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    - 〈Monthly YoonJongShin〉 June issue is '이층집 소녀'... Featured on Yoon Jong Shin's 4th album '공존'
    - Yoon Jong Shin “If the original song was fresh, the repair version is a song that embodies nostalgia”
    - Yoon Jong Shin, ‘이층집 소녀’ MV decoration with a film photo he took himself… Released at 6pm on the 9th

    Singer Yoon Jong Shin's monthly music project 〈Monthly YoonJongShin〉 June issue will be released on the 9th.

    This year's 〈Monthly YoonJongShin〉 June issue, which is being carried out as a repair, is a song '이층집 소녀' from Yoon Jong Shin's 4th album '공존', released in 1995. contained

    If the original song was composed by Yoon Jong Shin and participated by lyricist Park Ju Yeon, who wrote the lyrics for Yoon Jong Shin's hit songs '오래전 그날' and '너의 결혼식', if it contains Yoon Jong Shin's 'raw image', The new repair version, arranged by Cho Jung Chi, contains 'nostalgia'.

    Yoon Jong Shin said, "I sang this song again after a long time, and I felt that it suited 'yoon Jong Shin' well." "The original song has a soft, fresh and pure taste in its own way, but this song's 'nostalgia' is important. same," he said.

    He continued, "As I reached the age where I knew what perfume was, I felt that the song suited me well." and “I thought that all the helpers who were with me were now more experienced, so I sang the song properly and embodied it properly,” he said.

    Meanwhile, due to internal circumstances, the song was changed abruptly, and the release of the June issue was pushed to the beginning of this month. Yoon Jong Shin took pictures for the cover and music video with his film camera, and even implemented the image of the song himself.

    Yoon Jong Shin's '이층집 소녀' can be found on the music site before 6 pm on the 9th.

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    Topped the iTunes Top song charts in 14 international regions + Topped the Chinese charts !

    Girls' Generation TAEYEON (SM)'s new song 'Weekend' is getting a hot response.

    'Weekend', released on the 6th, has once again confirmed the power of TAEYEON by recording the top spot on various music charts, including #1 on genie, Bugs, and VIBE since its release.

    In addition, this single also topped the iTunes Top Song Chart in 14 regions around the world, including United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Chile, Peru, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Luxembourg, and China. QQ Music's digital album sales chart also took first place, drawing high interest from global fans.

    This new song 'Weekend' is a disco pop genre song that expresses the desire to get away from the repetitive routine for a while and leave as you want on the weekend. TAEYEON's sweet vocals and mellow singing rap combined with a light atmosphere.
    On the other hand, TAEYEON will appear in music programs such as Mnet 'M COUNTDOWN' on July 8, KBS2TV 'Music Bank' on the 9th, MBC 'Music Core' on the 10th, and SBS 'Inkigayo' on the 11th to present a new song 'Weekend' stage.

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    NCT 127's delightful commemorative party, the release of infinite charm!

    NCT 127 (SM) will meet fans through an online fan meeting to celebrate the 5th anniversary of their debut on the 7th.

    NCT 127 will broadcast ‘Beyond LIVE – NCT 127 ONLINE FANMEETING ‘OFFICE : Foundation Day’’ live for a fee through the Beyond LIVE channel of NAVER V LIVE from 8 pm on July 7th.

    This fan meeting is held with the concept of NCT 127 transforming into a 'WOORICHIL Ent.' employee and holding a party to celebrate the anniversary of the founding. The members are divided into three teams, A&R, performance directing, and art directing, looking back on their activities over the past five years. It is enough to meet the infinite charm of NCT 127 as it will introduce various corners such as talk and unity competition games where can check teamwork.

    In addition, at this fan meeting, NCT 127, including the first stage of 'Music, Dance', a song from NCT's 2nd album released in October last year, will also present hit songs that combine sensual music and splendid performances to get a warm response from fans around the world.

    On the other hand, NCT 127 debuted with '소방차 (Fire Truck)' in July 2016, '無限的我 (무한적아; LIMITLESS)', 'Cherry Bomb', 'Regular', '영웅 (英雄; Kick It)', etc. It is gaining global popularity with its unique music color and extreme performance, and last year became a million-seller with the 2nd album 'NCT #127 Neo Zone', as well as entering the 5th place on the US 'Billboard 200' and recording the chart-in for 10 weeks. They are performing splendidly.

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    - 'You Are My Spring' Kim Dong Wook, overwhelming gaze ending 'Romance X Thriller Maximization'
    - 'You Are My Spring' Kim Dong Wook's eyes add specialness to genre and romance

    'You Are My Spring' Kim Dong Wook shook up the drama with his overwhelming eye-catching acting.

