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    Line up with global artists like Justin Timberlake, Anna Kendrick and Kelly Clarkson!
    ‘K-POP CEO’ expects global achievement UP!

    ‘TROLLS WORLD TOUR’ OST with the voice of Red Velvet (SM) will be released on the 13th.

    OST album 'Don't Slack (from Trolls World Tour)' of DreamWorks Animation 'TROLLS WORLD TOUR' will be released on March 13 at 12:00 noon at various domestic music sites, and Red Velvet will participate in the new song 'Just Sing' Music fans are expected to be highly interested.

    In particular, K-POP is the representative of K-POP, as many of the world's leading artists such as pop star Justin Timberlake, actor Anna Kendrick, famous singer-songwriter Kelly Clarkson, 2020 Grammy Award winner Anderson .Paak, R & B artist Mary J. Blige, SZA, etc. Realizes the global popularity of Red Velvet, which is named as.

    In addition, Red Velvet plays the voice of the character of ‘K-POP TROLLS’ as well as OST singing, raising expectations with various activities to be performed through this movie.

    In addition, Red Velvet was released on December 23rd, and after the release, including the title song 'Psycho' of the repackage album 'The ReVe Festival' Finale, Melon, genie, soribada, etc. Even after the moon, it is gaining popularity.

    Meanwhile, DreamWorks Animation 'TROLLS WORLD TOUR' will be released on April 29th as a movie depicting an exciting music battle in TROLLS town of pop, rock, classic, country, funk and techno.

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    Showing off her wide acting spectrum by crossing genres from thriller, romance and action
    Significant challenge + hot passion shined to the end!

    'The Game' LEE YEONHEE (SM) has done well.

    LEE YEONHEE received a lot of love for his fresh appearance that he had never shown in the role of Detective Ace Joon Young in the MBC drama 'The Game: Towards Zero', which ended on the 12th.

    LEE YEONHEE's role as 'Seo Joon Young' by showing the charm of the drama and the drama with careful consideration to take care of the victim and the victim's family as well as the combination of strong first class detectives as well as the coldness to fully analyze the situation with the commitment to catch the suspect in the case Utilizing the three-dimensional effect of.

    #Girl Crush
    LEE YEONHEE, who worked hard on character research by directly meeting detectives and looking for materials before filming, has created 'Seo Joon Young' as an enterprising yet subjective character who keeps his or her beliefs, and is supported by viewers with sophisticated girl crush faces. Got

    #Diverse genre digestibility
    LEE YEONHEE naturally digested a variety of genres, from thrillers that raise tensions to action to catch the suspect, and melodies with Kim Tae-Pyong (Ok Taek-Yeon), increasing the immersion of the play.

    As such, LEE YEONHEE is leading the drama stably as the leading role in this work, and has shown an expanded acting spectrum, and is attracting much attention for future activities.

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    Top model Lee Hyun Yi gathers curiosity ahead of his appearance on tvN '금요일 금요일 밤에'

    tvN '금요일 금요일 밤에' is an entertainment program in omnibus format that enjoys a variety of topics such as travel, art, sports, and food with customized hosts for each corner.

    In this episode, through a corner in the program, 'My Very Special and Secret Friend's Recipe', Hong Jin Kyung visits 'Friends', the culinary master, and digs out his friend's 'secret recipe'. Lee Hyun Yi is the main character of the dish.

    Lee Hyun Yi, who appeared in the pre-release trailer full of the force of the top model, is raising expectations with her mother-in-law. Hong Jin Kyung's continued admiration of mother-in-law's food arouses viewers' curiosity.

    Recently, Lee Hyun Yi is showing his face as a YouTuber through his YouTube channel '이현이의 현이로그', which is gaining high sympathy among subscribers in daily life such as parenting and cooking. In addition, he has appeared in music talk shows and continues active broadcast program activities.

    Meanwhile, Lee Hyun Yi's tvN '금요일 금요일 밤에-아주 특별하고 비밀스런 내 친구네 레시피' will be aired at 9:10 tonight.

