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    SHINee KEY(SM)'s comeback stage, which made a solo comeback with first mini album 'BAD LOVE', to be broadcast for the first time through a music program on the 30th.

    Starting with Mnet's 'M COUNTDOWN' broadcast on September 30th, KEY appeared on music programs such as KBS2TV 'Music Bank' on October 1st, MBC 'Music Core' on October 2nd, and SBS 'Inkigayo' on the 3rd. The comeback stage of 'BAD LOVE' unfolds.

    In particular, as the title song 'BAD LOVE' is a retro-mood pop dance song that tragically captures the tragic image of being broken by a nightmare love and unable to let go, the performance is also KEY's It is expected to receive a good response by composing the choreography with delicate expressive power.

    In addition, KEY plans to present the title song 'BAD LOVE' as well as the b-side songs such as 'Yellow Tape', 'Helium', and 'Saturday Night' through this week's music broadcast, so it is expected to fascinate music fans with its colorful charms. .

    Meanwhile, KEY's first mini-album 'BAD LOVE', released on the 27th, topped the iTunes Top Albums chart in 33 regions around the world with Guatemala added. It is gaining global popularity, taking first place in China's QQ Music digital album sales chart and Japan's Recochoku daily album ranking.

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    Successfully wraps up his first musical, selling out all tickets as well as receiving praises for his acting!
    “Thank you for supporting me and giving courage in taking on this new challenge”

    NCT 127 DOYOUNG (SM) will perform the last performance of the musical 'Marie Antoinette' on the 29th.

    In the musical 'Marie Antoinette', which opened in July, DOYOUNG took on the role of '악셀 폰 페르젠', a Swedish nobleman with attractive looks and courage, emotionally portraying a mournful and sad love with French Queen 'Marie Antoinette' before the performance. It received a warm response as all seats were sold out.

    In particular, DOYOUNG delicately expressed characters with various emotions from sadness to anger, even though this work was the first musical challenge, and of course, the numbers were perfectly digested with accurate dictation and a unique solid yet clear tone.

    Ahead of the last performance, DOYOUNG said, “It was a very grateful time to meet the audience through a musical. I was worried a lot when I started, but I think I was able to do it well because I met good colleagues and directors. Thanks to the fans who cheered me on not to be afraid of new challenges, I was able to take on with excitement rather than fear. I will try my best to show that I continue to challenge myself in the future.”

    On the other hand, group NCT 127, to which DOYOUNG belongs, broke the record sales of 2.15 million copies in a week with the 3rd album 'Sticker' released on the 17th, maintaining the first place in the Korean album charts for 2 weeks in a row, and winning 3 music broadcasts. , ranked 3rd on the US Billboard 200, entered the UK's official album chart TOP40, and swept the global charts, such as Japan's Oricon Weekly Album Chart.

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    ESteem EStudio Junior Class, the start of fashion-focused kids model academy

    ‘EStudio Professional Academy’, an institution for nurturing new artists operated by ESteem, is actively operating junior classes and in-depth junior classes for 3 months.

    ESteem EStudio Junior Class is a high-quality class designed to provide the most important 'experience' and 'opportunity' to juniors who have a dream of becoming an influencer who needs to be a versatile artist in addition to walking and posing as well as excellent fashion sense. did. Professional influencers who have been recognized for their skills in the entertainment industry participated as mentors and provided experiences to develop their skills and competencies through a variety of curriculum focused on nurturing kids fashion influencers, such as walking, posing, and dancing.

    The education system supported by EStudio junior class showed ESteem's distinctive color unlike other model academies, which was proven by the junior class students. Some of the classes in the curriculum were sponsored by SPAO, KARYMARKET, FILA, and MLB, so I had the opportunity to experience a photo shoot, and also helped with casting activities such as participating in auditions for various commercial films through acting classes. In addition, ESteem Entertainment's youngest exclusive model Jung Woo Ju also participates in junior classes and advanced courses, and is also active as a model for SK Telecom's T universe advertisement. In addition, EStudio announced that it will open a junior one-day class on the upcoming 30th of October, providing opportunities for many aspiring junior influencers.

    On the other hand, according to the opinions of the students' parents, taking the junior class not only improves the correct posture, but also brightens the child's personality, and it is said that the self-confidence to express one's opinion has been developed. In addition, it is said that his positive attitude has increased, such as focusing more on his studies and improving his lifestyle.

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    From the US Billboard-UK official chart to Oricon, the global music charts have been completely accepted!
    The super-strong ‘Sticker’ is a hit!

