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    -Yoon Bo Ra, showing off her beauty
    -Yoon Bo Ra, 'Beauty Icon' who received beauty entertainment MC

    Actor Yoon Bo Ra was chosen as the MC of the beauty entertainment show '언니들의 뷰티카풀'.

    '언니들의 뷰티카풀' is a new concept beauty show in which two MCs, Girls' Generation HYOYEON, along with Yoon Bo Ra, who has transformed into a beauty manager for clients who have a lot of concerns about the beauty field, present makeup that fits T.P.O.

    Yoon Bo Ra transformed into a beauty mentor and MC of the program, not only does makeup to overcome the worries of celebrities who visit a beauty car, but also reveals her own makeup secrets and cherished tips.

    Until now, Yoon Bo Ra has been regarded as a wannabe star in the fashion and beauty field for her healthy and lovely charm. Through the '언니들의 뷰티카풀', it is known that they will show outstanding makeup skills from the beauty prowess that has been strengthened through girl group activities for more than 10 years, and announced the birth of a'beauty legend'.

    In addition, Yoon Bo Ra shows the co-MC HYOYEON and chemistry, drives an SUV for a beauty carpool, actively empathizes with the client's story, and blows away troubles with professional makeup and overflowing excitement. They will be proud and show off various activities.

    '언니들의 뷰티카풀', which is raising expectations with Yoon Bo Ra's beauty MC challenge, will be released on the NAVER TV channel every other Friday.

    Meanwhile, Yoon Bo Ra is scheduled to return to the drama with the drama '심야카페' Season 2 '힙업 힛업'.

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    → Reservations for active activities up to ‘간동거’, ‘popular activities without hesitation’

    -“한디” Kang Han Na, Pleasant talk, warm empathy, rich emotional expression... Listening as a “laugh trigger”
    -'Radio 1st Anniversary' Kang Han Na, "Thanks to our precious listeners who shared our daily life"

    Actor Kang Han Na delivered his impressions on the 1st anniversary of the radio show and heralded a brilliant performance in 2021.

    Kang Han Na has been the DJ of KBS Cool FM'볼륨을 높여요' since January 6 last year, communicating with listeners every evening with warm and positive energy. Despite his first DJ challenge after his debut, Kang Han Na, who captivated listeners with his smooth progress and excellent empathy, was recognized for his outstanding performance by winning the Radio DJ Rookie Award at the'KBS Entertainment Awards' at the end of last year.

    Kang Han Na expressed his feelings on the 1st anniversary of his radio show, saying, "Thank you to the valuable listeners who shared their daily lives for the year." “From now on, I will try to become a good DJ who makes every evening a cozy and enjoyable evening for you. In the future, I hope you will always be with me, "한디," which made me look forward to future activities.

    For the past year, Kang Han Na has been playing an active part as an all-around DJ'한디' by leading various corners with a cheat key-like charm that adds pleasant talk, warm sympathy, and even acting skills. In particular, the “한나와 두나” section, where Kang Han Na shares daily conversations with one person and two roles, is loved by a lot of emotions and acting skills, causing listeners to laugh and empathize.

    In addition, chemistry with guests cannot be left out. Kang Han Na met with various guests who came to ‘볼륨을 높여요’ as a ‘Tension Up Invitation’, and drew a variety of conversations through tension-rich, sometimes sincere talks. As such, Kang Han Na has been responsible for 8 o'clock every night with the charm of disarming both listeners and guests.

    On the other hand, Kang Han Na, who started 2021 vigorously with the 1st anniversary of the radio DJ following the year-end award, continues his popular activities with the tvN drama'간 떨어지는 동거'. The drama'간 떨어지는 동거', scheduled to be aired in the first half of the year, is a romantic comedy between 999-year-old Gumi-ho and a female college student nowadays to overcome the 977-year-old generation.

    Kang Han Na challenges a different acting transformation in the role of Yang Hye Sun, former Miho Gu Mi-ho, with a brilliant visual and innocent brain that is not. Yang Hye Sun is a woman who is more perfect than anyone on the surface, but in reality, she is a former Gumi-ho with Heo Dang and Baek Chi-mi, and Kang Han Na is going to capture viewers with her reversal charm upgraded with her strong visual and solid acting skills.

    Kang Han Na, who is showing a remarkable presence through drama and radio, is excited about her performance in 2021.

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    NCT (SM)'s 2nd album, which became a “double million seller,” recorded a reverse run on the US “Billboard 200” chart.

