‘Back to the KyungSung’. At that time, the members who arrived in KyungSung by time machine learned that the time machine developer, Dr., had gone further into the past than at KyungSung to find fuel and that he was in danger of dying there, so they got on the time machine again to save Dr.

    Therefore, all the members wore eyepatch before the full-fledged filming, and to the crew's question about the password for the time machine a year ago, SHINDONG answered without hesitation, "954125", giving the members a pleasant start with praise.

    Next, SHINDONG strengthened his will in the part where he spoke of his determination for this season with a proverb. As if to prove this, the members who got off the time machine one by one found a hidden animal in the tiger picture, and among them, SHINDONG dramatically found the last animal, the giraffe, and helped to open the tightly closed door.

    The door opened and the members arrived in a fictional country, met the doctor's student, and secretly watched the meeting of the elders. At this time, SHINDONG suddenly saw the priest and said, “That person is Yang Ji Won, who made ‘Future Corporation’ when we went to the future. How did he get here?” he said, finding another important clue.

    With viewers' anticipation for SHINDONG's outstanding performance as well as witty talk, '대탈출4', which has returned to an all-time scale, can be checked every Sunday at 10:40 p.m. on the channel tvN.

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    - Son Hyun Joo, "It is an honor to be able to do such a meaningful work"
    - The first entertainment show named after 30 years of debut.. Successfully finished with healing sensibility
    - Son Hyun Joo transformed into an honorary stationmaster, a colorful charm that shines with humanity and sense of entertainment

    Actor Son Hyun Joo captivated viewers with his warm sensibility and reversal charm in the entertainment show 'Son Hyun Joo's Simple Station', which ended the long journey by recording its highest ratings on the 10th.

    ‘손현주의 간이역’ is a healing entertainment program in which celebrities who have become honorary station staff find the simple station and protect the simple station that is in danger of disappearing, thereby making them feel precious.

    In particular, as Son Hyun Joo's first entertainment in 30 years of debut, it was well-received as a healing program without stimulating elements with a unique comfortable atmosphere, which was extended with 20 episodes rather than originally organized as 10 episodes. What was the factor that was able to receive so much love from viewers and officials? We reveal the healing point that was possible because it was Son Hyun Joo.

    #One. Complete transformation into honorary stationmaster & national worker
    Son Hyun Joo, who transformed into an honorary stationmaster, had a lot of fun with his stable leadership and various abilities. It was the first time that he was able to confirm his professional appearance, though he was silently performing various roles, from inspections around tracks and stations to resident affairs, deadline settlement, and train hand signals. In addition, he created a gallery of the station with his own photos, adding to the fun of the simple station, and showed a perfect fit for the honorary stationmaster who took care of the area, such as making signs to install at the station, removing snow, carrying a lot of laundry, and carrying briquettes. got the title In addition, he boasted warm teamwork with the regular members Kim Jun Hyun and Im Ji Yeon, like family.

    #2. A sense of entertainment completed with chemistry with guests
    The gorgeous guest line of ‘손현주의 간이역’ cannot be left out. Yoo Hae Jin, Kim Sang Ho and Son Hyun Joo, who appeared as the first guests, made viewers laugh with their extraordinary chemistry that comes from their real friendship. In addition, the actors who worked together in the same productions such as Ra Mi Lan, Im Soo-hyang, Ahn Bo Hyun, So E Hyun, and Choi Won Young also appeared in person, strengthening the program and collecting topics. In addition, Ko Chang-seok, Jang Hyuk, and MINHO, who are famous as members of the 'Familiarity Meeting', also appeared and showed off their sense of entertainment.

    #3. A representative of healing entertainment that purifies the heart
    ‘손현주의 간이역’ has a healing entertainment motto. The 10 simple stations shown on TV and the beautiful natural scenery of the area touch the hearts of the viewers. Son Hyun Joo also revealed that the reason for choosing ‘손현주의 간이역’ at the production presentation was that he focused on healing rather than entertainment. The romance of the simple station where you can feel the analog sensibility and the unique relaxed atmosphere showed synergy with him. In particular, the chemistry with local residents stood out. Son Hyun Joo, who helps hands-on, communicates directly and takes care of the elderly, filled the audience's emotions by being reborn as an entertainment that smells like people.

    #4. The hidden charm of a national actor
    Son Hyun Joo, who had a strong image as an actor, showed a great anti-war charm in variety shows. From the innocent joy of riding the little train to the hidden arrogance and desire to win, and the joyous sight of monk Jeonggwan, the master of temple food that he always wanted to meet. It was a time when I was able to confirm Son Hyun Joo's charming humanity without any doubt.

