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    BAEKHYUN’s fan meeting like his sweet gift set!

    EXO BAEKHYUN(SM) spends a sweet time with fans at the online fan meeting.

    BAEKHYUN is planning to conduct an online fan meeting “CanDelight Shop” on the NAVER V LIVE EXO channel at 4 pm on the 13th to commemorate the release of the second mini album “Delight”.

    In particular, in this fan meeting, BAEKHYUN tells a variety of stories such as current talk, Q&A with a full-fledged conversation, and notices pleasant communication by looking at hashtags and surveys of fans, so you can feel the infinite charm of BAEKHYUN and fan love It seems to be a comprehensive gift set.

    In addition, BAEKHYUN recorded the highest sales volume of all solo albums in the history of Gaon Chart with this album, as well as the number one album chart, and the title song 'Candy', last week's MBC every1 '쇼! 챔피언', KBS2TV '뮤직뱅크', SBS '인기가요', etc., at the same time as the comeback, ranked first in the music broadcast 3 crown, and realized the popularity of "One Top Solo Singer".

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    Opened the last gateway with “Power Ho Dong”
    From activity to taking care of members
    ‘Strong Brother’
    #born to be escaper #Baby pig #praise

    TVN'대탈출3', starring Kang Ho Dong, ended the squad.

    In the tvN '대탈출3' broadcast on the 7th, the escape episode of '빽 투 더 경성', the last episode of this season, was drawn. This episode, which transcended time and space and gave a surprise to the past, once again reminded the victims of the 3.1 movement and the independence activists, ending the season 3 squad with fun and meaning.

    “대탈출” is the only escape adventure variety program in Korea, and has continued its reputation until Season 3, starting with Season 1 that aired in 2018. Every time, it has been loved for its attractiveness that differentiates it from existing entertainment programs such as the overwhelming scale set, solid story, and more than the members' imagination.

    Kang Ho Dong has appeared in Season 1 to Season 3, and had to play as a “Pro Escaper” who is a strong brother and shows various activities. Discovery if found, strength when founded At the moment when one's talents and skills are needed, he has led the program so that the story can proceed without clogging and has been supported by many viewers.

    In particular, in this season 3, Kang Ho Dong has exploded his escape missions accumulated whenever necessary. When anyone in need came to a situation where it was difficult for them to come out, they gave courage as a brother on behalf of everyone, and when they needed power, they poured out all their energy at once, and showed their commitment to find answers by digging through even small clues with extraordinary concentration. .

    In addition, Kang Ho Dong not only did his work, but also encouraged the morale by always showing praise and encouragement to help colleagues escape. The words "everything is a clue" are endlessly reminiscent, while encouraging members, and when someone finds an important fact or solves a problem, they don't spare praise.

    In addition, Kang Ho Dong was referred to as a variety of nicknames through '대탈출' and was also referred to as a'rich nickname' in the program. In this season, Kang Ho Dong added the nickname “Baby Pig,” which he accidentally heard, and based on this, he was referred to in various names according to situations such as “Power Ho Dong” and “Feel Ho Dong” that were brought in from the previous season.

    Especially in Kang Ho Dong's last episode of Season 3, '빽 투 더 경성', the space where the time machine is supposed to be is blocked with wooden planks, once again transformed into a'captain baby pig' and bumped into the body and made a way. 'born to be escaper' was also impressive.

    Kang Ho Dong, who played an active part in this season as well, showed a perfect teamwork until the end and showed a sample of'solid type', and ended the season 3 squad by conveying greater empathy and meaning to the viewers with their unique high situation immersion. .

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    -JeA tells the story,'Great is greedy!'
    -IU lyrics, featuring Moon Byul... Three music giant musicians met!
    -JeA new single'Greedyy' released on the 12th! Cool with funky songs!

    Brown Eyed Girls JeA is back with a confident and wonderful sister.

    JeA released a teaser image of the new single'Greedyy' through the Brown Eyed Girls official channel.

