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    To unroll his cinematic music world! Pre-orders available from today!

    TVXQ! U-KNOW(SM) to come back with a movie-like album on January 18th  

    U-KNOW's second mini-album'NOIR' will be released on January 18th, and it contains a total of 6 songs with various atmospheres, so the hot interest of global music fans is expected.

    In particular, as the album name'NOIR' is French, which means black, and one of the movie genres, this album follows the first mini-album'True Colors' with colorful emotions, and expresses the deep emotions of a man in various genres. It is composed of cinematic music that is expressed like a movie in the movie, enough to meet another charm of U-KNOW.

    Also, U-KNOW is TVXQ! As well as gaining global popularity with its overwhelming charisma that captivates the stage through solo album activities, as well as being loved in many fields as a friendly and passionate character in various entertainment programs, the new album activity to show The appearance is more exciting.

    Meanwhile, U-KNOW's second mini-album “NOIR” can be pre-purchased at various online and offline record stores starting on the 4th.

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    -Chae Jung An appeared in the role of “Yeo Eui Joo”, editor of JTBC’s “월간 집” non-marriageist… Expectations for “hyper realism” acting
    -'월간 집' Chae Jung An, lovely and cool charm → Jung So Min and'Friend Chemistry' interest UP!

    Actor Chae Jung An confirmed to appear in JTBC's new drama'월간 집'.

    Chae Jung An, who was loved by viewers as a lawyer full of humanity through the last JTBC drama'리갈하이', returns with'Yeo Eui Joo', which has a cool personality this time.

    JTBC's new drama'월간 집' is a drama about the romance of a man who buys a house and a woman who lives at home, and Chae Jung An is a 13-year veteran editor of Living Magazine's 월간 집. He took on the role of'Yeo Eui Joo'.

    ‘Yeo Eui Joo’ is an unmarried person with the belief that “the only thing left to enjoy this moment is”, who lives passionately and energetically in every moment. Therefore, it is expected that the hyper-realistic acting that Chae Jung An, who has been loved for his frank and frank charm, will bring out a lot of sympathy among the real nonmarriers living in this era.

    In addition, Eui Joo, unlike his coworker Young Won (Jung So Min), who puts a lot of meaning on'my home', is a'real estate downtrend' who has not found the meaning of'preparing my home' and pays 1.3 million won per month. They are also interested in the'friend chemistry' that Chae Jung An and Jung So Min will show.

    On the other hand,'월간 집', which predicted the birth of high-quality dramas with a solid lineup of actors Chae Jung An, Jung So Min, Kim Ji-seok, Jung Geon-ju, Kim Won-hae, and Ahn Chang-hwan, was held in the first half of this year. It will be aired on JTBC.

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    EXO BAEKHYUN (SM) will hold their first solo concert on the 3rd through the world's first paid online concert 'Beyond LIVE'.

    'Beyond LIVE-BAEKHYUN: LIGHT' will be held on the 3rd at 3 pm through NAVER V LIVE's Beyond LIVE channel. It is expected to get a response.

    BAEKHYUN is planning to present a variety of stages, including songs from the second mini album 'Delight' shining in 'Million Seller', as well as solo release songs such as the first mini album, OST, and EXO and EXO-CBX release songs, boosting expectations Let it.

    In addition, BAEKHYUN's stylish performance is expected to provide a different experience to the audience with a fantastic stage that combines the lively AR and XR effects of 'Beyond LIVE', and colorful 3D graphics.

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    Highest viewing record ever for a Korean online concert!
    A true global K-Pop festival beyond boundaries of locations!
    -“Be kind, Be humble and Be the love” Executive Producer SOOMAN LEE spreads hopeful message through music
    -“K-Pop is a medium of communitcation, we have prepared this free concert to give bright hope and energy for the new year”

    The global music festival “SMTOWN LIVE” warmed the whole world on the first day of the new year.

    'SMTOWN LIVE “Culture Humanity” has been broadcast free of charge worldwide through various platforms such as NAVER V LIVE, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, etc. from 1 p.m. Korean time on January 1st. It records 35,830,000 streams on TV, confirming the explosive interest.

    This is the record for the highest number of viewers in the history of Korean online concerts, and it reminds us of the global popularity and power of SM artists.

    In the opening video that opened the stage of the performance on this day, the general producer of SOOMAN LEE directly appeared, "Music has no barriers. We can communicate without language, and it is a great comfort and healing to each other and to each other. SM and I, everyone." We are striving to provide such music to people.” He emphasized that the core of CT (Culture Technology), which is the basis of the SM production system, is 'Humanity'. “Today this free concert blesses and celebrates the humanity of SM fans who are now together. It delivered the message of “Be kind, be humble, be the love” for a better world.