    Kim Dong Wook took on the role of Ju Young Do, who became a psychiatrist in tvN's 'You Are My Spring' to make people who want to die want to live and live as if they were living but not living.

    Ju Young Do is a psychiatrist who received a detective's heart. Although he is a doctor by profession, he resides at the police station, digging into murder cases, including the death of the detective who gave him his heart.

    In the 2nd episode of 'You Are My Spring', which aired on the 6th, Kim Dong Wook, who draws the narrative at the center of these events, gave tension that could not be taken away. Ju Young Do (Kim Dong Wook) follows the mysterious path of the sociopath Chae Jun (Yoon Park). On the other hand, as a psychiatrist, the way he counts and caresses people's wounds, he evoked sympathy from the viewers.

    Among them, Kim Dong Wook's eyes and acting, which go back and forth between warmth and charisma, drew attention. When Young Do looked at Da Jung (Seo Hyun Jin), the gaze was completely different from when he looked at Chae Jun or the incident. Kim Dong Wook conveyed the depth of his emotions through his strong inner strength, even though Ju Young Do is not a person who expresses his emotions greatly on the outside.

    Especially at the end of the broadcast, the feeling of immersion reached the extreme. Chae Jun dies suddenly, leaving behind childhood photos and letters to Da Jung. The ending, in which Young Do, who witnessed his death, reveals complex emotions such as shock and confusion from doubt, made us wonder what kind of change it will bring to Ju Young Do and Kang Da Jung in the future.

    'Ju Young Do', a psychiatrist at the center of life and death. Kim Dong Wook's acting ability, which freely moves between various atmospheres such as romance, melodrama, comic, and thriller, made me look forward to the special romance that he will draw with Seo Hyun Jin.

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    NAVER V LIVE at 5PM KST → ‘Weekend’ music and MV release at 6PM KST!
    A refreshing sound + a holiday vibe full of excitement hits the summer!

    Girls' Generation TAEYEON (SM) to comeback with her new song ‘Weekend’ on the 6th.
    TAEYEON's new song 'Weekend' will be released on July 6 at 6 PM on various music sites such as FLO, Melon, genie, iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, QQ Music, KuGou Music, KuWo Music, and the music video is also available on YouTube and NAVER TV. Can meet at the same time through SMTOWN channels, etc.
    This new song 'Weekend' is a disco-pop genre song that combines a light guitar and retro synth sound. The lyrics express the desire to go freely and as you please, and the music video is also a break from daily life for a while. TAEYEON, who enjoys a sweet holiday, is expected to catch the eye with its refreshing charm.
    In addition, before the release of the new song, TAEYEON will hold a live broadcast 'Weekend: TAEYEON Entertainment's first half general meeting' through NAVER V LIVE SMTOWN channel from 5 pm on the 6th, and communicate with fans by telling various stories such as new song spoilers and production episodes. A good response is expected.
    Meanwhile, TAEYEON appeared on music programs such as Mnet'M COUNTDOWN' on July 8, KBS2TV'Music Bank' on the 9th, MBC'Music Core' on the 10th, and SBS'Inkigayo' on the 11th, and performed her new song 'Weekend' on the stage.

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    KYUHYUN's new song 'Together' is getting a good response.

    KYUHYUN's new single 'Together', released at 6 pm on the 5th, entered the top 10 in 9 regions around the world, including Saudi Arabia, Colombia, Vietnam, Philippines, Peru, Thailand, Indonesia, Mexico, as well as no.1 on the iTunes Top Song Chart. It has proven the love of global music fans.

    In addition, KYUHYUN did not forget to promote it on his SNS at the same time as the release, and fans also supported.

    The new song 'Together' is a sophisticated pop rock genre written and composed by hit maker KENZIE, and is part of '2021 PROJECT: 季', which releases a new song with KYUHYUN's sensibility that changes by season. The harmony of the lyrics that express honest feelings without hiding in the hot summer and the acoustic guitar that gives coolness is impressive.

    On the other hand, KYUHYUN is scheduled to perform the first stage of the music show 'Together' through Mnet 'M COUNTDOWN' on the 8th.

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    The OST for tvN's new drama 'You Are My Spring', which DJ and producer Raiden participated, will be released on the 6th.

    Raiden’s ‘You Are My Spring’ OST ‘In ruin’ can be found on various music sites at 6 pm on July 6th.

    'In ruin' is an alternative rock song sung by singer-songwriter Nino Lucarelli, and the dreamy atmosphere of the song further heightens the reversal of the play.