    Actor Son Hyun Joo, who has perfectly led ‘Son Hyun Joo’s simple role’ in such a variety of ways, said, “The ending doesn’t feel real yet. I have a feeling that I will have to go down the simple station filming again. When I look back once again, it was an honor for a person like me to do such a meaningful work," he said, expressing regret and meaningful feelings about the end of the program. “From the bench and commemorative painting we made in the bitter cold of the first Hwabon Station to the soundtrack we made together at the last Baekyangsa Station, we have been running non-stop,” recalling the memories of the past, “Jun Hyun and Ji who decorate every station together and do bad things together. I want to say thank you to Yeon, and I want to thank the guests who have helped me all the way.” He also expressed his gratitude to the crew and guests who worked with the program. Lastly, "I would like to thank the viewers for loving 'Son Hyun Joo's Simple Station', and if there is an opportunity, I hope to see you again with season 2. Now, I will return to my duty and visit you as an actor." showed a willingness to Son Hyun Joo of 'Son Hyun Joo's simple station', who became a valuable window with the public, succeeded in soothing viewers' weary hearts and delivering a warm smile and an aesthetic of slowness.

    Son Hyun Joo is continuing his activities ahead of the release of the movie 'Hansan: The Appearance of the Dragon'.

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    Perfect immersion with concentration
    A new season kicked off

    Kang Ho Dong opened the door to '대탈출4' as a 'Pro Escaper'.

    tvN's '대탈출4', which was first broadcast on the 12th, is Korea's only non-terrestrial adventure variety that takes place on a stage that transcends time and space. The first episode of the new season was decorated as a follow-up to Season 3's 'Back to the KyungSung', the best episode selected by the members.

    In particular, on this day's broadcast, Kang Ho Dong showed off his outstanding skills from the start by demonstrating his extraordinary intuition as a professional escaper who has grown steadily every season and a 'everything-clue-theist' who says that everything is a clue.

    Kang Ho Dong and his members, who welcomed season 4, boarded a time machine and moved somewhere, just like the last appearance of season 3, and arrived at a certain hallway where the era is unknown. At the end of the hallway, a door with several cogs was firmly closed, and Kang Ho Dong deduced that the tiger painting on one of the walls was a clue to opening the door.

    Afterwards, Kim Dong Hyun found the crocodile pattern drawn on the gear wheel in the tiger picture, and Kang Ho Dong found the parrot pattern that was difficult to find for everyone, signaling the start of Season 4's success.

    Kang Ho Dong poses various questions to his assistant and learns meaningful clues. It is basic to learn meaningful clues, Dr. Kim Tae-im, who has been around since last season, and constantly revisiting the situation in a lot of information such as a time machine, etc. , increased the audience's immersion.

    In this way, '대탈출4', in which Kang Ho Dong's performance was unparalleled, once again announced the arrival of an all-time great season with an unimaginable scale and a tight weave of the worldview from the first broadcast. There is a lot of anticipation and interest in how Kang Ho Dong will join forces with the members to continue his escape this season.

    On the other hand, tvN's '대탈출4' starring Kang Ho Dong is broadcast every Sunday at 10:40 PM.

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    '악마는2' ends, stylish sense → big talk until the last broadcast!
    An all-round hanger & a comprehensive gift set with charm to the highest level of social life, ‘KAI Team Leader’! Expectations for new entertainment are also UP!

    'Global fashion icon' EXO KAI (SM) also accepted fashion entertainment.

    tvN's '악마는 정남이를 입는다 시즌2', which was first aired in April, is a program in which fashion guide Bae Jung Nam and KAI, a fashion guide for all men in Korea who are worried about clothes, conduct a customized fashion curation. He has proven his fashion sense and sense of entertainment.

    In the last episode aired on July 10, OOTD battles were held for each vacation spot, showing excellent digestibility with various looks such as check-in fashion, cattail bar fashion, and swimming pool fashion, and said, “It was fun filming and it feels good to work with good staff. I want to see you again with the viewers,” he said.

    In particular, after winning the first styling contest this season, KAI was promoted from 'KAI Assistant' to 'KAI Chief' at a high speed, and regardless of fields such as workwear look, sports look, vintage look, He was promoted to 'KAI Team Leader' and confirmed his abilities.

    In addition, as KAI is attracting attention as a 'global fashion icon', it provided special fun by fashionably digesting the clothes styled for customers with excellent physical appearance.

    In addition, KAI shows 'the highest level of social life' by consistently showing pleasant chemistry with the president Bae Jung Nam with a sensible reaction every time, as well as showing 'close friends' with EXO member SEHUN as a special customer. He captivated the attention with his brilliant sense of entertainment.

    On the other hand, KAI will appear as the youngest employee in charge of the event of the tvN entertainment program '우도주막', which will be broadcast first at 10:30 pm on July 12, and will continue her entertainment activities by showing her pure charm.

    - Google translation.