    In the photo, JeA caught the eye with a gorgeous styling that didn't care about others' eyes and an imposing figure speaking through a loudspeaker.
    The new song ‘Greedyy’ is a song with an imposing message, ‘Don’t hesitate to challenge yourself,’ was composed by Ra.D, Lee Sun-min, and Yoo Woong-ryul, and was written by IU. After debuting Brown Eyed Girls in 2006, JeA, who has continued to work as an artist by drawing his own color, added the meaning by unraveling the stories he wanted to tell as a sister or a friend with IU's sense of lyrics.

    Here, MAMAMOO rapper Moon Byul participated in the rap feature to help. With the interest of the girl crush representative group Brown Eyed Girls and MAMAMOO, the expectation is rising when Moon Byul, who shows charisma lapping, meets JeA's powerful vocals.

    Starting with the first solo album'Just JeA' in 2013, JeA released a number of singles and drama OSTs such as'나쁜 여자','그댄 달라요', and '나만 없다면', and has been able to write, write and produce skills as well as singing. Showing.

    Here, on the mobile entertainment'쎈마이웨이' and last year's solo album'Newself', I received steady support from 2030 women by continuously conveying cool advice and a message as a subjective and strong me.

    JeA's new single'Greedyy', which will give cool energy with a funky song that pops out, will be released at 6pm on the 12th.

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    Zero defects face + unfamiliar level Chinese + self interior! Viewer reaction explosion
    Longest OFF life after debut! Reverse daily disclosure

    'ON&OFF' YOONA (Girls' Generation, SM)'s reversal routine is attracting attention.

    YOONA appeared on tvN entertainment program ‘ON&OFF’ broadcasted on the 6th.

    First of all, YOONA gave a surprise with doll-like visuals and professionalism at the main commercial site (ON), while in the OFF time, the dog and the comfortable figure walking along with flawless makeup and flawless makeup removed the admiration of viewers.
    Also, during the OFF time that followed, the episode that YOONA, who is usually interested in self-decoration, fully decorated with his friend's workshop for 17 years, as well as through a meeting with an interpreter, passed the level of Chinese proficiency and challenged the Chinese conversation intermediate test. He showed various aspects such as telling them.

    YOONA has played an active role in various fields such as singing, dancing, acting, entertainment, MC, etc., and through this program, it presents the familiar and natural daily life, and once again proved the charm of YOONA's'all-round' charm.

    Meanwhile, YOONA will be cast in the role of intern reporter “Lee Ji-soo” in the JTBC drama “허쉬”, which depicts the dilemma of reporters' survival, conscience and boundaries in the background of a newspaper, and will meet viewers in the second half of this year.

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    Delightful charm explosion
    Owners of an unprecedented “art”
    “Happy presence,”
    Received '아는 형님' due to success

    Kim Mina appeared in JTBC'아는 형님' and generously radiated her charm.

    Ahn Hyun Mo, Shin Ah Young, and Kim Mina, who were transferred from “뉴스에서 좀 놀았高,” appeared in JTBC's'아는 형님' broadcast on the 6th.

    In particular, Kim Mina appeared as a broadcaster from Meteorological Caster, and since the story that she worked as a freelancer Meteorological Caster, she captured the viewers by uninterrupted and pleasantly unraveling and cheerfully appearing in various broadcast programs since then.

    In the'instant news' created by members' requests, Kim Mina showed off her skills as a weather caster. Although Kim Mina did not have a script, she showed a natural appearance like flowing water, and in particular, showed a witty comment in the process of introducing the weather for each member.

    After saying to Kang Ho Dong, “The huge sun is floating and it will be clear today.” Then Lee Sang Min said, “It is not one debt, but one ray of light is shining.” To Seo Jang Hun, Clear skies without fine dust. But, for some reason, loneliness is shining.”

    In addition, in the application form, which is an essential course for the admission to “아는 형님,” Kim Mina introduced her nickname as “Korean Joker”. I once dressed up as a joker, but it was said that he was nicknamed "Korean Joker," and then he made a laugh with the honesty of "I'm actually a big nose."

