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    #Unique Vocals #Fantastic Lyrics #Delightful Performance
    ONEW-MINHO teaser image released!

    SHINee (SM) shows the aspect of'refreshing' with their new song'Atlantis'.

    SHINee's 7th album repackage'Atlantis' will be released on various music sites on April 12th at 6 pm, to have 3 new songs ‘Atlantis’, ‘Area’ and ‘Days and Years’ out of the total of 12 tracks.

    In particular, the title song'Atlantis' is a pop dance song in which the cool vocals of the members give SHINee's unique refreshing feeling.In the lyrics, the deep feelings first encountered through a loved one are expressed by comparing it to the unknown world'Atlantis', and rapper CHANGMO Participated in rap making and added charm.

    In addition, the choreography of ‘Atlantis’ is composed of cheerful and rhythmic movements in accordance with the atmosphere and lyrics of the new song, and you can meet SHINee’s powerful performances, such as a colorful large size reminiscent of a strong wave, and a point gesture as if falling into the deep sea.

    Also, at 0 o'clock on the 6th, the teaser images of members ONEW and MINHO were released through SHINee's various SNS accounts, captivating the attention.

    On the other hand, SHINee's 7th album repackage'Atlantis' will be released on April 15th, and can now be pre-purchased at various online and offline record stores.

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    EXO CHANYEOL(SM)'s solo song'Tomorrow' to be released through SM'STATION' on the 6th.

    CHANYEOL solo song'Tomorrow' will be released on various music sites such as FLO, Melon, Genie, iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, QQ Music, Kogou Music, Kuwo Music, etc. It is open at the same time.

    The new song'Tomorrow' is an acoustic pop song which CHANYEOL participated in the lyrics. Lyrics that express honest thoughts about the future and calm vocals are harmonized, and Amy Wadge, co-composer of Ed Sheeran's “Thinking Out Loud,” participated in the composition to enhance the completeness.

    In addition, the music video released with the sound source was filmed in a one-shot format, adding to the immersion of the song, and can meet the sentimentally portrays him walking around the city at night.

    Meanwhile, SM'STATION' is building its own'SM Library' by showing contents such as live videos and interview videos as well as music of various genres.

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    At 6 pm on the 6th, the new song “Coffee” MV teaser video, starring actor GongMyoung-Chae SooBin, preview!

    The promotion video of KYUHYUN's new song ‘Coffee’, ‘The Coolest Cafe in the World’ is a hot topic.

    On the 5th at 6 pm on the YouTube SUPER JUNIOR channel, a video of'KYU's Coffee Shop' with the concept of hearing KYUHYUN's future concerns and consulting directly was posted. In the video, KYUHYUN provoked the laughter of fans with realistic advice contrary to the soft voice.

    KYUHYUN said, “I started stocks, but only the stocks my friend owns are rising, and my stocks continue to be blue. Should I get rid of it?” “You have the same concerns as me. When you enter because you want'this is worth entering', the moment you enter, you fall like a ghost from that time. I have been holding on for a year,” he said, and formed a consensus by listening to his own experiences.

    In addition, “I love alcohol, but my drinking habit is bad. Asking me to teach you how to cure your drinking habits, "The alcohol habit is not going to be fixed. If he says he really hates his drinking habits, he has the only way to reduce alcohol. If I had a habit of drinking, I wouldn't have been drinking.” He also came up with a realistic and decisive solution.

    In addition, KYUHYUN will upload the first music video teaser video of the new song ‘Coffee’ on YouTube, NAVER TV, and V LIVE SMTOWN channels at 6 pm on the 6th, following the promotional video.

    In this music video, actors GongMyoung and Chae SooBin, who played the farewell of an old lover in the music video of “Moving On,” which was the winter song of last year's seasonal project, will reappear, depicting their fresh past.

    Meanwhile, KYUHYUN's new song'Coffee' will be officially released on April 13th at 6pm.

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    -KEYEAST, “Heo Won Seo with visuals + potential, will not spare full support”
    -New Heo Won Seo signed a contract with KEYEAST, a comprehensive entertainment group

    Actor Heo Won Seo signed an exclusive contract with KEYEAST, a comprehensive entertainment group.

    On the 6th, KEYEAST said, “Actor Heo Won Seo with differentiated potential will join KEYEAST. "We will not spare full support so that we can grow into an attractive actor who will represent the MZ generation."