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    -JukJae X BIBI, All-Kil Live Notice #별보러가자 #추억속의그대
    -JukJae, Park Bo Gum '별 보러 가자' original live download
    -Between JukJae, IU and special → Pororo OST guitar play?
    -BIBI "I'm more like 'Second Tiger JK' than 'Second Yoon Mi Rae'"

    Singer-songwriter JukJae and BIBI appear in Mnet '음악당'.

    JukJae and BIBI, the 9th guest of the 음악당 broadcasted on the 17th, are considered to be the most singer-songwriters to watch this year. In particular, 3MC Kim Eana, Kim Hee Chul, and Bae Soon Table at the 음악당 are also talented artists who have been waiting.

    JukJae is the original song of '별 보러 가자', actor Park Bo Gum has become a hot topic, and since he was first recognized as a talent guitarist, he is also a singer, songwriter, arranger, singer, and singer loved by musicians such as Yoo Hee-yeol, IU. It is emerging as a songwriter.

    JukJae will demonstrate the 'other genius' title obtained by playing with Yoo Jae-suk at MBC's '놀면 뭐하니' In the music studio's recording studio while providing a stage down to the original song '별 보러 가자.' In addition, there are interesting talks such as the story of selecting IU as the most grateful artist and the story of playing the guitar of Pororo OST.

    Meanwhile, BIBI, which Kim Eana confessed to "fascinated," was a new runner-up in SBS 'The Fan', and was selected by Tiger JK and Yoon Mi Rae, announcing his own songs such as '비누', '나비', and '자국'. Not only shows the tone and unrivaled musicality, but also works with Park Jin Young, Yoon Jong-shin, etc., and is receiving hot love calls from musicians.

    Unlike BIBI's shy appearance in talk at the first performing arts concert hall, BIBI will showcase the charm of reversal in a fascinating and intense live. In addition, while revealing why he wants to be called 'Second Tiger JK' rather than 'Second Yoon Mi Rae', he also has various stages such as the song 'Fedexx Girl' based on a long-distance dating experience and an old song sung by BIBI, born in 1998. I'm waiting.

    The 9th 음악당 with JukJae and BIBI will be broadcast on Mnet at 6 pm on the 17th, and then uploaded to YouTube MYSTIC TV and CAKE POP channels.

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    -KEYEAST, “A faithful and passionate actor! As an actor, we will actively support for a bigger leap. ”
    -Han Sun Hwa and KEYEAST contract ... Affiliations with Son Hyun Joo, Ju Ji Hoon, Jung Ryeo Won, and Kim Dong Wook!

    Han Sun Hwa prepares for a new leap forward with KEYEAST.

    On the 13th, KEYEAST announced the exclusive contract with Han Sun Hwa through a press release. Hong Min Ki, Vice President of KEYEAST Management Division, said, “Han Sun Hwa has been established as an actor by acting with a sincere attitude since turning from singer to actor in 2014. "We will actively support Han Sun Hwa's diverse attractiveness to spread a wide spectrum of smoke."

    Han Sun Hwa, who debuted in 2009 as a secret member of the girl group, was popular with many hit songs such as “Magic”, “Madonna”, “사랑은 Move”, and “별빛달빛”. In addition, various entertainment programs such as KBS2 '청춘불패', MBC '우리 결혼했어요', etc., with various charms, have been active as advertising models of various fashion and beauty brands with good looks and outstanding fashion sense, and have been engaged in a wide variety of activities. .

    Han Sun Hwa, who started his acting career with the SBS drama '신의 선물-14일', is MBC's '장미빛 연인들', '자체발광 오피스', '20세기 소년소녀', '데릴남편 오작두', '위대한 유혹자' , KBS2 '학교 2017', OCN '구해줘 2', and so on, successfully settled on the actor's path.

    In particular, he played Ha Ji Na role in the 2017 drama '자체발광 오피스' and received a lot of love from viewers with a reversal character different from the realistic office worker acting and innocent appearance. He was also recognized for his acting skills, including winning awards.

    It is noteworthy how Han Sun Hwa, who has a variety of acting, entertainment, MC, music, etc., will meet with KEYEAST and perform.