    In addition, Raiden has been active as a DJ representing Korea, appearing in the world-class electronic music festival 'Ultra Miami' for 5 consecutive years since 2015, as well as being the first Korean DJ to be invited to the famous Belgian EDM festival 'Tomorrowland' twice. As the collaboration music has been attracting attention, this OST is also expected to receive a good response.

    Meanwhile, the tvN drama 'You Are My Spring' is broadcast every Monday and Tuesday at 9 PM.

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    - 'You are my spring' Kim Dong Wook, thrilling and immersive acting from the start
    - 'You Are My Spring' Kim Dong Wook, Doctor or Detective 'Exploding Charm'

    'You Are My Spring' Kim Dong Wook raised viewers' immersion to the highest level from the first broadcast.

    Kim Dong Wook played the role of 'Ju Young Do', a psychiatrist in the tvN drama 'You Are My Spring', which was first broadcast on the 5th, and heralded the beginning of a high-quality healing romance.

    Previously, Kim Dong Wook showed three-dimensional acting as an anchor suffering from hypermemory syndrome in his previous work '그 남자의 기억법'. While 'You Are My Spring' also foretells a lot of fun with a story with a mystery to romance, Kim Dong Wook is completely different from previous works as Kim Dong Wook is perfectly immersed in the character of 'psychiatrist' Ju Young Do like a doctor. He attracted attention with his charm.

    On this day's broadcast, Young Do, Da Jung (Seo Hyun Jin), and Chae Jun (Yoon Park) had an uncomfortable first meeting. Young Do analyzes Da Jung's personality, who has the scars of childhood, at once, identifies Chae Jun's various behaviors around Da Jung, and is convinced that he is a sociopath.

    The look of worrying about Seo Hyun Jin amplifies the excitement, while the contrasting appearance of Kim Dong Wook, warning Yoon Park with a sharp insight that sees through everything and charisma comparable to a detective, amplifies the tension.

    Kim Dong Wook, who left a strong impact from the beginning to the end of 'You Are My Spring', was praised for the narration as well as the performance. Kim Dong Wook's unique voice, which is calm and warm, harmonized with the deep emotion of the drama and showed the power to focus.

    Ju Young Do, who has not been revealed yet, is a person who harbors pain. Ju Young Do, who showed a special charm in just one episode, and Kim Dong Wook, an actor with excellent skills in acting in a multifaceted character. We look forward to seeing how the synergy of the two will fill ‘You Are My Spring’ with what kind of fun, and Kim Dong Wook’s performance, which will solidly lead both the warm emotion of the healing romance plot and the tension of the mysterious subplot.

    The second episode of tvN's 'You Are My Spring' will be broadcast at 9 pm on the 6th.

    - Google translation.

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    - Clean and elegant visual, sleeveless and stylish charm
    - The alluring beauty that broke through the black-and-white photo, a unique atmosphere and deeper eyes

    Actor Mun Ka Young showed off her cinematic visuals.

    It is attracting attention by releasing a new profile with an elegant yet provocative atmosphere.

    In the published photo, Mun Ka Young is showing off her sophisticated charm in a natural hairstyle and white sleeveless outfit, while at the same time boasting a clean and pure beauty.

    In the close-up cut that created a deeper atmosphere through the black-and-white photo, the sharp jawline and sharp nose as if veiled are admiring. In addition, the cut staring at the camera with a dreamy expression made the visual and seductive sexiness stand out even more.

    Mun Ka Young, who boasted of her goddess beauty by releasing a new profile image like a movie, is currently struggling to choose her next work.
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    Han Hye Jin's '리더의 연애' will provide an honest and outspoken dating coach

    IHQ's first entertainment program '리더의 연애' starring top model Han Hye Jin will be broadcast for the first time today.

    ‘리더의 연애’ is a ‘love unlock’ project that fills the lack of love for career women such as female CEOs, promising new leaders, and power leaders with billions of annual sales. The best male stars in each field of the entertainment industry are in full force as dating partners of prominent leaders. Han Hye Jin, along with Kim Gura and Park Myeong-su, will act as MCs for ‘리더의 연애’ and will be honest and outspoken dating coaches from a woman’s point of view.

    Recently, Han Hye Jin has appeared as a professional wannabe leader, and she has been loved by the public. Not only her professionalism, but also her wit, which has been proven through appearances in various entertainment programs, is paying attention to what kind of fun she will bring in ‘리더의 연애’.

    On the other hand, IHQ's '리더의 연애' starring Han Hye Jin is broadcast every Monday at 8 PM.

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