    In the future hope, she said, "Long Run's icon." I became a filial woman.” This is a JTBC weather caster that has been active for a long time and my father frequently asked,'Do you not go to'아는 형님'?' Kim Mina said, “I told you that it would be difficult for you to appear in “아는 형님” even if you were working all your life, but you said, “I didn't say I was afraid my father would be so excited. You will be surprised to see it later,” she said.

    In the following'Quiz', the 'dance' and 'Karaoke' corners were held. In particular, ‘dance’ is a game where the last person meets by watching the given dance video and passing the person one by one, Kim Mina is the first runner. Kim Mina danced hard after watching SISTAR's “Loving U” choreography video, but Lee Sang Min said, “I'm seeing this for the first time.”

    Kim Mina, who shows unprecedented presence with various nicknames such as “Entertainment Comet” and “heretic in the entertainment”, received “A 아는 형님” by showing her unique and unpretentious talks and imaginations. With such a program, she has a lot of anticipation and interest in what kind of performance she will give her laugh in the future.

    - Google translation.

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    -'더 킹-영원의 군주' Woo Do Hwan, double role An unmissable presence
    -Woo Do Hwan, real double role acting until farewell brings fun!

    Woo Do Hwan is showing off his presence with strong charm.

    Woo Do Hwan, who played the role of Cho Eun-seop of Korea and Cho Young of the Korean Empire in the SBS drama'더 킹-영원의 군주', not only shows from playful appearance to sharp charisma, but also Lee Gon (Lee Min Ho), Jung Boasting an express combination with Tae-eul (Kim Go-eun) and Kang Shin-jae (Kim Kyung-nam), it emerged as the core of the play.

    In the 14-15 episodes aired this week, Woo Do Hwan showed off the strength while protecting Lee Gon and Jung Tae-eul in both Cho Eun-seop and Cho Young. In particular, Cho Young's unique agility and Cho Eun-seop's sturdy attitude provided fun even in a stormy development.

    First, Cho Young discovered Lee Gon, who was poisoned by Luna, and quickly contacted him and moved to the hospital to protect Lee Gon. And Jung Tae-eul, who came to the hospital, prevented Lee Gon from meeting. Since Luna and Jung Tae-eul are the same face, it was Cho Young's best choice to prepare for the event. In addition, he showed boldness by insisting that he would leave with Lee Rim (Lee Jung Jin) so that Lee Gon could return to the night of his mother-in-law, knowing that she would not return.

    Cho Eun-seop also received a call from Jung Tae-eul and asked for help, saying Luna was on her own. "It's my best sword in the world." Even with trembling eyes, I looked at Luna's performance with serious eyes. He also faced Lee Rim and passed Lee Rim's plan to Jung Tae-eul, where he served as an assistant.

    The combination of Cho Eun-seop and Cho Young ahead of the breakup was also a fun point of the play. Those who had aroused the laughter of the viewers from the first meeting, promised to see them again, swallowing tears with a feeling of affection. Woo Do Hwan's colorful expressions and vivid acting that make use of the charm of the 1st and 2nd stations brought vitality to the play until the end.

    Meanwhile, the final broadcast of “더 킹-영원의 군주,” where Cho Young, who caught Lee Gon, who was about to travel alone on time alone, faces fate, is broadcast at 10 PM on the 12th.

    - Google translation.

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    U-Know entertainment that believes and sees honest charm
    "오늘은 돌아오지 않아" The famous manufacturing machine appeared!

    TVXQ! U-Know (SM) boasts an upgraded entertainment.

    On the 5th, U-Know appeared in the MBC entertainment program “나 혼자 산다” and revealed the daily routine of spending a break after work.

    U-Know went to the gym right after the schedule and burned the energy left over from the fight for a while. At home, it gave off a professional charm to carefully check the rehearsal ahead of the concert.

    After that, U-Know renovated his new clothes with a burning enthusiasm, processed the housework, watched horror movies, and finished the day with a sense of challenge to overcome even the fear at will. I got it.