    Heo Won Seo, who signed an exclusive contract with KEYEAST, debuted in the web drama'리얼:타임:러브 2'in 2020, and appeared in succession until seasons 3 and 4. As a merit, it is gaining hot popularity with its star characteristics.

    The web drama ‘리얼:타임:러브’ series is a comical yet realistic story of the love and friendship of art high school students. Heo Won Seo showed off his face as the season progressed, boasting a variety of charms as the season progressed, from the best romanticist looking only at first love in the ‘리얼:타임:러브’ series, to the appearance of a passionate high school student pursuing a dream of becoming a singer.

    Heo Won Seo, who is perfectly assimilated into the character with such eye-catching visuals and showed infinite possibilities, has signed an exclusive contract with KEYEAST.

    Meanwhile, KEYEAST has recently signed exclusive contracts with top acting actors such as Yoo Hai Jin, Kim Seo Hyung, Bae Jung Nam, and Cho Bo Ah. Reborn as a group.

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    Mesmerizes 130,000 audiences from 120 countries!

    SHINee(SM) successfully wraps up their first online'Beyond LIVE' concert.

    SHINee's 'Beyond LIVE-SHINee: SHINee WORLD' was broadcast live all over the world through NAVER V LIVE from 3 pm on the 4th, and wowed audiences around the world with an online performance that combines splendid music, performance, and real-time communication with fans. .

    In particular, this performance is real-time with about 130,000 viewers from 120 countries around the world, including the United States, Japan, Italy, Denmark, Greece, UAE, China, United Kingdom, Germany, India, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Poland, and Hungary. We enjoyed the concert together, and the hashtags such as '#SHINee' and '#SHINee_BeyondLIVE' are also Twitter real-time trends in Colombia, Canada, New Zealand, Argentina, Portugal, Chile, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Philippines, Singapore, Peru and Russia. By sweeping the No. 1 spot, it once again confirmed SHINee's global power.

    On this day, SHINee released 7 hit songs such as'View','Sherlock','산소 같은 너 (Love Like Oxygen)','줄리엣 (Juliette)','Dream Girl', etc. A total of 19 songs, including the stage of new songs, including the title song'Don't Call Me' for the first album, attracted global music fans.

    In addition to the first release of the tracks, “I Really Want You,” “Attention,” and “Kiss Kiss,” as well as the stage of “Atlantis,” the title song of the 7th album repackage, which will be released on the 12th.

    In addition, the band live arrangement on the stage of'Dream Girl','I Really Want You','Heart Attack', and'Married To The Music', and the classic arrangement of'SM Classics' was added to the stage of'재연 (An Encore)'. The sound was presented, and the stage of'Chemistry' and'빈칸 (Kind)', which was produced in a music video format and boasted a sensational visual beauty, was also met.

    In addition, the performance of the day is a grid effect on the'Attention' stage that gives the feeling of distorted space with a large LED floor, AR effects such as space and planet backgrounds that make use of the dreamy atmosphere of'View', as well as the waves of'Atlantis' vividly. It has proven the attractiveness of online-only concerts by increasing viewers' immersion through directing using a fluctuating graphic source.

    At the end of the performance, the members said, “I am grateful for the technology (such as'Beyond LIVE') and I like it because I think you enjoyed it. I'm glad that my old thirst has been quenched,” he said. “I am happy to receive such support. We will continue to create such a good place for communication with you, so let's have fun together.” Through multiple video connections, we communicated with fans interactively. We decided to set a subtitle for this concert together, read real-time comments, and breathe closely. It also proved a unique'fan love'.

    Meanwhile, SHINee's'Beyond LIVE-SHINee: SHINee WORLD' will be streamed delayed through NAVER V LIVE at 8 pm on the 13th and 11 am on the 18th.

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    SHINee(SM)'s 7th album repackage'Atlantis' teaser image was released.

    The teaser image that was released through SHINee's various SNS accounts at 0 o'clock is a picturesque image that combines the surreal background and the appearance of the members full of curiosity, raising expectations for the new album.

    This album is composed of a total of 12 songs with 3 new songs added, including the title song'Atlantis','같은 자리 (Area)', and'Days and Years', to 9 songs from the 7th album. I can meet you.

