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    Established SM Entertainment, JONGRO HANEUL EDUCATION, ESteem Global K-POP Star Training Education Institution
    The course will start in March 2021 and will be recruited for the first students from October.

    SM Entertainment Group and JONGRO HANEUL EDUCATION held hands to establish K-POP Global Star Training Education Institution.

    SM Entertainment (co-representative directors Lee Sung Su and Tak Young Jun) and JONGRO HANEUL EDUCATION (representative director Lim Sung Ho) are businesses of the “SM Institute”, a global art education institute for K-POP and popular culture human resource development. Announced that SM Institute (Representative Director Choi Jin Young) has been established. The SMI will be built at "동랑예술원" in Seoul Nam Mountain.

    SMI becomes a global star in addition to providing educational programs and know-how of human resource development based on the global performance of Korean popular culture such as K-POP and K-Culture which are loved all over the world. We aim to become an educational institute that can provide global language education such as Korean, English, Chinese, and Japanese together for students, and continuously emit global stars.

    SMI is a model, entertainer, influencer onso management and fashion, beauty and lifestyle content company in affiliated companies of SM Entertainment Group. Model is a systematic popular culture education business through the operation of the acting academy. ESteem (President Kim So-yeon), who has the know-how, will be established together with it and plans to emit stars in various fields, including participation models, in the overall operation.

    SM and JONGRO EDUCATION have been the educational program of CT (Culture Technology), where the know-how of star excavation with SM and cultural content production has been gathered for over 3 years since the MOU was signed between the two companies in 2016. Development of Korean and foreign language education programs necessary for global stars, development of educational programs with excellent educational institutions and companies in Japan and overseas, and securing of places where systematic education of specialized curriculum can be provided. At the same time, we have laid the foundation for providing students with the highest standards of popular culture education programs and environments.

    Also, in addition to the offline education curriculum, we plan to provide excellent global art education services even in the ante era by combining advanced running technology and content that utilizes advanced Edutech such as artificial intelligence, and we will provide excellent global art education services. It plans to export Ed-tech solutions and contents overseas.

    Choi Jin Young said, “In order to become a popular culture art, it requires absolutely a lot of practice time and practical training, which is why many students abandon their studies.” Providing actively leveraged custom learning content and timetables Helping students achieve their dream of being a Global Star without abandoning their studies, and through the talent and abilities discovered through the training process We plan to help them find their way."

    SMI is preparing to start the course in March 2021, and we are planning to recruit students in Japan and abroad from October.We have established branch schools not only in Seoul but also overseas. It also plans to lead the Korean wave of education business.

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    TAEMIN's Album 'Act 1' topped the iTunes Top Album Chart in 32 international regions!

    SHINee TAEMIN(SM)'s title track 'Criminal' stage will be released via ‘TAEMIN THE STAGE’ on SEP. 12.

    "TAEMIN THE STAGE" is a video content that allows you to enjoy TAEMIN's new song stage in various ways, and the stage of the title song "Criminal" will be released for the first time through YouTube SHINee channel and NAVER TV SMTOWN channel at 8 pm on the 12th, The stage videos, interview videos, and making clips of the recorded songs "일식 (Black Rose)" and "네모 (Nemo)" will be opened in sequence.

    Especially for the performance of the title song "Criminal", TAEMIN and world-renowned choreographer Koharu Sugawara took a breath again after "MOVE" and "WANT". It is possible to satisfy the stage where TAEMIN's expressive power such as choreography using strings and dynamic movements according to storytelling is outstanding.

    In addition, TAEMIN's 3rd Album "Never Gonna Dance Again: Act 1" released on the 7th is topped the iTunes Top Album Chart in 32 international regions added Japan, New Zealand, El Salvador, Indonesia, Mexico, Singapore, Slovakia, Sri Lanka, Lithuania, Philippines, Sweden, Turkey.

    In addition, TAEMIN continues to gain global popularity, with this album being number one in the domestic album and sound source charts, number one in China's largest music site QQ Music Digital Album sales chart, and number one in the Japanese line top 100 chart.

    On the other hand, TAEMIN will appear in KBS Cool FM "강한나의 볼륨을 높여요", which will be broadcast on September 10th at 8pm.

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    Proof of "speed 1 argument"!