    NCT 127 (SM) also took over the Japanese Oricon charts with their 3rd album 'Sticker'.
    NCT 127 ranked first on the Oricon Weekly Album Chart (September 20-26) with their 3rd album 'Sticker' released on September 17th, and this is the second time this year, following the Japanese mini album 'LOVEHOLIC' released in February. It once again confirmed its hot popularity in the local area.

    On the morning of the 28th, Oricon posted on the official website, "NCT 127's latest album 'Sticker' took the first place in the Oricon Weekly album ranking. After 'LOVEHOLIC', it was the 2nd work in a row, and it was the 2nd work to win the 1st place."

    NCT 127 is the 3rd album, and it not only took 3rd place, which is the highest ranking of this year's K-pop albums on the US Billboard's main chart 'Billboard 200', but also entered the UK official album chart TOP40, Japan LINE MUSIC album Top 100 chart, Japan It swept global charts, including Rakuten real-time chart No. 1, QQ Music digital album sales chart in China, and KKBOX Korea single chart in Malaysia.

    In addition, this album surpassed 2.15 million copies in album sales within a week of its release, recording a 'double million seller'. 1st place on the Korean music charts for 2 weeks in a row and 3 awards on music shows, confirming the super power of NCT 127.

    On the other hand, NCT 127 will appear on SBS MTV music program 'THE SHOW', which will be broadcast at 6 pm on the 28th.

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    The title song 'Savage' performance stage was released for the first time!
    Tracklist poster open! Boost your anticipation for the new album!

    ‘Metaverse girl group’ aespa (SM) will hold a showcase to commemorate the release of their first mini album ‘Savage’.

    aespa will open ‘SYNK DIVE: aespa Savage SHOWCASE’ through the official YouTube channel from 8 pm on October 5th to communicate with fans around the world.

    On this day's broadcast, aespa plans to tell various stories related to the new album, such as their comeback impressions, album introduction, and unboxing, so high interest is expected.

    In addition, the performance stage of the title song 'Savage' is also expected to attract attention as an unrivaled stage that will be unveiled for the first time through this showcase.

    In addition, aespa previously released a teaser image of 'SYNK DIVE', which expresses the state in which the consciousness of real-world members and avatar 'ae' is synchronized through various SNS accounts. The teaser image and tracklist poster were opened to further amplify the anticipation for the new album.

    On the other hand, aespa's first mini-album 'Savage' will be released on October 5 at 6 pm on various music sites, and will also be released as an album on the same day.

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    First broadcast of ‘Today’s Celebrity - Hyo Boss’ with ‘HYO BOSS’

    Girls' Generation HYOYEON(SM) to become a live commerce shopping curator.

    HYOYEON transforms into ‘HYO BOSS’, a shopping curator, and conducts a live commerce broadcast ‘Today’s Celebrity - Hyo Boss’.

    ‘Today’s Celebrity - Hyo Boss’, which will be aired for the first time through NAVER Shopping LIVE at 7:30 pm on the 28th, unfolds under the theme of 'camping', and offers various camping items and tips featuring the sensual curation of 'HYO BOSS', a camping maniac. Not only can we meet, show host Lee Jong Woo and camping expert Song Choong geun also appear together, so it will be a more informative and fun time.

    ‘HYO BOSS’, which first appeared in the previously released teaser video, is supported by HYOYEON with a bright and attractive appearance, and as she revealed her will and aspirations for live commerce, what she will show in this broadcast raises expectations.

    Meanwhile, HYOYEON has been active in music activities, such as taking the top spot in 8 regions on the iTunes Top Song Chart with her single 'Second', which was released on August 9th.

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    SHINee KEY (SM) topped the charts at the same time as comeback with first mini album 'BAD LOVE'.

    KEY's first mini-album 'BAD LOVE', released on the 27th, topped the iTunes Top Albums chart in 32 regions around the world, including the US, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Finland, Japan, India, Ireland, Lithuania, Macau, Malaysia, Mexico, Mongolia, Nigeria, New Zealand, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sri Lanka , Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, Bolivia, Turkey, Vietnam

    In addition, this album topped the QQ Music digital album sales chart in China and the Recochoku daily album ranking in Japan, and after the release of the title song 'BAD LOVE', it ranked first in the Korean music charts, including VIBE.

    This album includes the title song ‘BAD LOVE’ with a strong retro mood, ‘Saturday Night’, ‘Eighteen (End Of My World)’, ‘Yellow Tape’, ‘Helium’, ‘Hate that… (Feat. 태연)', and 6 songs that stand out with KEY's sensual colors are being recorded, and they are getting a good response.

    On the other hand, KEY will appear on SBS Power FM '두시탈출 컬투쇼', which will be broadcast at 2 pm on September 30th.