    Next, starting with NCT DREAM's ‘Ridin’’, WayV 'Take Off', NCT 127 'Punch', Red Velvet 'Bad Boy', '피카부 (Peek-A-Boo)', KAI'음(Mmmh)' and 'Reason', TAEMIN'Criminal' and '이데아 (IDEA:理想)', SUPER JUNIOR-D&E '너는 나만큼 (Growing Pains)', SuperM '100', BAEKHYUN 'Candy', KANGTA '감기약 (Cough Syrup)' A variety of stages of the express lineup such as, etc. were unfolded and caught the eye.

    In addition, aespa 'Black Mamba', NCT DREAM '무대로 (Déjà Vu; 舞代路)', NCT U 'Make a Wish (Birthday Song)', '90's Love', Red Velvet 'Psycho', SuperM 'One (Monster & Infinity)', TAEYEON 'Happy' and'What Do I Call You', SUPER JUNIOR 'SUPER CLAP' and '2YA2YAO!', TVXQ! Various hits such as '운명 (The Chance of Love)' and '꿈 (Dream)', BAEKHYUN 'UN Village (feat.NCT MARK)', GINJO'The Riot (feat.WayV TENxXIAOJUN)', Raiden 'Yours (feat.aespa WINTER)', IMLAY 'Asteroid (Feat.WayV YANGYANG)', etc., with a total of 39 songs, including the collaboration stage.

    In addition, a video that predicts SHINee's comeback in 2021 was also released, from the plane as if flying through the screen of the WayV 'Take Off' stage, to the warm greenhouse of SuperM 'Better Days', and Super Junior-K.R.Y '푸르게 빛나던 우리의 계절 (When We Were Us)'s green forest, TVXQ! The burning ruins of '왜 (Keep Your Head Down)' and the helicopter, and the dragon that showed the overwhelming presence of NCT 127 '영웅 (英雄; Kick It)' are also attractive with vivid AR (augmented reality) technology and graphic effects. Added.

    TAEYEON said, "I could feel how precious it is to get along with people, and I think it was a year when the time spent with my family has increased. It was uncomfortable and difficult due to COVID-19, but the non-face-to-face performance became a trend, so'SMTOWN LIVE' performance I don't have a hard time ticketing, and I don't think anyone in the world can see it.” U-KNOW also said, “The ordinary moments that I didn’t know well when I’m always feeling precious and tender. In 2021, I did not forget the preciousness of the ordinary that I learned last year. The artists also proved their love for fans with comments warmly encouraging global music fans, such as saying, “I feel like I should spend harder while grateful for every moment.”

    At the end of the performance, all the cast members decorated the scene with a video of'Hope' containing support for hope and greetings of the New Year, and DJs that are receiving global attention such as Raiden, GINJO, and IMLAY as the after-stage are SM artists' hit songs. The remixed set list also presented an exciting EDM performance, completing a real music festival that everyone can enjoy together, although they cannot be met offline.

    SM Co-CEO Lee Sung Su and Tak Young Jun said, “K-pop is not just music, it is close to life and is a medium for sharing emotions and communication. We prepared this free concert to provide bright hope and energy for a better future, to support K-pop fans all over the world after having a hard time in 2020 with the COVID-19 pandemic and greeting the New Year.” Revealed.

    Meanwhile,'SMTOWN LIVE' has been successfully held in major cities around the world such as Seoul, New York, LA, Paris, Tokyo, Osaka, Beijing, Shanghai, Bangkok, Singapore and Dubai since 2008, setting numerous records and gathering topics.

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    The'SMTOWN LIVE' online concert, which is broadcast for free around the world, is finally unfolding on the 1st.

    'SMTOWN LIVE “Culture Humanity” can be met through various platforms such as NAVER V LIVE, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, and Japanese KNTV from 1 p.m. (Korean time) on the 1st. Response is expected.

    In particular, this concert was designed to deliver comfort and hope through music to people around the world who are having a hard time due to COVID-19, as the core of CT (Culture Technology), the basis of the SM production system, is in'Humanity'. With online free performances, it is expected that a festival venue that all global fans can enjoy together.

    Also in this performance, KANGTA, TVXQ!, SUPER JUNIOR, Girls' Generation TAEYEON, SHINee TAEMIN, EXO BAEKHYUN and KAI, Red Velvet, NCT 127, NCT DREAM, NCT U, WayV, SuperM, aespa, GINJO, IMLAY, Raiden, etc. Expectations are rising as they will appear and present various stages including hit songs.