    In particular, U-Know left quotes of his philosophy, such as “오늘은 돌아오지 않아,” “하루를 특별하게 살면 인생이 특별해진다”, and “슬럼프가 오는 건 자기 인생에 최선을 다한 것이다.” U -Know's healthy entertainment once again attracted viewers.

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    The new song “Punch” music broadcast 4 crown!

    'K-POP Trends' NCT 127 (SM) continues to be #1 in the 2nd regular repackage album.

    NCT 127 ranked first in the'United World Chart' released on the 5th by the global album sales volume site Media Traffic on the 5th of its regular 2nd repackage,'NCT #127 Neo Zone: The Final Round', and realized global power once again. Made it.

    In addition, NCT 127 became the Million Seller by selling 2,200,000 regular 2nd albums, including repackage albums. , China's largest music platform, QQ Music ranked first on the daily soaring chart, and has been loved by sweeping through various charts.

    In addition, NCT 127 is the title song ‘Punch’, Mnet ‘M COUNTDOWN’ 2 weeks in a row, KBS2TV ‘Music Bank’ and MBC ‘Show! Music Center', ranked first, and confirmed the popularity of music broadcast 4 crown, hot popularity.

    On the other hand, NCT 127 appeared on KBS2TV's'Music Bank', which is being aired today, and provides the stage for the 2nd regular repackage title song'Punch'.

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    SUPER JUNIOR-K.R.Y. will unveil a new teaser video of the new song “푸르게 빛나던 우리의 계절 (When We Were Us),” on the 5th.

    SUPER JUNIOR-KRY will unveil the second teaser video of '푸르게 빛나던 우리의 계절 (When We Were Us)' that glowed on YouTube and NAVER TV SMTOWN channels at 6 pm on the 5th, following the first teaser video that was opened on the 2nd. It is expected, and high interest is expected.

    The title song “푸르게 빛나던 우리의 계절 (When We Were Us),” is an authentic ballad genre that adds charm by meeting the emotional vocals of the members with lyrics that melt the longing for a loved one. The piano with a calm and delicate touch, the track arrangement that develops dramatically as you go to the second half, and the string line are impressive.

    On the day of the comeback, SUPER JUNIOR-K.R.Y. will also hold a live broadcast of '푸르게 빛나던 SUPER JUNIOR-K.R.Y.의 계절' In this broadcast, SUPER JUNIOR-K.R.Y. plans to communicate more closely with fans through various talks and Q&A time such as album introductions and behind-the-scenes episodes during work.

    The new album '푸르게 빛나던 우리의 계절 (When We Were Us)', which is about to be released on June 8, is now available for pre-order through online and offline music stores.

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    In the first showdown, the stage was reversed with a grooved tone
    HYOYEON X Cheetah Performance beyond imagination

    Girls' Generation HYOYEON (SM) overwhelmed the scene with relaxed stage manners.

    After MOY entertainment starring HYOYEON,'GOOD GIRL : 누가 방송국을 털었나', the nation's best female hip-hop R&B musicians teamed up as a team to win the prize, and Mnet competes with the opposing team presented at every quest to show a brilliant show It is a program.

    In the broadcast on the 4th, HYOYEON participated in the showdown with Just Music & Wither Flock, the first quest and flex money, and attracted attention by staged a reverse performance on the stage against Swings and Han Yo Han.

    HYOYEON teamed up with Cheetah to unveil the new song ``털어'', opened the door to the song with a charming tone that caught the ears, showed grooved rap and dance, and made colorful stages with masks and witty dance breaks. It gave the taste properly.

    HYOYEON overturned everyone's expectation to show a strong figure, and was a free-spirited charming performance that proved to be a'top class' with a wide spectrum of music while gaining an explosive response from the audience.

    Meanwhile, the Mnet entertainment “GOOD GIRL : 누가 방송국을 털었나”, where HYOYEON's performance shines, is broadcast every Thursday at 9:30 pm.

    - Google translation.