    'NCT – The 2nd Album RESONANCE Pt.1', released on October 12th, ranked no.36 on the Billboard's main album chart'Billboard 200' released on the 5th (local time), up three places from last week. The chart-in was recorded for the sixth week, confirming the local hot interest.

    This album was previously ranked no.6 in'Billboard 200','World Album','Independent Album' no.1 place,'Social 50','Top Album Sales','Top Current Album Sales','Tastemaker Album' no.2 place, It has entered the top 10 of the 8 Billboard charts, including no.3 in the'Artist 100'.

    In addition, NCT recorded 2.68 million album sales with its 2nd album, becoming a'Double Million Seller'. HANTEO CHART, Gaon's retail album chart, YES 24, and other record charts also ranked no.1 on the monthly charts in December, proving strong record power.

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    To unroll an action noir film-like pathos!

    TVXQ! U-KNOW (SM) present an action noir film-like pathos through ‘Thank U’, the title song of his new mini album.

    U-KNOW's second mini-album'NOIR', which will be released on various music sites at 6 pm on the 18th, is composed of a total of 6 songs including the title song'Thank U'. Expressed as, it is enough to meet the cinematic world of music.

    In particular, the title song ‘Thank U’ is a pop dance song with an impressive face-source and dramatic development like an action noir movie, with an addictive and witty chorus and convey the message of determination that he will become a better version of himself, using cynicism and mockery on the internet as nourishment for self-development.

    In addition, from TVXQ!'s numerous hits to U-KNOW's first mini-album title song'Follow', hitmaker Yoo Young Jin, who has been in harmony with U-KNOW, participated in the lyrics and composition, as well as Bruno Mars and Halsey. The Futuristics, who was in charge of producing a world-renowned artist, also worked together to enhance the level of completion.

    Meanwhile, U-KNOW's second mini album'NOIR' will be released on January 18th.

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    All SUPER JUNIOR songs from no.1 to no.14 on the 2020 Korea Top Singles Chart! Still explosive popularity!

    SUPER JUNIOR recording no.1 in the Korean singer section of '2020 ARTIST OF THE YEAR' selected by Taiwan's largest online music site 'KKBOX'.

    In the rankings of '2020 ARTIST OF THE YEAR', selected by the stream index on the KKBOX website and in the app, there are artists who are prominent from the no.1 to the no.10, with SUPER JUNIOR at no.1 and SUPER JUNIOR-K.R.Y. at no.9. It made me realize the hot popularity without change.

    In addition, in KKBOX's '2020 Korean Top Singles', which selected the 20 most popular songs last year, all of them from 1st to 14th were included in SUPER JUNIOR's 9th album repackage'TIMELESS', which attracted attention.

    Currently, SUPER JUNIOR is the 8th album'PLAY', 8th album repackage'REPLAY', 9th album'Time_Slip', 9th album repackage'from November 6th, 2017 to the present on the Korean album chart of Taiwan'KKBOX'. TIMELESS', the longest period of 164 weeks, has been firmly maintained.

    Meanwhile, SUPER JUNIOR is in the midst of preparing to release its 10th album,'The Renaissance'.

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    -Kim Seo Hyung, a brilliant comeback with tvN'Mine'...'Legend' update notice!
    -'Totally believe and see' Kim Seo Hyung, expectation of the next little tvN'Mine'↑

    Actor Kim Seo Hyung, who shined the end of the year with the Best Actor Award, confirmed the appearance of the new tvN drama'Mine' as the next work, and announced the splendid start of the new year.

    'The Acting Empress' Kim Seo Hyung and Lee Bo Young's new tvN drama'Mine', which is attracting a lot of attention just by meeting them, is a drama about the story of strong women who escape from the prejudice of the world and find the real mine.

    Baek Mi Kyung, who wrote '품위있는 그녀' and '힘쎈여자 도봉순', and director Lee Na Jung, who directed '좋아하면 울리는,' and '쌈, 마이웨이', worked together to create another one that cannot be missed in 2021. It is emerging as an expected work.

    Kim Seo Hyung, who is in charge of the title role of this work, is transformed into a splendid transformation into 'Jeong Seo-hyun', the first daughter-in-law of HYOWON group. Jeong Seo-hyun is from a chaebol family with tradition and great wealth, and is a character who combines the ingenuity, dignity and intelligence. In addition, he has an extremely developed reason enough to maintain a cold expression in any situation.