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    The highest rank achieved by a K-Pop artist this year!
    Renewed its own highest ranking with TOP3 + successfully entered the main chart for 4 consecutive years!

    NCT 127 (SM) records 3rd place on the US Billboard 200 with their 3rd album 'Sticker', recording the highest ranking among K-pop albums this year.

    On the 26th (local time), Billboard released the top 10 albums of 'Billboard 200' (as of October 2) through an article on its website, saying, "NCT 127 debuted in the TOP3 with the 3rd album 'Sticker' and recorded the highest ranking. ” reported.

    As a result, NCT 127 placed 86th on the 1st album 'NCT #127 Regular-Irregular' in 2018, 11th on the 4th mini album 'NCT #127 We Are Superhuman' in 2019, and 5th on the 2nd album 'NCT #127 Neo Zone' last year. After that, with this album, it rose to the top 3, They are constantly breaking their own records and achieving meaningful results on the 'Billboard 200' for four consecutive albums.

    In particular, NCT 127's entry into the TOP3 ranks the highest among K-pop albums listed on the 'Billboard 200' so far this year, proving once again their overwhelming influence and status as a representative K-pop group.

    In addition, in this week's 'Billboard 200' chart TOP10, world-class musicians such as Drake, Lil Nas X, Kanye West, Olivia Rodrigo, Doja Cat, and The Kid LAROI took third place amongst the most powerful lineup ever.

    With this album, NCT 127 became a 'Double million seller' with 2.15 million copies sold within a week of its release. It is receiving a lot of love from music fans around the world, ranking first in the QQ Music digital album sales chart and in Japan's LINE MUSIC album top 100 chart.

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    Super Power!

    'Double million seller' NCT 127 (SM) is continuing its popularity with the 3rd album 'Sticker'.

    NCT 127's 3rd album 'Sticker' topped weekly charts on various album charts, including HANTEO CHART, HOTTRACKS, and GAON retail album charts released by LINE MUSIC, and topped the charts for two weeks in a row.

    In addition, with this album, NCT 127 surpassed 2.15 million copies in album sales within a week of its release, becoming a 'double million seller', and also ranked 3rd in the US Billboard's main chart 'Billboard 200', the highest ranking of K-pop albums released this year. They are breaking their own best records.

    This album swept various charts, including No. 1 in the Korean album and music charts, 3 awards on music shows, entering the UK's official album chart TOP 40, China QQ Music's digital album sales chart 1st, and Japan's LINE MUSIC album top 100 chart.

    On the other hand, NCT 127 will appear on SBS MTV music program 'THE SHOW', which will be broadcast on September 28th.

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    Countdown live at 5PM KST ->  Music & MV release at 6PM KST!
    ‘Beyond LIVE’ solo concert, which was first released on the stage of the new song, was a great success!

    SHINee KEY (SM) is making a comeback with new solo album 'BAD LOVE' on the 27th.

    KEY's first mini-album 'BAD LOVE' will be released at 6 pm on the 27th at various music sites such as FLO, Melon, genie, iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, QQ Music, KuGou Music, and KuWo Music, and the title song 'BAD LOVE' will be released. ' Can also meet the music video at the same time through YouTube and NAVER TV SMTOWN channels.

    The title song 'BAD LOVE' is a pop dance song that creates a retro mood with a strong synth sound and a lively beat. The lyrics tragically depicts a self-selected nightmare love that can't be let go even though it's broken, and KEY's vocals, which delicately express chaotic emotions, double the charm of the song.

    In addition, this album includes 'Saturday Night' and 'Eighteen (End Of My World)' written by KEY himself, and the pre-release song 'Hate that…' featuring TAEYEON. ', 'Yellow Tape', and 'Helium' have a total of 6 songs.

    Also, prior to the release of her new album, KEY held her solo concert through the world's first online-only concert 'Beyond LIVE' on the 26th, and unveiled the stages of new songs including the title song 'BAD LOVE' for the first time.

    In this performance, KEY not only performed a new song stage, but also released the first album release songs such as 'One of Those Nights', 'Forever Yours' and 'Imagine', Japanese solo debut song 'Hologram', The reinterpretation of SHINee's 7th album track 'Body Rhythm' provided a total of 16 colorful stages, and a special performance featuring unique sensuous music, performance, and style was performed.

    On the other hand, KEY will be conducting a live countdown broadcast “KEY’s ‘BAD LOVE’ ODYSSEY” on the YouTube SHINee channel from 5 pm on the 27th, and will tell various stories such as album introduction, work behind-the-scenes, and activity spoilers.

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