    Meanwhile, KEYEAST, which Han Sun Hwa signed exclusive contracts, includes Son Hyun Joo, Ju Ji Hoon, Jung Ryeo Won, Kim Dong Wook, So E Hyun, In Gyo Jin, Park Ha Seon, Jung Eun Chae, Woo Do Hwan, etc. He is a member of the actor family and is a comprehensive entertainment company that is also active in drama productions such as the OCN '보이스' series, SBS '하이에나', and Netflix original'보건교사 안은영'.

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    Im Sang A, an actor, singer and fashion designer / marketer, announces the status quo through KBS2 '사장님 귀는 당나귀 귀'.

    ESteem group head Kim So-yeon, who is a hot topic for each episode, visits New York to attend ESteem's global audition in New York, where she meets Im Sang A, an old friend and ESteem entertainment artist. The two of them share a good feeling and share a sincere story with each other, especially in Korea and the United States, as well as the difficulties of being a female CEO. .

    Im Sang A continues to act as a fashion designer and marketer in New York City, and has recently opened a YouTube account for 'WATCH SANG A' to continuously communicate with the public. In addition to the stories in real life in New York, Im Sang A's unique fashion, beauty and lifestyle stories are introduced.

    On the other hand, KBS2 starring Im Sang A, "사장님 귀는 당나귀 귀," will air on Sunday, 15th at 5pm.

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    ‘英雄; Kick It’ power, won the weekly chart!

    NCT 127 (SM) won the 2 Awards on the Gaon chart with the 2nd regular album, 'NCT # 127 Neo Zone'.

    NCT 127 won first place on the general chart of the Gaon album (March 1-7) released on the 12th with the 2nd album, 'NCT # 127 Neo Zone', released on March 6, as well as the title song ‘英雄; Kick It’ also climbed to the top of the download charts, realizing the power of record and music once again.

    This album was ranked first in the weekly rankings in various domestic music charts such as Synnara Record, YES 24, HOTTRACKS, and Kyobo Book Center. ‘英雄; Kick It’ also confirmed the hot popularity of NCT 127 by sweeping the global charts, ranking first in the domestic music chart real-time, first in the Chinese QQ music, Korean music music video chart, and first in the daily surge chart.

    NCT 127 2nd regular album 'NCT # 127 Neo Zone' is an addictive hip-hop dance song ‘英雄; Kick It’ is composed of a total of 13 songs in various genres including, and the rich music colors of NCT 127 can be met.

    Meanwhile, NCT 127 will show KBS2TV '뮤직뱅크' on March 13, and MBC '쇼! 음악중심' and SBS '인기가요' on the 15th.

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    “I will set things right so that there is nothing wrong with it.” LEE YEONHEE's sense of mission

    ‘The Game’ LEE YEONHEE (SM) expressed her feelings of wrapping up the drama.

    MBC drama 'The Game: Towards Zero', which received a strong response from LEE YEONHEE's powerful criminal transformation, is on the way to the final episode on the night of the 12th.

    LEE YEONHEE played the role of ‘Seo Joon Young’ in this work, making the play more abundant by smoothly digesting various genres, from dark mel to sensational action and thrillers with sweat.

    In addition, LEE YEONHEE was well loved by Seo Joon Young's sincere ambassador, saying, “I will set things right so that I don't have any regrets.”

    LEE YEONHEE, ahead of the end, was happy to see a good work called “The Game”. "I've been able to work with the directors, writers, staff and wonderful actors who always do my best for the drama, so I really enjoyed it and made happy memories."

    Next, “Thank you for acting 'Seo Joon Young,' and I will try to show you a better look through my next work, so stay tuned. So far, I would like to express my sincere thanks to the viewers who watched and loved The Game.

    On the other hand, the finalization of “The Game: Towards Zero”, where LEE YEONHEE's performance is expected until the end, will be aired at 8:55 MBC on the 12th.

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    'The unstoppable activity of entertainment trend'
    Pleasure index improves with just the voice
    Defconn, Jung Hyung-don and laughter
    Express host to listen to listeners

    Defconn even took over the audio show.

    Defconn this time NAVER NOW. Through '네이놈', it is advancing to an audio show, bringing new joy.

    NAVER NOW which is on air every Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 2 pm. ‘네이놈’ is an audio show where Defconn and Jung Hyung-don host the audience to communicate with listeners on a different topic each time. In particular, the title of the audio show called '네이놈' was decided by receiving the opinions of listeners on a pilot broadcast, and it also attracted great attention.