    With his thorough character analysis and acting ability, Kim Seo Hyung, who is evaluated as a'high-class' in every work, raises expectations about what differentiated charm will be drawn by the upper-class characters, and what explosive charisma will take the souls of viewers out. .

    Moreover, Kim Seo Hyung, whose presence every year, dyed the nation with the syndrome of '쓰앵님' with the drama 'SKY Castle' in 2018-19, and won the Best Actor Award for '아무도 모른다' at the '2020 SBS Drama Awards' at the end of last year. This is why I am looking forward to seeing Kim Seo Hyung's 'Mine', a wholly trusted actor.

    The new tvN drama “Mine,” Kim Seo Hyung's first new year's work, is scheduled to be broadcast for the first time in the first half of 2021.

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    New album ‘NOIR’ to consist of a total of 6 various tracks including ‘La Rosa’, featuring actress SHIN YEUEN!

    U-KNOW(SM) announced a new transformation with cinematic music with the new mini album “NOIR”

    New album'NOIR' to consist of a total of 6 various tracks including 'Eeny Meeny', which U-KNOW will have his follow-up activities with,'Time Machine','Loco (House Party)','Need You Right Now', and'La Rosa', featuring actress SHIN YEUEN.

    In particular, this album expresses the atmosphere reminiscent of each song in a movie genre in order to dramatically capture the deep emotions of a man's inner mind, adding to the expectation as it can meet cinematic music.

    In addition, this album will be released on various music sites such as FLO, Melon, Genie, iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, QQ Music, Kogou Music, Kuwo Music on the 18th at 6 pm, and the included song'Eeny Meeny' will be a follow-up song. It is released according to the schedule of activities and can only be met in advance on the album.

    Meanwhile, U-KNOW's second mini-album “NOIR” will be released as a record on January 18th, and can be pre-purchased at various online and offline record stores.

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    -KEYEAST, “Actor Kim Dong Wook, who has been with us on the basis of trust, will support generously with gratitude”
    -Kim Dong Wook, actor with both acting ability + box office ability, expectation of future activities UP

    Actor Kim Dong Wook continues his loyal activities by signing a renewal contract with the comprehensive entertainment group KEYEAST.

    On the 5th, the CEO of KEYEAST said, “Actor Kim Dong Wook, who has been with KEYEAST since January 2017, signed a second renewal contract. Kim Dong Wook, who has been with us for more than 5 years based on strong trust, decided to join the company once again following 2019, so we plan to support generously with gratitude.”

    Kim Dong Wook won the grand prize at the'MBC Drama Awards' that year for the 2019 drama'특별근로감독관 조장풍', and the movies'신과 함께-죄와 벌(2017)' and'신과 함께-인과 연(2018)' Through, he quickly emerged as the leading role in the box office, solidified his position as an actor with both acting ability and box office performance.

    Kim Dong Wook received great love from her debut as a lovely atmosphere maker'Jin Ha Lim' through MBC's'커피프린스 1호점', and took on the lead role of OCN '손 the guest' in terms of audience ratings, topicality, and completeness. Everyone was well received and once again proved their presence. In particular, he is a cynical news anchor in MBC's “그 남자의 기억법”, but he also succeeded in transforming into a romantic image by depicting the pain of a double person living in the pain of remembering everything. In addition, he has established himself as an actor giving confidence to the public and the industry through more than 30 films, including the films “국가대표(2009)” and “후궁:제왕의 첩(2012)”.

    Kim Dong Wook, who built a new and unrivaled character for each work based on his solid acting skills, signed a renewal contract with KEYEAST, a comprehensive entertainment group that is actively producing dramas and actors with top artists, paying attention to the synergy. do.

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    -From ESteemX “오래 살고 볼일”, from HAN HYE JIN to the general manager... Mentor role in each field
    -ESteem plays an active part from the 1st to the last through '오래 살고 볼일' Viewer focus

    Artists and general managers of ESteem, a creative content company, performed various activities through'오래 살고 볼일'.

    From the first episode of MBN's '오래 살고 볼일-어쩌다 모델', which ended with the final episode broadcast on the 3rd, from the first episode, various artists and general representatives from ESteem group appeared, allowing the challengers to serve as mentors as experts in each field. .