    In addition, SHINee's 7th album repackage'Atlantis' will be released on various music sites such as FLO, Melon, Genie, iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, QQ Music, Kogou Music, and Kuwo Music on April 12 at 6 pm. It will be released on the 15th.

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    NAVER V LIVE at 5PM KST → Her 1st solo album “Like Water” released at 6PM KST!

    ‘Vocal tone goddess’ Red Velvet WENDY(SM)'s first solo album'Like Water' released on the 5th.

    WENDY's first mini-album'Like Water' is scheduled to be released on various music sites such as FLO, Melon, Genie, iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, QQ Music, Kogou Music, and Kuwo Music on April 5 at 6 pm.

    Title track'Like Water' to be an acoustic pop ballad of WENDY's pure voice which compares the existence and meaning of one another to'water', another title track'When This Rain Stops' is a slow combination of piano performance and dynamic vocals. With a tempo ballad, the lyrics depicting WENDY's autobiographical story convey a message of sympathy and consolation that it is okay to take a break from time to time when you are tired of life. Is expected.

    In addition, this album includes a duet song'Best Friend' sung by Seulgi, a member of Red Velvet and a friend, and'Why Can't You Love Me?', a medium-tempo R&B pop song that contains the excitement of unrequited partners. It contains a total of five songs, including the modern rock ballad song'The Road', which depicts the moment when memories suddenly forgotten come to mind.

    In addition, WENDY hosted live broadcast'WENDY's New Chapter: Like Water' on NAVER V LIVE and YouTube Red Velvet channel from 5 pm, an hour before the album was released, to tell stories with colorful spoilers, and to count down their solo debut with fans around the world. After that, high interest is expected.

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    EXO BAEKHYUN(SM)’s new mini album ‘Bambi’ records no.1 on Korean weekly album charts.

    BAEKHYUN's third mini-album'Bambi', released on March 30, records no.1 on Korean weekly album charts such as HANTEO CHART, Synnara Record, and HOTTRACKS, letting us check the power of'Top Solo' once again.

    In addition, this album was ranked No. 1 in 60 regions in the world with Bahrain, Kenya, Guatemala, and Greece added on the iTunes Top Album Chart. Yuan breakthrough), as well as ranking first in the sales charts of QQ Music and Kogou Music digital albums, proving global popularity.

    In this album, a total of 6 songs with a variety of atmospheres, including the title song'Bambi' with a groovy atmosphere,'Love Scene','All I Got','Privacy','Cry For Love', and'Amusement Park'. It is recorded and is getting a good response.

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    From the pre-release of the new song stage to the hit song parade, a special stage notice!

    SHINee (SM) will hold their first online concert through “Beyond LIVE” on the 4th.

    'Beyond LIVE-SHINee: SHINee WORLD' will be held at 3 pm on the 4th through NAVER V LIVE's Beyond LIVE channel, and SHINee's unique music and performances are expected to fascinate the world's first row.

    In particular, since this concert is SHINee's first online concert and a solo concert held in more than 3 years since'SHINee WORLD THE BEST 2018 ~FROM NOW ON~' held in Japan in February 2018, it is expected to get a hot response.

    In addition, SHINee showcases the stages of hit songs released from the debut to the present, and includes songs from the 7th album,'I Really Want You','Attention', and'Kiss Kiss', as well as the 7th album Rie to release the sound source on the 12th. The stage of the package album title song'Atlantis' is also scheduled to be released for the first time, boosting expectations.

    In addition, in this performance, the'multi-cam' function is applied to some stages, and various screens are provided, from the angle that took the full shot of the stage to the angle of each member, so that you can select the desired member and see the stage closer. Extensive AR and XR effects, and colorful 3D graphics will be added to provide a rich view.

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    EXO CHANYEOL(SM)'s solo song ‘Tomorrow’ to be released on 4/6.

    The new song'Tomorrow', released through SM'STATION', will be available on April 6 at 6 pm on various music sites such as FLO, Melon, Genie, iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, QQ Music, Kogou Music, and Kuwo Music.

    ‘Tomorrow’ is minimal acoustic pop song that conveys his honest thoughts about the future, CHANYEOL’s calm and appealing vocals stand out.

    In addition, this new song is a musical gift prepared for fans by CHANYEOL, who enlisted on March 29, and added charm by directly participating in the lyrics.

    Meanwhile, SM'STATION' is building its own'SM Library' by showing contents such as live videos and interview videos as well as music of various genres.

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