    In '네이놈' broadcast on the 11th, Defconn, as a host, announced the start of the broadcast with a unique and exciting voice, and a lawyer Go Seung-woo appeared as a guest, receiving legal concerns from listeners, and presenting questions and solutions. Law Office '.

    Defconn takes advantage of the fact that '네이놈' is delivered only with audio, and details the appearance of Go Seung-woo, a lawyer who came out as a guest, to the hairstyle and the shape of glasses, and conveys the vividness that he saw in the field. Was presented.

    In addition, as the theme of the day was legal counseling, we received various stories from listeners, such as “Expenses for the elevators on the 1st floor of apartments” and “How to get money borrowed from ex-girlfriends,” to help solve practical problems. At this time, Defconn carefully considered and understood the feelings of the clients, and listened to the solution of Go Seung-woo's lawyer and arranged it carefully.

    In addition, in addition to stories such as 'How much should I borrow between lovers to see as a money transaction', 'Is there a tip to get the money I borrowed', and other factors that listeners might be curious about, ask questions to guests and misunderstand the proof of contents It also helped listeners to easily access the law by revealing the truth.

    Defconn spearheaded as the host of ``네이놈'' and captured the hearts of the listeners with a distinctive and exciting voice, and delivered endless joy to the extent that they felt that the hour of broadcasting had passed in an instant, conveying the presence full of audio alone. .

    In addition, based on his strong friendship with Jung Hyung-don, who has been broadcasting for a long time, he expresses a laugh by releasing a combination that does not speak, and expects them to communicate with the listeners and what joy they will bring. Interest is gathering.

    Meanwhile, Defconn and Jung Hyung-don's audio show “네이놈” is held every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 2 pm NAVER NOW. It becomes through air.

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    -Ju Ji Hoon, thrilling → thrilling excitement!
    -'Kingdom' Season 2 Ju Ji Hoon, a deeper and sharper acting notice with Prince X's growth character!

    Ju Ji Hoon heats March between modern and historical dramas.

    Ju Ji Hoon, who plays the role of elite lawyer Yoon Hee Jae in the first episode of drama 'HYENA' in February, meets viewers on the 13th with the Netflix original series 'Kingdom' season 2.

    Ju Ji Hoon is an elite lawyer in 'HYENA', but after meeting Jung Geum Ja, an attorney who is the opposite of her, she has been receiving a hot response by charmingly portraying every day's shaking a little. And in Season 2 of 'Kingdom', Lee Chang takes on the role of Prince Lee Chang, who continues the unstoppable fight to protect the people following Season 1, and depicts a desperate growth period.

    'Kingdom' Season 2 is a mystery thriller that depicts Chosun in crisis, where the dead have risen and become hell, the greed for the kingship and the blood struggle of Prince Chang, who no one can believe. Lee Chang, divided by Ju Ji Hoon, heads back to the palace in search of the source of the plague as he fights against the more greedy forces as well as the enormous life and death corps flocked from the bloody Chosun. Also, on a long journey that cannot be foreseen, they realize what a path for the nation and people is really.

    Ju Ji Hoon portrays Lee Chang, who is fiercely going forward to protect the people during the difficult times, and completes a character full of wounds but full of will with a unique performance. In addition, he will show off his deeper charisma by performing various action acts with faster breathing than Season 1. Ju Ji Hoon also said, "If Season 1's Chang was passive, in Season 2, he will accept the troubles and confused emotions he faced, and he will decide to deal with adversity with everything." It seems that it will catch the eye with acting that fits the character that has become harder than before.

    In this way, Ju Ji Hoon plays Yoon Hee Jae, an influential and sexy lawyer in 'HYENA', and Lee Chang, the heavy prince in 'Kingdom' season 2, and raises expectations that viewers will be able to beat their hearts with excitement and thrilling throbbing.

    Meanwhile, ‘HYENA’ is available every Friday and Saturday at 10 o'clock on SBS and Netflix, and ‘Kingdom’ season 2 will be released only on Netflix on March 13.

    - Google translation.