    First, the top model HAN HYE JIN, who showed two appearances as the main MC and mentor of the program, attracted attention with a clean yet skillful progression full of her own charm every time. Not only that, as a 22nd year model, it served as a reliable guide next to the senior model challengers and made the hearts of those who see it grow with those who walk toward their dreams.

    ESteem Group CEO and affiliated stylist Koo Dong Hyun, fashion designer and character businessman Yoni Pai appeared as special mentors, and gave generous advice to challengers as mentors as well as judges at each mission. In particular, the general manager was in charge of directing the final fashion show and focused attention with a sword-like appearance that carefully analyzes and corrects the attitude of each challenger and the appearance of leading the fashion show.

    In addition to this, PARK EUN HYE, LEE JI MIN, their own models, who showed the appearance of model lesson experts by conducting walking classes of challengers, and KIM JIN GON, LIM JI SEOB, and JUNG HA YOUNG, who stood on the runway with the challengers at the final fashion show, 13 I was able to meet ESteem artists who were active from the first to the final, from the first to the final, from the model to which they belonged to and the top model LEE HYUNYI selected as the final fashion show jury.

    ESteem, which has been active as a'오래 살고 볼일', opens a one-day class of'I AM A MODEL YOLD', a project for middle-aged people over 50 years old in January through'EStudio Model Academy', an artist training institution, and in March. The model class is scheduled to open. ESteem, which leads the current trend of growing interest in senior models through'오래 살고 볼일', is going to give middle-aged people an opportunity to try new challenges.

    On the other hand, MBN's “오래 살고 볼일-어쩌다 모델”, which attracted attention with the appearance of ESteem's artists and general representatives, ended with the final episode on the 3rd.

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    ‘Splendid stage + versatile charm + high quality’, proving his irreplaceable values!

    EXO BAEKHYUN (SM), which has set a “sales record of 1 million solo albums,” successfully completed its first solo concert through “Beyond LIVE,” the world's first paid online concert.

    'Beyond LIVE-BAEKHYUN: LIGHT', broadcast live through NAVER V LIVE on the 3rd at 3pm (Korean time), is based on the concept of'Light', BAEKHYUN's superpower in EXO's worldview, It was enough to meet the true value of BAEKHYUN, a'one-top solo singer', offering high-quality performances in harmony with AR and graphic effects.

    In particular, as this is BAEKHYUN's first solo concert, about 110,000 viewers from 120 countries around the world including Korea, the United States, China, Japan, and Thailand enjoyed the concert together, including'#BAEKHYUNBeyondLIVE' and'#BAEKHYUN1stConcert'. Hashtags also occupied the No. 1 Twitter real-time trend in countries such as France, the Netherlands, Russia, Vietnam, and Indonesia, recognizing the global popularity of BAEKHYUN once again.

    In this day's performance, BAEKHYUN recorded the second mini-album'Delight', which recorded millions of sellers from solo debut song'UN Village' to'Underwater', ‘R U Ridin’?’, ‘Poppin’ ’, and the latest single'놀이공원', SM Through'STATION','YOUNG' and'공중정원', drama '청춘기록', OST '나의 시간은', etc., with a total of 23 songs that can meet the charm of the universal vocalist BAEKHYUN, the audience responded explosively. Got it.

    In addition, “What I Want For Christmas” and “MY ANSWER,” which BAEKHYUN played the piano and played with sweet vocals, EXO and EXO-CBX's hit songs such as 'CALL ME BABY', '으르렁', '花요일', and 'Cherish' have also been newly released in their own colors, and Japan's first mini-album'BAEKHYUN' scheduled to be released on January 20th. In addition to the first release of the new song of'Addicted', the title song'Get You Alone' and a music video were also pre-released.

    In addition, on the stage of'Ghost' and'Psycho', using motion capture technology, a giant dancer with a size of 8m in the form of light performed with BAEKHYUN.'나의 시간은' with a warm bookstore in the background, space space Stage productions with realistic AR and XR effects, such as'Love Again' as if in the room and'Candy' in the background of a candy shop decorated with neon signs, also doubled the joy of seeing.

    In addition, BAEKHYUN added fun by closely communicating with fans through a witty conversation through interactive communication using multiple video connections. Like the light that can always be seen, I want to be with you all the time. I will continue to grow while working hard in the future, so please love me.”

    On the other hand, BAEKHYUN pre-released the sound source and music video of the title song'Get You Alone' at 0 o'clock on the 4th prior to the release of Japan's first mini album'BAEKHYUN', and can be found on various music sites from 12 o'clock.

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