    SUPER JUNIOR EUNHYUK has played an active role as an ace of the “아이돌 헌터스” team from tvN “Cash Back”.

    "Cash Back", which was broadcast on tvN at 10:30 pm on the 8th, was "천하장사 헌터스" (Hwang Chi-yeol, Park Jung-woo, Son Hee-chan, Heo Sun-haeng) who won last week. Sports-related “레전드 헌터스” (Kim Se-jin, Woo Ji-won, Dustin Nippert, Cho Jun-ho) and “아이돌 헌터스” (Sean, EUNHYUK, Nichkhun, Ha Sung-woon) have been dispatched in total. A fierce confrontation was held for the victory. The entertainment "Cash Back" is a program in which hunters who represent sports and the entertainment world appear and earn cash items for each round.

    EUNHYUK hunted Jumpmon for a time limit of 7 minutes, put it in the safe, and in the first round of jumping, he won the first prize among the members of "아이돌 헌터스" who did not struggle. EUNHYUK who flew the body with a sophisticated jump hunted two jumping mons by properly utilizing the reaction of the horizontal bar, succeeded in the long-awaited first prize money hunting of 400,000 won in the game of "아이돌 헌터스", and the team members Brought out the cheers of.

    In the second power round, EUNHYUK wisely captured the gap while “레전드 헌터스” Cho Jun-ho and “천하장사 헌터스” Park Jung-woo were fighting. Before the start of the game, "I feel like I should do it. The target amount is 700,000 won." EUNHYUK swiftly and calmly exceeded the target amount between the two hunters of the other teams in the second round. I got a million won.

    Finally, EUNHYUK did not participate in the 3rd climb round, but showed to the members who participated in the game, "It is enough for this. It was very difficult," and praised and encouraged.

    On the other hand, EUNHYUK is active, including the release of new album "BAD BLOOD" at SUPER JUNIOR-D & E on the 3rd.

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    Topped the iTunes Top Album charts in 20 international regions, including the U.S., as well as Korea's Album, music charts, and Chinese and Japanese charts!

    SHINee TAEMIN (SM) has topped the charts at the same time as his comeback.

    TAEMIN's 3rd Album "Never Gonna Dance Again: Act 1" released on the 7th is the topped the iTunes Top Album charts in 20 international regions, including the USA, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Peru, Ecuador, Finland, Norway, Russia , Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, India, Malaysia, Bahrain, Vietnam, Thailand and Kazakhstan.

    In addition, this album occupies 1st place on domestic album chart days such as Hanteo Chart, YES 24, and HOTTRACKS, and 1st place on the digital album sales chart of QQ Music, the largest music site in China, and the LINE MUSIC album top 100 chart in Japan.

    In addition, the title song "Criminal" has risen to the top ranks of the major sound source charts as well as VIBE, Genie and Bugs 1st place since the release, and once again confirmed TAEMIN's hot popularity.

    This album includes the title song "Criminal", "일식 (Black Rose)", "Strangers", "해몽 (Waiting For)", "Clockwork", "Just Me And You", "네모 (Nemo)" , Korean version of the Japanese song "Famous", and "2 KIDS" released in the prologue single, all 9 songs are recorded, which is enough to meet the various music of TAEMIN.

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     -KEYEAST, "A talented actor Ko A Sung, full support"
     -"Expected actors" Ko A Sung and KEYEAST meet synergies to expand expectations!

    Actor Ko A Sung has signed an exclusive contract with KEYEAST.

    Lee Yeon Woo, director of KEYEAST management department on the 7th, said, "Ko A Sung, an actor who has grown into a talented actor based on his hard acting ability as a child actor, will join KEYEAST." He added, "We will give full support to a wider area so that Ko A Sung's performance can shine even more."

    Ko A Sung made a successful screen debut with an irreplaceable presence in the 2006 movie “괴물”, and then “설국열차”, “우아한 거짓말”, “오피스”, “항거: 유관순” Regardless of the genre, each work has a deep performance and established itself as an actor.

    Through dramas such as'공부의 신','풍문으로 들었소','심야식당 도쿄스토리','자체발광 오피스', and'라이프 온 마스', the acting spectrum that captivates the drama has been demonstrated.