    Meanwhile,'SMTOWN LIVE' is SM's global performance brand that has been successfully unfolded in major cities around the world such as Seoul, New York, LA, Paris, Tokyo, Osaka, Beijing, Shanghai, Bangkok, Singapore, and Dubai since 2008. The concert was safely conducted by pre-recording all stages in compliance with the quarantine guidelines.

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    Captivating fans around the world with gorgeous visuals + upgraded progression skills!
    “I wish you a year full of happy things”

    LIM YOONA (Girls' Generation YOONA, SM) has been getting hot reactions since the beginning of the year.

    LIM YOONA attended the '2020 MBC 가요대제전 : THE MOMENT' broadcasted on the 31st as an MC for 6 consecutive years, and received applause for their upgraded performance skills.

    On this day, LIM YOONA led the awards ceremony with a lively feeling, conveying the passion of the singers through various reactions and cheerful talks, even though all the performances were pre-recorded.

    In particular, LIM YOONA prepared a special stage with Kim Sun Ho, who was in charge of the show, and showed a refreshing charm by completely covering ‘Perhaps Love’, and drew attention by boasting a gorgeous visual suitable for the festival.

    As such, LIM YOONA has captivated Korean viewers as well as fans around the world with its unrivaled presence, and has properly proven itself as an “all-rounder”.

    In addition, through the official social media account on the 1st, “I hope this year will be full of happy things. I will show you my activities in various places this year too, so I ask for your interest and love. In addition, I hope everyone is healthy and wishes you a happy new year.” He left a wishful New Year's greeting, giving warmth and raising expectations even in 2021.

    On the other hand, the JTBC drama 'HUSH', in which LIM YOONA is appearing, is scheduled to be broadcast this week as a JTBC New Year special program, and will be aired 7 times on the 8th.

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    -KEYEAST ★ Guys, cheering open in 2021 + New Year's greetings 'Overflowing warmth'
    -21 KEYEAST actors wishing for health and happiness with warm encouragement

    Actors belonging to the comprehensive entertainment group KEYEAST released a warm New Year greeting video for the New Year 2021.

    On January 1, the first day of the new year, KEYEAST surprisingly released a video of the actors' New Year greetings through the official VLIVE channel, YouTube, and SNS channels. In the released video, affiliated artists Kang Ji Young, Kim Dong Wook, Kim Seo Hyung, Kim Si Eun, Kim Eui Sung, Kim Jae Chul, Mun Ka Young, Mi Ram, Park Ha Seon, Yoon Bo Ra, Jang Seo Won, Jung Sung Il, Jung Eun Chae, Jung Ji Hwan, Ji Hyun Jun, Chi Hae Won, Chae Jung An, Choi Sung Joon, Han Seon Hwa, Hong Ji Yoon, Hwang In Youp with sincere New Year's greetings and coronavirus infection. (COVID-19) He delivered warmth with a message supporting overcoming.

    First, the actors of KEYEAST said, "The year 2021 is bright. You are having a heavy and difficult time in the whole society due to COVID-19, but I hope that everyone will get through this time together with strength and strength." . “I hope that the new year will be full of joyful and happy news. I hope that we can meet with you in a healthy way.” He announced the powerful start of 2021.

    In particular, Kim Dong Wook, Kim Seo Hyung, Park Ha Seon, Mun Ka Young, and Hwang In Youp revealed their goals for the year with new year greetings. First, Kim Dong Wook raised the expectation by saying, "I want to meet you in a good work this year," and Kim Seo Hyung said, "I am looking forward to this year," and made me look forward to new activities to be shown in the future.

    In addition, Park Ha Seon said, "The goal is to work like a cow," and Mun Ka Young said, "Everyone has endured and endured a difficult time together. I hope you do a little harder." Finally, Hwang In Youp predicted active communication, saying, "Our goal this year is communication. I hope we can communicate more closely with you."

    In addition, Kang Ji Young, Kim Si Eun, Kim Eui Sung, Kim Jae Chul, Mi Ram, Yoon Bo Ra, Jang Seo Won, Jung Sung Il, Ji Hyun Jun, Chi Hae Won, Chae Jung An, Choi Sung Joon, Han Seon Hwa, Hong Ji Yoon, etc. cheered with warm greetings through the video. In addition, actors who could not participate in the filming due to the schedule also filled their hearts with warm interest.

    Meanwhile, KEYEAST actors' New Year's greeting videos can be found on KEYEAST's official VLIVE channel (https://www.vlive.tv/channel/937D77), YouTube, and SNS.

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    -'아무도 모른다' Kim Seo Hyung won the Best Acting Award ‘Acting Transformation + Proof of Unique Presence’
    -Kim Seo Hyung "Thank you for acting Cha Young Jin, a good adult, we hope to overcome 2021 with the heroes within us"

    Actor Kim Seo Hyung ended 2020 with the best actor award at the '2020 SBS Drama Awards'.