    Ko A Sung has won the 27th Blue Dragon Film Awards Youngest New Actress Award in the movie “괴물”, and also received the 9th Director's Cut Awards and this year's Performer Award. In addition, he won the actress award at the 25th edition of the Cine Fantastic Film Festival held in Spain through the movie "오피스" and the female popularity award selected by the director of the 36th Golden Cinema Film Festival. Not only that, she won the 6th APAN Star Awards Best Drama Division Female Excellence Award in the drama "라이프 온 마스", which received great love from the public. certified.

    In this way, Ko A Sung, an actor with infinite possibilities, is the actor's famous house to which domestic top-class artists belong. Expectations may be amplified if synergies are emitted.

    Meanwhile, Ko A Sung has finished shooting the movie “삼진그룹 영어토익반” and is refusing to release it.

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    6:00 pm All songs + title song "Criminal" MV released! 8:00 comeback commemorative live broadcast progress!

    "ACE of ACE" SHINee TAEMIN (SM)'s The 3rd Album The first album will be released on the 7th.

    TAEMIN The 3rd Album "Never Gonna Dance Again: Act 1" will be released on various music sites at 6:00 pm on the 7th, and the music video of the title song "Criminal" will be opened at the same time through YouTube and NAVER TV SMTOWN channel.

    TAEMIN The 3rd Album "Never Gonna Dance Again" is a prologue single and "Act 1" and "Act 2", two albums TAEMIN breaks the world familiar as an artist and visits the new ego Serving as a cinematic grandeur, this "Act 1" album metaphorically represented the beginning of the rebellion of breaking the familiar world.

    In particular, the title song "Criminal" that foretold "listening thriller" is a synth waveform song that emphasizes a tense rhythm and a neuter sound, and the fatal charm of the opponent who can not escape is a concept forever with the material "Stockholm syndrome" Melted lyrics and TAEMIN's sensual vocals mix to create the feeling of watching a movie, and you can also see TAEMIN's intense performances.

    In addition, "일식 (Black Rose)," a Japanese food in which the sun and the moon overlap, was used as the moment when I faced my new self, and a dark pop song that included the situation of passing each other with an old lover I met by chance and not knowing each other. "Strangers", a medium-tempo dance song "해몽 (Waiting For)" that describes how to interpret a dream in the other party in a dream, and a pop that resembles the action of remembering a girlfriend who broke up as a clock The ballad song "Clockwork" is also included.

    In addition to this, this album is an R & B pop song "Just Me And You" that wants to fill all the other things in a fast-moving world with only loved ones, and "네모" shows a regret after farewell The retro R&B song "네모 (Nemo)" skillfully expressed in homonyms, the Korean version of the Japanese song "Famous", and the prologue single "2 KIDS" consisted of 9 songs in total, TAEMIN's It is enough to meet the world of solitary music.

    In addition, TAEMIN will advance the comeback commemorative live broadcast "TAEMIN의 ‘Criminal’ Lounge" via NAVER V LIVE SMTOWN channel from 8 pm today.

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    SUPER JUNIOR-D&E swept the No. 1 spot on the weekly album chart in the fourth mini album "BAD BLOOD".

    SUPER JUNIOR-D&E's 4th Mini Album "BAD BLOOD" officially released on September 3rd was the Hunter Chart, Shinnara Record weekly album chart 1st place (2020.08.31 ~ 2020.09.06), Gaon chart 36 parking lot (2020.08). .30〜2020.09.05) It has risen to the top of various album charts such as the weekly retail album chart 1st place, demonstrating its hot popularity.

    This album includes not only domestic charts but also Guatemala, Russia, Macau, Malaysia, Mexico, Vietnam, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Argentina, Ecuador, El Salvador, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Indonesia, Jordan, Chile, Colombia. , Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Peru, Philippines, Hong Kong, has reached the number one spot on the iTunes top album charts in 25 regions around the world and has received global love.

    The new album includes the title song "B.A.D" composed by member DONGHAE, "Contact", "오늘이 지나고 나면 (To you, Tomorrow)", "Change (變花)" and "Off Line". The song was recorded. In particular, the title song "B.A.D" is an electronic hip-hop genre, and the lyrics used to describe her beautiful figure using the irony of "BAD."

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    SUPERJUNIOR-D&E, 2 weeks worth of eating only in the morning! Success of "Entertainment" of D&E!