    Kim Seo Hyung won the Best Actor Award in the genre/action category of the mini-series for the drama'아무도 모른다' at the '2020 SBS Drama Awards' held on the 31st.

    Kim Seo Hyung, who was called as the winner, went on the stage and said, "Thank you. I wasn't a hero wearing a nice suit, mask, and cloak, but young Eun-ho told Cha Young Jin as a hero. He met Cha Young Jin, a good adult, and let me play. Thank you to everyone," she said.

    Kim Seo Hyung, who expressed his affection for the work, said, "It was a work that allowed us to draw the story of children and adults living together beyond age," said Kim Seo Hyung, who expressed his love for the work. I hope that I can overcome this in a healthy way. I wish you a happy new year,” she expressed his heartfelt encouragement.

    Kim Seo Hyung took on the role of Cha Young Jin in the SBS drama'아무도 모른다' aired last year, and gave birth to another character by performing hot roles with unrivaled acting skills and excellent character digestibility. In this work, Kim Seo Hyung succeeded in acting transformation by showing a delicate and wide range of acting, including cold charisma, heart-warming tears, and unstoppable action. In addition, by expressing a special genre called a mystery sensibility chase drama with a variety of acting skills, it led viewers' immersion and proved that he is an irreplaceable luxury actor.

    As such, Kim Seo Hyung has solidified the title of an actor who believes and sees by capturing viewers with an attractive acting from the JTBC drama'SKY Castle' to the first solo starring'아무도 모른다'. Interest is focused on Kim Seo Hyung's unrivaled activities that will continue in 2021.

    Meanwhile, Kim Seo Hyung is carefully reviewing his next work.

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    Tears Steel Revealed to Increase Immersion!
    LIM YOONA's growing pains increase the empathy index!

    'HUSH' LIM YOONA (Girls' Generation YOONA, SM) is raises the viewer's empathy index.

    LIM YOONA has transformed into the role of “Lee Ji Soo”, a surviving reporter in the JTBC drama “HUSH,” and is focusing her attention with realistic acting.

    In "HUSH", LIM YOONA not only fills the drama richly with various expressive powers that change according to the situation, but also shows the acting of tears with a different atmosphere every time as it got the nickname "1 time 1 tear". And got a good response.

    In particular, LIM YOONA draws the support of those who sincerely portray the pains of newcomers in society and the growth pains that can only be experienced through them in the reality that organizations are prioritized over individuals.

    On the other hand, episodes 7 and 8 of “HUSH,” which LIM YOONA is expected to have a sense of mission as a reporter in earnest, will be closed for one week as a JTBC New Year special program, and will be broadcast on January 8th and 9th.

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    NCT's 2nd Album, Double Million Seller + YouTube Total Views of 400 Million!

    NCT (SM)'s 2nd album, which recorded "Double Million Seller," was spotlighted by US Forbes.

    On December 29 (local time), the US economic magazine Forbes published an article titled'NCT completes 2020's most hit K-POP album with a single & concert with 23 members' on its official website. NCT, which has continued to grow, proved how to use the NCT system well with the second album, an ambitious work that created a decisive moment for K-POP in 2020.”

    Forbes introduced, “This album is one of K-POP's biggest hits this year.” “The Pt.1 album sold over a million copies worldwide, and entered the top 10 of the “Billboard 200” chart in the US. The Pt.2 album also topped the charts around the world and sold more than a million copies.”

    In addition, “'Beyond LIVE – NCT: RESONANCE'Global Wave', held last weekend, was watched by more than 200,000 fans around the world. It sold millions of albums in the name of NCT and mobilized hundreds of thousands of concert audiences. Such achievements cannot be easily achieved, and it clearly shows that it presents a new direction that goes beyond the limits of the Korean music industry in a way that is differentiated from the existing K-POP.”

    NCT recorded a total of 2,680,920 albums (as of December 22), continuing hits such as winning the 1st place on various charts with a comeback and various attractive music and activities with 23 members participated in last October. It became a'Double Million Seller', confirming the powerful record power.

    In addition, the music video of'Make A Wish (Birthday Song)', the title song of the 2nd album Pt.1, reached 100 million views on YouTube within a month of release, setting its own shortest record. '90's Love','From Home', The total YouTube views of music videos and teaser contents introduced through this 2nd album such as'Work It' also exceeded 400 million views (as of December 30), realizing the high interest of music fans around the world for NCT.

    On the other hand, NCT will be on'SMTOWN LIVE “Culture Humanity”, which will be broadcast free of charge around the world through various platforms such as NAVER V LIVE and YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok starting at 1 PM (Korean time) on January 1st. Appear.

    - Google translation.