    SUPER JUNIOR-D&E appeared on "전지적 참견 시점" with 4th Mini Album comeback.

    SUPER JUNIOR-D&E and KYUHYUN appeared in the MBC “전지적 참견 시점” 120 times broadcasted on the 5th of last day and showed various charms.

    EUNHYUK invited a laugh with a different character after getting up and staying in bed for a while. Soon after, EUNHYUK greeted the cameras installed around the accommodations at 90 degrees, waked up KYUHYUN with the manager and started to secure the amount. KYUHYUN's "군대리아" danced, painted strawberry jam, and appointed a manager's stylist to do the best for the program.

    Next, DONGHAE woke up to a shining visual from the morning, creating an impression on the panel. After that, I read an English book and presented a gorgeous morning routine with a native speaker, free talking phone, and English. In particular, this year's "전참시" attracted attention to DONGHAE's eccentric charm that I could not contact with broadcasts so far, because it was the first performing arts that DONGHAE made after debut.

    In addition, "entertainment veteran" KYUHYUN looked at EUNHYUK, who informs DONGHAE about the entertainment by phone, and shouted, "No, I can't use the broadcast." You can check the schedule video of SUPER JUNIOR-D&E, which started to occupy two weeks with surprising "fun" after having woken up after waking up, next week at 121 times 전참시.

    Meanwhile, SUPER JUNIOR-D&E has received global love, including the release of a new album "BAD BLOOD" on the 3rd and occupying the top spot in the iTunes top album charts in 25 regions around the world.

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    The new song "B.A.D" will be released on stage on "SUPER JUNIOR-D&E THE STAGE" at 8:00 pm on the 4th!

    SUPER JUNIOR-D&E's The 4th Mini Album "BAD BLOOD" has received global love.

    The new album "BAD BLOOD" released at 6:00 pm on the 3rd is Guatemala, Russia, Macau, Malaysia, Mexico, Vietnam, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Argentina, Ecuador, El Salvador, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Indonesia, The number of iTunes top album charts in 25 regions around the world, including Jordan, Chile, Colombia, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Peru, Philippines and Hong Kong, has risen to the top of the charts, and the market continues to experience explosive popularity.

    In this album, there are a total of 5 items including "Contact" including the title song "BAD" composed by member DONGHAE, "오늘이 지나고 나면 (To you, Tomorrow)", "Change" and "Off Line". You can enjoy the music world of SUPER JUNIOR-D&E, which has been deepened by this variety of songs.

    In particular, “SUPER JUNIOR-D&E THE STAGE”, which allows you to enjoy various stages of the new song “B.A.D” through YouTube's SUPER JUNIOR channel and NAVER TV SMTOWN channel, will be released one after another at 8:00 pm on the 4th.

    In "SUPER JUNIOR-D&E THE STAGE", multiple versions of the stage footage, including the original, are prepared, and it is expected that music fans will get a hot response.

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    Overwhelming video notice like a movie!

    SHINee TAEMIN (SM)'s new song "Criminal" music video teaser footage will be released on the 4th.

    The music video teaser footage of the title song "Criminal" of TAEMIN The 3rd Album "Never Gonna Dance Again: Act 1" will be released on YouTube and NAVER TV SMTOWN channel at 12:00 tonight, and the atmosphere of the new song and movie-like music It is expected that the feeling of expectation for comeback will be amplified by the sensational image that can satisfy the preview of the video.

    In particular, the title song "Criminal" is a song of the synth waveform genre in which tensionful rhythm and neutro sound are in harmony, and the lyrics that solve the deadly charm of the opponent who can not escape permanently with the material "Stockholm syndrome" The sensual vocals of TAEMIN are added to provide a strong sense of immersion.

    In addition to the title song "Criminal", "일식 (Black Rose)", "Strangers", "해몽 (Waiting For)", "Clockwork", "Just Me And You", "네모 (Nemo)”, “Famous” Korean version, including 9 songs including “2 KIDS” released in prologue single, is enough to meet TAEMIN's unique music world.

    On the other hand, TAEMIN The 3rd Album "Never Gonna Dance Again: Act 1" will be released on September 7th at 6:00 pm on all music sites, and the album will be released on the same day.

    - Google translation.